you should all stop encouraging me

REMINDER: Fanfic writers are not paid!
This is not their full time job!
They are people just like you and me!
They DO NOT sit around all day just writing, they have families, and friends, and lives outside of their writing.

THINGS YOU CAN DO AS A READER: leave a review encouraging their work and telling them how much you loved the fic.
Be grateful that they have taken the time to write about your favourite ship.
Recommend the fic to others.

THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO AS A READER: Send anonymous hate…if you don’t like a story, stop reading it!
Do not send the author horrible anonymous messages asking them to update everyday!
It is not your right to get an update every single day!
As mentioned above, these people have lives outside of writing and you have no idea what is going on personally for them. They may have writer’s block, and honestly mean anonymous messages don’t help that go away. They could be on vacation and not able to post. They could be sick and have no energy to write. Or they could have lost someone close to them, and in this case the last thing they need is someone hounding them everyday for updated!

These writers, write for you to enjoy, not for you to turn around and demand things from them.

Be kind. Be grateful. Be encouraging. Be thankful.

Vader: [text] happy empire day!!!!! 🥂
Vader: doing anything fun today???
Obi-Wan: You cannot be serious. 
Vader: what?? 
Obi-Wan: Yes, Anakin, I celebrate the time the republic fell, and I found out that you had pledged yourself to evil. 
Vader: oh fine be a bummer about it 🙄
Obi-Wan: How should I be about it? Hmm? What would you have me do? 
Vader: i dunno, we had a sheet cake in the break room today. that was fun 
Obi-Wan: Fine. I’ll get myself a cake. I’ll have them put “Happy “Day I Cut Off All Of Anakin’s Remaining Limbs” Day” on it. 
Vader: fuck u 
Vader: FINE next year MY cake will say ‘happy obiwans biggest failure day’ 
Obi-Wan: Next year I shall send you a card with a photo of my hair THAT I STILL HAVE. 
Vader: well ill send U a shirtless pic of what i looked like before u maimed me 
Obi-Wan: And I’ll send YOU an old picture of me smiling, since you took HAPPINESS away from ME!
Vader: ill send U a picture of those pants i had that u liked because u took THOSE away from ME
Vader: u know what im talking about 😘
Obi-Wan: Kriff my life. I really am going to block your number. 
Vader: sure 😏

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www*instagram*com/p/BR0w6THhqII/ read the caption to brighten up your day♡♡

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I’ve noticed, especially lately, that both Soo and Nini really love us fans supporting the two of them~ It makes me happy! It should be an encouragment to all kaisoo shippers that they’re grateful for our support~ ♡

Never stop shipping them, ok? Don’t feel discouraged or let rumors destroy the love you feel for them! Let’s agree on that ^o^ 

Please stop telling me how to grieve!

I’ve read so many times over the last few days that the creators never promised me anything and owe me nothing.

Well, guess what, this works two ways.

And if someone is insulting me and my intelligence, then I don’t have to accept that. Respect is something that has to be earned.

My grieve is mine. I do it for me, to cope, to work through all the hurt and pain I’m experiencing right now. It’s not my duty to make creators happy or fellow fans feel better.

Don’t judge other people’s coping mechanisms by your own standards. If you don’t like what you read, scroll past, block, get off tumblr for a while. If you are appalled by the negativity erupting on tumblr in the aftermath of S4, do something positive, for example, sent an encouraging tweet to Mark Gatiss or a letter of appreciation to Hartswood if you are so inclined.

But stop lecturing me how I should deal with this! I am already hurting. I don’t need anyone to tell me that my kind of grieving is wrong, that I’m bad at it, that I should be ashamed of how I feel and act, that I should be able to cope better, that I am failing as a fan. That is really not helping.

I don’t have to live up to anyones’s standards but mine. And I would really appreciate if I’d be left in peace to do so.

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whats the tattoo you are getting?

im getting roses on my upper left shoulder as a symbol of my struggle with depression ! theyre going to cover my scars and hopefully encourage me to stop cutting !!!

theyre gona look somethin like this , we still need to talk it all out but im super excited !! i should be getting it in mid-may !!!

Sodapop Long Imagine

Your POV

It had been a week.

A week since Dallas had been shot down.

A week since I lost my best friend.

A week since I lost the only family I’ve ever had.

I stayed curled up in what was his bed. Curled up in his tshirt and using his leather jacket as a pillow.

I heard a knock on the door but just sank further into his blankets.

The only time I stopped crying was when I slept. But I always woke up crying.

Buck opened the door a bit and smiled softly at me. “Soda is here to see you. Wanna see him?” He asked gently.

I hadn’t seen Soda all week. I didn’t want his sympathy. I wanted my best friend.

I wanted Dallas Winston.

“I don’t want to talk to him.” I mumbled into the jacket.

“I think you should talk to him. He’s your boyfriend.” He encouraged and sat down beside me after closing the door.

“I can’t. I want to be alone buck.” I shook my head as another stream of tears fell. “I don’t want to talk. I just want Dallas.”

“Don’t talk then. Just listen.” He shrugs. “I know you’re upset but everyone is. Even Soda.” He walks out and Soda walks in quietly.

He looks like a mess. Like he hadn’t showered in days. He had some scruff and grease stains here and there.

He crouched beside the bed and sorted my hair.

“My baby…” He coos. “I’ve been so worried.” He strokes my cheek and I squirm backwards until I hit the wall. He sighs and messes up his hair even more. He sits on the floor silently and let’s me fall asleep.

When I wake up I’m not in Dallas’ bed anymore, I’m in Soda’s old bed. It hadn’t been slept in since Pony’s nightmares had started.

I saw Soda spinning in the chair across from the bed.

I see Dallas coat is folded neatly under my arm and my hair is tied back. I’m tucked in and all the pictures in his room are turned down.

He sees me squirming and stops spinning. He moves to chair closer to the end of the bed but not too close.

“Why did you bring me here? I wanted to be in dally’s room.”

“It’s not healthy for you to be cooped up in there. You’re making it worse for yourself. Buck even admitted to Darry on the phone that he hasn’t been trying to get you to eat.”

“Why am I here though?”

“Because this way you’re with family. You’ll have someone around all the time. I know you don’t do well on your own. Your thoughts get the better of you and so now I know you won’t be alone. Now I can protect and take care of you.” He whispers tentatively.

“I want to be where dally was.” I huff.

“Dally slept here countless times.” He shrugs.

“It’s not the same. He was my family. I want to be where he was at home.”

“We are your family too. He was more than at home here.”

“You guys aren’t my family!” I snap. “Dallas was my family and now he’s gone!” I scream in tears. “I don’t have a family anymore!”

“Family is people that love and care about you. The boys love and care about you like a sister and you know I care about you.”

“It’s different! Ever since I was a kid it was always just me and him! No matter what happened! And now there’s no him!”

“But there’s us! Us worrying about you. Us mourning for two of our brothers. Us freaking out because you dropped off the face of the earth. For a week I haven’t seen you or been able to sleep! I haven’t known if you were okay or alive and I’ve been worried sick because I keep losing people and I can’t lose you too!”

“You losing Dallas is different than my losing Dallas!”

“How!?” He finally snaps at me.

“You grew up with a family! I didn’t! I was in and out of foster homes my whole life until I met Dallas! He became my family and he protected me and helped me and was my first and only friend. My foster parents beat on me and when Dallas found out we ran away and we went to New York then when things got bad with his dad there we came here. I’ve been through hell and back and the only thing that was ever certain in my life was Dallas Winston!” I scream and the noise outside the room is gone. The other boys are quiet now.

“You’re right I did have a family and I lost them. I didn’t get a goodbye. Now I’m dropout with a deadend job trying to help out so my brother and I can make ends meet for our kid brother who nearly died and then bam two of my best friends die! I get it, you’ve had it rough but so have I. You and I both know that you aren’t the only one with struggles. You’re some sort of brainiac, you could get into any school you want! I’m a high school dropout who couldn’t learn anything so now I pump gas. My brother had to go from brother to father for me and ponyboy! We barely make ends meet every month and if one thing goes wrong i will be thrown in a boys home and never see my brother. All I’ve got are those boys who are probably listening to us talk right now!” He breathes heavily as if he’s been waiting to say all of that.

I rub my face and just hide in my hands. I hear several different sets of feet and the front door shuts.

The bed dips beside me and he pulls me to him.

“Dallas may have been what you considered your only family but we are greasers. We are all a family. If Steve and Two didn’t give a shit about you then why did they beat up that Soc that was calling you names? If Darry didn’t care about you then why would he be there for you to talk to all the time? If Pony didn’t care then why would he make sure that you never walk alone? If I didn’t care why would I be trying to talk to you and make sure you’re okay? Why would I give you every piece of me? Why would I let you push me away but keep coming back to you? Why would I give you my virginity and all the love I can?” He whispers the last one so the boys can’t hear.

“I just want Dallas back.” I sob against his chest.

“I know you do. We all do. I just want you to know that with us boys, you will never ever be alone. Even when you want to be.” He chuckles. “I know you wish that he was here but he always will be. We never could escape him. Even when we were making out half clothed. He pulled us apart and sat between us with his arms around our shoulders.” I chuckle a little at that.

“He’s always going to be with us. Especially you. You’re the one girl he ever loved. You were his girl in his mind, even if you are mine. He protected you. He talked to you. He made sure you had the best. He made sure no one could hurt you and if anyone did he beat the shit out of them.” He chuckled and his chest rumbled as I leaned against it which caused a tiny smile on my lips.

“I want to know if he’s in a good place now.” I whisper.

“He’s probably picking a fight up in heaven right now because he can’t have leather wings or smoke.” He jokes again.

“But those make him happy.” I look up.

“And that’s how you know he’ll get them.” He smiled.

“How?” My forehead crinkled.

“What Dallas wants, Dallas gets.” He smiles.

I nod and hug him. He hugs back tightly and I smile a little.

“Soda?” I pipe up after a few minutes of him holding me.

“Yeah babe?” He whispers, not even pulling back a bit.

“You smell horrible.” I crinkle my nose.

“Don’t worry babe, we have soap and water.” He kisses my head.

“My hair is gross.” I complain when I touch it.

“Let’s have a shower then.” He whispers with a smirk.

I nod and we grab a couple towels and he pulls me to the bathroom.

We strip down and he kisses me softly.

“Thank you Sodapop.” I whisper even though the water is loud.

“You’re not just my girl. I’m your guy too. I’ll always be here for you. It’s in my job description.” He grins his movie star smile.

“That makes me the luckiest girl in the world.” I lean him against the shower wall and kiss him softly.

“Can you two hurry it up? I need to piss.” Steve yells from the other side of the door.

“Go piss outside then! The door is locked and we are busy!” Soda shouts back before kissing me again.

“You’re horrible!” Steve whines.

“He’s perfect.” I correct Steve and smile at my boyfriend.

When soda and i finish shortly after having tried to be quick we go to his room and get dressed. I pull on just one of his big shirts over my underwear and bra. He stays in boxers and roots through his drawers for pyjama pants or shorts. I accept his old gym shorts and put them on before i follow him to the living room.

I sit on the couch and he gets some food. Steve sits in the arm chair and watches me without looking away.

“Quit looking at my girl.” Soda tells him as he comes in with two cups of chocolate milk and the cake that Darry had probably put away for tomorrow.

Soda’s words don’t snap Steve out of his trance though.

I try to ignore him and eat what Soda brought out. After a while he is still staring at us.

“What do you want steve?” Soda asks him sounding annoyed.

“You did her in the shower. Even with me here. Evie won’t let me until her parents are gone at lest an hour. But you two just…” Then he shudders.

Soda rolls his eyes and we eat before he wraps us in a blanket and lays with me while we watch tv.

“I don’t get it!” Steve complains.

“I do.” Soda attempts a joke. I laugh for his sake and just snuggle into him.

“Hey soda?” I look up at him as he lays beside down with me.

“Yeah baby girl?” He puts his head against mine.

“You’re not my family. The boys are but you aren’t.” I say and hear his breathing catch.

“I’m not?”

“No because I’m not supposed to be in love with my family. I’m supposed to have a family with the one I’m in love with though.” I smile and stare into his eyes dazedly.

“I really love you.” He kisses me hard. He lays on his back and pulls me on top of him. Steve groans as Soda starts kissing me.

“Get a room.” Our friend complains.

“We have one and you just happen to still be here.” Soda mumbles. “You can leave yknow.”

“I can’t. You’re my drive to work.”

“I’m calling in sick. I’m gonna spend some time trying to feel better.” He smirks and I kiss him. I tangle my fingers in his wet hair and he groans lowly.

“I’ll fix you up.” I nibble at his neck.

“We actually have that car to fix up.” Steve says sounding annoyed.

“Shit. You’re right.” He puts his head back while I continue to suck at his neck.

“I want you to stay here.” I whine and put my face in his neck.

He rubs his hands up and down my back and sighs. “Come with us.”

As soon as he says it, I know Steve sent him a look.

“I’ll stay here.” I shrug then take the remainder of the cake to the kitchen. I put it away then wash the dirty dishes that are piling up.

Soda walks in and puts his arms around me then kisses my cheek. “Come with me.” He whispers in my ear. I continue washing the dishes and ignore what he said. “Please?”

“I’m going to stay here and clean up.” I tell him.

“I want you to come with us. I want you to come with me.” He whines and sways me a bit.

“I don’t want to.” I snap.

He jumps but doesn’t let go of me.

“Sorry.” He whispers before stalking off to his room.

I leave just a few dishes and dry my hands before walking in his room. He’s sitting in the corner breathing heavily with his head between his knees.

I sigh and sit in front of him. I pull him close to me and tilt his chin up. “Im sorry I’m being so difficult.”

“It’s not your fault. I know you feel a bit uncomfortable after Steve just listened..” He shrugs.

“I just figured it was better if I didn’t go. Working on cars is something you and Steve do together.” I get as close as I can to him.

“But I wanted you there because it wasn’t just me and Steve that worked on it.” He says carefully almost like he’s dropping a hint.

“What do you mean?”

“Dally asked us to help him with it so he could give it to you. He bought it and wanted to fix it up for you because he knew that you hate buses.” He smiles shyly.

“And you were helping him with it?”

“Of course.” He smiles. “He only ever wanted you to smile. That’s the only reason he let you be with me. Did you know he interrogated me before I even asked you out. I’m his friend and he interrogated me and tried to scare the shit out of me. He did daily check ups to make sure i was treating you right. The one time me and you fought he threatened me. He told me if he ever saw a frown on your pretty little lips that I would be sorry.”

“That sounds like him.” I chuckle.

“‘Course he would never let me back around until that frown was gone. But he knew how he would go down and he wanted me to make sure that I’d always be here but never replace him. I received a smack when I said that a spot like his was easy to fill and I’d grab the first hoodlum I saw. I want you to remember that he loves you and will always put you first and he wanted you to know that you would always be his girl. Even if you get married you’ll always be his girl. He made that very clear to me.” He covers a few spots as if remembering what Dallas did to him.

“He didn’t hurt you too bad did he?”

“Nothing that you didn’t make better.” He smiles and kisses me.

“I’ll come with you.” I pull him up and change quickly before tossing him his DX shirt.

He puts on a hat and jeans and I smile. “How did I get lucky enough to have you in my life? I mean you’ve got girls fawning all over you and you picked me.”

“You are easily the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I loved you the moment I saw you. You were perfection. And you still are. And you were off limits which made it so much more fun.” He pulls me to him.

He spins me and grins. “Some people say greaser girls are trashy but you definitely are not.”

We put our shoes on and I climb on his back as we walk down to DX.

“I thought we were taking the truck.” Steve complains.

“I thought Darry didn’t have it.” Soda shrugs.

We are around the corner from DX when someone yells at one of us. “Hey grease! What’s this I hear you’ve been talking shit!?” Three soc’s walk towards us.

I climb off Soda’s back and he keeps me behind him. “Stay back.” He tells me.

“I guess you’ve got good hearing then.” Steve shrugs. “It’s not my fault you guys dress like idiots. I just pointed out the obvious.”

The larger one punches Steve and it turns into a fight and the smaller one holds Steve back.

Soda looks between me and Steve and I push him. “Help steve.” I hiss.

He kisses my head and immediately starts beating on the smaller guy. The third guy circles me like he’s on the prowl.

Before I can react he’s got me restrained.

“Soda!” I cry out to him in pain.

“Shut up.” The guy growls and pulls my arm further into the uncomfortable position.

“Soda i can’t move!” I cry out louder. “Soda help me!”

He hits the guy he was fighting as hard as he can then lets him drop. He pulls a switch from his pocket and points it at the guy holding me back.

“You better fucking let go of her before you end up like your friend Bob.”

“You wouldn’t do that in front of her.”

“Baby close you eyes.” Soda tells me and I do. I hear a cry of pain and I’m released. Soda pulls me to his chest and punches the guy who was holding me. The three guys run and Steve wipes off his hands and soda slips something in his pocket.

“Dally told me to always carry a switch. I’m glad i listened to him.” He kisses my head and directs me to the car.

“It’s so cool!” I run to it and grin. He chuckles and watches me. I climb into the back seat and lay down. “It’s so comfy!”

“Pepsi-Cola likes how much space there is in the back for you two.” Steve laughs and soda rubs his red cheeks.

Soda climbs in the front and I climb forward as Steve starts working under the hood. I put my arm on the seat behind him and smile at his red cheeks.

“You’re the best.” I kiss him softly.

“I try.” He smiles and blushes brighter.

“I love you Sodapop.”

“I love you too baby.” He kisses me softly.

I pull him to the backseat and he grins wildly before leaning me down on the seat and he starts kissing my neck while tickling my sides. I giggle loudly and he starts laughing too. I pull him closer and he kisses me hard.

“Soda, you gonna help?!” Steve yells while still working.

“Busy!” He yells but it sounds muffled.

“Can’t you guys go anywhere without doing this?” He whines and I see that he’s staring right at us.

Soda smiles at my grin. “Dal would be happy you’re happy.”

“I’m happy it’s you making my happy.” I kiss him again. “I think the backseat will work nicely. Dal wouldn’t approve but that’s my choice. ”

If you draw fanart (or do a craft) for someone and a “random person” sends you a note or reblogs it saying something like:

“This is ugly!”

Or “That doesn’t look like (Insert Person Here) at all!”

Or “Your art sucks!”

Or any other hateful or mean comment, let me give you some advice that will make you feel better.

That art you drew? Isn’t for that random person. The opinion they have should not matter to you.

If a random person offers constructive and polite criticism, take it. Good criticism will help you grow.

But to the random person or people that are just spouting off generic hate and discouraging words…all you need to remember is one simple phrase:

“I didn’t do this for you, I did it because of my passion for what or whom I was drawing. Don’t like it? Cool. I don’t care, it wasn’t for you anyway!”

Some final words For those who have been drawing for years or those who have only just started.

Just know that every time you draw something for someone, if you put your best foot forward, no matter what the final product looks like, the person you drew it for SHOULD and more than likely WILL treat your craft with the utmost respect.

I really want to take the time to thank all those that have encouraged Me and have bought My hypnotic files in 2015… I had to take a week away because of being sick… I HATE colds… I should be doing MORE manips and recordings soon… I want all of the community to know that I enjoy EROTIC hypnosis and Mind Control so MUCH… and all you wankers and jilling girls out there that give Me encouragement and letters every week… The letters never seem to stop… nor do the words of appreciation that all of you perverts send Me… even the naked pictures of you enjoying My images of MP3’s are fun… I want to wish you all the Happiest NEW YEAR… 2016 should be 10 times as fun as 2015… ten times as fun… ten times deeper… with every word you read… LOVE you all

  • someone telling a joke: knock knock it's..
  • me: NO..! i'm gonna have to stop you right there buddy. i hate it when people show up unannounced at my door. quite frankly i find it rude, and most of all unnecessary in this day and age where there's so many ways to contact someone beforehand. i believe showing up unannounced is a tradition that should have died out generations ago, which is why i had to stop you. i'm sorry if i came off as rude my good friend, but i just can't encourage this kind of behavior

If i see another death threat joke or not to Mashima-sensei I am honestly gonna vomit.

You’re not funny at all, you’re discusting. Death of a real life person who works so hard is not to joke about. You saying you’ll kill him or something because he doesn’t do as you please is so selfish and not to mention disrespectful.

Please send nice and encouraging messages to Mashima-sensei don’t make posts or replies on how you’ll kill him or that he should die because he writes his own story. His story doesn’t belong to you. 

I see posts like that daily and they honestly make me wanna vomit.

tl;dr stop joking around about killing Mashima it’s gross and disrespectful it’s something you should NEVER joke about.

The idea that extending our hands in love will end racism is absurd...

Sure, if you’re a Christian or pacifist or an ethical person or someone who believes hate is counter-productive or unhealthy or believe that extending your hand in love is simply the right thing to do… you probably should do just that.

I encourage you to do that.
By all means, do that.
Don’t let the hatred of others cause you to abandon your principles.
Do it.
Don’t let me stop you.
Don’t let anyone stop you.

But the idea that it will necessarily end racism is absurd. That shouldn’t be your motive. Because if it is, then you’ll be disappointed if and when it doesn’t always work.

It wreaks of another form of respectability politics. 

Similar to the, “How will Whites respect us if we don’t respect each other?”
You shouldn’t respect each other as a means to get White respect.

You should respect each other because you CARE about each other.
Because it’s the right thing to do.
Beginning and end of it.


Me, to customer at the window: Hi there, it’ll be $4.72.
Middle-aged man: Ok. Wow, you have gorgeous eyes! 
Me: Uh, thanks. *gives him his change* Do you need a receipt?
Man: I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes. I’m sorry, what was the question? 
Me: -__- “Do you need a receipt?”
Man: Oh, no. *grins* Y'see what those eyes do to me?
Me: *hands him his drink* Yeah, okay, bye. *hurriedly shuts window, prays he never comes back* 

ATTENTION ALL MEN: STOP F*CKING DOING THIS SHIT! The fact that I’m trapped at the window should not be an encouragement! You are being gross and disrespectful. I wear a name tag because my name is not “Doll/Sweetie/Hon(ey)/Babe/Cutie.” Just pay, take your coffee, tip, and leave. 

The Rembrandt Files, Ch 3 (3/?)

Fic tag: It will also include notes on the fic and music and lyrics inspiration :)

Ch1 Ch2

Read it also on Ao3 or FF

Summary: Modern Art AU.  Killian Jones is a highly respected museum curator that focuses mainly on XIX century art. Emma Swan is a rising contemporary artist fiercely protective of her work. When Killian gets assigned to curate Emma’s first solo exhibition, things don’t necessarily start well but soon they will discover there is much to learn in art. And love.  

I want to thank jessbecauseiam for being an incredibly beta and startswithhope for helping me flesh out this idea in the first place and encouraging me to write it!  And spartanguard for the banner!

Chapter 3: First Impressions

Yes, they’re stereotypes, there must be more to life
All your life you are dreaming and then you stop dreaming
From time to time you know you should be going on another bender
Stereotypes, Blur

He heard the knock on his door and quickly replied “Come in!” as his gaze was still focusing on the prints on his desk. He heard the door opening and lifted his eyes.

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Alright kids let me tell you why recoloring whitewashed photos is wrong and how getting called out for it doesn’t make the other person “colorist”


Y'all are getting hella bold with your reasoning where you think fansites won’t be able to find you.

This is a long ass post and I encourage you all to…at least skim through it.

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I know I’ve said it before, but, once more won’t hurt. I absolutely love this group of Taylor fans. This is MY community. I feel so at home here. I’m so grateful for you all. There are such beautiful souls here and I feel honored to know some of you. I look forward to getting to know many more of you.

I smile when I come on tumblr and I try really hard to help others here get noticed by Taylor. Isn’t that what our fan community should be about? For me, it is. Swift fans helping other Swift fans and spreading the love for Taylor is my groove. We have the power here to encourage each other, build each other up, and rejoice and cheer each other on when Taylor notices one of us.

Positivity rocks and I thank you all for being my pals and understanding my love for the blonde girl who bakes. Can’t stop, won’t stop Swifting.