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GD's Proposal

A/N: this took longer than intended, troll Taeyang will always be my ultimate favorite!

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“Where are you taking me!” You pleaded as GD dragged you across the street to what looked like a restaurant.

“Shh, it’s a surprise!” He said enthusiastically like a kid at an amusement park. His palm was sweaty. You knew he was nervous. You two walked into the restaurant the waiter seated you two on the spot. “I ordered for you already,”

“Ji, seriously what’s this for?” You asked suspiciously eyeing him and the restaurant.

“What? I can’t take my girlfriend out to dinner?”

“No, that’s not what I’m referring to, you’re acting weird today.”

“What!” His voice became a slight pitch higher than usual. The food came in right on time. He looked relieved. “Let’s dig in!” He said eagerly, stuffing his face to avoid any more conversation. You two spend your time talking about either work or friends, over time you brought up his odd behavior, he would ignore the question.

“Hey, Y/N.” His serious tone made you sit up straight, you were worried, he never talks like this.

Was something wrong?

“Y-Yeah,” You stuttered, all the blood rushed from your hands leaving them feeling cold as ice. You could see how nervous he was from the lip biting to the rubbing the back of his neck. His behavior had been going for a while; you brushed it off at first but today it seemed to worry you even more.  

He wouldn’t cheat on me. Or would he?

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Parties had never been your scene. Watching confused girls dry hump asshole boys was never something you enjoyed seeing. The only upside to parties must be the booze but you were never the best at handling your liquor. And considering the last time you drank booze and ended up swimming in a public fountain, you didn’t dare to take another shot. So the only option for you to do was sit on a lumpy old couch with a red cup filled with tap water and not so patiently wait for your boyfriend to remember your existence. 

You were never the patient type. You crossed your legs and tapped on your cup trying to suppress the anger that was vibrating off of you. People who looked at you or tried to approach you would only be greeted with a cold glare that satan himself couldn’t compare with. 

Hours later you finally got to see the familiar figure that had practically dragged you to this party. There was a tall girl beside him dressed in the skimpiest clothes you had ever seen. She had her arm hooked around your boyfriends arm, using him as support since she was so drunk she could barely stand up right. The situation only becomes worse when your boyfriend puts his free hand over her own and smiles. Their faces were inches apart by now, one breath away. The girl leans in but as soon as her lips so much as brush against his, he jerks away. 

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As luck would have it as he turns to walk away he meets your gaze. If looks could kill he would have been six feet under ground. He begins to give you an apologetic smile from across the room but he stopped when you stood up from the couch and give him a wide grin. Not an evil grin or a mischievous grin. But the grin that he feared the most, the you-don’t-even-know-what-you-just-started grin. A look of panic spreads through his face in realization of what you’d just witnessed. 

If you had been angry before, you were fucking livid now. You strolled over to the mini bar and chugged two shots of vodka without blinking. You felt the warm and bitter liquid run down your throat and felt the effect almost instantly. You thanked the gods that Jiyong himself had picked out the dress you were wearing. A knee length bondage dress the color of red wine which accentuated your skin. Back in your apartment he had gushed about your hourglass figure. The dress that he had chosen would soon be you weapon against him. 

You strolled to where the grinding figures were dancing but soon stopped. You were angry but not angry enough to let another dumbass have the honor of laying his hands on you. You turned on your heels and went back to the bar. You noticed that there was a man alone. Even though his back was turned you knew exactly who it was. 

“Seunghyun!” You sat down on the empty seat beside of him. 

He looked over at you and immediately smiled. He through one hand over you and gave you a side hug. You pulled away allowing him to see your outfit. His eyes widened in surprise and he nodded his head in approval. 

“Wow,” he gushed. “You look amazing,” 

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“You do to,” You placed a hand on his arm and squeezed. Making a slight blush rise up to his cheeks which only made you chuckle. He shook his head and took another drink from his glass never taking his eyes off of you. 

“Where’s Jiyong?” he questioned lightly. 

“I don’t know,” you reply dryly. “He kind of ditched me as soon as we got here,” 

Seunghyun frowned at your response, “What an ass,” 

“This girl was trying to kiss him,” you began. “should I continue?” 

“Ahh, I see.” he chuckled. “I’ll help.” 

You give him a grateful smile and look over your shoulder to see Jiyong speaking to a couple of his colleagues. You recognized Mino but had never met the other man. You knew exactly what to do to get him riled up and you knew exactly how childish it was. But this was the only fun thing to do at this pathetic party. 

“I’m saying something and you’re laughing because I’m hilarious,” You casually say. Seunghyun can keep up, he laughs out loud but not too obnoxiously as to make Jiyong suspect your little game. On cue from the corner of your eye, you see him staring at the two of you. His eyes darkening a shade when you put your hand on Seunghyun’s knee. 

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“I love this dress of yours,” Seunghyun compliments while tracing his fingers through the fabric of your thigh. Even though you know you two are only playing you can’t help but blush at the contact. Your hand immediately flies up to your face and you dab your cheek with the back of your hand the way you did when you were embarrassed. A habit you had gotten from GD himself. 

“Thank you, tabi,” you reply curtly. “Tone it down a notch, you’re making me blush like a school girl.” 

He laughs and shakes his head, genuinely finding you amusing. He cocks his head to the side and reaches out to you tucking in a stray hair behind your ear. Another blush and this time you can’t keep your sexy persona. Your eyes widen and you flash him all of your teeth as you exclaim, “What did I just tell you!” 

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That does it. Jiyong excuses himself from the conversation and in three long strides stands in between you and seunghyun. He shoots his friend a cold glare before turning to you. 

“We’re leaving,” he hissed. His hand snaked around your waist and he practically dragged you off of the chair. Still shooting daggers at Seunghyun as  you two walked out of the party and into the chilly night. 

“What a nice party,” you say bitterly.

“Do that again and I-” you cut him off. 

“Who do you think I am?” You tore your arm away from him and stood in front of him. You looked up through your lashes and gritted your teeth. 

Jiyong stared at you baffled with your sudden question. He narrowed his eyes but didn’t make no attempt to answer. So you continued to speak because there was too much to say to him and you insisted on letting him know, “I’m not your toy. You don’t get to play with me when you’re bored and throw me away when your attention is elsewhere. Oh, and you don’t get to drag me to places I don’t want to go to and then ditch me to be with some other girl. Just because I’m younger than you doesn’t mean that I will put up with this shit. Because I promise you that the next time something like this happens I won’t be as nice I was tonight.” 

His mouth hangs open for awhile, still not completely understanding you. His eyebrows furrow but then relax. He wraps you in his arms and crushes you to his chest. He places his chin on the top of your head and chuckles, “Why am I turned on?”  

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Every Rose Has its Thorn - Chapter 2


Every Rose Has it’s Thorn:

Just Friends:

               She couldn’t believe it. Was this seriously her luck? To have a drunk one night stand with someone you think is some random guy, but ends up being one of Korea’s most desired idols? How could she have been so dumb?

               "It’s nice to meet you.“ The group, except Ji Yong, greeted her happily and politely. Seunghyun nudged Ji Yong’s side to get his attention. Ji Yong’s "hi” had to be the most uncomfortable and awkward hi ever.

               "Victoria, G Dragon has a schedule in Seoul and Incheon today, so we need you to assist the other stylists that will be backstage. Understood?“ Yang Hyun-Suk informed her.

       Just as long I’m not alone with him again then great, Victoria knew her face was as red as her hair at that moment, she could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks. From a quick glance at Ji Yong, she saw that his face was just as red, which confused everyone else in the room. She had zero doubt that he didn’t remember her. He remembered, for sure.

       Missy let out a laugh, covering her mouth shyly with her hand, making Victoria glare at her.

               "Sorry, I’ll just go.” Missy bowed politely and quickly left the room. Victoria knew that she was laughing it up out in the hall to wherever she was going next.

               "Well let’s not stand around, get going.“ Yang Hyun-Suk shooed them off.

       Victoria stopped chewing on her lip (which she didn’t even notice she was doing), and made sure she was the first of them to run out of the room. Once she was alone in the bathroom, she felt like she could finally breathe a little better. All she could do was hope that he won’t bring it up with her, or anyone else. It had to be like it never happened.

       The boys left the uncomfortable office, immediately attacking Ji Yong with questions.

               "Ji, are you okay?” Seungri had to be the most confused out of all of them. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

               "Would you mind explaining what that was?“ Seunghyun hit Ji Yong’s arm slightly in annoyance.

               "Do you know her or something?” Daesung added.

               "Please, stop asking me so many questions.“ Ji Yong managed to choke out while he tried pulling himself together.

               "Ji, when you came home at four in the morning last night, you somewhat mentioned you were with someone.” Taeyang seemed to catch on first, which was expected. “When you said ‘with someone’, does that mean what I think it means?”

               "Oh, I get it now.“ Seungri gasped.

               "It was with her, wasn’t it?” Seunghyun was obviously talking about Victoria.

               "Nice!“ Seungri slapped Ji Yong on the back.

               "No, not nice!” Ji Yong retorted. “It was a mistake, and I’ve already ruined everything.”

               "You didn’t ruin, everything.“ Taeyang put his arm around his shoulders. "Are things really uncomfortable and awkward now? Hell yeah, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix it. Or at least make it less awkward.”

               "That’s true. On your schedule today, why don’t you just talk everything out?“ Daesung offered.

               "Yeah, because that will go well.” Seunghyun mumbled sarcastically, making Ji Yong glare at him.

               "Why am I the one who has to fix it?“ Ji Yong thought out loud.

               "Because this is all your fault.” Taeyang nearly laughed at him. “So fix it.”

             This should be interesting. “Okay, I’ll think of something.”

                “I was known as a good girl back in Phoenix.” Victoria thought out loud while pacing around in the bathroom. She could feel a stressful migraine coming through her temples. “How am I supposed to handle this, do I just quit now, do I act like nothing happened? I’m just one person here.”

               "I thought I saw you run in here.“ Missy giggled, leaning in the doorway. "You talking to yourself again?”

               "I really don’t need this right now.“ Victoria glared at her. "Now, you’re either going to tell me what you saw last night or you’re going to leave and let me talk to myself in peace. Which is it?”

               Missy just laughed as she stepped all the way into the bathroom. “You’re always mean to me when you’re stressed out. And do you really, really want me to tell you? Are you sure?”

               "Missy.“ Victoria said in a warning tone.

               "Okay fine. I came home around three, and I was all pissed because you left me which wasn’t cool by the way.” Victoria wanted to snap back with that it wasn’t cool that Missy left her to go get with some rich guy in a back alley, but she held her tongue. “I saw you in bed sleeping, and I saw him in your bed. So I thought I should, how you say, document the moment.”

               "You what?“ Victoria suddenly regretted asking.

               "I saw your phone by your bed, so I documented the moment. It should still be there if I’m not mistaken.”

       Victoria pulled her phone from her pocket and immediately went to her pictures. She couldn’t believe it, Missy actually took a picture of them sleeping in bed together!

               "Why? Why would you do this?“ Victoria looked at the picture in shock. "You didn’t post this anywhere did you?”

               "No of course not. I thought you would want to do that, because it’s not everyday you find yourself in bed with G Dragon, right?“ Missy smirked.

               "Wipe that smirk off your face, this isn’t funny.” Victoria quickly deleted the picture from her phone. “You swear you didn’t post it anywhere?”

               "I swear. Again, I thought you would want to do that, because that’s not my job. Besides, if I have, everyone would know by now, you would be fired, and that wouldn’t feel good on my conscience.“

               "Missy, you don’t have a conscience.”

               "Either way, I haven’t done anything wrong. So you can either get over it, or get on him if you know what I mean.“

               "Shut up about it. This never happened between me and him, got it? It never happened.” Victoria pointed her finger at her. “Got it?”

               "Yes, I got it. Now come on, you have a schedule to attend.“ Missy grabbed Victoria’s wrist, pulling her out of the bathroom.

               "I really don’t feel like going now.” Victoria tried getting out of her grasp, but Missy wasn’t having it. “I’ll say I’m dying from a terminal illness or something.”

               "Quit being so dramatic.“ Missy pulled her down the hall. "Believe me, this whole thing isn’t a big deal, but if you want to pretend like whatever you shared with him didn’t happen then be my guest.”

               "Okay, I’ll think of something.“ Victoria heard another voice close by. It was him. How was she going to act like nothing ever happened? Now every time she was near him, she felt nothing but awkward and afraid.

               "Oh look who it is!” Missy grinned, which made Victoria want to rip her hair out. “I have a present for you!”

               "Missy, please don’t-“ Victoria tried to turn and run away, but Missy tossed her into the boys, making her land in Taeyang’s strong arms, catching her.

               "Have fun!” She could swear Missy winked before she walked off. “Happy birthday Victoria!” She now felt like making yet another pro/con list of why she was friends with her and whether or not she should set her on fire.

       Awkward silence filled the air, you could actually feel it.

               "It’s your birthday?“ Daesung broke the silence from behind her and Taeyang.

               "It-It was yesterday.” Victoria choked out, her heart racing a mile a minute because she knew Ji Yong was staring daggers at her. Taeyang let her go, and she backed up while she composed herself. “I should get going then.”

               "You’re coming right?“ Ji Yong finally said actual words to her. "You, you’re coming with me for my schedules, right?”

               She swallowed hard before straining a smile and politely replying with, “Yeah, that’s what I meant. I’m coming.”

       This really should be interesting.


       The first schedule in Seoul was the most boring. They didn’t say a word to each other, and she couldn’t bear being alone in the same room as him, so she actually made an assistant go instead. And when the schedule was over, he just disappeared and no one knew where he had gone. Negative scenarios formed in her mind. Did he have enough of her and take off? Was he mad that she was avoiding him? And just where did he wander off to?

               "If he’s not back right now then we’re gonna be late. Where is he?“ His manager said. "Victoria, can you go find him?”

               "What did you say?“ Victoria asked. He wasn’t asking her to find him, was he?

               "Go find him.” He repeated.

               "Why do I have to?“ She couldn’t think of the right word to use. "Can’t you look, as well? You look somewhere, and I look somewhere else?”

               "Are you trying to say we should split up?“ He laughed a little at her baby Korean. She hated that she wasn’t fluent yet. "It’s, split up. Got it?”

               "Split up, yes!“ Victoria repeated. "We can split up.”

       She just hoped that she wouldn’t be the one to find him.

       She and G Dragon’s manager left the van and split up to look. She didn’t want to be the one to find him, but that didn’t mean she shouldn’t try. They had someplace to be, and he couldn’t just wander off like this.

       She thought about where he would go during the day. The sad thing was, she didn’t know him. She didn’t know at all where he could be, where he would go. She didn’t know his likes or dislikes, or anything else about him, and yet she got with him. She didn’t know where to start. Did he like coffee? Could he be casually hanging out by himself in a coffee shop? Where would he go?

               "Victoria? It’s Victoria, right?“ She felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned to see Kwon Ji Yong. He found her. And why was he in such a good mood all of a sudden?

               "Yes.” Victoria replied. “Where were you?”

               "Well, I feel bad about last night, I made everything a big mess. The guys told me that I should try fixing it, and it’s your birthday, so.“ His voice trailed off as he lifted a small bag. "I thought I should give you something.”

               "What is it?“

       Ji Yong pulled a small but long box from the small plastic bag, and opened it to reveal a gorgeous tennis bracelet that was encrusted with sparkling diamonds and sapphires.

               "Do you like it?” He smiled at the look of surprise on her face. He was still shaking on the inside because he was nervous. “I don’t know if you like sapphires, but I thought it looked nice and I thought you would like it, so do you, like it?”

               "I do like it, but isn’t it expensive?“ Victoria couldn’t take her eyes off of it though, it was so pretty.

               "It doesn’t matter. What matters is, is that we are on good terms. I know being around me is very uncomfortable for you, and it’s all my fault. So, accept this as a, token of friendship.”

               How could she say no to that? He was really putting in an effort to making everything okay between them. The least she could do was accept it. And the bracelet was gorgeous without a doubt. “Okay.”

        He grew extremely happy at her answer. He took the bracelet out of the box, and gestured for her to lift her hand to him. She did so, and he put the bracelet around her wrist.

               "It looks good on you.“ He smiled nervously, gesturing to it. "I mean, it looked nice when in a glass case with lights on it, but it looks way better you know, on your wrist.”

               "I’m very sorry but, what did you say?“ Victoria got confused trying to put his words together in her head. And his frequent pausing was actually not helping.

               His eyes widened a little at the realization. "Oh! Oh, you don’t, you’re not fluent, sorry. You don’t speak Korean?”

               "Yeah, sorry.“

               "So, I can say whatever I want and you won’t understand me?” He joked. “How about if I say, pancakes feel good on my feet!”

               Was he serious? “I, understood that.”

               "Oh you can’t understand when I compliment you but you can understand me when I say I like putting pancakes on my feet?“

               "You’re about to get really annoying in a few seconds.” Victoria crossed her arms over her chest, which made him laugh.

               "I’m just teasing you.“ He playfully patted her shoulder.

               "There you are!” Ji Yong’s manager approached them. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you! Thanks for finding him Victoria, now let’s go or we’ll be late!”

       They both said sorry and rushed back to the van. This guy, was definitely something else.


               "Hi Victoria.“ Sungah smiled into the web-cam. "I’m keeping my promise. I’m on my way to buy you something right now.”

               "Speaking of which, you’ll never believe what happened.“ Victoria couldn’t wait to tell her this. "Ji Yong found out about my birthday, and he actually bought me something.”

       Victoria lifted her wrist to show Sungah the new bracelet dangling from her wrist like shining stars.

               "Whoa, that’s beautiful. Didn’t you just meet him?“ Sungah gasped.

               "Yes! I know right? Don’t even get me started on working with him. It’s hectic. He can be such a pain in the butt.”

               "How so?“

       For starters, on the way to Incheon he started blabbing about how he aspires to be Korea’s number one fashion icon and doesn’t wear what other people designed for him. After explaining that all she has to do is pick what would work best and do his hair and makeup, he went on about how he could just do it himself. He knew it made her annoyed, but that’s why it was so fun.

               "He does things to make me mad, a lot.” Victoria ran her fingers through her bright, cherry-red hair. “But he’s fun too. If you want my opinion, he’s a good guy.”

               "You like him don’t you.“ Sungah smirked, poking her phone screen. Victoria laughed, embarrassed. Sungah could read her like an open book.

               "Yeah, a little bit.” Victoria played with her hair. “He’s so cute, I can’t help it.”

      Victoria’s door suddenly swung open, making her jump.

               "I’m ready! Style me up!“ Ji Yong burst into the dressing room with a big grin on his face.

               "I have to go.” Victoria smiled awkwardly at Sungah, through her laptop screen. “I’ll talk to you later.”

       Victoria shut her laptop and turned to Ji Yong. He was all dressed in the clothes that they picked out together (because he refused everything unless he had a say), so she now had to fix up his hair and do his makeup.

               "You can take a seat in that chair over there.“ She gestured to the chair across the room from her.

               "Who were you talking to?” He asked as he sat.

               "Oh just my friend. I consider her a best friend.“ She answered, standing up so she could go get the needed supplies out.

               "I thought that other girl was your best friend. The blonde one?”

               "They’re, both blonde.“ She struggled to say, but he got it.

               "You know who I mean. The one who you share the apartment with.”

       Victoria’s eyes got wide with surprise at what he said. How did he know Missy was her roommate?

               "How do you know that?“ There was one thing she hated, and that was Missy opening her mouth about everything.

               "Oh, well, I saw her when I left, your place yesterday morning.” The atmosphere got suddenly awkward again. “She was in the kitchen taking some pain killers for a hangover I guess, and she said hi.”

       Victoria was very sure that “hi” wasn’t all she said, but she decided to not get too into it. She decided to leave his hair the way it was, all she did was brush it out a little (and oh boy was it soft!). Next was his makeup. He didn’t really need it in her eyes, but it of course had to be put on anyway. He spoke up again as she patted the foundation on his face.

               "I have a question.“ His cheeks turned red a little. "Do you remember everything that happened? Like, everything we did and stuff?”

       Now she was the one with the red cheeks. She didn’t remember everything, just bits and pieces. But she definitely felt the aftermath in the morning.

               "Not really.“ She exchanged the foundation for the black eyeliner, quickly applying it to his top lid to emphasize the natural and beautiful shape. "Why? Do you, remember everything?”

               It was a subject she wanted to forget about, not talk about. But he answered her question regardless. “Yeah, I remember. I remember everything. You were wearing this dress, too.”

       She could suddenly feel his hand touching her bare thigh. She swallowed hard and backed away from him, brushing it off by putting her stuff away.

               "I’m sorry if you’re still uncomfortable around me.“ He muttered, frowning a little.

               "It’s not that.” She felt her hands shaking so bad that she couldn’t zip the bag closed. She wasn’t uncomfortable in a way that was bad, it was just that she was really growing to kind of like him, and now here he was bringing up their one night stand from the night before.

               "Then what is it? Do you just not like me?“ His tone was so calm and sincere, damn him just damn him.

       He stood and actually hugged her from behind, resting his head on hers. Was he saying he liked her?

               "No, it’s just that, want us to be friends. I don’t want anything to be awkward between us since we work together, and talking about that, makes everything awkward.” She hoped he couldn’t feel her tremble beneath him. She couldn’t like him like that. For who he was, an icon, she couldn’t.

               "Fair enough.“ He replied, ducking his head down so his face was next to hers. "Just friends then?”

               "Yes.“ She tried calming her breathing. That didn’t work out when he kissed her neck then her cheek, and smiled like an idiot.

               "I like it.” He said, releasing her from his hug.

       As he walked out of the room, he turned his head and looked her up and down, making her lick her lips nervously. As soon as he was gone, she felt like she could finally breathe. But it wasn’t going to end like that. It was far from over.

               "What was that?“ She thought out loud.

       She definitely didn’t remember everything they did, so she would have to gladly place her trust in Ji Yong to help refresh her memory.