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Mark Lee Royalty Scenario

Pairing: Mark Lee and OC

Genre: Fluff

seventeenmonstavixen: Can I have a Mark LEE Scenario where your a queen in a different country and is betrothed(you been taught at a young age) to the king of Korea(Mark) and when you finally go to Korea he gets nervous and makes mistakes

  • In order to keep South Korea and your country allies, ya gotta marry the prince (soon to be king) of South Korea.
  • Your life is literally a Disney movie.
  • No joke.
  • Sipping soup from the side of the spoon elegantly? It was a daily routine for you.
  • Balancing books on your head? You could do it in your sleep.
  • Now you have to get married and let’s just say, you’ve never really interacted with the male species.
  • Other than your father and silent bodyguards, you’ve grown up with people like yourself.
  • You were educated one on one for years with a strict lady who pranced around with a stick and would always hit yo desk if you got something wrong.
  • Needless to say, you’re terrified. Bruh, leaving your comfort zone is one thing, but moving to a whole new country with a stranger is pretty damn scary yo.
  • So fast forward, to you leaving the plane and stepping foot on South Korea. 
  • In front of you stands a boy. I kid you not a boy.
  • Just like you, he looked way too young to get married but ya know, what chu gonna do.
  • He greets you hello and remains silent the whole damn time. 
  • Not to mention he looked at you once and then looked at everything else but you. 
  • Damn and you thought your dress was flattering but GUESS NOT FAM.
  • Y’all get taken back to his palace and you’re thrown around and pampered by yo maids. 
  • They redo your hair, makeup, and make you put on a hanbok and everything happened so fast, you didn’t even remember to breath.
  • Then dinner time comes around.
  • And boy are you excited because food, hell yaaaaaaaaaaa.
  • You’re gestured to enter the dining room and when ya enter, the large table is full of food and there’s only one person in there.
  • So now you guys can’t avoid the awkwardness and now ya have to talk.
  • He hesitates before smiling and then points his hand to the empty chair for you to sit.
  • Now that you think about it, you don’t even know his name cuz you’ve been referring to him as, “Prince of SK” and “Meanie,” and “Grumpy pants.”
  • First things first, the food is bomb. Like if royalty means eating delicious food erday, then sign you up for your next life lmao.
  • Because yo parents and his parents follow traditions, you guys gotta share a room and then y’all are gonna have to live together forever after the marriage.
  • The dinner was completely silent btw.
  • Something yo parent’s didn’t warn you about after all these years of princess training is that, you is gonna get lost in your spouse’s palace.
  • All of the maids are busy cleaning up and you didn’t want to bother them so now you’re wandering around and it’s hella confusing cuz there’s a million and one buildings and they all look the same (LIKE HAVE YOU SEEN SCARLET HEART RYEO???)
  • Since you’ve been wandering around for ages, you decided to give up and hope someone will find you.
  • In the mean time, you wandered around one of the many super pretty ponds lit by candles.
  • Keep in mind, this whole place is lit by candles, so let’s just say, the garden path surrounding the pond wasn’t that well lit. 
  • So while walking around the garden, you stepped on something.
  • Or should I say someone.
  • And he didn’t react so well.
  • Mr. Grumpy pants literally screeched and scared the shit out of you.
  • Because this is your first time wearing a hanbok, you underestimated how long it was and stepped on your dress while stepping back. 
  • You ended up falling on yo booty and homeboy just stared at you in shock.
  • “Why are you here?” The dummy asked while shuffling to his feet.
  • “WHY ARE YOU LAYING ON THE GROUND????” You shot back while trying to get up but you ended up tripping on your hanbok again.
  • Idk why it took so long for it to click, but he finally realized he should probably help you up.
  • Now he’s all flustered and you’re all angry.
  • He freaks the fuck out and thinks you’re gonna start swinging or something.
  • He’s repeating, “IM SORRYYY” like a fucking broken record and you can’t help but furrow yo brows cuz this kid weird lmao.
  • Who knew the soon to be ruler of a nation lies on his garden floor and is afraid of someone like you.
  • But whateves at least you know he talks.
  • He’s freaking out even more cuz you look even more angry with your brows and you can’t help but feel really bad.
  • So you quickly wave it off and say it’s okay because your hanbok cushioned yo fall (they’re so fluffy lmao)
  • He sighed a huge sigh of relief and then once again, something clicked and he’s all like, “WJY ARE YOU OUT HERE AND NOT SLEEPING SDJFJSKJ”
  • And you awkwardly tell him yo lost as hell lmao.
  • So he takes you to the shared room and because it’s traditional South Korea, there ain’t no bathrooms in the room.
  • WHich means you have to change in the same room as him.
  • So you grab the dress laid out on the bed and tell him to turn around cuz yo gurl tired and you want to catch dem z’s.
  • But he stares at you wide eyed and doesn’t understand for a few seconds.
  • Then once again, he freaks out and literally runs to a corner and sits there while staring at the wall.
  • You were struggling while putting the hanbok on so obviously it took you ages.
  • But you finally put it on and you clear your throat to give him to message that he can turn around. 
  • Which he doesn’t.
  • So you walk up to him and bend down to see what’s up.
  • So you tap is shoulder to wake him up but he doesn’t budge.
  • Now you’re thinking, “omg he fucking died.”
  • So you tap his head and he still dead asleep, so you actually have to slap his head.
  • He freaks out, you freak out. 
  • And he gets up but stumbles on his own feet and falls on one knee.
  • Now he’s fluster and you flustered cuz this is the first time you’ve met a man, not to mention he clumsy af.
  • So you go on with your night routine and he changes.
  • Then now y’all go to bed but he’s hugging the edge and so are you, so now there’s 5 feet of empty space between the two of you guys.
  • So you can’t sleep.
  • A because this whole experience is mind blowing.
  • and B because homeboy is sleep talking.
  • You can’t tell what he’s saying because he’s speaking in two languages,the fuck.
  • So this whole routine continues for the next week or so and you finally found out his name: Mark Lee.
  • The wedding ceremony isn’t for another two weeks so it gives you guys time to get use to each other.
  • Now he actually fully talks (both when he’s awake and asleep) but he’s still clumsy as hell.
  • Because you’re literally not allowed to leave his side, it gives you a lot of time to notice, he’s actually good looking as hell.
  • Yo parent’s caught ya a winner, ayeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • Now it’s getting closer to the wedding and you’ve actually gotten closer to him. 
  • Instead of going to sleep, he would teach you traditional South Korean games and he’d also tell you folktales and legends which of course kept you up all night.
  • And in the mornings, he would take you around and make you try a bunch of food.
  • Now it’s wedding time.
  • And all you have to say while joining arms with him to unite the two countries is you’re glad fate paired the two of y’all together.
  • :’) 
Not Good Enough (3/?

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky thinks he isn’t good enough for you to love him (not giving a lot away gotta read it)

Warnings: swearing, slight smut (maybe not really sure), violence

Word Count: 2,369

Notes: thank you guys the support this series has been getting so far, I don’t really know what else to say if you want a specific one request away <3.

The unknown item was lacy hot pink underwear, “This can’t be mine, I hate the color pink that would be the last thing I would buy!” With anger and water now filling your eyes you threw the unhanged clothes into the closet barging out of the room and made a phone call,

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You come out to him-magcon

You come out to him-magcon

Cameron was currently downstairs with the rest of the boys,
You’d decided to tell cameron that you were a lesbian,obviously you
Were scared,and you didnt know how he’d react,
You slowly walked down stairs and opened the livingroom door,
You stood there for at least 10 seconds before you spoke up,
“Cam..?” You trail off,your voice a bit shaky,all of the boys looked up
“Mhm?” He says his eyes meeting yours,
“Can i um,yanno talk to you” you look around “in private”
All of the guys got the idea and walked out,
“Whats wrong sis?” He asked looking slightly concerned
“Well,i dont really know how to um explain this but um,im kind of,
Not attracted to um boys..” You whispered the last part,
You looked back at cameron,he had the biggest smile on his face,you scrunched
Your eyebrows together,
He quickly hugged you,
“Why arent you freaking out?” You asked.
“Im so proud of you” he whispered
“You are?!” You asked almost speachless
“Of course i am!,its who you are,you should be proud of who you are”
“Thank you,thank you,thank you!” You screamed hugging him so tight you
Thought he was gonna burst
“I love you no matter what” he said smiling
You smirked and hugged him.

“Oh come on y/n hes really sweet!” taylor was practically
Begging you too go on some date with this guy
“NO TAYLOR!” You shouted
“BUT WHY NOT?” He shouted back
YOU FUCK OFF” you screamed back
that was it.
Nobody knew,only yourself,you were infact a lesbian.
You’d never told anybody because of how they’d react,
All taylor did was try and hook you up with random guys,
When you werent intrested.
You quickly ran up too your room
And slammed the door shut,you cried and cried untill
There was no tears left.
“Y/n” you heard a soft knock on the door
“Fuck you” you said your head buried in your pillow
“Im sorry” he said “can i come in?”
You thought about it,
You slowly unlocked the door
“What?” You asked
“Are you?” He asked
“Am i what?”
“Yanno,a lesbian..” He asked sounding quite guilty
“Yes i am” you said,quietly
“Oh y/n,im so sorry,i shouldnt of said that ,i feel like a piece of shit
Im so sorry for trying too hook you up,please forgive me”
You sighed loudly,a small smirk plays on your lips,you give him the
Biggest hug
“I love you” you whispered.

Nash Grier-
“Watcha writin’” nash asked you,
You were currently writing in your diary,about you day
Your emotions,and most importantly how your handling
Finding out you sexuality..
“Mm nothing” you replied,carrying on writing
“It must be something” he said,purposely being annoying
“Its nothing nash,go away” you swatted his hand away
You continued writing ,anything and everything
All of a sudden you were stopped ,when your diary was ripped
Out of your hands,nash had gotten hold of it,
“GIVE IT BACK YOU IDIOT” you screamed,
“Nope” he said popping the ‘P’
You were currently in a hotel room,so it wasnt hard to catch him
But unfortunately he had locked himself in the bathroom
“NASH GIVE IT BACK” you screamed pounding
“Mmhm lets see” he said teasingly
“Nash” you warned.
Everything went silent,
You brian was reciting everything you had written in there
How you dont think anybody would approve ,and how youve let everyone down
10 minutes later the door unclocked
“Why didnt you tell me?” He asked,teary eyed.
“ i didnt think you would approve” you said looking down
“Y/N,i think your amazing,exactly the way you are okay?,dont ever EVER think i
Wouldnt approve okay? Ill support you in anything you do okay?your my
Little sister,okay i love you no matter what”

A/N:i only had time too write 3 message me if you want the rest:) ily xx