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Young, Dumb and Full of (You Know)

Rating: T
Summary: Griffin wants to try out the ‘punk lifestyle’ and Nick, well, he tries his best to go along with it.
Notes: Happy Birthday, Scarykin!
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“So, I was thinkin’,” Griffin said, pulling a bag out from under Nick’s
bed. “We should have some fun tonight! Get a little… you know…

“mm…hm….” Nick hummed slowly, watching his boyfriend with a strange
precision. Something about this didn’t… bode well. Griffin
dumped the contents of the bag onto his bed, which all looked suspiciously
like a pile of… clothes?

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anonymous asked:

Can I please get RFA reaction to MC so sweet that butter would not melt in their mouth writing death scenes to soft music like disney or happy bobby songs (sorry for and mistakes English is not my first language)

Hey anon I have done these based off of Disney songs (and may have listened to them while writing this) I hope that is cool also I have decided to give writing in second person a go just because that way there is no accidental misgendering. Also sorry for that one pun I couldn’t help myself   -Admin Kay


·         You were the cutest person ever like legit Yoosung could not count how many times he had to just stop and be like damn ___ is mine

·         And he often came home to find you listening to really sweet and happy music

·         His favourite to find you listening to was that one from the Lion King…I just can’t wait to be King?

·         You were always so absorbed in your writing when that came on (he loves that you write he finds it hella cute)

·         He always assumed that you were writing happy and like stuff to do with kids but nope

·         You came sprinting over to him and asked him to read what you wrote

·         It was a tragic death scene?????

·         What???

·         How could you come up with something like that while listening to that music?

·         Poor babe was so confused

·         But after a detailed explanation of how Scar really only gave Simba what he wanted by killing his dad did he kinda get it

·         Well actually no he was still lost but he wasn’t going to say anything

·         Always asks what type of stuff you are writing whenever you put on Disney music from then on

Jahee (sorry I find her so hard to do but I hope I got her right):

·         Jahee loves coming home to find you on the laptop with earphones in and typing away

·         She always assumed that it was like a story (hopefully romance)

·         But when she saw what was playing on your phone she was like well okay Disney songs, it would be better to write to soundtracks of musicals that Zen played in but whatever works

·         ‘You’ve got a friend in me’?

·         Yup definitely a romance or maybe a comedy?

·         She was right about it being a romance

·         And when you asked her to read the final chapter just to see what she thought

·         She was like okay something light hearted before bed


·         You crushed her soul

·         That last chapter the main character was poisoned before they could confess their love

·         So much for light reading

·         She cried, like actually cried and asked how someone so sweet could come up with something like this while listening to a song like that

·         But she loved it and wanted it to become a musical so Zen could play the main character


·         Would often be found singing Disney songs so having them playing all the time would be no big change for him

·         But having the same song playing for two hours straight?

·         He was kind of confused

·         Like it was a great song (Gaston)

·         But why? Was this inspiration for the chapter you’re writing?

·         If it was he could make an educated guess that it was about a stuck up dude but what was going on in it?

·         He needed to know

·         So when you finally changed the song after hours of listening to it he asked to read it

·         He loves your writing is legit your biggest fan

·         Yup this character was loud and obnoxious one point to him

·         ‘….a loud crack was heard and their head was seen to be facing the wrong way…’

·         WTF???

·         He had his neck snapped????

·         WTF????

·         You wrote this? You? His sweet little, wouldn’t hurt a butterfly babe?

·         While listening to a kid’s song?

·         He was shocked, that was the last thing he was expecting

·         “Babe? H-he died?”

·         “Yup! What do you think anyways?”


·         He knew that you wrote, he offered to get your work published for you

·         You turned him down saying that you weren’t even finished your first story

·         He just was like …..okay

·         He loved coming home to see you writing at his desk with Elizabeth the Third on your lap and listening to music (because you bobbed your head in time with the music without noticing)

·         This song though didn’t really seem to fit in with the more classical music that you normally write to

·         “___, what is this song? I believe I’ve heard it before”

·         “A Girl Worth Fighting for, hon.”

·         He went about doing his own business and came back to let you know that the chef had brought their meals up

·         Perfect timing, you had just finished that last chapter

·         During dinner you told him the basics of what was going on in the story and he asked to read it, ofc you said yes

·         You watched him as he was reading it and you could pin point the exact time that he go to that spot

·         The gruesome death scene

·         “Did you write this when I came in this afternoon, when you were listening to that girl fighting song?”

·         “Mhmm, so what do you think?”

·         “I liked it thoroughly but was not expecting a scene like that, maybe you should stop watching so many late night crime shows.”


·         He has read a lot (all) of your online fan fictions so nothing really surprised him when it came to what you wrote

·         Mind you it was almost always fluffy and smut scenes

·         He followed you and was awaiting the latest chapter of a fic which had stopped at a cliff hanger

·         You had to tell him to give you some time to be able to write it because jfc it takes time to make this stuff sound realistic

·         He agreed pouting the whole time of course but he knew that it would be worth the wait

·         What’s this? Was playing from the bedroom so this was gunna be some quality shit

·         *Ding*

·         OMG you updated

·         Screw work he was going to read this right now!!!

·         After twenty minutes he was sitting there with tears rolling down his face

·         Not only did the younger sister of the main character die but so did the family dog!


·         “So you liked it then huh?”

·         “LOVED IT But did you write this while listening to What is This?”

·         “Yeah! I was playing so that I could make sure that I could get my readers to ask that exact question”

·         0-0

·         “God I love you _____, but it WASN’T necessary to kill the dog! No more Disney for you…..well no more of that song unless it’s in meme form”