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WEEK 1 // very first week of college is done! it was okay? kinda fun? but i was more excited to work on my spreads (≧◡≦) finally, there is something to write about. i just couldn’t see why i should journal on my summer vacation when all i ever did was take naps, watch films and shows, eat, and just chill. i think it’s just a waste of ink lmao. my summer isn’t just exciting as yours, guys :-( but here i am again! trying out some new stuff, what do you think?

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it gets easier to talk about but it also gets harder to talk about. i have to unfold things carefully, but the map shows better. here’s the first time i got hit by a parent, here’s the first time i got hit by a partner. they’re around the corner from each other, mirror images or hands holding or two sides of a blade. the look on people’s faces always is the same when they find out. like the words hurt them in the pit of their stomach. i feel bad when it does that; i know what it’s like to be suckerpunched. often i comfort people right after: oh, no, it’s okay, i’m okay now, it’s fine, i’m all in one piece, i got out, i’m a resilience child, i learned kindness, i found inner peace, i meditate twice a day, i do yoga and drink kale shakes and eat as if nobody ever made my teeth bleed. some of these are lies, but that is fine too, because it’s better that people don’t know an ugly truth.

sometimes i forget who in the room knows. i laugh about what happened like a punchline (get it) and people stare at me with mouths open like moons. oh my god, did that really happen to you? i don’t know. sometimes it feels like it happened to someone else, out on a distant planet. sometimes it feels like it never happened at all. sometimes it feels like it’s still happening. how can you laugh at that? and is that true? how do i say “because if i don’t laugh it’s serious” because of course it’s true. for proof: raise your hand a fraction too smooth. watch the shadow pass over my face. watch me curl away. watch me change. like a chameleon girl, i shift my shape. someone who doesn’t know laughs. you’re certainly jumpy. the girl at the table who helped me cover the bruise stares at me, watching my chest, trying to figure out if i’m panicking. he’s confused when quiet are you okay questions touch my skin - only those who know, only those who are watching.

and i smile, because it’s easier to talk about but it’s harder to admit it still effects me. memories should be left in the kingdom of dreams. sometimes i feel like i should be done with it already. i stare at a picture of cartoons that says if you don’t know these, you didn’t have a childhood. i know all but two of them. some of them i watched after it happened. i really liked scooby doo. in the end, the mask comes off and the bad guy is revealed and he goes to jail. in real life, i wait for someone to come take his mask off. it just makes him mean. the blue lights of the law never show up on the green of our lawn. i had a pretty good childhood, i think. it made me interesting, at least. i picked blueberries.

i laugh about it a lot. talk about how it’s funny that if you got abused there’s just, like, a second round of partner abuse, sitting out there, waiting for you. that you’re the most likely to pick an abuser from the crowd - or worse, like beauty and the beast, watch yourself become her. see your rotten hands and think of your father. isn’t that funny! that i can take a hit and i’d rather take a lifetime of them than be the one doing the giving just once. i talk about how you walk in the eclipse of it. that it confuses you when the sun comes out. that when you find someone who won’t hurt you, you still walk on eggshells, waiting for them to hurt you. i say it through a smile, because if you bend yourself the right way, your life looks more like comedy-drama than just plain tragedy. i watch fantastic beasts and where to find them and when the abused child turns out to be beyond saving, i hear myself laugh in a bark. or it was a sob. i can’t tell. it doesn’t matter. in my world, children like me learned about magic early, and how our own actions can turn a man from a gentle person into a savage beast. 

okay, i say, smiling, maybe if you put it that way, yeah, i was abused and it wasn’t funny. but come on. think of the puns! you could say my life was really a hit! now don’t be upset. it’s funny. it’s funny. it’s funny.

I’m super grateful and so excited to play for an audience that would never necessarily know who our band is, because Harry Styles and Warpaint are not necessarily in the same genre of music. I’m not a snob, when it comes to that. I do like his solo record. I think he’s rad. I watched the One Direction documentary on the plane years ago and I fell in love with all of those boys and how hard they work. It’s not the same genre, but fuck it, all music should be like that. I think there should be more shows like that, where it’s eclectic. Introduce people to different kinds of music. It doesn’t just have to be one thing. He actually asked us to go. He’s a really big fan of Stella — he really loves her drumming. So he was like, ‘Hey, do you guys wanna open up?’ And it was like, 'Fuck, yeah, that sounds amazing.’ In Asia, crowds we have never ever played in front of. I’m stoked.

I just think it’s important to be open and it’s important to not be a snob. It’s especially important to support your comrades, even if they don’t play the same music as you. That’s boring, to be closed-minded — I don’t like that attitude. I think having gratitude and being so excited, that we even have this job — it’s a dope job! I’m not singling anyone out…if I don’t like some band because it’s not my taste, then I might say 'You know what, I’m just actually not into it.’ Not gonna mention any names, but we have gotten some offers before…I don’t have any qualms with [Styles’] music. I think what he’s doing is great. It’s not on heavy rotation at home, but I like it.

What’s cool is that he actually asked us. He asked us, which means he’s into our band. I don’t think booking agents would’ve ever paired us together. It was a personal request, so I’m even more flattered that he’s giving us that opportunity to play in front of other people. And that shows what kind of person he is, where he’s like, 'Oh, I want them to open up, I want the world to hear them.’ He’s kinda supporting us, which is cool. That’s what tour support should be.

The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.

We provide… “Leverage”.
Design: CT

I love this and my little guys. Designing them took FOREVER but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! All of them have something I am super-proud of. Elliot’s luxurious hair. Hardison’s orange soda. Sophie’s shoes. :DDD

Also YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH THIS SHOW. Thanks @crinoline-gremlin for going on and on about it until I caved! <3


Hey guys, as you all know we Earpers are a #NoChill fandom. While we did get Wynonna Earp a Season 2, there might not be a Season 3. BUT… here’s how you can help our little show.

Tell Syfy and Space Channel how much Wynonna Earp deserves a Season 3. We are Earpers and we should be heard so tell them LOUD and CLEAR that WYNONNA EARP should be renewed.

Also, please watch the show legally. While it’s hard for some people (especially me), those who can… Do what you gotta do. For those who can’t, start talking about our show.

While we want to keep the show to ourselves, we should tell people to watch it for the sake of the show as well. Remember, ratings do matter.

Go to twitter and tell them why they should #RenewWynonnaEarp again, I have at least 100 reasons why.

Seventeen as things my dad says (about Svt)
  • S.Coups: You're not a REAL seventeen fan unless you eat 17 carrots every day. Stay healthy.
  • Jeonghan: but the only REAL fan is that one *points to the ceiling fan*
  • Joshua: all of their skin looks really good. Probably because they drink a lot of water. You should drink water too.
  • Jun: Stop talking to me about that Jun july guy
  • Hoshi: *talking about 10:10* wait so does it mean 10/10? like a five star rating?
  • Wonwoo: that one has cool specs
  • Woozi: stop playing seventeen i'm trying to watch cricket
  • DK: *sings mansae really loud in order to wake everyone up*
  • The8: that edgy one was a cool kid
  • Seungkwan: *drops egg in sink* uh oh! it has become SINK-KWAN!!!!
  • Vernon: *in very nice when vernon says geo gateu* waiT HES GOING TO KOLKATA??
  • Dino: HEY WAIT HES GOING TO KOLKATA TOO <b>*kolkata is a city in india*</b>
Our Dirty Little Secret (M)

word count: 7k

genre: smut ; high school AU

pairing: reader/yoongi (yoonji)

summary: typical new student AU; they’re in a new school and need a guide and you’re so graciously volunteered. though, there is something strange about that new girl, min yoonji. something you want to figure out. 

warning(s)/kink(s): cross dressing, slight feminization, pet names, a little spanking, rough oral sex, semi-public sex, protected sex, hair pulling, slight dirty talk

songs: my hump – black eyed peas ; bang bang - jessie j ; attention - charlie puth


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  • I believe I’m a good person.
  • I think there’s good in everyone.
  • I look around at all these people I’ve known all my life and I ask myself… what happened?
  • This ain’t no high school, this is the Thunderdome.
  • Hold your breath and count the days.
  • We’re graduating soon.
  • College will be paradise.
  • I know life can be beautiful.
  • If we/I changed back then, we/I could change again.
  • Hey, are you okay?
  • Things will get better.
  • Fight the urge to strike a match and set this dump ablaze.
  • What did you say to me, skank?
  • We were kind before, we can be kind once more.
  • We on for movie night?
  • What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending.
  • He is the smartest guy on the football team, which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.
  • I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?
  • You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen.
  • Why do they/you hate me?
  • Why don’t I/you fight back?
  • Why do I/you act like such a creep? 
  • Why do I cry myself to sleep?
  • Send me a sign, God!
  • She is a mythic bitch.
  • I would give anything to be like that.
  • Maybe you should see a doctor.
  • For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.
  • You could stand to lose a few pounds.
  • I don’t want any trouble.
  • Don’t you dare touch me!
  • Who could survive this?
  • I think I’m dying.
  • Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick?
  • I’d normally slap your face off and everyone here could watch, but I’m feeling nice.
  • If you lack the balls, you can go play dolls.
  • You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy anymore.
  • Why when you see boys fight does it look so horrible yet feel so right?
  • I shouldn’t watch this crap, that’s not who I am.
  • Could you be seen with me and still act proud?
  • It’s fine if you don’t agree.
  • I would fight for you if you would fight for me.
  • Happiness comes when everythings numbs.
  • The world doesn’t owe you a cent.
  • You’re planning your future, ____. You’ll go to some college and marry a lawyer.
  • The sky’s gonna hurt when it falls, so you better start building some walls.
  • Drink, smoke, it’s all cool.
  • Let’s get naked in my pool.
  • Let’s rub each other’s backs while watching porn on Cinemax.
  • It’s time for big fun!
  • So wait, it’s lime, then salt, then shot?
  • You’re doing it wrong!
  • You’re looking good tonight!
  • Woah, a hot guy/girl smiled at me without a trace of mockery!
  • Stoned. Zoned. I should quit.
  • Hey, is that weed? I want a hit.
  • I’m not afraid.
  • I feel like Bono at Live Aid!
  • Way to show maturity!
  • Quit it jackass, get off of me!
  • I didn’t need your help.
  • You need a jello shot!
  • I can’t believe you actually came.
  • It’s exciting, right?
  • Showing up here took some guts.
  • Why do you gotta be so weird all the time? People wouldn’t hate you so much if you acted normal.
  • There’s no alcohol in here! Are you trying to poison me?
  • I’m in your yard.
  • I’m a dead girl/man walking.
  • What’re you doing in my room?
  • Sorry, but I really had to wake you.
  • I decided I must ride you till I break you.
  • Tonight I’m yours.
  • Lets go, you know the drill.
  • I’m hot and pissed and on the pill.
  • You say you’re numb inside but I can’t agree.
  • So the world’s unfair, keep it locked out there.
  • How’d you find my address?
  • Let’s break the bed!
  • I think you tore my mattress!
  • Believe it or not, I knew about fear.
  • I hid behind smiles and crazy hot clothes.
  • The world, it held me down, it weighed like a concrete prom queen/king crown.
  • No one thinks a pretty girl/boy has feelings.
  • No one sees the me inside of me.
  • Jesus, you’re making me sound like Air Supply.
  • No one thinks a pretty girl/boy has substance. That’s the curse of popularity.
  • I am more than just a source of handjobs.
  • Call me when the shuttle lands.
  • I weep for all I failed to be.
  • You’re very quiet. What’s on your mind?
  • I’m bigger than John Lennon!
  • You got a left hand? Use it.
  • Don’t talk mean like that.
  • You make my balls so blue.
  • You are the only thing that’s right about this broken world.
  • I was a frozen lake, but then you melted me awake.
  • You’re not alone.
  • Our love is God.
  • We can start and finish wars, We’re what killed the dinosaurs.
  • I worship you.
  • I’d trade my life for yours.
  • I was hoping you’d rip my clothes off me, sport.
  • Ger off the fence! Get off the damn fence!
  • I don’t understand.
  • Stop being a dick!
  • What does that mean?
  • What the fuck have you done?!
  • My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • I can’t believe that you still refuse to get a clue, after all that we been through.
  • Fine, we’re damaged, really damaged but that does not make us wise.
  • We’re not special, we’re not different.
  • Don’t you want a life with me?
  • If you could let me in I could be good with you.
  • Don’t stop looking in my eyes.
  • I wanna be with you.
  • Hold me tighter. Even closer.
  • I’ll stay if I’m what you choose.
  • You’re the one I choose.
  • Deep inside of everyone, there’s a hot ball of shame.
  • Everyday’s a battlefield when pride’s on the line.
  • Our love can knock our walls down.
  • Tried to change the world, barely made a dent.
  • I have struggled with despair.
  • I prayed, but God’s not there.
  • There’s nowhere to hide.
  • You don’t deserve to live.
  • You’re pathetic because you whine!
  • You’re gonna die alone.
  • We’re all grown up and we know better.
  • I believe any dream worth having is a dream that should not have to end.
  • Oh my God. Is she/he dead?
  • Keep it together.
  • I’m so sorry.
  • Where have you been?
  • You wouldn’t understand.
  • You don’t know what my world looks like!
  • Sorry to come through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know.
  • You chucked me out like I was trash!
  • You left me and I fell apart.
  • You changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside.
  • I was meant to be yours.
  • Don’t give up on me now.
  • Society churns out slaves and blanks. No thanks.
  • Open the door, please.’
  • Please, can we not fight anymore?
  • You’re scared, I’ve been there.
  • Don’t make me come in there!
  • No one here deserves to die except for me.
  • I wish your mom/dad had been a little stronger. I wish she/he stayed around a little longer.
  • I wish your dad/mom were good.
  • I wish we met before they convinced you life is war.
  • I am damaged, far too damaged.
  • You’re not beyond repair.
  • You look like hell.
  • Hey! What are you doing?!
  • I miss you.
  • I’d be honored if you’d let me be your friend.
  • If no one loves me now, some day somebody will.
  • One day we’ll change the world, but let’s kick back tonight.

“Phil, why are you sitting in a different location?” Phil reads off of the chat accidentally. Not even five minutes into the show and he’s already seeming suspicious. Nice. Phil’s cheeks tint pink and he hopes that it goes unnoticed to the people watching. He feels like he should care more about what he looks like, especially since Dan is kneeling just out of shot, mouthing over Phil’s growing length. (prompt here)

genre: smut

warnings: public kink, voyeurism (not rly tho is it), blowjobs, deepthroating ;)

word count: 1790

read on ao3!!!

a/n: heyoooooo this was a fun prompt, i’m so happy i wrote this. i also got really awesome prompts today so i gotta get on those. i’ll keep this short, but just reminding you that i’m updating The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty tomorrow!!! get hyped!!!!!! i hope you all enjoy <3333

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anonymous asked:

hi im a very new army like i only became an army yesterday and your one of the few army blogs im following and i want to pick a bias but i need help.i never pick a based on their looks i tend to focus on the personality more and since you know the boys pretty well can you give me a real quick brief summary about the boys and their personality so i can pick a bias?<3

*cracks knuckles* alright. let’s do this.

this is jin. vocalist. real name kim seokjin. born dec 4th 1992. also called mama jin, super mario enthusiast number #1, the most handsome man alive. from anyang. feeds the rest of the members to make sure they don’t die of starvation. loves to cook. apparently cooks bland food (source: yoongi). has the voice of an angel. listen to his covers on soundcloud. probably loves the color pink more than you. has a mukbang called eat jin. the oldest. is very caring and motherly towards the group, but knows when to turn on the sass when the kids are acting like they deserve an ass whoopin’. once accidentally posted a picture in their dorm with a condom in the background. once stepped out of a car and became an internet sensation: car door guy. is actually the most handsome man alive. 

this is suga. rapper. real name min yoongi. born march 9 1993. also called min pd, producer min, d-boy, min yoongi jjang jjang man boong boong, grandpa of the group.  enjoys his sleep. can often be seen in the background of videos just chilling on his phone. #Relatable in the form of a man. seems like a tough guy is actually the sweetest thing alive and cries when thanking the fans at concerts and writes 100-tweet-long messages. once spent an hour tweeting from the bath. loves kumamon more than life. balances stuffed animals on his head during fansigns. a grumpy gus. from daegu and dont u forget it. the absolute sassiest thing alive. a great producer. super hardworking. has scented candles in his studio. once licked a bath bomb. 

this is jhope. rapper and dancer. real name jung hoseok. born feb 18 1994. nicknames hobi, your hope, piece of literal sunshine. do not look at him smiling or else you’ll be blinded by how bright it is. expert at girl group dances. likes to hit people. sometimes posts videos of himself/does livestreams dancing titled hope on the street. choreography leader. from gwangju. go listen to his solo song 1verse on their soundcloud. energetic and hella wild. goofy and is a pro at making people laugh. can’t dance in heels. scared of everything. if you watch a video and there is unidentified screaming in the background, that is probably him. is as flexible as a cooked noodle and it terrifies me.

this is rap monster. ignore the stage name. rapper and leader. real name kim namjoon. born sept 12 1994. nicknames: dance monster, rapmon, RM, leader mon, a nerd. waxes poetic about so many things and i love it. philosophical as hell. from ilsan. loves to share his music on twitter #RMusic. hella fashionable, even though his fashion sense is also hella weird. posts #aesthetic fashion pics on twitter called #KimDaily. has a mixtape called RM thats fire. is r-a-p monster not d-a-n-c-e monster. has an IQ of 140 but probably still pushes on doors that have PULL signs. taught himself english. loves to read a lot. once tripped at rehearsal and injured himself. really fucking awkward and an actual dorky nerd. leaves his old contact lenses on the floor of his room. snores really loudly.

this is jimin. vocalist and dancer. full name park jimin. born oct 13 1995. nicknames: jiminnie, pabo, angel on earth. his body is more fluid than a bottle of water. has a laugh that is brighter than the sun and could cure famine and disease. turns into a sex god when performing; it offends me. but knows how to crank up the cuteness. so cute he could probably kill me and i’d thank him. is actually a brat. does everything he can for his members and would probs walk thru hell if one of them asked. doesnt like being short. is the shortest member. super duper giggly and shy when he’s not performing. turns red as a tomato when he’s embarrassed. once grabbed jungkook by the dick on international live television.

this is v. vocalist. real name kim taehyung. born dec 30 1995. nicknames: taetae, honey, sweetie pie, a little shit. is really energetic and crazy. a master at making ridiculous faces at the camera when It Is Not The Time to be doing so. has a square smile that could probably solve global warming. likes to post videos on twitter that make me wanna sue. once bumped his head on a microphone on live television. loves stuffed animals. is a bigger fan of the rap line than u are. loves children and dogs will go out of his way to interact with them. so super duper touchy with all of the members and i live for it. would be the type of guy to prank you by filling your shoes with whipped cream. he thinks you should watch haikyuu! once did the whip on a tv show about pets for no goddamn reason.

this is jungkook. vocalist, dancer, maknae. full name jeon jungkook. born sept 1 1997. nicknames: kookie, golden maknae, spawn of satan. is the youngest and finds delight in bothering and fucking with his hyungs. actually really shy and cute. but then turns into a smoldering muscle pig the moment he’s on stage. my son. adios middle school. was banned from the gym because his muscles were getting too intense. could still beat me up if he tried. listen to his covers on soundcloud. has a very flexible face. the fandom likes to portray him as this mysterious sex god when he’s actually a nerdy shy emo kid who would rather binge watch anime than sleep. his fave anime character is one punch man. might actually be a bunny reincarnated into a human being. once ate a gumball that fell on the ground.

and that my friends is bangtan sonyeondan. 

the best ways to describe neo yokio to someone who has never seen it:
  • the YuYu Hakusho/The Royal Tenenbaums/Fresh Prince of Bel Air crossover fanfic that none of us wanted but all of us deserved
  • a radical new adaptation of the classic 1980′s novel Bonfire of the Vanities as told by DJ Khaled and that guy who made all those “how to draw manga” books you read in the middle school library.
  • have you ever seen the 1990 indie movie Metropolitan, directed by Whit Stillman? if you haven’t you should, it’s funny. now, for those of you who have watched it, imagine that but with giant robots and demons.
  • do you like Woody Allen movies but wish they had more wizard battles and ki attacks? (and also don’t want to support a pedophile?) well have i got the show for you buddy!
  • Dragon Ball Z if it were a New Yorker cartoon
  • Ouran High School Host Club crossed with some quirky HBO dramadey about new york high society crossed with 4 am tumblr shitposts.
  • Jeeves and Wooster if Jeeves was a robot and Wooster was the protagonist of a PS1-era Final Fantasy game.
  • jaden smith makes fun of himself for hours at a time and it is amazing
  • seriously just watch it
The Lego Movie - Sentence Starters
  • "Cover your butt."
  • "Oh, now there's a prophecy."
  • "All this is true, because it rhymes."
  • "That was a great, inspiring legend...that you made up."
  • "Good morning, apartment!"
  • "Ah here it is, the instructions to fit in, have everyone like you, and always be happy!"
  • "Wear clothes. Whoops, almost forgot that one!"
  • "Honey, where are my pants?"
  • "What was I just thinking? Ah, I don't care."
  • "Take everything weird and blow it up!"
  • "Who wants to eat some delicious chicken wings and get craaazyyyy?!"
  • "...I think I heard a whoosh."
  • "I feel like maybe I should touch that."
  • "So you've never heard of the prophecy?"
  • "I watch a lot of cop shows on TV, isn't there also supposed to be a good cop?!"
  • "That guy's not a criminal mastermind."
  • "We all have something that makes us something, and ____ is...nothing."
  • "Am I gonna die?!"
  • "Yes, we've told him he'll live so he doesn't try to escape, but...we're lying to him."
  • "Come with me if you wanna not die."
  • "What are you, a DJ?"
  • "Darn darn darn, darny, darn!"
  • "Oh my g-o-s-h!"
  • "I'm not sure exactly why you'd bring that up."
  • "I never have any ideas."
  • "Blah blah blah, proper name, place name, backstory stuff."
  • "I think I got it. But just in case... Tell me the whole thing again, I wasn't listening."
  • "How scary can someone's office be?"
  • "This meeting could run a little bit...deadly."
  • "It makes me just want to pick up whoever's standing closest to me and just throw them through this window!"
  • "All I'm asking for is total perfection!"
  • "Howdy guys! Come sit on me!"
  • "I don't think he's ever had an original thought in his life."
  • "Introducing, the double decker couch! So everyone can watch TV together and be buddies!"
  • "That idea is just the worst."
  • "Your mind is so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place."
  • "I'm dark and brooding too! ...Guys, look! A rainbow!"
  • "Any idea is a good idea! Except the not happy ones."
  • "I know what you're thinking: he is the least qualified person in the world to lead us! And you are right!"
  • "You are so disappointing on so many levels."
  • "This is not how Batman dies!"
  • "Somebody get me some markers! Some construction paper! And some glitter glue!"
  • "I'm here to see...your butt."
  • "You're telling me that you have a machine to control the universe and you can't listen to tunes in surround sound?"
  • "I want speakers that you can hug with your arms and your legs."
  • "I didn't draw that, is that me exploding?!"
  • "Must be weird. One minute, you're the most special person in the universe. The next, you're nobody!"
  • "Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave you here to die."
  • "So I guess running around and screaming is normal."
  • "You don't know me, but I'm on TV, so you can trust me."
  • "What in the world is that? It's adorable."
  • "Do not eat me!"
  • "Why is the dragon on top of the luxury condo development?"
  • "You don't have to be the bad guy."
  • "He's the hero you deserve."
  • "Everything is awesome!"

I feel like it’s now my duty to post weekly updates on the ratings for Wynonna Earp. A couple of thousand less than last week, but luckily nothing under 500,000.

I heard a rumour that Syfy wasn’t prioritising viewership in regards to shows. Its a contributing factor, of course, but they were heavily influenced by a fandom rather than focusing only on viewership. So if we keep the figures over 500,000 but make Wynonna Earp trend every week, we could be getting a season 4. I think there’s too much shite on tv these days to expect millions of people (especially on a Friday night) to watch a show on cable. So Syfy would prefer a fandom reaction.

So guys, your mission, should you accept it, is to make Wynonna Earp, Wayhaught, WynDolls, Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Kat Barrell or anything related to the show trend every Friday! Don’t worry if you think you’re annoying people with what you’re saying because you’re not. You guys are the funniest fuckers I’ve ever had the privilege to meet and your tweets on a Friday absolutely kills me.

Let’s go, Earpers! Best fandom ever. I love you all.

Sirius XM Morning Mash Up Show 6.5.17

Interviewer: Rocking out to one of your girls, Taylor!

Selena: TSwifty!

Int: Now you guys both … um, first of all both of your careers have been so amazing to watch, um, so many great things coming your way. Um…Both of you have some new things going on in your lives? You have some new people in your life, have you gotten a chance to hang with each other and your new people?

Selena: [laughs]

Int: Just saying!

Selena: Uh, I hang out with my new person a lot…

Int: Okay,… as you should!

Selena: No I’m… honestly if my friends are happy then that makes me happy, that’s all I care about, so I’m super stoked too, it’s been a good time.

Int: Has it been fun to kind of be backstage and like, watch? I feel like that would be so cool to kind of like, cheer someone – 

Selena: Yeah of course, yeah of course, but I’m such a … to me.. I love, I love being supportive, like I love just being there and just kind of having somebody’s back. It feels good. I haven’t had that feeling in a while.

Int #2: What’s the difference between being on a tour where it’s your tour and you’re busy and working, and you’re just kind of .. watching?

Selena: Um … my hair in a bun and I get to dance all night!

Both Interviewers: yeah!!

Selena: That’s the difference.


Shangst Week Garrison/Voltron

Takashi Shirogane, or as he was more affectionately known as Shiro, was a star pilot. The pilot that you should always strive to be. He was beautiful, popular, and a total nerd (though no one except his friends knew that).

He was also Lance’s hero.

The guy was a legend! Watching him on T.V. doing all kinds of cool and smooth stunts? Who wouldn’t admire him? Shiro was simply amazing.

Sometimes when Lance was at the garrison he would catch glimpses of him. He was beautiful. T.V. didn’t do him any justice at all. 

Lance knew that Shiro would never notice him, he’ll he probably would never know his name. Still that didn’t mean that Lance couldn’t admire from a far.

When the news showed that the Kerberos mission had failed, that slob the crew was lost, because of pilot error Lance knew it was a lie. How could Shiro, star pilot of the garrison Shiro, fail? It had to have been a problem with the rocket itself. Or the engineer had messed up. Maybe a problem with communications? All Lance knew was that it wasn’t Shiro’s fault.

“Lance, right?”

Those were the first words Shiro ever said to Lance and he was internally screaming.

It takes time for Shiro to take Lance seriously. That’s fine, Lance doesn’t exactly come off as serious.

It still hurts though.

When Shiro calls Lance sharpshooter he is blissful. He is starting to realize he isn’t just a joke. 

Then Shiro is gone. And there is such a pain in his chest and it hurts so badly and he doesn’t know what it is.

He just wants him to come back.

He’s in love with him.

Everything starts to make sense.

When Shiro comes back after years of being gone, Lance cries.

Lance has changed. He has a scar on his cheek and who knows how many on his back.  His hair is longer and curlier, but not a mullet thank god. He has more noticeable muscles now. He is still as blemish free as he was last time Shiro saw him. And he is now twenty-three that is a thing.

It’s all about time travel really.

Shiro and Matt (Pidge’s brother!) had traveled seven years into the future. It’s crazy really. 

Shiro looks at Lance and he looks strangely at him, at his scar, at his everything. 

It’s unnerving and it does not make him feel good. 

It makes him feel ugly.

Shiro first hears about Lance when he hears Ivverson talking about how much he hates that Lance McLain student. Ivverson hating a student isn’t an uncommon thing, far from it. In fact it is the most predictable thing the garrison has to offer. Other than bad food at least.

What is a bit of a shock is when he hears on of the nicer teachers saying that Lance is at the top of his class with Keith. The kid who is like the little brother Shiro never knew he wanted. Ivverson usually loves those kids, being the favoritist that he is.

So Shiro looks him up. He’s a cute kid, Cuban. He’s bilingual, here on a scholarship, has some really good grades, and is apparently an extremely hard worker. All in all he seems like a good kid. He’s a cargo pilot though and that just makes no sense. He seems like he would be a great fighter pilot. He isn’t even bad at piloting! It all just seems like he hasn’t found the right thing to pilot.

As soon as Lance is in his mind though as soon as he is he is out.

Then he sees him in Keith’s little shack in the desert and he is curious. 

“Lance, right?”

He looks like he’s about to pass out as he shakes his hand. 

Time goes by and they become Paladins of Voltron.

Lance actually isn’t a bad paladin. He just needs to take it more seriously. He is super impressed by a shot that Lance makes and Lance earns the title of “Sharpshooter”.

Then time travel happens and Shiro gets majorly confused. Because Lance is beautiful now, and not just a cute kid Shiro wants to pinch the cheeks of. He’s also the red paladin now, and clearly he is unhappy with it. And it is all his fault because Keith is the Black Paladin just like he told him.

He feels guilty.

who u should fight rvb freelancer version
  • York: York’s a great guy who could also probably like, rip you in half but tbh I feel like he’s that guy in the group who makes endless puns and dick jokes so, hey, punch him and then run away, lock a door behind you, and you’ll be fine. Fight York.
  • Carolina: I mean. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, I really don’t. Jesus Horatio Christ on a popsicle don’t fight Carolina.
  • Washington: Wash has had the shittiest life ever. Of all time. Do not fight Wash give Wash chocolate and love.
  • South Dakota: True, South will rip you to tiny bitty little shreds, okay yeah but she got North killed and Theta lost and just... if you can fight South pls go for it
  • North Dakota: Why would you fight him. Why. North wants to give you a blanket and a cup of tea and talk about Grifball with you why would you fight him? Also if you did fight him he'd shoot you from three miles away. You're not nearly good enough to even get near him to actually fight him so don't bother. Don't fight North.
  • Maine: If you want death, then yes, fight Maine. But don't actually. Either he'd punch you once and you'd explode or he'd pick you up by the scruff of your neck and place you on a really high shelf or something. Don't fight Maine.
  • Wyoming: Please rip his mustache off. Fight Wyoming.
  • Florida: That's like the worst idea ever ok look Florida is a chill honestly nice dude who will slather you with compliments and mean them but you will not last 0.0002 seconds in a fight with him. Nah he isn't on the leaderboard but that's probably cos he's like, way too cool for that shit okay don't fight Florida. Let Florida hug you.
  • Iowa: why would you do that that's like fighting Caboose except a Caboose who's never killed anyone okay it's like fighting Caboose's more innocent twin if that's possible DON'T FIGHT IOWA
  • Georgia: Yeah go ahead fight Georgia he seems like a dick. Also he probably sucks I mean we all know what happened to Georgia you might even win. Fight Georgia.
  • Ohio: bruh don't fight Ohio, set Ohio up with Sherry
  • Idaho: ehhhhhhhhhhh I feel like that would be a dick move. Don't fight Idaho.
  • Utah: how can you fight utah you don't even know what utah looks like

marinajpelegrini  asked:

What do you think about Lance's Vlog? Like... they could have added a lot of things like his family or that his miss earth... or his insecurities! Not justa about the girls! Also... I LOVE YOU ART! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! (sorry for the grammar mistakes btw, i'm brazilian and portuguese is reaaly different from english and i'm not fluen so... sorry)

i like his vlog. i like how lance loves well.. love. i do understand why people are upset with the comic relief and how they didnt really talk about him and i do think they should of, however these vlogs are made to be ads. these ads are supposed to make people who dont already know what voltron is, to go and watch it. we all know lance isnt just a huge flirt. he has great skills we all know, but people who dont know can find out by watching. like “oh hey this guy isnt all flirty and only cares about girls. he actually loves his team and has incredible aim with his bayard, ect.” the show is for development, these vlogs are not. thats just how i see it. im not saying you cant be upset if you are because i too want to see lance have the development he deserves but the show is where it matters.

Daddy Daze - Boyfriend (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Your 5 year old daughter tells her dad she has a boyfriend.

A/n:  part of the Daddy Daze Series (MasterList) Please send any Dad!Bucky or Dad!Steve head cannons and I will try to incorporate them. (Tagging is open)

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

Steve was reading over a file watching your five year old Maggie play on the floor after a productive day at kindergarten.  His attention was more focused on his file than her, until she uttered a small sentence that made his heart nearly explode.

“Daddy I have a boyfriend.”  

The simplicity of the statement didn’t register with Steve immediately, “That’s nice sweetheart.”

“WAIT! what did you say?!” Steve jumped off your plush couch to sit on the floor pulling Maggie into his lap.

Maggie laughed at her father before repeating herself proudly, “I have a boyfriend daddy!”

“Y/N!  Get in her now we have a situation.”  You came running into the room immediately, almost certain your home was being attacked.   When you realized there was no immediate danger, you placed your hands on your hips and stared at your husband.

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My 12 year old sister's reaction to the first episode of voltron

- *2 minutes in* “I already love lance.”
- “Pidge is either a girl or an underage boy that probably shouldn’t be flying a spacecraft, either way I LOVE PIDGE.”
-“That Hunk guy is such a hufflepuff”
-“Hey lance stop looking at that alien and turn around to your boyfriend thank you”
- *screaming at the screen* “THESE ARE NOT LIONS THEY’RE TIGERS”
- “I really hope they have a transformation song ”
-“I don’t care about the purple guy, I want to see more bonding between them.”
-“ So who’s your favourite paladin?”
- “NOW KISS” (we all know who this is aimed at )
- “Shiro is dtbyfc”
“Desperate to be your favourite character”
-“ok how dumb are they to think that this isn’t Pidge in the picture and NOT HER FREAKING GIRLFRIEND.”
- *looks at me dead in the eye* “As much as this show is good, I feel like I should tell you that I’m watching this for Klance.”
-“I really want to know what the food goo tastes like.”
-“why am I so emotionally invested in a story about a team building a robot cat with robot cat limbs.”
- “Shiro is hot af”
+BONUS (from the second episode):