you should all be watching this show guys

Guys, pals, my dudes.
Do yourself a favor and watch 3% on Netflix. It’s up since 25th November so probably not much have heard about it.
But it’s so fucking good.

It’s Netflix first brazilian show and it’s great.

“The show is set in a future wherein people are given a chance to go to the "better side” of a world divided between progress and affluence in the Offshore, and devastation and poverty in the Inland, but only 3% of the candidates succeed.“

I want you guys to watch the crap out of it and show that shows not made in the UK or the US are fucking amazing too because this show clearly is!

It’s also pretty dark so be aware of that.

The Problem with being a Fan
  • Mom: *in our family group to her sisters* during sherlock weeks it's really hard to keep up with Zahra I'm glad sherlock is just three episodes.
  • Them: why? 😂😂😂😂
  • Mom: because she just won't stop bragging about how genius that show is to every living thing near her and nobody knows what she's talking about cause nobody watched it.
  • Me: I'm right here mom!
  • My Sister: all I know is that she thinks Sherlock Holmes is gay 😂😂😂
  • Them: 😂😂😂😂
  • Me: yup still here btw, Hello!
  • Mom: *to my sister* you should've seen her crying till the end of this week's episode 😂😂😂
  • Niece: OMG she's completely obsessed I can't understand how she made a tv show such big deal?
  • My Sister: nobody does! I tried watching the show with my husband and he said this guy is as mad as your sis no wonder why she likes him.
  • Aunt: She NEVER CRIES!
  • Mom: You guys won't believe it, she turned the volume up and Sherlock is screaming "STOP LAUGHING AT ME" OMG
  • Me: well i'm a high-functioning sociopath who's obsessed with things that sound clever and it seems like these walls have higher IQ then anyone near me so I'm talking to them now bye.
  • *Leaves the group chat*

GUYS, Eyewitness is a really good show (with gay protagonists!!), it’s become one of my favorite shows ever and y'all should definitely watch it!! It’s on USA Network, so everyone who lives in the US should check it out!! Everyone outside US, if you want to support the show you can buy the episodes on websites like Amazon, Youtube, iTunes etc. I really want to see this show get a second season, it deserves it!! If you can’t buy it that’s fine ofc, but you should definitely watch it anyway 8)

Let's Not... Please

I want to start off by explaining my reason on making this post: a conversation I had with a friend did not go well. Of course, I love Cody’s villainous character in Teen Wolf and of course, this friend of mine hates Theo. It frustrates me because while we were watching the last episode, they had the nerve to state that, “Theo is still a bad person. He hasn’t changed.”

People should really stop hating on Theo in Teen Wolf. It pisses me off that even after season 5 has ended and Theo is back, some still have negative things to say about him. While you guys are hating on him, why don’t you also hate on Peter Hale? After all, this guy has done worse in the show, yet no one wants to call him out on his actions and why you guys do that, I still don’t know why.

You can not join a fandom and be fake at the same time because it just shows that you’re not a true fan. That’s like you hating Niall Horan from 1D because of his crooked teeth but once he gets braces and they come off, all of a sudden he’s “hot” in your eyes and automatically you’re a true 1D fan. Every character should be treated equally in this show. Everyone loved Void Stiles and Peter Hale so why can’t we love Theo?

Another thing I want to add is that Cody has feelings. Therefore, if his character is a villain and he’s the most hated person, he’s going to feel upset in real life. It’s not fair that Peter Hale or Void Stiles can be villains and we can love them but we can’t do the same to Cody.

Personally, I adore Theo Raeken. I think that he was great as a villain in season 5 and him returning this season makes me really happy. I know he’s not back to cause damage but fix it and thats what makes it more exciting. He’s realized that he’s done bad and obviously, there’s a part of him that is still human. He’s doing his best to make his life better and we as a fandom should understand that instead of bashing an actors character.

Please, I just want everyone to not treat Cody like this. I feel bad for him because some of us are supposed to be true fans of this show yet they want to find someone to hate on. For those of you who agree with what I’m saying, thank you.

Your love is needed for Cody, Theo, and I.

S.Coups: Seungcheol would immediately pull you closer to him and crack jokes to make you laugh. He’d be showering you with kisses and compliments, and be all touchy; all while pretending he doesn’t know the guy is watching.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would notice, but he wouldn’t do much about it. He strikes me as someone who would react maturely in these types of situations, so he’d avoid confronting the guy. He feels that the guy should already know that you’re taken. He would be stingy on the inside though; he just wouldn’t show it.

Joshua: He’d grab your hand to let the guy know you’re taken. Jisoo isn’t as forward as Seungcheol, so soft gestures like kissing your forehead and back hugs are what he would use instead. He’d then cast a glance at the guy and tell him to back off with his eyes.

Jun: The second he notices another guy looking at you, he’d pull you close and kiss you right on the lips. While kissing you, he’d open up an eye and glare at the guy who was looking at you, scaring him off. You’d ask him why he did that and he’d probably just give you a flirty and playful reply like, “What? Am I not allowed to kiss you, my love?”

Hoshi: Soonyoung would do anything to catch your attention. He wouldn’t be afraid to make a fool out of himself just so that you’d stay distracted and not turn to the guy’s direction. He might even go as far as to grab your hand and run off just to be as far away from the guy as possible. When you ask him why you ran, he’d just make up some stupid excuse like, “I don’t know, I just felt like running!”

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would just give the guy a death glare. I don’t think he’d be as forward like Seungcheol and Jun, so maybe soft gestures like Jisoo is what he would do. Hand-holding and waist-holding; just to give the guy a clue. The glares, of course, wouldn’t stop until he left.

Woozi: Jihoon would notice immediately. He’d smile at you and be his normal self when you’re facing him, but the moment you turn around, he’d glare at the guy. And by glare, I mean that if looks could kill, the guy would be in pieces. He wouldn’t stop until the guy left, and he’d probably surprise you with a hug afterwards. You’d ask, “Jihoon? Is there something wrong?” and he’d reply, “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

DK: Seokmin would be louder and a lot more hyper than usual just so you’d keep your eyes on him, just like Soonyoung. He’d make more jokes and do all he can to make you smile to let the guy know that you’re perfectly happy with him. His way of telling people to back off is basically just making them see that you both love each other a lot and that no one can ever get between you two.

Mingyu: Thanks to his tall stature, Mingyu would purposely block you from the guy’s view. The whole thing would be a game to him. He’d be stuck to you like glue, doing all he can so that the guy gets the clue/fed up. When the guy finally leaves, he’d laugh and grin widely. You’d ask, “Mingyu, what’s so funny?”, but he’d just keep laughing.

The8: Minghao wouldn’t think much of it. He’s with you after all, so he’d just tell himself the guy’s no real threat. But the second he sees the guy lay a finger on you, he’d intervene. He’d push himself between you guys and with a smug grin, ask the guy, “Hi, maybe I could answer your question instead?”

Seungkwan: Like Soonyoung and Seokmin, Seungkwan would do anything to keep your eyes on him. He’d pull you close and make jokes and sing obnoxiously loud, just enough to make you embarrassed and want to leave because of all the attention. Before you two run off holding hands and giggling, Seungkwan would flash the guy a victory grin and leave without looking back.

Vernon: He wouldn’t know what to do. The guy isn’t doing anything bad exactly, but it’s enough to make Hansol uncomfortable. He’s pretty shy when it comes to affection, so I think he’d just hold your hand and never let go. He’d keep glancing at the guy from the corner of his eye, just wanting him to leave already.

Dino: Chan would be all pouty. Can’t the guy tell that you’re with him? Like Hansol, he wouldn’t know what to do. He’d try to ignore it, but if the guy’s still looking at you after a good period of time, he’d give the guy the look. I’d say one as threatening as Jihoon’s glare.

thank you both for your request!! ^^


Watch no tomorrow on the CW!!! It is so important to me and I don’t want to see it get cancelled! Here are a few reasons you should.

•Lesbians of color (not fetishized)
•interracial couples (not fetishized)
•jokes about Donald Trump like all the time
•dynamic characters
•goofy comedy with deep undertones
•addresses serious issues in easy ways
•Joshua Sasse aka galavant is the main dude
•surprises you all the time.
•so much more! Please look it up! This show has helped me through so much and I’m not ready to say goodbye.

ok wait

so like there was this one dude i worked with and i would see him at the gym in the mornings right. he didn’t talk to me until recently but since then, he was actually the only one who talked to me until i left. basically we bonded over lifting and working out lol. all the kids kept asking us if we were dating and when i said no, they would be like “you guys should go out, you match” lmao. and i noticed too that whenever we’re together, usually on the basketball courts, it seems like he’s trying to show off to me (ik that sounds fucking conceited lmao). but yeah, he’ll be playing with the kids and shoot the ball from far away and make it look easy and he knows i’m watching. and he’ll come over to talk to me when it’s the kids’ turn. and on my last day, he stood next to me and talked to me the whole time :)) then at the gym, he waves hi to me all the time. the other day, he wasn’t with his friends. but i saw them keep looking over at me and i’m pretty sure they recognize me. then he showed up and his friends ditched him. i was by myself too and i think he wanted to talk to me because we were in the same area. but then my friends came to talk to me and he left. this morning, him and his friends walked by me twice while i was benching. idk like, i think i’ve been repressing my feelings for him. i acknowledge that i do feel something when we’re together like that one day he wasn’t with his friends, i was fucking looking for him like wtf. i think i’m just afraid that there’s actually potential and there’s a possibility that he just might have a crush on me (probably not). tbh i think we would work because we both lift so we could be swolemates. and we’d be cute bc he’s tall and i’m short af

when people call tjlcers out on “fetishizing queer people”, do they not realize that the majority of us all fucking Gay™ ???

maybe all we want is honest representation. i wouldn’t spend 7 years watching a show just to see two guys fuck.

and then they go on about how we should just appreciate the episode even though it’s not “yaoi”??
no, fuck-o, the episode was shit no matter which way you look at it. please get your head out of your ass.

(SPOILERS) be happy with what we’re getting!

Hi guys!

I’m actually so so so happy that Stydia is FINALLY happening

And you should be too.

I see so many people complaining that they ruined Stydia and that they don’t like the way it happened
But guys fr
You all said you don’t care how it happens, as long as it happens, so why are you complaining?
Jeff was right, y’all are never happy or satisfied. I mean, I’m annoyed that they showed everything before the season starts, but just remember it was a fan who leaked the scene, and it was never supposed to be shown to us.

Let’s just be happy that we’re getting what we want after FIVE YEARS.

Be happy we were right. Stydia is endgame, not St@lia, not M@rrish, not Pydi@, not St0ra, not St3rek, not A1dia, not Jydi@, but STYDIA.

We were right all along. Stiles and Lydia are finally getting together. How can you not be happy? Trust me, the writers know what they’re doing.


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Stydia is happening, and I couldn’t be happier.

“Why do so many of y'all want the “Reveal” in Season Two? Heck, no. The story literally just started and as insane as the show is (I don’t think it’s cheesy. I absolutely love Miraculous Ladybug but it could better story-wise. Other than that, it’s the funniest cartoon I’ve ever watched in a long time) it’s better to slow things down a bit before we reach the climax of the story. This show has great potential and I can see it running for six seasons because YOU guys gave it widely acclaimed success. We should learn more about the behind the scenes action (history of the Miraculouses in general) before we get to the part where Marinette and Adrien become suspicious of each other. The “Reveal” shouldn’t come so early, but I doubt we’ll have to wait until the end of the show for that (perhaps the season before).” 

First of all - a Happy New Year to all you out there!

I really miss ranting about YoI. Maybe I should just do it anyway lmao. I’m currently re-watching the show - something I’ve refrained myself from while it was running (and I haven’t done yet because … ugh … other obligations).

I wonder if I’m gonna find a lot of things that I missed watching it the first time around. Probably lol. 

How did / do you guys experience your first re-watch? Or are some of you even watching it for the first time, maybe? 

What are your feelings about season 1 being over? Are you still suffering from withdrawal symptoms, or have you already gotten over it (or are currently in the process to lol)?

What are your wishes and hopes for season 2 (and yes, it will happen because it has to happen - for the sake of my sanity!)? 

Kissin’ on My Tattoos

Prompt by Anon

Some lyrics change to suit needs of the story.

Kissin on me [x4]

Baby I don’t blame you
For being in the club
Getting all that love
Cause your so beautiful
God made you to show that off
Now I ain’t ever been the jealous type of guy
But i want you to myself, I can’t lie
I know we ain’t on no one on one thing
But baby, It should change
Cause when I be out with my wife I be thinking bout you
And when you be out on dates you be texting me too
Telling me to come by when he drop you off
I pray to God he ain’t breaking you off

Tom watched you dance in the crowded after premiere party. As usual, he could not take his eyes off you. He balled his fist in anger as he watched you grind up on some guy. Tom was not usually jealous but when it came to you he was very much a jealous person. He knew you two were not exclusive as he was married to Charlotte and you were out dating but knowing you were with another man rubbed him wrong. He could not stand it as he wanted you for himself and he has felt that way since you both met six months ago. You both tried to fight the feelings you felt for one another but you both succumbed to the need for one another. You were always on his mind even when he was with his wife. There was not a second you did not consume his thoughts and he knew you felt the same because after each time you went out on dates you would always text him to come over when you got home.

“You didn’t fuck him did you?” he would ask after each of your dates.

“No Tom. There is only you.” You would always respond.

“You need to keep it that way.” He would tell you before undressing you to make love to you.

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Why Constantine is a Great Show You All Should Watch

• The title character, John Constantine, is canonly bisexual

• He’s also suicidal and suffering from PTSD and starts out the show in a mental institution (which he checked himself into). It isn’t glorified in any way, and is shown to effect him throughout the episodes.

• Matt Ryan, the man who plays him? He loves the character and tried his best to stay true to him

• Not one, but TWO reoccurring black characters:

This guy, Papa Midnite. His TVTropes description is “Voodoo king and John’s nemesis, Papa Midnite is a supernatural crime lord working with soul brokers for some unknown reason.” He’s actually portrayed pretty sympathetically; in his second appearance he’s genuinely trying to reconnect people with their dead loved ones, and is concerned for them when things go too far. He also seems to actually care for his sister (who’s trapped in hell)

This is Manny. TVTropes: “An angel sent to watch over John to warn him of the dark forces that are starting to rise on Earth.” He is also done with John’s shit. Also, fits the Angels Are Bastards trope, as he’s actually controlling a major evil force. He’s very intelligent, very snarky, and I actually lowkey love his Character and I’m so sad the show was cancelled before we got to see the end of his story arc.

• Oh, and we mustn’t forget Zed! Our leading lady here is portrayed as very competent and having a number of skills and interests, and she also has a pretty multifaceted character who can save herself which is fuckin awesome. And? She’s a psychic, and she’s Latina, and she actually speaks Spanish pretty regularly on the show.

• Chas. Chas is my 6'6.5" tall son and he can resurrect himself. Him dying isn’t an issue. He’s a literal sweetheart and he has a wife and daughter who he loves and tries his best to protect and I love this man, please protect him.

• Badass monsters

• Much more faithful than the movie

• I love it so much


Holy Fuck guys. I’d heard about the concept and heard talk but I didn’t know there was a TEASER TRAILER for it! And they have a petition to try and make it happen 

So if you guys love/d KND as much as I do you should check it out. I would watch the FUCK out of this show. AND they got all the original voice actors to say YES. SO if they did a new show ALL of the KND would be there!! Plus they’d be teenagers! And you know what that means! Numbah 4 and 3 are officially dating!!! That’s what we all wanted all along. Original otp. 

OMG I would be so happy if this became a real thing. You have no idea. Fuck yes Codename: Kids Next Door. 

Fuck Yes Galactic: Kids Next Door 

### Derek Theler Gif Hunt. All of these are copy and pasted so there should be no grey boxes, and the majority of them are HQ as well as don’t have text, although there are a few exceptions. If you want me to credit you, or remove any gifs, just message me. These gifs are intended for roleplay use only - please like and reblog if it helped!  where has this shirtless guy been hiding you ask? on the show ‘baby daddy’. god he’s shirtless so often…i watch for the plot. Gif Count: 121

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Howdy Friendos

If y'all need some Quality Game Content Recommendations of people you should watch now so we can fully move on from the flaming garbage pile that was once formerly known as Jontron, might I recommend, Caddicarus (UK based, makes videos on old movies and games, top tens and reviews.) Jimmy Whetzel ( an actual precious bean! Not too many uploads but what he has is totally amazing! Usually posts game reviews, nothing horror.) Game Grumps ( self explanatory, these guys are amazing!), Peanutbutter Gamer ( SFW guy, makes a lot of Zelda videos one of my childhood favorites!) and Polygon ( a variety of shows, usually nsfw. the McElroy’s also have some other shows like The Adventure Zone and My Brother,My Brother and Me.)
If you have any suggestions feel free to add them!

Soulmate!Au || Taehyung

So, I saw this post, which inspired me to write this. I might do something similar for the other boys if I find inspiration for them. Also, thank you guys so much for answering my post about rivals, but I was watching the show Bones while waiting for inspiration, and an episode came on about mini golf rivals, and… Voila~ I hope you all like it ^-^

Originally posted by imaginesbts

Title: Rivals
Genre: Fluff
Members: Taehyung (ft. Jimin and Jungkook)
Words: 2269

You had to have the worst luck possible. It was official. No one had ever had worse luck than you, and you doubted anyone else ever would. There were billions of people on this planet, so why the hell had you only ended up with one name?

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if you guys have netflix then you should definitely watch samurai gourmet!! it’s a japanese show and it’s so fun to watch, plus all the food looks great. my dad and i both finished the first season in a day LOL

This is So Important

Aaron Ginsburg is both a writer and the supervising producer of The 100. At this point I am 1000% sure that all of the cast and crew are done with this fandom. They are tired of everyone watching the show and missing the point. 

No one in this world is innocent. No one in this world is a good guy. This show is all about what humanity will do to survive. Survival is not pretty. Survival requires sacrifice and loss. Every single last person on this show has done horrible things for the sake of survival. It is OK to have a favorite character, it is not OK to pretend like your favorite character (on this show) is a perfect cinnamon roll. In fact, their nuances should be a part of the reason you love them. 

Every single one of our favorite characters has done some truly screwed up things to survive. Humans will do anything to survive. Look at the list below and tell me that any of our character deserve to be treated as less than another. One life has the same value as another, even if that person is threatening yours or the people you’ve loved. This show is not supposed to be a “Who’s Worse” competition and I hate that it’s turned in to that. 

Clarke Griffin: has killed a man (in Season 1) to ensure her own survival. She has allowed the torture of another (Lincoln-Season 1) to help another (Finn)survive. She had the idea for the “Ring of Fire” that torched 300 Grounders (to save herself and the other 100). She left TonD.C. with a bomb dropping on it (to protect Bellamy and 46 other children, small beans compared to how many died in the bombing). Shot a Mt. Weather Guard (to save Lincoln), sent a Mt. Weather guard on an 8 hr walk with 6 hrs of oxygen (to send a message). She has shot a man (Dante) while his son (Cage) listened  (to get him to release her people). She irradiated a mountain full of men, women and children (to save her people). She abandoned her people (for her mental health). She almost put Emerson to death but decided on a fate even worse for him (for revenge).

Bellamy Blake: has shot the Chancellor (to join his sister and protect her). Was a general power hungry ass for like three episodes (to protect himself). Threw away Raven’s radio making him indirectly responsible for the deaths of 300 Ark Citizens (to save himself)Killed Dax (to save himself and Clarke). Shot the Grounders at the bridge (to defend himself, Clarke, Jasper and Lincoln). 2 Reapers in the underground parking garage where they found Lincoln (to protect himself and Octavia). Choked Sergeant Lovejoy (to save himself and the Delinquents). Shot 2 Mount Weather Guards (to save Fox). Killed the  Mount Weather Guards indirectly in the Acid Fod explosion (to allow Clarke and Lexa’s army safe passage to save their people.) Irradiated a mountain full of men, women and children (to save his people). Shot an  Ice Nation bounty hunter (to save Niylah). 299 Grounders (because he thought he was doing what was best for his people). 

Octavia Blake: has punched Lincoln (to help him recover from his addiction). Punched Indra (to get her to join the fight to save her people), beat up Bellamy (for revenge). Killed two Mount Weather Guards (to save her people in the Mountain). Killed one Ice Nation warrior (to save Jasper) and Shawn Gillmer (Pike’s guard for revenge).

Jasper Jordan: has killed at least two Grounders in trees during the Unity Day alliance at the bridge (to save Clarke, Bellamy, Finn, Octavia and Lincoln), Several Grounders on the bridge via bomb explosion (to save himself and the other Delinquents), Helped rewire the dropship to make the Ring of Fire killing 300 Grounders (to save himself and the other Delinquents), killed Lorelei Tsing by blocking the lift door open to allow the radiation in (to save himself and the other Delinquents). 

Monty Green: has killed Dr. Tsing along with Jasper, Harper, and Miller (to save himself and the other Delinquents), 10 Mount Weather Guards with the other Delinquents (to save himself and the other Delinquents), irradiated a mountain full of men, women and children (to save his people), and killed his mother Hannah (to save Octavia).

John Murphy: has killed Connor and Myles (for revenge), indirectly killed numerous other Delinquents by bringing in the virus, attempted to kill Bellamy (for revenge). Was playing Roadside Roulette with his girlfriend, knocking out Grounders and stealing from them (to survive).

Raven Reyes: has killed numerous Grounders in the village that was  burned down from flares (created to save the people on the Ark), numerous Grounders in the bridge explosion (created the bomb to help save herself and the other Delinquents), 300 Grounders in the dropship explosion (did most of the rewiring to create the Ring of Fire to save herself and the other Delinquents), a Grounder who had taken Murphy captive after the dropship explosion (to save Murphy’s life) was willing to turn Murphy in for a crime he didn’t commit (in order to save Finn), killed at least 3 Mount Weather Guards in the dam turbine explosion with (trying to reverse the fans to allow for irradiation to save the Delinquents in Mt. Weather,) and one Ice Nation assassin (to save herself and Sinclair).

Lincoln: has kidnapped Octavia (to save her from the acid fog), stabbed Finn and refused to hand over the antidote (to save himself), killed a random sky person when he was a boy (for the safety of the Grounders at large), the Grounder who was supposed to execute Clarke and Finn, a  Reaper to distract the other Reapers (to save Clarke and Finn), another Grounder who was being turned into a Reaper in Mount Weather (to get the drug for himself), Cage Wallace (for revenge and to save the Grounders and the Sky People).

Lexa: has killed an uncertain number of  Delinquents (on her order, killed to protect her people), Finn Collins (indirectly, was scheduled to be killed on her order, mercy killed by Clarke), Gustus on her order death by 1000 cuts for betrayal (as part of her people’s traditions), Around 250 Grounders & Sky People in TonDC (to keep the mission in Mt. Weather safe and to save her people), Around 350 Mount Weather residents, as leaving Clarke gave her no other option but to irradiate the mountain (to save her people), kicked an Ice Nation ambassador out of the window (for disrespecting her, as a show of power), Queen Nia (to get rid of what she saw as the largest issue with the breakdown of the Coalition), she kidnapped Clarke (for both Clarke’s safety and to ensure no one else could gain the power of Wanheda), the other Nightbloods at her Conclave (to save herself and become the Commander), set up a barricade around Arkadia (to keep the peace) and Jason has said on Twitter that Lexa’s fight to create the Coalition was long and bloody. 

TL;DR: Dislike characters for whatever reason you want, but please don’t let it be for something that every character on this show has done in the name of survival, (even the characters not included on this list). Literally everyone is guilty.