you should all be watching this show guys

Only people who have watched three tv shows in their life or want to be fucking dramatic can call the gg finale the worst one ever. And comparing it to pll ? Lmao at some point you guys should just take a minute to think i swear. You didn’t think dan being gossip girl made sense? Awesome for you, you think gossip girl was fucking dumb and crazy, okay, but how can everyone just compare it to pll all the time and mean it?! Like there was no investigation or whatever in gg, it wasn’t really that much about who gg was, it was just a group of people living their lives and most episodes they were happy with just letting gossip girl post, they even helped. Learning about A, AD, the A team and all the other names they found is different from the gossip girl reveal and has always been, that’s why there are so many blogs dedicated to pml theories. (I make no sense it’s late but i am tired of this and people are so predictable and petty and incapable of so many things. Okay.)

it gets easier to talk about but it also gets harder to talk about. i have to unfold things carefully, but the map shows better. here’s the first time i got hit by a parent, here’s the first time i got hit by a partner. they’re around the corner from each other, mirror images or hands holding or two sides of a blade. the look on people’s faces always is the same when they find out. like the words hurt them in the pit of their stomach. i feel bad when it does that; i know what it’s like to be suckerpunched. often i comfort people right after: oh, no, it’s okay, i’m okay now, it’s fine, i’m all in one piece, i got out, i’m a resilience child, i learned kindness, i found inner peace, i meditate twice a day, i do yoga and drink kale shakes and eat as if nobody ever made my teeth bleed. some of these are lies, but that is fine too, because it’s better that people don’t know an ugly truth.

sometimes i forget who in the room knows. i laugh about what happened like a punchline (get it) and people stare at me with mouths open like moons. oh my god, did that really happen to you? i don’t know. sometimes it feels like it happened to someone else, out on a distant planet. sometimes it feels like it never happened at all. sometimes it feels like it’s still happening. how can you laugh at that? and is that true? how do i say “because if i don’t laugh it’s serious” because of course it’s true. for proof: raise your hand a fraction too smooth. watch the shadow pass over my face. watch me curl away. watch me change. like a chameleon girl, i shift my shape. someone who doesn’t know laughs. you’re certainly jumpy. the girl at the table who helped me cover the bruise stares at me, watching my chest, trying to figure out if i’m panicking. he’s confused when quiet are you okay questions touch my skin - only those who know, only those who are watching.

and i smile, because it’s easier to talk about but it’s harder to admit it still effects me. memories should be left in the kingdom of dreams. sometimes i feel like i should be done with it already. i stare at a picture of cartoons that says if you don’t know these, you didn’t have a childhood. i know all but two of them. some of them i watched after it happened. i really liked scooby doo. in the end, the mask comes off and the bad guy is revealed and he goes to jail. in real life, i wait for someone to come take his mask off. it just makes him mean. the blue lights of the law never show up on the green of our lawn. i had a pretty good childhood, i think. it made me interesting, at least. i picked blueberries.

i laugh about it a lot. talk about how it’s funny that if you got abused there’s just, like, a second round of partner abuse, sitting out there, waiting for you. that you’re the most likely to pick an abuser from the crowd - or worse, like beauty and the beast, watch yourself become her. see your rotten hands and think of your father. isn’t that funny! that i can take a hit and i’d rather take a lifetime of them than be the one doing the giving just once. i talk about how you walk in the eclipse of it. that it confuses you when the sun comes out. that when you find someone who won’t hurt you, you still walk on eggshells, waiting for them to hurt you. i say it through a smile, because if you bend yourself the right way, your life looks more like comedy-drama than just plain tragedy. i watch fantastic beasts and where to find them and when the abused child turns out to be beyond saving, i hear myself laugh in a bark. or it was a sob. i can’t tell. it doesn’t matter. in my world, children like me learned about magic early, and how our own actions can turn a man from a gentle person into a savage beast. 

okay, i say, smiling, maybe if you put it that way, yeah, i was abused and it wasn’t funny. but come on. think of the puns! you could say my life was really a hit! now don’t be upset. it’s funny. it’s funny. it’s funny.


Hey guys, as you all know we Earpers are a #NoChill fandom. While we did get Wynonna Earp a Season 2, there might not be a Season 3. BUT… here’s how you can help our little show.

Tell Syfy and Space Channel how much Wynonna Earp deserves a Season 3. We are Earpers and we should be heard so tell them LOUD and CLEAR that WYNONNA EARP should be renewed.

Also, please watch the show legally. While it’s hard for some people (especially me), those who can… Do what you gotta do. For those who can’t, start talking about our show.

While we want to keep the show to ourselves, we should tell people to watch it for the sake of the show as well. Remember, ratings do matter.

Go to twitter and tell them why they should #RenewWynonnaEarp again, I have at least 100 reasons why.

i get that we all love malec and its the reason most of us even watch this show but i see so many of u talking about the homophobic aspects of the last ep but there was also so much racism some of it subtle and some of it not like

-the izzy storyline which was so blatantly racist it actually makes me sick

-the fact that maia and simons date was mostly about clary (a white girl) and her feelings more than maias

- the way cleophas’ storyline is going and her siding w/ valentine

-the way luke is treated in general but esp how valentine had the upper hand during their fight

-and the way magnus’ feelings are ignored and he barely gets any screentime to explore his character w/out alec 

so what im saying is if you guys wanna watch the show and criticize it when its homophobic you should also talk about how extremely racist its getting w every new episode


  • I believe I’m a good person.
  • I think there’s good in everyone.
  • I look around at all these people I’ve known all my life and I ask myself… what happened?
  • This ain’t no high school, this is the Thunderdome.
  • Hold your breath and count the days.
  • We’re graduating soon.
  • College will be paradise.
  • I know life can be beautiful.
  • If we/I changed back then, we/I could change again.
  • Hey, are you okay?
  • Things will get better.
  • Fight the urge to strike a match and set this dump ablaze.
  • What did you say to me, skank?
  • We were kind before, we can be kind once more.
  • We on for movie night?
  • What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending.
  • He is the smartest guy on the football team, which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.
  • I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?
  • You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen.
  • Why do they/you hate me?
  • Why don’t I/you fight back?
  • Why do I/you act like such a creep? 
  • Why do I cry myself to sleep?
  • Send me a sign, God!
  • She is a mythic bitch.
  • I would give anything to be like that.
  • Maybe you should see a doctor.
  • For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.
  • You could stand to lose a few pounds.
  • I don’t want any trouble.
  • Don’t you dare touch me!
  • Who could survive this?
  • I think I’m dying.
  • Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick?
  • I’d normally slap your face off and everyone here could watch, but I’m feeling nice.
  • If you lack the balls, you can go play dolls.
  • You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy anymore.
  • Why when you see boys fight does it look so horrible yet feel so right?
  • I shouldn’t watch this crap, that’s not who I am.
  • Could you be seen with me and still act proud?
  • It’s fine if you don’t agree.
  • I would fight for you if you would fight for me.
  • Happiness comes when everythings numbs.
  • The world doesn’t owe you a cent.
  • You’re planning your future, ____. You’ll go to some college and marry a lawyer.
  • The sky’s gonna hurt when it falls, so you better start building some walls.
  • Drink, smoke, it’s all cool.
  • Let’s get naked in my pool.
  • Let’s rub each other’s backs while watching porn on Cinemax.
  • It’s time for big fun!
  • So wait, it’s lime, then salt, then shot?
  • You’re doing it wrong!
  • You’re looking good tonight!
  • Woah, a hot guy/girl smiled at me without a trace of mockery!
  • Stoned. Zoned. I should quit.
  • Hey, is that weed? I want a hit.
  • I’m not afraid.
  • I feel like Bono at Live Aid!
  • Way to show maturity!
  • Quit it jackass, get off of me!
  • I didn’t need your help.
  • You need a jello shot!
  • I can’t believe you actually came.
  • It’s exciting, right?
  • Showing up here took some guts.
  • Why do you gotta be so weird all the time? People wouldn’t hate you so much if you acted normal.
  • There’s no alcohol in here! Are you trying to poison me?
  • I’m in your yard.
  • I’m a dead girl/man walking.
  • What’re you doing in my room?
  • Sorry, but I really had to wake you.
  • I decided I must ride you till I break you.
  • Tonight I’m yours.
  • Lets go, you know the drill.
  • I’m hot and pissed and on the pill.
  • You say you’re numb inside but I can’t agree.
  • So the world’s unfair, keep it locked out there.
  • How’d you find my address?
  • Let’s break the bed!
  • I think you tore my mattress!
  • Believe it or not, I knew about fear.
  • I hid behind smiles and crazy hot clothes.
  • The world, it held me down, it weighed like a concrete prom queen/king crown.
  • No one thinks a pretty girl/boy has feelings.
  • No one sees the me inside of me.
  • Jesus, you’re making me sound like Air Supply.
  • No one thinks a pretty girl/boy has substance. That’s the curse of popularity.
  • I am more than just a source of handjobs.
  • Call me when the shuttle lands.
  • I weep for all I failed to be.
  • You’re very quiet. What’s on your mind?
  • I’m bigger than John Lennon!
  • You got a left hand? Use it.
  • Don’t talk mean like that.
  • You make my balls so blue.
  • You are the only thing that’s right about this broken world.
  • I was a frozen lake, but then you melted me awake.
  • You’re not alone.
  • Our love is God.
  • We can start and finish wars, We’re what killed the dinosaurs.
  • I worship you.
  • I’d trade my life for yours.
  • I was hoping you’d rip my clothes off me, sport.
  • Ger off the fence! Get off the damn fence!
  • I don’t understand.
  • Stop being a dick!
  • What does that mean?
  • What the fuck have you done?!
  • My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • I can’t believe that you still refuse to get a clue, after all that we been through.
  • Fine, we’re damaged, really damaged but that does not make us wise.
  • We’re not special, we’re not different.
  • Don’t you want a life with me?
  • If you could let me in I could be good with you.
  • Don’t stop looking in my eyes.
  • I wanna be with you.
  • Hold me tighter. Even closer.
  • I’ll stay if I’m what you choose.
  • You’re the one I choose.
  • Deep inside of everyone, there’s a hot ball of shame.
  • Everyday’s a battlefield when pride’s on the line.
  • Our love can knock our walls down.
  • Tried to change the world, barely made a dent.
  • I have struggled with despair.
  • I prayed, but God’s not there.
  • There’s nowhere to hide.
  • You don’t deserve to live.
  • You’re pathetic because you whine!
  • You’re gonna die alone.
  • We’re all grown up and we know better.
  • I believe any dream worth having is a dream that should not have to end.
  • Oh my God. Is she/he dead?
  • Keep it together.
  • I’m so sorry.
  • Where have you been?
  • You wouldn’t understand.
  • You don’t know what my world looks like!
  • Sorry to come through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know.
  • You chucked me out like I was trash!
  • You left me and I fell apart.
  • You changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside.
  • I was meant to be yours.
  • Don’t give up on me now.
  • Society churns out slaves and blanks. No thanks.
  • Open the door, please.’
  • Please, can we not fight anymore?
  • You’re scared, I’ve been there.
  • Don’t make me come in there!
  • No one here deserves to die except for me.
  • I wish your mom/dad had been a little stronger. I wish she/he stayed around a little longer.
  • I wish your dad/mom were good.
  • I wish we met before they convinced you life is war.
  • I am damaged, far too damaged.
  • You’re not beyond repair.
  • You look like hell.
  • Hey! What are you doing?!
  • I miss you.
  • I’d be honored if you’d let me be your friend.
  • If no one loves me now, some day somebody will.
  • One day we’ll change the world, but let’s kick back tonight.

anonymous asked:

hi im a very new army like i only became an army yesterday and your one of the few army blogs im following and i want to pick a bias but i need help.i never pick a based on their looks i tend to focus on the personality more and since you know the boys pretty well can you give me a real quick brief summary about the boys and their personality so i can pick a bias?<3

*cracks knuckles* alright. let’s do this.

this is jin. vocalist. real name kim seokjin. born dec 4th 1992. also called mama jin, super mario enthusiast number #1, the most handsome man alive. from anyang. feeds the rest of the members to make sure they don’t die of starvation. loves to cook. apparently cooks bland food (source: yoongi). has the voice of an angel. listen to his covers on soundcloud. probably loves the color pink more than you. has a mukbang called eat jin. the oldest. is very caring and motherly towards the group, but knows when to turn on the sass when the kids are acting like they deserve an ass whoopin’. once accidentally posted a picture in their dorm with a condom in the background. once stepped out of a car and became an internet sensation: car door guy. is actually the most handsome man alive. 

this is suga. rapper. real name min yoongi. born march 9 1993. also called min pd, producer min, d-boy, min yoongi jjang jjang man boong boong, grandpa of the group.  enjoys his sleep. can often be seen in the background of videos just chilling on his phone. #Relatable in the form of a man. seems like a tough guy is actually the sweetest thing alive and cries when thanking the fans at concerts and writes 100-tweet-long messages. once spent an hour tweeting from the bath. loves kumamon more than life. balances stuffed animals on his head during fansigns. a grumpy gus. from daegu and dont u forget it. the absolute sassiest thing alive. a great producer. super hardworking. has scented candles in his studio. once licked a bath bomb. 

this is jhope. rapper and dancer. real name jung hoseok. born feb 18 1994. nicknames hobi, your hope, piece of literal sunshine. do not look at him smiling or else you’ll be blinded by how bright it is. expert at girl group dances. likes to hit people. sometimes posts videos of himself/does livestreams dancing titled hope on the street. choreography leader. from gwangju. go listen to his solo song 1verse on their soundcloud. energetic and hella wild. goofy and is a pro at making people laugh. can’t dance in heels. scared of everything. if you watch a video and there is unidentified screaming in the background, that is probably him. is as flexible as a cooked noodle and it terrifies me.

this is rap monster. ignore the stage name. rapper and leader. real name kim namjoon. born sept 12 1994. nicknames: dance monster, rapmon, RM, leader mon, a nerd. waxes poetic about so many things and i love it. philosophical as hell. from ilsan. loves to share his music on twitter #RMusic. hella fashionable, even though his fashion sense is also hella weird. posts #aesthetic fashion pics on twitter called #KimDaily. has a mixtape called RM thats fire. is r-a-p monster not d-a-n-c-e monster. has an IQ of 140 but probably still pushes on doors that have PULL signs. taught himself english. loves to read a lot. once tripped at rehearsal and injured himself. really fucking awkward and an actual dorky nerd. leaves his old contact lenses on the floor of his room. snores really loudly.

this is jimin. vocalist and dancer. full name park jimin. born oct 13 1995. nicknames: jiminnie, pabo, angel on earth. his body is more fluid than a bottle of water. has a laugh that is brighter than the sun and could cure famine and disease. turns into a sex god when performing; it offends me. but knows how to crank up the cuteness. so cute he could probably kill me and i’d thank him. is actually a brat. does everything he can for his members and would probs walk thru hell if one of them asked. doesnt like being short. is the shortest member. super duper giggly and shy when he’s not performing. turns red as a tomato when he’s embarrassed. once grabbed jungkook by the dick on international live television.

this is v. vocalist. real name kim taehyung. born dec 30 1995. nicknames: taetae, honey, sweetie pie, a little shit. is really energetic and crazy. a master at making ridiculous faces at the camera when It Is Not The Time to be doing so. has a square smile that could probably solve global warming. likes to post videos on twitter that make me wanna sue. once bumped his head on a microphone on live television. loves stuffed animals. is a bigger fan of the rap line than u are. loves children and dogs will go out of his way to interact with them. so super duper touchy with all of the members and i live for it. would be the type of guy to prank you by filling your shoes with whipped cream. he thinks you should watch haikyuu! once did the whip on a tv show about pets for no goddamn reason.

this is jungkook. vocalist, dancer, maknae. full name jeon jungkook. born sept 1 1997. nicknames: kookie, golden maknae, spawn of satan. is the youngest and finds delight in bothering and fucking with his hyungs. actually really shy and cute. but then turns into a smoldering muscle pig the moment he’s on stage. my son. adios middle school. was banned from the gym because his muscles were getting too intense. could still beat me up if he tried. listen to his covers on soundcloud. has a very flexible face. the fandom likes to portray him as this mysterious sex god when he’s actually a nerdy shy emo kid who would rather binge watch anime than sleep. his fave anime character is one punch man. might actually be a bunny reincarnated into a human being. once ate a gumball that fell on the ground.

and that my friends is bangtan sonyeondan. 

Sirius XM Morning Mash Up Show 6.5.17

Interviewer: Rocking out to one of your girls, Taylor!

Selena: TSwifty!

Int: Now you guys both … um, first of all both of your careers have been so amazing to watch, um, so many great things coming your way. Um…Both of you have some new things going on in your lives? You have some new people in your life, have you gotten a chance to hang with each other and your new people?

Selena: [laughs]

Int: Just saying!

Selena: Uh, I hang out with my new person a lot…

Int: Okay,… as you should!

Selena: No I’m… honestly if my friends are happy then that makes me happy, that’s all I care about, so I’m super stoked too, it’s been a good time.

Int: Has it been fun to kind of be backstage and like, watch? I feel like that would be so cool to kind of like, cheer someone – 

Selena: Yeah of course, yeah of course, but I’m such a … to me.. I love, I love being supportive, like I love just being there and just kind of having somebody’s back. It feels good. I haven’t had that feeling in a while.

Int #2: What’s the difference between being on a tour where it’s your tour and you’re busy and working, and you’re just kind of .. watching?

Selena: Um … my hair in a bun and I get to dance all night!

Both Interviewers: yeah!!

Selena: That’s the difference.


The Lego Movie - Sentence Starters
  • "Cover your butt."
  • "Oh, now there's a prophecy."
  • "All this is true, because it rhymes."
  • "That was a great, inspiring legend...that you made up."
  • "Good morning, apartment!"
  • "Ah here it is, the instructions to fit in, have everyone like you, and always be happy!"
  • "Wear clothes. Whoops, almost forgot that one!"
  • "Honey, where are my pants?"
  • "What was I just thinking? Ah, I don't care."
  • "Take everything weird and blow it up!"
  • "Who wants to eat some delicious chicken wings and get craaazyyyy?!"
  • "...I think I heard a whoosh."
  • "I feel like maybe I should touch that."
  • "So you've never heard of the prophecy?"
  • "I watch a lot of cop shows on TV, isn't there also supposed to be a good cop?!"
  • "That guy's not a criminal mastermind."
  • "We all have something that makes us something, and ____ is...nothing."
  • "Am I gonna die?!"
  • "Yes, we've told him he'll live so he doesn't try to escape, but...we're lying to him."
  • "Come with me if you wanna not die."
  • "What are you, a DJ?"
  • "Darn darn darn, darny, darn!"
  • "Oh my g-o-s-h!"
  • "I'm not sure exactly why you'd bring that up."
  • "I never have any ideas."
  • "Blah blah blah, proper name, place name, backstory stuff."
  • "I think I got it. But just in case... Tell me the whole thing again, I wasn't listening."
  • "How scary can someone's office be?"
  • "This meeting could run a little bit...deadly."
  • "It makes me just want to pick up whoever's standing closest to me and just throw them through this window!"
  • "All I'm asking for is total perfection!"
  • "Howdy guys! Come sit on me!"
  • "I don't think he's ever had an original thought in his life."
  • "Introducing, the double decker couch! So everyone can watch TV together and be buddies!"
  • "That idea is just the worst."
  • "Your mind is so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place."
  • "I'm dark and brooding too! ...Guys, look! A rainbow!"
  • "Any idea is a good idea! Except the not happy ones."
  • "I know what you're thinking: he is the least qualified person in the world to lead us! And you are right!"
  • "You are so disappointing on so many levels."
  • "This is not how Batman dies!"
  • "Somebody get me some markers! Some construction paper! And some glitter glue!"
  • "I'm here to see...your butt."
  • "You're telling me that you have a machine to control the universe and you can't listen to tunes in surround sound?"
  • "I want speakers that you can hug with your arms and your legs."
  • "I didn't draw that, is that me exploding?!"
  • "Must be weird. One minute, you're the most special person in the universe. The next, you're nobody!"
  • "Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave you here to die."
  • "So I guess running around and screaming is normal."
  • "You don't know me, but I'm on TV, so you can trust me."
  • "What in the world is that? It's adorable."
  • "Do not eat me!"
  • "Why is the dragon on top of the luxury condo development?"
  • "You don't have to be the bad guy."
  • "He's the hero you deserve."
  • "Everything is awesome!"
who u should fight rvb freelancer version
  • York: York’s a great guy who could also probably like, rip you in half but tbh I feel like he’s that guy in the group who makes endless puns and dick jokes so, hey, punch him and then run away, lock a door behind you, and you’ll be fine. Fight York.
  • Carolina: I mean. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, I really don’t. Jesus Horatio Christ on a popsicle don’t fight Carolina.
  • Washington: Wash has had the shittiest life ever. Of all time. Do not fight Wash give Wash chocolate and love.
  • South Dakota: True, South will rip you to tiny bitty little shreds, okay yeah but she got North killed and Theta lost and just... if you can fight South pls go for it
  • North Dakota: Why would you fight him. Why. North wants to give you a blanket and a cup of tea and talk about Grifball with you why would you fight him? Also if you did fight him he'd shoot you from three miles away. You're not nearly good enough to even get near him to actually fight him so don't bother. Don't fight North.
  • Maine: If you want death, then yes, fight Maine. But don't actually. Either he'd punch you once and you'd explode or he'd pick you up by the scruff of your neck and place you on a really high shelf or something. Don't fight Maine.
  • Wyoming: Please rip his mustache off. Fight Wyoming.
  • Florida: That's like the worst idea ever ok look Florida is a chill honestly nice dude who will slather you with compliments and mean them but you will not last 0.0002 seconds in a fight with him. Nah he isn't on the leaderboard but that's probably cos he's like, way too cool for that shit okay don't fight Florida. Let Florida hug you.
  • Iowa: why would you do that that's like fighting Caboose except a Caboose who's never killed anyone okay it's like fighting Caboose's more innocent twin if that's possible DON'T FIGHT IOWA
  • Georgia: Yeah go ahead fight Georgia he seems like a dick. Also he probably sucks I mean we all know what happened to Georgia you might even win. Fight Georgia.
  • Ohio: bruh don't fight Ohio, set Ohio up with Sherry
  • Idaho: ehhhhhhhhhhh I feel like that would be a dick move. Don't fight Idaho.
  • Utah: how can you fight utah you don't even know what utah looks like
Daddy Daze - Boyfriend (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Your 5 year old daughter tells her dad she has a boyfriend.

A/n:  part of the Daddy Daze Series (MasterList) Please send any Dad!Bucky or Dad!Steve head cannons and I will try to incorporate them. (Tagging is open)

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

Steve was reading over a file watching your five year old Maggie play on the floor after a productive day at kindergarten.  His attention was more focused on his file than her, until she uttered a small sentence that made his heart nearly explode.

“Daddy I have a boyfriend.”  

The simplicity of the statement didn’t register with Steve immediately, “That’s nice sweetheart.”

“WAIT! what did you say?!” Steve jumped off your plush couch to sit on the floor pulling Maggie into his lap.

Maggie laughed at her father before repeating herself proudly, “I have a boyfriend daddy!”

“Y/N!  Get in her now we have a situation.”  You came running into the room immediately, almost certain your home was being attacked.   When you realized there was no immediate danger, you placed your hands on your hips and stared at your husband.

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BTS REACTION: You watching the same movie over and over again

Thank you so much ♡ We hope you like it​ and thank you for giving us our first request. Please Enjoy! :D 

S E O K J I N: 

He finds it cute and watches it a few times with you, but at some point he tries to occupy himself with something else so that he doesn’t have to watch it again. When you try to invite him to sit with you and watch the movie again he says, “I can’t baby, I have to go get a facial so that the ARMYs can maintain my title as worldwide handsome.”

Originally posted by jjilljj

Y O O N G I : 

The first time he watches it with you he understands why you like it so much, but once you decide to watch it a second time in a row he’ll just lay on your lap. “Wake me up when it’s over so that we can go to bed, but if you think of watching it a third time then you should get me a blanket, yeah?”

Originally posted by minsnuggles

H O S E O K :

Your favorite movie is Spy Kids and J-Hope gets such a kick out of the movie that he ends up just as obsessed as you are. During the scene where the robot Juni and Carmen fly off in jet shoes and a little kid yells, “Yo quiero unos zapatos como esos!” (“I want some shoes like those ones!”) J-Hope looks at you with wide eyes, “Me too!! Oh my god babe, we should get matching ones!”

Originally posted by oh-jhope

N A M J O O N:

You guys make a deal: you show him your favorite movie and he shows you his. The both of you get hooked and have an analytical discussion about them. You two end up staying up all night, watching them back to back, gasping loudly every time one of you think of a new analysis.

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J I M I N : 

He doesn’t get annoyed in the slightest. Because precious mochi does extra practice he doesn’t often get the chance to see it with you. But if you are watching it before he leaves he squeals to himself about how cute you are, sitting there in comfort and getting all hyped up for a movie you’ve seen too many times. When he does get to sit with you he’s not watching the movie at all, but adoring you instead.

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T A E H Y U N G :

The ONLY reason he gets annoyed of you watching the same movie over and over again is because you’re not paying attention to him. “If I was Wonder Woman would you pay attention to me?!”

“You’ll never be Wonder Woman Taehyung, she’s all that’s pure in this word and a badass, keep dreaming.”

“Okay, so you and I need to have a talk about our priorities in this relationship,” he pouts and is standing in front of the TV.

You push him out of the way, “After the movie is over.”

He gives up and you guys don’t actually ever have that talk. You cuddle instead. “Finally,” he whispers when you crawl into his arms.

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 J U N G K O O K:

Jungkook is PETTY about you not paying attention to him because of a movie you’ve seen a million times. He’s knows it’s a good movie, but isn’t he something better to watch? “Okay, while you watch that movie for the fifth time I’m going to go out to lunch with [another idol].” *Low key tries to get you jealous.*

“Yeah, okay, have fun,” you say, not paying attention to him.

Ultimately, he gets so desperate he jumps on you and attacks you with kisses, “Baaaaaaabe~ please pay attention to me.”

This makes you laugh and turn off the movie. “Okay, you have my full attention Jungkook, so show me that the Golden Maknae is just as amazing as Link Larkin.”

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Could you do BTS reaction to you being the more dominant one in the relationship?

A/N: So uh… This was fun to write. I felt very uncomfortable writing this (not in a bad way, but you know how the boys are…), so I hope you enjoy Nonnie… 

Taehyung: Tbh it would turn Tae on. He’d be so into you taking control of situations that he would be horny all the time- even if you weren’t doing anything remotely sexual. He’d be very needy, and do everything in his power to get you in the mood- including, but not limited to coming up behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder, and slipping a hand in your pants to fondle and stroke you… in public. He’d love it when you got frustrated with him, and take it out on him when you finally found some privacy. He would probably follow you around a bit like a puppy, always craving attention from you.

Jungkook: Jungkook would take it as a challenge. He would find it amusing that you wanted to be dominant, so during the day he’d allow you to do what you like, and when you were horny he’d let you take control… at first. Then, when you were wrapped up in euphoric pleasure, he’d flip roles, and take full control, forcing you to submit to his whims. You two would honestly fight for control, making sex, not to mention your days and various other activities all the more fun just because you wanted try and show each other up.

Yoongi: Yoongi would be very similar to Jungkook in that he find your dominance amusing, and he’d take control when you let your guard down. He would probably just go along with whatever you wanted during the day until you tried to get it on with him. That’s when Yoongi would smirk at you with mischievous intent, and you would know he was messing with you by “allowing you control.” However, if he was being too lazy, he’d probably just let you do whatever (which would likely be most days).

Namjoon: Namjoon would find it really hot, and would love you taking control. However, you wouldn’t have control every day, there would be days where Namjoon would be all for you doing whatever the hell you wanted- especially whenever you were being jealous and possessive, but then there would be days where your attempts would be just that- attempts. On those days, Namjoon would make sure you worked for it, and when it came down to sex on those days, there was really no use in you disobeying his wishes.

Hoseok: Ohh man. Hobi… He’d love your dominance. He’d be so proud to call you his because he believed that you were sexiest when you took control. (Oh fuck.. I just got a really vivid image of being on top of Hobi, and him just smirking up at me from below… Hold me…) He’d love to make you feel good during sex because he knew that the reward he’d receive would be well worth it. During the day, he’d just follow you around with a smile on his face, and he’d be so compliant with your wishes and demands because he likes seeing you content and smiling.

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Jin: Pshh lol. You? Dominant? Forget it. I mean it. Seriously though, Jin is always the one to take control. Don’t get me wrong, Jin loves when you do everything to please him, but a lap dance or a hand job/blowjob is about the extent of your alleged “dominance” before he’d pick you up and fuck you over the couch. Not on the couch, over it. During the day, Jin is his normal, confident, humorous, flirtatious self, and would actually really like you getting jealous, or bossing him around. However, the realms of day and night are on two very different ends of the spectrum.

Jimin: Dudeee, do not get me started on Jimin. Chims would be all over it. He’s the kind of guy who can really do either, but his clinginess during the day shows that he’s a really affectionate guy, and he’s up for any kind of affection you’re willing to give. I mean, he’s all about holding hands and back hugs, that stuff fills the guy’s heart with so much happiness it should be illegal. At night, he’ll let you do absolutely whatever the hell you wanted, whether it’s kinky BDSM shit, asking him to take control, or abruptly getting horny and jumping on his lap as you two are lying on the couch watching tv. Like, honestly? Jimin’s kinky af. Let’s be real here.


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A Jealous Redhead Means Trouble (Cheryl Blossom x Fem!Reader)

Request: Yes

Anon: Hiya I absolutely love your stuff so far!!! Could you do a Cheryl x Reader where Cheryl gets super jealous over the readers friendship with Veronica or Betty and the reader has to reassure her but it turns out it’s not just jealousy and it’s actually Cheryl’s pretty insecure about their relationship etc

@gemini-indecisiveness Could you do a Cheryl x female reader where she is dancing at a party and Cheryl gets jealous and pulls her aside because she wants to be the only one dancing with the reader?

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She noticed that you had been spending more time around Betty Cooper, and the new girl, Veronica Lodge.

Most were jealous of Cheryl, and all thought Cheryl Blossom was too ‘good’ to feel any jealousy at all but she had reached her breaking point. You were her girlfriend. Not Betty’s. Not Veronica’s. They would have to get their own. And if they were taking you away from her, Cheryl was not to be too pleased.

“Hey babe.” You smiled at your girlfriend. “You going to the school dance tonight?”

As you asked her the question, Cheryl rolled her eyes. She was annoyed with you. That was a lie. She was annoyed with the fact that you had decided to spend your time with anyone else, other than her. Cheryl Blossom was jealous, an emotion so foreign, she didn’t even know it existed.

“Of course I’m going. I am the queen of this school, and a queen needs to represent her subjects.” She flipped her hair slightly as her lips met in a firm line.

You realized that you must have done something, because usually Cheryl became extremely bubbly around you, but at the moment, she was having none of it. Just as your mind wondered to another place, you heard Betty’s voice call your name.

Looking up, you watched as Cheryl huffed and walked away, as Betty approached with Veronica in tow.

“What’s up B?” You asked slightly dazed.

“V and I were just wondering if you were going to the formal tonight.” Betty smiled happily at you while Veronica observed your actions, sensing something was wrong.

“You alright (Y/n/n)” Veronica gave you a look of confusion.

“I’m fine.” You replied truthfully. “I’m just worried about Cher. She was being extremely distant earlier.”

“Why don’t you come to my house after school and we can all get ready together, and then head to the formal.” Betty suggested as you smiled lightly.

“I guess.” Your lips parted as you thought. “Sounds great B. I’ll see you guys after school!” Walking to your Calculus class, your thoughts drifted off to Cheryl’s odd behaviour.

Somehow Veronica and Betty had made you forget all about Cheryl.  It made you feel kind of bad, but if Cheryl wanted to keep you in the dark, there was nothing you could do about it,

She watched as you danced with the girls, a smile on your face that only she should be able to see.

The jealous feeling arose in Cheryl’s stomach, stronger than any of the other times.

She has the sudden urge to pull you away from them.  To show everyone that you were hers, and only hers.  

She marched over to you quickly, and confidently.  She stepped in front of Veronica muttering a quick ‘excuse me,’ before she pulled you in for a passionate kiss.

“Hey.” You hummed dazed as you pulled away from Cheryl’s lips.

“Hey babe.” She giggled slightly. 

“Looks like I have a jealous girlfriend on my hands.” You smiled and put your hands on your hips.

“I wasn’t jealous.” Cheryl pouted. “I just didn’t want anyone who wasn’t me touching you, or being near you at all.  There’s a difference.” She smirked slightly and you laughed.

Cheryl Blossom never was one for sharing.



THAT HE IS SHOWING TOO MUCH SKIN.. ????????????????  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


anyway this has been a PSA that jensen is a flirtatious, emotional, cuddly drunk and i love him, and misha is a Good Friend who simultaneously also very embarrassed and i love him too


why you should drop EVERYTHING and start watching SKAM
  • brutal honesty about shit that teenagers go through
  • norweigan is a fuckng beautiful language (also, shoutout to the lovely people translating it to english)
  • beautiful portrayal of love (yes, i am addicted don’t judge me)
  • girls being amazing and independent
  • representing everything, in a way that goes with the flow of the show (sexual assault, pregnancy scare etc.)
  • william wilhelm and noora’s relationship, cause duh i live for all that love stuff
  • also Isak and Even 
  • Eskild (love that guy)
  • the whole show is PURE GOLD and is worth every minute EVEN PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER JUST TO FINISH WATCHING THE  SEASON
  • also all the music in the episodes

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I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I was wondering if you could do were BTS reacts to their Gf playing soccer in a sports bra and some Nike shorts and shoes I know this is stupid but I think it would be cool if you could do this thanks💗

YEEEE BIH SOCCER IS MY SPORT ୧(๑⇀‸↼๑)૭ It ain’t stupid at all this mah shit bro

BTS: Reaction to you playing soccer in revealing sportswear

Jin: He wouldn’t know how to react. Should he be mad or horny? Either way he was getting a boner. He watched you play soccer for a little bit, undoubtedly impressed by your skills (and the jiggling of your ass but that’s besides the point). He didn’t like that guys were staring at you though, that’s why he never let you leave the house like this. But here you were, all hot n’ shit. He decided he had to end this because more men were showing up.

“Princess, let’s go home. I have a big surprise for you.” 

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Yoongi: At first, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He loved how good you looked and admired every bit of the skin you were showing off. He licked his lips when he watched you bend down to pick up the ball, making sure to be behind you wherever that may be. But as more people showed up, he grew worried. As much as he wanted to show you off to the world, he also wanted to save it all for himself.

“No… No one’s gonna look at my girl right?”

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Namjoon: No doubt, he’d be instantly turned on. How your shorts rode up slightly higher so your ass popped out a little… how sweat trickled down your body… he was going crazy watching you. You made eye contact a few times, and the smile on your face was taunting him. He was being tortured, and he couldn’t think of what he could’ve done wrong to deserve this. And seeing other guys watch you the same way he was watching you made him beyond jealous.

“Babygirl, get your shit we’re going home right now.”

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Hoseok: On his way home from dance practice he stopped by your soccer practice. It was a nightly routine. You’d usually go home together from there. But when he laid his eyes on you tonight, seeing how you were showing off so much more skin than usual, he got really salty towards you. He’d shrug you off and give you really short replies. He’d try to embarrass you by glaring at the other boys and yelling at them.

“What? Do you think my girlfriend is hot too? Well guess what, she’s mine. And when we get home tonight I’m gonna make sure she knows that.”

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Jimin: He’d enjoy it wayyy too much. He loved to watch your ass bounce, and your thighs jiggle with every step you took. When you were talking to him he’d stare at your chest. He wouldn’t actually pay attention to your words and just give you half-assed replies. He just couldn’t get his mind off you being in his bed later. And never mind the guys that were staring at you! Jimin would just out his hands all over your body to show that you belonged to him. 

“Mmm. Oh yeah? Mm… Let’s go home.”

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Taehyung: He would get super dramatic. That’s what he was known for, after-all. Every goal you made, he’d scream your name and fall to the floor, rolling around a couple times and laughing at himself. He’d hype you up every time you ran downfield or knocked a girl down, and his eyes would focus on your ass most of the time. 


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Jungkook: He wasn’t too vocal about this situation. Just silent glares and facials that read, “you’re fucking dead when we get home tonight.” And he could tell you were enjoying teasing him. Every time you adjusted your shorts you made eye contact with him. And when you tied your shoes you bent over in front of him to give him a good view. He had a hard time concealing his boner so he had to go wait in the car and play with himself for a few quick minutes. 

“Who does that girl think she is? I’ll fucking give her a show.”

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One Love Manchester

So some of my friends on here might have noticed, some might not and that’s okay. Lately I’ve been pretty absent-minded, not only because of uni and personal stress. I don’t know how many of you are like me not only in the K-Pop fandom but are also part of the Ariana Grande fandom (Arianators), yet in the end it’s not really important to be because it affects us all, fan or not. 

You might guess by now what I’ll be talking about - the Manchester Attack at the Ariana Grande concert. I’ve been thinking about making a post about it since it happened and wasn’t sure whether to do it or let it be but my poor friend Paula has to keep handling my emotional self, bursting out into tears every few days, so maybe this is going to help me deal with all of this a little bit better.

I myself have been an Arianator for about 7 years by now. Having the pleasure of attending a concert of hers in 2015 and meeting her outside of those fan-idol-meetup-situations back in 2013, leading to another conversation with her in 2014, I feel like I know her like a friend. She gives us fans this feeling of not only being a fan to her but to actually being her friend. Always taking the time to talk to every single one of us, to take care of us like nobody else would (she actually took me inside of her hotel with her just so I wouldn’t catch a cold, who else would do that?) and to show us every single day how much we mean to her. She loves us like friends, not like fans who spend their money on her and that’s what makes our bond with her so special. 

Ariana is one of those people that do their best to spread love and support equality. She tells us to stand up for what we believe in, to fight hate with love instead of responding with hate, to be strong and independent and love not only each other but ourselves as well. Ariana is my biggest inspiration, she is my role model, my Queen, my source of power and self-love. Thanks to her, I started to love myself again every day a little bit more, thanks to her I started to fight for what I believe in, thanks to her I gained confidence in myself. I owe her a lot and there are no words in this world that could express how thankful I am to have her as my role-model.

When I heard the news that this attack happened at one of her concerts, my world stopped. Of course I was worried about the people being hurt. I was sick to the stomach. There were so many children at this concert. So many teenagers. So many parents who just wanted their kids to have a good time. So many lives that had been destroyed in a matter of seconds at a place that should be filled with love and laughter. Another prominent thought was “why her?”. Why would anyone want to hurt her? Her, who only spreads positivity and nothing else. I think the answer is - to hit where it hurts the most. Children were attacked because they’re the vulnerable ones, they cannot fight back. Their parents would be helpless no matter if they were there or waiting at home for them to come back safely. They chose Ariana’s concert because of those exact reason. Because she spreads love. Because she’s strong. Because she’s an inspiration. Because there would be so many children. They wanted to take her down and all of her supporters with her.

They didn’t succeed. Even though we have lost 22 beautiful human beings and many have been injured, we’re still standing strong and we’ll still be spreading love and kindness. We’ll still be going to concerts and still enjoy our lives to the fullest. These demons will not bring us down. 

Many have asked me, why I get so emotional with this topic when I wasn’t even there and I’ll try to give you an explanation. This is what I also told my best friend Paula just yesterday (I had to translate it so sorry if there are any mindless errors) but it seemed to bring my point across pretty well:

Even though I don’t know the deceased, they’re like me. They’re young people who love music. Concerts make them happy, it gives them the love they need, the air to breathe, it’s their second home. They’re parents who loved their children just like my parents love me, who were on their way to pick up their kids, ready to listen to them ramble about the best night of their life and just be happy for their young ones. They’re people like you and me that just wanted to see their idol and have a good time. Even though they’re not from my country and I don’t know them, I have things in common with all of them. With every single one of the 22 who have been murdered and everyone who is still in the hospital recovering. I can’t and I won’t let them being forgotten. I will never forget this, never in my entire life. Even though I wasn’t there, every time I think about it, I have a physical pain shooting through my heart which makes my head hurt as a consequence. It just doesn’t stop. I wasn’t there at the arena when it happened, I wasn’t even in front of the arena, not even in the same country. But my heart was with Ariana and all of the fans. My heart broke even though I wasn’t there in person.

I want to add that this is for everyone who enjoys going to concerts, who is part of any kind of fanbase - it affects us all. You don’t even have to be part of a fanbase at all, just a human with a caring heart. 

I’m not saying that every other terroristic attack on this planet isn’t bad or isn’t as bad as the attack in Manchester. They’re all horrible, no matter where they happen. It’s just that this one has affected me the most. This one hits me where it hurts the most. This one makes my heart hurt in a way that’s barely bearable because I see myself and all of my friends and family in the faces of the deceased.

I saw my mutuals on twitter looking for their loved ones or being looked for themselves. I saw them coming out of the arena completely disturbed and terrified of what they had experienced. I went through the process of looking for the missing people with them, only to find out that many of them were taken away from us. I might not have known them personally but it felt like I did. After all those hours of searching, helping and hoping, it felt like I did know them all. 

Watching the One Love Manchester show yesterday, seeing the audience standing together, sharing the happiness but also crying together with the artists, made my heart fill with joy yet with pain. So many heartbreaking words were shared with all of us, yet so many wise and motivational speeches were held that it was a mix of emotions. It’s something that I struggle to put into words, you should experience it yourself to fully understand.   

Honestly, I have no idea where I was going with this post. I just want you guys to know that you shouldn’t be scared. Keep living your life to the fullest. Don’t let them destroy beauty and happiness. We can fight against it. 

Remember the people who have passed during that attack. Don’t let their death just pass by, they deserve so much more. Here are all 22 deceased who’s lives have been taken unnecessarily due to pure evil:

Saffie Rose Roussos, 8

Nell Jones, 14

Sorrell Leczkowski, 14

Eilidh MacLeod, 14

Olivia Campbell, 15

Megan Hurley, 15

Chloe Rutherford, 17

Georgina Callander, 18

Liam Curry, 19

Courtney Boyle, 19

John Atkinson, 28

Martyn Hett, 29

Kelly Brewster, 32

Philip Tron, 32

Angelika Klis, 39

Marcin Klis, 42

Elaine McIver, 43

Alison Howe, 45

Michelle Kiss, 45

Lisa Lees, 47

Wendy Fawell, 50

Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 51

Rest In Peace tiny elephants. Ariana will never forget you and neither will I. 

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Things you might not know about the production of Sense8

As found in the behind-the-scenes documentary, Sense8: Creating the World

  • All of the scenes were shot in the countries they were shown to be in. So they really did shoot in Mumbai and Seoul and Berlin etc. 
  • They hired local actors and crews for each of the countries, which helped increase the realism of the scenes.
  • Between main, side, and minor characters, there were around 180 speaking roles.
  • When the cast visited each country they wouldn’t break between them. They’d be in one country shooting one day, and then shooting in another in the next. 
  • The scene with Riley and Capheus, and also with Will on the plane to Iceland was literally shot on a plane to Iceland. 
  • The cast described traveling around the world together for 4 months as something that created a family bond between them. They all grew very close and considered the feeling of the few times where they could all be together as ‘electric’.
  • They described being in the different cities as having different vibes and feelings that could only be experienced by really being there, which added a lot to their portrayals and helped them a lot with understanding their characters. 
  • There were scenes that were shot two, three, or even four times due to having to do certain parts in different countries. This often meant that scenes could be changed a little as they had chances to watch over previous takes and see if they could improve it in some way in the new city.
  • The show really shot in the middle of the Gay Pride parade, and the scene where Nomi fell off of the motorbike was in the midst of the ‘Dyke’s on Bikes’ part of the parade.
  • They also had real wide-shots from the Mumbai Ganesh festival, however it would have been impossible to shoot the acting parts because of the vast amount of people that attend.
  • When shooting scenes where the sensates ‘share’, they don’t shoot one character doing the scene, shoot the other, and then put them together through editing. Clever camera shots where the camera pans away for a few seconds meant they would often literally switch places by one doing things like ducking and rolling away on the ground whilst the other jumped in their place.
  • Aml Ameen said that when he played Capheus driving the van, 90% of it was actually him. He got to drive around Nairobi, and was actually pulled over by the police at one point and the crew had to explain what was going on.
  • In Riley’s opening scene that establishes her as a DJ, she was playing to a real audience. She came on between two other real and well known DJ’s, and the audience wasn’t aware that she wasn’t a real DJ.
  • The very first scene Miguel shot as Lito was the sex scene in ‘Demons’.
  • The wrestling match that Lito, Hernando, and Daniela attended was a real match, with a real crowd and fighters.
  • Kala and Rajan’s dance scene was repeatedly shot all in one take rather than in short parts unlike traditional Bollywood movie dance scenes.
  • Brian sustained multiple injuries during the course of the show through Will’s action sequences including hurting his shoulder and his triceps, including an internal bleeding bruise. 
  • Doona Bae was extremely excited about the cast coming to Seoul as that is where she lives, and so she gave them all tours around the city.
  • Similarly, Max Riemelt cooked dinner for his cast mates and showed them around Berlin.
  • Jamie Clayton said that her favorite scene in San Francisco was when Nomi was escaping by bike and decided to try and steal a car to get away before realizing she couldn’t drive, mentioning that she herself doesn’t know how to drive either.

And plenty more. It’s on Netflix. so you guys should definitely watch it if you haven’t already!

Vigilante (A Teen Wolf and Supernatural Crossover) (Part 2)

Pairing: Isaac x reader, Winchesters x sister!reader

Prompt: When the reader’s old friend calls for help, the Winchesters all rush to Beacon Hills immediately, and you immediately see someone you thought you’d never see again. But what happens when your brothers find out that you are best friends with supernatural beings that you all hunt?

Warnings: fluff, violence, language, a tiny bit of angst, kinda hinting towards smut

A/N: I hope you guys like part 2!

Teen Wolf tag list: @shine-and-rise-sammy​ (Tag list is open)

SPN tag list: @teamfreewill-imagine, @supernatural-jackles, @faith-in-dean, @ellen-reincarnated1967, @for-the-love-of-dean, @shakeswilde, @angelofwinchester17​ (tag list is open)

Series tag list: @writer-w-magic​, @namelesslosers​, @kamilasurujballi14​, @bands-and-shietz​, @blushingunicorn101 (tag list is open)

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You towel dried your hair sighed softly, stepping out of the bathroom, now changed in new clothes. “We got you food,” Dean told you, tossing you a brown paper bag. You smiled at him and sat down on one of the two beds, setting the bag on your lap as you tossed the towel you were using at the bathroom door. “So, seems like you and Sammy have something in common.”

“And what’s that?” you inquired, taking a french fry out of the bag and holding it between your thumb and forefinger, your lips set in a straight line.

“Both of you dated werewolves.”

You huffed in annoyance and tossed the fry back in the bag, suddenly not hungry. “Don’t you just have the best conversation segues.”

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Real Talk:

Why don’t more people talk about ever after high? Sure, it’s a children’s show created by the same people who made monster high, but we know that shows originally intended for children can gain a massive following *cough* miraculous ladybug *cough* steven universe *cough* So why doesn’t Ever After High have the same treatment? Below are just a few reasons why I believe people should really consider watching Ever After High.

1. Strong female characters, both mentally and physically. There are literally so many strong female characters in this show, and they all show it in different ways. Even characters who you thought were two dimensional at first are shown to have way more depth. For a show about princesses, it really lacks in the helpless princess troupe. Sometimes it even makes fun of it. Though sometimes it is distinctly lacking in male characters, the guys that they do have are all amazing characters too.

2. The character arcs. As I stated before, even the most two dimensional characters are shown to have tons more depth than we ever imagined they’d have. My favourite character in the entire show was the biggest jerkwad in the beginning. But eventually, just like real people, even the most unlikable of characters are shown to have their motivations. And they don’t make excuses for assery in this show either. The characters learn to grow as people, and most never try to make excuses for their past mistakes once they have grown.

3. REPRESENTATION AND DIVERSITY. This show isn’t lacking in diversity (except in the body types, but that’s a style choice) Their are so many pocs in this show, and many of them have huge parts. All of the characters are varied in personality and looks, and they don’t find themselves restricted to how the princesses are usually portrayed.

4. I almost put this with representation and diversity but it deserves it’s own category tbh. ONE OF THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS IS KISSED BY A WOMAN. And not any woman, a kickass princess who she’s supposed to spend the rest of her life with. Did I forget to mention that it isn’t just any kiss, it’s true love/destiny’s kiss? Y'know, that kiss that most princesses are administered in their stories? Yah, the only on screen depiction of that we’ve gotten that actually worked was between two women. And this isn’t really seen as that much of a problem for the two characters involved (it’s more of a problem for the guy they thought was her prince tbh. I mean his sister took the destiny he was sure was his. That’s gotta hurt) One of the two that was involved in the kiss just kinda accepts it, because she’d been doing shit that wasn’t expected of her for a while now, and the other has been having a pretty hard time accepting it. The one who was kissed has also shown no attraction to men whatsoever, except politely saying that she wasn’t dating the guy she was supposed to be with. Like she uses guys, and does what’s expected of her. That’s it though.

5. HAVE I MENTIONED THE DEPTH TO THESE CHARACTERS??? I’m really passionate about this. They make mistakes, they try to fix themselves, some fail, other don’t. I just love these characters.

6. The ARTWORK. This show is in a really unique style, and it suits the fairytale aspect so well. The overall aesthetic of this show is amazing, and the detail in their eyes and outfits is phenomenal. I could talk all day about the tiny details in this show, but I’ll let you see for yourself. It’s gorgeous, simple as that.

6. It has a lot of content out already. The tv show itself is a Netflix original show and it already has 5 seasons. THAT ISNT IT THOUGH. It also has a bunch of webisodes that are available on YouTube. They aren’t really important to the actual plot, but they add background to the characters and makes them feel more real. They’re also super fun. Plus there are multiple books that are also great.

7. This is the last point guys. The backrounders. Y'know, those characters that are in the background to make scenes more populated. I love them. They all still feel like characters with their own lives and stories, and when I watch with my little sister we’ll point out our favourites doing things. Like they are all still gorgeous, and even though they are simpler than the main cast (well, some of them) a few main characters started out as backrounders. Basically the backrounders are amazing and I’ve rewatched the series just for them multiple times and though this isn’t the best point to leave it on and I could say a lot more I just wanted to make you aware of the backrounders and how much I love them.

Ever After High is a series with some flaws, all series have flaws. It’s main point is to sell dolls, but it’s a lot more than that. The characters all have real life to them and the plot is really intriguing. More people should give it a shot. Also I’m sorry that I didn’t add pictures, I had a few that I wanted to add but I’m on mobile so what are you gonna do?