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Hey, so I've never read any Klance fanfic, but I def wanna start ! What would you say , so far, are the Classic (tm) klance Fics that every fan should read?

(rubs my little hands together)

I’m in a good mood for once so I’m actually going to try to cobble all of my favorite fics together… I have a ridiculous number of ao3 tags open right now, and my computer will most likely burst into flames before I finish this post. I haven’t read Klance fic in so long, so most of these summaries will be off the top of my head lmao.


First off, the must reads in no particular order (aka the ‘fics with the most kudos for good reason fics’):

This fic is ridiculously popular, and with good reason. Scenario: wrong-number fic, done so, so right. Long-fic, slow burn, Pidge and Hunk are there for way more than moral support… The most important relationship is obviously Klance, but the author makes sure to develop the friendship between Pidge and Keith and Hunk and Lance. It also has smart Lance, which is just so God Trucking Bless. Incredibly worth it.

One of the first Klance fics I’ve ever read, and still one of my favorites… Lance is injured, really mcfreaking injured, and as some sort of last-rights thing he confesses his huge crush on Keith to a panicked Hunk. It’s so good, and only four chapters so you’ll get through it quick.

This fic might just be my favorite Klance fic ever, or at least top three. Lance asks out Keith only he doesn’t realize it’s a date and they become boyfriends without Lance even noticing… It’s hilarious and funny and sweet and I could gush about it for ages if you let me lmao. Please read it… The sequel is also really great, just very NSFW, and from Keith’s pov primarily… So good.

Meagan is literally just that good.

THIS FIC… IS SO GOOD… I remember Xiem reccing me this and then just KEYSMASHING AT EACH OTHER FOR A SOLID HOUR. Bruh this is Bonafide Lit. This is like… Episode material. I would watch an hour of this, every day of my life, until I drop dead because it killed me good. This is 18k of awesome writing, like I don’t think my summary could do it justice. Please read it.

This fic is so unbelievably good… I’ve recced it before so I’m just gonna use my previous description lmao. Lance is an astrophysics major, Keith is looking for aliens, they meet in the desert conducting research, and it’s 23k of good shit. It’s ridiculously… I want to settle down in a bathtub and reread it in paperback form.

THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD… So many cuddles… I’m too fried to give anymore summaries lmao but this is so good and I’m such a sucker for Soft interactions… Please read it oh man.

Below the cut are some more of my all-time fave Klance fics lmao. Italics = read these oh my godddd.

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Ahhhh! My baby, Sylathi Lavellan, by the one and only @falsesecuritysketches! Thank you sooooooo much! I couldn’t be happier with the results!

would it be a sin if i can’t help falling in love with you?

Summary:  “I mean, I already have a thing with – “ Isak waves his hand in the air. Conjuring up a girl should be way easier than this. Magnus had a girlfriend at Bakka for three months, and Isak doubts that she ever existed. All Isak has to do is make up a name, but his mouth dries up. He clears his throat. “A thing with – “

“Even,” the guy says, extending his hand for Emma to shake. (Or, the fake relationship AU.)

Huge thank-you to @stardefiant and @zielenna for beta-reading!

Pairing: Even/Isak

Chapters: 1/3

Words: 5,321

Five minutes into his first (and hopefully last) kosegruppa meeting, Isak decides that he’s disowning all his friends. He can handle an hour of Vilde attempting to pour love into Isak’s heart or whatever, but he’s not too sure he can handle that guy sitting only a row behind him, close enough to talk to. Looking at someone can’t be this hard, especially when Isak can already feel his eyes at the back of his neck. Isak may need an extra line of defense for that one, and even his useless friends are better than nothing.



Good…afternoon 🤗

The way my training schedule is laid out, my long runs are Saturdays and Sunday’s are rest/cross training. But the 15k fell on a Sunday and I didn’t want to be off for the week, so I got up and ran this morning. Yeeeeah 😑 my legs were like NOPE 🙄 did 3.5 (instead of 5) and called it a day. I’ll be resting them tomorrow 🙇🏻‍♀️

The hunger is real w long runs. I feel like I’m still hungry from yesterday 😋

It’s raining and just gross out 🌫☔️so I’m bending the pants/leggings rule 🤷🏻‍♀️

Happy Monday 🤗

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What you were trying to say is that you didn't like what ISYL wrote? I really don't know what to think about it, please let mi help with this. I read everything before they deleted and I have to admit that some things were kinda interesting.

Okay, here we go. First of all, anon, I picked you because your one of the last asks in my inbox, I’m very lazy, you seem kind and I needed one anon to answer them all, so it’s you :D

Then, I’m really sorry in advance, because this is going to be some serious case of vague posting. I hate vague post, I try to never do it, but I really don’t know how to do it differently. I could chose to ignore my inbox too, but I’m not that kind of person, so vague posting it is.

Like everyone (or almost everyone), I read what has been said on ISYL’s blog today. To sum it up, Gillian should grow the fuck up, she’s been fooling around while David was waiting for her to get her shit together, we don’t know if she’s dating PM, but she’s still in a relationship with David, and they’ll always be fucking. (I paraphrase, so excuse me if I got it wrong, but I think I substantially quoted what has been said.)

I think I need to tell you guys that I have no contact with them, we’ve basically never talked to each other, I have pretty much no more information about their source than anyone else. That said, you all know the Gillovny circle is small and chatty. Informations get through when you know where to find them and who to talk to. I also want to add that I can be absolutely wrong about what I’m saying and maybe I’m totally mistaking, but somehow, I *think* I know what (and who) lead them to believe what they said (the vague posting starts here, if you haven’t noticed yet). 

What they said today sounded very familiar to me, I believe I had the same “informations” a few months ago, about Gillian, her issues, etc… To be clear, I’m not talking about ISYL’s original source, which I believe, and it’s my personal opinion, basically just told them about the party and updated them from time to time, but nothing else. I believe they had other informations, coming from other people, like a few of us have sometimes. The only difference is that when I got these informations about Gillian and her supposedly issues, I was very cautious and doubtful, and I was right because they ended up being false and spread by some clearly untruthworthy (that’s not a word, I know) people (which is basically always the case in this crazy fandom). I also found out that what I thought was said in confidence, only between two people, was actually known by a much larger circle than what I thought. In other words, “everybody” knew, and apparently, ISYL did too. 

Sadly, the only purpose of spreading such lies was to shame Gillian, hating, trolling and seeking attention.

Once again, it could be a total coincidence that I happen to know what they were talking about, and if I’m wrong I’m really sorry, but it would be a massive coincidence, though. I’m not trying to convince anyone, if you want to believe what they said, it’s your right, if they’ve convinced you, that okay. I’m not trying to defend ISYL either. Even if they believed these informations, they shouldn’t have posted like they did, they shouldn’t have been shaming Gillian the way they did. We all know Gillian has spies here and I hope they deleted before anyone important saw their allegations. It’s one thing when hate comes from small blogs with no followers and it’s another thing when it comes from bloggers with tons of dedicated followers. 

Sorry about the vague posting, I guess it’ll raise more questions, so let me get this straight. I don’t believe what ISYL said today was the truth, I do believe the party story, I think they’ve been mislead in the last 6 months by someone who is not their original “source”, I’m not changing my mind on Gillovny, I’m not changing my mind on PM, I still have mixed feelings, but I need a better proof, and Gillian is not a whore. On my side, this case is closed.

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Im reading all about how the womens march wasnt violent and people praising it because of that. Its because the police didnt try anything because there were a lot of white women... well then, next BLM protest, we should all show up there too. They protest, we protect them.

Honestly yeah, I 100% agree that was the reason why it wasn’t violent and such. 

I agree as well. I hope this has inspired people to help out with other causes and to recognize privilege. Although if you’re going to a protest people have to be very careful to be respectful and not cause more damage. 

Mod Bethany

A New Series

I know a lot of you liked Thirty-Six hours, but that plot is complicated as all fuck and I don’t have the passion for it. Tbh I should have kept it as a one shot, so I’m just going to scrap it.

However, I have been mulling around with an idea for a new Reader x Mafia!Dazai on my alternate canon timeline. It’s darker and more appropriate for older readers–not that I’m going to stop anyone from reading it but I’ll tag/put warnings– and it explores more of the ‘what if’ aspect of Dazai remaining in the mafia and being given the choice of light or darkness without Odasaku having to die. 

I wrote a lot of my ideas for it down already, and it will be something I do between answering my inbox but I’ve had this idea for awhile and really want to try my hand at writing something gritty, dark, and more based on the inner turmoil of characters rather than the lighter side.

There will be smut and romance and a bit of angst regarding other characters of the series that are affected by this alternate timeline. It will heavily focus on the Dazai/Akutagawa dynamic as well as Dazai/Odasaku in the background but the main focus will be Dazai/Reader and the blossoming of that relationship. 

Ahhhh I don’t wanna give to much detail I’m just trying to warn ahead of time this isn’t going to be some cuddly cute nonsense~

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Hey! I recently received essay feedback on a degree essay which included "it sounds like you're trying too hard." What would you recommend for a better writing style?

It’s hard to know without reading the paper itself, but normally when I see this kind of feedback it’s because people are (1) using really big ‘impressive’ words when simpler words would work just as well, (2) writing really long complex sentences when simpler ones would actually increase clarity, and (3) throwing out terms they don’t actually understand. The idea that all academic writing should be dense and tortuous is actually really wrong. Nobody likes that kind of reading. The simplest way you can express an idea is the best way to do it.

New Admin Here!!

Hey guys!! I’m the new admin Kay, and I am so excited to be a part of this blog with you all :D I am a total dork who fell in love with Haikyuu!! after my friend practically forced me to watch it lol, I am glad she did though because I can’t get enough of these volleyball nerds! I am currently a college student (majoring in Animal Sciences), with a love for reading, writing, archery, and cooking! I am total trash for One Piece, Haikyuu!!, Kuroko No Basuke, Yuri on Ice, Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Noragami, and cartoons like Steven Universe and Miraculous Ladybug! My favorite Haikyuu!! boys are Bokuto, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Asahi! I wanted to be an admin to help enhance my writing skills, so I have no aversion to writing NSFW or Angst (I’m not very practiced in either so, forgive me!) and I would love to get feedback on how I am doing and what I should do to get better! I really hope you guys enjoy my writing, and I look forward to having fun with everybody~

~ Admin Kay (*≧▽≦)

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hi, do you guys know if i can start reading the books at the fifth one after watching the show, or will i be missing anything important? i read the first one and it was pretty similar to the show, i'd normally read all of them anyway but i'm curious to read the rest

I don’t think you would be confused if you started with The Austere Academy since, as you pointed out, the show did a pretty good job of adapting the books. It should be mentioned that the whole subplot of a “secret organization” existing in the background hasn’t really started yet at that point in the books, that Jacquelyn is (possibly) a show-only character and you won’t find any mentions of spyglasses in the text. 

- P.

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Harry and Louis should host a podcast where all they do is talk about their favorite books of the week plus in depth analysis of their favorite books (look I wanna hear what louis considers close reading vs harry), run monthly charity drives, talk about tea, movie recommendations and reviews, then to fuck with Niall they prank call him to voice concern over his unseasoned chicken

you don’t even know how much money i would pay to hear louis talk without inhibition about the psychopath test.


Partnered: Vive La France (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 2421

Summary: it’s mission time in France, and of course the reader and pietro are the best duo ever. they really should date.

A/N: back at it again with some Pietro. I’m living. loving. Ugh. Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Read part one, “Partnered” here!

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What you’re reading.

A week or so ago, I asked you all what you were reading. You know me. You know how curious I get! I got so many responses - which I will post under the cut below - and it was great checking out the books you are reading!

Is anyone else here reading your favourite book, or the same book that you are? Then you should definitely go and chat to them about it. It’s what booklr is for! Or are you stumped for ideas for what book to read next? Well, here a list of ideas.

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Miraculous Ladybug Fic Rec Time!!!

Broken Hearts Club by @frostedpuffs (Adrien breaks Marinette’s heart, Ladybug breaks Chat Noir heart, a Marichat friendship blossoms.) 

A Wolf By The Ear by @miraculouspaon (The HawkNath soulmate AU we all needed.)

Meant To Be by @insanitysscribblings (Adorable reincarnated soulmate AU that will hit you in the FEELS)

The Diamond in the Rough by @miraculouspaon (aka the Aladdin AU everyone should read) 

The Twelve Dates of Christmas by @krzed (a Chloe/Nathanaël fic inspired by an AU created by @gigiree. It’s not Christmas anymore but I’m all for cheesy romantic comedies and a redemption arc)

Rouge Allure by @gabriel-fucking-agreste (GabeNath soulmate AU. ft. a jealous Mama Agreste)

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so I just finished the grisha trilogy and was wondering on your opinion of the darkling.... because I'm shocked people like him and ship him with alina etc. I mean he's kind of unredeemable in my eyes because of all the manipulation exploitation and literal war crimes he's committed. what are your thoughts on him?

I agree with you for the most part. I definitely do NOT ship him with Alina, because I viewed it as an extremely abusive and manipulative relationship. He’s certain irredeemable, but also is still morally gray in a sense. He can’t be forgiven in my eyes, but still had just enough of a hint of goodness to make him an interesting character to read. 

I think all characters– especially the main ‘hero’ and main ‘villain– should be morally gray. Anything otherwise is just unrealistic and hard to get behind.