you shitbird

literally my least favorite thing in the fandom discourse is the “are you a survivor using that for coping” thing

because i am a survivor and no, i’m not using that for coping. i’m writing and reading the content i like because I LIKE IT. if i wasn’t a survivor, i would STILL like the work and you would still be an asshole for casting aspersions on me for the fucking fanfic i read and write without knowing anything about me, you childish shitbird.

if anyone asks you if you “use it for coping” about anything, I highly recommend you just reply, “NAAAAH! 8D” and nothing else. fuck ‘em.

But if you’re tagging it with the ship for blacklists, AND YET still posting it in the main tags? You are failing on your half of the deal.

christ i hate these people

“no, see, because I don’t like your ship, you are not allowed to use the main tags. because i said so, and if you disagree, you’re literally the Great Satan”

get fucked, my shipping preferences or kinks do not exclude me from the fandom, and if you have a pairing blacklisted, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM

gooooood i cannot. i just cannot. fuck the fandom police and the antis, get the fuck off my lawn and lurk moar before you participate in fandom, you entitled shitbirds.