you shipped this before you even knew what shipping was

  • Yann: I have an idea. It's very uncool.
  • Yann: It's not illegal, technically, but it's still a dick move.
  • Rose: I love it.

Every inch of you is perfect from the

to the

I promise!

Fandom: Star Wars

Chapter/ One-shot: One-shot

Characters: Pregnant!Reader x Cassian Andor, Wedge Antilles, Chirrut Îmve

Words: 1689

Warnings: Spoiler alert: Rogue one spoilers! 

A/N: This became a lot longer than I thought it would be. Sorry about the ending, I kind of fast forwarded it because everyone who has seen the movie knows what happens and I’m not good at rewriting stuff (plus it has been a few weeks since I last saw Rogue one so I don’t remember everything). And right now I do not have a longer story about [Y/N] background.. :) 

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You had been feeling nauseous lately and you had been late with your period. Even if you already knew what was going on you still wanted some confirmation about it. You were sitting on the bed in the medical bay, waiting for the medical droid to come back with the answers.

“Miss [Y/N], congratulations, you are having a baby” the droid said when it came back to the room. The droid told you that you were on your ninth week pregnant. You didn’t know how to react but you smiled at the droid before thanking it and left. Now you were worrying about how to tell your boyfriend, Cassian, about it. He was on a secret mission right now and you didn’t know when he would come back, in the meantime, you continued to do your work at the base. You did a little bit of everything, sometimes you were helping out with the ships and sometimes you were behind the desk, so to say. You were now helping Wedge Antilles, your best friend, to fix something on the wing of his x-wing when you saw Cassian’s ship land. You excused yourself and went to greet him. They had a petite woman with them but you didn’t recognise her.

“Hi” you said when you met Cassian. He took you in for a hug and kissed your forehead.

“Hi, sweetheart” he whispered softly and you chuckled.

“Captain, stop messing around, we have a meeting to attend to” you heard the familiar voice of K-2SO. Cassian sighed before he let go of you.

“Hi Key” you greeted the droid.

“Hello Miss [Y/N]” he greeted you back.

“Sorry, I will see you soon” he said and quickly kissed you before he left. You smiled as you watched him walk away and soon you went back to help Wedge to fix on his x-wing. Moments later you heard Cassian call out your name and you turned around to see him jog towards you.

“Cassian” you gasped when he took you in for a hug again.

“Sorry” he whispered. You chuckled softly. Not so long ago he didn’t want to show to anyone his soft side. There you stood hugging again when you heard K-2SO walking closer.

“I’ve been looking for you, Captain” the droid said and you sighed.

“Key, give us a moment here” Cassian said, a little annoyed about K-2SO always interrupting you two.

“Very well, I’ll go and prepare the ship. We’ll be leaving soon.” the droid said before it left.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked Cassian with a sigh.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just about to tell you” he answered you. You looked up at him with a sad look on your face. He tucked your hair behind your ear and smiled weakly at you. You knew deep inside you that this was going to be a hard mission but your instincts told you that he would come back.

“I love you” you said as you looked lovingly into his eyes. Cassian smirked a little.

“I love you too” he said and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss wasn’t long but it was full of love.

“I have to go now” Cassian said and you nodded.

“Be safe and come back home” you told him and he smiled. He kissed you quickly before he left to the ship. You noticed that the woman he had brought with him was leaving with them but you didn’t think more of that. You watched as the ship flew away before you went back to yours and Cassian’s quarter.

As soon as you heard that Cassian was coming you ran to the docking bay to greet him. You didn’t have to wait so long when you saw a ship land. It wasn’t Cassian’s U-wing and you started to worry a little but when the ramp fell down and you saw Cassian you let out a breath. You ran over to him and threw your hands around his neck. He chuckled as he took you in for a hug. He leant in for a kiss and the kiss was full of passion.

“Hey” he said as you stopped kissing. You smiled as you greeted back.

“I missed you” you told him and he hugged you tighter and kissed your forehead.

“I missed you too” he whispered. Cassian had to go to a meeting again and he rushed away to get there in time. You walked over to greet the new arrivals. You learned that their names were Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe and Bodhi Rook. You noticed that Chirrut were blind and he told you about the force helping him see. He also told you what happened on Jedha and Eadu. You sighed but you knew that Cassian did all this so that the resistance could be one step closer to save the galaxy from the empire.

“Is Cassian the father?” Chirrut suddenly asked you and you stared at him with your mouth open.

“How do you know?” you finally asked him after a moment of silence.

“The force is strong with your child, and also with you” he told you calmly. You quickly glanced up at Baze who shrugged his shoulders.

“The force works in mysterious ways” Chirrut continued and you looked back at him again.

“Yeah, well, there has been a jedi in my family. My grandfather was a jedi, and my mother used to tell stories about him when I was a child. I never became a jedi because the jedi-order got destroyed when I was just an infant” you explained to him and he listened carefully.

“I see. Who was your grandfather?” he asked.  

“His name was Qui-Gon Jinn”.

“Aah, I’ve heard about him” Chirrut said. You smiled at him. You saw that Cassian was walking towards you.

“You have to tell him” Chirrut said and you answered with a yeah.

“Hi” you greeted Cassian when he arrived. He greeted you back but soon asked you to leave them for a minute. And you did. Moments later you saw the petite woman, whose name you had learned was Jyn Erso, talking with Chirrut and Baze and soon you saw that Cassian had gathered a group of rebels and they were all talking with Jyn. You stood there watching them. When they were ready, Cassian came over to talk to you.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked and you felt a lump in your throat.

“Yes, we have decided to help Jyn get the Death Star plans.” he said and you felt tears in your eyes. “And it is probably going to be a one way trip” he continued and you started sobbing. He took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. Soon you pulled away from him and you wiped the tears of. You looked into his eyes.

“Just promise me one thing” you begged him as you reached your hand to his chin and he leaned in to your hand.

“Anything” he said.

“Promise me that you will get back home again, in one piece.” you said and you reached your hand towards his and guided his hand to your stomach. “Promise me that you will get back home for us” you continued and the tears started falling again but you were smiling at him.

“Are you pregnant?” he gasped and stroked your belly. You nodded and let out a small giggle. “I love you” he continued and you tried not to start crying again.

“Promise me” you begged.

“I promise” he promised and you hugged each other. “Thank you” you whispered. You pulled away from the hug and gave a quick kiss to each other before he left to the ship. You saw Chirrut on the ramp smiling at your direction and you smiled back at him even if you knew that he didn’t see it. Cassian gave you one last look and you waved your hand at him. You watched as he disappeared into the ship and it took away. You ran up to the control room to wait for answers.

“What is your boyfriend up to?” one of the workers there asked you.

“Honestly, I have no idea” you answered him. You sat down beside him.

You were waiting for some answers and it felt like an eternity. You heard that the Alliance fleet went to support them.

“Your girlfriend seems nice” Jyn said to Cassian when they were onboard of the ship.

“She’s the best” Cassian told her with a smile. Jyn smiled back at him. They finally arrived to Scarif and they were lucky enough to get through the gates. Jyn, K-2SO and Cassian managed to get to the Citadel Tower.

After everything that happened in the Citadel Tower, Cassian and Jyn limped to the beach.

“I promised [Y/N] that I would get back” Cassian said to Jyn when they sat down. Jyn smiled and looked at him. “She’s pregnant” he said before he continued “And I love her”. He looked at Jyn with tears in his eyes and a weak smile on his lips. “But this was worth it” he said and turned his head to look at the Death Star as it fired the superlaser towards the planet.

“[Y/N]” someone shouted. You saw that it was Wedge who ran towards you. He was short of breath when he came to you and before he spoke he tried to catch his breath again. He looked at you and you could already guess what he was about to say but you didn’t want to believe it. He sat down beside you and took your hand in his. He looked into your eyes before he spoke. “I am so sorry, [Y/N]”. You stared at him before it hit you what he had just said and that’s when the tears started falling down your eyes. Wedge took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. “I’m sorry” he whispered. Now you had to raise your child alone but you would always tell your child about his/hers dad who was a hero that saved the rebellion.

“...You’re Such A Cutie.”

Requested by an anon. Cheers!

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You and Zico, inseparable. The both of you just couldn’t live without each other. You were his second half, and he was your second half. You’ve known Jiho since, well birth! Your mother and his mother were great friends, they went to the same school. You two were only a couple of months apart. He was only a few months older than you. (A/N: If he’s not, sorry!) And of course he loved to hold that over your head to make you call him Oppa. You weren’t the girl to call any man, “Oppa.” And he knew that. He just loved to tease you. You thought nothing of it. After all, he was like the brother you always wanted anyways. You didn’t mind the teasing. Except for when it came to your dating choices.

Jiho hated every man besides your father that you ever touched! He didn’t care if they were your cousin or not. He hated them. Hated every boyfriend you ever had. He even hated that he wasn’t your first kiss nor was he your first time. Jiho loved you with a passion. He’s dated other women to get over you, but they weren’t you! There was just something about you he never ever saw in other girls. He didn’t even wanna look for another girl. He just wanted you.

The public compared your group to his. And you of course were the female version of Zico. Before people even knew your damn name, they knew you were the female version of the beloved underground turned idol rapper. You didn’t mind the comparison, nor did you mind your ship. Yes, the world shipped the two of you together more than they shipped peanut butter and jelly. (A/N: What in carnation) But today he was having an interview. You of course were going to be in the small audience watching him, just like you did every event that you could go to of his. You sat in the back row with sun glasses, a hat, and a face mask to hide your identity. You were there alone. He knew you were coming, so he was the one who suggested the back row to make sure no one saw you. The mature adults sat in the back while the youngest fan boys and girls sat in front. Most of them were trying to be quiet. The ones that weren’t, were told to be quiet or they would have to leave. So of course they shut up. They just wanted to see their Zico Oppa in person. 

The interview was pretty much just like his other interviews. Progress, Emotions, Ideal Type, you know the basics. But then the MC wanted to take it up a notch and bring out the truth. “Zico, you and best friends with fellow idol rapper, Y/N. Is that correct?” The MC asked. “Of course. I grew up with her. We’re like brother and sister.” He said shifting a little in his seat. “You look like you’re hiding something. Do you want to tell us the truth about your friendship with Y/N?” He looked toward the back row to see if you were really watching, then faced toward the camera. “You’re right. There is more to my friendship with Y/N. I, Woo Jiho, am in love with Y/N.” The room was fully of gasps. You even gasped through the mask covering your mouth. You quickly stood up and rushed out of the back doors. He saw you run out. “Y/N!” He shouted running after you. Running straight through the crowd. Finally he caught up to you once you were outside in the open parking lot. Luckily there was no one there. He grabbed your wrist and forced you to look at him. 

“Yah! Why did you run?” “You did you lie about loving me?!” You shouted back at him. “Lie? You thought I was lying?” He asked. “We all do something to get more attention. What? Did your label tell you to say that?” “No! No! You’re taking this to wrong way. Y/N, I really do love you.” You didn’t believe him. Many men have said they loved you but in the end you were the one heartbroken. You turned away from him and hit yourself three times. “Why am I so stupid?!” You asked yourself aloud. You covered your eyes with both hands to hide the tears that were forming. “Why do you think you’re stupid? Is it because I love you? Or is there something you’re not telling me?” He asked putting a hand on your shoulder. You took a deep breath and wiped away the tears. You turned around and stared him in the eyes. “Do you really love me?” You asked sincerely. “Yes! How many times do I have to say it?!” 

You pulled him into a hug. It was warm. You loved this new feeling. You couldn’t describe how happy it made you. “I love you too, Jiho.” You admitted. He chuckled. “I knew it.” You could feel the vibrations from his chest. “You know people are gonna believe we’re dating now, right?” You questioned. “Yeah, I know. At least I can say you’re my girl.” You snuggled your head deeper into his chest. “You’re such a cutie.” You commented. “I know, jagi. I know.” 

We hope you enjoyed. Sorry for any mistakes. Thank you for requesting. Keep em’ coming. That request box is always open. Admin Kai and Admin June

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So the CS wedding is finally happening .. I binged watched OUAT before S6 so I didn't get to spend much time in the fandom so I thought it'll be fun to relive CS moments with CSers who were there from the start! When/how/why did you know that CS was the ship for you? What are your top three romantic CS scenes? What are you top three angsty CS scenes? What are your top 3 CS kisses? What is your most memorable CS related fandom moment? What is one thing you would still like to see happen with CS?

Wow. I never thought I’d get questions like this, give me some time, will ya?

Haha nope, I’m kidding. Also, this will be filled with gifs, so beware *gifs not mine, credit to all owners

I knew they were THE ship for me when Killian turned his ship around and decided to stay and help (even though it was too late by then since the device used to destroy SB was already taken care of). As well as Emma’s words in Granny’s diner that had an effect on him before

“You can join us and be a part of something, or you can do what you can do best, and be alone.”

And even after.

I thought you didn’t care about anyone but yourself.”

There’s also the fact that since we’ve known Emma, up until that point and even during early season 2 she had these walls up to keep people out, to protect herself from getting heartbroken again. Then this man comes along and turns her world on its axis.

Then we have him pretty much reading her like an open book

Have you ever been in love?

No. I have never been in love.

Gosh making me think about Tallahassee makes it obvious from the start, doesn’t it? Hell their whole adventure in that episode was the best.

When they were first one screen together, you can automatically sense that chemistry, that they’re pretty alike in the things they do or say. Even the way they parallel each other is a bonus. They’re kindred spirits. I pretty much thought he was a jerk with a cocky attitude and that made me love him, to be honest. I’m a sucker for a bad boy meets girl and falls head over heels and becomes a better man not only for her, but mostly for himself.

(You’re really making me work for this.)

Top 3 romantic CS scenes?

1. Their first date

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2. Their 2nd proposal 

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3. Their 2nd dance in Camelot.

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Bonus moment, but it hasn’t happened: Obviously their wedding!

Top 3 angsty moments? - Come prepared with some tissues.

1. His first death in Birth

2. His second death in Swan Song

3. The elevator of tears in Firebird

Top 3 kisses?

1. The “I love you.” lift kiss in An Untold Story

^^^ Oh look it’s my good friend, Foreshadowing. Isn’t it great?

2. The “You traded your ship for me?” “Aye.” Captain Swan Movie kiss

3. The now that we’re alone kiss aka the leg is up and the booty will be grabbed kiss in The Savior

Most memorable fandom moment?

It’d be probably have to be when we can all freak out when we get a spoiler relating to CS, whether it be a small one, like a script tease that sometimes might not even make it in the episode or a big one like the wedding being announced in the musical episode as well as first look at her wedding dress. We tend to lose our shit a lot. I really love that.

And finally, a CS moment that hasn’t happened yet that I’d like to see?

Well my obvious answer would have to be Captain Swan tacos/coffee/sexy times whatever you want to call it lol. I would also say their wedding, but since we’re getting that, I’ll remove it from the list. I guess I’m gonna have to go with a Captain Swan baby. I mean, have you seen these two? Their baby would turn heads.

every day we just go, go (baby don’t go)

this one was prompted by @vesperlionheart as villain!hashirama and a villain/hero dynamic. hope you enjoy!

Victory coats his throat, thicker and sweeter than any mead in the world as the sails become apparent upon the horizon.


Gorge rising, Hashirama collapses his telescope and nods briskly to his boatswain. The man snaps to and steps away to alert the crew.

“Are you well, Commodore?”

Hashirama’s eyes flash as he turns to his brother. Tobirama lowers his gaze in deference but he stands near him still. “It is high time to bring the wayward Uchiha scion to heel.” His lips twist, curling into a cruel sneer. “I will not rest until I have him hanging in the gallows. He has led his house to ruin.”

Tobirama pulls free his pistol and begins cleaning it, knowing what they are about to face. “One bad seed does not a bad family make.” He frowns, eyeing the trigger before fiddling with it. “The Uchiha family was rotting from within long before Madara. It is the only explanation for the way so many of them have taken upon piracy.”

Hashirama’s heart squeezes as he remembers days long since gone: playing at swords with sticks, skipping out on important social events to explore the briny caverns near his childhood home, even their hushed conversations in the barracks as they started training. Madara was the shining star of the academy; the jewel in the Queen’s crown.

And yet…

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Why did you start shipping caryl?

well, i technically was shipping them before i even knew what shipping and fandom actually were. i basically started shipping them because from early on you could kind of tell that daryl had a soft spot for carol. it kinda threw me off because at first i was like, “daryl and this lady…would they (tv + hollywood) do that???” i was pretty much here for it from the beginning. i fell for the ship when daryl covered up when carol came into the room, going on about his stitches and whatnot. at that point, we didn’t know his backstory and the abuse he endured, so, i originally took that scene as daryl being extra and that he needed to calm down because no one was looking at him (lol). then when carol hit daryl with the “i can’t lost you too” and he was kind of taken aback by her words. daryl lashed out but then next we saw him full blown apologizing to her with an entire Cherokee rose bush. that was something i didn’t expect from him at that point in time. and while he’s there apologizing and trying to restore hope into about finding sophia, there’s a moment where she’s convinced and she stares intently at the rosebush and he’s watching her and listening to her words. in that moment, daryl smiles the tiniest of smiles as he’s looking at her and hearing that she’s hopeful. daryl was the one to really keep her hopeful and keep her going for that and there she was listening, appreciating, and accepting his words and that shit had me all fucked up. so, i’ve been here ever since. daryl and carol are each others day ones. they have just been riding with each other from day one and i’m gonna be here riding with them as well.


Night Glo.

I don’t care, it feels like magic between my fingertips.

One of these days, you are going to wake up in the middle of the day when the light hits you right, when the sunset pools over the horizon like an oil spill.

We are made of moments like these: listen, turn down the bass and listen. The ships are leaving and we always were port children; learned what sea salt was long before we even knew how to pronounce it. Listen, no, I mean, actually listen because here is your skin and it’s warm long after sundown, and here is your heart – this is a bird trapped in your chest. The ships are leaving and you must come with them.

Now the night glows around us but we’re good. God knows these streets never loved us but we loved what we had, the fading glow, the pulsating heart under our bare feet. If I could bottle this feeling, I’d pick a vial and label it sugar sweet. If it killed me, I’d just laugh it off.

This summer left all of us with mouths full of gravel. I used to wake up angry but now I’m just coming home. The darkest parts of us are suddenly illuminated and we do not know what to do with it; we do not know what fireworks are, we do not know what redemption is, we know nothing except that we are a revelation away from finding the truth.

We are still a prophet short but the fluorescent glow looks like a beacon at last.

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Hi same annon who asked for you to analyse kyungsoo thank you I think may have misjudged kyungsoo way of affections to jongin now that I did but more research on how reacts to jongin and other members and how most members try to spilt them up I think their relationship is more then just close friends thank you once again!! By the way can analyse both of them more depth? Did you happen to know other people are trying make other ships real just to block kaisoo out of the way?

Hi anon :) welcome back !

It’s okay dear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your mind about something. I’m just humbled that I managed to help you view things in a different light. 

You know, to be honest with you, I’ve always found Kaisoo relationship to be questionable, even before I knew what shipping was. Something about them felt ‘different’ in a way. I had wondered for a long time why I was getting that feeling from and I came to realize that it was my subconscious picking up a certain ‘vibe’ from them. It was that sort of vibe that I , myself, didn’t even understand back then. I have always had intuitive tendencies and it’s hard to shut them off even in my own social relationships, especially with first impressions and the such. I’ve learnt that ignoring them what the biggest mistake I could do and that was proved to me over and over with personal exprience. That’s how it started for me and then I discovered that I wasn’t the only one picking on that. Later, I learnt what shipping meant and what was the Kaisoo fandom. It has been more that 5 years for me and I still believe that there is something more than just platonic feelings between Kaisoo. I will continue holding on to my intuition in that respect.

Yes, I am well-aware of those so-called exo fans who seem hell-bent on destroying the Kaisoo fandom. I come across them so often ( in places like that I have become entirely immune to their breed. they receive this immense sadistic pleasure from making you feel like the scum of the earth for shipping two people together (and for valid reasons nonetheless). You can ship any other pair possible in Exo and it’s all good but the moment you drop the word ‘Kaisoo’. You find yourself instantly crushed under this waves of unreasonable denial and unexplainable anger from, pretty much, every corner of the forums. Back in OneHallyu, a Kaisoo thread was established and thought to be a safe place for kaisoo shippers to discuss the ship and share pics/vids and generally be themselves and yet, that didn’t stop outsiders from coming in and poisoning the thread with their hatred and judgmentalism. They still do it to this day and the Kaisoo thread now has become as dead as it can ever be.

 Long story short, if you’re going to become an open Kaisoo shipper, you need to learn to grow a thick skin and to tune out the unexplainable hate you will come across on the daily. A year ago, I had an argument with a Kaistal ‘fan’ that almost made me quit the Kpop fandom all together. She was so hateful and aggressive towards me that I had difficulty wrapping my head about what she was saying. After disrespecting Kyungsoo with all sorts of fucked up nonsense ( like : he is ugly, he’s fat and Kai will never choose him over Krystal and so on), she went ahead and literally begun to insult my person with the classic : ( ignorant cunt, bitch, and stupid whore..). Right after that, I quit OneHallyu. 

I can’t stress it enough to you and to all the fellow kaisoo shippers, DON’T you ever let hateful excuses of human beings poison what you love. Shipping is something meant to bring you joy and pleasure, not agony and misery. Ship whatever couple you like, enjoy it and fuck anyone who tries to make you feel like shit for it. 

What being a Kaisoo shipper taught me most importantly that anything else is to never hate. Don’t hate on Chan*soo, Bae*Kai or any other ship. Respect other shipping fandoms in the same exact way you respect your own. Don’t hurt others and don’t make them feel bad for loving what they love. Learn your own limits, that’s always a good thing. Don’t blind yourself with your own obsessiveness that every other ship become a threat to yours. Ship what you love and let others ship what they love. 

I’m so sorry that this turned into such a long rant  but I guess I wanted to get it off my chest. I’m getting such sweet encouragement from many lovely people out there about individual Kaisoo analysis and I think I owe it to everyone to do so. I will start on it :)

If you haven’t checked them yet, I made 2 detailed previous body language analysis on Kaisoo and here are the links for the first and for the second. I promised I will do a third and it is in my list of thing to do. It’s just a matter of finding time between part-time jobs and school. 

Thanks again dear for stopping by. Wish you the loveliest of days <3 Stay positive ;)


Okay okay so Zuko and Katara are basically yin and yang because Zuko was dark but carried good deep inside him and Katara was light but held anger in her heart and together they represent balance which is the entire premise of the show and I mean COME ON.

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everything ending in 7!

7: What creeps you out the most?

Leeches. Always. They’re disgusting.

17: Do you often wake up in the middle of sleeping?

Okay not normally, but recently I have been? It’s very annoying tbh i just want a full night ugh

27: What was your first ship?

In childhood? Okay this is going back a long way but it was from Winx Club and I totally shipped Bloom and Skye before I even knew what shipping was.

In terms of tumblr, probably Destiel.

37: Heels, sneakers, or boots?


47: Showers or baths?


Welcome to the Finalizer!

Title: Welcome to the Finalizer!

Words: 3675

Summary: You are Hux’s wife and have two children together, they’re copying Phasma and Ren, you’re fed up with the rivalry between your husband and Ren and you really should learn to reveal your secrets properly.

Warnings: Fluff! Phasma and Reader are bros in this. Matt the Radar Technician makes an appearance!

Thanks to the brilliant @elenawrit who was my inspiration in this!!!

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I just saw this post that was like, “okay but what about popular cheerleader with a secret crush on the weird girl that everyone bullies.” 

And 1) A+ concept and 2)when I was an actual tween, way back in 90s before I even knew what shipping was, I shipped Sue Snell/Carrie White.

I stand by that ship to this day.

I Can Feel You // Ben Solo

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader

Fandom: Star Wars 

Word Count: 4.7K

A/N: This is part 1 of many parts, it will be somewhere around 16 parts maybe? This is mostly background information about Ben & the Reader. I was going to wait to post this until I had every part done, but I want feedback, so posting it early it is. Enjoy! 

Summary: Ben & Reader have a force bond, a very strong one at that. When Reader is sent on a mission for The Resistance, things don’t go as planned. 

(Ao3) (Part 2) (Masterlist)

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“You have to be polite (Y/N), do you understand?” Your mother asks you for the thousandth time since you’d left Coruscant. “I have to be polite.” You repeat and nod while smiling up at her. “Good girl, there is going to be a lot of people, okay? Mommy and Daddy need to talk to someone very important, okay? So you’re going to go with a Jedi master.” Your eyes nearly popped out of your head. Ever since you were a child, you’d been admiring the Jedi, and what they can do. “His name is Master Luke, okay? He is going to bring you with him to train with one of his Padawans, so you have to be good, and listen to Master Luke, do what he says.” You nodded your head frantically, growing more excited with every passing second, your parents had always said you’re force sensitive, but you had only been able to move something small once or twice in your life.

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Anon Summary: In which are reader and Leonard were meant to be but life happen. Are the feelings still there between after so many years? Or has our reader moved on?

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Anon Request: Could you do a imagine of being a ex-something to Leonard (and when I say ex-something i mean in that they almost dated and there was mutual attraction but never did) and she has moved on and while with the Legends, they go like 3 years in the future and they need her services so they find out she is engaged and Sara (her BFF) and Kendra want to know who it is and Leonard is annoyed and idk what else… if this doesn’t make sense please ignore it 

Warning: Fluff


You didn’t know how you’ve ended up here. One minute you’re reading online how to make the perfect tuna salad and the next you’re holding on the side of a rail for dear life as Leonard yells for you to stay down.

To understand what’s going on, lets go back to the beginning of your day. You woke up feeling like shit. Your fiance was already gone when you woke up so you didn’t care that you had the bathroom door open while you threw up yesterdays breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Even though you were sick, you still managed to clean yourself up and head to work. “Stopping bad guys isn’t going to do it’s self.”

You were apart of a team formed by some interesting characters, the Justice League. Even though you weren’t born with or given any special abilities, you did have a vast knowledge on time and historical events, which landed yourself a spot on the team thanks to Barry Allen, aka The Flash.

You’ve been apart of the team for the past 3 years now and you could say you wouldn’t have it any other way, even though your fiance would prefer you not be so close to danger all the time, he still respected what you do for a living.

“Need I remind you that you put yourself in danger every single day too.” You told him one night. He just shrugged and gave you a smirk.

“Can’t argue you with that.”

You thought you could make it in but you only made it to your living room before you feel face first on to your couch, feeling the urge to throw up again.

You weren’t sure how long you were laying there but when you finally woke up the sun was already setting. You sit up and check you phone, a few miss calls and texts from Bruce, Kara, Barry and a few other friends. You go to change into a pair of black leggings and one of your fiance blue tshirts before you hear a knock at the door.

“Just one second.” You say, shuffling through the living room before going to the first door, opening it and staring at the group standing in front of you.


“Hey Y/N..”

You break into a smile as you pull your best friend Sara into a hug. “I haven’t seen you in forever. Are you okay? Did something happen to Laurel or Oliver?” You ask, almost in a panic until you take a good look at Sara and the rest of the group. Sara looked a bit younger and her hair is the same length it was a year ago. You look over and see Kendra standing behind her in a hawk-girl armor and not in normal clothing that shows off her baby bump.

You places a hand on your forehead. “You guys are from the past.” You let out, shaking your head a little.

“Hell Y/N, sorry for stopping by unexpected but we’re going to need your help.” You look towards Rip, seeing that urgent look on his face.

You sigh, even though you weren’t feeling up to leaving the house you couldn’t turn your back on Sara, on your friends.


When you stepped foot on the ship, you were hit with deja vu. You’ve been on the ship a few times and on those time you helped Rip remodeled it but being back on it before the change felt different, especially because there was one Legend missing that you knew was aboard.

“What do you need help with Rip?” You ask, standing next to Sara.

Rip sighs before shoving his hands in his pockets. “We fought against Vandel but during it, Chronos showed up and between trying to stop him and Vandel, we lost the dagger used to kill him.”

Now it was your turn to sigh, not because this seems to happen to them so often but because you know who Chronos really is and you know that you can’t tell them. It’ll mess with the timeline.

“And I’m here because..?”

“Because this idiot doesn’t know where the dagger is.”

You turn around quickly towards the deep voice walking into the room. You feel your heart beating and you know Sara could probably hear it.

Leonard Snart steps into the room, still looking the same since the last time you’ve seen him, which was four years ago but you know in his time it was probably a week ago.

To say that just a little part of you missed him was an understatement. You’ve had feelings for Leonard since the day you’ve met him and you had no problem expressing it. It’s just the fact that, he wasn’t ready for anything serious with someone like you.

Leonard soon stands before you, his blue eyes gazing into yours.

“Hi Y/N”

You feel a small smile forming on your lips as you gaze back at him. “Hi Len.”


That night, you and the Legends team worked hard trying to find out where the dagger and Vandel is. While working, you couldn’t help but smile as you watch Kendra and Ray working together. You wish you could tell them that their future gets better, that it’ll be normal for them but you couldn’t.

“Cute couple huh?”

You jump a little when you see Sara leaning against the table, a small smirk on her face while she looks over at Kendra and Ray.

“I suppose.” You say softly as your gaze wanders over to Leonard who’s just a few feet away, sitting back in Rips office, his feet kicked up on the desk.

You look back down at the screen, tucking your hair behind your ear while you try to focus on your work but it hasn’t been easy with Leonard there.

The last time you’ve seen him was over four years ago and it was the night he told you he couldn’t be with you. It crushed your heart because you could of sworn he felt the same way about you but you were wrong.

For months you were both going back and forth with the flirting and teasing, a few stolen kisses here and there but there was never a moment where you both confessed your feelings until you did.

When Leonard let you down it was like something grab a hold of your heart and squeezed it hard. You ran out from his home that night, running as fast as you can. Running until you finally bumped into a man leaving from his office.

It was hard for you to get over Leonard because how are you suppose to get over someone you were never with. The man you ran into, James, helped you out a lot and it wasn’t long until you started developing feelings for him and soon you were together but you couldn’t help but shake the feeling that it was wrong to be with him when you already felt like you belong to someone else.

The sound of Sara’s voice brings you back to reality when you feel her nudging your shoulder. “Hello, earth too Y/N..”

“Sorry, sorry..I just got caught up in my thoughts.” You say, moving your hand through your hair, big mistake.

Sara grabs your left hand and lets out a small gasp. “Y/ that a engagement ring?” She ask.

You feel a small blush form on your cheeks as you try to pull your hand way. “No!-I men..yes but it’s not big deal!”

“No big deal!? It is too me.” She replies.

“What’s going on over here?” Kendra says with her friendly smile, which soon turns into a loud gasp when Sara holds up your left hand. “Oh my gosh, Y/N!”

“Shhh-” You try to get out but can’t as Ray soon follows suit right behind Kendra. His puppy-like smile soon turns into shock as he looks at the ring on your finger. “Y/N YOU’RE MARRIED!?”

Yup, that’ll do it.

After being surrounded by the Legends crew and asked a bunch of questions, Rip finally broke it up and you asked to use the restroom to try and get a breather.

When you finally leave out from the restroom, Leonard is there, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. He hasn’t really spoken much since you’ve got here, aside from the smart remarks sent Rip’s way.

You knew his silence had to do with Mick but also with you. You’ve notice the glances he’ll send your way when he thought you weren’t looking but once it was announced that you’re getting married, he didn’t look your way since.

Nothing was send between you two as you both stare at each other for a moment before you both turn to start walking back to the main room in silence.

Leonard soon stops and you stop as well, looking at him. “So..congrats on engagement.” He lets on dryly.

You nod your head a bit. “Thank you Len.” You say before you hold your breath, feeling Leonard grabbing  hold of your hand gently.

“Very expensive ring. Let me guess, doctor?” He ask, raising an eyebrow as you see a familiar smirk forming on his lips.

“Lawyer actually.” You say, standing up straight now as you feel your heart beating in your chest when his thumb strokes over your fingers.

“Hm, sounds rich.”

You can’t help but roll your eyes. “Money isn’t everything Len.” You say, pulling your hand away from his.

“Well, it is to me.” He says, putting his hands in his coat pocket.

“Yeah..I know.” You let out and the silence soon fall over you two once more but Leonard soon steps closer to you, his gaze never breaking from yours.

“You know that’s not true.” He lets out in a low tone as you bite your lip nervously while his eyes shift down to your ring finger once again.

“He’s a lucky guy Y/N..”

You hear yourself sigh. “Len..”

“I’m serious Y/N. Any guy would be lucky to have you.” He says gently, reaching for your hand once more.

“You had me before Len.” You says softly, looking back up at him as you feel his fingers brushing against yous.

He tilts his head a little. “And didn’t I screw that one up?” Before you reply, the ship shifts, knocking you both against the wall. You try to stand up but the ship shakes, keeping you back down.

“What the hell is going on!” Leonard yells out and soon the sound of gun fire coming from the main room is heard through the hallway.


“We’re under attack.” He says, pulling for his cold gun. “Hold on to the rails and stay put.” His hand lingers on yours a bit long before he gets up, using the rails to keep himself standing as he rounds the corner and out of sight.

Not long after that you see Jax and Stein stumbling through the halls, trying to keep their balance but Stein falls over. “Martin!” You get quickly as you can and make your way over to them.

“Rip told us to head too the back up ship!” Jax says, helping you with Stein.

“Where’s Leonard?” You ask, power walking with Jax, keeping Stein up.

“I don’t know, back there with Rip.” He says and soon the ship comes to a stop. Both you and Jax share a look before Sara, Kendra and Ray come running down the hallway.

“What the hell happened?” Sara ask, ready for a fight.

“Chronos. He came and attacked us.” Stein says, leaning back against the wall.

“What about Rip?” Ray ask, walking ahead of the group back to the main room. Once in, you spot Rip lean back against his chair, holding his side. Sara rushes over to check his wound while you help Stein in a seat before you look around.

“Where’s Len?” You ask, coming over to the rest of the group. “Rip, where’s Leonard?” You ask once more.

“Chronos.” Rip lets out. “He’s got him.”


And there’s another request down! I’m not sure if I’m going to make a part two or not. Kind of want too, kind of don’t I don’t know. I like leaving you guys with a cliff hanger! Also, I do have a masterlist where you can check out all the other fanfic all in one space! Click here!

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OTP? Calzona and Sanvers 

NOTP? Karamel always ever 

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5 favorite actors/actresses? Fuck ok. Viola Davis, Angelina Jolie, Brie Larson, Michelle Williams, and Chyler Leigh 

6 favorite characters who died/left the show? POUSSEY Washington, Callie Torres, Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, Jen Lindley (bc I’m dawsons creek trash), Cristina Yang

3 favorite characters from shows you stopped watching? Arizona Robbins, Olivia Benson, Emily Prentiss

3 favorite characters from shows that have ended? Kate Gregson, Rachel Green, Jen Lindley 

2 favorite shows you started in the last year? Shameless and Supergirl 

favorite tv show: I literally watch friends every night so probably friends

tv show you want to watch finish: AHS, the office, 

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Pretty sure this is one of the oldest ships I remember from our childhood even before I knew what shipping was (even though I shipped Daisuke with Hikari more back then xD). Back then you wrote that giant as fanfic (was in a fanfic?) - and on paper even and I’d see you carrying that folder round the playground :p 


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