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i hate that people think that we are having some petty ship war. this is not a ship war. my dislike for karamel doesn’t stem from me thinking my ship is better. it’s not a situation where multiple ships are good and it’s just a matter opinion. this isn’t a situation where multiple characters would be good for kara and it’s up to you to decide which character you like best. no this is an entirely different matter. this is hatred towards a ship that has become the centerpiece of the show, one that has stripped supergirl of everything that made it so amazing. a ship that is extremely toxic abusive and disgusting. a ship that is being shown to kids as a good healthy relationship. a ship that also has racist undertones and whose supporters defend and ignore everything that is wrong with it. not to mention the other half of the ship is a slave-owning misogynistic abusive asshole.

so, no. this isn’t some petty ship war and it would do you well to remember that simple fact.

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You mentioned in a post that fiction ≠ reality, but to kids it's not, fiction shapes how they see the world. Fiction is supposed to show them what's right and what's wrong. Adults who support adult/minor relationships make it had for children to distinguish that line if they haven't dealt with discourse (in the actual sense of the word) on serious subjects before. I can't make you stop shipping adult/minor ships, but I hope you consider what you're posting and the consequences that they have.

Is it fiction that shapes their perception or context?

I will agree that what we see in the media can influence us to some extent; a tragic movie can bring us to tears, just like a drama can educate us on matters across the globe, and propaganda has been used - even in modern day - to try and change the opinions of the masses to suit a greater power.

That being said, those things all rely on context: our tears spring from empathy, the education relies on a desire to be educated, and propaganda usually is on the back of a society willing to believe or being fed specific information from other sources. It’s like in children’s shows. We see Bart Simpson being strangled by his father, or Keith name-calling Lance, but children usually know these things are completely wrong.

They know not to imitate ‘Tom and Jerry’, because they have parents and teachers there to say: “it is wrong to hurt someone else”. They get time-outs on the naughty step, or a spanking in certain cultures, or just a long lecture … they usually have some trusted figure there to discipline and/or explain, so that everything they watch is through that same filter of understanding.

It’s why we need to supervise the media our children consume.

I think you are right: if this is the only discourse a child sees, it can have detrimental affects, but - massive ‘but’ here - where are the parents/guardians? Why are strangers on the Internet meant to parent the children of other people, whom they have not agreed to legally raise?

See, when we grew up, this was a constant discussion. We were taught basics of reproduction as soon as we asked questions. We were taught about ‘naughty places’ and ‘private places’. We were taught never to let an adult touch there. These discussions evolved over time, so - as a young teenager - we were taught about statutory rape, that even if we ‘want’ it that it’s still wrong, and so forth and so forth … 

We need to put the responsibility for raising a child on the parents.

Tumblr is 18+ on the app, 13+ on the website, I believe? While AO3 allows all content and explicitly states this, while having a tagging and rating system for you to make an informed choice about what you see. This means we have to lay responsibility upon the parents for not supervising or limiting the Internet activity of the child, instead of trying to infringe upon the rights of adults and remove their safe spaces to produce/consume art as they wish.

It’s basically a case of there being safe spaces for children, too, where they can discuss/consume art freely without coming across such materials, but that falls upon the parent to make sure that they are on the right websites … example, if I do not like porn then I avoid porn sites. If I don’t want to see shipping, I don’t go onto Tumblr or AO3.

What I’m advocating is personal responsibility. 

We need parents/guardians to stop the children from seeing these things, or for them (and schools) to provide a context to what they see … if a child knows that it’s fiction, just like child abuse in ‘The Simpsons’ or glorified violence in ‘Tom and Jerry’ is just fiction, they won’t normalise it and seek to emulate it. The answer isn’t to ban or censor such cartoons; no one would ever say ‘ban cartoons’, because they’re a part of life, but I think providing context to cartoons is absolutely key to these things.

One last example … 

I was around eight when “South Park” first came out; we watched it religiously as children, even with videos cassettes of it, because parents assumed that it was safe as all cartoons were for kids (that was their mistake and their fault as parents, because - like with shipping - the content isn’t the problem, but that it’s made accessible by parents unwilling to supervise their own children). 

In our case, we had massive context for what we saw (luckily, our parents were good on that score, which is part of why I always advocate teaching children, especially if you aren’t willing to supervise them). We never copied the bad language (some people I know today never swear; even I say ‘shoot’ or ‘darn’ as a general rule). No one I know copied the violence (I don’t have a single friend from that group who ever tried to kick a baby, for example). 

It was just entertainment. We laughed and enjoyed it, but we never copied it or held it up to a standard of normality … it was just a cartoon; we knew that, because our parents taught us that, as well as teaching us the behaviour in such cartoons was inappropriate in real life. This is why education is key.

If a child has parents that accidentally let them see Keith/Shiro, they should at least have the education and context to know that behaviour is inappropriate and should not be copied … it’s not up to shippers to stop creating such works, because the places we’re in are designed for adults or for all age-groups with explicit rules allowing such art. Now, if I went onto a children’s forum and posted such things -? Bad. On Tumblr -? Not so bad.

Sorry for the long essay back. 

We just need to realise that art/fanfiction isn’t the problem; the problem comes from parents/guardians not contextualising what children see, or preventing them from seeing it in the first place. We also need more safe spaces just for children, both moderated and supervised by responsible adults, so they have places to go that - well - aren’t Tumblr or AO3.  

  • Riverdale: *literally just started* *hasn't finished its first season yet* *it's still on its fetus stage*
  • Ant!s: If you're a woman or straight and you like slash fanfic it means you're fetishizing gay men and are therefore homophobic.
  • Fandom: ...So you're saying we should only read and enjoy straight fic?
  • Ant!s: NO OMG if you only like straight pairings it PROVES that you must be subconsciously homophobic what is wrong with you??
  • Fandom: ...Apparently everything, no matter what we do.

I’m convinced I’m never going to see as wonderful and snarky of a lesbian character like Ymir and it’s a damn shame another gay woman just “happens” to get killed off like it’s not even tragedy anymore it’s become a fucking trope.

She deserved better. That’s all. I don’t care about ships or whatever, just in terms of writing and as a character, she deserved so much better.

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What fic do you read when you're not quite up to snuff? Do you have a go to happy fic?

Ooh I have a few that I go to when I’m feeling down, mostly because it depends on the ship I want to read. 

5 Times Nursey & Dex Slept in the Wrong Bunks by Leslie_Knope
5 Times Nursey and Dex Hid From Chowder by Leslie_Knope

all I want to get is (a little bit closer) by ohmcgee
I Didn’t Say I Liked You by GeneratorCat
Name Calling and Pigtail Pulling by heartslogos
Next of Kin by GeneratorCat
The one with the selfies by ohmcgee
Tim Calls Dibs by RedRobinHood (IAmMelonlord)
Waynie and the Hood by MGNemesi

give me back my bad reputation by crashinmyimagination
Visible Traces by seakid

A Tentative Truce by Inell 
detectives stilinski & hale and the case of ust by stilinskisparkles
i feel you in every heartbeat by warlocks 
The Bet by Leslie_Knope
Those That Bump In The Night by bleep0bleep 

I just realized by answering that post I might kind of be pointing people to harass the OP or someone else on that list and I don’t want that so I hid it
But honestly if you think all my ridiculous sexual shallura and daddy jokes have always been totally and completely fine yet a single fluffy picture of adult shance makes you blow through the roof


take a second to think about what you’re really doing
And if you still think the second one is way worse honestly it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if you want to unfollow and block me

Imagine still trusting Mashima to deliver anything. Imagine calling his “reveals” good plot twists and not just lying to his audience in a cheap way.  Imagine believing Fairy Tail knows how to handle character development when it can’t handle even established relationships well. Imagine the concept that Mashima cares enough about his female characters to just respect them. Imagine thinking this manga is not the most “tell, don’t show” mess ever. 

  • Yang: Hey big daddy Belladonna! Meows it going?
  • Ghira: It's quite alright. Feeling purrfect.
  • Blake: I will actually pay you two to stop.
  • Ghira: Oh Blake, we're just kitten around!
  • Yang: Hah! You've gone and stunned me silent as a mouse!
  • Ghira: What's wrong Blake? Cat got you're tongue?
  • Yang: Oh the cat got way more than my tongue I'll tell you that-
  • Blake: (Screams of utter despair)
  • Ghira: Yikes, that was a particularly broken and defeated shout.

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So, I heard that that you guys (Papyrus and Undyne) "dated to cover up for alphys and sans. So, did you guys enjoy yourselves? ;)

Lol I’ll probably need to give a better explication regarding this whole “false ship”. 

They don’t have feelings for each other, no crush on each other, and will never be together. Sans and Alphys are the only one unique ship that is centered in my AU story and I strongly want to focus on that. Plus, it’s just weird for me to watch Papyrus “falling in love” with Undyne who’s older than him, not to mention she also holds the role of Captain while Papyrus is nothing but a pupil who’s willing to learn about how to become a Royal Guard, other priorities and such. Even if they’re friends and still hanging out with Sans and Alphys, Papyrus has a profound respect for Undyne after providing help and training. Imagine this same situation but with teacher and student…

Last of all, I do think they’d appreciate it very much if you don’t press them into that mushy stuff. They’re not like the original characters from Undertale game.^^ On other hand, I completely understand it’s for fun and many are excited, but at the same time it doesn’t feel right, ya know? 

Listen, I respect all AS ships, but I swear if I see one more SubaYume shipper who whines about lack of these two because of Ako in the latest episode, I’ll start to hate this ship. ((╬◣﹏◢))


GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite relationships [4/10] » Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley

“I’ve already told you!” Hermione said very angrily. "I’m going with someone else!” And she stormed off toward the girls’ dormitories again.

“She’s lying,” said Ron flatly, watching her go.

“She’s not,” said Ginny quietly.

"Who is it then?” said Ron sharply.

“I’m not telling you, it’s her business,” said Ginny.

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You're such a dumb bitch perpetuating a problem. Like bitch don't you see how disgusting it is that you ship Otayuri? What the actual fuck is wrong with you? How can you be such a fucking nasty human to write porn involving Yuri? Someone should put you on that list so people could avoid such scum like you.


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hey could you please do an extended thing of the hc for the fans shipping you with the wrong band member, where you're actually with 2D but muds plays it up for the press and bby blue gets mad and out them? THANK YOU YOURE SO GOOD

(Oh golly ^.^ thank you !!)

~ “This could not be happening..” 2D thought to himself. His fans were shipping you with Murdoc, the man who single-handedly ruined his life. 2D’s face fell into his hands. “Tha’s bullshit.” 2D mumbled. “Why da people ship y/n n’ Murdoc?! He’d be bloo’y awful!” 2D squealed into his mic. The interview wasn’t over yet but he so desperately wanted it to be.

~ Murdoc, on the other hand, thought this was just too good. He knew that it pissed 2D off so he played along with it. “Ya know, now that you lot have mentioned it, y/n has been looking pretty good lately.” He gave a smug laugh. He looked over at 2D and his face was red. Murdoc kept going, “I think I should make a move, would do you think 2D?” Murdoc gave his signature evil grin 2D. But that comment made 2D snap.

~ “DON’T AC’ LIKE YA GIV’ A DAMN ABOUT Y/N! YA BETTA KEEP YA NASTY PAWS OFF ‘EM!” 2D shouted. Everyone went silent. Then 2D realized that he had admitted to everyone that you two were dating. Meanwhile, you were backstage with your head in your hands because your boyfriend had just exploded during an interview and outted the two of you.   

~ After a few seconds, someone from the audience went, “I ship it!” And everyone started to agree saying that they shipped you and 2D. 2D smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head. Murdoc was laughing his ass off from 2D going off on him. You started to giggle yourself, poor 2D.

Imagine Your OTP- 2
  • *person A and B are camping, sitting by a campfire*
  • Person B: Let's gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song...
  • Person A: Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E- -S-O-N-G song...
  • Person B: And if you don't think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong...
  • Person A: But it'll help if you just sing along...
  • Person A and B: *at the top of their lungs* C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E- -S-O-N-G SONG! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E- -S-O-N-G SONG...!