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grounding exercises.

pidge-centric, 652 words
a birthday present for @pidgeslaptop

there’s a light breeze in the clearing that rustles the tall blue trees, blowing wiry branches to the side as if they’re made of nothing sturdier than fabric. navy leaves break off at their stems and float with the wind to meet the sparsely decorated bushes below.

the scent of the raw wood and dewy morning grasses fill pidge’s lungs as she breathes in once, twice, never too deeply so as to replace the inimitable metallic smells she’s so used to.

the air feels foreign to her, so unlike her computers and wires and fuses. she doesn’t belong here.

she stops in the middle of the clearing, a gentle goading hum in the back of her mind. she responds to her lion with a grimace, wondering briefly if green can even see it.

another breath of trees and distant smoke, and she falls backward.

her heart stutters at the movement, beating faster and faster with every millisecond that passes. her nerves scream at her that she’ll collide with the ground, that she’ll get hurt, that she’ll be knocked unconscious. she tries to ignore the screeching in her veins and the pounding in her heart, clinging with every shred of faith to the calm reassurance of her lion.

then a breeze blows under her back, lifting the hems of her shirt and caressing her hair. her descent seems to slow to a halt, and in that short moment which seems to drag on forever, she becomes the forest.

she can see every living creature around her, from the smallest insect to the ankle-high furry animals which reside under domes of intertwined branches. she becomes the animal inside the dome, burrowing deep in the ground, existing not alongside the plants but rather dependent on them, because of them.

she feels the roots connecting every tree in a labyrinth of dirt and vines, reaching up and twisting around her legs to ground her to the forest floor. her skin bursts forth with leaves and grass, blooming outward in alien blossoms colored in bright oranges and pinks and reds, seeming totally foreign and yet all too familiar. her fingertips become entrenched in earth, digging further into the ground until she’s buried her in the elements around her.

the forest hums around her a song she’s never heard, and yet she sings along in perfect time, her throat buzzing with the low sound. and as she does, her voice becomes the flowers and trees themselves, until she is no longer distinguishable from the life contained within the plants.

she is life.

the clouds peeking through the trees are shaded by the blue-gray mist that covers the planet. they break open and let the rain into the forest, water droplets pitter-pattering down through the leaves and falling onto pidge’s face. suddenly, time is real again, and she lands softly on the grass beneath her.

she is no longer buried in the dirt, instead resting on top of it. she can’t feel the roots and branches holding her down. the song of the forest no longer plays on a frequency she can hear.

she lifts a hand. it’s clean, devoid of the dirt she had felt encasing it only moments earlier.

there’s a soft nudge in the back of her mind, colored in green hues. it hums approval, the same song the trees had sung.

pidge pushes herself up, shirt clinging to her wet skin in the rain. her glasses are fogged over, raindrops falling down and blurring the world around her. her hair sticks to her face, and she runs a hand through it, pushing it back as she stands.

“let’s go home,” she calls to no one in particular, but her lion responds anyway with short amusement, almost a whoop of laughter in her mind. she smirks and trudges through the buildup of mud, out of the clearing and toward her lion waiting for her with an open maw.


Ya Mun’s got their Gabriel costume all ready for Halloween!!

Excuse the shitty quality, my parents don’t know how to clean their mirror \_(^-^)_/

Also, the pants may change, I was already wearing them when I got the shirt and jacket earlier. I was just making sure they fit.

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Fushimi is stranded after his house falls on Niki, the wicked witch of the east. The good witch of the north, Munakata, sends munchkin!Yata with him to Oz. They find the sleepy lion Mikoto, the scarecrow, and the tinman, and together have to defeat the other wicked witch.

Can’t think of a better way for Niki to die (though he could also be the Wicked Witch of the West too, so Fushimi could melt him). So Fushimi lives alone in his house in Kanshizume, his parents Niki and Kisa totally ignore him and leave him alone even when there’s a tornado in the area that could tear the house apart. Fushimi’s only friend is his tiny pet dog Akiyama who likes to ride in the basket full of unhealthy snacks that Fushimi carries around at all times. Finally there’s this really strong tornado that causes the house to be lifted up and transported away to Oz, where everything is awash in color filters and Fushimi is suddenly constantly covered by filtered blue light for reasons he’s not sure of. He steps out of the house with Akiyama and sees a pair of hideous cowboy boots that look suspiciously similar to ones his dad wears. That’s when all the munchkins of Homra (come on most of them are short not just Yata) start to cheer because the Wicked Niki of the East is dead.

Fushimi has no idea what’s going on and gets into a fight with representative of the Lollipop Guild Yata, who’s threatening to kick his ass when good witch Munakata shows up on a bridge of sparkles, declaring Fushimi a hero for saving Oz from the Wicked Niki. Fushimi just wants to go home because there’s no wi-fi here, Munakata smirks and adjusts his glasses as he tells Fushimi that the only way home is to follow the knife-brick road to where Weismann, the Wizard of Oz, lives but beware because the Wicked Witch of the West will surely come after him to get revenge for her husband and also possibly collect his inheritance and life insurance. Munakata also has Yata come along with Fushimi as a bodyguard and oh yes you should also take along the Wicked Witch of the East’s snakeskin boots because they’re magical and will help you on your quest. Fushimi’s just like no thanks because he’s not wearing his dead witch-father’s boots, that’s disgusting.

So Yata and Fushimi begin walking along the knife brick road with Akiyama tagging along in the basket of unhealthy snacks, while Yata wonders why Fushimi doesn’t put some fucking vegetables in there. He thinks they should stop at this nearby cornfield to pick some up, which is where the Scarecrow Totsuka is hanging out. He offers to come along with them because he’s really bored and wants to ask the Wizard for a hobby to keep himself busy. They also end up running into Tin Man Hisui who needs a heart to replace the giant gaping electrified hole in his chest and the lion Mikoto who doesn’t want anything except a good nap but gets convinced to come along by Totsuka and a very enthusiastic Yata. Together they all reach the wizard’s place where Fushimi discovers that Weismann is actually a hologram cast by a hack scientist named Shiro who wanted to make himself look taller. Shiro suggests if they can defeat Wicked Witch of the West Kisa then they’ll have enough resources for Fushimi to go home so he sighs and reluctantly goes to stab himself a witch. In the end Kisa melts after kidnapping Yata and Fushimi and being exposed to people actually showing affection for each other thanks to Yata fussing over Fushimi’s poor diet and inability to take care of himself. Eventually Munakata shows up again to reveal that Fushimi could have gone home all along if he’d taken the snakeskin boots but since he didn’t he’s stuck, Fushimi figures well it’s not so bad here my parents are dead and I can tease Misaki so may as well stay.

by Day6

It was a really hard day today
My heart aches for you
The only thing I can do for you
Is to be next to you, I’m sorry

You’re so pretty when you smile
So every time you lose that smile
Even if I have to give my all
I want to give it back to you

I suddenly remembered onew while listening to this beautiful song so here 💕

Yo fam we ought to talk. Don’t expect rock hard abs from idols. When they lift their shirts up- hope to see a nice plump lil tumtum from eating good and staying healthy m8. Aight? Aight.

My favorite thing is when an idol’s face shows up on the screen and the fans begin screeching, but the idol doesn’t know why they’re screaming all of a sudden, but then they go to look at the big screen and see their face and find out they’re the reason for the cheers and then they get all shy and don’t know what to do and-

omg just idols being loved and them being surprised/baffled at the amout of love shown towards them


Rejoice in all of this Black Girl Magic ✨

Boy Band...

I guess there’s this show called “Boy Band” that’s looking for the next One Direction cause there’s been a and I quote “void in the boy band world since their hiatus” and I watched this News Feed video on it and was like…really cause…

I think

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