you shine brighter than ever

i’ve seen hundreds of stars, but never one as bright as you. your shine is brighter than i ever knew possible. it’s blinding, but i never want to look at anything else.
you are my star, my love, my everything. i love you.


happy haechan day!

the happiest of days to nct’s main visual prince and vocal wonder, lee donghyuck! though hardships may have cast a shadow on that beautiful glow on yours, you always managed to shine through, brighter and more beautiful than ever. you’re adored and loved and i can’t wait to watch you grow into an artist just as great as the ones that you have always looked up to!! happy birthday ♥


☆.。.:*・happy 23rd birthday oh sehun

little one you shine brighter than any star out there ever could. you make my heart melt with your endless charm and love you never seem to run out of. you’re one of a kind and no one could ever take you place. no matter what anyone says your talent and determination beats it all. nothing can get in your way. you always remind me that it’s okay to be yourself and that you shouldn’t give up. thank you for everything you do. my world is a little brighter because of you. °☆.。.:*

You remember being a little kid looking out the car window? Seeing the pouring rain, overflowing. It seemed like it would never stop. But then in a second, it changes. The sun shines brighter than ever. You can even see a rainbow. I think life’s like that, the storm ends and gets replaced with something better in the blink of an eye.
—  killernarwhals 
Midnight Sky || C.B.

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Word Count: 1032

Pairing: Cheryl x reader

Summary: Being in a secret relationship with Cheryl is hard, but a cute date on your anniversary makes it worth it

Warnings: girl x girl kiss, Cheryl being a softie, fluff, one cuss word

Requested by @rainbow-salvatore : “Cheryl X fem reader. Fluff 5 xx

- Well, there certainly is one thing that’s more beautiful than these stars. -

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Basic transits meaning

 Feel free to add + correct something! I’m still learning about this so your help is amazing :)

I’ll cover the houses here. If you want to check your transits, here you have a tutorial by @astrologanize

Sun: focus, where you shine brighter than ever! Where the sun falls, it’ll be your main interest for a certain time. For example, Sun transiting your 11th house will focus on social life, friend groups and your dreams. Sun transiting your 6th house will be focused on routine and getting things done, rather than dreaming and being social.

Moon: this planet’s transits are really short (2 days approximately), so its effect is more like “daily mood” than big and meaningful cycles in your life. These transits show where your emotions are focused on, and where you may be more creative. I highly recommend to check the sign where the transit Moon is in! For example, Cancer moon is transiting in your 2nd house. That’ll mean you’re a lot more attached emotionally to your material goods, and you may buy too many things during this transit. Of course, this feeling only last for like two days so next week you might regret all the useless things you’ve bought…

Mercury: this planet’s transits tend to last one month aproximately. These transits show where your mental focus is, your mental state and what kind of subjects are you up to learn. Plus, it brings a lot of energy to the house’s activities. For example, Mercury transiting the 3rd house will be a lot more witty and will seek more mental stimulation than usual. It may be difficult to stop thinking and you may jump from one thought to the next fearly quickly. This is a good time to focus on mental activities, like school or college.

Venus: this planet’s transits last about one month. This transits tend to show where you feel more confident and social. If it isn’t in a bad aspect with any natal planet, it’ll be a good transit. Depending the house transit Venus is, you may be a lot more creative and artsy. For example, Venus transiting your 5th house will make you more prone to flirting without a clear objective, more like an entertaiment than a real affair. This placement is perfect for creative activities, like drawing.

Mars: this planet’s transits last about one month. This brings a boost of energy to the activities concerned to the transited house, and may indicate what drives you during that time. For example, Mars transiting your 9th house will be eager to learn, and motivation to travel and experience new things.

The following planets have a wider orbit around the sun, therefore, they stay longer in each house. Personally, I think their effects are way more crucial than, for example, the moon’s. 

Saturn: this planet’s transits last about one or two years. It is mostly seen as a hard aspect because it shows where one have work to do in order to reach a goal, where we don’t feel enough and it sometimes lead to insecurity and limitations. For example, Saturn transiting in the 10th house can make you feel useless in your career and vulnerable in front of others, and you might feel your work isn’t rewarded. This is a good time to work harder than ever and find holes in your public image and goals.

Jupiter: this planet’s transits last for one year. It shows where you find yourself luckier and happier, and what will help you to expand your life. This is generally seen as a good transit, not matter what kind of aspects it has with your natal planets. For example, Jupiter in the 12th house finds happiness and expansion through relaxing and spiritual ways, like meditation. This is a good time to analyze yourself and let your ego wash away.

Uranus: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. It brings change and mental energy. Change is abrupt and may be caused by a change of mentality or plain boredom. Uranus is here to start new things, to dare and to challenge you. For example, if Uranus is in your 1st house, you may feel you need to change your appearence and your identity may be challenged. This is a good time to change your style and re-create yourself.

Neptune: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. Where it is placed, things get burried. It’s a time where you are more creative, spiritual and confused at the same time. This transit paints a certain part of your life with fantasy. If Neptune is transiting your 6th house, for example, you’ll daydreaming a lot more than you’re used to and procrastination may take over your life if you don’t control it. This is a good time to make art though.

Pluto: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. Transformation is the key word for this transit. Where transit Pluto is placed, things (think about habits, cycles, etc) end in order to start new ones. Also, it can symbolize that your current habits will be transform permanently. Negative feelings may be regular in certain times. Things from the past may do a come back. For example, if Pluto is transiting your 7th house, several of your relationships and friendships may transform in something new, bad or good. Plus, some of your relationships may end and that will mean a new cycle, a “new” you. This is a good time to reevaluate your relationships and throw away the negative ones in your life.


Imagine going on a nighttime hike with Chris. Away from the city, the stars shine brighter than you’ve ever seen. When you reach the top, he says he has a surprise for you - he places his hands over your eyes and leads you through some brush. He gets you into position and finally takes his hand away to reveal a beautiful waterfall, lit up with fireflies floating all around.

Requested by @hides-in-the-shadows <3

Routine Part Two (Lin x Reader)

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the positive feedback on part one!! I’m really excited for this series and I hope that you’ll enjoy it!! 

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(Part One)(Part Three)(Part Four)

requested: yes :) (y’all are so sweet

Summary: Reader and Lin have to meet every two days to work on their play. Will they make it through the month without wanting to kill each other? Will it make them any closer or will it just make things awkward?

Warnings: Pride and Prejudice is mentioned a lot in this series bc why not (not in this part–just in the series in general), high school bullies, teen! lin being a jerk, reader being a jerk, just everybody being a jerk, dads embarrassing their children.


People who wanted to be tagged (for some reason that I don’t understand): @yayhamletnonstop @just-a-random-fandom-24

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You hear a knock on your front door at precisely 5:52, and you feel pleasantly surprised. You didn’t think he would actually show up on time.

“I got it, dad!” You scream to your father as you rush down the stairs.

You swing open the door and when you see him, you can’t help but gawk at his beauty.

Before you stands Lin with his headphones around his neck, his hands are fiddling with the strings on his light gray hoodie, and his eyes stuck on the welcome mat at your front door. Your heart swells a little at the thought of maybe wearing his hoodie, before you remind yourself what a jerk he is and how he isn’t worth your time. He doesn’t look up when the door is opened, so you clear your throat to get his attention.

You don’t greet him with a normal ‘hello’. All you say to him is, “I half expected you not to come.” He scoffs. “Well, at least not on time.”

He smirks before pushing past you to step inside your home.

“You said that you hated when people are late, and the last thing I would want to do is make you mad.” You can’t help but want to smack the smirk off of his face. 

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"mr. scamander” || newt scamander

word count: 3309 (pfft it’s not long at all)

summary: newt scamander x slytherin!reader

author’s note: there are parts of this that seem to reference other harry potter things because i couldn’t help myself. this is my first imagine, please be nice… thank you, enjoy. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors)

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Gaze into the Headcanon

It’s time for a little bit about everyone’s favorite robot monk.

I like to imagine that a big part of the reason that Zenyatta is able to connect with and help Genji is that they are a lot alike. Zenyatta was a troublemaker and to a certain degree still is. He enjoys harmless pranks and some good snark. Sassy Zenyatta is my jam. So when Genji rejects all the happy feel good monk shtick from his brothers, Zenyatta offers him something a little different. At its core it is still the same path to self discovery and harmony, but packaged in a way that the cyborg understands.

They have fun together, crack jokes together and sass and prank each other. Zenyatta is patient through Genji’s difficulty because he understands what it means to not conform and not wish to. Zenyatta has not fit in completely with the rest of the monks for quite some time, though he only begins to truly understand the extent of it through his time with Genji. When he sees the other monks, including Mondatta , fail to aid the cyborg, he tries something different and it works.

He learns overtime when to be serious and when not to be. Sometimes Genji needed a monk’s wisdoms to deal with his past, but other times he needed a friend and some fun. Getting past his shell was difficult, but the most fulfilling thing Zenyatta had ever done. He helped Genji, but was also taught so much about himself and where his path should take him. He begins to understand that he will have to leave the monastery because his path will not allow him to stay here. He stays, however, for as long as Genji needs him there.

This is a common one, but I also love badass fighter Zenyatta who will exhaust every other option before turning to violence, but if pushed will kick people’s asses. He will fight especially hard to defend others from those who would cause them harm.

I also like to imagine that his ultimate is legitimately something he can do, though it is difficult and exhausting. He uses it to protect the ones he cares about when in dire need. Though the sight of a golden glowing Omnic with six spiritual arms radiating energy has been known to send people running for the hills by itself.

On top of all of that I am also a genyatta shipper and to that end I believe that he and Genji develop strong feelings over the years, but the master-student relationship gets in the way. Zenyatta would consider it an unforgivable betrayal to act on it, to take advantage of his student’s trust in him like that. But, eventually Genji would no longer be his student, they would be equals and perhaps then he will be able to tell the cyborg how he feels.

“Not even if I searched the whole world twice over would I find another like you Genji. Though it has caused you great pain, you are singular and that is more wondrous than I will ever be able to adequately describe. Despite everything that has happened, you have emerged shining brighter than any being I have ever met. You need never doubt that you have a soul my dear sparrow, for I have seen it and it truly is beautiful.”

A winter love feels like it will last forever, though of course it never does. In snow you shine brighter and more blinding than summer ever did. Perfect but cold. And yet you are a closeness huddled against the encroach of night, that slips away to softer colours as the ice begins to thaw. A winter love is perfect, until you love it too warmly and it turns to the turbulence of spring.

What would i do without you?

A/N: this is not requested but I thought it would be fun to write an angsty ass imagine so lets do this.

Paring: Jughead x reader

Word count: ???

Triggers: angst,blood,attempted murder,language

Originally posted by archiiandrews

Your P.O.V

You knew how much the drive in meant to Jughead, which is no suprise since you and him had spent almost all of your dates there just because it was going to be torn down. This was the final night, the last night that a movie would be played here.

The scenery was beautiful, the sky was dark and the stars were shining brighter than ever. You prepared for a very hungry Juggie so snacks and blankets were packed.

You laid cuddled into Jugs chest and listened to his heartbeat. The movie on screen was Y/F/M and it was coming to an end. This is the love of your life, the raven haired boy with the crown beanie. You studied his features for a moment his bright blue eyes and his soft lips, god you loved him.

“What are you looking at?” he whispered softly while looking into your Y/E/C eyes.

“Oh nothing, just my beautiful boyfriend” you said lovingly. He laid his hand in the back of your neck while leaning down and pressing his lips on yours. Your hand automatically went to his hair and pulled his beanie of and tangled your fingers in it. Jughead laid some more pressure on the back of your neck to deepen the kiss and you let him. The two of you needed to pull apart for air and looked at each other.

“I need to change the disc, I’ll be back in a minute” Jughead said and kissed the top of your head while standing up and putting his beanie back on. That was totally fine with you as you needed to go to the toilet The walk was only a couple of meters, what could go wrong?

You stood up and stretched a bit and yawned, stepped into your shoes and walked of the blanket you were sitting on only moments before. Rubbing your eyes you headed into the building but before you could open the door or even reach for the handle you were grabbed by the waist and pulled of to the side in a not so friendly manner.

You stared up into the face of no other then a Southside serpent, this was not good. You where about to scream out for help but then you felt a big sturdy hand over your mouth stopping you.

“Listen here you little bitch if you scream then we’re going to make you have something to scream about” he said angry as you nodded profusely an looked at the other people in the back. “We know about you and your filthy little murder investigation with the so called boyfriend of yours” You felt a knife at the side of your face and you stiffened a little more. He let go of your mouth and tied your and together behind your back.

“Now you’re going to tell us all about it or we’re make you never say anything again” you felt the knife press against you skin and break through so that now it was bloode running down your face. The tears was spilling and making the serpents laugh.

“I’m not telling you anything” You spat in his face while saying this. “Because unlike you I have morals and a thing called a heart and people who actually love me” you said with a voice lased in poison.

“I hope you said I love you to your little Jughead because there will be no more you after we’re done with you. Tie her up boys” They were about to put a cloth over you mouth but you bit them and uttered a gut wrenching scream that echoed through the drive in. You knew that this was the end when the first guy hit you straight across the face. The taste of metal filled your mouth as it was starting to bleed

You glanced in the back of the crowd of serpents and made eye contact with non other than FP, Jugheads dad. The contact was short but the pleading look on your face was very noticeable but he just looked down again as they started to tie your feet together.

Jugheads P.O.V

The movie was now changed and I was back on the blanket, the wait for Y/N was suspiciously long and I started growing worried. Just as I was about to get up and look for her a scream was heard, I already knew it was her. I stood up and ran to the back. My feet had never carried me this fast before in my entire life. My breath hitched as I turned around the corner and saw her o the ground with feet and hands tied together, face covered in blood and tears.

“Get ready to stop breathing you little shit” I herd a guy in a leather jacket say to her as the others walked away laughing letting him do the job by himself. He sat down on his knees before her and grabbed her neck.

Your P.O.V

As his grip tightened you just laid there quietly in tears unable to say a word. When everything started turning black you felt the pressure completely gone in an instant when someone tackled your attacker. You laid there trying to catch your breath as you spotted a hat laying on the ground, Jugs beanie. Sitting up straight you started feeling dizzy you saw you boyfriend on top of the guy hitting him across the face with his fist multiple times.

“DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN” he yelled at the top of his lungs. As the dizziness took over you fell to the ground again as you saw Jughead running over to you while dialing 911. He untied the cloth around you mouth “Juggie” you whispered to Jug as he began to untie the ropes around you hands and feet. He was done with removing the ropes and he looked at the wound on your face and caressed it lightly with his thumb.

Before both of you could react the Serpent ran away with blood on his face from Jug hitting him and breaking his nose. Jughead lifted you up bridal style and you herd the sirens of an ambulance coming  your way.”Juggie I’m getting tired” You whispered and frowned. “ Babygirl you need to keep your eyes open no matter what ok?” He answered with so much care and sorrow in his voice it was heart breaking.

He carried you into the ambulance and sat there with you the whole ride and held your hand. You tried to keep your eyes open but about 2 minutes in you couldn’t take it any more and fell asleep, but just before that you heard Jughead let out a sob he thought you didn’t hear.

Jughead P.O.V

There came sob one, sob two and three and so on. My girls face is covered in blood, there’s a nasty deep cut right across her cheek and I couldn’t make it disappear and make the pain go away or make the deed undone.

That night I slept at the hospital in a really uncomfortable chair holding her hand. I called all of her friends and told them they could come and visit tomorrow. Around 12 am I started crying again. I felt so broken, what if she doesn’t wake up again, I have failed her, I’m a horrible boyfriend, I don’t deserve her… I don’t deserve her. I cried myself to sleep and god did I wish I never went to change that god damn movie.

I woke up to my phone ringing, Archie popped up across my screen and I answered.

“Hey” I said with a clearly broken voice.

“Hey man, the girls, Kevin and I thought we’de come and visit you two” He said with a very concerned voice.

“Okay I’m not just sure if she’s waking up any time soon but it would be nice to have you guys here” My voice broke at the end of that sentence.

“You okay?” Archie asked carefully.

“Do you think I am?” I said with a very hateful tone and hung up. Why did this have to happen?

Before I knew it was a knock at the door and the whole group came in quietly. I just stood up and went over to Archie and hugged him. All the others were really surprised of my actions but I didn’t care. He eventually hugged and as he did I started crying. The rest of the sad breakfast club came and joined me and we pulled apart. My eyes were again red and puffy from crying so much. I sat back down in my chair and took Y/N’s hand once again. The machines beside her bed kept on beeping.

“How long do you think it is before she wakes up?” Veronica asked softly and sat down in a chair across from me.

“I don’t know to be completely honest” I said and rubbed the back of my neck. And as if on cue her eyes fluttered open.

Your P.O.V

The bright lights of the hospital room were blinding for someone who has just woken up. I look over to my side to see Jughead and Veronica talking.

“Juggie” I said so quietly that he barley heard me.

“Hi beautiful” he said with a voice drenched i love. I smiled a little and squeezed his hand. Holy hell he’s amazing. Wait had he been crying? He has, my poor Jughead.

“The whole scooby gang” I said a little louder so everyone heard me. After that we all hung out for a couple of hours before they had to head back to school since they had taken a couple of periods of so that they could see you.

“Bye Y/N” they said one by one while exiting the room.

“Are you sure  you’re not going to come with us to school Jughead?” Betty asked him while tilting her head so her ponytail was over her shoulder.

“No thanks” he said and turning his head towards you he finished the sentence “I’ll stay here with my girl” You smiled up at him and boy where you happy he was staying.

“Okay, see you both around” She concluded while jogging out the door to catch up with the others. The door automatically closed behind her with a tiny click.

The raven haired boy kissed your nose and in response you put your lips on his. His forehead rested on top of yours as he spoke up “I tought I lost you” he finally said. You could tell he was still hurting about what happened yesterday. “You’ll never loose me” you said laying your hand on his cheek. Jughead looked down at the floor “I’m not good enough for you” he whispered so low that you couldn’t hear him. “Excuse me, I didn’t hear you” you answered.

This time he spoke louder “I’m not  good enough for you, I could have followed you to the door, i could have never changed that fucking movie! I could have saved you.”

“Juggie, come here” You say while skooting over to the side of your hospital bed and patting the place next to you. He slowly came and laid down beside you and you placed your head on his his chest as he wrapped an arm around you. You started moving your finger over his chest in random patterns and he played with your hair. “You’ll always be good enough for me, you beat that guy up for me, you untied the ropes around my legs and hands for me, you called an ambulance, you carried me and you saved me. If you hadn’t come I- I would be dead” You said and swallowed hard at the last words. You felt the tears running and Jug wiped them away with his thumb. He smiled down at you.

“What did I do to have such loving girlfriend?” He asked slightly chuckling.

He leaned down kissing you with so much passion you could feel all the emotions he felt. Your lips molded together and it was a moment that both of you would remember for the rest of your lives. You in his arms finally feeling safe after yesterdays event.

A/N: so this was my first imagine and I hope all of you reading enjoyed it! I made Jugbug more emotional than usual but I felt like he would be really emotional during something like this. English is not my first language so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Byeeee <3 

anonymous asked:

Hii! How do you think RFA + Saeran and V react to a Corporate Heir MC who lives like a commoner so that she can learn ways of the people before she inherits her family's company THANKS!!! :3

LOLOL yas but I’m gonna make it so that MC is learning the ways of living like a commoner off the members.. does that make sense? xD


  • he was kinda like huh???
  • “MC, you want to try living like a commoner?”
  • but he was totally supportive and even said that she could come and live with him
  • “I only have 1 bed, but I can sleep on the couch”
  • the first day was bad
  • Yoosung was just playin LOLOL when he heard dangerous clanking and crashes from the kitchen
  • he almost screamed when he walked in
  • “I was just trying to make some eggs”
  • well, it was nowhere near “making eggs”
  • the counter was spattered with egg shells and broken yokes hug off the strands of her hair
  • pots and pans were all over the floor ….
  • so he taught her how to make an omelet
  • (after he cleaned up and helped her wipe the eggs out of her hair ofc)


  • he!! was!! so!! excited!!
  • “okay, MC lesson number 1, there is no food in my fridge so we have to eat goldfish-shaped bread everyday”
  • it was a joke but
  • one day he came home to see her looking really sad
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • “we don’t have dinner tonight, the man at the bread stall said that he didn’t take credit”
  • he couldn’t hold back his laughter like omg???
  • first of all MC fell for his joke and even tried to use CREDIT AT A FOOD CART HOLY MOLY COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER
  • it was great
  • “MC, I have cash, let’s go get some.”
  • have you ever seen eyes shine brighter than MC’s that moment cuz i mean, ‘bread in the form of goldfish’ was something completely new to her


  • her eyes bugged out
  • she was low key scared for her lmao 
  • like “Was MC going to hurt herself? what was she going to do while I was at work? would she try to bake? OH GOD NO NOT THE BAKING”
  • the first morning was… interesting
  • MC tried to be “the perfect girlfriend” and made some uh *quote on quote* breakfast
  • if burnt toast and half a cup of cold coffee counted
  • i mean, it’s the thought that counts right?
  • “it’s a little burnt, but I’m sure I’ll get better at it tomorrow!”
  • uh-oh


  • his only reaction was “Why?”
  • also “I guess I’ll have to join you.Assistant Kang, please write up a report based on commoners so MC and I can have a thorough understanding of-”
  • anyway so the both of them try to live like normal people lol
  • it doesn’t really work
  • the both of them are hella confused
  • “What are these snacks? I got this paper from someone on the street (he means a flier) and he said that these Hunny Bwatda Chips are ‘all the rage!’ Whatever does that mean?”
  • MC is just as confused
  • so they go and buy some and it’s like a revelationomfg
  • now both of them are addicted and feel that if this is how good assimilation into commoner culture is then they are ready to party


  • he just laughs and decides that hey, this is the perfect opportunity
  • so he plays a million pranks on MC lmao
  • “MC, commoners always do this you just gotta. Throw this ball at Yoosung, it’s how we say “Hey bro!” but make sure you hit his head because otherwise he won’t know that it’s from a close friend”
  • oops
  • did yoosung cry idunno you tell me
  • “okok next thing, we commoners don’t just eat tteokbokki, we have to stick 2 of them in out mouths at the same time and pretend to be a walrus and make whale sounds”
  • omg the next RFA get-together was quite an experience
  • the only thing MC could think of: “What is a ‘prank’?”
  • .-. there is nothing we can do to save her rip MC


  • tbh he doesn’t have much of a reaction
  • he’s just like “ok then”
  • and continues to live his life as normal
  • this baby doesn’t complain or anything
  • literally eats all the weird stuff that MC cooks
  • cleans up after her really intense kitchen messes
  • doesn’t mind MC trying (and failing) to go shopping for groceries or snacks at a local market with her credit card
    • he just kinda gives her his wallet so she can use the cash inside
  • but he’s happy for her!!
  • “If MC wants to learn then it’s fine. I don’t mind, I’ll help her when she needs it”


  • everytime MC screws up he’s just taking pictures of it all
  • oh, MC put her apron on backwards? perfect
  • he also likes to record videos of MC asking hilarious questions
  • “Jihyun, how to commoners use only 1 towel to dry themselves? what do they do about their hair that’s all wet?”
  • “How do you set alarms on a clock?Usually my maids wake me up in the morning…”
  • low key likes to help MC so that things are less hard on her
  • gives her plenty of compliments for her cooking creations buut doesn’t eat them (haha pls no one here is deliberately looking for a stomachache)
  • cannot wait to show her the pictures of her struggling when she finally inherits her family’s business and lives her usual lifestyle again


~Cherry L.

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Dick Grayson x Reader - Flowers of Blue

My Valentines Exchange with @nightwingdiva. I gave her this and It is what I wrote for Valentines day


The clock ticked throughout the house and the noise was all you could hear as you stood in the living room. It echoed off the walls and bounced around, as if trying to tell you to be nervous, but you knew there was nothing to be nervous about, so you pushed those thoughts away. It was currently 8:32pm and Dick should be here any minute now to pick you up and bring you out to dinner. You were way beyond excited, and had even worn your best blue dress. It fit your body in all the best ways, and you loved it. You had a pair of nude pumps on and a necklace and earrings to match the dress. It had taken you a very long time to get ready, doing your hair, makeup, and finding all the right pieces to match the dress you had been saving for specifically this occasion.

Just as you were about to check your phone and see how close he was, the doorbell rang, canceling out the sound of the clock, much to your delight. Smiling to yourself, you tucked your phone away and walked to the door, looking through the peep-hole and seeing your boyfriend standing in a tux holding a bouquet of flowers. His hair was done nice, and he looked polished to perfection. It amazed you how good he looked in a tux, it was almost as if the tux was created FOR him.

You undid the locks, and opened the door to a very enthusiastic looking Dick Grayson, and he immediately engulfed you in a hug, making sure to intake your perfume as he let go and gave you more space. “Alright babe, are you ready to go?” he asked, taking your hand. “Yeah, I’m ready,” you said, and with that, he walked you out the door, locking it, and took your hand, walking you to his car waiting on the road.

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harry is so gorgeous??? he has this intriguing thing about him and it’s so beautiful?? he literally glows and shines brighter than any star out there?? like have you ever looked at someone and thought.. wow i could stare at them forever and never get bored?? bich im in love

Hate That I Love You: Part 2

A/N: Someone asked for a second part of this so here it is!! This is the LAST part. I have too many on going stories that I barely update already so yeah. Enjoy this little ending!

Part 1

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It was a hot, sunny day in the middle of summer. It was a day in which everyone stayed inside to stay next to the air conditioner. It was a day that you dreaded but tried to smile regardless. It was the day he was to be married.

Sitting there with his chin resting on the ball of his palm, all he could do was wonder. Wonder about you. He missed you more than anything and he somehow managed to ignore that fact until recently. He still remembered the day it had ended and how even after a year it still hurt.

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Okay ,,, so,,

Just a few moments ago, someone who follows me on ifunny asked me why I liked Ryan Ross so much ,,

So here we fucking go.


But no.

Here comes the detail.

So, George Ryan Ross III … He literally defied every odd that he could’ve been faced with in his situation as a child. With an alcoholic and abusive father, a mother who left him when he was a child, and literally growing up with nothing he held dear other than music, he literally rose above in a way that people didn’t think he would. He started a band called Pet Salamander with three of his friends, that eventually turned into Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie and Brent Wilson. He found a way to FINALLY come in contact with his idol band, Fall Out Boy, and directly talked to Pete Wentz, who decided to give them a chance! The name of the band became Panic! At The Disco. Ryan dropped out of college, DISREGARDED A FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP, because he believed in this band. He wrote … the entirety … of Panic!s debut album … A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out … by himself … when he was 17. Every word, every metaphor, every single line that makes your heart race and makes you brain wrack, was written by him. He never once left a fan to fend for themselves in the heat, in the cold, or if they felt like they were alone. He treated his fans like family because that’s the closest he’s ever had. He was this shy, anxious boy who became this adorable, extroverted man who wasn’t afraid to be himself anymore. When Pretty. Odd. era came around, you saw him smile more. You saw his eyes shine a little brighter than they’ve ever shone before. He became more comfortable with himself and we fucking lived for it. When he left Panic!, he was doing something that he thought would be best for HIM, and you CANNOT blame him for that. It was hard to make compromises when nearly everyone in the band had a different idea on what kind of music they wanted to make. He did what he did to be more comfortable with himself. During The Young Veins era, he was okay with himself. He didn’t act different, he didn’t become a different person than who he’s always been, he’s never once tried to be someone / something he’s not. To this day, he’s still interacting with fans (he interacted with me back in April!!) and he’s still trying to make us proud with his music. He doesn’t always spend time on social media, but when does, he blesses us with hilarious posts, happy posts about his dog (Dottie is the most beautiful dog in the world) and even giving us snippets of new music he is making!! We honestly couldn’t ask any more from him!

You ask me why I love Ryan Ross? Because he’s a beautiful human being who gave me a reason to believe in myself.