you shall bow to me

Sister Shennanigans.
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> can I have more candy?<p/><b>Sis:</b> Okay...GO IN THAT ROOM<p/><b>Me:</b> *goes inside*<p/><b>Sis:</b> YOU SHALL BOW TO YOUR QUEEN AND MOTHER!!<p/><b>Me:</b> wait wut.<p/><b>Sis:</b> AND YOU SHALL ENTER THE SPICY CALARMARI BUFFET. I GOTTA PREPARE SOME FOOD. BYE DARLING(goes out to prepare a paper plate full of cut rubber bands)<p/><b>Me:</b> WH-I JUST WANTED CANDY!?!?!<p/></p>
Your Best Friend Dies
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Disclaimer: This preference may be upsetting as it includes ideas of car accidents, terminal illnesses and murder. If you’re likely to become upset please ignore it. Stay safe everyone xx 


 "Luke! Stop it!“ You laugh as he tickles your sides. Alas the tickling continues and you grab a pillow to defend yourself. "You shall not tickle me. Bow down to me you peasant.” You demand, a smile tugging at your mouth. He caves and gets onto his knees. “Fine, m'lady you win. Please be gentle.” You chuckle and crack your knuckles.

 "Not this time Lukey boy.“ You start battering him with the cushion as he laughs. It’s oddly therapeutic to beat someone with a pillow. 

 The phone starts ringing and you point at him, a steady look in your eyes. "You will not move until I say so. The communicator beckons me.” You two are weird, it’s something everybody gets used to. 

 "Hello?“ You stifle a laugh after seeing Luke making faces. "Y/N, it’s Martin. It’s about Y/BFF/N. Sh-She was in an accident and- she…” Sobs come down the line and the pillow you were clutching falls to the ground. Martin is Y/BFF/N’s boyfriend and usually a pretty serious guy so whatever happened must be serious if he’s crying. 

 "She what? Is she okay?” You shoot down the line as panic flares across your body. As if sensing your terror, Luke pulls himself up and wraps his arms around you silently

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  • Add(Diabolic Esper): It's unfaaaaaiiir!! You and your passive MP regeneration! Plus that darn buff skill that increases MP acquisition!! IT'S UNFAAAIIIRRR!!! *throws a tantrum*
  • Ciel(Dread Lord): Says the one who uses his own DP bar as an MP bar and spams Maximum Strike, Force Finger, and Void Impact. *snerks*
  • Lu(Chilliarch): Kyuuuu, face it, we're on the same level~
  • Add: It's still unfaaaaaiiiirr!!! I want KoG RIGHT NOW!! *goes to the office*
  • Ciel: Oh no you don't! *carries the noodle and walks away from the office* We can't let you rule PvP again and cause more tyrannical destruction, you demented child!
  • Lu: Kyuhuhuhu, he called you a child~! Who's the real brat now???