you seriously have no idea when to shut up

Wow….just wow. Some of you have the most pathetic little lives. You didn’t like Hallowsims converting hairs from IMVU so you went and tattled on them? How old are you? They were conversions! If you didn’t want them in your game, you didn’t have to complain about them to anyone. I don’t complain when someone makes a Maxis match version of something that someone has made an alpha version of. I download the one I want and keep it moving. Seriously…’s like some of you believe that there is no possible way for two people to come up with the same ideas ever (even though Ariana Grande is everywhere and people have been asking every damn hair creator to make her hairs). If you don’t like someone’s cc, don’t run around telling whoever will listen. Shut up and download only what you want. Grow up.