you seriously don't even have to try

  • my nemesis: i'm going to hurt you of course but first i'll go after all of your friends and--
  • me: i don't.
  • my nemesis: ...what
  • me: i don't have any of those
  • my nemesis: fr.. iends..
  • me: yeah
  • my nemesis: you don't.. have those. not even one
  • me: nope
  • my nemesis: and you aren't like.. lying. for your own/their sake
  • me: no i genuinely just don't have any and i wanted to save you the trouble of having to start the process of looking into it only to find nothing to work with, so
  • my nemesis: oh. ah. wow. that's.. polite. of you. i guess
  • me: mmhm
  • my nemesis: this is like.. seriously bumming me out right now. are you.. busy tonight? oh. fuck. obviously you aren't. sorry. i'm sorry. wasn't trying to be insensitive. god. anyway. we're.. going to go to the movies, okay? i'm not getting any satisfaction out of.. that conversation. any joy just.. whoosh. right out the window. that whole exchange just truly ruined my current state emotionally and i'm.. getting you out of the house. asap

being asexual is seen as “too straight” by the LGBT+ community and “too gay” for straight people. the truth is, we are neither. if straight people are “as straight as a line” and gay people are “straight like a circle”, then we’re as straight as the void. sexual attraction? i don’t even know her. you are seriously in the wrong place if you’re looking for an instant sexual connection. don’t try to “””fix””” us we’re good. keep moving please.

The Children Are Fighting
  • Me: heads over to Youtube, bout to watch me some pancake scene for the 90th time (today) and-
  • Lift Kiss™: but you haven't watched me in a bit
  • Ice Wall Snuggles™: do you even remember what I look like
  • One Time Thing™: I know you watched me a lot last week, but I still crave ur love and affection
  • Pirate vs. Toddler™: Mirror mirror on the wall I'm still the cutest of them all
  • Storytime™: you used to watch me on the reg. What hath I done to forsake you
  • It's You™: I was literally The Most Important in your life for so long. I don't blame you for what you've done, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt :(
  • Proposal 1.0™: HEY BITCH. REMEMBER ME.
  • Proposal 2.0™: stfu, 1.0™. First is the worst, second is the best.
  • Proposal 1.0™: Me stfu? I don't see your viewcount rising too quick anymore either, buddy.
  • Proposal 2.0™: .....</3
  • Maybe Just This Once™: c'mon, I deserve a watch. It's been a while, and I'm so good at making you cry.
  • You Traded Your Ship for Me™: I have to side with The Elevator™ here. #1 Saddest Scene™ goes to The Elevator™. #1 Happiest Scene™ on the other hand goes to yours trul-
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: Noooooooo no no no no no. It is I who provoketh the must numerous tears of joy. My viewcount proves this. Don't even try to fight. That award belongs to me.
  • Everyone: Omg, so true. So true. Deadass Truth. 25 Cheek Kisses™, you are truly the best. Or you were, at least, until Pancakes™ came along.
  • Shellphone™: guys, GUYS. Focus here. This isn't memory lane. We're trying to get her to watch us, remember?
  • You're Impossible™: I miss being watched :(
  • Boat Safety™: I'm seriously so cute, how could you forget about me already? :(
  • Red Leather Jacket Kink Reveal™: I used to be so loved :(
  • I'm Not Proposing™: Guys I'm not even relevant anymore :(
  • Wanna Come in and Have Coffee™: I thought you loved all your children equally?
  • Know More About Your Beginnings™: We just want a *tiny* bit of attention. Like just for an hour? Spend an hour with us?
  • I Can't Lose You Too™: Your old friends?
  • Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation™: to quote myself, COME BACK TO ME!
  • Melty Popcorn™: I feel like I was never even truly appreciated for who I am
  • I Would've Done The Exact Same Thing™: Ditto, Melty Pop.
  • Middlemist Horsey Ride™: Guys, we've lost her.
  • Music to This Pirate's Ears™: We haven't just lost her. We've lost them all, the whole fandom :(
  • Sexy Barwench™: They're never coming back to see us :(
  • Move in With Me™: I guess our viewcounts have reached their max :(
  • Pancakes™: ....guys :(
  • Pancakes™: I'm really sorry like I'm actually so sorry :(
  • Pancakes™: I didn't mean for this to happen to you guys :(
  • Pancakes™: and for what it's worth, I wouldn't be where I am today without each and every one of you. Especially you, Move in With Me™.
  • Move in With Me™: Fuck you, Pancakes™.
  • Everyone: Yeah, fuck you.
  • One Time Thing™: Shove your rising viewcount up your (undeniably adorable) asshole.
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: and YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US.
  • Me: *sighs* Please don't fight, children...
  • also Me: *unpauses the pancake scene*
  • tumblr: All pronouns and identities are valid.
  • tumblr: You can hate cis people because trans people are oppressed and it's normal to be angry at your oppressors.
  • tumblr: You don't have to have dysphoria to be trans. You don't have to want to transition to be trans. You can choose to be trans if you want.
  • tumblr: You don't even have to try and look like the gender you say you identify as to be trans. That would be cisnormative, anyway.
  • tumblr: If you don't have sex with a trans person, you're a transphobe. Gay men don't want to have sex with a trans man? Disgusting. Lesbians don't want to have sex with a trans woman? Bigots.
  • tumblr: Being cis is literally one of the worst sins a person could commit.

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KAP OH MY GOODNESS THAT VIDEO WITH ARIN WAS AMAZING?! I know I'm kinda late to ask this, but I was wondering how you edited that? Because the words were super cute, and I've been trying to figure out how to do that for Months and I haven't really succeeded? I was wondering (only if you have the time and don't mind of course) if you'd be willing to do a quick tutorial? Anyway yea I seriously adore your photography and videos you're really quite talented.

the problem with making tutorials for me is that all my software is in russian? and i’m not sure if we use the same one so it might be an even bigger issue? but to put it simply - if you write something on a separate layer and let the background stay transparent in photoshop and then save in .png then you can drop it on top of your video in almost any editing programme (i use premiere pro) - so i just wrote all the tiny bits with my graphic tablet to which the drivers do not work so it still sucked :^) and dropped those transparent .png files on top of the video

  • Ryuu: I'm going to hurt you, of course, but first I'll go after all of your friends and-
  • Itsuki: I don't.
  • Ryuu: ...What?
  • Itsuki: I don't have any of those.
  • Ryuu: Fr...iends...
  • Itsuki: Yeah.
  • Ryuu: You don't...have those. Not even one.
  • Itsuki: Nope.
  • Ryuu: And you aren't like...lying. For your own or their sake.
  • Itsuki: No, I genuinely just don't have any and I wanted to save you the trouble of having to start the process of looking into it only to find nothing to work with, so...
  • Ryuu: Oh. Ah. Wow. That's polite. Of you. I guess.
  • Itsuki: Mmhm.
  • Ryuu: This is like...seriously bumming me out right now. Are you...busy tonight? Oh. Fuck. Obviously you aren't. Sorry. I'm sorry. Wasn't trying to be insensitive. God. Anyway. We're...going to the movies, okay? I'm not getting any satisfaction out of...that conversation. Any joy just...whoosh. Right out the window. That whole exchange just truly ruined my current state emotionally and I'm...getting you out of the house. ASAP.
  • Blake: *Blake's finger tapped rapidly as she glances at her watch as she and her mother sat in a outside restaurant.* Where is she? She is never late. *She thought to herself, letting out a sigh as she took a sip of her ice tea.*
  • Kali: Is something wrong Blake? *Kali asked her daughter noticing her daughter's growing worrying expression.*
  • Blake: *Blake blinked, snapping out of her worrying trance while looking at her mother.* Hmm? Oh it's nothing seriously.
  • Kali: It's about Yang isn't it. *Kali stated with a small smile when her daughter blushing still before placing her hand on her shoulder.* Sweetie, You don't have to worry. Yang is still new to the lay out of our home. I'm should she will be here shorting.
  • Blake: Sigh, I know mom. I know. *Blake mutter patting her mother's hand.* It's just that I can't help it. Yang is never this later even when lost. Plus, with her being the only human on the entire island I'm afraid someone may try to pick a fight with her.
  • Kali: Aaaaw. That is so sweet. My little girl worried for my future daughter in-law's safety. *She sang happily before muttering to herself which Blake missed.* Plus, she isn't the only human on the island.
  • Blake: Her safety? I'm worried about the poor idiot that tries to start something with her.
  • Kali: Oh I'm sure Yang will behavior herself if someone starts something.
  • Blake: *Stares at her care free mom for a few second before speaking.* Mom. When Yang was trying to find clues about her mom's location she fought an entire nightclub is gangsters... And won.
  • Kali: Oh.
  • Yang: Hey Blakey! Hey Kali! *Blake and Kali heard, allowing Blake to let out a sigh of relief they her girlfriend made it right until the two cat faunuses turned their heads to find a slightly roughed up yet cheerfully smiling at them as she carrying a very large bag over her shoulder. The two watched the Blonde huntress effortlessly hop over the railing, showing no concern for the bag hitting the metal fence and let out a groan before making her way to them and giving a kiss on Blake's cheek and taking a seat.* Sorry I'm late. I got kinda lost and got a little distracted, haha.
  • Kali: We can tell. *Kali said handing Yang her napkin.* You got some blood on your cheek.
  • Yang: Huh? Oh, Sorry about that. Thanks. *Yang said touching her bleeding cheek before taking the napkin, cleaning her cheek and then picking up the menu.* Soooo did you guys order yet?
  • Blake: No we haven-Forget that1 What happened!? Are you okay!? *Blake panicked as she quickly and carefully looked over her girlfriend to check for any serious injuries.*
  • Yang: Yeah. I'm fine. I just had a little run in with some jerks that is all. Well, a few jerk, a nice guy that helped me out with said jerk with a cool weird looking arm-
  • Kali: Arm dark blue, both arms turning into blades and finger into claws, skin darkish gray, almost half of the left side of his face cover, Bandana covering dark blue and black hair, one sliver eye with a blue ring around it, bang pants with a kama, and a liquid/fire like stuff like aura but live that forms out of and around him? *Kali cut in.*
  • Yang: Yeah that guy. Anyway, We beat then up and I rushed over here.
  • Blake: You were attacked!? We have to call the police!
  • Yang: Don't worry Blakey. That guy, what was his name, Kai I think Said he'll take care of it.
  • Blake: And you just took his word for it.
  • Kali: Sweetie. I know the man she is talking about. Trust me. He's a hunter.
  • Blake: But still! We should at least get their names and report them!
  • Yang: Oh. That actually reminds. *Yang saids still smiled at she reached for the giant bag, causing great concern for Blake.* You one them said that they are an old friend of yours Blakey.
  • Blake: What do you mean? *Blake hesitantly asked as she and Kali watch Yang open the bag and with a little bit of a struggle lift up a tied up Ilia, her arms, legs, and mouth bound by some blue moving blade like edges aura.* I-Ilia!? What the hell!?
  • Ilia: *A blue symbiote like aura moves from her mouth.* Blake. I know what this looks like but I swear I was only trying to scare her off. I didn't mean to actu-mmm!! *She started to say before her mouth is covered again.*
  • Yang: Oh Good you do know her. *Yang continued to smiled, wearing a happy expression despite her hair slowly starting to ignite as an enraged aura forms around her.* So tell me Blake. Do you have any other exs that are going to try to KILL me I should know about?
  • ~~~
  • *Knock knock knock*
  • Blake: Just a minute! *Blake called out as she opened the door of her house and peaked out to find a tall man matching the description of the man Yang and her mom were talking about standing there.* This must be that Kai guy that helped Yang early. *SHe thought to herself.* May I help you?
  • Kai: Yeah Hello Sorry to bother you so late. I was hoping you could help me. Is a blonde hairs girl with a cybernetic arm staying here by any chance? I think her name is Yang?
  • Blake: Yes She is. Why do you want t-huh? *Blake began to ask until Kai tosses her a small yet thick envelope and starts walking away.* Wait What's this?
  • Kai: Her cut.
  • Blake: Her cut? Of what?
  • Kai: Of bounties and what I got for selling the asshole's that attacked her's weapons. Good night.
  • Ghira: Blake? Who's at the door?
  • Blake: Uh, nobody Dad. Just a package for Yang.

I know this probably goes without saying but Alec and Magnus as individuals are so fascinating and complex. Each with such well-rounded, real struggles and stories. They are both so strong in different ways and vulnerable in others. It would take me far too long to name all of their unique qualities that make them the amazing, fleshed out characters that they are, mostly in part thanks to the insightful performances of Matt and Harry. But the depth that they have seriously blows me away. Alone, they are some of the most interesting, flawed, intriguing characters I’ve ever seen. And the fact that they are in love with each other and compliment each other and help fill in each other’s missing pieces in this sweet, chaotic, inexplicable RIGHT-ness is so incredible and we are so lucky to have these characters in our lives.

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Question. How did you originally gain the confidence to start publishing your art? I've been trying to get back into drawing, but I'm having a hard time building up the confidence to even try, much less post anything. (I keep crying when I see my old art or try to draw new art because my friend, who is a freaking fantastic artist, insulted my work every chance she got) I admire your work very much, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

Hi nonnie. 

I think your friend has no right to insult your work, especially if she’s an artist herself…she’s supposed to be your friend??? I’m sorry you had to deal with that. 

I’m lucky in the fact that I never had a doubt whether to publish my art or not, it wasn’t an issue for me. Since I was a child I always drew things and gave them to people, I’d never heard of drawing solely for oneself, so naturally a lot of people got to see my bad art! (I now regret)

 Having someone bring your confidence down over your art is definitely an impediment, I mean even now I get super bummed when someone criticises my work and I get art blocked because of it. 

My advice to you is keep trying. Even the best artists started by drawing badly, and most of us have hidden from the world for a while to give ourselves time and healing in order to improve. 

Even if you have to draw in secret, just draw! Publishing something you poured your heart and soul into is scary, and you don’t really have to pressure yourself into doing it if you don’t want to. And if you do want to post your stuff, try not to over-think it! Just post it and have it done with, then you can start working on your next piece :D

*long sigh*

Whilst homophobia cannot officially exclude you from the newsies fandom, you will have to accept the fact that the vast majority of us will hate you. Will you now shut the ever loving god up and stop trying to act like victims because people are calling you out for being homophobic and attempting to use religion to defend yourselves. Y'all are pissing me off.

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they was being very nasty about Kubo sensei interview, saying that victuuri shippers are delusional for thinking its canon, because she denied they are fiances. But she never denied they are a couple, or romantic, even said the are soulmates, but you know homophobics, soulmates don't need to necessary be romantic when its same sex couples...

What?! That’s so mean. That sounds a lot like what Sherl0llies have been calling us Johnlockers all these years - “delusional for thinking it’s canon.” That’s really bad. I just don’t know why people are against it. (I mean, try watching the show with the thought in mind that they’re just “buddies.” Oh my god, that’s impossible.) Seriously, how can anyone be against Victuuri when they see this, one must w o n d e r












I must go now and get back to work before I settle down and watch this beautiful show all over again.

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do you think phil satisfies dan intellectually? as in have deep discussions with eachother about politics and philosophy? while they share many other interests, deep discussions about serious subjects is one they don't seem to have in common. (and sometimes i think they might not last as couple, or even be a couple because dan seems like someone who would want intellectual stimulation while phil is more into trivial things).

I think you’re a) vastly overestimating Dan being an ~intellectual, and b) vastly underestimating Phil as a human being. 

the signs as pll season 1 quotes
  • Aquarius: "Ma'am, everybody lies."
  • Pisces: "Is this some kind of Holy Roller Virgins Society?"
  • Aries: "You don't have to read my essay. Because I stole it. But I'm going to win a big fat award, so I'm guessing you're okay with it!"
  • Taurus: "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a fricken duck."
  • Gemini: "No, seriously, what are you doing here?"
  • Cancer: "The only person I hate right now is myself."
  • Leo: "That's not even a cute girl name."
  • Virgo: "I'm not trying to fix it, I'm trying to deal with it."
  • Libra: "Do you need me to tweet it to you?"
  • Scorpio: "Why does everyone think I'm unfriendly?"
  • Sagittarius: "Stop pining for the fjords and carpe hottie!"
  • Capricorn: ["You're scared of the dentist?"] "Children."

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lol i doubt your even transgender you probably just want to be a special snowflake you don't act like a boy or even try you wear feminine shit youre a disgrace to the lgbtq community seriously



ha ha alrighty pal

just gonna lay a little knowledge on you

denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

“denoting or relating”

“whose sense of PERSONAL IDENTITY

just gonna put this out there, you (whoever you are) have no right to tell me how i feel, or anyone else, for that matter. and as for dressing feminine? clothing has no gender you uninformed ignorant dickfuck no offense

so please take your actually factually incorrect hate elsewhere, because i don’t really want it on my blog pal :)

oh also *****you’re 

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You're seriously dying for attention lmao y'all kaisoo shippers are always like that I'm pretty sure you know kaisoo are just like brothers but bcs of reblogs yall trying to make stupid theories, kai has a gf deal with it, they don't only have a confirmation from sm but from a lot of insiders and fans, they even look alike as most persons who are in a long relationship do, they have coople clothes and looks, what more proof do u all want to leave kai alone with his gf????

let’s see where to start with this interesting anon. i know you aren’t smart enough to understand what kaisoo shippers are talking about, but please try to keep up.

the confirmation came from sm entertainment, after the gay blind item became a very serious problem. the alleged insiders were anonymous and helped to make people like you ‘believe’. but that was fine, that’s what the intention of kxk was for. there was a goal and it was a good goal. i like how most of you people tend to forget that kxk was surrounded by gay blind item releases. kxk was confirmed in april and then this happened:

A and B were actually caught by a paparazzi last year but came to a compromise with paparazzi company C to bury the articles. A and B are still continuing their relationship.

date April 25th

now let’s think logically, this isn’t even about theories. in fact, stop talking about theories altogether. we’re making a connection. use your brain.

“Please leave them alone… why out them? It’s basically ending a life. Unless they come out themselves, whoever outs them needs to be dealt the consequences.”

in other words, it’ll be very bad. against the individuals involved; the group; the members. it was written about a popular top 5 idol group, ex_o out of all of those choices fit the bill most? why? it was hinted in the blind item that the scandal was BURIED. but how?? money?? another scandal instead?? indeed, probably. a paparazzi company had the audacity to threaten one of the scariest, most powerful ent agencies in kpop. no weak agency will have the ability to bury something like this.

“they even look alike” i have no idea what you mean by this, but they don’t. the only time you have ever seen kxk together is 1) dispatch photos, one date, in a photoshoot where both were aware of the cameras. krys even looked at them. compare that to seolh_yun who ran every single date.

compare the articles alone. dispatch didn’t give facts, it was almost sarcastic, it sounded like a 'theory’. they claimed they’ve been following kxk, but couldn’t tell us anything. there were mentions of a ski date, but the only correlation was kyung.soo buying skis around that period. ironic isn’t it. but seolh_yun and z i c o, they were able to properly trace real facts. 2) grainy cctv pics dropped when sm couldn’t give out information because the company wasn’t even in the country lmao. ji and ks were alone tgt though, ks had no excuse to stay behind. but he did. that happened. people didn’t think properly. there were lies surrounding this and nothing was done.

couple clothes? like this?

you do know there were rumors of kaisoo dating right? if you’re going to site fans, i can as well. “so deal with it”. deal with the fact that not everything is what it seems. kaisoo would ruin exlo. it’s better to have a straight scandal than a gay scandal. period.

you’re naive and dumb to think otherwise. you got to be dumb as hell to think that sm will not do anything in their power to protect ex_o, their moneymakers. you got to be dumb as hell to not realize ji and ks will do anything to protect each other, even if it’s feigning a relationship. because that’s nothing compared to the alternative.


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but think about what it feels like to spend time sending you asks and never get a response. I've sent you asks countless times and you NEVER answer them. like, what do people have to do to get your attention? I love your blog but the asks you answer are always the same. I feel like I couldn't have a proper conversation with you even if you would answer them because you don't take anything seriously. it's always the same jokes, reaction gifs and phrases. some people want more than that.

well if they want more than that maybe they should unfollow because due to recent circumstances in my real life i can’t dedicate every minute to this blog. i try to answer asks and everything but sometimes i don’t have te energy or time to communicate with people. i’m sorry i can’t provide everything expected i didn’t even know there were expectations

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I want to get into the hp rp community but I'm a big person and don't even know where to start. :(

(( OOC: Well I’m a very small person, so you’ve already got a head start on me.

In all seriousness, if it’s something you want to do then don’t let anything hold you back. This is a super friendly and accepting community. As for where to start… try a few makeup tests, work out what characters you feel most comfortable playing, create a few posts by yourself. Get involved with other people, reblog their stuff and be supportive, and you’ll quickly make friends. Have fun with it - at the end of the day, it’s just roleplay. ))

can you believe that as soon as isak told even that sana was coming over even started rushing around trying to clean up the apartment and isak tried to stop him because “its just sana” but even would not have it so isak just rolled his eyes and went to help him clean (because seriously there are three hoodies and a loose sock on the ground in the hallway and a t-shirt on their kitchen counter that isak doesn’t even remember taking off and leaving there and what the hell why is there underwear beneath their couch?)