you seriously broke my heart into a million pieces

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Do you know any fics where Yuri unintentionally breaks Victor’s heart. I'm a sucker for angst with a happy ending. Thank you ^^

DO YOU GUYS LIKE TO SEE ME IN PAIN?!??! I’m just kidding! Thank you for these requests! Here are some fics where Victor cries… *goes into a corner and cries for 10 years*

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Victor Cries

selfish by MissSpock, Gen, 1.9k
“…Aren’t you going to stop me?” He hated how his voice wobbled and cracked, and he had to fight to keep the tears in his eyes.
Yuuri’s brows creased. The mist had cleared from the lenses of his glasses and he looked at Victor with confused, amber eyes. “Why should I? It seems as though you’ve come to a decision.” Role reversal of ep 11. *sobs*

twenty-eight by pageleaf, Gen, 864 words
“…I’m sorry, Yuuri.” Yuuri blinks. “For what?” “I disappointed you.” Viktor’s voice is hoarse. “I didn’t win.” I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

I’m Always Here by queeravocado, Teen, 1.6k
It’s 3 AM. Yuuri’s reliving one of his most horrifying events in his life: the GPF before he met Victor. Victor’s a complete ass, and becomes his number one fear. Turns out it’s a dream, but Victor’s crying his eyes out after what he saw. Victor cries. It’s sad. Happy ending, though!

Talk by future_fishy, Gen, 1.2k
Viktor wasn’t himself today. Yuuri is the best at comforting Victor. Love!

kiss & cry by lostincostco, Explicit, 2.7k
“Oh,” Yuuri says wonderingly. “You’re crying.” Yuuri makes Victor cry, but not in the way you’re thinking…!!!! (this isn’t even sad, it’s just smut.. doN’T JUDGE ME IT’S GOOD OKAY?!)

Stupid Thoughts by future_fishy, Gen, 1.5k
“I’m fine, Yuuri, go back to sleep.” Still that smile. “You’re not, and I won’t.” Yuuri’s serious tone made Viktor flinch, “Please don’t lie to me.” Victor is self conscious about his future with Yuuri????? I’m sobbing?????

Where we belong by ss_blackrabbit, Teen, 1.5k
It’s true that Yuuri wanted to be hated as the man who took Viktor away from the world, but he never meant to take Viktor’s world away from him. Another ep 11 fic! Happy ending.

Comfort by future_fishy, Gen, 697 words
Viktor is upset, and Yuuri isn’t sure how to comfort him, but he tries. I’m totally not crying… *sobs*

A Melancholy Of White by mochary, Teen, 15k
“Yuuko. What’s happening?” Viktor asks sternly. “Did something happen?” “O-oh my God. Viktor-“ Yuuko cries from the other line. “It’s Y-Yuuri. He got into an accident. Viktor, t-there’s blood. P-please come immediately.” It’s then, when Viktor’s heart shatters into a million pieces. ONLY READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE KILLED. SERIOUSLY. MY HEART BROKE INTO FIFTY BILLION PIECES WHEN I READ THIS AND I STILL HAVEN’T RECOVERED. Really well written, though, and a happy ending!

Worthwhile by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 6.2k
In which, it’s Victor that breaks.
So beautifully written. One of, if not my favourite, YOI anxiety/mental illness fic. Highly recommend. So f-ing sad, though.

Holding on for Dear Life by icterine, Teen, 2.4k
It turns out that sometimes heartbreak happens in seconds, unexpectedly – and once it does, there’s no dulling of the senses. Victor’s heart shatters.

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Ooh you should make a part 3 to the Eric with another girl imagine. Except make Eric get jealous and now he wants y/n back cause he loves her and always will

ahh this is probably a mess because i wrote it 3 am last night lololol

part 1 part 2

After the fight you and Eric had in his car a couple of weeks ago, you two hadn’t even been looking at each other. You had asked yourself if it really was worth it but you quickly realized that if he wanted you two to be on good terms he had to be the one speaking to you about it since you made it pretty clear you wouldn’t be saying a another word to him ever again. But it didn’t matter, you just couldn’t forget what he yelled when you walked away from his car. I love you. But since he was still seeing that girl Sandy, he probably didn’t mean it, you thought. Even though you wished it was true, cause you knew you were never going to get over him.

“What am I even supposed to wear? Like, I’ve never been to an prom before!” Dylan said as he took another bite out of his sandwich. “We’ll figure that out,” you chuckled and looked around the cafeteria. Prom was coming up, and Dylan was going with some girl his friends had set him up with. You on the other hand, were probably not going. “Hey guys!” You heard someone say behind the two of you, making both of you turn around. “Hey Nate!” You smiled at the boy as he sat his plate down beside you. “Is it okay if I sit over here?” He asked and smiled at you. “Of course!” You nodded. He sat down beside you and started to unwrap his food. “Are you going to prom?” Dylan asked and looked over at his friend. Nate quickly looked up at Dylan before shaking his head. “No, I don’t have anyone to go with.” He chuckled and continued to unwrap his food. “You should totally go with y/n!” Dylan said before taking another bite out of his sandwich. You nearly choked on you water as you heard these words come out of his mouth.

“Me?” You asked and looked at Dylan in confusion. “Who else, dumb ass?” He laughed, making Nate laugh along. “Yeah, why not?” Nate said and looked over at you. You turned around so you faced him. “Well, I’m up for it, just as friends of course,” you smiled at him. His lips immediately turned into a smile before nodding. “Great!” He said excitedly, taking a bite of his now unwrapped sandwich. “Did you guys hear the news?” A voice suddenly spoke in front of you, as Brooks sat down his plate. “Well hey on you to Brooks,” you chuckled and looked up at him. “Eric and Sandy apparently broke up.” He continued as he sat down in front of you.

Your heart stopped immediately as the words slipped out of his mouth. You couldn’t believe it. “Oh, really?” Dylan asked and looked up at Brooks. “Yeah. At least according to Sandy’s friends, Eric apparently told her he didn’t feel anything and that they were better off as friends,” he said and looked at Dylan. “But maybe it’s just rumors.” he continued and shrugged. “Oh, okay. Well that’s sad.” Dylan said and you looked over at him. “Yeah,” you said after a short silence, making Brooks look over at you. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry y/n, I didn’t know you were sitting here!” He immediately said and looked at you in fear, not wanting you to get hurt. “Brooks, it’s okay. It’s not like I give a fuck about that piece of shit anyways.” You chuckled, lying. Dylan looked over at you; knowing you weren’t telling you the truth. Brooks chuckled as he continued his conversation with Dylan.

As soon as lunch ended, you and Nate were walking down the hallways together. “Thank you for going to prom with me.” He said. “Of course, Nate! I’m happy I’m going with you.” You smiled at him. He looked down at you a and smiled back, grabbing your hand. At first, you were quite taken a back. You didn’t know how to react, but you decided to smile at him and intertwine your hand with his. Testing out new things never hurt nobody, right?

Being like this with Nate actually made you feel whole again. Since you and Eric broke up, you hadn’t been doing these kind of stuff with anyone. “Y/n?” Nate asked as you two reached his locker. “Mhm?” You mumbled and leaned towards one of the lockers. “Uh,” he let out and awkwardly scratched his neck. “Can I like, kiss you? I just haven’t kissed anyone in such a long time and I ju-” he began rambling but before he could say anything else you pressed your lips against his. He immediately kissed you back, making you smile.

You didn’t see Nate anything else than just a really good friend, but you just hadn’t been this intensive with someone in months so you just took the chance. The hallways was completely empty, everyone was already in class. But suddenly, someone ripped the two of you apart. “What the f-” Nate begun but before he knew it, someone hit him in the face. He immediately groaned in pain, watching the blood from his nose running down his face, dropping onto his shirt. “Dude!” He yelled as he covered up his nose with his hands. “Don’t fucking touch her,” Eric’s voice hissed at him before grabbing your hand quickly and ran away from the scene.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You yelled at Eric as he closed the door into the empty bathroom. “What the hell are you doing is the question!” He yelled back at you as he turned around to face you. “I’m minding my own business, since you can’t seem do that!” You said and tried to get past him. “Why the fuck were you getting all lovely with Nate?” He asked you in anger. You looked up at him. “Maybe because I fucking want to!” You said and pushed yourself outside the door. “Oh my god y/n, you can’t just do that!” He yelled at you. “Eric, look,” you said in frustration before turning around to face him. “I do what ever the fuck I want. I do not need the boy who broke my heart into a million pieces to tell what to do.” You said seriously. He looked at you before smashing his lips against yours aggressively. You quickly caught on and wrapped your arms around his neck, placing your hands in his hair: making it a mess. After a long make out session, you pulled away to catch your breath. He placed his forehead against yours as he was heavily breathing. “I love you y/n, okay? I fucking love you so damn much and seeing you with Nate like that made me wanna kill him.” He whispered. “Do you understand how I’ve been feeling all these months now,” you whispered, looking into his eyes. “I’m so sorry for making you feel this way. I thought Sandy would help me get over you but she clearly didn’t.” He said and pulled you into a tight hug. “I love you Eric.” You whispered as you hugged him back. “It’s you and me, y/n. This time nothing’s breaking us apart.”

You could already tell this was the start of something new.

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THIS CHAPTER WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! THE PART ABOUT THE RINGS BROKE MY HEART TO A MILLION PIECES!! I seriously don't want this fic to ever end. Never stop writing!! But what happened at the end of the chapter? How did Yuuri actually start to believe their made up stories? And how did Viktor realize what was happening?

Thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you!

Ah, so - I’ve had several asks/comments to this effect, so I’m going to borrow what I replied then and replicate it here, if that’s alright:

“What actually happened is that Yuuri sustained a reality in which both Victor and him were themselves, and had their gifts, and layered the reality of Soltanov and Daisuke on top of that. Think: a bubble within a bubble, with Victor and Yuuri in the inner bubble! On a very basic level, we have Yuuri straining to keep track of which is which.”

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Victor’s an empath, which means he can both manipulate emotions and sense them. So if we’re seeing Yuuri’s POV, and we can feel the poor bb’s palpable distress and dissociation, who knows what Victor feels? ;) (Basically: cue all the angst.)

Nate Maloley imagine::
🔅Nate’s pov🔅
God I missed her. She has been gone for what seems like forever. Which in realty just meant she’s been gone since last Sunday. It’s only been four days? I hate Thursdays right now. I decided to call her. I needed to hear her beautiful voice. I pulled out my phone and excused myself from the Jacks and Nash. 
“Hello?” Her voice rang like a bell over the speaker. She sounded so happy. 
“Hey baby.”
“Hey Nate. I miss you!” She whined. I couldn’t help but giggle like a four year old.
“Fuck, I miss you too baby girl.” I huffed out. We have never been apart this long before. Since we started dating, three years ago, we’ve always been together. Never apart more than a few hours. But her family decided to take her to Mexico for her graduation gift. 
“I’ll be back soon though baby.” I could hear her smile, it made me do the same. 
“Really, when?” I was so excited I would get to see her again soon. Her beautiful smile, her eyes that could take away the deepest pain. 
“Well, there was a problem with the flights…” She muttered. I started to panic. I couldn’t go much longer without seeing her. 
“W-what?” Tears started to burn in my eyes as the guys walked into the kitchen were I retreated to. They all looked at each other and back at me. 
“Everything okay?” Nash mouthed. I turned away from them and listened.
“(Y/n)? What do you mean?” I could hear her faint breathing. 
“I mean… I get to come home tomorrow, instead of next Tuesday!” She shouted. I jumped off of the stool I was currently on and looked at the guys with excitement. 
“Fuck, baby. Really? I get to see you sooner?” I somewhat shouted at her. Excitement and happiness surged through my veins like a cruel fire.
“Yes baby. I can’t wait to see you. I miss you so much. I hate being away from you.” She paused, and it sounded like she went to another room and shut the door. “I miss you. I miss your smile, I miss your hugs, I miss your lips.” She sniffed. 
My heart broke into a million pieces. “Baby no, please don’t cry. I miss you too. More than you could imagine. The guys hate me. All I talk about is you.” I laughed. “I’m going to let you go princess. I love you, have fun, and I’ll see your beautiful face tomorrow.“ 
The Jacks, Nash, Hayes and I all waited for her arrival. The airport sounded of small chattering, inaudible voices on speakers, and my foot constantly tapping away in anticipation. 
"Dude seriously. She’s going to be here soon. You made us all get up at fucking 4:30 in the morning. We’re tired shut up.” Nash snapped. Jack and Jack grunted in agreement and shifted in their chairs. Hayes was snoring in the corner. 
“Flight 647 is now landing.” The crackling voice rang over the speakers. 
“Guys! That’s her flight!” I got up to look out of the large window. I could see the plane touchdown in the distance. Excitement pumped through my veins, I was finally going to see my baby girl. 
“Nate, calm down.” Hayes says as I walk quickly down the carpeted floors towards the boarding areas. 
“644, 645, 646.” I counted the sections until I saw the one. “647. That’s the one!” I shout as I look at all of the people coming through the doors from her plane. My heart quickens when I see her parents. They both quickly ran to me with open arms. 
“Nate, sweetie, we missed you.” Her mom says as she hugs my waist. I kiss her forehead and hug her husband. 
“Where is she?” I ask grabbing her mother’s carry on.
“She already came out?” Her mother gave me a questioning look. 
“What? No she didn’t. I’ve been here since six.” Worry began to surge through my body when I was suddenly knocked down to the floor. 
“Baby I missed you!” She squealed. My face was attacked with kisses as I put my arms up and grabbed a waist.
“Oh my God.” I grabbed her down to my body. Her warmth spread through my body as I felt her tears drop into the crook of my neck.
“Baby, don’t cry. I’m here.” I rubbed her back as I stood her up. I looked into her eyes and smiled. I finally got to see my baby girl. 

This is for my darling x5sos-smut because she’s awesome 💋

Some changes from Flashpoint I did appreciate:

1. Iris not stepping foot in the West home for months means that she undoubtedly has a place all her own. Odds are (or at least this is my headcanon) that this is her place and it’s always only been HER place and not her and Eddie’s old apartment that she just never left. With that being said I imagine though that by the end of the season it’ll be her and Barry’s place…

2. Iris having her own office, and a nice one at that, especially made me happy. I don’t know what that means in terms of her position at the paper but whatever the reason behind it I love it. I also love the switch up that she’s the one with her own private space at work while Barry is the one stuck sharing his with someone else. It cuts down on sexy time at the Lab but since he’s already (kinda) done that with Patty I’m actually okay with Westallen having a new spot of their own if workplace sexy time is ever on the table. And it should be…on the table, or the couch or against the door…

3. I like Julian, I think he’s a good foil for Barry. He needs an every day adversary because he’s never really had that. Besides that anybody with a quick wit, a sarcastic tongue, and an accent will get me every time. I’m sure sooner or later it’ll become apparent that he’s evil af (paging Dr. Alchemy?) but for right now I’m going to appreciate him just being a normal guy that doesn’t fuck with Barry Allen. And on an even better note if/when Barry realizes that Julian is evil and trying to kill him we won’t have to deal with the shock and despair–AGAIN–when Barry realizes that his ‘mentor’ is actually a psycho killer that’s obsessed with ending him. It’s nice that the writer’s avoided that particular storyline again.

4. Now that it seems S.T.A.R Labs is about to get a little chilly (if you catch my drift) and Cisco may be out in the field Vibin’ with Barry I hope that means that we’ll start to see Barry’s brain click back on and he’ll finally start coming up with solutions of his own and stop using the S.T.A.R Labs crew as a crutch and/or his own personal motivational speakers. I don’t mind the Team aspect of it all, especially since the Wests (as a unit) are more involved, but there is a difference between Barry having a team that helps and him having a team that can only exist because he’s incapable of being the Flash on his own. Its a fine line but hopefully the writers will navigate it better and will let Barry be great on his own more often than not.

5. I didn’t love how quickly they let Iris forgive Joe BUT I did appreciate the fact that even though we didn’t get to see it play out the implication is that it still happened. That in this timeline Iris doesn’t forgive and forget so easily. It was also shown when she told Barry straight up that if he lied to her the thing between them wouldn’t work. Lying and keeping secrets is her hard line. She loves him but she let it be known right then and there that if he was about to start lying and keeping shit from her that there wasn’t going to be a 'them’. She had Barry’s ass shook. That’s the Iris I love to see. Loving and understand but still tough as nails and not willing to compromise on what she thinks she deserves. She forgave her father because she’s gracious but with her prolonged absence from his life (even if we didn’t see it) she made her point that she won’t put up with lies and secrecy from the people she loves.

6. If I ever see Cisco that sad on my TV screen again, I’m deleting the Flash off my DVR. But seriously, I loved that they gave Carlos such meaty material. He broke my heart in a million little pieces but he was so good.

7. Caitlin didn’t get on my nerves. So yay for that. Plus I’m semi almost sorta kinda interested in where this Killer Frost storyline goes. Almost. Maybe. We’ll see.

8. Back to Westallen, from what I gather they’re together, which is great. They have a kiss that hasn’t been erased by Barry 'let’s fuck up a timeline’ Allen *insert praise hands*. But they haven’t exchanged 'I love yous’ yet and nobody knows what’s happening with them. I wonder how long it’ll be before those two scenarios play themselves out?

All in all I think I can get behind the changes made from Flashpoint. It’s not a huge difference but it’s different enough that it allows for stories to be told in a way that isn’t completely predictable. Because these characters have gone through things we haven’t experienced right along with them they are now a bit of a mystery to us. It should (hopefully) prove to be interesting.