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I get a totally different feel off people depending on which homestuck character is their icon like

John: probably rly sweet and doesn’t like discourse
Rose: analytical in depth posts one minute and shitposts the next
Dave or davesprite: really cool and gay, posts about how gay they are
Jade: a sweetheart who will drag you if you step out of line
Jane: draws fanart, usually of jane, and they’re rly peaceful
Roxy: The Best™ posts, and a fun personality
Dirk or lil hal: cool but shitposts about their feelings, gets a lot of asks
Jake: I already love them based on the pfp
Aradia: they like femslash rarepairs, draws them
Tavros: really defensive over homestuck and doesn’t get memes
Sollux: a lot of shitposting. A lot.
Karkat: Sweet and wonderful. The best blog.
Nepeta: they post memes and art
Kanaya: Super Sapphic on the way
Terezi: a rolemodel who knows the ropes of homestuck tumblr perfectly
Vriska: get ready for some discourse on your dash pal
Equius: will hug you if they could, but is bad at replying to ims
Gamzee: either just started homestuck and is sweet or gets into a lot of discourse
Eridan: acts like a big deal but don’t know how to edit their theme
Feferi: a literally sweetheart who posts cute aesthetics
Calliope: seems sweet but they can destroy you
Caliborn: acts tough but can’t handle anons
Davepeta: wonderful n nice but they may be a furry.
Jasprose: their blog is anarchy
Any other sprite: a wildcard but i trust them
Any guardian but bro: a mature person, good place to go to for advice
Bro: no
Any carapacion: sweet and good
Any lepricon: gay and mysterious
Fancharacter: Cool™ and probably has a lot of art

say if it’s accurate for u in the tags I need the data

Oh man! I know it’s been some time but I just have to say it: I loved the latest upd8! I mean, look!

First of all we have Tavros preventing Gamzeecalypse simply by throwing him off the rage game right into love limbo and all thanks to got-brought-back-to-life-by-Terezi confidence!

Then we have Feferi, who decided that Green Sun is a great opportunity to have beach party and Gamzee happily complied, as always! Murderstuck completely avoided and all thanks to Terezi-and-John-bringing-back-Feferi-to-life-movement!

Of course, it’s not like it stopped srs pale GamKars from happening, I mean, why should it??? Karkat never stood a chance against Gamzee-not-being-bad-thanks-to-Terezi-thinking-it-out-properly!

And because Terezi-thought-Eridan-deserved-a-second-chance-cause-this-would-only-be-just, Eridan gets to shine as a quadrant and history nerd! Also, don’t you think it’s a perfect situation for Rose to learn how to auspisticize?

And man, it was obvious that Terezi was going to bring Nepeta back to life so she can finally bond with her non-F4C3T1OUSLY and wow, can you see this helping Nepeta bring shipping out of the shadows and getting over her Vantas crush at the same time???

Then, there’s Sollux. Welp, shit happens when you make blind dude stay around. Guess it’s no big deal since he didn’t mean to and without drama Rose might see it as a wake up call from fate.

Almost forgot about this one! Look how happy Gamzee seems to be, like for the first or second time in his life probably! And he is bonding with Kurloz! Yay, finally bonding with dancestors!

Oh man, and then there’s Equius utilizing his fi%ing skills and helping alphas with prototyping properly! Aren’t you glad Terezi and John brought Equius back to life since it’s not his fault society messed up his head and his death was a result of that?

Some more Equius knowing what is he doing (oh, and there’s Vriska’s head too, I wonder what’s up with that).

And then there’s like Fedorasprite (FedoraPipesprite anyone???) helping guide Jane to her Dad and Kanaya seeing herself having a makeover done in another timeline and wow, aren’t you glad Terezi brought back to life everyone whose death seemed to be UNJUST.

Cause imagine what if she brought back to life only one character and that character would act like if whatever it did actually fixed everything thanks to its overgrown ego and what if it would steal other’s characters plots and character development and possible outcomes and-

OH W8.

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what is.,, a list of reasons to love equius

  • he is such a loser
  • D–> Hi
  • I mentioned this yesterday but him flirting with gamzee
  • He and vriska being… friends??? i guess? or hatefriends, maybe. 
  • listen he’s genuinely concerned about her in vrisky business
  • ONE DAY i’ll write a metapost about this but i think he’s pretty easy to read him as a closeted gay man and that goes pretty far in explaining why that whole thing with aradia was so weird
  • him have OCD
  • him autistic
  • genuine distress
  • idk he just…..,., seems to try to help people and be nice? when he can??? even though he’s bad at communicating
  • From [S] Past Karkat: Wake up:
    VRISKA: I must say, I am really disgusted 8y how you’ve resorted to following orders from that low class slo8 with the hideous mutant 8lood.
    VRISKA: I thought you were 8etter than that! I thought WE were 8etter than that.
    EQUIUS: D –> I…
    EQUIUS: D –> You’re absolutely right, it’s disgraceful
    EQUIUS: D –> I think it is possibly time to admit I have some sort of problem
    EQUIUS: D –> I would very much like to honor my position on the hemospectrum and mistreat those beneath me, and yet… 
  • this convo he has with dave is so good
  • That part in [S] Equius: Seek the highb100d where he rps with Nepeta
  • idk if arquius counts but 90% of the shit he says is hilarious
  • he calls dirk “vitamin d” once
  • also that semi-reunion he has with davepeta
  • ARQUIUSPRITE:  *Arquius submits his question to Davepeta in the form of a third person statement, thereby acknowledging once and for all that he is in no way above the childish nonsense of his former moirail*
    ARQUIUSPRITE:  *He in fact acknowledges by e%tension that he is not above anything or anyone, and never was*

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do you have any tips regarding writing john, jade, dirk, jane, or jake in pesterlogs?

The biggest tip I have for general pesterlog writing is to go find an actual canon pesterlog for whatever character(s) you’re going to write and read it, first. It REALLY helps with settling into the voice. Pesterlogs aren’t just specific quirks, it’s the way each character uses their quirk to change how their sentences flow and the kind of pool of vocabulary they each pull from. They each kinda have a different internet language. I use mspawiki’s links under the character portraits to quickly find conversations when I’m doing this cause it lets you quickly look up pesterlogs by act and characters involved.

other than that, for Dirk you have to remember that Dirk always wants to sound smart and capable and put together but his uncool nerdy side is constantly slipping through the cracks and undermining this goal. Also any time Dirk Strider has An Emotion Of Any Kind in a pesterlog he tries really hard to smooth it over with sarcasm or rambling joking (a lot like Dave but a little more self aware – Dave just lets himself drown in his own bullshit, Dirk is aware that he is about to drown and desperately looking for the ladder out.) And whenever he actually does snap at someone (he does it with Jake and Roxy sometimes off the top of my head – I seem to recall he’s generally more gentle with Jane overall) you can tell he always feels like immediate fried shit about it and even about being angry in the first place and all of his negative emotions are paired with like 18 flavors of guilt.

Jane is fun to write because she has a really nice, pleasant TONE to her pesterlog chat voice but she’s mad about half the time about something and is constantly struggling with like no I have to be cool I am collected and polite and in control versus WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NERD I’M TALKING TO RIGHT NOW EVEN SAYING/DOING??? She tries so hard to keep a tight lid on everything and the dichotomy between Jane’s actual emotions at any given time and the pleasant way she’s trying to force her expression of them are what make her pesterlogs so funny. Oh and obviously sometimes the bottle overflows and explodes. Also you have to remember Jane outwardly is very sure of her own intelligence and understanding of the world to the point where she often misses very obvious things because she feels she already knows what is going on and takes situations for granted. Something I’d write her as actively Working On post-canon (along with the bottling things up too much stuff.) 

And Jake, I think a lot of people struggle with or are intimidated by writing Jake because of his vocabulary quirk, but when I write Jake I just try to keep in mind who he IS, what persona he’s trying to perform as, because Jake in pesterlogs is always trying to put out whatever persona he thinks is most what the person he’s talking to wants to see. Some flavor of movie hero. What’s fun about Jake’s quirk is that he uses those old timey words/minced oaths in a way that like, makes it seem like he’s adverse to swearing (like, say, equius) but then he’ll just let fly a sentence with both a minced oath AND flagrant fucks or shits or what have you without a single care and it’s like BOY WHAT? lmfao god I love Jake. It REALLY helps to re-read some of his actual writing in canon. One thing I see a lot is that people just assign him British slang which isn’t quite right – if you want a more accurate vocab list to pull from for Jake look up like early 1900s American slang, it’s more the flavor. The other big thing with him is that you actually have to structure his sentences such that like, he doesn’t use punctuation a lot so he has this like long run on rambly tone punctuated with short clipped sentences, it gives him a really specific kind of manic barely controlled tone, which is VERY APPROPRIATE because Jake English is like five seconds from flying apart in every conversation. 

I’ve never written john or jade in a pesterlog so imma not expound on them but I hope this helps a little 💪

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What exactly is considered "chuckle-voodoos"?

going by just looking at Gamzee, it can be hard to tell due to the characters naturally capricious and ragey nature and what is or isn’t influence from Lil Cal (since we really don’t even know what lil cal can canonly do to people since hes only ever seen doing whatever it is he does to Gamzee)

but thankfully we also have Kurloz as an example for them who uses them explicitly in no uncertain terms on Meulin, regularly using them on her to make her an unknowing pawn for his religion and he’s never encountered lil cal so there’s no interloping unknown influence in the way

when he does this, her eyes turn his shade of purple, she speaks and does whatever Kurloz wants her to do, and once its over Meulin remembers nothing

so it’s pretty much just a variant of Vriska’s Mind Control Psychics, except for Kurloz/Gamzee’s whoever it’s used upon has no recollection of it happening

lots of the special powers of the troll caste’s all seem to be variants and different types of “Psychic Mind Control” 

Maroon uses it to control objects from afar, Brown uses it for animal communion, Serket Blue for direct troll mind control and suggestion (but it can be resisted), Purple Chucklevoodoo flavor is the same but seems to be stronger, less able to resisted, and leaves an amnesiac effect afterwards, as well as Serket Blue seems to only be able to control Minds, Purple seems to be implied to be able to control Mind and Body as well

you could even spin Equius’ Super Strength as a variant of a psychic power as like his Mind psychically forcing his body to be on 100% all the time always fully adrenalized and constantly using 100% of his own strength

and while Sollux’s eye lazers can be thought of as merely an eye related mutation, canonly the Psiionic was used as a Helmsman, controlling and entire ship to move anyway they pilot it, using only their mental powers while hooked up physically to the ship, you can spin both as being “Psychic Energy Generation” both for Sollux’s eye lazers and the Helmsman Powering the ship as well as piloting it

Heck even Jade rainbow drinker powers is just, the body reanimating somehow after death, meaning specifically their Minds are somehow able to be preserved after death, and going by the natural pattern, it’s probably happening Psychically as well, both the mental preservation and the body moving around (but likely unconsciously and uncontrollably as in Equius’s case)

even the rarely spoken of Lime Bloods were seen as a threat for some reason in order to be killed off like that, it’s likely that caste had a significant psychic power up their sleeve as well

Homestuck fic gothic

@curlicuecal I did the thing

There has recently been an influx in Dave crackships. Davefef. DavePM. DaveDaveSerenity.  DaveDaveGamzeeDave. Daves upon Daves upon Daves. You go through the entire archive. The character tags repeatedly list Dave and only Dave. You reread the actual comic. The first page begins with “A coolkid stands in his room.” You hate time travel.

You read a fic instead of sleeping. Your mind grows weary, and the shadows in your room seem to grow. The words melt down the screen, bubbling and churning as something underneath stirs. A presence looms over you and grasps at your mind. You blink, and find yourself in the middle of a Squiddles intermission chapter. You stop reading.

You don’t get why there are so many JohnDave fics. The filter says there are more than 4000 results. Why is it so popular? You refresh the page, hoping for a new fic containing your rarepair. There are 5000 result for JohnDave now. You refresh the page. 7000. 10000. 15000. Please. You just want one. One rarepair fic. You refresh the page.

One writer has decided to give the Trolls literal snakes in place of their tentabulges, in a horrific combination of troll and cherub reproductive biology. Other fics soon follow suit. Nobody finds anything wrong with this.

Scourge Sisters and Equius. Arasol and Equius. Dirkjake and Equius. He looks on in silent judgment as pairings kiss and cuddle and fuck. Why is he there. Where is he coming from. Nobody seems able to answer your questions.

Someone asks you about the dead lesbians trope. You don’t understand. What dead lesbians? Rosemary is the strongest pairing you have ever shipped. They crush all their enemies with ease and have gratuitous makeouts afterwards. “Please help,” the authors beg. “They’ve become too powerful. We can’t control them.” You fail to see what the problem is.

You hear a noise outside your room at 3 in the morning. You open the door. Andrew Hussie is sobbing on the hallway floor, surrounded by miniature figurines of horses. You close the door.

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D --> Pstttt....why do you 100k like me and what the fuck happened to your horn, bro? {ask-purple-b100d-equius}


CT : D –> Greetings… It seems like you are like me, but with purple b100d ?

CT : D –> I admit this is rather disturbing

CT : D –> Not that I mean to sound rude

CT : D –> This is just really strange for me. Like a mix of Gamzee and me…

CT : D –> My name is Equius. As for my horn, I broke it a long time ago by accident

Genderbend M!A => 7/7 asks

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You know I'm a Big Fan, of the headcanon that aradia meets equius years later on the new earth and they have long since realized they're both gay and talk through their differences and she forgives him and they become friends because, it's really nice to me and they both seem to have interests in history and culture too, they could talk about that and talk about their respective girlfriend/boyfriend and just be Pals and I think aradia would be really glad and proud of how far equius had come

HECK yes aradia isn’t one to hold grudges and im sure eq would, you know, apologize?

plus they both take any chance to gush abt their SOs

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I thought I was the witch of void but now I'm not sure. Could you tell me what void players are like so I know I'm still a void player?

Okay, so. You’ve probably got the right aspect. People will usually feel a strong connection to a particular aspect, two at the most. So it’s likely more a matter of class confusion than aspect confusion. With that said, let me tell you about the traits of a Void player.

Void players are generally secretive people. They don’t like to talk about themselves or what bothers them that much. They like to keep everyone in the dark, even if they’re one of the classes that wants to know what everyone else is up to. Equius and Roxy both exhibited this. Even if Roxy had the sociable party-girl act, she didn’t like to talk about what bothered her. It’s even implied Horuss was hiding a lot of inner turmoil.

They’re usually isolated, anxious introverts. If they seem otherwise, they’re probably hiding it or overcompensating, which in itself is a very Void thing to do. Equius was upfront about this, being quite possibly the least social of his entire team (which is quite an impressive feat). Roxy and Horuss, meanwhile, were more secretive about this side of them. They seemed like friendly, sociable people, and maybe they were, but they also were both very anxious at their core.

Void players of any class will always feel a burning emptiness at their core. They feel unimportant and meaningless. They question their existence, and sometimes even if anything they do or say is even real or not. Existential angst is a trademark quality of the Void aspect. Which is to be expected; Light players almost always have an over-inflated sense of importance, like everything revolves around them, so Void players are the opposite. They feel isolated and hollow. Alone in the world, no matter how many friends they might have. Not all Void players will feel this way, of course, but a great deal of them will.

On a lighter note, there are a few minor habits Void players repeat. They usually have some strange interest or combination of interests. The Zahhaks with their horses, and Roxy with her affinity for magic, science, and cats. Void players are very passionate about their odd interests and hobbies.

Void players also tend to have some kind of drinking problem. This is not necessarily alcoholic in nature, though it can be. Equius had a thing for milk. Roxy was an alcoholic as a result of her party-girl facade. Horuss probably had a similar thing to Equius.

Now, to prove these traits, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. These all fit to a T with me, despite my being a Prince of Void who is supposed to act more like the opposite aspect. I’m a secretive, anxious, lonely person. I have a very wide, odd combination of interests that may seem at odds with each other and my overall personality. And I drink basically any liquid substance in sight. Minus blood, urine, or alcohol. Gross.

So there are your typical Void player traits. You don’t have to fit all of them, but probably should fit most of them to be a Void player. There we have it. What makes a Void player a Void player (how many times have I typed that…?) and also a bit about me.

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Theory: Aurthor is like a centaur, but centaurs are wild and reckless beasts, Aurthor is nothing like that, hes a good butler. I think it is possible that Aurthor used to be like that, but then it and Equiusproabbly got on fist and... I think its possible that Aurthor is calmed downbecause deep down it fears the strenght of Equius.. What do you think?

well eq would def never hurt him, but its possible he did since he seems to get hurt so easy, and eq is really strong

about Karkat Vantas

it seems to be that time of year again where the “Karkat is canonically abusive I don’t make the rules” posts start up (yet another homestuck wank you could set your watch by) so I wrote a lot of words about why this is in canon demonstrated not to be true.

let’s begin! this post is mainly about the idea that karkat is prone to anger fits, yells a lot, and attacks other people.

so to start, literally all of karkat’s friends, every single one of the trolls, sees his “anger fits and yelling a lot” as amusing and harmless, and (correctly) perceive it as a defense mechanism to cover up how much he cares about you. karkat may have been angry and yelling a lot at the kids early on in his trolling the humans, but we literally witness him grow out of it. we literally see him stop throughout act 5.2. once again, in act 5.1, we already saw ALL of the following trolls treat his “anger fits” like cute diversions because they knew he was just fronting:

  • nepeta, who takes no offense to his rolling-eyes level “attempt” at roleplaying
  • sollux, whom he ends his first conversation with with “are we still cool, are you mad at me, did I take this too far”
  • feferi, who tells jade karkat is “pretty harmless”
  • tavros
  • kanaya
  • terezi, who is on record as finding it cute
  • aradia
  • gamzee
  • vriska, who tries to encourage the angry shit because she likes the attention, but outright tells john that karkat is too nice and is “bad” at being a troll
  • equius
  • even fucking eridan

we only see karkat and tavros interact with the “stop playing games for girls” gag (which I don’t feel you can take as an indication of karkat’s character, since it’s a callback meme) and the memo where tavros asks for advice w/r/t vriska, which is pretty tame (tavros doesn’t seem insulted at all by karkat saying “why do you assholes keep bothering me with romantic problems”). we also barely see karkat and equius interact at all outside of the log where karkat asks him to deal with gamzee. but notably, both of them have interactions in alterniabound which are fairly nice, and neither acts like karkat is a naturally angry person. it’s notable that at this point aradia is an emotionless dead robot and she still sees karkat’s shit as a front. people tend to bring up how “mean” he was in his first conversation with gamzee all the time, and yet, gamzee doesn’t care. gamzee finds it endearing. gamzee acts like this is just a cute quirk of how karkat is. karkat is outright mean to eridan at one point late in 5.2, on account of eridan just having fucking murdered kanaya and feferi and having attempted to murder sollux. and yet, eridan still thinks it’s just karkat being karkat. in fact, other people commenting on karkat telling eridan off, namely feferi, also think it’s just karkat shouting as a front for something and that this is how karkat plays jokes. 

and again, even his actual anger toward the humans in late act 4 and early 5.2 is something we fucking watch him grow out of to the point of being actually embarrassed by. penis ouija is also something people like to give as proof of how “abusive” karkat is but the dude had just spent something like 20 minutes literally shouting at himself from both sides of a conversation. if there’s anyone karkat is abusive to, it’s himself. it’s one moment in time on a long 3 year journey, and in the retcon timeline, it’s replaced by, quoth rose, him and dave drawing dicks in her book while giggling furiously.

besides that, his original actions in penis ouija aren’t endorsed, but even then they’re treated like absurd desperation, not as abuse. since this time the wank is about dave: dave’s reaction to him is not “this shit is triggering me,” which, if karkat was actually being vicious, might be understandable. his reaction isn’t even “I want out of this situation because I’m uncomfortable with karkat yelling.” his reaction is “look at this fucking tool, get him out of my face.” and despite that moment where neither of them technically likes each other, they still go on to become friends by year 2, and actual bffs by year 3 of the retconned version of the meteor journey. and that’s in the version of the timeline that got erased. in the new version of the timeline, they’re already best friends (and possibly even already together) by that point on year 1. 

for real, I can’t get past this: we literally watch him grow to the point that he is embarrassed by how mean he was to the humans. that happens onscreen. by the end of 5.2 he is being downright cordial to both jade and to john, who are the only ones he really speaks to in act 5 outside of that one memo with dave in it. and even if you want to talk about penis ouija, we see him disown how he was behaving then, too, in a conversation with terezi in openbound. he’s embarrassed by it. he knows it wasn’t cool. we see him grow out of that behavior, too. we even see him grow out of blaming “past me” for everything as though he’s a separate individual, and start to own up to his own behavior as mistakes he made. 

karkat vantas is not presented in canon as an abusive individual. I want to stress that if his behavior bothers or triggers you, that’s fine and of course nobody should tell you not to be bothered. but if you’re making posts about how the rest of fandom isn’t reading him right because they don’t see him as abusive, or that you know how icky davekatters just want karkat to be happy or don’t care about dave (and boy could I write a whole separate post about that behavior), you’re being an asshole. especially if you shove it in ship tags and then expect people not to reply to you, or to disagree. 

CroKri Ampora Pornstar Family AU Drabble

Eridan had tried many times to get Cronus to talk about what had happened at the auditions for his One Night with Cronus movie. Nothing. He couldn’t get any information on who the guy that had run away had been or how his brother knew him.

“Equius, I need you to find out who that guy was and how Cronus knows him.” Eridan said, crossing his arms. “Why do I have to do it?” Equius asked. “You’re a neutral party and Cronus likes talking to you.” “Can’t you ask Horuss to do it?” “Horuss doesn’t know that that happened though! I need you to do this!” Equius sighed and nodded, agreeing to be the younger Ampora’s information collector. After they finished taping a new scene for one of Cronus’ movies, Equius went up to him. “Um… Mr. Ampora…” He started, his forehead breaking out with a sweat. “I would like to ask you about what happened the day of the auditions.” “Oh… About the guy who ran out?” Cronus asked. “It’s not anything important.” “Could… Is it possible that you might have feelings for the man?” Equius inquired. “I wouldn’t say that I have feeling for him but that kind of thing does leave an impression.” “True but I remember what it was like when I met someone and found myself really attracted to them.” He was talking about Nepeta but he would try to make his experience as vague as possible. “I have met him twice and both times he ran away, screaming.” Cronus laughed. “Would you like to get to know him?” “It would be interesting to know why he ran away from me both times.” “Maybe I could help you find out who he is.” “I think his name is Kanny or something like that.” Cronus smiled. “Tell me about your first meeting.” Equius listened intently as Cronus talked about what had happened at the grocery store and about how he couldn’t help but find the guy adorable with how nervous he had seemed. “He had the cutest blush.” “Maybe you’ll meet him again.” It was getting warmer and the sun was high in the sky. Summer was coming. Kankri was on his way to the grocery store. He became nervous when his father or brother asked him to go to the store, remembering the first time he met the man of his sexual fantasies. A slight breeze rustled his hair as he walked. He sighed softly and tried to put it out of his mind but those eyes seemed to haunt his every thought. “He’s so handsome and…” Out of my league… Kankri sighed once more as he walked through the automatic doors of the grocery store. He grabbed a basket and pulled out his list of needed items. He tried to focus on the task at hand, inspecting the vegetables as he had been when he had met Cronus the first time. “Always so expensive…” He mumbled as he picked up one of the packages to examine it closer. He found one that he felt was suitable for his family’s consumption and put it in his basket before he went around, gathering the rest of the items from the list. As he pondered over which fish he wanted to purchase, he felt a presence behind him. Slowly, he turned around. He had expected it to be either his younger brother or a figment of his imagination. Kankri froze when he saw those scars that he dreamt about almost nightly. “C…C…” Cronus! He screamed inside his mind. He was in a corner, trapped between a wall and the man of his dreams. Kankri tried to ignore his urge to run as far and as fast as he could to focus on getting the items that had been requested. Cronus felt the person standing beside him tense and he looked over. “Hey! It’s you!” He grinned at Kankri. Kankri almost dropped his basket. He felt dizzy, like the world was rushing by. He felt a hand on his forearm. “You okay, Chief?” Cronus asked, looking worried as he tilted his head to the side. Kankri looked up and opened his mouth but nothing came out. He took a moment to catch his breath and collect himself before trying again. “I’m sorry.” He said, voice soft and shaky but there. “You ain’t running away this time.” Cronus chuckled. Kankri’s cheeks colored themselves deep red with embarrassment. “I… I… Um…” Kankri stammered. “It’s okay.” Cronus smiled and Kankri felt himself melt a little. Why was Cronus so attractive?? This shouldn’t be possible! But here he was, this beautiful human being standing in front of him, holding onto his arm. Kankri’s mind blanked for a moment as he realized that Cronus, THE Cronus, was touching him. “You don’t have to be so nervous. I don’t bite.” Cronus said, chuckling a little as he spoke. “You… You… You’re Cronus…” Kankri said softly “I am and you are?” “Ka… Ka-Kankri.” He blurted, eyes wide. “It’s nice to meet you, Kankri.” Cronus smiled his most dazzling smile and Kankri felt his chest pull tight. “I’d love to stay and chat but I have to get back to the studio soon. Call me sometime.” He said, pulling out a card with his number and name on it. Kankri took the card and held it to his chest, nodding quickly.

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I guess some classpect combos could doubly embody their thing, like a Prince/Bard of Time being a "Destroyer of Destruction" or a Maid/Sylph of Space being a "Creator of Creation". Any others you could see as doubling a factor like that?

the problem with that way is you’d use up all your classes when you get halfway through the aspects :p

I think just Prince of Time would be a double whammy, since the Prince’s naturally stubborn unchanging behavior naturally ties into Time’s themes of routines, repetitions and patterns, as well as the double destruction factor

Then Sylph’s are meddlesome, always wanting to fix things, their is always another way, they want to get people to do something new, to nudge and help them grow, or like, to get new converts to their philosophy, something of that nature. Then Space being new things, the feminine, variations upon things, mutations, different routes, chance and fluctuation seems to be a pretty alright connection. Fits better than Maid of Space anyway

Maids then fit better with another aspect anyway. They are usually shoved around at first, made to rely on others for their aspect, but then rising up to their challenge means they start defining what it means to them personally and relying on themselves for their aspect and maybe even defining themselves with it. it’s really a very Hearty way of doing things. Plus there is that Maids are very passionate types so I can see the double whammy in a Maid of Heart. There is also Made as in what you are Made of. You are Made of Your Heart, aka you Are what your Soul is. Which fits into the ‘Maid of X’ pun pretty well

A Bard can be pretty avoidant laidback people, very whimsical and free floating in nature, which suggests Breath at first, but they also deal with two very extreme states, in which they are pushed into and out of without much control at first. And the avoidance, easily pushed around can also suggest the very Binary and decaying/submissive and yet explosive Doom as it does Bard. Plus there is that Breath is usually the one that does the pushing and is indepedant, you can’t tell Breath to do anything, it floats where it wants to. So I would say Bard of Doom is more likely

Witches on the other hand are rebellious rule breakers or benders, always finding a will or a way through their own brand of stubborn confidence to Change their Aspect as they please. This mixes well with Life’s themes of Unrestricted Energy, Overcoming Barriers, Breaking Rules and Reckless Temptations that are also part of the Witch’s challenge. So Witch of Life I’d consider another ‘double whammy’

For Heirs, They unconsciously gravitate towards their aspects, and seemingly draw insurmountable strength from it in some form or another. Their challenge also being knowing when it times to move on or let go. Coupling this with Blood’s iron strength tying you down to one thing, pulling you with chains always toward a single direction, almost as if the natural magnetism of its cold iron keeps drawing you steadily back like an anchor to a ship can Make quite a double whammy for an Heir and make their challenge of moving on that much more difficult. Likewise Heirs always seem to be pretty strong in Body anyway despite aspect, John and his Hammer weilding and Equius and his bloodcaste related strength. So an Heir of Blood would have this x2 bodily strength or constitution as well. 

Mages shctick is one personal experience and suffering from either their aspect or from their aspects effects. And of the left Rage can very much be an aspect of suffering. It has to do with emotions of fear, despair, anger, things that hold you back or try to stop you from advancing. Learning to deal with Rage is one of learning to discern reality from illusion. I think Ive said before a Mage’s challenge is like one of overcoming their aspect, and coming out on top with the neccessary knowledge and experience of it despite it, and Rage I think fits as making a Double whammy of an effect coupled with Mage. basically itd be twice as Hard for a Mage of Rage than other Mage’s since Rage seems to be an aspect all about being geared towards as a Challenge for a Mage, who is already challenged in the same way by their aspect.

Seer of Light is a pretty obvious one, Seers being all about seeing the possibilities, Light being about probabilities as well as Eyes themselves. Seers being a knowledge class and Light having to do with Information. Seers also deal with symbolic manifestations of their Aspect to receive knowledge, like Crystal Balls, or Mental Visions and the like and Light is a very strongly Symbolic Aspect, dealing with symbols and the meaning we assign to them. This double whammy makes their challenge of getting and understanding symbolic and probable knowledge from symbols and probability itself almost twice as hard to decipher the right knowledge and decision from

For Thieves they can be very ego centric, maybe even uncaring or apathetic just a little to the needs of others. They are very indepedant creatures as well, letting no one tell them what to do or not and being extremely self confident. For this reason I actually think Breath fits quite well as a double whammy for them. Breath is all about independance, moving where you want. Trying to catch a skilled Thief is almost as futile as trying to catch the Breeze as well. They seem to be able to go anywhere and steal anything like they were intangible ghosts. They are the ultimate pursuers of freedom basically. 

Page and Hope were talked about as being a double whammy class, and its easy to see with Page’s whole schtick being ‘fake it til you make it” and Hope being literally the power to make fake things real. Plus the unbridled optimism and forward marching even in the face of all failure, letting nothing stop them back from eventually getting their their destination, like a slow burning unstoppable force really seals the deal for a Page of Hope double whammy

For Knights, They already have a pattern of hiding their true selves behind a preconcieved notion of who they should be. Masking their true inner insecurity behind an unnecessary facade of competence. Mind being the aspect of such personas and masks makes this one very fitting as well. Mind is also obsessed with seeming outwardly apathetic or unaffected by all things, unwilling to let any bias shine through. Then also the Knight’s obsession with practice and making sure they get it absolutely right can tie into Mind’s similar expression with Choices, humming and hawing and taking their sweet time deliberating on the presented evidence before making their choice. 

Rogues lastly are thus paired with Void. I can see this as a fitting pattern because a Rogue will at first think themselves truly unworthy or incompetant with their aspect in some way, or they see a supposed Lack of it in someway, making them give it up to others, aka making it even more nonexistant in themselves. Giving it a sense of they aren’t good or important enough for their Aspect, downplaying themselves and their abilities, like how Void makes things irrelevant or meaningless. Thus a Rogue of Void also has the harder challenge of the Rogues. Having to reconcile meaningless and irrelevance itself as still having meaning and relevance to them personally. 

If there one thing I noticed as well from all of these double whammy classes, is that while giving them almost more power and influence over their Aspect, it’s makes the challenges of the classes itself seemingly twice as Hard to Master

Prince of Time have to be careful not to be destroyed by destruction itself

Witch of Life have to reign in Life itself and control the uncontrollable

Heir of Blood though drawn naturally to the most connective of aspects, must learn to be able seperate themselves from it as well

Rogue of Void must find the meaning in true meaninglessness, to find importance in the most unimportant

Maid of Heart has to rely on themselves for themselves

and stuff like that

very interesting!

UndertaleXHomestuck Crossover Headcannons

Sans and Dave have become good bros. They like to chill together.

Papyrus is Karkat’s new dumb best friend. KK won’t admit it, but he’s never related to someone this much.

Vriska shuts up about Papyrus because if she says something she has to answer both to Sans and Karkat

Vriska says she thinks Undyne is lame for being so kind-hearted, but the truth is she wishes she had as much friends like her

Mettaton is Kanaya’s new top model and he’ll give random fashion runways everytime he wears something new posing for 3 hours straight. He irritates Vriska because he always steals the spotlight.

John and Sans are at a pranking war. The crew actually prefers this over them teaming up

Dave likes to hear music with Napstablook, he tries to rap to it or mix it in his turn-tables

Napstablook and Tavros become good friends and cheer each other up.

Vriska can’t say anything about them because Mettaton is there and if you say something to my cousin I’ll fucking kill you, bitch

Upon spending some time with Feferi, Undyne now speaks in both anime and fishpuns

Alphys, Undyne, Dirk, and John have an anime club

Jake asks Undyne to train him. He’s now Papyrus’s cooking classmate

Undyne and Dirk also have epic battles together. Needless to say, this are anime battles, with Dirk being the cool villain who’s all like “Tch, you can’t beat me” and Undyne is the hero who seems about to get rekted, but speaks about the power of friendship and everyone’s hearts beating together and always wins.

Toriel helps Jane get over Jake while baking butterscotch-cinnamon pie together. Jane likes the recipe so much she plans to add it to the Crocker emporium. 

Toriel and Kanaya get along too. Kanaya also likes making new dresses for Tori.

Alphys and Roxy have a hacking competition. In the middle of it, Sollux hacks his way inside too.

Besides that, Roxy is great friends with Alphys. She makes her feel more self-confident.

Alphys and Equius also have a competition over who can build the best soul-robot. It’s Mettaton VS Aradiabot.

Jake also asks Asgore to train him and they fight eachother. It’s slow, but Jake is making some serious progress, yo (take notes, Dirk)

Flowey and Gamzee interact together. It gets as disturbing as it sounds.

For some reason, Rose can now speak in windings.

Strider Bros vs Sans and Papyrus in a water gun battle

Muffet and Vriska have a violent battle in which they both steal as much money from the other as they can. Vriska calls Muffet a desperate copy-cat.

Temmie gets along both with Nepeta and Jade.

Sans and Terezi are the new Scourge Siblings, and they are a deadly team of JUSTICE together

Aradia helps Sans cope with his fear of everything suddenly reseting.

Eridan and Burgerpants bitch about life and girls together.

Onion-san rejected Eridan. 

Frisk is now like John’s little sibling, he loves them a lot. They watch Con Air and Little Monsters together 

Anonymous asked: Equikat: In which a very needy Karkat gets a little silly trying to get a (at first) completely oblivious Equius’s attention, please.

(Warnings for xeno and nsfw because karkat’s a dirty little shit)



Sigh. Tap tap. Another sigh, and then in a slightly longer whine, “Equius…”

From your position behind him, you can’t tell what Equius is working on, but you can see that his ears barely even twitch when you say his name, and he lets out another, distracted, “Mmmhmm.”

You narrow your eyes.

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Nepeta: Hey, Equius? Thanks for helping me with this journey and all, but what’s with you giving my your hanky? My horns don’t get cold, you know.
Equius: If you are to travel with me, you were to abide by my rules. I make it a point to protect my traveling companions, and with that they will know you are with me.
Nepeta: Okay? I don’t get what you mean by that but I CAN take care of myself.
Equius: No, lowblood, you cannot.
Nepeta: Yes, I can.
Equius: No.
Nepeta: Yes.
Equius: No.
Nepeta: Yes.
Equius: Regardless. I insist you keep that on.

Nepeta: Fine…But, really, thanks again. And thanks for covering John when you did.
Equius: As alien as he seemed, he is eerily troll like. But enough about that, do you still know where he’s leading us?

Nepeta: To Karkat. Remember? If we don’t, the kingdom’s gates will stay trapped in that growing red viney stuff.
Equius: Yes, but how do we know it’s going in the right direction? How do we know it’s not going to deceive us along the way? And how can we tell it has located your brother at all?
Nepeta: I don’t think JOHN would lie to us.
Equius: But—

Equius: …Nepeta? Why did we stop?
Nepeta: …

Nepeta: Equius, as much as I’d like to agree with you, I kind of don’t have anymore options. Without him, I have no lead. I have responsibilities that I need to take care of with my own kingdom. Karkat is the only one who can stop the miles of red from traveling. I’ve already made it hard by…being less understanding than I should’ve. And I want to make things right this time, so I need you to trust me too. Okay?
Equius: …
John: Guys, we’re almost there! C'mon.
Nepeta: Let’s go, then!
Equius: …We carry on.
The Trolls As Kids I Knew In Middleschool
  • Karkat: The one emo kid with a video camera who watched Shane Dawson videos like constantly
  • Aradia: The one nice girl who snuck wine into math class disguised as grape juice and drunkenly told you she loved you
  • Tavros: The only kid who had Mario Kart for the DS and you'd all play it together during lunch but is kind of the reason the DS was banned from school (and none of you know the reason)
  • Sollux: The only kid who really cared about the computer programming class you were all in; the rest just kind of messed around with photoshop
  • Nepeta: The cool kid that everyone hangs out with and swears a lot but was scared to go to the bathroom alone
  • Kanaya: The pretty bi girl who was super into witchcraft and LGBT rights and taught you that you were a massive fucking gay
  • Terezi: The RANDOM XD kid who drew a lot in class but somehow managed to pass all her classes
  • Vriska: The kid who kind of bullied you in 6th grade but literally cannot remember it the next year and you guys become friends and then never hear from one another again
  • Equius: The kid who acts all tough like he can take anything like yeah once I shot myself in the foot with a bb gun and it didn't even hurt but starts crying when you gently bop him accidentally with an arrow in gym class
  • Gamzee: The kid in math class who just writes "boobies" into the calculators constantly and draws in all his classes and can't seem to pass them
  • Eridan: The older kid who was kind of your friend but said something really awkward and uncomfortable to you once and you meet back up with him years later and you know he doesn't remember it but you do
  • Feferi: The really sweet but kind of reserved kid who came from a sheltered elementary school and still thinks 'heck' is a bad word and everyone makes innuendos in her expense because she doesn't understand them until like 10 years later at 3 am