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The Not-there-at Aaron Tveit @ House of Blues Boston Cryalong

Hi! We’re not there in Boston! Are you not there too? Cry along with us as we link to any notable media from his concert that we find on social media tonight right here in this cryalong liveblog…

This post will be updated till the concert ends, clips stop coming, or we cry too much and fall asleep on our keyboards, whichever comes first. Or last. Not sure.

Soundcheck: x (In Your Eyes - on tumblr here)
Dance With Somebody: x . x . x (tumblr post)
WANEGBT: x . x . x (shrug - on tumblr here) . x (tumblr post) . x . x
I Can’t Make You Love Me/All I Ask: x (1st line only) . x . x (ICMYLM) . x (AIA) . x (ICMYLM) . x (I lied I came back to add one more clip of ICMYLM - tumblr post)
Hallelujah: x (nice!) . x . x . x . x (tumblr post) . x . x
Confident: x . x
Shake it Off: x (just the “hella good hair” bit) . x . x (tumblr post) . x . x (tumblr post)
My Life Would Suck Without You: x (tumblr post)
In Your Eyes: x . x
Runaways: x . x
Creep: x . x-x . x . x . x (tumblr post)
Pop Medley: x (MLWSWY/Nice & Slow/Shake It Off) . x (Call Me Maybe/Confident/CRJ’s Run Away With Me - tumblr post) . x (Nice & Slow - tumblr post) . x (Nice & Slow - tumblr post)
Call Me Maybe: x . x (tumblr post)
Love Yourself: x . x-x (tumblr post) . x
Fix You: x . x . x . x . x
From Eden: x (tumblr post)
Your Eyes: x (tumblr post)

Liveblog (new->old): Aww yeah looks like full songs are starting to roll in (ren598 is posting again!) and clips are drying up so this seems like a good time to leave off - we’ll post a quick full-video list like we did with Irving Plaza in a few days when the YouTube uploads have stabilised if necessary. We’ve been awake for wAy too long now, so we’re off for a couple of hours before camping out for BrainDead (and hopefully a bit of Bethel?) again tonight!

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who posted pics and clips from the concert, we’re so grateful and we hope you had a great time! To anyone who’s been crying along with us on this post - I hope we helped a bit…! Goodnight!

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