you see you see

Have you seen me? A fear submitted by Chelsea to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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Katy: So that one time you brought him in and he was sparking all over the place–

Keith: Yeah.

Katy: Oh. Oh my god

Me: I hope Tay-

Person: No one cares about Taylor Swift shut up her new songs are bad anyways

Me: Well LWYMMD was made for people like you

Person: Well then she’s not doing a good job because I don’t like it

Me: That’s the POINT

Person: What

Me: If you don’t get the joke then you don’t deserve to get the joke

Happy birthday to my very wonderful friend Zoya ( @greencheeked )! Don’t work too hard - I hope you get to have a good non-stressful birthday!!

Drew this because “well she likes ice skating… and lance… and altean lance…. !!!” (And fun fact I looked for a Nathan Chen pose for this) 

(I have been needing to draw overdue birthday drawings for few years now…. I should shower you in more drawings honestly)


Kasane Teto - See You in the Silent Sea (by Monosenbei)

anonymous asked:

The figure skaters in your country skate so beautifully! I'm so glad Ryom Tae-ok and Kim Ju-sik qualified for the 2018 Olympics. Whats your opinion of your athletes going south for 2018 though?

I do quite enjoy the Olympics. I’m very proud of my athletes! They represent their country so well.

I wish it could have been me hosting it (or co-hosting it, South), so of course I’m unhappy that South gets to hog all the glory. But, at the same time, I want to show off because my athletes always do rather well! So, I’ve agreed to attend the Olympics and South has agreed to let me into his half of the country, so we’re on the same page for now. I suppose he’s being a little nicer about it this time since Cuba and I boycotted last time he hosted it. Wouldn’t it simply be awful if he didn’t get to host a complete Olympics because of me?

Anyway, there’s still time for things to go wrong. I’d hate for my athletes to miss this chance because South picked a fight with me.

((OOC;; The jumpsuit is from the Rio Olympics in 2016 because no one knows what they will look like for this Olympics yet!))