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hi! i had a similar sort of reaction when i was just starting to read about leos and trying to decide what morph i wanted to get! here’s the surprise:

mundee and suki aren’t leopard geckos! they’re African fat tailed geckos. they look similar and are both in the family Eublepharidae, but Leos are Eublepharis macularius, and AFTs are Hemitheconyx caudicinctus. they have very similar care, but afts need it a little more humid.

African fat tailed geckos have a completely different group of morphs and when i found them i really loved seeing the variety and just how different they are from leo morphs! it’s like having alternate colorations for collectable toys.
i’ll share some photos!

this is the wild type AFT morph: (source)

as you can see they have these lovely brown bands. sometimes they have a stripe (which is a codominant trait i think?) it shows up in a lot of different morphs: (x)

Suki is a white out, which is one of my most favourite morphs! it combines so nicely with other morphs!! (x) Oreo is also similar but they tend to brown out as they age and they keep their basic banding (x)

afts don’t really have true albinos yet, but this is the caramel albino morph, another popular one: (x)

ghosts are a big deal too, they kinda look like they’re always in shed because they’re so pale: (x)

patternless geckos are another one, i think leos have something like this morph too?: (x)

the combos can be SO good i mean look at this striped patternless white out oreo!!! (x)

and this other white out patternless!! (x)

and there are some hella fancy/expensive morphs like zulu and stinger and i am sure ive missed others but this is already a really long post!! thanks for letting me talk about how great fat tail morphs are!!!

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Human s/o watching their bot leave and saying rather then thinking "Hate to see him go, love to watch him leave." With TFP Optimus, MTMTE Rodimus, and MTMTE Ultra Magnus?

you mean like, leave to go on a mission right cause youre not leaving these babies for good

Optimus Prime (TFP), Rodimus, Ultra Magnus (MTMTE)

  • Optimus would turn back and look at you blankly, intent on asking you what you meant like that. When he sees you’re clearly focused on his aft, he replays what you said in his mind and then his optics blow wide, a blush creeping to his faceplates and he whips back around and walks away with a visibly stiffer posture.

  • Rodimus would turn his head and look back at you from the side of his optics, purposefully moving his hips more with each step he takes. Before he disappears behind the doors, he pauses to run a hand down the side of his own frame, a pretty smile on his face. “When I get back, I’ll let you watch me enter… you.”

  • Ultra Magnus would be unimpressed in the least, looking back at you with an almost desperate expression as if to say, “please don’t do this to me when there are so many other people around…” But the blush on his faceplates and his brightened optics are a dead giveaway to his appreciation of the attention.

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Okay, so I was wondering if you knew about the fan theory that Draco's a werewolf, if you don't I recommend going to this tumblr blog called harrypotterfantheories and reading about it because I was hoping that maybe you could do a one-shot based off it please? I seriously need this in my life!

okay first I am sososo sorry this took so long pls forgive me anon. also it got way longer than expected and I’ve never written werewolf!Draco but this was actually pretty fun so thank you xx.

8th year

Oh, fuck.

Potter. It was bloody Potter, of all people, that would find Draco like this. Cold and scarred and weak, entering the castle with a pain in his side he feared Pomfrey would question further than she normally did. 

Potter, oblivious as always, was nearing the tree Draco was pressed against as he tried to hide. Draco held a hand to his torso, feeling something warm seeping through his thin shirt. So he had scratched himself again. 

No, don’t come this way, you-



Potter stopped a few feet from Draco, the light from his wand surely illuminating Draco’s dreadful state. 

“Malfoy! What the hell are-”

Potter stopped. His eyes grew wider as he looked Draco up and down, noticing his stained shirt and shredded skin. In any other circumstance, Draco would’ve taken pride in rendering Potter speechless but now-

“What happened to you?” Potter said, quieter than before. “Malfoy, did something-”

“Shut it,” said Draco. His teeth were gritted as he struggled to hold himself up; his scratch was growing more painful…

“You’re hurt, you shut it.” Potter looked slightly annoyed now, but it didn’t stop him from stepping closer and lowering his wand. 

“What happened?” He asked again, losing his annoyance. 

“Something. Nothing. I don’t need help from- ah.” Draco shut his eyes from the pain; he should’ve been in the hospital wing now. 

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Every Morning
  • *8am*
  • Me: "Ah I'm awake, I guess I'll get up early and get a head sta-"
  • Brain: "Woah! woah! woah! Take it easy big guy. It's really comfy right here. Plus you haven't checked tumblr yet!"
  • Me: "But if I get up now I can be prouduct-"
  • Brain: "Dude, screw that, just open up tumblr and relax man."
  • Me: "That will all be there later, I have so much to d-"
  • Brain: "seriously man, you gotta check it. What if your favorite artist posted a new piece?
  • Me: *sweats nervously* "I follow them, I can see it aft-"
  • Me: *looks at phone beside bed and clenches eyes shut tight* "But I-"
  • Me: *shrieking* "You're right! You're ALWAYS right!" *gets on tumblr*
  • Brain: "Damn straight"
  • *1pm*
  • Me: *is late for like 16 things*
  • Me: *has not finished a thing that I was supposed to*
  • Me: *looks up at the wall* "Welp, too late now!" *returns to scrolling*
  • Brain: *maniacal laughter*

“When I started I was just a kid and his laptop.”


The last resting place of the Widow Maker K 19 which was portrayed by a Juliet class Soviet submarine. She presently rests just outside Providence harbor in Rhode Island at Sim’s scrapyard. the entire top of the submarine has been removed and the internals of the vessel have been completely gutted. Pumps, piping and vent openings can still be seen on the port and starboard sides. The interior separation between the inner Hull and the outer hall (or pressure Hull ) can be seen from above.
In a few of the photos taken on her port side you can see the rubber matting anti sonar coating falling off in large sheets.
When looking forward from aft to the bow you can see the remainder of the four torpedo tubes that was her primary armament.
The first image shows her circa 1999 underway. Once primary filming of the movie was completed the submarine was towed to Newport Rhode Island with hopes of making the vessel a museum. There was no funding available and the plans fell through the submarine laid up in Newport for several years before ending up in the scrap yard in Providence Rhode Island.
When crossing over the bridge from East Providence to Providence the vessel can vaguely be seen off the left side of your vehicle at low tide.
The vessel sits in a collection of abandoned industrial equipment deck barges and fishing vessels all being sent to the scrap yard. Presently in and around the shoreline is being monitored by the Rhode Island Department of environmental protection for dangerous levels of PCB’s.

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May I request a TFP match? I am a straight female, 5'1 and athletically built with deeply tanned skin and long dark hair. My personality can be aloof, cold and seemingly inhuman since I repress my true emotions, but deep down, I still have the warm spark of humanity. I have high aspirations for myself and will cut down any obstacle in my way to achieve my goals. Despite my tenacity for success, I appreciate music, stargazing and knowledge and care deeply in subtle ways towards loved ones.

I ship you with…

TFP Starscream!

At first, he totally hated you. You’re emotionless, you’re like Soundwave! But, Starscream is attracted to power and seeing you do what you absolutely must to achieve your goals really inspired him. You small disgusting bag of fleshy organic scum.

(He took a little risk to finally rid himself of Megatron after seeing you, but of course, he got his aft handed to him.)

I think what ended up getting you two close was when he caught you stargazing late one night. It’s one of his pastimes too, you know. Just to relax like that. (then feelings have risen from the depths of his cold-ass spark for you!)

Front Row Seat

It soothed your nerves. It made you happy. The blades sliding against the ice, the cool air hitting your face, the relaxation put you in another world. It had been something your mom signed you up for as a child and it now was something you were grateful for. You grew up learning new moves; twirling against the ice, slicing across at lightning speed, and your body finding itself in the air.

You were absolutely in love with ice skating. It was something you were born to do and you weren’t going to give it up anytime soon. Or so you thought…


“Hey babe, where are the chips we just bought?” Harry yelled out from the kitchen. Laughing to yourself, you got up off of the couch and headed towards the sound of his voice.

“Harry, they’re in the cabinet where they always are.” You reached around him and pulled the cabinet door open, getting on your toes to try and reach for the bag. He laughed softly and his hands found their way to your waist, lifting you effortlessly into the air to help you up. Setting you back down on the ground, you turned to face him with a grin on your face.

“What would I do without you, my giant?” He laughed and wrapped his arms around your waist, his fingers interlocking at the small of your back.

“I don’t know, but let’s not dwell on that subject, my love.” He leaned down and pressed his mouth against yours, a smile pulling at his lips. With your hands against his chest, you pulled away and looked up at him.

“You should be getting the food ready, the boys will be here soon and you know how Niall gets when he’s hungry.” You laughed and leaned up to push his hair out of his eyes. He nodded in agreement and pressed a kiss to your head.

“You sure you don’t mind them here tonight? We could always just go Liam’s place to watch the match. I know you need to rest for tomorrow.” He always supported you during your competitions. He’d be in the first row, eyes watching you slide against the ice. He’d be the loudest one when you were done and he’d lean over to the next person, whether it was a supporter or one of the boys, and whisper, “That’s my wife.” And that was your favorite part.

“Babe, it’s fine. They always come over when there’s a match and it’s fun.” You smiled and wiggled out of his grasp, replacing your body with the bag of chips. “I’ll be upstairs, my love.” He watched you saunter out of the kitchen and he smiled to himself, emptying out the chips into a bowl.

You showered and managed to rummage through Harry’s drawer to find your favorite shirt of his. Pulling it over your head, his scent filled up your nose. A sigh escaped your lips, your thoughts reminiscing on the times you put on the shirt when he was miles away. The way it helped soothe the empty cool space on his side of the bed when he was gone and it made you feel at home.

He was your home. The moment you saw him behind the counter at the bakery, the moment he kissed you for the first time, the moment he asked you to marry him, and the moment you said I do; Harry was your home.

The doorbell rang and the loud voices filled your large home, all too excited for the football match scheduled for the day. You laid in the middle of the bed and closed your eyes. You had to admit, you were nervous for your competition tomorrow. It was something you were looking forward to but also dreading at the same time. You had no problems with competitions before, but this time around you felt off. At your practices you felt that were a bit rusty, but your coach reassured that you were absolutely fine.

“Babe! Pizza’s here!” Your husband’s voice carried up the stairs and snapped you out of your thoughts.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes!” You called back and climbed off the bed, throwing on a pair of sweatpants and heading towards the eager voices. There they were, each sprawled out between the couches and floor with plates of food surrounding them, the television’s volume blasting through its speakers. You stood at the stairs for a moment and peeked into the living room, admiring the 5 men in your life.

“I call dibs on the rest of the pie!” Niall yelled out, already stuffing his face with a second slice. The boys groaned and rolled their eyes in response.

“Oh, shut up,” Louis replied and continued flipping through the channels to find the sports channel. “Damn it, Harold! Where the hell is this channel?!”

You watched your husband lean over and grab the remote from him, quickly flipping to the channel. “You’re such a wanker,” he mumbled. You laughed and strolled in, plopping down next to him.

“Boys, be nice to each other.” The other 4 boys looked in your direction and grinned, happy to see you.

“Are you really going to sit here and watch the match with us?” Liam asked and smirked, knowing how annoyed you got when the boys got into it. You rolled your eyes in response and leaned into Harry’s side, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Actually, I’m going to sit here and cuddle with my husband, thank you very much.” You stuck your tongue out at him, earning a laugh from him and the rest of the boys. Harry instinctively slid his arm around you and kissed your head, making you melt into his side.

“Men don’t cuddle during football matches, love.” Louis came to Liam’s defense with a glum smirk on his face.

“You really are a wanker,” you spat back with a bigger smirk, glancing up at Harry. He laughed and pulled you closer.

“That’s my girl,” he grinned and you caught Louis mimicking you, knowing he’d lost this round.

“Alright, hush up! It’s starting!” Niall yelled out; he was always the most thrilled when it came to football. Minutes passed and the game had begun, already leaving you bored. Between the cheers and criticism from each boy, you found yourself drifting to sleep. The scent of Harry from where he lounged next to you and the shirt you had thrown on had your eyelids drooping.

“Baby,” you heard him whisper in your ear. “Hm…” was all you could mumble back, too comfortable to say anything else.

“You’re falling asleep,” he chuckled and pulled you close to him, his arms keeping you warm. “Let me take you up to bed.”

You opened one eye to look up at him and pouted, “But you’re comfy.” You saw the smile creep on to his lips. “Okay.”


Hours later, you found yourself waking up to a quiet living room; the only sound coming from the television. You raised your head slowly and inspected the scene around you; the boys had fallen asleep, two on the floor and two on the couches. Pizza boxes scattered everywhere and beer cans all over the floor. You laughed to yourself, enjoying the moment before grabbing your phone and quickly snapping a picture. You peeked up at your snoring husband and smiled, softly shaking him.

“Harry,” you whispered and gave him another small shake. “Baby, let’s go up to bed.” He stirred awake and groaned softly, the sleep evident in his eyes. He looked down at you and ran his hand over his face.

“Come on, babe.” He whispered, his voice deep with slumber as he grabbed your hand and carefully stepped over a snoring Zayn and made his way up the stairs with you. Pushing the bedroom door open, he made his way to his side of the bed and pulled the duvet back, waiting for you to climb in. You took the offer and climbed in, waiting for him as he undressed himself. He climbed in and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. You quickly made yourself comfortable; your arm draped over his chest, your head nuzzled between his chin and shoulder, and both sets of legs tangled in a mess.

“Good night, baby.” He breathed out before quickly falling back asleep. You leaned up and planted a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Good night, my love.”


The day was finally here and you were lying on your back facing the ceiling. You were nervous; there was no doubt in that. You looked over at your husband and watched as his chest rose and fell with every breath. You didn’t want to wake him only because of how peaceful he looked. But you knew if you didn’t, he’d be upset.

“Harry.” You leaned in and tangled your hands in his hair. “Baby, we have to get going.”

He mumbled something inaudible and squinted his eyes open, the sunlight bothering them. “I’m up, I’m up.” His head turned to you and he pouted.

“What’s wrong?” You ran a hand over his chest and watched him rouse.

“We’ve got to get better curtains,” he grinned. You laughed, throwing your head back and shaking your head.

“I promise we will, but right now, we’ve got to get out of bed.” He kissed his lips quickly and scrambled out of bed, rushing into the bathroom to shower.

He watched after you, his lips curving up into a smile. Climbing out of bed, he threw on his briefs and dragged himself to the top of the stairs.

“Aye! If you wankers are coming with us, you better get up!” He yelled from the top, making sure to get the other boys up. He heard them groan and he laughed to himself, heading back inside the bedroom and made his way through the bathroom. “Babe, I’m getting in,” he announced before climbing into the shower with you.

“Harry, I know what you’re thinking. We don’t have time,” you glanced up at him while trying to wash the shampoo out of your hair.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he smiled innocently and wiggled his eyebrows. You laughed and shook your head, leaning up to whisper in his ear.

“Later, I promise.” You kissed his cheek and watched as his smile grew, eagerness shining through.


“You’re not nervous, are you?” Zayn asked as they all stood in your dressing room.

“Of course I’m nervous, I’m terrified.” You replied as you were getting your hair and make-up done. It was true; you were absolutely horrified.

“You always do well, you’ll be totally fine.” Niall chirped in, a smile played across his face. You took a deep breath and nodded.

“I really hope so,” you looked over at Harry who was sitting across from you, admiring you.

“You have nothing to worry about, love.” Louis smiled and looked at the time. “We better get to our seats. We’ll see you after the performance. Good luck, sweetheart.” He came around and planted a kiss to your head, followed by three more ‘good luck’s’ and kisses as they walked out the door. The stylist had planted her finishing touches into your hair and make-up, leaving you to get ready. Harry sat, one leg over the other, watching you.

You grabbed your costume off of the hanger and slid into it, one leg at a time. Your hands were shaky and he noticed, getting up and helping you zip it up. He wrapped his arms around you from behind, his face nuzzled into your neck.

“Relax, baby, relax.” He whispered and slid his hands over yours, rubbing thumbs over your knuckles. “You’ll be absolutely brilliant and you know it.”

You took in a breath and looked in the mirror. He towered over you from behind and you looked at him, your eyes automatically locking. You gave him a small nod and relaxed back against him, exhaling deeply.

“5 minutes, darling.” Your coach peeked her head in and smiled at the two of you, waving her hand apologetically and dashing out. You turned to face him and your nerves instantly relaxed.

“You look stunning,” he grinned and pushed a stray hair out of your face.

“You’ll be watching, right?” You squeezed his hands softly as you spoke softly.

“I won’t even blink,” he joked, trying to put you at ease. You cracked a smile and leaned up to kiss him.

“I love you,” you whispered against his lips before pecking them once more.

“I love you too, beautiful.” He led you out of the dressing room and made the short walk with you to the rink, his hand in yours. “Go out there and kick some ass, babe.” He grinned before giving you one last kiss and giving your bum a soft squeeze. You shrieked and pulled away, playfully hitting him in the arm. He laughed and walked off making his way to his seat with the rest of the boys.

“You’re okay, you’re fine.” You whispered to yourself and sat on the bench next o your coach. You slid on your skates, one after the other, and made sure to tie them securely. Your coach smiled over at you before giving you a few motivational words before letting you go.

“Just focus. That’s all, my love. You go out there and show them what you came to do,” she embraced you in her arms before letting go and rushing to the side, letting you make your way on to the ice. You took another breath, exhaling when you spotted Harry flashing you his heart-stopping smile. The music slowly began signaling the beginning of your routine, letting you slip into your comfort zone.


It all happened too fast. The jump, the landing, the fall; it happened before you had a chance to brace yourself. You writhed in pain, bracing your ankle and burying your head into your knee. Your coach quickly rushed to your side, inspecting your leg and signaled for the medical attention.

Harry was swift to get out of his seat and push past the crowd of people forming at the entrance. Slipping and sliding across the ice, he was trying to make his way to you.

“Babe?!” He was panicking. He knew you were hurt; the look on your face said it all. He stumbled and knelt to your side, taking your hand in his.

“Baby, relax. We’re going to get you out of here and you’ll be fine, I promise. Just relax.” You looked up at him and tears formed in your eyes as you shook your head.

“I-I blew it,” you managed to choke out as the medical examiners were wrapping up your foot and lifting you on to a stretcher.

“No, definitely not. You mean you blew them away, you did amazing, sweetheart.” He was quick to wipe the tears from your face as they carried you off the ice and back into the dressing room. You weren’t able to say anything; all you could do was cry into the palms of your hands.

Harry’s heart ached at the sight. He sat beside you and pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head.

“Baby, please no tears.” He comforted you while keeping you close as the doctor came in to check on your foot. After a few quiet moments, the only noise coming from your soft sobs, he opened his mouth to speak.

“Well, it’s definitely broken.” He confirmed. “The ankle is shattered and the navicular is split in two. This’ll take at least 8-10 weeks to heal and I want her to stay away from the ice afterwards. I know it’s disappointing, but things like this always happen,” he tried to soothe you as he slowly began casting up your foot.

“Thank you, doctor. I’ll take good care of her,” Harry replied. Your face was buried into his side, soft sobs escaping your lips.

“I’ll prescribe her some pain medication as it’ll hurt for the first couple of days. Just make sure it stays elevated and she applies absolutely no pressure to it for the first two weeks.” He packed his belonging and handed Harry your prescriptions before heading out the door. The boys had found their way back and sat around you, each one comforting you and trying to cheer you up.

“Love, you were really incredible. Just the fact that you got out there and put on a show was amazing. I personally, never in a million years, would I ever be able to do any of that. Hell, I can’t skate if me life depended on it!” Niall exclaimed, trying his best to crack a smile on your face.

It worked because you had let out a little chuckle as you wiped your face.

“Thank you, guys.” You managed to get out, your voice croaky from all the crying.

“How about we get you out of here, hm? Harry’ll take you home and we’ll go pick up the medication. Maybe you’ll get lucky and we’ll pick up some ice cream too.” Liam smiled. “Sound good?”

Harry smiled down at you, grateful that he had the boys to help him. He kissed your head and kept his arms around you making sure you were comfortable. You nodded at them and smiled, “Sounds good.”


Completely immobile, you laid in bed with your leg elevated as far as Harry could get it up. He was on his back next to you, his arm draped around your shoulder as you made yourself comfortable against his chest.

“Are you feeling okay? Does it hurt right now?” He asked as he pulled the duvet over the both of you making sure to leave the cast bare. You nodded as you popped the last spoonful of ice cream into your mouth.

“I’m okay,” you replied as you set the empty tub on the bedside table. You leaned yourself into his side as best as you could. “Just one thing,” you glanced up at him.

“Anything, baby.” He looked down at you and leaned himself up on his elbows. You looked over to the pile near the bed.

“Can you grab your shirt?” He grinned as the words fell out of your mouth, quickly getting up and reaching for the shirt you had been wearing the night before, the material all too familiar in his hands. He climbed in and helped you slide it on, pulling your arms through the holes and smiling.

“Better?” He whispered as your body relaxed against his. You gave him a soft nod and smiled. Of course it was better; your nose nuzzled against his neck breathing in his scent that was filled with vanilla and lavender, his arms wrapped around you tightly, his lips dropping soft kisses to your head every now and then, and the countless ‘I love you’s’ whispered to one another.


There you have it, my loves! Thank you to yourcb15 for requesting this one shot and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please don’t be afraid to message me with questions, feedback (highly appreciated, by the way), comments, etc. Love you all! 

Anna x 

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how does roller delayed blowback work?

Roller-delayed blowback is fairly simple once you can see how things work together. The bolt has some fore and aft movement on the bolt carrier, and when the bolt locks into battery, a wedge that is separate from the bolt forces two rollers into indexing notches in the barrel extension or trunnion. After the cartridge is fired, the bolt and carrier are forced backwards under pressure. HK weapons flute the chamber around the cartridge to allow some gases to assist this action and ejection. this is what causes the lines on spent brass from HK weapons. As the bolt components separate, the angled portion of the wedge allows the rollers to move into the bolt and unlock from the trunnion or barrel extension. This action delays the unlocking long enough to be a viable and clever operating system, although sometimes violent with larger calibers.  I hope that was clear enough.