you see she's being born now

The Foxes as things my roommates have said
  • Renee: (when asked if she could beat us in a fight) Well I didn't want to brag but I could destroy all of you.
  • Kevin: I have training in the morning but that's for sober me to worry about.
  • Andrew: I only like two things in life: being gay and getting into fights. And I just got done being gay.
  • Aaron: I'm going to the library. If you see me there, please pretend you didn't.
  • Nicky: oh man you're heterosexual? what a shame. what a fucking shame.
  • Dan: My mom was artificially inseminated. I didn't need a man to be born and I don't need one now.
  • Matt: You guys are my friends and I love you but you're fucking idiots.
  • Neil: I'm starting to realize I didn't have a happy childhood. Should I, like, see a therapist or something?
  • Allison: I'd invite you to thanksgiving at my family's summer home in Vermont but I can't let you see me and my family wear matching polo shirts and khakis
  • Bonus from my RA:
  • David: I want you all to consider me a friend! But also remember that I can get you kicked out so don't pull any shit.
  • Abby: No need to call 911. I have some bandaids in my room and also some vodka but don't tell anyone about that.
  • Bee: You can talk to me at any time, day or night. But I know you won't, you emotionally stunted bastards.
Unlike Him

With your brother Archie and dad out of the house, you invite over Jughead. Quickly you let out your feelings for him, which leads to sex. But afterwards it seems that Jughead had changed his mind. In the following weeks you realize something, something that may change both of your lives.

Part 2

Part 3

Warning: Smut

This is my first Riverdale imagine. Sorry if it’s bad I haven’t written in a long time. Let me know if you guys like it and if you want a part 2!


With the recent murders in my hometown of Riverdale I felt uncomfortable as I tried falling asleep with my brother, Archie, and dad gone, visiting my mom in Chicago (a trip with I happily opted out of).  So I called the only person I knew who would make me feel safe.

  Soon enough I heard a knock on the front door. Running down stairs, I opened up the door to Jughead. Pulling him into a hug, I thanked him for coming. We made our way up to my bedroom, both laying down on the bed, turning on the TV, to see what was on.

    After a while of trying to find something good on TV, I moved from my position with my head on Jugheads chest to siting up.

  “I am so bored,” I whined to him. “There is nothing on this stupid TV and there’s nothing to do.”

Jughead laughed, “Of course there isn’t, it’s 1 am.”

With that I let out a sigh, dramatically falling onto Jugheads, still laying body.  Finally an idea came to me. This might just be the perfect time to make my move. The move where I finally let Jughead know I’ve had a crush on him since the 3rd grade, when he told me I could play with Archie and him, even though Archie tried kicking me out… my knight in shining armor.  I tried getting over it, I really did. He was my brother’s best friend, and a matter of fact my best friend too, I couldn’t ruin I and make everything awkward. I made myself do all the things to try to get as far away from him as possible; I even went as far as to join the River Vixens Freshman year. But I guess it was hopeless. I could barely keep my eyes off him tonight, due to his shirtless body, his excuse being that it was “too hot”.  I just wanted to pounce.  

  I finally realized Jughead had been trying to get my attention, but I had just been staring of into space. Well I needed to tell him, I decided. However, I had my fingers crossed that he felt the same way.  

Still on top of him, I sat up, making it so that I was straddling him, then I began to speak, “Jughead, I, uh, I need to tell you something. Just let me talk and then you can tell me how you feel. I- I’ve been in love you since the 3rd grade. I’ve tried to push these feelings down, I really have, but I just can’t. I just couldn’t keep this from you any longer. I completely understand if you don’t feel that way. Just tell me and I’ll never mention it to you again. I-,” suddenly you were cut off.

Jughead had leaned up and kissed me. I basked in the feeling of his warm lips on mine, however it did not last as long as I would have liked.

“That’s a yes, I like you too,” he responded.

Smiling we kissed again, with Jughead suddenly flipping us over, making it so he was on top.  After that he put his hands on my waist, slowly raising them under my shirt, as mine made their way to his neck. Our kiss became more intense, our lips battling one another over dominance, but I already knew it was a losing battle. His lips slowing moved to my neck, sucking on it, leaving what I am sure would be clearly visible hickeys. Once he reached a certain spot, I couldn’t hold in the noises anymore, letting out a moan. I could feel Jughead smirking against my skin, and it seemed my noises pushed him further and he quickly, separated himself to take my shirt off, thankfully he was already shirtless.

As we began to kiss again, I realized that even though this was slightly awkward, Jughead clearly knew what he was doing and ourbodys seemed to fit perfectly together. I could feel his hard on against your leg growing, which just made me want him more, causing to begin to grind up into him, causing him to let a barely there moan. Quickly he began to take off my bra, and move his lips down to my nipples. He focus on sucking the right when, as his hand moved to the other. He made quick work of going back and forth until finally he seemed to have enough. Separating himself from me he began to talk of my pants, and I started to undo his belt buckle. He made quick work of my pants, standing up and pulling the all the way off my legs, along with my panties. Quickly doing the same to his jeans and boxers afterwards.

  Lying back on top of me, he began to kiss me again. Slowly his hands worked their way down my body. Once he reached my core he looked up into my eyes checking to see if I was okay with this. I quickly nodded; I was dying to feel something. Slowly he began to put one, then two in, moving the slowly in and out. I could tell he was teasing me, from the smug grin on his face, listening to my desperate moans.

Finally having enough of his teasing I begged him, “Please, faster.”

  Thankfully, having mercy on me he began to speed up. Keeping up the pace, I started getting close to my orgasm, but suddenly he stop. Despite my anger of not being allowed to cum, I knew what he was going to do which made it all better.

  Jughead looked up at me, while he lined himself up to my core and slowly began to push in. God, was he big, I wasn’t a virgin, but I had definitely never been with a guy who had as much as he did, causing it to slightly hurt as he pushed himself in. I grabbed onto his biceps, digging crevices with my nails as he finally was all the way in. After a second he slowly began moving in and out, creating a natural rhythm.

I could see he was restraining himself from going as fast as he wanted to, just so he could make sure I was comfortable first, “It’s ok, you can go faster.”

After my words he became ramping up his pace. As he began to hit just the spot I cried out, moving my hands to his scratch his back. He clearly got the message, he just that place as fast and hard as he could. He wanted to make sure I came before he did, so he moved his hand down to by clit, quickly rubbing it.

Before I knew it I was there, moaning out his name. A seconds after I came, he also did too.  As he pulled out, he rolled off, pulling me into his arms. It was already late, and with such a workout, we both quickly feel asleep.

I awoke to Jughead, getting out of bed and beginning to get dressed. I looked at my clock seeing that it was only 4 am, I wondered where he was going.

Sitting up I asked, “Leaving so soon, where are you going? It’s still dark out.”

  I seemed to have surprised him and he quickly turned to me, with a look on his face I couldn’t quite make out.

“I, um, I need to leave. Us… This was a mistake, it never should have happened. I’m sorry,” he quickly spoke, trying to avoid looking in my eyes.

Tears started coming to my eyes. How could he say that? I thought he felt the same way. This was Jughead, were talking about, he wasn’t one ot say something then take it back.

“Th-that’s not true. You said you liked me too,” I began.

“Yes it is, I completely regret this happening. Now I have to go. I’ll see you at school or something” he said and with that he was out the door.

How could this happen? I quickly called the only 2 people I could think of.

Soon enough Betty and Veronica arrived. I quickly told them what had happened through my tears. Veronica, being who she is threatened to make him regret every being born, making me laugh. For the rest of that night that was there goal, making me laugh and realize I am better without him.

At lunch a few weeks later, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and me were all sitting outside the school at our usually picnic table. We had been talking about boys again. So of course Jughead came up. We were all still baffled by the fact that he acted the way he did.

“Well at least he wore a condom, so you can’t have his evil demon spawn,” Kevin said trying to lighten to mood.

Everyone burst out laughing, except for me. He did wear a condom… didn’t he?  I tried thinking back to that night. I quickly realized that I had no condoms, in my room and unless Jughead was just carrying one around with him, it meant that he hadn’t worn one. As soon as that realization came to me, I quickly sat up beginning to sprint into the school, running past both my brother and Jughead, who were headed to the table.

At the table everyone looked around, with Kevin saying, “I thought it was funny, I wasn’t trying to hurt her feeling.”

Quickly the two girls thought about it and realized there was a reason I was running, and it wasn’t because Kevin hurt my feeling. Suddenly they jumped up too, running after me.


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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 6 ❤️

A/N: Omg you guys are gonna hate me! *cries hysterically* This was so hard to write because of major feels, but i promise it’ll get better! Borky is a good dude ok and he will make it all better lol. I hope y’all like it! Enjoy! - Delilah  ❤️

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. Major feels. 

You stared down at the little white hospital gown that you wore, all while wondering how on earth you could be so stupid.

They kept telling you that it wasn’t your fault. That the blame should be placed on Bucky for being irresponsible, but you were having none of that. It takes two to tango. You agreed to lay with him, so now you both were responsible for what came after.

You could feel the tears pooling in your eyes. You were nowhere near ready for the consequences. The only thing you knew about motherhood was that it took extreme patience and unconditional love. You were capable of those things, but not at this moment.

“I remember being exactly where you are.” The doctor spoke softly, her hand landing on yours and giving it a comforting squeeze.

You peered up at the woman. She looked only a little older than you, around her early thirties. Your eyes traveled to the small name tag on her coat. Elisa was her name.

“I was barely twenty when I found out I was carrying my baby boy.” She said as she prepared to draw your blood.

“Were you afraid?” You ask, peering up at her. She gave you a small smile. Her brown eyes instantly filled you with comfort.

“I was terrified! We were terrified. My boyfriend at the time, he wasn’t really one for kids.” Immediately you realized where she was getting at.

“Did he stay?” You could see her smile fade as she retracted the needle from your vein and placed a small little band aid over it. You mentally scold yourself. That was way out of line.

“He stops by every now and then,” she replied. “Mr. Quill was known for being a ladies man and all, but when Jake was born he…sort of boarded the reality train.”

You nodded, but your mind was elsewhere.

Bucky was a good man from what you’ve heard from Steve. From what you experienced in your room a few hours ago, he was completely different than all the other alphas. He made sure you were taken care of before anything else.

He even did the thing.

You still blushed when you thought about it!

He put all his pride to the side and denied his nature by pleasuring you orally. Alphas were NOT supposed to do that by any means and he knew that. But at the time, giving you relief was more than important to him and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t interested in him.

He was what people liked to call “bonding material”. For once, you could agree on that.

Bucky Barnes was very attractive. He was built like a Greek god and could um…mate like one, too. He was strong, not only physically, but emotionally as well -this was a big deal for lower ranking people such as yourself. The way he held you and praised you during sex literally brought tears of joy to your eyes and you were so overwhelmed at first.

But what was most important was that your instincts were completely in sync with his.

It was almost as if he knew exactly what you were thinking when you had sex. He read you so well, that you felt you didn’t have to hide yourself any longer and that filled you with relief at the time. You weren’t shy like usual, but confident.

Maybe…Bucky could be an excellent father as well.

You’ve never seen him interact with children. You couldn’t have asked him earlier because his face was between your thighs for a solid thirty minutes and the rest of the time, he screwed your beyond comprehension. So, you’d have to ask Steve at some point.

When Elisa finished tidying up her station, she paused. Her eyes traveled over to you, a knowing smile on her face.

“You know, Y/N,” she spoke, taking a seat next to you. You kept your gaze on your lap. “I’ve seen a lot of cases throughout my career. And I’ve seen a lot of couples. I can usually spot the ones who aren’t exactly maternal. But you, I can see it. If you are pregnant, you’re going to be an amazing mother.”

Your eyes widened with surprise. Overwhelmed with emotion, you felt the tears fall. You wiped them away with your hand quickly. You felt the warmness of Elisa’s hand on your shoulder.

“What I’m trying to say is, out of all the dad-to-be’s I’ve seen, I’ve never seen a more capable one then Barnes.”

Now that took you by surprise, but also comforted you to no end. Bucky had it in him, maybe, but did you?

Pepper’s screams could be heard by the entire team as she chased Bucky through her office.

“I can explain, just please calm do-OW! Did you just staple me!?”

The sounds of chairs being thrown against the walls followed suit, along with Bucky’s screams of terror. He didn’t even get three words in before she started throwing any and every inanimate object at him, including her cell phone, purse, keys and high heels (which hit Bucky directly in the face).

There was absolutely no way in hell he’d get her to listen to him. At least without getting a couple security guards in here. And to make it worse, Steve flat out refused to intervene.

But as bad as Pepper was, Tony was really who he should be concerned about. The man was on a mission at the moment and would be returning later on that night. Meaning, he’d be:

  1. Exhausted
  2. Experiencing coffee withdraws
  3. Dirty
  4. Suited up

All a giant recipe for homicidal tendencies, which Bucky really wanted to steer clear of. Tony was going to kill him. That or take Y/N far, far away from him.

“I trusted you!” Pepper shrieked as she launched a tape dispenser at him, only for him to catch it mid air and put it on the table in front of him. She had such good aim, too.

“It wasn’t intentional by any means!” Bucky exclaimed. He immediately circled around the desk between the two of them as Pepper tried to catch him. Jesus, how did Tony put up with this? Betas were insane.

Feeling the fatigue at full force, Pepper let out a sigh of defeat and plopped into her chair. Her blue eyes were tired, dark circles were beginning to form under her eyes.

Bucky felt so guilty.

“Have you talked to her?” She asked, her voice low.

“Not yet.” He replied, taking a seat in one of the chairs across from her. The only one still in one piece. She glared over at him, her eyebrow twitching in annoyance. “But I plan to.”

“Well you better swallow that guilt and deal with it, Barnes,” she dropped her gaze to her lap and swallowed loudly. “Because she’s your biggest priority now.”

It wasn’t what she said that bothered him, it was the context. She didn’t insinuate the possible life growing inside you or anything, only that you as a person were his responsibility. Did she know about the bonding?

Speaking of that, Bucky couldn’t feel it.

By it, he meant you. When two people bond, it’s an extremely emotional experience. One that he’d never really felt before. You gave him a bond mark, but he didn’t return it. Meaning, they hadn’t technically bonded fully.

But if you were pregnant, he’d like to. Only with your permission of course.

With a sigh, Bucky rested his head in his hands.

What was he going to do with you?

The results wouldn’t be ready for a few more minutes, leaving you to wait in solitude. That meant you were to wait in the shiny white room without any company, which you desperately needed right now. 

As much as you were used to being alone, you hated the silence. Your thoughts ran throughout your head rapidly, making up the most inane scenarios. You really, really wanted to talk to Pepper right now. She always knew what to do in these situations. Or better, you wished you could just completely rewind these last two days and be in the comfort of your lab, working on your latest tech.


You nearly jumped out of your seat at Bucky’s voice. When did he even get there? Those damn super soldiers.

“When did you even get here? You scared me!” You placed a hand on your stomach as you spoke. You hated being scared. His eyes instantly traveled to your tummy, eyeing it warily. You instantly pulled your hand away.

“Are you…” he trailed off. He looked so calm.

“W-Well the tests haven’t come back yet!” You assured him. The way he was staring at you made your cheeks fill with red.

Bucky nodded, giving you a small reassuring smile. He made his way over to you and sat on the seat beside yours. You hadn’t been this close since you were in heat and now, you could feel the faint arousal between your legs. Jesus! You were about to find out if you were with child, why did your body have react this way?

“Listen Bucky, you don’t have to stay. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself-”

“Y/N,” he interrupted, his eyes looked even bluer now that you weren’t drunk with your heat. Man, he was gorgeous. “I’m not leaving you. Especially not in this circumstance.”


“I know we literally just met a couple days ago,” he chuckled softly. You desperately wanted to hear it again. “But I’m just as responsible as you are. We’ll take care of this together, okay?”

Without thinking, your hand found its way onto his cheek. He leaned into your touch. You could feel the anxiety and the worry fade away. For the first time in your life, you felt secure.

The sound of someone clearing their throat caused the two of you to jump and separate. You smiled at Elisa, who eyed the two of you knowingly. Her gaze traveled to your stomach briefly before looking away.

She gave you both a warm smile, but you could sense something behind it. What was going on?

“Congratulations, you two.” she handed you the test. Immediately Bucky snatched the results from you and his eyes scanned the paper. You looked at his eyes, only see them widen. What was wrong?

You looked back at Elisa, who avoided your eyes at all costs. “What’s wrong?” You asked, feeling your heart race.

Bucky dropped the paper, his eyes staring down at the floor. Now you were extremely worried.

“Y/N,” she said softly. “I’m so sorry.”

You snatched the paper from the ground and held it up to your face. In fine print, you saw the following words:

‘Delta Sterilization surgery, as ordered by Mr. Y/L/N.”

“What the fuck is this?” You cried. The only person who could’ve done this was…no, he wouldn’t do that to you. He wasn’t that kind of man. 

“I’m afraid before your father passed away,“ she explained. "He arrainged for all of your pregnancies to be terminated and for your immediate sterilization if you were to become impregnanted by any circumstances.”

-Fin! ❤


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Throw a book at my head? We'll see who has the last laugh.

So this happens back in freshman year of high school for me, about twenty years ago. Little bit of a back story, I was born with Neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumor growth on nerve endings and a large list of other problems like early onset puberty, blindness, epilepsy, death ect.

I had this teacher who if you called her an ancient old hag you’d be being polite. For whatever reason she had it out for me I can only pin it down to her being a bully. Now I had been sick because of my medical condition and had action plans with the school as to not fall behind, the teacher knew of my condition because of this.

So one day I come into the classroom and there’s a depiction of me on the whiteboard with the words “tumor boy” above it….the teacher just shrugged and laughed, she had disclosed my medical condition to the entire class. I tell the principal, nothing. The guidance counselor nothing, my parents? Nothing. Nobody believes me. It’s my word against hers, so for now I let it go. I’m very patient so I know I’ll get another opportunity.

Another incident, she hits my hand with a ruler when I ask her to stop taunting me in front of the other students my medical condition is nobody’s business but my own. She tells the class I have brain tumors which is why my head is so large. She also points out that I have the in my feet again disclosing private medical information just to be a vile person. I again go through everyone, again nobody believes me.

So then I get a mild case of the flu, and miss about a week of school so I ask if I can bring a recorder to school to tape lessons to catch up it’s immediately put in my file for whatever reason she missed this meeting, still it’s in my file so she should know about the agreement. So now I know if she acts like a rancid bitch again her ass is mine, all I need is bait which pretty much just takes me showing up.

The very next day at school I’m sitting in class with the recorder taping in my bag, and she starts with her daily routine of asking someone to draw a picture of “me and all my tumors” on the white board, I again ask her to stop and this is where the book is thrown at my head with a loud thud followed by a profanity filled tirade about how terrible of a child I am.

It’s at this point I stop the recorder, and tell her exactly what I think of her and am then physically removed from the class and taken to the principals office, and I’m expelled.

Once I got home is when I showed my parents the tape, within twenty minutes we are back at the school playing it for the principal and vice principal threatening legal action. Needless to say my expulsion is lifted and she is fired on the spot just before retirement, losing her retirement money.

She even called me after and asked “why are you doing this”? I simply told her she did it to herself and hung up.

To Care, or not to Care ? (Stiles x Reader)

Requested by @hannazk : heey can you do a imagine where y/n is stiles girlfriend and he’s spending a lot of time with lydia and y/n get’s jealous and fluff and stuff like this? thx!

A/N : I’m not a huge fan of jealously that leads to anger or confrontation, so I twisted it a bit, I hope it’s okay :) Also I gave a first name to Y/N’s father just because I find it awkward to write (Y/F/N) and I feel like it sort of breaks the flow of the story to have too many « blanks » like this. I chose a very generic name, you can disregard it if you don’t like it. Also I don’t like throwing my readers in media res (in the middle of the action) so I added a bit (a lot) of context first, before really working on the request. JuST DEAL WITH ME OkAY

Also, I really like the first 4k words,but then I feel like I messed it up

Set between season 5 & 6.

Word Count : 9,2k (listen, I have no self control)


Living in a small town truly was an experience of a kind. It was like living on another planet to a certain extent, while also being just an hour drive away from a bigger city, and all the entertainments it offered. After your parents’ divorce, you were torn away from the big city you were born in, and lived all your life. Your mom left with the new man in her life, claiming she needed some time for herself and to see the world. That didn’t leave you many options besides moving in with your dad, who just so happened to come from a small town, and now that nothing held him back in the city, he wanted to go back and live there.

You obliged, not putting up much of a fight – you were a bit of  loner and never had many friends or anyone worth causing more drama within your household. You didn’t have a boyfriend, your closest friend hadn’t given any news in tn days and when your dad assured you that his birth town was just big enough to have a brand new Theater and Starbucks, it was settled.

Everything happened in a blur really. Your two stories apartment in Oakland quickly emptied and it was like all trace of your passage here vanished from one day to the next. The first seventeen years of your life had been erased, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel anything besides mild annoyance, because putting all your stuff in boxes – with the perspective of having to unbox them a few days later – was the exact opposite of what you had planned to do for the last couple weeks before the end of summer break.

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Sirius x Reader: Pureblood

Warnings: argument with mum

Requested: yes (it’s so late I’m so sorry)

A/N: THIS IS SO LONG I HOPE YOU LIKE IT- GOOD TO BE BACK!!! Thank you all so much for the support! (Also 1,600 followers?! I love y’all) I hope you enjoy reading this my loves and that it was worth the wait!!xx

I posted ‘pictures’ of the dresses described which you can check out HERE or a few posts down on my blog!

“MOTHER! I AM NOT WEARING THIS!” You yelled, looking at yourself in the mirror. A dark green gown with silver ruffles- Slytherin much? “When I walk in, roll your eyes to my mum- she won’t scream at you next mistake you make.” You whisper to the stylist stood behind you.

“Oh- Miss- I’m not sure what you mean.” She stuttered.

You winked at her and smiled before hiking your dress up and walking into the main room.

“Y/N, it’s the perfect colours.” Your mother said, smiling sourly at you.

“Mother, I’m not wearing it. Unless you want me to spend the party reminding everyone I’m a half blood.” You taunted.

“Find something.” She ordered, turning to the brown haired stylist behind you.

Your mother, Adia, had been ‘tricked’ by your father. When they first met, your dad thought she was joking about being a witch and ‘joked’ that he was also a pureblood from the North. So, long story short, she got pregnant and soon after found out your father was a muggle- quickly allowing him full care of you (the disgrace) once you were born and only seeing you when there were ‘purebloods and family’ parties. Like now.

You looked at the Slytherin green fabric hopelessly, not the best choice for a Gryffindor.

“Here.” The stylist said sheepishly, holding out mint green fabric.

You smiled and took it thankfully, turning into the small room to change.


“Calm down, it’s just a party.” You called, knowing it would irritate her.

You turned to the mirror one last time and took in your appearance. The stylist had given you a mint green, floor length gown, the beaded chiffon hanging elegantly from one shouler.

Your mother roughly grabbed your arm and immediately apparated to the party, “Tell anyone you’re a half blood, I’ll curse you.” She whispered in your ear before turning into the party, emerald cape trailing behind her.

You stood for a moment, looking at the purebloods before you and smiled- time for some good old pranks.

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anonymous asked:

I kinda wish kishi toned down sakuras love for Sasuke,he practically became all her character is,I like sakura,I like sasusaku,but does sakura as a woman,really need to be so sasuke crazy?I like ss and sakura seperatly but he's so deeply woven in her character.If her love is not what's driving the story like a shojo it should not completely drive her.

It didn’t become all her character is though. One of the most prominent aspects of Sakura’s development had nothing to do with Sasuke; this was her desire to no longer stand in the shadow of her peers, and no longer let them protect her. Throughout the story, she strove to gain the power to do things by herself, on her own terms. This began all the way back in her childhood with Ino, where she told herself and Ino that she’d no longer lose to her; she’d no longer stand in her shadow. She was going to blossom into the beautiful flower that Ino always knew she could be:

It was again brought up in the Forest of Death, where she felt rather (for lack of a better word), useless, because she kept watching Naruto and Sasuke from behind, watching them fight her battles for her:

Watching them constantly protect her:

She strove to be like them so that she’d be able to protect them for a change. This was what she yearned for; to be able to stand with her comrades in battle, and not cower behind them:

Thus, her infamous quote:

Even during the scene where Naruto reveals his failure to bring Sasuke back, Sakura’s ambition was again highlighted. Yes, the scene concerned Sasuke, but Sakura wasn’t thinking about that. All that was on her mind was the fact that she once again left Naruto to do everything, she once again “Couldn’t do anything”, and it was eating her up inside:

So she declares that next time, they’ll do it together because she would have found the strength to no longer be dependent on her comrades:

As you can see, this theme of hers was constantly brought up, so it’s a little surprising that you think that Sakura’s character is non-existent without Sasuke, because this desire wasn’t born from a desire to be with or Save Sasuke; they later became extra incentives, but they weren’t the trigger. The trigger was the desire to better herself because she was tired of always being in someone’s shadow, tired of always being in the way, and tired of never being able to do anything substantial in combat situations.

She referenced it again during the war:

And unlocked the Byakugou Seal in order to demonstrate that now, she was more than worthy of fighting alongside her teammates. She was the disciple of a Sannin, just like the other two, and she had more that enough power to defend herself from even some of the mightiest opponents:

She thus took her rightful place beside her teammates on the field of battle, rather than look on from behind them. This was such a huge goal of hers, and she had finally achieved it:

Her quote here has been so widely misconstrued. So many people believe that by her saying “I’ve finally caught up to them”, she was referring to herself as having matched their abilities in combat, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. What she was referring to was finally having caught up to them metaphorically. She was no longer watching their backs from a few feet behind them as they fought all the battles; now she was fighting along side them - that’s what she meant.

Sakura wanted to alter herself, and she did just that. Through hard work, desire and determination, she transformed herself from a cowering girl who couldn’t do anything:

To a fearsome and world renowned Kunoichi who doesn’t take shit from anyone. That was all of her own making:

And that Anon, had nothing to do with Sasuke :)

Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 2)

Stiles x Reader 

(Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now?

Word count: 2593 

I wanted to finish and post this way sooner, but school was literally killing me, so I had no time what so ever. Hope you enjoy this xxx

Other parts: part 1  - part 3 

Originally posted by beautifullxlover

The drive home was quiet. My mom barely spoke and I just stared in front of me. This was another thing about being blind: you don’t have a phone. Because, how would you use it, if you’re not able to see the screen. That also meant that I had zero contact with any of my friends…not that I had many to start with.

“So,” my mom finally spoke up after five minutes, “who was that girl I saw you talking to?”

“Her name is Kira. I have some classes with her,” I explained. “So you made some friends today?”

“Yeah. I guess so,” I sighed. Mom didn’t say anything after that. She was always like that. Trying to make a conversation, but at the end of the day, we both knew she was only doing it because she feels bad for me. She thinks that if she forces herself to talk to me everyday, we would maybe someday start to bond. Like a normal mother and daughter. But I don’t think so.

I do not like my parents.

We arrived at our house and I stepped out and started walking to the door with my cane stretched out in front. Tick Tick Tick, on the stone path. I could finally stop with the ticking a few feet away from the door. My mom got her keys out and started searching for the right one. It took her some time until she got it, but when she finally did, she fortunately opened the door very quickly.

“Your father will be coming home a bit later.” she said before she sat down.

“Where is he? I thought he wouldn’t start working until his knee got better.” I asked.

Before we moved to Beacon Hills, my dad got into a small accidence and injured his knee. So he had to take some time off for rehabilitation. In that time, the police station of the city we previously lived in, had some problems and had to cut some people off and xhose my father will be one of those people. Fortunately, they realised it was cruel to do that to an injured man, so they gave him a job in a different city. In the end, it turned out for the better, because the paychecks are better here (as I heard from my parents) and it will finally be permanent. Before this he was kind of someone police stations send around to each other if they needed more officers.

“That is right. But he already went to the station today to meet the sheriff.”

“Oh, that is..nice.” I said and walked to my room. I lay face down on my bed when my mom suddenly walked in.

“I forgot to mention,” she smiled fakely, “the sheriff invited us for dinner. I understand if-”

“No, I’ll go.”

“Great. I actually bought you a new dress this morning. We wanna make a good impression now, don’t we?”

“Yes we do, mom.” My mom put the dress on the chair next to the door and walked away without another word. I walked to the door and closed it. The dress was nice. It was black with some lace on the skirt. Once I would put it on, it would probably reach my knee or something.

I put the dress on and not soon after I heard the front door open. My dad came home. I walked to the living room to say hello.

“How was your first day at school,” he asked after I said hi. “It was okay,” I shrugged, “I met some people. They seem nice.”

“Well, that is great.”

“Yeah, and they are all very helpful,” I smiled, thinking about Stiles. There he was again, in my head. What is it about him that I liked so much?

My dad tried to keep the conversation going, but just like my mom in the car, he failed miserably.

“Oh look at the time, I think it will be better if we go.” My dad handed me my jacket and my cane that was on the table. I thanked him and we were off. Just like before, this car ride was uncomfortable too. I don’t know how my parents to it, but they can make every situation awkward. I absolutely hate it.

It would probably be less if I wasn’t blind. I am very well known with the fact that my parents hate it that I am… different. It is a torture for them to see me struggle with my disability every day. That was why I doubted a bit about telling them that I had gotten my sight back.  Ut how could I possibly explain that?

“Here we are,” my father said as he pulled into the sheriff’s driveway. There already stood two cars. A normal grey car (I could see the attachable siren in the backseat) and a blue jeep next to it. Especially the jeep looked familiar. I must have seen it somewhere before.

“(Y/N), don’t just stand there, c’mon.” my mom tugged on my sleeve and pulled my to walk on. We got to the door and she rang the doorbell. Not even a few seconds later, we heard a loud bang inside and someone mumbling that “they were fine.” I had to giggle slightly, until the door opened and I saw him: Stiles.

“Welcome to our humble home,” he welcomed us and motioned us to walk inside. Only when I stepped inside he realised who I was.

“(Y/N)! I didn’t know you were coming!”

“I didn’t know I was coming to you either.” I smiled. He took my and my parents’ jackets and jung them up on the rack. Then he showed my parents the way to the kitchen so they could talk to Stiles’ dad, who was apparently busy with the dinner.

“So,” Stiles said, he had his hands in his pockets and he looked a bit nervous. “How are you doing.”

“Fine. You.”

‘Great. Just not really looking forward to the dinner… Not that I don’t want you to be here, just my dad and-”

“It’s okay, to be honest I also didn’t want to come.” He showed me the way to the couch and our conversation was immediately much more easy once we were comfortably sitting there.

“How is it,” I asked, “being the sheriff’s son?”

“It’s great. I always get the information about the big cases. Just don’t tell anyone I told you.” he winked. I could see in his impression later that he realised it was pointless to wink to a blind girl. I wanted to laugh, but held it in. Then I felt my eyes sting a bit. Was I crying?

Well, was I trying to cry? I haven’t cried since the accident. The animal not only damaged my face and eyes, but also everything connected closely to my eyes. So I can not cry. Instead, it just stings.

But why was it stinging?

“Dinner is ready,” Stiles’ dad called out. Getting me out of my trance. I stood up and Stiles took my hand. I was a bit shocked, then quickly realised he was only helping me got to the table. Nothing more.

After the dinner Stiles and I got back to the couch while our parents stayed at the table. Nothing had really happened while we were eating. Except for that my dad kept on asking about the job and how big of a criminal city Beacon Hills is. I realised that that question made Stiles a bit nervous. but , why would it? He didn’t look like a criminal to me.

Mr. Stilinski had answered that there aren’t so many criminals around, but that the city did have a problem with animal attacks some time ago. I had almost choked on my food when I heard that. Animal attacks? Quick snippets of that night flashed before me. But more of the sounds. The crackling of the twigs. The hard wind rushing through the trees and the… howling. There was definitely something howling in the far background.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay,” Stiles whispered to me. I just told him that I was fine, but I already felt my eyes stinging again.

“Will you tell me what that was about?”

“What do you mean?” I asked in return.

“Well, you told me it was fine, but I could see it wasn’t.”

“PTSD, I guess.” Stiles looked at me in shock. Then, he looked in the direction of where our parents were and he stood up. A few second later, he threw me my jacket. I gave out a little scream.

“Oh, sorry. Put your coat on. We’re going for a walk.”


“Because I feel like you need to talk to someone,” he said and he couldn’t be more right. I hadn’t realised it, but once he mentioned it, I felt like I had to tell him everything… and with that I meant everything.

I was not sure what it was, but something about Stiles told me that he was different. He was normal, but still in a different way than others are. If that even makes sense.

I put my coat on and picked up my cane. Stiles stopped me: “You won’t need it.” I smiled and told him that I was just taking it, because otherwise I would lose it and folded it up so I could put in my pocket. I wasn’t sure, but from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw him give me a weird look. I decided to just ignore it.

We walked out of the house, holding eachothers hands. To be honest, I had really gotten used to this. Every time Stiles held my hand, or even touched it for a second, a spark shot through my body.

It was already dark outside. The street lamps were on, but didn’t do much. From time to time I glanced at the houses we passed. Most families were watching tv or still eating dinner. They all seemed so happy. It made me sick.

“Here we are.” Stiles stopped. I slightly bumped into his side. Not even because I was “blind”, but simply because I wasn’t paying attention. We were standing in front of a flat piece of grass which was surrounded by tall and big trees. “Well,” he continued, “not exactly. Just a minute or two.”

“Alright.” I gave him a nervous smile. We walked to one side where the trees were the biggest. Once we couldn’t see the grass field anymore he stopped again. This time, in front of the biggest trees I have (n)ever seen. At the top of it, there was a big tree house.

“Where are we?”

“The most private place in whole Beacon Hills,” Stiles told me. When he said it, I could feel him squeeze my hand very lightly.

“It’s my old tree house. I build it with my parents when I was younger.”

“And how am I supposed to get up there?” I laughed.

“Ha ha. Do not worry. I have a great solution.” he pulled my with him to the other side of the tree where there was a ladder and next to it a swing.

“Sit right there,” he helped me get to the swing, “and hold on tight. I’ll see you in a minute.” after that he started to climb up the ladder. I wanted to yell at him for leaving my here all alone, but instead I screamed because suddenly my feet left the ground. I was being pulled up.

“What the hell, Stiles!” I said once I was up in the tree house.

“Oh c’mon. Do not say that wasn’t fun.” I didn’t say anything. Stiles just smiled and pulled me into a giant bean bag chair with him. I fell straight onto him. Our faces were only a few inches apart. I rolled to the side and looked up. I was nicely greeted with the night sky. It was beautiful.

“So, let’s talk,” he finally spoke up.

“About what?”

“I don’t know. Anything you want to get out. Just say it.” I had to think for some time about what to say. I wanted to tell him about my secret so badly. But I can not just blurt it out at the beginning. The best thing was to slowly get to it.

“I hate my parents,” I sighed. It felt so good to finally say it out loud. “Like, don’t get me wrong. They are great parents. Just not for…”

“You?” he ended ym sentence.

“Exactly. You don’t want to know how often I overheard them talking about how they wished I wasn’t blind and how this,” I pointed at my face, “has ruined their chance at being the perfect family and stuff like that. It messes you up.” Stiles didn’t say anything. I wasn’t angry. What could he say?

“Then there is the fact that I don’t have any friends.”

“Do not say that.” Stiles almost seemed angry when he heard me say it.

“Or at least, not until now. Everyone always avoided me. And the fact that I don’t have a phone or any other form of contact possibilities doesn’t help either.” After that we stayed quiet for some time. I didn’t feel like talking anymore and Stiles probably had no idea what to say. After what felt like forever, he was the first one to break the silence.

“I was always wondering. How do you imagine the world?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you cannot see it, but you must have ideas, right? Like, for example, how do you think bacon looks like?”

“I never thought about it. But probably pink, whatever pink is”

“So what about the rest.”

“I always imagine that school is this gigantic fancy building, with golden walls and doors made from diamonds and other kinds of stones and that every popular girl just walks around in a trash bag or some other shitty outfit, just to make myself feel better.”

We both laughed at my imagination.

“And me?”

“What about you?”

“How do you think I look? You never really asked or like, you know…”

“Do that whole“I’m blind and the only way to know how you look like if to feel your face” thing. Not really my style.” I smiled. “Back to your question. I think you look just like a ken doll.”

“Excuse me? How do you even know how it looks like?” he laughed.

“I heard that it is the perfect definition of a guy, so…”

“STILES? (Y/N)? Are you up there?” suddenly the voice of mr. Stilinski disturbed our lovely silence. Stiles got up and poked his head out of the small window.

“Hi dad.” he waved downstairs.

“Get down here.” he simply ordered. Stiles walked back to me and guided me to the swing. I sat down and just before he started to pull me back down, I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said: “thank you.”

“For what?” Stiles seemed to be extremely confused by my actions.

“Everything.” and with that I started to get closer to the ground. There, I was welcomed by mr. Stilinski and my parents. None of them really seemed to be too happy with my actions.

My mom didn’t say anything, she just dragged me towards, I assumed, the car. I turned around and looked up to the treehouse where Stiles was still looking at me. I waved and he waved back, confusion still spread across his face.


Hello, my loves, when I have free time my mind travels fast, so I came up with another Eric Fanfic. I really hope you guys enjoy it !!!!

Also a big thanks to my lovely @singingpeople that helped me a lot !!!!! Thanks, sweetie, it meant the world to me ! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

The sizzling of your blood dropping onto the coals was all you could focus on during your choosing ceremony.

Was it the best decision for you? Have you gone crazy? You didn’t know what to think anymore. Standing in front of the bowls your mind reeled with so many impressions all around you but it was too late for regrets.

“Dauntless!” Marcus Eaton, the abnegation leader yelled trying to keep his face impassive.

Knowing you and your parents he looked at you, the despise clear for you to see in his eyes. The abnegation leader mustered you with the same look he had thrown his own daughter fifteen minutes before.

You grew up with Melanie Eaton, went to school with her and you two were as much of a friend, as an abnegation could be. You knew all about the abuse she had suffered along with her brother that defected two years’ prior than the both of you.

You´ve been raised as the perfect abnegation, always putting others first, always invisible as the grey of your clothes made you fade into the background. You were never the most beautiful girl in the room, in fact, no one ever looked at you, so over the time, you learned to just keep to yourself. Not even Mel could break the walls you had built around you.

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jackdawsonsgrl  asked:

Can I request a Newt x reader where they welcome their first daughter? Just them seeing her for the first time and how enraptured they are by her? Just fluffy & sweet :))

I’ll do my best!

Imagine: Welcoming your first daughter with Newt.

“You look more beautiful now than ever, my darling.”

Newt kissed you lovingly on your brow, brushing the sweaty strands of hair back as he smiled at you. Labor didn’t last as long as you expected, but you were still beyond exhausted from the entire thing.

“Don’t lie…”

He chuckled at your whiny tone, and he held your hand, gently rubbing along the knuckles as he kissed it.

“I would never, my love.”

And it was the truth, because seeing you laying there in the after glow of delivering his child, it was one of the most amazing things he’d seen.

“Here she is!”

The nurse came into your hospital room, smiling widely as she cuddled your baby girl to her chest, holding a tiny bottle up as she fed her. Newt turned to look at her, his eyes widening when he saw the small child nestled in her arms. He was a total loss for words, because even though he had been there the entire time she was being born, he was more worried about you. But, now…now he could enjoy the overwhelming feeling that came to him. He stood up from the stool, smiling at you quickly before holding his arms out. The nurse carefully rested your daughter into his open arms, cradling her head and giving Newt some tips before leaving you two alone.

The wizard stared down at her, a breath of a laugh leaving him as tears welled in his eyes.


You couldn’t help but giggle along with him, all your hormones adding to the joy and tears. Seeing Newt hold his child for the first time was just a sight you wouldn’t soon forget.

He shushed the child’s soft coos, rocking her gently as he walked towards you. He took a seat next to you on the bed, leaning a bit down so you could get a better look at her.

“Look, that’s your Mum.”

The baby looked at you both curiously, drooling slightly as she made a weird noise. Newt chuckled, using the blanket she had wrapped around her to dab at the saliva.

“Not a very well mannered one, is she?”


“I’m joking, darling.”


Hope that was okay, short but sweet lol I know nothing of babies….I prefer toddlers…babies make me nervous haha

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Review - 13x21

Review Omelia 13x21

Hey guys, @jordan202 here, welcome back to another weekly review on Omeliasource. Stick with me because the ride is long but the news are good.

And what an amazing episode we had this week!

Originally posted by ellenpombaeo

Whoever randomly peeks at my Asks knows that for a while now I have been saying I had a feeling the four last episodes of the season would probably try to rescue some of that old school Grey’s feelings and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed at all! And the amazing Omelia development is only a part of what made this episode a great one, perhaps the best of s13B.

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The story you will never know: Chapter 1 - We meet again

There it is. The first chapter of my Zervis rewrite, using my AU. I hope you like it.

Pairing: Zervis.


- I wonder what is Mavis doing right now.

- Oh, please. Don’t start again.

- I’m sure she’s a beautiful lady.

- Stop.

- I wish I could see her one more time.

- Oh… You will kill her this time.

- Can you stop being so negative, Anastascia?

- No. I adore your suffering.

- Let me dream a little.

- You have no dreams, little boy. I own your body since you were born.

I sighed. In part, she was right. She possessed my body the day I was born, and uses it at pleasure. She made me do horrible things, using my name. Even if, some day, I can be free from her, the sins and crimes she made me do will follow me forever.

Mavis is a little girl I meet some years ago. A little ray of sunshine that made me believe in having a normal life again. Sometimes, I dream in being near to that ray of sunshine forever. But she’s human, and that’s not possible. Her brightness will be gone when she dies. But, if I could stay near to her for a while, I’ll be happy. Even if she never sees me in the rest of her life.

- You’re gonna make me throw up.

- Can you stop looking at my thoughts, Anastascia?

- Let me think… No.

- Why are you like this?

- I’m evil. Deal with it.

- Oh, please… I can’t deal with-

I had to stop walking. Mavis was just in front of me.

- Mavis…

- Ah! Mr Black wizard from before! - said her.

And she ran in my direction.

- Yaay!

- Woah! Wait! Don’t you remember? I’m cursed!

- Of course!

- Then don’t…

I was late. She hugged me before I could say anything.

- We won because of you back then… - explained Mavis -. And, because of you, I saved my friends…

Her face. That face full of happiness brought peace to my soul. And that face made Anastascia curse everything, including herself, and disappear for a while from my mind, but not from my body.

- I have a lot to explain to you, Mr Black wizard!

- I think… I saw a place where we can seat near here… In that way.

I guided her to a field, and we sat next to a rock. She told me about the war, and her strategies to end it. That reminded me of my little brother and I, when we made jokes to our father. But I had to block those memories before Anastascia could find them. She can manipulate me with that.

- There is something I’ve been wondering for a while, Mr Black wizard - Mavis said, suddenly.

- What is it?

- What’s your name?

- Oh, well… It’s Zeref.

- Zeref!? That black wizard, Zeref!? You’re him!?

- That’s why I never wanted to tell you my name.

- The one who lived for 300 years?

- Yeah… Was it that long though…

- But you’re nothing like what people say you are…

- Oh, the bad ones, huh? Those are the mostly accurate though.

- There’s no way that’s true! You have very kind eyes, and I don’t believe those rumors.

- Such innocence.

Actually, she was right. I never been that bad, but… It’s all Anastascia’s fault… Wait, are you blushing? Why are you blushing, Mavis? What did I said? Calm down, Zeref. Keep the straight face, and the curse won’t appear.

- Oh yeah, do you still remember Yuri? - Mavis changed the way of the conversation. Thank God -. He’s gonna be a father soon!

- That boy, a father?

- Well, it’s been 10 years since then…

I smiled. Ten years. Time really passes too fast, but you can’t notice it when you are immortal.

- But you haven’t changed at all since then - I observed.

- Ah… This body… Yeah…

She looked at her feet. I instantly knew something was wrong.

- It was the price I had to pay for using incomplete black magic 10 years ago… - she explained -. But I don’t regret my choices after all, it saved my friends.

- You used Law!?

Impulsively, I took her head between my hands and I touched her forehead with mine. Something my brother and I used to do when we were little when we had any magic problem.

- Wah! What was that for…

I didn’t listen to her words. I needed to concentrate in the magic inside her body. No… Why? Why did this happen to her? Fuck curse control! Who needs it now!?

I separated her. I know my face wasn’t what she needed to see in that moment. After all, I was freaking out.

- Zeref…

- It’s not that you’ve stopped growing… - I explained -. You’ve now become immortal, just like I am…

- Huh?

- Have you chosen what kind of lives you will be taking…? At your own discretion, of course…

Her face told me that she didn’t know what I was talking about. Cruel or not, I had to tell her all the truth.

- It’s the curse of Ankhseram. The more you don’t want to take a life, the more it’ll…

- Nonsense! - she yelled -. I… Nobody around me… Has died yet…

- Well, not now but… I see.. There was a war a while back, wasn’t there? Wars make you see lives in a different way. Maybe that’s why you haven’t noticed it quite as much.

- That’s…! I…!

- You don’t know the true meaning behind taking a life. And once you find out… Everyone around you will disappear.

I didn’t want to look at her face. I already knew how it looked like. Terrified, because of what I said. But that was the truth. Denying it wouldn’t be right.

- Why… Why would you say such things… - said Mavis.

- It’s the truth.

- I… Thought you were…

- Now, do you understand? I’m everything the rumors made me out to be.

Mavis ran away. Like I was expecting.

- So it’s true… You’ve always had it in you. The power to walk alongside me.

I maintained my straight face for a while. I didn’t want Anastascia to notice how I was feeling, but the tears in my cheeks betrayed me.

- Are you crying, crybaby? - asked Anastascia.

- What mades you think that, dark fairy?

- The tears. You were cruel with your girlfriend? Oh, how cute…

- Stop mocking me, Anastascia. Actually, those are tears of joy.

- Oh, you had fun being cruel?

- Of course.

Of course not. Being cruel to that little ray of sunshine was the worst thing I ever made. Something broke inside me, I could feel it.

I managed to keep the straight face and the calm until Anastascia fell asleep. I knew very well she had a deep sleep. And when that happened, I released all. I cried out loud, without anyone who listened to me.

- Why…? Why I had to be that cruel with her…? Why did this happen to her…? I don’t want this… Why, Ankhseram!?

It doesn’t care how loud I scream his name, Ankhseram never answers. He doesn’t care about anything, even being a God. I normally don’t care about it but, in that moment, I needed an answer. Why had to be Mavis cursed like me? Why she couldn’t live a normal life?

Cursed. Forever. All eternity. That’s what the little ray of sunshine had because using an incomplete magic I taught her. It was me? Was my fault that she got cursed?

I panicked, and screamed out loud. If someone was listening, that person could hear me from far away. The curse was released around me, but I didn’t care. I ruined Mavis’ life by myself.

That night I didn’t sleep. I managed to lie to Anastascia about my feelings for a while, and I was crying every night. Mavis didn’t deserve what I did to her.

Love you more.

The third part of Don’t feel like flirting’ where Bellamy gets sick too after all. Requested by secretxlittlexdarling on ao3. A/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic again. Thanks girl <3

Original prompt: Clarke catches a cold or the flu while she is pregnant. (And Bellamy loses his shit). [Part 2]

It’s a two days later that Clarke walk into their room to find a sick Bellamy in their bed.

“Bell?” She whispers and makes her way to the bed, sitting next to Bellamy. He’s curled onto his side, knees folded into his chest with one hand under his head while the other rests between his legs. Clarke leans down and presses her lips to his forehead. His… sweaty forehead. He’s definitely hot.

“God, Bellamy. How long have you been like this?” She says, standing up and reaching for their second blanket.

“About an hour or so.” He murmurs, welcoming the extra warmth of the second blanket on top of the first one. Clarke sits next to him again, one hand stroking his side on top of the two blankets. “I think I’m sick.” He whispers then.

Clarke tilts her head to the side. “You don’t say.” She teases and gives him a smile. “Now I’ve gotta take care of you.”

“Welcome to my world.” He says and gives Clarke a smile, although it quickly fades. “I know you’re probably dead-tired from working all day, but could you go to medical and bring me some medicine?” He asks her. “I feel so tried right now, I can barely keep my eyes open.”

Clarke’s smile fades too, and is replaced with a concerned look. “No, I’ll let your fever burn you to death.” She jokes, regardless off her worry. “Can I have your shirts after you pass?”

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The description of a ‘Mary-Sue’ is a character (usually female) who has no flaws and has a perfect life. Now. Let’s see what Riri is in canon: 

Rarely had any friends

Compulsive and stubborn 

Lost her best friend and stepfather on the same day

Suffers depression and PTSD from the shooting. 

Was not born wealthy, so she had to find cheap parts (normally stolen) to build things. 

So, because Riri is intelligent and she is REWARDED for being intelligent, that makes her a Mary-Sue? Then you might as well hate every person in the world who got awards, degrees, and decent jobs in real life. 

Just say you hate black girls and go. 

clydeandjanie  asked:

If Hyde had been in character since the begining of the show, his season 2-3 self would had a crush on Donna and treat Jackie that bad?

Yes and yes, lol. Now, let me explain:

- The Crush:

I hate it a lot, but I know it would happen anyway. The difference is that he won’t act like such a creep over her. He would back off the second she said no and would not act over it again after seeing Eric and Donna are going for each other, and only each other.

So inted of forcing her into a kiss and stalking her, being agressive towards her and imposing his feelings, he would just, maybe, pine after her at the distance, maybe banter about it with Fez some time, and that’s it.

He would get over it, especially after seeing Donna so happy with Eric. He would probably had the chance to talk it out with her, because of course Donna would care about his feelings, she just doesn’t feel the same way. And she doesn’t want to lose her friend, alright.

After The Talk™, things will eventually get normal again.

- Being an ass to Jackie:

What made Hyde stop being an idiot to Jackie was realizing she is a human being, like him and his friends, who has her own problems and feelings, and who had been hurt by the guy he was so jealous for because she took all his attention away.

Yeah, I said that.

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I sincerely apologize for how long this took, but here it finally is! I have a masterlist if you would like some more ACOTAR or even ToG related fics, so check them out if you want!


For the first time ever Feyre was going to be introduced to the Court of Nightmares as the High lady of the Night Court.

Usually she would be scantily clad in the same outfit she had worn countless times Under the Mountain and the one time when they had gone to retrieve the Orb. Today was different, however. Today was different because she wasn’t doing any kind of distracting – whether it was distracting Keir while her Inner Circle swindled them or distracting herself from the horrors surrounding her. Today High Lady Feyre Archeron was here to assert her dominance and authority on a group of monsters and honestly she thought this may be the biggest challenge she’s faced as he High Lady so far.

Which is silly to say, Feyre thought. She has faced demons of unknown aberration, terror unlike anything she could’ve dreamed possible, and war facing her loved ones on all horizons… and yet this terrified Feyre the most.

She was no longer afraid of her own shadow or the ones that lived in tight places such as underground, and she knew that she could achieve anything with her mate Rhysand at her side, but somehow facing men like Keir was what she knew would test her most.

She wasn’t afraid of them, oh no, she was afraid of herself and what she might do to them. Feyre liked to think that she never took pleasure in killing, that she only did it for necessity, but oh the things she would give to rip Keir and the men like him limb from limb until they were nothing but blood-rain.

She stood at the entrance to the Court, wearing a long dress made of black velvet. It was accented at the hems with gold lace, and had an elegant train covered in the same lace, except this was fashioned in the same pattern as her tattoos. Rhys stood at her side wearing the matching suit, the crown made of stars atop his head.

“Are you ready to put yours on?” he asked her. He was holding her twin crown in his hands, taking his time with her. It didn’t matter how late they were or what time they arrived. All that mattered was that his wife was comfortable and ready.

She nodded and he gingerly placed the ornate crown on her golden-brown waves. He then moved his hands from the crown and down her cheeks so that he was cradling her face. He leaned down and placed a sweet, assuring kiss on her lips, while also sending love down their bond.

She hummed against his mouth and lifted her hands to rest on his chest.

“I love you,” She whispered.

“And I love you,” He responded.

Her love for him had grown stronger and stronger over the past year being together. Never had there been a moment where it plateaued or faded, even when she was in the Spring Court and separated from him, even when there was a moment when they thought that their eternity would be cut short from the war, Feyre had loved him. He was her heart, her soul, her crown, and she would be nothing but dust in the wind before she stopped loving him.

“Are you ready, my love?”

She knew that if she told him no then he would wait. He would never rush her on such a momentous occasion.

“We shouldn’t let Mor and Cassian wait any longer. Mother knows what sort of havoc they are wrecking in our absence.”

Rhys let out a low laugh and without further ado linked his hands with hers and made their first steps into the Court of Nightmares.

It was just how she remembered it. The dark hallways, the sinister atmosphere… it was identical right down to the dais – with the exception that it now had two thrones rather than one.  

As they entered the crowded room everyone turned to Rhys and Feyre in shock and in the following seconds got to their knees in obedience to Rhys. They had heard utterings of Feyre being the High Lady, and you would’ve thought the construction of another throne would’ve been the nail in the coffin, but alas this Court was still shocked to see High Lord Rhysand’s whore now their leader.

Of course she was never his whore, but they didn’t know that - especially with Keir’s slander and dark musings about her.

To this day it confounded Feyre as to how someone as bright and lovely as Morrigan could’ve been born and raised in such a dark, ghastly place.

They both sat on their respective thrones, releasing their hold on one another. The ornate seats are far enough away from each other to show that Feyre and Rhys are separate entities of power but close enough so that they could touch if they wished. As it was, Rhys held out his hands for Feyre to take again – Feyre linking their fingers without a moment’s thought.

Rhys had no leash on his power, his darkness consuming the room and his power stifling. Feyre herself had let go of the checks she kept on herself. Since the war she had unlocked nearly all the magical weapons in her arsenal – spanning from all courts of Prythian and beyond. Combining that and her all-consuming love for her mate… well, Feyre had to make a conscious effort to keep from glowing endlessly – as she was now.

Rhys sent a shot of delight at the light that surrounded her down the bond, and the smile on his face was nothing short of awestruck.

Bringing their linked hands to his mouth for a quick kiss, Rhys then commanded, “Rise and let me introduce your High Lady, Feyre Cursebreaker, Defender of Prythian, Lady of Dreamers, and Light Exultant. Rise and greet your Queen.”

The fae around them stood, no one daring to make a sound.

Feyre scanned the faces of the Fae around her, pausing her gaze when she saw a grinning Cassian and a beaming Mor standing in the furthermost corner. Cassian was wearing his battle leathers and had adorned all his siphons, whereas Mor was wearing the usual scandalous attire. Feyre could tell from the trembling of the fae in the vicinity of her two dear friends that they had indeed been causing trouble before she arrived.

“Step forward, Keir.” Rhys continued.

Keir, who was at the front of the crowd, approached with an unexpected overconfidence.

“High Lord,”

He was purposefully ignoring her. He had a sneer the size of Cassian’s ego across his face and was looking pointedly at the top button of Rhysand’s overcoat.

She could’ve laughed. Did he not remember the last time he insulted her in front of her mate? Maybe she’ll remind him.

“Hello, Keir.” She did her best imitation of Rhys’s signature purr.

“Lady Feyre,” He scorned.

High Lady Feyre,” She corrected him.

Mor had warned her that something like this would probably happen. Keir was a shtick for tradition and to have a woman leading the most powerful Court in Prythian must make him ache inside.  

Feyre felt no pity for this blister in existence. She may not have been alive when he did those things to Mor, and she may not have dealt with the aftermath like her friends had, but Mor was like a sister to her – a sister in a way her biological ones hadn’t been for a very, very long time. She would never forgive this ulcer of a man for what he had done to her beautiful friend.

He hummed in return. A dismissal of sorts.

She could feel Rhys’s rage at his actions though the bond and in return she sent soothing feelings. She would take care of this.

“Your arm seems to have healed wondrously since the last time we met. Do tell, Keir, did you have any healers help you?” She had a mask of innocence plastered on her face but everyone in the room knew that it was just a front. Everyone knew what she was capable of doing to her enemies - she made no secret of it. After what the King of Hybern had tried to do… Feyre would never shy away from a fight again, and she would never let anyone question her supremacy.

“It is the healing magic in my blood that helped the healing process, High Lady.”

How dare he have the audacity, how dare he look at her like that, I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him

Feyre tightened her grip on Rhys’s hand as his thoughts unintentionally bled into her.

“I must say I find that rather strange. I was under the impression that you would have a permanent,” She paused for emphasis, “let’s call it a disfigurement.”

“I am lucky to have an abundance of power. More than the usual fae, High Lady.”

Feyre could see that he was starting to sweat at her questioning. It was obvious to everyone that he had used a healer even when Rhys had specifically told him not to. After a year Keir may have thought that Rhys would forget his promise, but that wasn’t the case at all. They simply had bigger problems to deal with than this weasel.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? Do you think my mate is an idiot?” Rhys snickered. “We are no fools, Keir, and you know damn well that we both know when we are being lied to. I may have offered you mercy if you had told the truth, but it seems you are incapable of even the most simple of tasks. Get on your knees,” he ordered, “and beg for your High Lady’s forgiveness. Maybe when she decides your punishment she’ll be merciful, but I doubt it.”

Keir then did the stupidest thing Feyre may ever have seen. He spat on the dais.

“We follow you without complaint, we let ourselves be crushed under you, but I draw the line at bowing to this filth as my High Lady. What has she done to deserve our respect besides throw a few tantrums filled with a slew of magic. Magic that isn’t even hers! Punish me for my insolence, High Lord Rhysand, but I cannot stand by and approve this depravity.”

The whole room gasped in horror at his words. What he was saying was treasonous, and even the monsters standing around them knew it.

Feyre searched for Cassian and Mor in the crowd. When she found them they had moved closer to the dais and both had gone red in the face from anger. Anger and pure, unaltered disgust.

Feyre stared Keir down, and did the second most unexpected thing of the night – she laughed. A whole-hearted, warm laugh. A laugh that someone might have from the joke of a lover, or the antics of a best friend.

Feyre knew that her response would merit this whole damned courts feelings towards her. Feelings that must be fear. It was the only thing they responded to.

With barely a blink Feyre took Keir’s mind and forced him to his knees.

She looked to Mor again, and gently mentally tapped her friend to give her a message.

Mor opened her mind to Feyre in response.

He needs to die, Feyre breathed into her mind, not just for this but for everything. The war is over and it’s time to start afresh. But it is your decision, Mor, and I won’t take it away from you.

Mor’s throat bobbed as she swallowed in nervousness – she was deep in thought - considering Feyre’s unspoken words. Cassian looked at her with curiosity, wondering what Feyre had said.

I want him dead, and if it’s now then it’s now. But if I may ask, Feyre, let Azriel and Cassian do it. And let them take their time. Mor replied. I despise my father and I more than anybody want him gone and to pay for everything he’s done, but I can’t do it. I know that makes me weak-

That does not make you weak, Mor. Feyre slammed into her mind. There is nothing about you that is weak. Well, besides your tolerance to alcohol. She joked.

Then do your worst, Feyre. Mor conceded.

The whole court was aware of their silent conversation – it was obvious that the two women were conversing.

“Keir,” He was still on his knees, spine ramrod and breathing heavy, “you are one very lucky man.”

Feyre released his mind and he sagged in relief.

“So lucky, because my first ruling as High Lady of this Court involves you. It’s rather historic - you’ll be remembered as the first ever fae I presided over.”

The tension in his body picked up at her words.

“General,” Rhys summoned Cassian for Feyre. He knew what she was going to do and he approved.

“Keir, I sentence you to death at the hands of my general and spymaster. Your title will be forfeit to your heir, who if he follows in the footsteps of his failure of a father will lose his title and I will come back and instate whomever I deem fit to take it. Your punishment will start at the arrival of the shadowsinger. Dismissed.”

The fae around her looked on in terror and awe and one by one bowed to the High Lady and High Lord.

Yes, the tactic of fear was always a solid one where this court was concerned, and Feyre had just earned their total and utter loyalty.

anonymous asked:

Imagine a teenage girl avenger who was trained by hydra with the winter soldier for a while and she becomes close (like siblings) with Bucky during his recovery and Steve gets kind of jealous


He only sees her.

It’s ridiculous, Steve knows. To be jealous of a girl…a child, really.

But he sees her for hours. They sit in his cell for hours doing nothing, but he won’t let Steve anywhere near him. He chooses her, over and over again. She didn’t even want him! She hated him. It took Steve months to talk her into helping them find Bucky…and now, they’re thick as thieves.

And when Steve asked her about it, she just smiled and mumbled something about being the adult.

Steve tries not to wallow on it. After all, it’s not like Bucky is his…but he is, you see?

Bucky is his friend. His best friend. Before anyone else. Before the girl was even born.

And yet—

Steve sighs deeply, curls further into Sam’s shoulder and tries to pay attention to the movie on the wall.

Bad Bob drops his gloves and takes on the press

”I just have this wonderful image of Bob getting so fucking fed up with how the media treats Jack. Acting like they’re somehow entitled to Jack’s life, to Jack in general, scrutinizing everything, constantly bringing up his overdose like they know anything about it. So here’s how I see everything going down. 

(this ended up a lot longer than I planned.)

  • Jack and Bitty have been out for a little while, and the press is, of course, being dicks because when aren’t they when it comes to Jack
  • Bob is fucking furious. Jack is finally happy and in a good place and the press is still going after him like he murdered someone
  • And he just does not understand why he himself is so glorified??? Jack almost died on his watch??? why are they all acting like Jack is a disappointment??? Jack literally almost died????
  • So Bob resolves to set the record straight. He talks to Jack first, of course, to ask him how much he’s comfortable letting Bob share.
  • Jack is in a good place now. A great place. So this… doesn’t scare him the way it would have a few years ago. It’s nerve-wracking, and he knows it won’t be fun, but the idea doesn’t make him shake.
  • Jack looks Bob right in the eye and says; “Say what happened from your point of view.”

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Thunder - Finn Bálor

Request: Can you do one where there’s a big thunderstorm at night, and maybe Ava is like 2 or 3 years old, and she wakes up screaming and crying cause she got scared with the big thunder. And the reader and Finn get her and try to calm her down, just cute and fluff.

A/N: Give it up for Finn as a sweet, cuddly, protective father. Ugh I love him, okkkkk. 

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“Alright, all we have to simply do is,” Finn whispered, slowly taking the sippy-cup away from Ava’s lips. They moved slightly, but she was most definitely knocked out for the night. Smirking to himself, Finn handed you the cup and stood up from the chair, carefully making his way over to the crib. You pulled back the small pink blanket of hers, watching as Finn gently laid her down. She moved a bit, but she balled her fists as usual, staying asleep.

“Goodnight, Ava.” You smiled, leaning down to kiss her cheeks. Finn did the same, the both of you sneaking out of the nursery and back into the kitchen together. “I thought she would never go to sleep.” He expressed as you rinsed her cup, quickly drying it and placing it back in the cabinet.

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So this is post in response to @wtfoctagon‘s post asking for Maggie Sawyer recasts, so here is a list of possible **latina** actresses that I think would be great as Maggie Sawyer

Melonie Diaz

Born in NY, both parents are Puerto Rican. You might’ve seen her in Fruitvale Station playing a latina. Just based on her imdb page it kinda looks like she’s getting more popular so you’ll probably see her in more and more movies in the upcoming years. Also she’s really pretty. 

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