you see she's being born now

Throw a book at my head? We'll see who has the last laugh.

So this happens back in freshman year of high school for me, about twenty years ago. Little bit of a back story, I was born with Neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumor growth on nerve endings and a large list of other problems like early onset puberty, blindness, epilepsy, death ect.

I had this teacher who if you called her an ancient old hag you’d be being polite. For whatever reason she had it out for me I can only pin it down to her being a bully. Now I had been sick because of my medical condition and had action plans with the school as to not fall behind, the teacher knew of my condition because of this.

So one day I come into the classroom and there’s a depiction of me on the whiteboard with the words “tumor boy” above it….the teacher just shrugged and laughed, she had disclosed my medical condition to the entire class. I tell the principal, nothing. The guidance counselor nothing, my parents? Nothing. Nobody believes me. It’s my word against hers, so for now I let it go. I’m very patient so I know I’ll get another opportunity.

Another incident, she hits my hand with a ruler when I ask her to stop taunting me in front of the other students my medical condition is nobody’s business but my own. She tells the class I have brain tumors which is why my head is so large. She also points out that I have the in my feet again disclosing private medical information just to be a vile person. I again go through everyone, again nobody believes me.

So then I get a mild case of the flu, and miss about a week of school so I ask if I can bring a recorder to school to tape lessons to catch up it’s immediately put in my file for whatever reason she missed this meeting, still it’s in my file so she should know about the agreement. So now I know if she acts like a rancid bitch again her ass is mine, all I need is bait which pretty much just takes me showing up.

The very next day at school I’m sitting in class with the recorder taping in my bag, and she starts with her daily routine of asking someone to draw a picture of “me and all my tumors” on the white board, I again ask her to stop and this is where the book is thrown at my head with a loud thud followed by a profanity filled tirade about how terrible of a child I am.

It’s at this point I stop the recorder, and tell her exactly what I think of her and am then physically removed from the class and taken to the principals office, and I’m expelled.

Once I got home is when I showed my parents the tape, within twenty minutes we are back at the school playing it for the principal and vice principal threatening legal action. Needless to say my expulsion is lifted and she is fired on the spot just before retirement, losing her retirement money.

She even called me after and asked “why are you doing this”? I simply told her she did it to herself and hung up.

As a lesbian, I am really fucking tired of seeing people attack trans people under the guise of being supportive of lesbians. 

I really don’t give a shit if someone once identified as a lesbian and now as a trans man or if a trans woman hits on a cis lesbian. I don’t care if you think that trans women are “invading” women’s spaces. They’re women and so they belong in there.  It’s not progressive to pit woman against woman. It’s not progressive to hate another woman because of how she was born. It’s not progressive to pass or enable laws that result in women being harassed in bathrooms. Stop misgendering them. Stop excluding them. Stop stereotyping them. Stop treating them like shit. I don’t give a lick about how you were raised. Everyone can learn to be a better person, you just have to want to be.

It’s sometimes interesting to see how both you and your character evolve through time in RPs. Last year I was among those who wouldn’t be willing to RP children, let alone newborns due to how tricky it would be and how sometimes that changes the scenes completely depending on how you play it out. Not to even mention that I couldn’t find a way for Haila to settle down given how often she would just lose her partner or be abandoned by one.

Now here I am, sitting around with @luma-lee while playing out a child that even if it was not born from both Haila and Luma. We handle it so easily and comfortably that either of us could randomly go “You know what, I think the baby just pooped”

And that honestly is one of the most interesting things to see in RP. The evolution of both the roleplayer and the muse in general. Being able to work with certain scenarios in a way that even if something tricky may be in play, one can just find a path to balance it all without necessarily forcing or switching the RPs one may have with both friends and partners.


Draco was sitting on his bed in his dormitory, thinking hard. He had the room for himself, which made the thinking a bit easier. But what he was thinking about, wasn’t easy.
Leaving Hogwarts, leaving Hermione, leaving both.
Sure, he hated the place.. but he needed it to become a better wizard. But he had to go. He had to leave his family. Had to leave the shame.
You see, his dad has just gone to Azkaban. Shame for the family and the Dark Lord. 
Draco knew the Dark Lord was going go to him. Revenge. 
His mother knew it isn’t safe so she sent him a letter, telling him to go away. Telling no one about it.
Now, he had to choose. He wanted to go, but he didn’t want to leave Hermione. But it isn’t safe for a muggle-born girl to just run away with a Slytherin boy who’s being wanted by the Dark Lord. But he couldn’t leave her, he just couldn’t. 
Draco stood up. He’d made his decision 

‘Don’t go, please.’
Draco was sitting next to Hermione somewhere quiet, outside. He just told her what he wanted to do.
‘I’m sorry, Granger. I have to go.’
‘Take me with you.’
‘Like you want that.’ Draco raised his eyebrows. ‘No school. No studying. No Potter. No Weasley. Just me and running away. Being in constant danger.’
‘And being with Harry chances that?’
‘Yes. You’ll still be here, safe and studying.’
‘But you’re not with me.’ Hermione said and tears sprung in her eyes. ‘Just.. don’t go.’
‘I don’t want to.. But I can’t stay.’
Hermione wiped her eyes. ‘You’re safer here. You have Dumbledore.’
‘He’s the problem. The Dark Lord is most scared of him.. what if he asks me to kill Dumbledore.. I can’t be another shame in my family, and to him.’
Hermione seemed lost for words.  ‘I don’t want you gone.’
Draco just smiled.
‘But it would be selfish to not let you go.’
Draco laid an arm around Hermione and she laid against him. She then grabbed his hand and they tied each others hand together.

‘I’ll miss you.’ She whispered. ‘Please find a way to tell me you’re safe.’
I laid my head on hers. ‘I’m still here.’
She sobbed. 
‘But I’ll find a way.’ I said. ‘I promise.’

Gendry’s regret!!! The look on his face here kills me. “I can be your family.” “You wouldn’t be my family, you’d be m'lady.” His expression says how much he regretted not saying that he actually wants her to be his family. He understood that Arya meant what she said and that she meant it as"I love you". He wanted to say that he loved her back. But instead of being a man and telling her, he used an excuse of him being too low-born for her. No matter how much I love Gendry, I have to say THE STUPID COWARD!!!! As soon as she walked out he regretted not saying what he really wanted to! Because we all know they love each other! Now wether you see it as romantic or platonic or as siblings, that’s up to you! But they do love each other!!! For me it’s romantic, and once again it kills me that he is such a COWARD in this scene! And he needs to understand that he is high-born and not low-born. Yes, still a bastard, but a high-born bastard! I really need some happy Gendrya fanfic right now to make up for his failings!!! Gendrya-shipper for life!!!

Title: Parents
Prompt: Baby shoes (Day 22)
Theme: The after years (adulthood / married life)



“I don’t understand.”

Sakura’s voice is quiet and gentle, and it fills Sasuke with infinite serenity. It is the only sound he can hear inside this warm, dark room, aside from the steady breathing of the new-born baby sleeping between them.

“What?” he asks in a whisper.

She takes a while to answer. He looks up at her, expectant, and sees she is still watching the baby, now with tears in her verdant-green eyes, but with her lips curled into a soft smile.

“How could we make such a beautiful being?”

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I sometimes think about Ginny, and how Harry was that little bit older - so no matter what trials he faced, she thought of him as being able to cope.  We all do it when we think of someone older - a friend, a sibling…you see them in context to your own age.

And it’s really difficult to appreciate what difficulties someone has been through when they’re standing in front of you - after all, they’re here now and they seem unaffected: how bad could it have really been?

Then I think of James Sirius being born, and how he looked just like Harry - and one day, it dawned on Ginny that when her husband was the same age as her tiny little man, he was locked in a cupboard under the stairs, starved of affection.

After that, I think of Ginny hugging James - and Harry - that little bit tighter.  

Then I think of James getting ready for Hogwarts, and Ginny realising that she didn’t know how Harry got to Hogwarts - or who took him to Diagon Alley.  She asked, and he explained about the letters, and Hagrid, and Draco, and how Petunia pretended that she didn’t know where Platform 9 and ¾ was.  And Ginny suddenly remembered when her family met Harry lost and alone at the station.  

When it was James’ turn, she walked between her eldest son and Harry, gripping each of their hands tightly as they approached the platform as a family.

When James finished his first year, he bounced off the train, garbling stories of portraits and lessons, ghosts and staircases, Quidditch and sweets - and although he didn’t notice, his mother stared at him in abject horror.  

“What’s wrong?” asked Harry.

…all Ginny could think about is that when Harry finished his first year, when Harry looked just like James Sirius who was laughing and grinning and showing off to his younger siblings…

Well, when Harry James Potter looked like exactly that, he had just faced down Voldemort.


“Truly, truly, I say to you, you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice. You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy.  When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world. So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you." 

-John 16:20-22

I was going to let it be but seeing all of this “Anti-Sakura” and “Anti-Hinata” hate that has been going around the past few hours has made me really dislike part of the Naruto fandom. I’m sorry but does the title of “Elite” only go towards one female from the Naruto Universe?? Is it only possible for One Woman in the Naruto-verse to have this “honorable name” attached to her? Because those of you hating on one girl versus the other make it seem that way. 

Although I don’t think Sakura was born with the title Elite, she has most definitely EARNED the title. She took her insecurities of being weak, useless, not noticed, being in the shadows of her teammates, and turned it into Strength, Power, Pride,  and Usefulness. Even the man who now loves her went from seeing her as weak and annoying to strong and capable of holding her own! Tsunade and Sakura are the only 2 medical ninjas that are able to use the “Ninja Art Creation Rebirth - Strength of a Hundred Technique”…and that’s not worthy of an Elite title? She deserves her spot on Team Seven as the main heroine of the story. But that in no way belittles Hinata..

Hinata was born with the title “Heiress to the Hyuga clan”. Her gentle and shy nature was seen as a flaw by her clan, and ultimately she lost the Heiress title. With the help of inspiration from Naruto’s strength and courage to never give up, she pushed herself to keep trying, to show just how strong and courageous she can be. She one day not only had the power to protect and fight for Naruto’s life but also had the courage to confess her love for him. If that’s not character development than I don’t know what is. 

BOTH woman are strong, BOTH woman are courageous, BOTH woman deserve the title. They both created this new generation that we as a fandom get the privilege to see grow. Kishimoto finds VALUE in both of them for different reasons. 

Even if you really don’t like a certain character, that’s fine! But RESPECT other people who like them. Disliking a character still does not give you the right to belittle them (especially when it in turn belittles Kishimoto). Respect others characters and work, and respect each other. 

So I have been thinking about Supergirl tv show and Superman movie lore and just.

So if you follow the Superman movie lore it would mean that Kara is born from the codex.

Which means she is created for a single purpose, now I don’t know what it is but I can see Kara actually being a soldier.

Protect and Serve.

Since she came to earth when she was pretty young and her training on krypton didn’t start yet, she comes to earth with this need to protect, to serve and no way of doing that.

So she does the best she can, she protects and serves and damn does she like following orders. Being given a task no matter how small, Kara will finish it and she gets labeled as eager to please by her teachers and Kara is just doing what she has been created to do.

Now imagine Kara in a trusting relationship with Cat Grant, eager to please, eager to serve, eager to follow orders. She tells Cat about how she was created for a single purpose and even though she manages to live in a world with free will, she will never ever totally get that. Kara thinking this is like super romantic and Cat being horrified.

Can you imagine the angst.


ok fuck it I’m back, I feel a bit better now. sO YEAH I said I would update Sheila after the gym project was done. So she’s confirmed for an albino dragon lady now. Which means I re-wrote some of her story: She’s not a halfling anymore, she was just kidnapped from birth and experimented on to create artifical mages. Why test on humans when you can test on a creature you don’t care for, whether or not it lives after the transplant is done lol.
See, in the world she, Celina and most of my ocs live in the use of magic is very common, yet rare when it comes to being born with it. Like there’s arcane magic, magical artifacts, etc that normal people can use as a medium. So what the people experimenting on Sheila was trying to do is force her body to adapt to magic and create magic circuits within her body. What the circuits do is basically force her soul to make contact with an astral plane, which in turns lends her power and enables her to perform what is known as magic. THING IS, the experiment failed as she  already have magic circuits (tho they’re blocked as her kind are a race of shunned dragons), so instead of becoming an elementalist like Celina or Keiran, her old circuits got merged with the artifical arcane ones which opened up a new path. SO BASICALLY INSTEAD OF CREATING THINGS LIKE FIRE OR W/E, SHE DESTROYS IT. She’s able to block and nullify magic. Postive + positive = negative amirite. Kind of like a black hole effect i d fk.
Dunno if I’ll make the tol version the adult version or if that’s going to be her current 18/19 year old ass tho, like, maybe make the tinier one a 15 year old Sheila instead. Also yes that is an eyepatch. And yes that was Celina’s work.
And yes, she got those sharp nice looking things on her arm implanted. No more metal magic stuff.