you see me through


And you just see right through me but if you only knew me
We could be a beautiful, miracle, unbelievable
Instead of just invisible


If you’re having troubles with overcoming things (anything from writers block, and study difficulties to fear of taking exams and stress) you should definitely read this book. 

I had a lot of trouble in my first year at university and this book helped me through most of the things. It makes you see your obstacles in a way that they can benefit you in place of holding you back and I feel that that is something very important to do!

I would recommend reading this with a little notebook to write down the things that are the most important to you, so you can always carry them with you and remember that you can do whatever you want in life if only you believe in yourself :)

The Signs as Disney Song Lyrics


You must be swift as a coursing river

With all the force of a great typhoon 

With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon. 

-Mulan, Make a man out of you


The rhythm of the city

but once you get it down

Then you can own this city 

You can wear the crown

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

-Oliver and company, Why should i worry


We are Siamese If you please

We are Siamese if you don’t please 

We are from the residence of siam

There is no finer cat than I am 

-Aristocats, We are siamese


You got troubles and I got ‘em too

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you

We stick together, we can see it through

‘Cause you’ve got a friend in me 

-Toy Story, You’ve got a friend in me


I’m gonna be the main event 

Like no king was before

Im brushing up on looking down 

and working on my roar

-Lion king, Can’t wait to be king


 I know every mile

Will be worth my while

I will go most anywhere

to feel like i belong

-Hercules, I can go the distance


So this is love


So this is love

So this is what makes life divine

I’m all aglow 


And now I know 

The key to all heaven is mine

-Cinderella, So this is love


I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty

They weren’t kidding when they called me, well, a witch

But you’ll find that nowadays, I’ve mended all my ways

Repented, seen the light and made a switch

-The little mermaid, Poor Unfortunate souls


Oh every day another new adventure

Every mile another new zip code

And the cares we’ve got are gone for good

-The goofy Movie, The open road


Wherever I wander, Wherever I roam

Couldn’t be fonder of my big home

The bees are buzzing in the tree

To make some honey for me

And take a glance at the fancy ants

Then maybe try a few

-The Jungle Book, The Bare Necessities


I got voodoo, I got hoodoo

I got things I ain’t even tried

And I got friends on the other side

-The Princess and the Frog, I’ve got friends on the other side


All the flowers would have very extra special powers

The would sit and talk to me for hours 

When I’m lonely in a world of my own

-Alice in Wonderland, In a world of my own

Hey guys heres a new collab with dolphstrology. Her blog is super cute and fun so make sure you go follow her! Love you! 


Okay I’ve had enough of this crap.

I have 3 anons come and tell me that my ‘goodbye’ post was fake and that I used it for attention.



- My parents have been divorced since I was 6, I have to go to court soon with my parents and tell the judge if I’m happy with my life or not and if I could change anything this could lead me to never seeing one of my parents until I’m 18 which is 5 years and I don’t want to do that.

- My parents are pressuring me so much that is absolutely insane. I have to get straight A’s and at the same time I have to do swim, soccer, basketball, and dance. Every day I do two sports so honestly I have no time to think about life and stuff.

- I’ve recently liked this guy, but he did something really mean and heart breaking and used me for something stupid that I’ve been crying for 2 weeks.

- I’m extremely insecure, very. But I constantly get told by anons every day mean things, so basically I’m being hated on when I can’t love myself.

- I honestly don’t like my life at the moment, I’m very unhappy, but slowly I’m getting there and I’m not giving up. I’m trying to accept and love myself, and realize what I am and what I’m not.

So please don’t accuse me of lying about the fact that I’ve tried to commit suicide, and call me mean words without knowing my actual story. I come to Tumblr to make friends, and support my idols (Taylor and Selena) not to be hated on and called mean things.

Thank you and have a great day.

I shared my deepest thoughts with you, you were the first person to ever understand what I’m saying. You handled my darkness perfectly. You accepted my flaws beautifully.

When I started crying my heart out and heavy tears blurred out my vision, you were standing right there smiling and reassuring me that everything’s gonna be alright.

You were the first to ever see through the mask that fooled everyone else. You gave me hope that I can be loved again.

And now.. You have to leave.

You teached me alot, but I don’t remember you teaching me to stop falling for you.
You saw it in my eyes, you knew it was happening. You crawled your way into my heart.

And now.. You have to leave.

You said you knew this day was coming, you knew our last night would be here, but you didn’t want to believe it, so you never revealed that to me. You didn’t care enough to share it with me.

And the day is here.. Now.. You have to leave.
And I’m too angry to give you the goodbye hug you’re asking for, because it is too painful to let go.
I watch your eyes watering too, I know I’m hurting you, I know I’m being harsh, but you did this to us, you did this to yourself.

And now.. You have to leave.

  • taylor swift fandom:*still openly hates joe jonas for being a douche 7 years ago*
  • taylor swift fandom:these calvin receipts are ridiculous and make no sense!! they're from 6 months ago anyway, he's changed!!
Clearing Up Some Misinformation About  “Valhalla” By Ari Bach

This being the internet, a lot of misinformation, myths and inaccuracies about my novel, Valhalla, have come into being. I’d like to take a moment to clear these up:

  • The Book Does Not Exist

It’s to be expected since I run a fake fact blog that people would doubt it’s real, but I can assure you, it’s real and Amazon has the sample to prove it.

  • The Book Is Anti-Religious

Certain characters in the book certainly are, but even then they’re doubted by other characters. Though the plot involves some religious colonialists, this in no way suggests the author’s religious views. In fact, I challenge anyone who has read the book to guess my religion based on the novel. Nobody ever has before.

  • The Book Promotes Cannibalism, Offering Several Recipes

Buy the book, look through it, tell me if you see one. Because I sure as hell don’t. Yes, the book contains an instance of cannibalism but it’s portrayed as a bad thing. At no time does the book suggest cannibalism is good, or even acceptable. And the claim suggesting the book contains the line, “Devour the innocent, for their fatty acids will open the true door to Valhalla,” is baseless and patently untrue.

  • The Book Summons Demons

Apparently when one teenager read from my novel backwards, the great demon lord Azathuldemort appeared and devoured his soul. I want to make it very clear that Azathuldemort’s appearance was coincidental to the novel. There is no truth to the rumor that the book was written in my own blood, or the blood of ten thousand virgin warthogs consecrated to Pluto. Reading it backwards will not do anything but render the book nonsensical.

  • The Book Profits Go To The Church Of Satan

Not even possible. The Church of Satan doesn’t take anyone’s profits, they merely ask a one time $200 fee to join. Even if they did collect money from their members, and there’s nothing at all to suggest that I’m one of them, I’ve never been to one of their conclaves, I don’t carry a red card in my wallet, and any familiarity I may have with their infernal citizens can easily be explained by my having met them at non-Satanic meetings of a non-Satanic nature. And so what if they did get a cut? They don’t but what would be so bad about glorifying the might of Satan before the unworthy world? For he is the true light that burns in the hearts of humankind, he alone can grant pleasure to the guilty, he alone is the true master of Earth and in his unholy name the novel of deception shall infect the sheep of the despicable lord and deliver them unto Hell! The churches shall burn and the righteous shall be struck down with the sinners, all shall perish! ALL SHALL BE RUINS UPON THE INFERNAL ALTAR!!! But that’s irrelevant because the Church of Satan doesn’t get any of my profits and it’s all just misinformation.

Thank you for reading,


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A bunch of AUs (all inspired more or less by my life)

- “Both my dad and his wife had to go to work and I’m left here with my baby sisters that I need to take care of but I so cannot deal with children and they totally crashed into you in the park I’m so mortified could you help me”

- “From my room I can see directly through your window because our apartments face each other and you always change exactly in front of that window and I know I shouldn’t but I’m attracted to you anyways. (Bonus: I find out that you actually know that everyone can see you but you’re so confident you don’t give half a shit and that just turns me on more)”

- “We go to the same school and we always take the same bus, but in four years we have never talked to each other, even though I know a shitload of stuff about you bc you always phone your mum while waiting for the bus, and we always sit across from one other (often staring at the other without even hiding it)”

- “You’re my hot, 20-something neighbour who is a friend of my mum’s bc you teach her tennis, and since I don’t go out much while you’re a party animal you keep inviting me to go out, but most of the time I’m too awkward/lazy to say yes. One night I do, and, well, smut happens.”

- “You’re handling fliers in the streets but no one pays attention to you and I’m the only one who takes time to ask what the fliers are about and we start flirting and when we part you give me a flier with your number written on the back”

- “We’re in a pub at the same table bc we have friends in common and we start talking and then you buy me a beer cause I’m barely underage and we exchange contacts”

Taylor, I’m so upset. Jeremy and I fly to London tomorrow from Melbourne and want to see you more than anything and had planned to come to see you straight from the airport, but we ended not being able to get tickets. Since then I’ve been trying so hard to get tickets, but either they’re way out of my price range or people won’t reply to me. So, I finally found someone willing to sell me her tickets and she turned out to be a scammer. Still, I didn’t lose hope and then today I thought I’d found someone and then he ended up selling them to someone else. :( Now I’ve lost all hope and I’m so upset that I won’t get to see you because the thought of seeing you got me through the hardest semester of my life. 

So even though I won’t be privileged enough to see you perform, I will be waiting outside and rocking out like the biggest dork because hearing and knowing you’re so close to me will make me so happy. I love you Tay taylorswift



Verse 1:
I’ve been here day in, day out.
Never spoken out loud,
What I never knew, is that you would be here too.
So I took my short steps, and I breathe my deep breaths,
I did it ‘cause of you, cause you would see me through.

Did I make it clear, that I love you, from the other side of the screen?
Did I try enough, to convince you, of what I really mean?
But now I see, you all are here,
For me.

Verse 2
How did things turn out this way?
I’m my dreams each day, giving what I can, and learning who I am.
Now I look around me, and friends are all that I see.
And everywhere I go, I hope that my heart shows.

Did I make it clear, that I love you, from the other side of the screen?
Did I try enough, to convince you, of what I really mean?
But now I see, you all are here,
For me.

I’ve been here day in, day out,
Said I love you out loud.
What I never knew,
Is that you would be here too.

she, through glass

This one hurt to write, but I like the way it turned out.
Would mean a lot if you listened.
Thanks, guys.  ❤️

It’s so easy.

It’s too easy,
to romanticize what’s far away,
but if we lived in the same place
would I still dream about your face
and offer you unearned grace,
like holy water blessed by a wayward priest?
I’m drawn to your mystery
like a monk to his knees,
but will I still adore you
after I explore you,
comb the whole world for you
and then turn down your heat?

Because my own desire makes me terrified.
I’m second-guessing myself because I’m scared
that I
could hop on a plane
and tap on your window,
but I don’t know
if I want to come in, though.
Because this rosé glass gives me a rosé pass
to see you through roses,
paint paintings at mass—
but hey:

You ever wonder,
why is glass called beautiful
only when it’s stained?

Any other time, it’s invisible,
just an object in my way,
but when it’s hung in a church
the congregation stops to pray?

Are you the same way?
A lackluster fairytale, a wind-torn mainsail,
a foundation of clay?
I want to believe in you
like I believe in apparitions,
like Evangelicals believe in their optimistic mission,
and I’m feeling this heat
but is it passion or fission?,
because it’s getting me down
like you’re at me with derision—
quick revision
while you’ve got my head spinning.
we could make it work
if we just stopped pretending…

But I’ve never loved anyone
so I don’t know how it feels.
It’s like a puzzling court case,
call up Ally McBeal,
and to unlock your layers,
I’ll need to key and then peel—
but the Bible says don’t steal.
So I can’t take your heart.

And the Bible says no idols,
so I can’t make you art.

The Bible says do right
but I don’t know what’s left.

You know the only unforgiven sins
are the ones unconfessed.

I do not love you for your genitalia or your sexuality; nor do I love you for your gender. I love you for the way your laughter fills a room. For the way your smile warms my heart. I love you because your eyes see through the darkest parts of me and find the light. I love the way your singing soothes my soul. How your hand reminds me that you’re still here. I love you not for the body you have, but the way the kindred spirit that fills it sets me free. I love you. And nothing can changed that.
If you give me a chance, maybe I’d wanna see the world through your eyes, fall in love the way you do and laugh at the things I know you’ll joke about.
—  mysthic

anonymous asked:

I wrote a song for leon xD, it goes like..: We don't care what gods gonna say. I'm your trusty Goldie I'm your loyal Goldie I'm your cutie Goldie. Hope you like it 😂😂

“I never refer to humans as ‘loyal’, ‘trusty’, or ‘cutie’.”

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