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You know after what happened with Shoot I was devastated. I was depressed Root got “killed” off, I cried, I was so distraught.

But SuperCat came in and healed my wounds and help me get through it. The ship saved me.

So you see I respect and love this ship and when I see others disrespect it. Like saying Cat is too old or people act like their ship is superior to it. I can’t help but hold a disdain for that ship, that fandom.

And I’ve got too much pride and love for SuperCat to ship another and thus my dislike of certain other ships. And I am not sorry for it.


So, here’s some more about my graduation :)
Of course I can’t do autopsies already ;)
But I can already analyze the organs individually as well as blood and other fluids.
In the top you see me preparing a specimen for further analyzing through the optic microscope. The result is the next image, which shows pieces of lung, heart and bowel incorporated in paraffin for further cut and coloring which will result in the third image (i don’t know the word in english for that xD) that will be seen in the optical microscope. This process is called the histological process.
In the fourth image I’m identifying some leukemias and lymphomas through a blood sample in what we call a blood smear. Next you see a T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia.
Hope you liked to know a bit more about this <3 


That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)


There was an attempt


Happy New Year Sherlock Day!


And Taron, seriously, fax me.
Yeah, I will. Cheers, love.



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✨ He brings the Sun ✨

For that one anon asking for bokuro fluff to deal with a sad time - I hope you’ll feel better soon! 💕




I commissioned Quartetship for a JeanMarco in the rain fic a few months ago AND BOY DID SHE DELIVER PLEASE READ IT -It’s called Timeless and now it is in an AO3 near you! >v’b

I also commissioned Bubbline for THE EXACT SCENE from the fic AND I’M SO HAPPY YOU GUYS IT’S PERFECT THERE ARE TEARS!!!!



↳ “They are outgrowing the restrictions that she is placing on them. She’s always feared it. I mean for goodness’ sake, they’re dragons. They’ve killed her enemies. What’s going to stop them from killing anyone. I think it’s kind of a symbol of her losing control of herself, and losing control of what she is doing.“  ~Emilia Clarke~


@auto-tuned-children and that other anon: here you go. flight of the bumblebee, complete with breath marks and annotations in neon pink. click on or download the pictures to make them bigger i guess (but give me credit if you reupload this)