you see me through

Finding out you like him


The pack laughed as Liam did his dare which was running around the neighbourhood in a dress “Y/N, truth or dare” Lydia asks “Truth” you say preparing yourself for the worse “if you had to kiss someone in the room, who would it be?” she says
“stiles” you say and peak an eye at stiles who was staring at you with a little smirk on his face
the game continues and stiles continues to look at you, you began to feel insecure until he whispered “I like you too”


You saw Isaac walking towards you from across the hall and his face was unreadable. “is it true?” as you close your locker, your heart races as you see his beautiful eyes looking at you “is what true?” you ask furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. He smirks “So you do like me!” 
“what-I-how-” you stutter as he bluntly sees through your feelings “how did you know” you manage to say.
“it might’ve slipped out of Lydia last night and your heartbeat confirmed it” he confidently says but then noticed you being uncomfortable “and I like you back”


The minute the bell rang, Scott turned to you a smiled “what do you want?” you immediately asked your close friend “who is it?” he asks and you raise an eyebrow in confusion “who what?” you ask
“you smell like lust” he says “who is it?”
you stare at him, not wanting to admit it aloud and you slowly see that he understood an answer from your silence “oh”


“Why are you ignoring me?” he asked stopping you in your tracks
You didn’t want to admit that you were about to cry, you were so sick of him not knowing how you felt about him yet every time you tried saying it you’d turn back last minute “don’t mind it”
he sighs “did I do something to annoy you?” he asks with a pout, and that broke your concentration from stopping the tears away
“I like you, Liam” you finally admit “and I’m sick of acting like I don’t while you flirt and have fun with other girls”
he looks at you up and down as you try and wipe the tears away, he then cups your cheeks and kisses you as if saying he returns your feelings.


You watched him dance with some guy as you talked to a guy you didn’t even bother knowing his name, your attention was on Brett and jealousy was filling you up. You couldn’t take it anymore so you excuse yourself and leave the party.
“Y/N wait up” you hear Brett’s voice as he ran “What’s wrong?” he asks as he finally catches up with you 
“You really don’t see it?” you ask and he only raises an eyebrow in question “I like you, Brett” you tell him “Hell I’ve liked you for so long, and you obviously don’t and I just don’t want things to be awkward between us so I just ignored the feelings but I can’t take watchin-” you were stopped from rambling by his lips crashing into yours
“you’re cute when you ramble” 

Theo : 

“You like him don’t you” Kira asks nudging you while you were looking at Theo. but you’d never admit it to him, sure he was cute and nice to you, but something about him made you rethink your feelings
“Well he’s cute” you say as you notice him slowly raising his eyes to look at you, shit you thought realizing that he probably heard you.
He stood up and walked towards you “that’s my cue” Kira winks at you before leaving
“What was that about me being cute?” Theo smirks
“It was nothing” you say crossing your arms together
“but It was” he says “how about you tell me about it on a date?”  

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Also. It really reminded me of:

Guys, I’m in a bigger pinch than before!  I’m out of a job, have bills to pay, and have to go to the doctor (but I lack insurance in the state that I’m in at the moment)– and on top of that, I have to find some way to pay my university $2k annnnd have spending money for studying abroad in London this Fall!  *hyperventilates*toomuchresponsibiltyomfg*blows into a bag*  I have literally $32 to my name of my own money, and only $98 left out of the generous donations from Tumblr after I paid API to secure my spot for London… *sigh*

I thought I might as well be productive about my situation– if you don’t just want to donate money and instead, want to help me get some valuable practice in as well as develop my digital sketchbook for Patreon, why not commission me?!  You can go through my blog and see my art (tagged/mine or tagged/my-art) for some more example work!

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You can also donate any amount using either the PayPal button on my blog or becoming a Patron on Patreon!  Remember that digital sketchbook I mentioned like, two sentences ago?  I’ll be giving copies exclusively to $5 Patreons for free once it’s finished in December, aaand if you commission me as well, you’ll find your commission in the book!  Suuuper cooool~

Also, for any Simblrs out there, for $12 I can do a portrait of your favorite Sim (like the one above)!  That’s my personal Sim, Max– I think I’ll be drawing her more often…

All bust portraits like the one above are $12, full body drawings are $17!  Add $3 to either for some subtle animation!

I love the moments where I’m brushing my teeth in the mirror and I can see your reflection through it while you stand there talking to me in your boxers somehow distinguishing my slurred words as the brush runs through my teeth. Somehow moments like that light up my day when I see us together so vulnerable to one another.
—  A 60 day love letter
EXO Reaction to Seeing You (gf) Orgasm *NSFW*

Ah, this killed me. Looking through the several gifs to find the right ones drove me crazy and then thinking about each reaction… I’m dead. Goodbye. Hope you all like it <3

I do not own these gifs

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Baekhyun: Your hands clung to the bed sheets beneath you as you felt Baekhyun’s slim fingers inside of you. He was moving them skillfully, reminding you why he called them his favorite body part. He pulled his fingers towards himself, hitting your g-spot, and started moving his thumb against your clit in fast circles. Your breath hitched in your throat and a whimper like moan escaped. He stared up at you and rubbed his thumb over bottom lip, teasing you more with his eyes.

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Chanyeol: You were straddled on him on top of the couch. He was thrusting up into you as you bounced on him, pulling his hair lightly as you reached your extreme. You breathing was heavy and the sound of him growling into your ear pushed you over the edge. Your body seized and orgasm came crashing through you in uncontrollable waves. You looked down at Chanyeol as your mouth hung open and your body shook in his arms. He slowly ran his tongue over his lip and reached up to pull you closer.

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Chen: He was pumping into you roughly, listening to your moans and loving how crazy he was driving you. You felt your core tighten and your body tensed as your climax approached. Your eyes locked with his and he smirked at you. With one last hard thrust, you were throwing your head back and screaming his name. You came off your high and looked at Chen as he gave you a quick satisfied nod that made you smirk at how cocky he was.

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D.O.: Your breathy moans filled the room as you felt Kyungsoo lightly tugged on your hair from behind. His thrusts were powerful and deep, his fee hand gripping your hip tightly. He watched you from behind as your hands clung to the pillow beneath you. You buried your case against the soft cushion as you reached your climax. D.O. couldn’t help but smile a little to himself as he heard the muffled sound of you screaming his name into the pillow.

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Kai: You were in the dance practice room had you pressed against the mirrored wall. The cold glass of the mirror behind you made your body tingle. His dancer hips were moving in a steady rhythm, making your legs shake as you tried to keep yourself up. Your eyes were starting to close as you felt your body ready to give out and release the tension. Kai held you up as he gave one last hard thrust. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, biting it and giving you the most sinful look.

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Lay: At first he honestly thought you were in pain when he heard you suddenly gasp and your felt your body tense beneath him. He was about to slow down his thrusts but stopped once he heard you quietly moaning his name. He realized you were close and picked up the pace, savoring the sound of his name flowing like silk from your lips. He couldn’t help bite his lip to hold in his own moan.

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Sehun: Hel you by the waist as you rode on top of him. Both your hands rested on his chest as you moved your hips faster and faster against him; doing all the work. Your nails made small marks on his chest as your moves became more sporadic. Your body suddenly stopped moving as you arched your back and screamed his name. He held your hips tightly and pumped into you a few times; letting you ride out your high as you stared at you, savoring the blissful look on your face.

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Suho: It was finally your wedding night and Suho didn’t waste any time getting you out of your dress. His thrusts were slow and gentle, but deep. You felt his hands grab yours, making your two bodies feel like one. Slowly, his thrusts picked up pace, but he was careful to make sure he never hurt you. Your hands tightened on his as your orgasm approached. You took in a sharp breath before letting out a breathy moan. He looked up at you with strong eyes, but couldn’t help but smile at how beautiful you looked underneath him.

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Xiumin: Your grip tightened on his shoulders as you felt his hips thrust hard towards you. His movements followed no set rhythm. The sporadic thrusts were driving you further and further over the edge. You pulled him against you, feeling his chiseled chest against you as your orgasm racked through your body. When you finally pulled away, you found him smiling at you. “I see you enjoyed yourself.” He teased as he rose one of his eyebrows and tauntingly winked at you.

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oh my god? are you a member of Dansu To Pantsu? Ive been in love with that group forever?

ahAHAH YEAH I AM!! I auditioned for Generation 5 and got in a couple months ago, so now I’m on Team T! My solo debut is on August 7th so be sure to watch me ok 

Signs as kick me lyrics by Sleeping with sirens

Keep looking down on me// I am more than you’ll ever be: Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

By all means// Put me through hell// And I’ll make you see// I’ll be your worst enemy: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Fuck you and your decision// ‘Cause it’s not mine: Virgo, Taurus

You sick judgemental fools// I’ll bury you six feet deep// So tired of your rules: Gemini, Aries, Pisces, Cancer

ok i got through 20 of the 117 minion falsh games and i think im gonna be sick but ill stream tomarrow aroudn the same time so you can see me suffer through the other 93 

I met you. We used to talk for hours. We even had late night conversations. Maybe I just couldn’t get enough of you. But the thing was, you didn’t even know what I felt when we had our first talk. You were so nice and I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you. Never. You’re not the typical girl. Maybe people would see you just like the way they see other girls but if they just see right through you, they’ll get me. You cheered me up when I was so down. And I did the same thing to you. More like, I did it not because you did it to me but because I like you and that was the only way I could make you feel that I care for you. I wanted you in my arms so bad. I wanted you to realize that you’re amazing and pure and perfect. But something pulled me back. My fear of losing you and losing everything we have destroyed the concept of me taking bigger steps to win your heart. It sucks, I tripped and fell to the ground with my heart first.


So, a few months ago, like 4 or 5, there was a bunch of these booklr as kids tags going around. I havent been home since Christmas, so I didnt have access to my incredibly cute baby/kid photos. One tag called Booklr as kids was created by amberthebooklion and another one called Booklr babies was created by smaugthebookhoarder and I was tagged by thebookhangover to do that tag! paellego created a tag thing that was about showing booklrs through the years, so this is me through my first years!

As you can see in that last picture, Ive always loved books, so much I even fell asleep reading them..

I’m tagging books-and-cookies, pollyandbooks, adifferentkindofinfinite, library-heaven, boneseasonofglass, just-one–more-page, pocahontis-little-book-nook to do the booklr babies tag!