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Can you do a Wonho (sir) and JB (daddy) threesome. You wanted to have a new sexual experience so a lot of new kinks come into play. Any link you want. Please?


“We are gathered here today..” You started once again groaning and biting on your bottom lip as you turned, pacing the floor once again. The soft brown carpet rubbing against your toes as you walked a few little steps to the right and then turned again to pace the same distance to the left, your breath becoming short as your stomach tied in knots.

“Y/N I swear to God if you start off any other sentence with a phrase like that I’m leaving.” Jaebum barked angrily.

“No!” You shouted looking forward at him and your other best friend Wonho pouting because you wanted this to work. You needed it to work.

“Then tell us what’s on your mind, please? You’ve been pacing back and forth for almost an hour starting off the same sentence with different setups only to stop again and Jaebum is right, it’s a bit worrying and annoying.” Wonho gently scratched the side of his head pouting up at you because he hated to make you mad or to see you seem so distressed. You clicked your tongue matching his pout as you watched them both, your arms crossing under your breast, pushing your breast up a bit and squeezing them together. You weren’t always the smartest when it came to people hitting on you but you knew in your heart they had both just looked at your breast and it made you nervous as fuck. Walking forward with slow steps you stood a few feet from them before you cleared your throat nodding.

“Hear ye, hear ye-“

“That’s it I’m leaving!” Jaebum groaned standing up he grabbed at his leather jacket from the couch turning his back on you. You balled your hands up in fist frowning as he got his things ready. You felt your stomach sink, but you knew you were a scaredy cat anyway. Looking down you decided maybe it was best if he left because you didn’t know if you had the heart to tell them what’s on your mind. “Why can’t you just fucking talk to me?!” Jaebum said angrily facing the wall. “I thought we were best friends.” He stated again walking towards the door, Wonho following behind him causing your face to get red from frustration and embarrassment.

“How do you.. Tell your guys friends you want a threesome with them without making it awkward? Especially when you practically are close enough to use the word brother but you fantasize so much about them you can’t say that word..” You mumbled softly shutting your eyes partway because you didn’t expect them to hear you over all the rustling of them putting on their shoes next to your door. But it appears they did hear you because Jaebum was staring at you with his mouth open, shutting the door slowly he took a few steps towards you.

‘What.. Did you say y/n?” He asked softly, noticing how tight and rigid your body was. Your fist balled up and your skin turning a shade deeper than a red rose. He felt a bit guilty for getting so mad at you. Seeing you shake your head side to side he smirked to himself slipping off his shoes and taking back off his leather jacket to reveal just his white T-shirt. He walked towards you his hand under your chin as he backed you up quickly against a wall causing you to gasp and look up at him. “I asked you a question. Are you going to answer.. Kitten?” He asked softly letting his thumb stroke your jaw slowly. His warm touch enough to make you tremble against the wall. His thumb played with your bottom lip until he was pushing it down a bit causing you to open your mouth. Your eyes were glued to him the entire time, feeling his body press hard against yours. And if you weren’t against the wall you probably would have fell.

“I want you.. I want you both.” You stated again chewing on your lip but he was quick to tug it down and groan at you. Pressing his forward against yours, his hands gripped at your side roughly, one of his legs sliding between yours. He wanted answers, his eyes burned with so much but the want was there and you could feel the hardening of his pants.

“Don’t fuck with me right now Y/n. I want you to tell me exactly what you want and I want you to say it right now. Or I’m leaving.” Jaebum had wanted you, he had confessed to Wonho many nights while he was drunk and sober the things he would do to you. How he would touch you and make you beg. Wonho was no different he wanted to be inside of you as well. It had been many nights that they caught you masturbating when they stayed over. The vibration of your toys was too much and it always got them curious and too hard for their own good. But you were the youngest of the two and they didn’t want to force you to do anything, they wanted it to be your decision. Now here you were unable to tell them that it was them who made your panties wet with just one look. Both of them standing there with dark gazes, hair slicked back revealing their handsome faces and you would give it all to ride them. Whimpering to snap out of your thoughts you looked off to the side towards the giant black clock that hung up on the opening of your wall before the kitchen.

“Jaebum.. I’m not kidding. For months now, I have thought about you and Wonho. Sex is fun and all but its become dull for me, and it’s been awhile since I’ve touched anyone or let them touch me. And I see you two come around with tank tops or sweats or anything tight and I get needy and I ruin my panties. I want to be treated like a slut. A dirty little kitten who wants and needs her daddies to take care of her.” You were dying on the inside but it was now or never you had to convince them because if you didn’t you knew they would shrug it off and tell you to wait. “I’m not that experienced I know. But, I brought a lot of toys.. And rope. And I want you to fuck me.. Both of you.” You looked back up at Jaebum who was speechless and almost drooling. You couldn’t read the look on his face but it didn’t take long for your unanswered prayers to be opened because Jaebum was pulling back with a smirk looking at Wonho.

“What do you say Hoseok? Is it time that we got out our own fantasies on this little kitten since we have all felt some sexual want?” He asked and your heart skipped a beat muttering a faint ‘what’ because you couldn’t believe they talked about these things together.

“I wouldn’t want anything more than to see her cute little toys and pound that pussy from behind until it’s talking to me.” Hoseok purred licking over his bottom lip as he leaned against the door his arms were crossed like yours had been earlier revealing his taught muscles.

“Then it’s settled. Princess think of a safe word.” Jaebum started.

“Saggy balls.” You replied causing both males to grimace and look at you.

“Why saggy balls?” Hoseok asked choking on his spit.

“Well.. I have thought about this a lot. And I have watched a few things so I know that saggy balls does not turn me on saying it, it just sounds gross and wet and-“Jaebum put his hand over your mouth giving you a pure look of not wanting you to continue.

“Spare us princess or it’ll take longer for us to get back hard.” He groaned nodding before smirking. “You’ve thought about this a lot and I’m proud. Let’s go, shall we? I’m ready to touch you.”

Jaebum grabbed your hand pulling you behind him and down the hallway towards you room. Your body followed behind him, and Hoseok followed behind the both of you, his eyes looking down at your ass and he couldn’t help but walk closer to you his hand reaching out to touch your ass cheeks that were peeking out from under the shorts, you gasped and looked back at him biting on your bottom lip giving him that innocent look that drove him mad and he could feel himself ready to pounce on you, so bad that a guttural growl left his lips as you all entered into your room. You let Jaebum’s hand go walking towards your closet to find the pink bag stash of toys you had, blushing softly you squirmed not wanting to come out.

“Fucking tease.” Hoseok hissed and Jaebum patted his head smirking. “That’s why as a daddy you get to punish her now don’t you? And maybe tease her back. Yah! Y/N if you take any longer I’ll come in there and drag you out myself!” Jaebum barked and it caused your skin to chill, almost running out of the closet you smiled sheepishly at them holding up the bag.

“Good girl.. Now strip for us. And make sure that you don’t go too fast.” Jaebum backed up pressing the bag on the bed waiting for you.

Nodding your hands gripped at the hems of your shirt, you put on your best pouty lips and innocent gaze that wasn’t hard to obtain after weeks of practice so that you could get what you want. But within that innocent gaze you couldn’t help but turn it a bit seductive because they knew you were a sexual minx when you wanted to be. Your hands pulled up your shirt slowly and you threw it behind you, revealing your smooth skin and wild hair that was starting to get fucked up. Your hands moved up to unclip the back of your bra and you took it off slowly letting it fall. Hands gripping at your plump breast you played with him, letting your fingers flick against your nipples setting off Hoseok. He strode towards you yanking your hands down before he got in your face looking at you.

“Who allowed you to touch yourself huh? Huh?” He asked reaching one hand around to slap your ass cheeks, gasps and moans sliding from your lips as your heart thudded against your chest and you shook your head.

“N-no one. I’m sorry daddy.” You pouted pressing your hands on his chest as he slapped your ass cheeks again causing them to sound off. He smirked nodding he moved behind you looking over at Jaebum breathing against your ear he whispered.

“Continue. And if you touch yourself, well you don’t get to cum.” He whispered licking the shell of your ear slowly.

You nodded your head letting your hands move to your shorts, unsnapping the button you undid them, your hand sliding them down, Hoseok pushed at your back making you bend over for him, he moaned seeing the black lace hug your ass, the little bow above your crack making his dick jump in the confines of his boxers. He pulled your panties harshly to pull your body back against him, grinding his hips against your ass, he elicited moans from both of your lips, his hooded eyes staring down at you as he rasped out. “Jaebum.. Come get her.” He was afraid it would end too fast if he kept touching you. Jaebum had the more restraint surprisingly as he pulled you close to his body. He got down on his knees after you stood up, spreading your legs wide he kissed along your v-line looking up at you as his hands pulled down your panties slowly and off of you. He stood up going towards the bed, he opened the pink bag again having inspected it.

“She chose well Hoseok. But I think someone helped her.” He teased you pulling out a lavender collar that had rhinestones on it. He walked up to you pulling you forward with his finger under your chin he pressed his lips against yours, moaning against your lips he gave you a full-on kiss. His hands worked to wrap the collar around your neck, fastening the strap at the back of your head. Jaebum licked across your bottom lip as the kiss continued to get heated, but he pulled back to look at you nodding. “I think, we will definitely be getting you more of these.” He promised as he moved back only to grab at a leash that you picked out, it was black sleek and simple. He pushed it through the clear loop pulling you to him, he kissed you more walking until he was backing up against the bed. He pushed you down gently on it smiling crookedly at you he tilted his head. “Against the headboard kitten.” You followed suit moving to lay with your back against the headboard and you loved seeing that they were pleased by the things you were doing.

Jaebum moved to grab the rope, going to stand with his feet by the bed, he moved to push you on your stomach tying your arms around your back by your elbows and down making sure it was sturdy before he lifted you to rest against the headboard again groaning at the sheer arousal seeping through his bones. He moved to grab at some more beige rope, tying them around your parted legs, he kept your thigs spread wide with the bottom of your thighs pressing against your calf muscles. He looked down at you, his finger inching forward and he was playing like he was about to touch your pussy only to pull away with a sly smirk on his lips. “Not yet.” He moved to lay on the bed, on his stomach, his hands caressing under your ass cheeks gently. Licking his lips, he watched your whole clench and unclench, your needy state coming out quickly but he loved it. Leaning down he licked against your ass hole slowly. Around the rim, tasting you for the first time ever. His wet tongue pressing against you lewdly until he felt he had teased enough, that was Hoseok’s job. Jaebum pushed his thick tongue into you slowly stretching you out, his eyes basking in the sight before him, your mouth hanging open and flustered state as you watched him tongue fuck your ass. You were so tight and he could only imagine what it would be like to fuck you with his dick. How you would grip on him, maybe moan a bit too louder. A shudder raked through his body and he continued to let his tongue wiggle in and out of you slowly dipping deep until he felt he had coated you with his tongue enough. He pulled back reaching in the back to grab at a clear butt plug that had the ends shaped like a heart with a blue gem in the middle of it. Licking on it slowly he watched you as his tongue lathered up the toy in spit, he pulled it from his plump lips only to push it inside of your tight ring of muscle, his lips finding yours once again to distract from the pain he knew you would. He pushed until the plug was settled inside of you, his tongue slipping into your mouth as he deepened the kiss. He let his tongue flick and play with yours until he was sucking on your tongue rolling it around his and pulling it into his mouth. Your little whimpers for him made Hoseok stare in awe, of course he was slightly jealous and he wanted attention but he wouldn’t be greedy because well he enjoyed a good show.

Soon Jaebum was pulling back, staring down at you he moved off the bed smiling and tilting his head to the side, eyes roaming over to Hoseok who had off his shirt, revealing his defined abs and hardened bulge that was resting tightly confined in his pants. “She’s all yours.” Jaebum nodded moving to sit in a chair at your desk taking off his own shirt and pants swiftly not wanting to miss a moment of this.

“It seems the little teasing kitten is all bound up. Nowhere to run and hide. Well good for you, your daddy is here and he is going to pet this pretty little pussy until you’re all worked up. But don’t worry beautiful, I’ll pet you too.” He winked climbing between your legs, leaving your breath to escape your body as you watched him. He lifted his hands, which roamed your body ever so slowly. Eyes dancing on your face, Hoseok let his hands move everywhere, against your collarbones up and down your neck until he was pressing them against the valley of your breast and down in between and against your stomach. He got worse, letting his hands move against your breast but pulling back before he got to your nipples, his hands going to caress the insides of your thighs ever so close to your pussy only so that he could drag them away with his nails against your skin. Hoseok kept up this little teasing game and it was driving you mad. Your legs tightening up though you couldn’t go anywhere, your perky taught nipples were so hard that it hurt. You were whining frustrated with want every time that he was touching your body. It got worse when he added his mouth, pressing wet lewd kisses against your skin but avoiding your breast and pussy all together. “Aww, seems the pretty kitty is mad.” He cooed feigning sorry as he looked up at you letting his tongue flick against your bruised-up collarbone.

“Not my fault daddy doesn’t know how to handle this kitty.” You spat back at him not thinking straight just wanting to piss him off. Immediately your hair was being jerked back as Hoseok sucked harshly at your neck against your spot, nipping against it occasionally turning you into a screaming mess your eyes shut as you groaned wishing you could touch him.

“Now that wasn’t very nice.” He tsked at you, letting his tongue flick against your skin before he pulled back, causing your head to throb but it only made you wetter. “And look, you’re ruining your sheets when I haven’t even touched you yet.” He shook his head chuckling rummaging through your pink bag next to him, he took out a white vibrator smirking at he turned it on letting the head spin. He moved the toy forward until it was pressing on your soaked-out clit earning a high-pitched cry of pleasure from your lips as your body arched off the bed as much as it could. The high vibrations were pressing against your clit, pulling the wetness from your pussy. He smirked keeping it in place and you couldn’t hold his eye contact you had to look away to Jaebum, and if that wasn’t bad enough you could see him with his hard dick in hand stroking himself and lightly panting, a thin film of sweat covering his body as he moved his hand and bucked his hips up. His smothering eyes told you everything that you needed to know. Your eyes drift shut, your toes curled and you weren’t good at hiding that you were close to your orgasm because Hoseok caught on and moved the toy from your pussy earning louder protest cries from you as you opened your eyes. He growled slapping your pussy harshly with his left palm, how needy and submissive you looked was just too much for him. Pulling his hand back he spread your pussy lips open with two hands watching as your pussy clenched and unclenched along with your tight asshole that had the plug sucked deep into it. “Such greedy little holes this fucking pussy has. It seems your previous affairs couldn’t get the job done. If only I could help.” Hoseok whined pressing the toy back against your clit with his fingers from his free hand keeping your lips spread apart so that you could feel it better. Your hips jerked harshly, your mouth open as you took swallows of air, gulping and watching him. “If you cum, I’m going to punish you.” Hoseok warned as if what he was doing wasn’t punishment enough. He watched you feeling himself getting harder, it was hurting at this point and he wanted nothing more to do then to fuck you senseless.

“I can’t hold it.” You whimpered to him, your hands balling up into fist as tears started to brim your eyes. Your stomach tightened, and your breathing was becoming too fast for you to get enough breaths to let out your words.

“You know what I want.” Hoseok said sternly, his face drawing closer until his lips were inching from yours eyes baring into yours causing you to shut them. “Open them, open your eyes right now and tell me what I want.” Hoseok demanded. His voice barked orders and he moved the toy up and down your clit quickly causing your pussy to drip more, the vibrations were tearing you apart. Opening your eyes up you looked up at him moaning his name, trying to say what you needed without too many moans or it wouldn’t come out right.

“Hoseok ah~ Hose-daddy. Daddy please.” You started biting on your lip. “Daddy please, I’m so fucking wet and needy. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to tease you, to upset you I just wanted you to touch me more- I can’t hold it daddy! Please fuck please!” You shouted out and he gave you a smile the little relief you felt in your heart quickly died out when he took the toy away and shut it off licking it clean. But he didn’t finish you off he only reached a hand down after a few seconds to slap against your clit, and that one hit had you cumming and crying out against the headboard. Disbelief swam through you and how easy it was for him to touch you and turn you into a mess.

“Daddy forgives you. If you keep behaving like a good girl daddy promises he will make you cum. Now you have to get Jaebum off with your mouth, and if you do good I’ll fuck this little pretty pussy until your headboard is screaming as loud as you are. Would you like that?” Hoseok asked letting his fingers slide up and down your soaked slit before he was pushing his first two inside of you causing you to release more gasping noises and you gave a nod of your head. “Use your words kitten.” Hoseok cooed softly leaning down to flick his tongue against your slit. Your mouth dropped open, nodding your head, you felt your pussy clench around his fingers, wanting more than anything to feel him hard and pressed deep inside of you, wanting to feel the sheer force of his hips slamming against yours.

“Y-yes daddy. Yes daddy I’ll be good. I’ll do anything. “You gave your word pouting as Hoseok pulled back to lick his lips and his fingers.

“My meal is so sweet. I must remember that when I just need a taste of something.” Hoseok winked as he pulled back from your body. Jaebum made his way over to you, his hard shaft throbbing as he watched Hoseok move you to brace on your knees. Your body was a mess, and he loved every bit of how the male teased you. He had been so on edge but he wanted to fuck your mouth first, he couldn’t cum without you getting him off in some form first. He played through your soft locks with his large hands, soon he was opening your mouth up, using his dick and he pushed it past your plump lips. Watching as your eyes stare up at him, how you took him into your mouth.

“Who would’ve ever known you looked so fucking sexy with my dick in your mouth kitten. Do you want daddy’s milk?” He teased cheekily wiggling his eyebrows. Biting on his bottom lip he grabbed at your hair with one hand the other moving down to slap at your plump ass cheeks watching them bounce as your hips bucked forward. He let you control the pace at first, seeing as how you were enjoying it. And you were enjoying it, your mouth had watered as you looked at his size along. You knew that he would stretch you out, that it would burn to have his tip pressing against your throat. He was thick and his veins your tongue loved to play with, tracing up and down every inch of flesh that you could fit in your mouth. The corners of your mouth started to bead up with your saliva but you didn’t care because his moans and groans as he petted your head was enough to make you want to do anything. You had been so caught up in him, you didn’t hear the rustling of clothes as Hoseok undressed. He aligned his tip with the opening of your pussy and he pushed in slowly gasping as your pussy took him in. You choked back a moan around Jaebum’s shaft and he snapped his hips harshly against your face causing you to gag lightly and look up at him.

“I think I’ve found my new favorite sound. Kitten gagging on my dick like the fucking little slut she is. Do you like being filled up with our dicks hmm? Do you like the fact that both of your holes are filled? And guess what?” Jaebum added as he tilted his head stopping his movement so that Hoseok could bury himself to the hilt inside of your tight pussy. Your vice like grip had him shaking and ready to cum all ready but he had to hold it. “Both of your holes will have white in them.” Jaebum winked and you let out a muffled cry in response squeezing around Hoseok who couldn’t help but snap his hips forward harshly. Fucking you from behind was his greatest pleasure, you were so wet it was easy to slide in. Pussy making squelching noises as he pounded into you. His hands first gripping at your hips to lift your ass more since you couldn’t move. He was loving how it jiggled and bounced against his hips one hand moving down to slap the plump cheeks until he was sure his hand print was going to be on your ass for a while.

Your whole body was on fire, your pussy continued to release wetness for Hoseok, his ass slapping had made you a whimpering mess, and with Jaebum face fucking you all that you could do was stay in the position you were put in and take it. Your hands balled up from the pleasure, the feeling of the large dick inside of your pussy molding against your insides pulling and pushing in and out of your pussy with everything. Hoseok was making it hard for you to focus on flicking your tongue up and down the underside of Jaebum’s dick. He watched you through hooded eyes, your own lust filled eyes dropping some as the spit ran down your parted jaws. Hoseok was letting his speed get erratic but before he came he pulled back to let himself rest. Jaebum felt himself getting back towards his peek, but he didn’t want to cum without you so pulling away he let you catch some breath as both males switched positions.

Hoseok wasted no time, sliding his dick back into your mouth and you took it moaning his name as you watched him. He was almost where Jaebum was when it came to girth and length so taking him down your throat was a task as well. Your tongue swirled around the tip of his dick and you lapped eagerly at his slit until he was squirming, the overstimulation causing him to push himself deeper into your mouth. You worked your tongue on Hoseok, letting your mouth hollow as you sucked harshly against his shaft. Your nose touching the base of his dick every time he slid deeper into your mouth. Because he was so close to cumming while he was fucking your pussy, it didn’t take long for Hoseok to be spilling his warm seed into your mouth. You grimaced slightly, not liking nor hating the taste but you sucked at him, cleaning him off and swallowing around him. He pulled from your lips slowly watching as his half-erected dick slipped from your wet swollen lips.

“My turn.” Jaebum called out, picking you up by your waist Jaebum pressed his back against the headboard letting your back rest against his chest. He lifted your hips aligning you with his dick that was standing proud and tall. He used his hips to circle slightly at your opening smirking because he could feel your wetness drip onto him and that caused him to shudder and guide you down onto his dick. He stretched you out, and your head rolled back as you took him in, once you were sure he was shoved inside your loosening pussy, you squeezed around him winding your hips to ride him without letting him pull back. You could hear the heavy breathing from the male under you as he held you up, your feet on his knees with your bound legs still spread wide. Hoseok watched the scene in front of him and he crawled between the both of your parted legs to latch his lips onto your breast finally.

Jaebum started to slide you down onto his dick slowly but he made sure that you were taking all of him each time that he thrust his hips up inside of you. He kept the pace for a bit, hearing the sucking noises that Hoseok was making with your breast he didn’t want to fuck you too hard until he felt like you were ready.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like feeling daddy’s dick all buried inside of this tight needy pussy. You clench around me like you’ve needed this dick. You should’ve told me. I’m always happy to tear down walls.” Jaebum mumbled against your ear kissing it. He pulled out of you only to snap his hips up against yours earning a loud cry. Smirking he kept this up, even pausing your hips to keep you from moving (to resist the little movement you had anyway) and he fucked you harder. Your whole body was being pleasured and you could feel that your orgasm was going to come through you at any time. Your hands pressed against Jaebum’s lower stomach, your head rolled sideways so that you could watch Hoseok play and mark on your breast. Between the two boys you didn’t know who to moan for so you ended up moaning both of their names because to you it was better that way. Hoseok reached down with one hand letting his fingers dance against your wet throbbing clit. With Jaebum holding you still he could easily rub you until you were screaming out gibberish warning that you were close. “That’s right baby. Cum for us. Cum for your daddies.” Jaebum said sharply feeling his own orgasm press against you. He needed to get you off, so he focused on anything else that he could besides how good you felt, and how tight you were wrapping around him as he bounced you.

“Holy shit! Jaebum~ Ah shit Hoseok!” You were proud in your fuzzy mind that you managed to get both names past your chapped and bruised lips as you let your orgasm sweep through you. Your essence sliding out and onto Jaebum’s shaft and that did it, with only a few more quick shallow thrusts you felt him slamming up against you causing his cum to shoot up into your insides. He held you close. His hips were jerking harshly but in a few more movements he let himself slow down his thrusts to ride out your orgasms together holding you close. Hoseok smirked leaning down he licked up at your clit, pulling back to watch the cum seep from your abused pussy. Hoseok got off the bed moving to get wipes for both you and Jaebum who were nothing more than a panting pair on the bed.

Jaebum pulled out of you, and he helped Hoseok clean you up and untie you. Your body still shaking and glowing from the orgasm you lay on your stomach trying to regain your senses. Both males came to lay on either side of you, holding you close the covers were thrown over your exhausted body and you shut your eyes with a light smirk on your lips happy that your planned worked.

“I hope you continue to smile in your slip, because as soon as you wake up, round two starts and I can’t wait until kitten is screaming again.” Hoseok purred causing you to open your eyes wide. He smirked and pecked your lips before shutting his own eyes earning a chuckle from Jaebum.

“That’s what you get for keeping us waiting after we found you playing with yourself multiple times.” You were so horrified and terrified that if you said anything it led to instant punishment so instead you played it off and shut your eyes hoping that sleep would come soon and stay around.

Even grand old things have a certain charm about them, otherwise you wouldn’t fall so hard for them, Q.

See what happens when you push me down in the dunk tank one too many times?

When I was in 8th grade, my school/church had the annual festival. That year they rented a dunk tank and asked for volunteers beforehand. I volunteered, so did some of my friends, and our pastor did as well.

Now, this was in the middle of October and they filled this dunk tank with hose water. I had originally sat on that chair with just a swimsuit and my stepdad had to go get my wetsuit because I was going to be come a Popsicle at this point.

So, everything is going pretty good. I’m having some laughs with my friends, and the only complaint I have is that my glasses get lost in the tank when I get submerged in the water. This is where a girl who I will call Jo comes in.

Jo was the daughter of one of my mom’s frenemy. And for this fremeny to say that she disciplined her daughter well this kid could be a hellion. There was a lot of viciousness in that eleven year old.

So she and her friend come up to my tank. And they hit the button, I go down, I lose my glasses. I tell them, “Pay for this with your ticket,” and they laugh and say no. I climb back up, they hit the button again. I tell them to cut it out, I’m losing my glasses in the water, they just laugh at me. I don’t know why the guy running the thing didn’t stop ‘em, though he probably would have felt bad about yelling at two eleven year old girls.

By the third time I’m mad. When I get back up I sent a wave of water over Jo and her friend. They’re soaked and shocked. Jo starts yelling at me, “She’s supposed to go on stage for the talent show in five minutes!” And I tell her, “Then you should’ve stopped hitting the button!” They just walk away, whatever.

It felt pretty good. It only got hilarious when Jo outright lied to her mother and said that she was “protecting” me from people hitting the button without paying. Couldn’t really do much about that because her mother would definitely believe her over me but at least I got my revenge.

my girls in their portable tank

My partner says I look like a Pokémon trainer in my harness vests ♥

Iced coffee - A Alycia Debnam-Carey imagine

Anon requested “What about an imagine with Alycia debnam-carey?? She is a really gorgeous actress. In the imagine y/n works at a coffee shop or whatever you want, they meet, and they fall in love with each other. Really Fluffly. Thank u so fucking much” 

Y/N worked away in the small family owned coffee shop wishing the day was over, the San Francisco heat making the shop seem even hotter then it was. Their only regular had already been there for the day so now she was just waiting seeing is anyone would notice the store tucked into a back corner of the town.  The door opened with a small ring of the bell attached to the handle. She looked up seeing a beautiful girl walk up to the counter. 

“Morning Miss, what can I get for you today?” Over the course of working at the shop she had said that line over a thousand times but hardly ever with a real smile. 

“Iced Coffee with milk please.” Alycia asked her mind more on the set of Fear The Walking Dead than in the coffee shop. Well until her current favorite song came on the radio behind the counter.

Absentmindedly she sang along doing small little hand motions to herself waiting for the coffee. Y/N turned around to ask if the order was to stay in the shop or to go but just found herself smiling at the girls little dance and turned up the song on the radio. 

Alycia looked up hearing the song volume increase and only then became aware she was dancing. It had seemed to make the barista happy however and if there was anything she liked to it it was try and make people happy. Looking around and realizing no one else was in the shop she decided why not make both of their days and sang loudly along to the radio, purposefully off tune like she had done in the car with her friends multiple times. This made them both end up laughing very hard by the end of the song. 

Y/N handed over the coffee, “For that dance and making today less boring that coffee is on the house. I hope you have a great day.”

“Do you work here every day?” Alycia asked still smiling at the fun aspect of that day before she goes to act serious for the next few hours.

“Yeah pretty much. Thinking about coming back?” 

“You can expect it.”

-The end of the week-

Like she had said Alycia was back the next morning. And the morning after that. And every morning for the entire week. Honestly she going more to see the cute barista and wondering is she would be able to make her smile again. She would do anything to see that smile again it was almost blinding it was so pretty. 

Today another customer was in the shop so Alycia just asked what time the girl got off work at the shop.

“I normally lock up about 7. Why are you wanting to see me in something other then shorts and a tank top and a coffee stained apron?” Y/N joked, hoping the girl actually did want to see her again.

“The stains are not that noticeable but yeah I would like to see you out of here. How about tonight you could come with me and my friends after we get off the set?” 

“Set?” Y/N looked slightly confused on what she meant.

“Yeah, Fear The Walking Dead it’s a TV show. I was also on the 100 and a few small films.” Alycia explained hoping being an actress wasn’t going to make the girl anxious.

“Wow look at me, a date with a cute rising star.” Y/N smiled which made Alycia want to just tell her how adorable she looked. But she wouldn’t she could tell her later on their date. 

Walking to the set Alycia was thinking about how they were only filming their for a few more weeks, but she was hoping the new girl in her life would be supportive of long distance or getting an apartment together. This girl seemed sweet and kind and was able in just a span of a week to take a hold of Alycias thoughts. 

~A/N I watched a few Alycia videos on youtube and she seems adorable. Thanks for asking for the imagine and showing me a new actress to youtube and social media stalk xD I hope you like the imagine~ 

  • Samantha: Thanks, dad... Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Nikolai: You just called Takeo "dad." You said "Thanks, dad."
  • Samantha: No I didn't. I said "Thanks, man."
  • Takeo: Do you see me as a father figure, Samantha?
  • Samantha: If anything, I see you as a bother figure, 'cause you're always bothering me.
  • Tank: Hey! Show your father some respect!

Chara: jiminxyou, plus Kookie and Hobi
//this is my first one in a while and I wanted it to be my bubble butt. He gives me life and so much sexual frustrations. In this you forget your sneakers in the dance room and go back to get them. But you get a surprise once Jimin gets you alone. I hope you guys like it and most def hit my inbox with a request. Happy thotting….!!///

His sweat💦
“Noona….lets go I’m hungry..!” Jhope whined tugging at your sweatshirt. “Ok Hobi….sheesh..” You chuckled picking your bag up. It was half open and you noticed your sneakers weren’t there. You’d been in the dance studio with the dance line. Never bet Jungkook anything. You won’t win, ever, and you’ll end up having to buy dinner. Gymnastics isn’t one of your strong suits, splits and maybe a handstand but that’s about it. “…..oh j’s..!” You groaned loudly looking through your bag once more. “Noona we can come get them in the morning..” Jhope suggested but you shook your head no. “…I gotta go back..” Putting the strap on your shoulder you ran in the direction of the dance room. “Nooonaa hurry…!” Jungkook called out as you whipped around the corner. Jimin decided to stay back and work on something. You were thankful that he did so the door would be open.

You could hear and feel the bass from the outside. Gripping the handle you pushed the door open slightly to peek in on what he was doing before you interrupted him. Runnin Low by Kieran Alleyne was bumping through the impressive speaker system. And an even more impressive Jimin was gettin’ it on the dance floor. Joggers, a muscle shirt, and a hoodie. Plus a pair of Jordan’s adorned his feet as well. You enjoyed watching Jimin dance so much. The emotions expressed from his body was all but moving. Powerful moves when the tempo rose and when it fell his body did as well, all in one fluid motion. The song had a seductive tone and he moved as such. A couple motions between his legs. You bit your lip hard as you watched intently. This wasn’t like on the stage. Where he lashed his tongue out or bit his lip or rolled his body. This was what he did when he was alone. Just himself and his thoughts and his self expression.

Pushing the door open a bit more so you could slip inside. You leaned against the back wall and continued to watch him. By now he could probably see you in the mirror. Which is probably why he stopped and whipped around his big brown eyes meeting yours. “…Noona…what are you still doing here….?” A wide grin spread across his face, that happened every time he saw you. Hoseok and him were the first to hug you when you first met them. He made his way over to you taking off his hoodie and tying it around his waist. His sweat soaked hair and skin glistening making you heat up. “…I..I..forgot my j’s..” You stammered out as your eyes drunk in his sweaty form. His sweat. It made your mind a bit hazy, which it usually did when you watched him dance. Outside this building he was a cuddly fluff ball. But when he was in here he was all but supernatural.

“Noona…….were you spying on me..?” He teased his plump lips stretching into a smirk. The sight of it made your chest flutter, chewing your lower lip. Trying to take back control of yourself and the situation. You scoffed and chuckled. “No boy….I’m coming to get my kicks..” You shook your head playing off your flushed cheeks very well. Prying your eyes away from his beautiful form. You scanned the room looking for your sneakers. Grinning when you spotted them moving past him you walked to the other side of the room. Where they sat next to the windows, picking them up you stuffed them in your bag. “Noona….can you stay a second..?” He said in a smooth voice making his way to you. “Hobi and Kookie are waiting for…” He cut you off and gently took hold of your hand. “It’ll only take a second….they can wait..” That playful smirk still sat upon his perfect lips. How in the hell could you say no to that face.

You nodded, standing there with folded arms. “I wanna show you something cool..” He grinned devilishly hooking his fingers under the hem of his shirt and lifting it over his head. Your lips made an o~ shape when his finely sculpted torso was revealed. Fuck. What was this kid about to do, you prepared yourself mentally for what was in store for you. Changing the music he smirked back at you flashing you a wink. It was Walls by Trey Songz. You let out a nervous chuckle as you watched him intently. The song began and his body started moving. This song was extremely sexual and you bet he had the choreo to go along with it. He began dancing, hips thrusts, body rolls, this boy was out to get you. No doubt he knew what he was doing to you and didn’t care.

You could feel the heat build in between your legs. You squeezed your legs together chewing harder on your bottom lip. It would be over soon, then you could run out of there for dear life. At least before you could do any of the things you were drooling over as they danced around your head. “Noona….come dance with me..” His innocent tone laced with deviance. Dancing over to where you stood and taking your hand. And pulling you into the middle of the floor. “But Chim Chim I gotta goooo….” You trailed off as you were pulled along. Dropping your bag over by where u were standing. He twirled you and placed his hand on your waist. He ignored your plea and dipped you. Bringing you back up his eyes greeted yours. “I see how you watch me Noona..” He began his butter like voice growing thick. Your eyes widened as you swayed your body to the music. “…..and how do I watch you..?” You began to sweat yourself, he’d seen the way you watched his perfect body move flawlessly to the beat. The playful smirk still on his lips he noticed your cheeks flushing darker. “Like you want me to fuck you…” He said boldly eyes never moving from yours. You choked with shock as the words flowed out of his mouth. “….w..what..!”

Jimin chuckled lightly moving both of his hands to your hips. Gripping them a bit tighter than you expected. Like he was restraining himself or something. “Jimin….I..” You began but he shushed you pressing a finger to your lips. “You don’t have to say anything….it’s in your eyes..” His finger trailed down your jawline his lower lip tucking in between his teeth. “…’s ok I wanna fuck you too….really bad…” His finger moving lower and lower. Greedily drinking in your features as his finger descended down your neck. Then across your collarbone to the beginning of the valley of your breasts. “I see you watching me and you always wear those shorts or this tank top. It’s so sexy Noona, seeing it makes my pants tight…” He cooed hesitating for a moment but leaned in pressing his lips to yours softly.

You hummed into the kiss melting under his touch. They felt just like you imagined they would. Soft, supple, perfect. Hearing your sounds his hips without knowing rolled into yours. “Mmmm…” You hummed once more grinding your hips in return. Eliciting a growl from jimin’s lips. He hoisted you up wrapping your legs around his waist. As he deepened the kiss you curled your arms around his neck. Walking you both back to the wall he pressed you into it. His hands gripping your ass for support. “Noona~…” He cooed against your lips as he rolled his hips into yours. His length pressing against your hot core. Kissing your cheek and down your jawline to your neck. Nibbling and sucking on your hot skin. You tilted your head back granting him more access. Biting at your neck he marked your skin with passion marks. As he whispered dirty things against your neck. A hand finding its way between your bodies. Pressing his thumb against your clothed clit. Earning a louder moan as your hips bucked up to his digit. His pants were getting tighter by the minute.

Biting down to the valley of your breasts he growled marking them as well. Using the wall as leverage. He brought his other hand around and cupped her breasts with both hands. Tugging at your bra he ceased his efforts and curled his hands back around you. Tucking under your shirt, finding the clasps on her bra. Popping the claps skillfully he tugged your shirt and bra off in one fell swoop. You wiggled out of both garments assisting him. Jimin’s breath caught as he gazed upon your mounds. “….fuck..” He breathed as he leaned in, cupping both breasts. Flicking both nipples back and forth. “…mmmm…Jimin…” You moaned his name, it sounded like a melody to him. As he hummed in return, sucking your left bud into his mouth. Teasing the other one as he rolled his hips into yours once more. You tangled your fingers in his hair arching up to his mouth. Switching to the other, giving it the same treatment. He pulled away, uncupping your breasts and placing his hands back on your ass. Moving away from the wall he laid you down along side the mirror a couple feet away.

Glancing at you in the mirror he bit his lip hard rolling his hips into yours once. Liking the way they look against yours in the reflection. Then he leaned down biting at your breasts. Then traveling down your stomach, hooking his fingers under the hem of your joggers. Tugging them down and pulling them off along with your sneakers. Biting down your calf to your thigh. He decided that was a good place to mark as well. Once he was done he spread your legs leaning in. Flattening his tongue he ran it along your clothed folds. You hummed his name once more bucking your hips. “…ahh…ngh..” You moaned as he did it a giant smirk on his lips from your reaction. “What Noona..?” He cooed up at you, the tease in him, he couldn’t help himself. You whined in return rolling your hips lightly. “….tell me what you need Noona..” Blowing cool air on the fabric he teased some more. “….I want your tongue inside me…” You clutch at his hair biting your lip your gaze meeting his. He nodded hooking his fingers under the hem of your panties. Sliding them off he tossed them with the rest of your clothes. Dipping back down he spread your legs wide. Taking in the sight of your wet folds, he stifled a moan. Pressing a finger along your nether lips. Watching you when your hips jerked to his touch.

Curling his arms around your thighs he dipped his tongue in between your folds. “Jiminieee….” You moaned arching your back a bit off the floor. He moaned into your pussy as he latched onto your clit with his thick lips. Your fingers tangling into his hair, tugging it as the pleasure builded. Sucking on your clit harder he peeked up at you. Your head tilted back and your eyes fluttering closed. He was driving you insane, you were a moaning mess. Running his tongue down to your entrance, swirling his tongue around it. Then slipping it deep inside your eager cunt. You howled with pleasure when he started thrusting it in and out.

“…” Feeling the heat build in your lower stomach. Your walls clenched around his tongue a couple times. It was true, you were close. He suddenly stopped and pulled away sitting up. His eyes were dark and hooded with lust. He couldn’t take it anymore, his pants were to tight and his cock was pressing against it. Untying the drawstrings on his sweatpants he tugged them down with his boxers. His length sprung out proudly, hissing as the cool air hit it. Leaning down resting a hand on the floor beside your shoulder. The other gripping her thigh, his fingers digging into your skin. Rocking his hips forward he rubbed the tip along your wet folds. Eliciting a loud moan from your lips. “Tell me Noona….beg for me..” He cooed down at you his hungry eyes darting along your naked body. “Fuck me Jimin..! I need you now..!!” You did exactly what he asked, your mind was hazy with lust.

All he gave you was a crooked smile as he pushed into you, all the way to the hilt. Groaning Jimin tilted his head back. “….oh…my..God..” He breathed out placing the other hand on the floor. Rocking his hips forward starting slow but picking up speed quickly. His groans growing louder and louder. “….your so tight Noona..” He purred leaning down and capturing your lips. Moaning into them he ran his tongue along your lower lip. Granting him entrance you moan as his tongue slips inside your mouth. Tasting your sweet, wet cavern as his tongue darts around it. His hips rolling faster and harder. Your tongue greeted his eagerly, muffled moans emptying into his lips. “….Jimin….yes..!” You whined as your peak was rapidly approaching.

Your sounds of making love filled the room, mixing with the new sexy melody that started playing . Both your moans meshing into a wonderful symphony. He shifted the angle of his hips, finding your spot. You howled appreciatively arching off the floor a bit. “Right there Jimin..! Fuck me just like that..!” You mewled your eyes rolling to the back of your head. His hips were lethal and you were coming. “….I’m close baby…” Moaning into his ear and you nipped his jaw, pulling him down by cupping his chin. Leaning in you sucked on his neck as your nails trailed down his back. Leaving long scratches in their wake. His deep moans slithering into your ear driving you wild. He sounded so good, his sweet voice as he was being pleasured. “….come for me Noona…” He moaned into your ear nuzzling your neck and biting you starting a passion mark.

And like a switch your body let go, your orgasm crashing over you. Crying out his name you dug your nails into his back. Your walls clenching around him, he mewled loudly as they hugged him tight. His thrusts became erratic and his breathing a bit heavy. “….Noona….I’m coming..” He buried his face in the crook of your neck, emptying moans into it. “Come for me baby..” You coo sliding your hands up and down his back. His hips slamming unevenly into you he let go, moaning your name loudly. Emptying his seed into you deep, his cock twitched. “….fuck…Noona…!” He bit into your neck hard slowing his hips. Riding out yours and his orgasms, whispering sweet things into your neck. Your panting matched his, as your sweaty, out of breath bodies still tangled together. He slid out of you watching his seed leak out from your hole. He hummed long and deep at the very sight of it. “That’s fucking hot Noona…” He grinned leaning back to get a better look.

Wrapping his arms around you he kissed you all over the right side of your neck. “That was legendary Noona..” Nuzzling your jaw with his nose you hug his waist. “…indeed it was…” You replied as you laid there for a while with him in comfortable silence. When it hit you that you had somewhere to me. “Jhope and Kookie..!!” Your eyes shot open, Jimin looked confused but rolled off of you. Letting you get up and crawl, naked to your phone in your joggers pocket. He smirked watching your ass as you did. You had seven missed calls from Jhope. You cursed to yourself calling him back. Jimin crawled over to you laying his head in your lap. Looking up at you as you waited for him to pick up. “Yaaaahh….Noona we had to leave you…!!” He whined as he answered the phone. “I’m sorry Hobi…’s all Jimin’s fault..” Jhope chuckled and you could hear Jungkook laughing in the background. “We know Noona….we heard you when we went looking for you…!” He teased and Jimin hid his face in your lap, blushing hard as he laughed. You face palmed and flushed hard. “….oh my God..” You were mortified when Jimin grabbed the phone. Yelling into it about he’ll be back soon and to shut up then hanging it up. The last things that was heard when the call ended was their laughter.

“Ignore those guys Noona…they’re stupid..” He leaned up pressing his lips to yours this time sweetly. “… sounded so sexy..” He smirked against your lips teasing you. You blushed harder punching him playfully. “Shut uuuup…” You whined kissing him back. “Wanna sleep over..?” He smirked biting his lip teasingly eyeing your still naked form. You couldn’t help but giggled pecking his lips you nodded. Glancing down you noticed the reason why. This boy was going to ware you out.

captaindiana  asked:

RFA reactions when they find that MC has a fanblog of them on tumblr?

<so, i had like half of this finished by today, and when i had actually finished it i accidentally refreshed the page and lost it all ughhhhHHHHH! I’m so sorry this is out so late, darling. and I’m sorry to you guys for not posting in a long time. this request does hit vvv close to home though♡> 


  • so you had left your laptop open accidentally
  • and the boy was curious
  • so he took a glimpse and saw a tumblr page all about him open
  • he saw your constant fangirling over him and instantly turned red
  • he saw every little fantasy you had written out about him, every little picture you posted, fanart you did, writing you posted, WHATEVER YOU POSTED
  • “MC got my exact personality right…does she know me too well or am I just bad for not noticing this much about them?”
  • once you came home he couldn’t look at you in the eye
  • you knew that something was up
  • “Yoosung, what’s up. You’re not looking at me.”
  • “Heheh i-it’s nothing MC!~ You definitely didn’t leave your laptop open on your tumblr page!!”
  • you mentally face palmed, but were quick to forgive him
  • i mean you were the one who left your laptop open
  • “So…you really think that sorta stuff about me?”
  • “…maybe.”
  • “..what’cha say to maybe trying some out, eh?”

Jaehee Kang:

  • so, she has her own little tumblr
  • obviously not for Zen
  • but she was looking at her recommended blogs
  • and she found your fanblog about her
  • at first she just was kinda ???!!!!!!!?????
  • ^she could’ve sworn that someone was stalking her
  • but then one day she saw you posting on the same blog she found about her
  • “MC, you’re the one with a blog about me?!? Why me of all people?”
  • you literally face palmed in front of her, that blog wasn’t meant to be found any time soon.
  • “I kinda didn’t think you would’ve found that-wait. You have a tumblr?!?”
  • you both were vvvv embarrassed, but shared tumblrs anyways
  • “You really think about me in this way? I’m no Zen, I’m just a normal person..”
  • “Jaehee, you’re more than normal to me. You’re the best thing that every happened to me, you need to be shared with the rest of the world.” 
  • “Thank you, MC. You’re too kind.”
  • the both of you since then found yourselves up until 3 in the morning, fangirling together about things on tumblr


  • he knew that many many people had tumblr blogs about him
  • but he didn’t expect to see you had a blog about him
  • he found it since he was holding your phone for you, and it buzzed with a notification from tumblr, with a blog user that he seen before
  • since it was a blog about him
  • “So, I see I’m dating my own little fan-blogger eh?”
  • you could feel yourself turning red as you swatted at him
  • “Yet another thing to inflate your ego, hm Zen?” 
  • “Of course baby, any time my princess supports me my ego inflates by 10 times.”
  • he wouldn’t stop bringing it up to everyone he saw since then on 
  • …and even made his own personal (and fake) fanblog of himself so he could follow you and see what fantasies you had about him.
  • “So, you wanna see me in that cheerleading uniform I had to wear once for a production, eh?”
  • “I can’t help it!! You’re too cute, MC! You and your fantasies!”

Jumin Han:

  • well he had never known about the whole tumblr thing
  • not until once he had come home from work and saw you on your laptop
  • he thought you were working, but he peered over your shoulder and saw “tumblr” written on the screen
  • “Tumblr? What’s that MC?”
  • you jumped out of your seat, giving him a clear view of your laptop, so he took it into his hands to learn more about it
  • “You’d like to see me in my tank top, the one I wear under my dress shirt? Is this a…web page dedicated to me?”
  • “…it’s a blog I’ve made about you, yes.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Cause I love you and need an outlet to express my love for you.”
  • “You could’ve asked for a journal.”
  • you literally wanted to smack him but you loved him too too much, so you grunted and shook your head
  • “No, share you with the rest of the world, not just myself.
  • “But why would you wanna do that, I’m only for your eyes to see, MC. I appreciate the love and support though through this, sort of odd way.”
  • he eventually found your user again, and re-read every single post to know how he could torture you and what you loved about him so very much


  • the first thing he checked once you were together for a long time was your social medias on your phone
  • and thus he stumbled across your tumblr
  • you walked into his room once, after coming home from food shopping, to see him scrolling on your tumblr page
  • “Oh, MC. You never told me that you were super adorable and made a whole blog dedicated to me! I mean, I get it, I’m God Seven, but I don’t need a whole blog about myself!”
  • “…shush it you. Pretend you never saw that, and I’m gonna make a mental note to delete that later.”
  • …he convince you not to delete your blog as long as he would delete every trace of your tumblr being on his computer so he would never see it again
  • …..but he still had it on his phone, so he could check it every so often
  • and thE NON-STOP TEASING!!!
  • “Guys, guys, look at what MC posted on her blog about m-”

<ahhh i felt like this one was decently cute, i hope this is what you wanted, darling♡ thank you for the request!! i’m also sorry once again for the lack of posting, but expect an announcement to be posted shortly after this post!!! i love you all so very much!♡>

Daesung in BigBang the movie Pamphlet

Title : Daesung angelic smile in a water tank.

# LA filming site

Frowning face, struggling legs. Who took the angelic smile away from Daesung?

About the movie:

We are the one who makes the film. The structure shall not be revealed. There is no certain structure but we rather focus on showing who we really are and then try to arrange the story. I think it‘s a better way to show people the true aspects of us.

Message to VIP’s:

Hello. all our fans and VIPs all around the world. I’m Daesung of Big Bang. Inn very nervous to send this message to you. The first thing I want to tell is…thank you so much. I have been always wondering whether I really deserved your love. But now, I’m working harder on stage to return the love to you several times more. I won’t forget your love and return it several times more working hard for you. As long as you love us, I’ll do all my best with my voice and everything I have and remain as nice guy. Thank you so much and I love you.

“I often have something to do with water. You can see me chased by a dog or fall into a water tank in the commentary, and I’m quite afraid of dogs and water. The director wanted me to feel free in the water… How could I feel free in the water? I couldn’t swim or float myself .”

For the trailer, Daesung had to fall into water. The problem was Daesung was not a good swimmer! A scuba diver held his ankles as he struggled too much, but he finally got the 0k sign without sparing himself. It is amazing that he jumped into the water even though he could not swim. What is even more amazing is Daesung began to learn swimming, and he learned it on his own!

“I learned swimming by myself with a board swimming aid] in a hotel pool during the tour. I really wanted to swim but it was difficult to learn. I even watched PARK Taehwan’s race.“ Then I suddenly became able to swim for about 25 meters. Our members and managers gave me advice. too. It’s still hard for me to float myself comfortably.”

What is interesting is that it: was not the last time Daesung had something to do with water during MADE World Tour. He had to float on water in <BAE BAE> music video or be thrown into water in <LIKE 2 PARTY> as well. We can check the scene in the film!

Here is Daesung‘s message.

“I think I have something with water. I’m afraid of water but I always have to do something in water. Well, I have the least girl-like pretty face but I do dress up as a woman in parodies. I always lose rock-paper-scissors… funny . ”

Interview section:

Q: The strength that has kept Big Bang together for 10 years is?

Big Bang to me is a family. I want to use a word that means a relationship beyond brotherhood if there is. Big Bang went through a lot of events and hardships but ‘we five‘ members have never been apart. I think It‘s what kept us together that we all are so different. We are all different. All five of us. We are not good at speaking sharply. We usually hold on patiently and then say something at the very end. We then accept the points and correct them quickly. As we’ve been together for long. now we don’t even need to hold on or speak sharply. We accept that we are all different. Then we don’t experience any conflict anymore.

Q: Your class in BigBang is?

An ordinary person who is close to a noble family? I’m an ordinary man but a noble family treats me well. They give me silk. Food, everything. I am nice to the noble family and understand how the poor live and feel at the same time. But I don’t take the lead. The noble family would not give anything to the ordinary man taking the lead. I just enjoy things a step behind. just like a theater. I take a step back and enjoy things as if I’m watching a movie. (laugh) Youngbae and Jiyong are the one who solve a problem if any but we need lubricant. The middle class that connects the highborn and the youngest. That‘s me. I‘m Big Bang‘s waist. You know, waist is the center of the body.

Q: The last year was?

I enjoyed the time a lot. I was so happy. It was an honor to have a large-scale tour like that and I thought it would be the last chance for me to have that much big tour. So I try to remember as much as I could while staring at the concert hall. In the first Alive Tour. I was so moved thinking we were this much popular and well-known! This time we got even a better condition in a larger scale but I felt a bit bitter. I therefore tried even harder.

Q: Did you have no complaint about the tough schedule?

I’ve had accidents several time. After the first car accident. I couldn’t make voice. I could not speak. Staying in a hospital for several months, I thought what I would be able to do without my voice. The answer was ‘nothing.’ So I thought I would focus on stage without any complaint if I could have another chance… But I’m human and I couldn’t help complaining in a tough situation. I sometimes wanted to take a rest when I was busy.

But after the second accident, I felt like someone was telling me ‘you are not talented enough to be arrogant’. So in this tour, I didn’t even think about complaining. It was a tough schedule but I knew I was blessed to have this concert. I was happy and somehow sad at the same time. I felt I was drifting in a dream.

Q: Your greatest interest is?

There’s nothing but music. We’ve been together for 10 years, and music is the only thing we five can do. I focus on one thing for long so music is all I’ve got. Because I could hardly make voice during the Seoul tour last year, I’m taking voice care and studying deeply about the voice I have, the vocal cords. How long will I be able to make voice with my vocal cords? I want to learn to help others if there’s someone who has the same problem I had…But singers these days are so brilliant that I can’t imagine they have any problem.

Q: You seem like you’re really immersed into playing the drum.

The drums are one of the things I focus on. I’ve always been interested in percussions. I was often scolded not to tap the tables with chopsticks, but I couldn’t learn how to play the drums as it costs a lot. I began to learn the drums 3 or 4 years ago while I was working as solo in Japan. I’m still learning and I think it’s difficult to get out of drums once you fell in love with them.

Q: The motto that supports your life?

We say there are ups and downs in life and what is important is ‘you are still stepping forward even though it’s a downhill’. And I remember ‘Torture yourself’ my home economics teacher told me in my school days. I torture myself a lot. I try to get a lesson while I’m taking three days off or something like that. I apply the two mottos to my life.

Q: What you haven’t told your fans about yet.

Our members are now better at expressing their feelings… Seungri is actually the only one who does express his feelings on and off the stage. I‘m even worse. Jiyong and Youngbae had prepared to be a singer when they were young. T.0.P was working in the underground field and Seungri was a dancer in Gwangiu in his youth. But my father was always strict. The only intersection we had was sports. My father said he could allow me to be an athlete or guard. so sports was the only thing I could do In my childhood.

I often think I was not the one who would live like this. New singers these days are full of confidence and are good singers with great skills. So I think I am. of course we five are lucky. but I‘m especially the lucky one. I am such a blessed person to be me who I am who was once an ordinary man.

We often say we want to sing until the end of my life… And I truly mean it, I have a weak throat and vocal cords so that l often lost my voice which made me skating on thin ice for 10 years… Now I can enjoy it but I could only focus onto not making mistakes at first. It‘s our fans’ and cheers that changed such a little boy into me who I am to enjoy the stage. I really want to sing until the last moment of my life even if my vocal cords are torn off on stage. until the last moment I cannot sing anymore. Of course as far as our fans still love me.

Q: BigBang to Daesung is?

I think it’s a throne. l’m Daesung of Big Bang and Daesung is my real name as well. Ordinary Daesung and Daesung of Big Bang. I think it‘s ordinary Daesung is enthroned to be Daesung of Big Bang. Daesung of Big Bang is the highest position I can reach. I work hard to be a person for the throne, and l have to work hard as the other four members are so talented. I try to be a man qualified to be Daesung of Big Bang. Now I cannot hide that I’m a member of Big Bang. My name is always followed by Big Bang. Big Bang to me is a throne.


It’s not that I didn’t care for you
It’s that I did
Too much
I would’ve climbed Mount Everest in the middle of the night with no jacket for you
I would’ve jumped over a volcano with a broken pogo stick for you
I would’ve swam to the bottom of the ocean with no air tank for you
And see
That’s what told me I shouldn’t love you
When I realized I would give up the most important thing-
My life
To someone who wouldn’t give me the time of day even if the walls were made of clocks
I couldn’t keep pretending it was fine when I loved you so much that it hurt
But at least now I know that there’s a fine line between love
and weakness
And I has crossed it a long time ago.
—  Love is the gateway made to let in weakness– Lily Rain