you see me in a distressed mood

Mr. Trouble

Park Jimin - You

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word count: 1,214

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‘I don’t damsel well. Distress, I can do. Damseling? Not so much’ said the author James Patterson in one of his many books. Now did he say it himself? Who knows…

He was known for co-authoring many of his books after all.

The quote however, fit me perfectly as I often came across as someone who was always in a blue mood. The positive outlook didn’t really fit me, but I always knew how to stand up for myself when needed.

Did this mean I wasn’t afraid of trouble?

Not really.

Because you see, trouble never came alone.

And in this case it brought me him.

The man that always looked like he was up to something with that half-hearted smirk, the soft voice and features that begged for attention. He was also known to put them in a good use by finding a partner to share his fun.

But the partners never stuck around, and you could spot them leaving the cramped apartment of his, which he used to share with two other men whom supported a similar lifestyle before they moved out. So he would go on with his life like nothing really happened, lighting a cigarette as he waited for the bus to arrive in order to take his shift in a quite popular bar downtown.

So why was I trying to carry him, holding his waist as he clung on to my neck like a monkey?

Oh right, because we happened to have the same circle of friends and be neighbors respectively.

And because an hour ago, he passed out on the floor of a sushi restaurant.

“Come on Jimin, you are not helping at all.” I said as I placed his hands on the wall next to his door, searching for his keys inside his pockets.

I was not the nicest person out there. Nor I was particularly in good terms with the guy. Even our first time meeting resulted in my fist getting to know him better than me as I punched his abdomen as hard as I could.

It wasn’t his fault really. I happened to mix him for his companion who made one of my good friends cry her eyes out a few days prior, the cheating bastard, and with rage that blinded me when she pointed them sitting on a bar stool together after a week or so, I blacked out without listening the rest of her explanation.

Even though punching someone and then starting to give a lecture inside of a bar that had security was not the best idea, seeing her smile again, and laugh so freely as they threw us outside was worth it.

Long story short, she didn’t see him again.

But I was not as lucky.

For a whole month the regret and embarrassment ate my mind like a parasite. You know, the kind where you are ready to sleep and you put your head on the bed just before all the stupid things you have ever done comes rushing to your brain. Or you are showering and you realize that you could do so much better and start thinking about come backs till you make yourself angry and frustrated again.

Just as I was moving on from the event, I had to go and bump into him outside of our apartment building. “You!” he yelled in a high pitched tone as I lifted my hands in surrender before taking off to the opposite direction as fast as I can.

But two weeks after that faithful second encounter, there we were, sitting next to each other, on a get together planned by a mutual friend.

That was when I finally stopped being a coward and apologized properly.

Don’t worry; he said after taking a shot, my friend was a dick anyway.

So we learned we were living next to each other, making everyone but ourselves surprised, and that we probably never met because his shifts and the second job he was trying to take was hectic, and I was new to the area, only half a year since I moved.

But why, even though he wasn’t the worst guy out there, I didn’t like him?

Because his life style was too fast, too flashy, too…much.

His life was golds, silvers, reds and bright colors while mine was brown, blue and black. I was satisfied by my job at the book store next to a small café, it was mine after all, while he was constantly changing and jumping from one occupation to the other.

I am trying to find a purpose, he said one day when I questioned him while we sat with our friends as they chatted, I am trying to find what is right for me.

After playing around all his life, I guess now he was also trying to find the ‘one’ that is right for him but he was looking at the wrong places.

Thus he drank till he forgot the event that took place a night before, but he also forgot he was not alone and was in a restaurant. Before that, I was never told to wait for him or go back together as I always left early and they went to somewhere else with the ones that were left behind. I would only know he was home when I heard the front door of his apartment opening and closing when my insomnia got the better of me and I was out for a snack hunt in my small kitchen.

But he wasn’t the one going inside, someone was leaving.

A woman dressed prettily. Messy hair and high heels in her hands.

Why do they always leave, he asked filled with anger while we were still seated in the small Japanese restaurant.

People don’t go to clubs to find a relationship Jimin, I whispered careful so the others wouldn’t see the boy that always looked cool with the smile that resembled a fox, in such state, don’t go and blame those women will you? We are all human after all, they were probably there to forget their own problems or have a night to remember they are living.

When he finally calmed down, he was not able to stand on his own, let alone moving on to another place. So I was told to take him with me when I went out to take a taxi.

“In my jacket.” He coughed as he leaned towards the wall.

Taking out the keys, I led him around the dark corridor searching for the bedroom. He nodded towards the left and supported himself by holding the objects in his way.

“There you go.” I said taking off his shoes and putting them next to his computer desk.

When I finally turned to leave he cried out and whined making me jump.

“Please stay.” He said holding his forehead in pain. “Please don’t leave me alone.”

I probably should have left when he finally started sleeping but something kept me from doing so and I found myself laying in his living-room.

I don’t know what stopped me from opening the door and getting out just like those women, but when he woke up to find me fixing him a small breakfast the big smile he put on told me that it was the right choice.

And that maybe, just maybe,

He was now looking at the right places.

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