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Little White Lies | Byun Baekhyun

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Slight Angst | Mild/Implied Smut

Summary: Where your best friend Baekhyun attempts to set you up with his cousin, and you can’t refuse, because doing so would mean telling your best friend that you’re secretly in love with him.

A/N: I couldn’t help myself…Baek is the only one on my mind these days, and so he’s getting all the scenarios for himself! 

“Okay, but would you just tell me why you don’t want to go on a date with Yixing?” came your best friend’s voice over the phone.

You sighed. “Baek, I told you. I’m just not feeling like dating anyone right now.” “But he’s perfect for you! Trust me, he’s exactly your type. Would you just please listen to me? Why would your bestest friend in the entire world ever give you wrong advice, hm?” pleaded Baekhyun.

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Charles Xavier x Reader

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Just sum Charles fluff I’m gonna post here.

if you would like to see more I also have a wattpad where I usually post this kinda shit.

Anyways, enjoy!

It has been two years since the last time you stood in front of these doors. Two years since you heard the laughter and noises within and it has been two years since you heard his voice… His calm voice. You couldn’t even hear it in your head anymore. Even your mind was in complete lockdown for him. That was the price you had to pay to have a decent life.

But today…

You were back.

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Made of Skin and Bones

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(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

Tags: at the end. ARE NOW CLOSED (sorry guys) I wrote them again one by one I really hope this time they work

8. Fire with fire

You rub your face stretching beneath the soft sunlight that is diminished by the curtain that James has conveniently run closed. A strong feeling of optimism wants to make it’s way in your brain but you resist to let the emotions control you. Yes, it is true that James has marked you as his and that has helped you to overcome your heat but… you have not talked about anything yet and his neck is still intact. There’s no real difference in your current situation than the deal you made with him about your fake marriage. Your heart hurts a little at that thought.

Cutting your thoughts the door opens suddenly and you smile at the figure of James

- Hey… - but then you realize that something is wrong

He, far from returning the smile, closes the door behind him and stands next to its frame.

- Get dressed and come with me - it’s the only thing he tells you

- What? Why? - instinctively you take the sheet to your chest 

- When you dress come outside, you have a visitor - and with that he leaves the room leaving you with the mouth open and the heart pounding fast


In less than a minute you put your clothes on and meet with James in the hall, he just starts walking, taking for granted that you will follow him.

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Too Much | PKJM

Park Jimin
How could he ever want such an intelligent, funny human being to shut up?
Word Count: 1719
Genre: Angsty Beginning // Fluffy Ending
Warnings: Explicit Language

I really should update my STORIES instead of writing scenarios yikes hhahahha

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Distance. He just needed some distance and that was something you were willing to give him. He was stressed and you were coming on too strong. Clingy. That’s what you were being. That was his exact word he yelled at you. The word that you feared you’d become when entering the relationship.

Jimin had a tendency to skip meals when he was practicing for a comeback. It was a particular Thursday night that you wanted to join him in the studio. You had gotten off of your night classes and thought about how he was practically starving. Double texting was normal; calling him once a day was a part of the routine. 

“I bought some food.” You hummed into the receiver. Jimin sighed heavily on the other end.

“You’re coming? Again? It’s like 11 PM.”

“Says the one still there.” You laughed, unaware of Jimin’s tone.

“Don’t come. I have stuff to do, you’re only going to distract me.” Jimin started up their new song again.

“I’ll be quiet. Love you.” The phone hung up before you could process. Hurrying up the steps of the studio, you entered unannounced. You set the food on the ground — a few of his nightly favorites. The music was so loud, you felt like your ears were going to explode.

Jimin eyed you through the mirror and you waved back, very happy to see your hardworking boyfriend. He rolled his eyes and walked over to turn off the music.

“I told you not to come.” He strutted over, sweat droplets dripping from strands of his hair.

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Just Friends (Part 1)

AN: Best friends, you and Tae were once inseparable. Tae’s fame made it difficult for you guys to always see eachother, but now you’re interning at BigHit and Tae can’t see you as his little punk anymore.

- 3,000 words. 

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“Y/N where’s my shirt?!” Tae screamed like a kid, pouting his full lips at you.

You were thus interrupted from working out his schedule and being comfortable sat on the couch with a mug of tea.

“Just because I work for you now asshole doesn’t mean you can boss me around like that!’ You yell back at his face, annoyed your best friend enjoys making fun of your new status.

Tae, being Tae, couldn’t control his annoyed expression. He burst out laughing.

He plummeted himself down on the couch next to you.

“Aish, it’s so easy to ruffle your feathers now Y/N. What happened?” He grinned at you.

“You only see my once every year, I grew up. I’m 20 now, Tae.” You said, offended Tae thought you had drastically changed. You spoke with him once a week before starting to work for BigHit, but those were one hour conversations at most where Tae couldn’t really pick up on you growing up.

You were 15 when Tae and you last saw each other everyday before he moved to Seoul to start life as a trainee. It surprised you how you had managed to stay in contact, but the contact was on the phone or webcam, with yearly visits for a week or two.

“Awwwwwh, my Y/N grew up. Do you remember when you use to pad your bra?” Tae said, cracking up again. Okay, it was true. You had a phase where you wanted to copy the ‘sexy’ girl of the class and also develop boobs. The problem was you were 12 and flat as a pancake.

“Hey!” You slapped his arm playfully, unable to stop a smile coming out of you.

“Everyone was doing it, don’t act like you didn’t notice. They looked good too..” You tried to defend yourself, but you knew you were in the wrong.

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I'll Miss You...So Much~Jeon Jungkook

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You knew the day was creeping around the corner. The day he had to leave.

It wasn’t a surprise two months before this day he came walking into your apartment. His shoulders low and his eyes red, he wasn’t in a talking mood. He didn’t hug you right away he just stood there, his eyes scanning over you. He was trying to engrave the happy look you had as you spoke on the phone with a friend, the way your hair was falling into your eyes. He couldn’t stop the tears that fell down his face. This was the first time he was leaving without you and he didn’t know how to break it to you.

When your eyes met his you felt a shift leaving the phone call you turn to him. His voice was caught as you asked him what was wrong, he couldn’t speak. So he just walked to you and sat down his body down falling into your lap making you jump. His face was buried in you stomach, his arms around you as he cried. To say you were surprised by his actions was a understatement. When the words actually left his mouth you froze your hands in his hair, mouth parted as he looked up at you. When you finally spoke he was blow away, you had taken the news diffrent then he thought, you understood. It was his job, his life you knew him going away on tour was always going to be in the cards. So you didn’t take it to heart, you knew you’d find ways to surprise him on tour. You knew you’d see eachother.

But just because that night was easy to get through doesn’t mean him actually leaving was.

Standing at your bedroom doorway watching him finish packing the last of his personal stuff made your eyes water. As if he knew his eyes look up at you and he rushes over. His arms wrapping around you lifting you off of the ground. “You’re taking me…right?” His question was soft spoken as you pull away whipping the fallen tears you smile and nod.

“Till the last second I’m going to be with you.” He gave you a smile as he looked at the time and frowned. It was time to leave, grabbing your keys you turn to see the two bags he had packed  following you out it was silent as he held onto your hand as tight as he could.

The drive was quiet, his hand on your thigh as you drove his eyes studying  you. The small pink tint you always had on your cheeks or the nervous habbit of chewing on your inner cheek you did. He wanted to engraved the way you looked, smelt and felt in his brain so he could never forget even for a second.

As you pull up you smile at him, watching him get out you follow along. His hand grabbing yours as he sees the others, all waiting for you two. As he races to them with you trailing behind him hand still in his made you smile. His child like personality comming through when he saw his friends. Placing his bags with their's  he lets you go making Namjoon and Jin jump to hug you. Light laughter filled the air as you pull away only to be pulled into more hugs, the last who hug you was Jimim a frown on your face as you did so.

“Make sure he’s happy chimchim.” You whisper in his ear making him pull back and smile, he watches Jungkook from behind you speaking to Suga and Tae a small broken smile on his face.

“I’ll give him extra hugs.” His smile was large as he pulls you back into another hug. When he pulls away arms wrap around from behind you, a nose nuzzling into you neck. Letting out a soft sigh you turn around and hug him, his sent makimg your head spin. You eyes began to water when you heard they’re manger calling ten minutes till they need to leave.

“I love you, kookie.” You whisper into his neck, standing so close to him made you want to dream lf the day he wouldn’t have to leave you all alone for months.

“I love you too, Jagiya.” His voice broke of as he pulls his head away from your neck. His eyes trying to met yours but all you could was hang your head as you cried. The sight alone made his heart shatter but the noise that came out of your mouth made it feel as if someone stepped on the broken pieces. “Hey don’t cry…please your tears hurt me more then you think.” He pauses as you look up and whip at your eyes, a small frown as his thumbs run over youe cheeks a few times, whipping away the tears that stayed.“Smile for me, please. Smile. I want to see it before I leave. Not your tears.” His words made more teats gloss your eyes as you throw yourself  at him.

“Im going to miss you.” Your words were broken up as he pulled you away and pressed his lips against yours. One of his hand holding your neck as the trails down your side. Your hands tangled in his hair as your lips moved togther. The feeling of his on yours made both tour hearts flutter. The sound of whistles made you smile as you pulled away, tears still falling down yoyr face but not laughing was impossible with the boys around.

“I’ll miss you…so much.” His words were shaking as he let them out. A hand placed on his shoulder made it all to real as he shales his head. “I don’t want to go.” He whimpers as he shoves his face into your neck making you stumble back. His words making Hobi who had touch his should frown.

“Hey, hey look at me.” You mumbled rubbing your hands up and down his back. “Don’t say that. Don’t you say that. This is your dream Kookie. And hey..hey look at me.” You pause pulling his head from your neck,his eyes on yours the moment you he’s away from your skin. “I love you. So much so that you leaving will hurt, but it will be worth it..because you’ll be living your dream. And I can freely dance around in my underwear to your music, without you making fun of me.” He laughs as you cup his cheeks, making him nuzzle closer to you.“You also get a chance to make fun of Jimin everyday about how small he is.”

“Yah!” Jimin yells at you making you both laugh.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, now go. They need you.” Your words were soft as you drop your hand from his face. Pushing him, he is taking into Hobi and Jins arms as the walk to the gate. Your eyes falling to the floor as you turn and slolwy walk back to your car.

I’ll miss you…so so so much.

catrin-sara  asked:

HEY MO IF THE ASKS ARE STILL OPEN I'D LOVE TO REQUEST SOMETHING! IF THEY ARE, CAN I ONE OF TWO THINGS( YOU CAN PICK)? either Zelda attempting to cook for the first time(pre or post game) and testing her food on Link, or one or both of them having horrific nightmares(they both would be really interesting, as you could write/draw how Zelda felt trapped in Calamity Ganon, or how Link is constantly haunted by something he doesn't remember...)


It’s so dark.

Darker than a moonless night, the pitch blackness pervades everything. Not a single hint of light prevails.

There’s no seam separating land from sky, no way of telling which way is up or down. It’s nothing but a dark world with no echo. Even the sense of self is lost in this plane, where there is no light to illuminate the soul.

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You know what I think is hilarious

The constant shade being thrown between Onision and Ronnie Radke..

I mean, both men are about 30 or close.

Both men, have a child that is basically the same age as the other.

Both men, have almost exact reasons why majority of the internet hates them.

Both men, are friends with Andy Biersack.

And both men, absolutely hate eachother.

I’m sorry but that’s funny as hell

161218- Fan note to Joshua and Jeonghan.

Q: If you made unit w/ 1 member?


  • Member that you want= Jeonghan
  • Unit name= HongYoon♡


  • Member that you want= Joshua
  • Unit name= nice kids

trans: ohmywonwoo

bitchblike  asked:

Hope this makes you forget! RFA + V + Saeran first impressions on a Punk!MC? With tattoos, know the drill. But *plot twist* she's very sweet and blushes easily PD: If you want to talk about how you're feeling, feel free to message me

//Omg I love this so muchh, and thank you for being so sweet awe, same for you any anyone, if anyone ever wants to talk I’m here! //

• she first sees you at the door of the party
• she doesn’t know who you are at first but starts looking at the list and realizes- it’s you.
•she honestly is a little shocked at first
• you acted so sweet in the chat but now you’re ??
• so bad ass
• she hasn’t seen a lot of people that look like you, you have tattoo sleeves; an eyebrow piercing, and a nose piercing, but it’s…
•so beautiful
•she believes you look so unique and she lOves IT
• when jaehee greets you, you shy away a little bit, smiling at the ground
•smol bean on the inside bad ass on the outside
•Jaehee doesn’t say anything right away about it, but later on when you two are close she loves telling you every day how much she loves everything about you, and your body.

• this boy is sh00K wheN jaehee shows you in to the part
• and she looks so,,,
• COoL Oh my gOd
• he loves your dyed hair!
• he just imagines the hair dying parties omgomgofmgofmgofmg
•he of course doesn’t say any of this, at the party he runs to you and pulls you into an embrace
•when he kisses you the feeling of your lip piercing brushing up against his lip just excites him
• he’s gonna have fun :;))
•zen first meets you at his apartment, not at the party, so it’s a bit more private than both of them
• when zen opens the door and sees this beautiful woman covered in tattoos, piercings, and has beautiful white dyed hair he can’t help but make a joke
• “dyed your hair for me?”
•*you blush and look down*
• “n o wait I didn’t that’s n-”
•omg you’re shy
• zens thinking “shit omg i embarrassed her so bad”
• “I was just joking MC, you look beautiful. You’re making this a little hard for me” he jokes, welcoming you into his home"
•zen had always wanted to get tattoos together, against jaehee’s suggestion, when everything’s safe again you guys go and get tattoos together

• MC was going to be staying at jumins house a few days before the party for safety yet he doesn’t know what she looks like yet, he imagines her to be elegant and perfect and-
•o there she is
• *he opens his door and sees this small girl, covered in beautiful art*
•she isn’t what he imagined… she’s better
•"hi jumin.,“
•omg her presence is so small
•jumin would never admit it but he’s a little intimidated by her when he opened the door, he had actually never seen someone like that before.
•but oh god does he love it.
•when you get in and start talking to jumin it turns into him staring at you a lot, making you blush but he’s just taking it all in. he’s never felt this way before.

•he knew prior to meeting you, unlike everyone else
• and OH GOD yoUre so H OT
• when he first initially did his check on you he was worried that you’d be causing problems in the rfa you just… seemed like a big personality.
• but omg he was wrong
•you’re a smol baby that needs to be protected
• so precious
• after you two meet it’s just him asking you what made you get all the tattoos, the meaning behind all of them
• “you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on, MC.”
•"even more beautiful than thinking you ran out of chips and realizing you had more”
•"even more than THAT.“


•when v first meets you he can faintly see the black ink on your skin
•V loves art, and photographing and that’s what you are to him
• a beautifully painted canvas
• you’d been so sweet in the chats though he didn’t expect it?
•you hugs him tightly when you first meet him
• he’s hesitant but… he hugs you back so tight.
• you’re so warm and just feel… safe.
•your beautiful exterior is only a bonus,
• ALSO, when you and v start seeing eachother privately you know that he will trace every tattoo on your body
•he loves photographing you so much
•you are his muse

• 👏🏻 YAS 👏🏻 MC 👏🏻
•he of course doesn’t say this,
•he asks so many questions about your tattoos
•bc same
•Saeran has dyed hair; tattoo; no piercings yet though
• S O O N
• where do you get yours?!
• can we go together?!
• he is sOo hAPPY
• you guys recommend hair colors for each other; tattoos, it’s literally saerans heaven

EXO Reaction to you being an Idol as well and winning a daesang against them.

anon requested: Can you please write a reaction on how EXO would react if youre an idol as well and happen to win a daesang against them like how they’d congratulate you when you see eachother (doesnt have to be smutty but go w the flow if u know what i mean ;))))) but in general how would they show their pride hehe. Thank you!!

- admin s.

Intro for all individual reactions: He and you had been friends for a while now but there had always been something more than friendship between the both of you. 


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You were walking up the stage currently and Minseok couldn’t take his eyes from your figure. He had watched you the whole evening and he was getting hornier by the minute. He was in no way angry or sad that is group lost against you, he was, in fact, very happy to give you a congratulations gift later that both of you would like. 

Later when everyone was backstage congratulating each other, Minseok made it quick in walking to you and taking you with him around a corner no one except for the two of you was. He kissed you on the lips desperately and smirked after you had parted. 

‘‘Congrats for winning against us. I have a gift for you that I wanted to give you for long but now I finally have a reason.’‘


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Junmyeon was a little bit angry and sad that they had lost but he was still happy for you. When you were walking down the stage he quickly grabbed your hand when everyone was already focused on the announcement of the next award and kissed the back of you hand slightly. 

‘‘Congratulations, princess. I’m very proud of you! Let’s meet up later… Daddy has a present for his little winning girl.’‘

You were shocked at first but there had always been some sexual tension between you and Junmyeon so you couldn’t wait until later, to see what his present was and you hoped it would bring you to cloud 9. 


Originally posted by baekshitbyun

Yixing is like the biggest patron you’ll ever see. He had already won so many awards he really was happy that this time it was you who had won the daesang. 

The award show had already ended and you were a little bit sad that Yixing hadn’t congratulated you yet but the moment you were walking out the back door to your car, you saw Yixing leaning against the wall smiling at you. 

‘‘You really thought I forgot you, huh? Come on, I’ll drive you home.’‘

While he was driving you home he laid his hand on your bare thigh and caressed the skin under it. You wouldn’t be sleeping today, that was for sure.


Originally posted by sefuns

To be honest Baekhyun had waited for this moment for so long now. He was rooting for you to win this award so bad, he wanted to lose against you just that he can finally make the next step. 

It was time for the aftershow party and all the ídols had already gathered in the club. Baekhyun was sitting in the lounge with the rest of Exo when he saw you enter. He quickly stood up and walked to you, immediately sliding an arm around your waist when he got to you. He whispered in your ear and slowly slid his arm down until his hand rested on your butt. 

‘‘Hey beautiful. I waited for so long for this moment. Let’s celebrate your win, shall we?’‘


Originally posted by lawlliets

Jongdae and you were already this far in your relationship that you both knew you liked each other more than only friends but more than meeting up in secret sometimes and holding hands hadn’t happened yet. 

The moment you got announced that you had won the daesang, Jongdae knew today was the day he would make the next step. As soon as you both were alone he kissed you passionately. 

‘‘How about we do the next step in our relationship today, baby? You know, as a celebration of your win and as comfort for my loss.’‘


Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

As soon as he heard your name Chanyeol began to smile brightly and clap like a maniac, he was so so proud of you he almost forgot you had won against them. He even stood up and clapped when you walked passed them. You giggled and made a sign, telling him to meet you later.

In the short break of the show Chanyeol and you met up but it wasn’t like you thought it would be. Chanyeol crashed his hand into the wall beside your head and captured you in between himself and the wall behind you. 

‘‘I’m very proud you have won. You really deserve it. But you won against us, you think you can comfort me?’‘

He smirked and you exactly knew what that meant. This night would be longer than you expected. 


Originally posted by lovinthesoo

I think Kyungsoo is like Yixing. He is also a very big patron and doesn’t mind to loose since Exo already won so many awards. After the show is over he texted you to come to the parking lot where he will wait for you. So you walked there and saw Kyungsoo leaning against your car, smiling. 

‘‘Hey sugar, I’m going to treat you for a late dinner, whatchu say?’‘ 

You smiled back and nodded but before you could enter the car, Kyungsoo gave you a little kiss on the lips, whispering against them.

‘‘As my girlfriend of course…’‘

You knew that you would never forget this day.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Jongin had already given you looks the whole evening. You didn’t know if it was just you being paranoid but when there was a little break and he grabbed your hand dragging you into an empty dressing room, you knew you haven’t been paranoid. 

‘‘Let’s have some fun Y/N. Oh and congratulations for winning against me…’’

His undertone made clear he was happy for you but would still have to punish you for being so successful. 


Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun and Junmyeon are the only ones who would be a little bit angry and sad over their loss. Sehun though would be annoyed too that he had lost against you. Of course, he would be happy for you but it hurt his pride that he had lost against the one woman that made him feel like a horny teenage boy again. 

Soon, when there was a moment you two could meet, he grabbed your chin and pressed a dominant kiss on your lips. 

‘‘I guess I have to show you that I’m still the boss between us, don’t you think sweetheart? Oh and congrats for winning.’‘

There was no way you could walk properly tomorrow. 

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Dating Evie Would Include // Evie Headcanons

a/n: I’m such a sucker for Descendants I can’t help ittttt

Request: Dating Evie (descendants) would include with male!reader?

Tags: @kittytigerwood

Evie x Male!reader

  • Having a skinny love sort of crush where everyone knew you liked eachother, except for the two of you
  • Eventually Mal getting fed up with the unspoken feelings and shoving you two together for a date
  • Every guy in school being incredibly jealous of you 
  • Jay and Carlos being super protective over her and trying to be tough to intimidate you 
    • However, they end up loving you so much they eventually give in and you go to get pizza together 
  • Treating her like the princess she is 
  • Letting her know her personality is just as beautiful as her looks 
  • Her forcing you into wearing coordinated outfits
    • at first hating it but you have to admit, you do look good together 
  • Her mother, as awful as she is, loving you to death (even if you aren’t a prince) because of how well you treat Evie 
  • Helping her curl/straighten her hair in the back where she can’t reach 
  • You introducing her to your interests and her introducing you to hers 
  • Reading together in the library and her finding a newfound interest in books 
  • Being a part of the Tourney team and her being your biggest fan in the crowd
    • Her painting half her face the school colors and cheering super loud for you
    • Sometimes even Mal joins in on cheering for you, Jay, and Carlos
  • Taking her to picnics and fancy dinners together because you love introducing her to all the different foods Auradon has that she didn’t have at the Isle of the Lost
  • Her eyes lighting up whenever you see eachother in the halls 
  • Always holding hands, whether you’re sitting together or walking down the halls 
  • Being blown away by her beauty and fashion skills 
  • Slow dancing together in Auradon’s ballroom after hours before getting yelled at by the security guards 
    • Running hand in hand through the halls as the guards chase you back to your rooms, laughing the whole way 
  •  Sometimes when you’re talking to her and she’s looking at you with those eyes that you just love, you get so nervous that you forget what you were saying and stumble over your words 
    • Her finding this absolutely adorable 
  • Being voted Most Likely To Get Married in Auradon’s yearbook
being best friends with woozi

Originally posted by adoring-woozi

requested :)

  • so i think you guys would meet when seventeen debuted 
  • you would be walking around a grocery store and literally bump into one another 
  • both of you dropping your things and bending down quickly to help each other 
  • you guys would end up bumping heads and laughing about it
  • exchanging numbers would happen and you guys would constantly text
  • you being the first girl jihoon has ever been close with, the other members would want to meet you as soon as posssible
  • “okay but promise not to scare her away?”
  • “we promise!”
  • you would meet the guys and all of them would love you instantly
  • also i think that the members would be surprises that you guys were friends, you didn’t seem like you had much in common
  • the younger members would look up to you a lot
  • you and jihoon would have a lot of inside jokes
  • you would feel like you could tell woozi ANYTHING because he is just so damn caring and unjudgemental
  • he would tell you everything and anything too
  • trust would be an important concept in your guys’ friendship
  • he would sing all the damn time to you
  • even if he didn’t want to, you would make him
  • you were just in love with his voice
  • huggung everytime you see eachother and/or saying goodbye
  • the other members telling you embarrassing stories about woozi for you to tease him about
  • you would mock him abou this english sayings too
  • “civil war MAAN”
  • “Y/N STOP!”
  • annoying him would be fun and easy
  • just poking his cheek once would get him annoyed
  • tbh i thinnk he wouldn’t know if he hated or liked you
  • going on lil movie dates with other
  • sometimes s.coups, jeonghan or even vernon would tag along
  • also i think vernon would have a tiny crush on you
  • which cause woozi to be mad and tell him not to like you
  • “but how do i just not like her?”
  • “you ju- YOU JUST DON’T OKAY?!?!”
  • jihoon and the other guys begging you to mmeet them at their company building when they’re done practice so all of you could go out for dinner
  • you also being randomly close with minghao
  • jihoon calling you late at night to ask if his lyrics sound good
  • “i just wanted your thoughts on this lyric” 
  • “wha- ugh fine, let me hear it.”
  • i think jihoon would RARELY, RANDOMLY tell you a dirty joke the most odd time
  • “ohmygod jihoon, you need jisoos”
  • you guys taking the ugliest pictures of eachother 
  • vernons feelings on you would grow more and more everyday
  • i think joshua and seungkwan would mostly know of his crush and urge hm to ask you out on a date
  • which he would, making woozi mad
  • but what him furious was that you said yes
  • woozi would feel like his best friend was being taken away from him
  • so, the night of yours and vernons date, woozi would lock himself in his studio and try to decipher if he lost his best friend or not