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Hello Mr. Scamander (and mun)! I noticed your post about "Newt Scootin' Boogie" and was wondering if you wouldn't mind too terribly to my writing a parody of the original but with you in it? I love writing music and I think it would be genuinely hilarious and entertaining to have a song about you, Mr. Scamander, doing the "Newt Scootin' Boogie, if that's alright. (I also kind of feel like that would be the name of his mating dance. XD)

My… my what?

(Haha, omg, of course!  I would love you to see what you come up with, and so would Newt!  (He just doesn’t know it yet.) )

Eye Love You Just the Way You Are Part 3

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Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

 Word Count: 3,247

Summary: Negan has put Carl through so much, he and Y/n just deserve a break.

Warnings: cursing, slight NSFW, death, spoilers

Author’s Note: Part 3 is finally here! Sorry it took me so long to finish writing, I hope the anon that requested along with everyone else finds it to be enjoyable and worth the wait ! This will probably be the last in this series, however I was thinking of starting a longer series soon after I finish up another imagine I’m working on (I will post details later asking for opinions). Requests are still open for now so send them in while you can ! Enjoy !

~~~~ (Y/n POV) After Negan had forced us to help cook a meal for Rick to come back to, he began to feel impatient, like waiting was no use. “I’m not waiting for your dad anymore,” he spoke up, causing me to look up from my lap and in his direction. “I don’t know where the hell he is… But Lucille-” he paused, sending Carl a smirk. “Is hungry.” My eyes followed his hand as he placed his bat in the empty seat between him and Olivia. “Carl, Y/n, would one of you pass the rolls ?” He smiled. Carl and I looked at each other and then to the basket of bread. “Please ?” He spoke up, feeling impatient yet again. I picked up the basket and passed it to Carl, who delivered it to Negan. Was this happening right now ? Did this man think that after all that’s happened, he could just make himself at home like this ? I felt sick, I didn’t want to eat the food he forced us to cook with him. I wanted to wake up in Carl’s bed, like this was all some sort of nightmare. Carl and Olivia started to eat, trying to keep him satisfied, while I stared at my empty plate. “Something a matter, Y/n ?” Negan pulled me from my trance. “I’m fine, I’m just.. Not hungry.” I averted my gaze from his, trying to spare me any problems. He paused to look at me before speaking up again. “‘Not hungry’ ..” He chuckled “I spent all this time making us a meal and you’re just ‘not hungry’ ?” I continued staring at my plate, pissing him off even more. “That’s correct.” He chuckled again, placing his fork on his plate and interlacing his fingers under his chin. “You’re gonna eat the meal that I so graciously made you,” he commanded. “And you’re gonna look at me when I’m talking to you.” I sighed and lifted my head, first looking at Carl, who’s face showed concern, and then Negan. “Eat.” He told me. I nodded frantically and reached for the pot of spaghetti, causing him to lean back and smile in victory. Carl must’ve noticed my reluctance when eating, because I felt his hand brush against my knee. I looked at him to see him nod in the direction of his hand, as if telling me to look. Once my eyes followed his path, I saw an open palm laid on my thigh. Slowly, I placed my hand in his under the table, sighing a breath of relief. Having his hand in mine made me feel comfortable, hopeful, calm. A few minutes had passed of silence and slow eating. Carl had to be seeing how uncomfortable I was, so he scooted a tad closer to me, filling up the semi emptiness I felt at that moment. We all awkwardly sat and chewed on our food, not daring to say a word, however Negan had other plans. He placed his fork down, fairly forcefully, and cleared his throat. “Fine !” He yelled, causing everyone’s heads to turn to his direction. “If no one’s gonna say anything, I will. Kid, you gotta let go.” Negan was staring blatantly at Carl and he tilted his head in confusion and hatred. “What ?” He asked, not understanding his request. “You think I haven’t noticed ? You two touchin’ and scootin’ on each other like that, all that lovey-dovey shit, it’s gotta stop.” He pointed at the two of us. “Why ? It isn’t bothering you.” Carl spat to him. “Actually, kid, it really is. Don’t make me separate the two of you, Lucille is nice and comfy, she don’t feel like switchin’ her seat.” Negan looked Carl dead in the eye. Carl glared daggers at him as he let go of my hand slowly, pleasing Negan. “That wasn’t so bad, was it ?” Negan smiled. He then wiped his mouth of any excess food. “Well, I think I’m quite full. Y/n, take care of the dishes, will ya ?” I placed my fork on my plate and stood. “Fine.” I spoke harshly, carrying the empty plates into the kitchen sink. “Olivia, you’re relieved of your duties, take Judith upstairs for me and you can go, thank you for being such a dear.” I could hear the sadistic grin on his face without even looking at him. Olivia took her upstairs and quickly left, as he went to sit on the couch. I began scrubbing the dishes in the sink, trying to work out my frustrations, when I felt a hand trace the small of my back. Jumping slightly, I turned to see Carl, hair falling in his face. “Sorry.” He whispered. I shrugged and turned back to finish the dishes. “You ok ?” He leaned against the counter to get a better view of me. “No.” I spoke. He let out a sigh and placed his hand on my shoulder, comfortingly. “I know you aren’t either.” I lifted my head and finally faced him. “I can tell, I can feel it in your muscles. You’re tense.” We made sure to keep our conversation quiet so Negan wouldn’t hear. Carl hadn’t responded. “Carl, come on.” I wiped my hands clean of water. He looked at me with confusion. “Let’s go, you obviously need a break from.. Him.” I gestured subtly to Negan. “We can’t, you said that yourself. Besides, he wants me to stay with him constantly..” He whispered. “You’ve been decent to him, couldn’t you just ask permission ?” I asked him. “He would never let me.” He responded. I grew frustrated, the need to be alone with him getting bigger. “Carl, just ask. Please.” I closed my eyes as I spoke to him. “Y/n listen,” he began. “We both know Negan doesn’t trust us together, he’ll get suspi-” “I need-” I interrupted him, however I cut my own sentense off, unsure of what to say. “I need you. You and me, upstairs, alone.” I stared deeply at him, grabbing his hand gently. “Please.” He looked at me, eye widening and filling with passion and desire. He then looked behind me to see Negan on the couch, and began heading in his direction. I turned to watch. “Negan,” he called. Negan sat up, eyebrows raising in Carl’s direction. “I need to ask you something.” Negan chuckled and nodded for him to continue. “I would like your permission for Y/n and I to go upstairs, alone.” Carl asked quietly. I could tell he didn’t feel like asking permission, didn’t feel like falling into submission. But he knew he had to. Negan snorted. “Excuse me ?” He asked. “No way.” “Please,” Carl retaliated almost immediately, before taking a breath to calm him down. “Please. We’ll only be a moment, just let us be alone.” Instead of answering, Negan began to laugh. “Kid, you’re asking’ me permission for you to go bang you’re girlfriend ?” He pointed to me, causing a hard glare in his direction. “That.. Is.. Classic !” He laughed continuously. Carl stayed silent, not proving him right or wrong. All of a sudden, there was yelling outside on the porch. “Dammit, this was gettin’ good. Go on kid, let me see what’s up out there.” He suggested, standing and walking out of the door. I began to walk towards Carl when he turned to face me. He grabbed my arm and practically dragged me upstairs behind him. “Carl,” I called out. We made our way to his bedroom as he threw me onto his bed. “What are you-” He cut off my sentence with a passionate kiss, knees on either side of my hips. His one hand planted itself next to my head to give his body support, while the other reached up to grab my cheek. Of course I kissed back, but I knew I needed to talk to him. I pulled my face away from his. “Carl, I need to talk to you.” I spoke up in a serious tone. He lifted himself up and off of me, taking a seat in front of me. “I need you. I needed you before, and I need you now.” He basically exploded, like he’d been keeping this in for a while. “l thought I could kill Negan, I really did, but then, I failed. Its been a real shitty week, all I want right now is you.” He explained to me. My head filled with wonder at what exactly happened while he was with Negan. “Please tell me what he did to you. Everything he did.” I begged him, grabbing his hands in my own. Sitting like this reminded me of the first time we confessed to each other, our first kiss, when he first showed me his wound. Look how far we’ve come in only some months.. Carl looked to me and squeezed his hands around mine, preparing his words to speak to me. “He has wives, said I could ‘look at them’, he made me carry around a tray of food, he made me take off my bandage while he judged me, made me sing to him while he swung his bat around, made me watch some poor guy get burned with a hot iron. Like I said, a real shitty week.” Carl spoke quickly and all at once, wanting to get it over with. “What did he say about your eye ?” I asked him almost immediately. He stayed silent and avoided my eyes. “What did he say ???” I asked again, louder, forcing Carl to look at me. He stayed silent for a second before finally talking again. “He said it was disgusting, 'no wonder you cover it up’, asked me if I’ve ever looked in the mirror.” He teared up. “He asked if he could touch it.” My eyes widened as rage filled my veins. “Did he ?” I asked. He shook his head side to side. “Carl.. You don’t believe any of that, do you ?” His eye looked away yet again. “Sometimes I do.” He admitted, tears falling down his cheek as he winced from the pain it caused his wound. “Hey,” I started to tear up as well. “Please don’t cry.” I wiped his tears away as his face leaned into my hand. “You don’t have to feel that way, you’re absolutely beautiful, and you can’t let Negan get to you like that, you have to stay strong.” I smiled sympathetically. “You’re my only strength, Y/n, you know how to fix me, and you’re the only person I feel whole with.” He laughed weakly. He grabbed my hand from his face and pressed it against his lips, kissing it softly. He began to place soft kisses up my arm, causing a slight smile to grow on my features. He continued until he reached the area between my neck and my shoulder, taking a breath. “Please..” He begged, voice low, filled with desire. “Just let me do this..” He went back to kissing my neck, more rough this time. “Carl..” I moaned slightly, entangling my fingers through his hair. He kissed his way up my neck and reached my jawline, slowing the pace slightly. He stopped altogether and pulled his face up in front of mine. “What if he catches us ?” I asked him. He licked his lips and stared at me deeply. “I don’t give a shit.” He spoke clearly, almost immediately slamming his lips to mine, taking me by surprise. He kissed me hard and lustfully, like it would be the last moment I spent with him. His lips melded against my own while his hands explored my body. Soon enough, he went back to sucking on my neck, most likely leaving marks. I let out a soft moan when his hands found their way under my shirt, which only encouraged him. He began to rub my sides while he quickly pulled back to speak. “I love you so much, Y/n. Just forget about everything that’s happening, just this once.” His lips gently glided across my skin. “I love you too, Carl. I’ll do anything for you..” I breathed, enjoying the feeling of his kiss. This continued for a while, him teasing me with the bliss of his presence while I sat and let him forget about everything. All the tears, all the pain, all the bad in the world, it all seemed to just melt away in this one, short lived moment. ~~ At this point, I was a mess, moaning and panting like crazy, while we had barely even taken off our clothes. I could tell Carl wanted this to last for a while, he seemed to be taking his time. His body grinded against mine while his hands continuously rubbed my waist. My hands were entangled in his hair, gripping it tight. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang coming from outside. My eyes shot open and Carl sat up quickly. “What the hell was that ?” He asked, panicking slightly. “It sounded like a gunshot..” I spoke. I started to get up, however he grabbed my arm. “It was probably nothing.” He said, unsurely. I sighed. “Carl, that was a gunshot, we have to see what’s happening.” I stood up and went towards his door. He eventually followed me out. Once we rushed downstairs, he stopped me with his arm. “Let me go first.” He told me, opening the door. I nodded and followed him outside and onto the porch, where Olivia stood watching a scene unfold. “You tried to KILL me ??” We heard a yell. Upon getting outside, we saw Rosita on the ground with knife held to her throat, and a VERY pissed off Negan. “You shot Lucille !” He yelled, waving around his bat. “She got in the way.” Rosita spat in response. The sight was horrifying. Spencer laid on the ground in a pool of his own guts and blood, Negan seemed the angriest I had ever seen him, even angrier than when we first crossed paths, which sent shivers down my spine. My eyes began to water when Carl reached his hands behind him for me to grab in comfort. “What the hell is this ??” He picked up an empty shell casing off of the ground. “S'this home made ?” Rosita just glared at him as Negan commanded the blade be put to her face. “Tell me who made this.” He snapped. “It was me.” Rosita lied through her teeth, causing a chuckle out of Negan. I disregarded everything after that. I couldn’t focus, I was terrified. I knew he was going to kill someone else. I fell into Carl’s arms, crying softly. He embraced my body. The feeling was enough for me to zone out until I heard the two most terrifying words. “Kill somebody.” I heard Negan say flatly. My eyes widened as I pulled away from Carl and stared at the woman pulling her gun out quickly. “No ! It was me !” Rosita cried, but to no avail, the gun was pointed in my direction. I knew I was going to die. I closed my eyes and grasped Carl’s hand tightly, preparing myself as the trigger was pulled. “NO!” I heard Carl cry, squeezing my hand in his own. Nothing. I felt.. Nothing. Slowly I opened my eyes to see Olivia on the ground in front of me, a bullet in her cheek. “No..” I called out softly. Tears formed in my eyes like a waterfall as I fell to my knees, sobbing. “I thought we had an agreement !” I heard a familiar voice yell. Rick was finally back.. Negan responded with something, but I lost focus. I stared at Olivia’s lifeless body and cried. Carl eventually kneeled as well to comfort me. “It should’ve been me..” I sobbed. Carl hugged me tightly and pet my hair soothingly. The rest was a blurr. Negan had eventually left after getting his point across, and so did everyone else in the street. I, however, didn’t move. I stayed by Olivia’s dead body, silent. I had no more tears left in me, so I just observed. Carl hadn’t left either, he stayed and let me grieve. He rubbed my back soothingly, providing me much needed support. “I’m sorry, Olivia.” I whispered. “Thank you.” A few more seconds of silence passed when I heard someone walk onto the porch. “Carl, go inside for a minute.” It was Rick. Carl cautiously and confusingly stood. “We’ll be inside soon.” Rick assured. He had to have wanted to talk to me, but my mind stayed planted on Olivia. Carl stepped inside as Rick fell onto his knees beside me. “Y/n,” he put his hand on my back. “I’m sorry you had to see all this.” I shrugged. “Its our lives now, I guess I’ll get used to it.” I spoke dryly. “It WAS our lives, but I won’t be. I promise you.” He sighed. “Lately, I’ve probably been at my lowest point in all of this, but Michonne, she pulled me out. She told me that we can fight and we can live. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.” I looked at him in slight confusion when he stood and held his hand out for me to grab. “We won’t do it without you.” He smiled. I grabbed his hand and stood with him. “Get Carl, we’re going to the hilltop.” He said. A smile of releif grew on my face as fell into Rick, hugging tightly. He immediately hugged back. “Thank you.” Tears of happiness made their way down my cheek. I pulled away slowly and rushed back inside. My hurried actions must have startled Carl, because as soon as I ran through the door, he stood instantly. “Y/n, is everything ok ?” He walked to me from the couch. I quickly met him half way and slammed my lips to his, hands on either of his cheeks. I pulled away after a few seconds and smiled brightly. “We have to get ready. We’re going to the hilltop soon.” I said. “What ?” He asked in disbelief. He and I both knew what it meant. His eyes filled with confusion and incredulity. “Carl, I know this sounds like another spout out of loss and anger but this is for real. Your dad, he said it. We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna go to the hilltop and get help and weapons and we’re gonna see Sasha and Maggie and Enid and anyone else and we’re gonna-” I spoke quickly, but was interrupted by another kiss on my lips, as if to shut me up. Carl pulled away and looked at me with a smile on his face. “We’re gonna end this, we’re gonna take back our lives. I love you, Y/n L/n.” He said to me. I smiled again. “I love you too.” I pushed his hair behind his ear to see his full face, wound and all. “Just the way you are.” I spoke. Carl kissed my forehead. “No, Y/n, just the way WE are.”