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Ally !! How's my angel doing? Are you doing well? I hope you are. I saw your IG story and you're on your way to Busan i'm so excited for you ahhhhh !!! I love how much you're posting hehe you do look like you're having a really fun time. Take care bab ilysm you're the absolute cutest and sweetest and your train doodles are super duper cute -your Jiminnie

thankyou bby!!!!!! ;o; busan is SO COLD the winds are so Strong i’d think jungkook and jimin grew up with better cold tolerance. it’s monday soon so i hope you’ll have a great week ahead 💕 /fires u strength from busan!!!!/

dating calum
  • you: babe I get lonely sometimes when you're on tour
  • calum: we could get a dog
  • you: I don't mean-
  • calum: okay, two dogs, just for u bby
  • you: calum I didn't-
  • calum: okay, THREE dogs, GOD,,

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a reaction request of EXO. What would there reaction be if they found out that their girlfriend (of only a couple months but they really like/love her) is taking medication for depression and they didn't know she had it?

I’m such a klutz omg seriously I need to write down the guidelines for the reaction scenario because when I saw your request I almost fell from the chair (;¬//////¬)
My bad my bad! Anyway from now on the limit for the reaction request is six members (it’s okay if you ask for different bands)
Thank you for requesting bby ( ˘ ³˘) ♡

Being the sweetest person on earth, Kai would put the blame on himself. He would start to pay meticulous attention to everything you do, because how could he not notice? He is passionate about what he does so I can picture him searching for a way to make you feel better and put aside everything else. 
I think I heard somewhere that puppies are a great help when you aren’t feeling well so, if Kai came to the same conclusion, you will probably wake up one day and find the bed covered in fluffy balls of fur.

I find Luhan really mature in topics like this, and I feel like he is that person who notices everything but stays silent until you willingly talk to him.
I can see him letting you talk for hours and then reassure you with an hug, saying that you are strong and that if for some reasons you feel like you can’t do it, he is there for you.

Chanyeol is obviously a goofball, but when you tell him that you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders he would switch from his usual behavior to the personification of seriousness. 
I can see him trying to motivate you to get on your feet again with all his might and giving you all the time you need without pushing you into something you don’t feel comfortable with.

I think Xiumin, like Luhan, is one of those people who really notice how a person is acting.
He would notice you aren’t able to do certain things like you did before, so he would remind you that you are useful, you have everything you need in you and that if for some reasons you can’t see it he is there to let you know.

On the other hand I feel like Lay would maybe not notice and not because he doesn’t care enough, but probably because you are doing your best to hide it. 
When he finds out he will start to ask himself why he didn’t had the ability to help you sooner, and with that in mind he will try three times harder to make you feel lighter.

Kyungsoo is really quiet so I can’t really picture him telling you all those things, instead I can see him being thoughtful with the things you do and then think of both cause and cure.
You are anxious? He will make you do only the things you are comfortable with.
You feel like the world is full of negativity? He will sing for you until you see a ray of light.

We all know too well that if Baekhyun walks in the room he will make the whole atmosphere lighter, so when he sees that you aren’t your usual self he will ask about it.
Telling him that you were diagnosed with depression he would feel his heart shatter, but since he has the need to make you feel better he will make himself strong and ask you to let it all out.
I really feel like he would be one of those people you are glad to have around because you will be sure he isn’t judging you, but just trying to understand you.

Kris, well Kris is like a giant teddy bear and everything around him is full of kindness so you can expect the best from him.
He is one of those boys, those you find once in a lifetime, that if you ask for the moon he will find a way to give it to you, so if he sees you in a difficult situation you won’t have to hide because he would make sure you know you are loved.

I think Suho would think about why you have troubles in talking, why you always seem down or why you prefer staying all day in bed instead of going out for a walk, so when you will tell him that you don’t feel useful anymore he won’t leave you alone for a moment.
I can actually see him asking himself what he did wrong and then making sure to envelop you in a blanket of love.

Tao is really empathetic from my point of view, so he would pick up the hints. 
If you need to be reassured he would stay with you all day without talking, maybe doing something to make you feel at ease like brushing your hair or holding your hand.

Sehun is often blunt but I think it’s pretty clear that he is a really kind boy.
He would be that boyfriend who wants to take every sad thing on himself to let his girlfriend be the happiest in the world, so if you tell him you are feeling bad and that you need to take medications his world would fall. 
After the first minute of shock, his motivation will raise to the top and he will surely find a way to make you feel better.

Okay, Chen if kind of a joker and everything else but I don’t know why I see him being the most caring person in the world.
If you feel down the best thing is to be surrounded with happy and beautiful things, so you will see him trying to do simple things with a lot of feelings behind.
It could be a cup of tea, a caress on the cheek or one of those forty seconds hugs you really need sometimes, the important thing would be that you know he’s there for you.

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Pls don't think you're not photogenic. I promise you you're pretty bby. Think of a sunset, I actually saw one tonight and thought it was so amazing out when I took the picture it didn't do it justice at all. The camera is the thing that can't capture you're beauty. Keep on smiling

Thank you for this but I do feel pretty, darlin’. Just frustrated that I don’t look pretty in pictures. You ever watch an animated movie and it looks gorgeous but then you pause it and the frame looks ridiculous

this is what pictures of me are like iT’S MADDENING