you said youd be there


since nobody is writing about how camila is sooooooooo girlfriend material (and im so in love with her), here it is:

•  it all started with you two being good friends, and as friends, you kept getting closer and closer

when she found out that you were into girls she smiled so big for herself 

• bc you were this cute girl that since she looked at you she wanted to get to know better 

• at first you texted a lot, and everytime she saw something funny she sended it to you

• bc she knew it would make you laugh and that would make her really happy

• then you started hanging out everytime that she wasnt filming for riverdale, like in between takes you’d go to where she was and take her to grab lunch or something

• you tried getting spoilers from her but even tho she really trusted you already she couldnt tell anything

• but she loved how you got so frustrated bc you. needed. to. know.

• so she teased you a lil bit, saying things like ”this may or may not happen”

HOW SHE ASKED YOU TO BE HER GIRLFRIEND before that everybody thought you were a couple anyway

• you were sick, like really sick, so she being the caring “friend” that she is showed up at your place w some soup, and why not flowers (something that she learnt from playing veronica) 

• even tho you melted when you saw her with all of that, you didnt want her around  because you were afraid shell get sick too

• but she didnt care, she sat right next to you on the couch and put some movie on netflix

• you were falling asleep with your head on her shoulder and she was looking at you, playing with your fingers

• she probably wanted to ask you to be his girlfriend “properly” like, with a long speech  and give you maybe some chocolate or candy

• but while looking at you the words spilled from her mouth

• “hey do you wanna me like, my girlfriend?”

• “what”

• “what”

• both of you started laughing and oFC YOU SAID YES I MEAN

• so thats how you started dating

• thats when all the fun began hehehe jk

• her phone and yours would be filled with silly photos of you two

• you know that video of her cooking and laughing about it in her ig story? you’d have tons of them doing mostly everything

• like one day, she took your phone while you were showering bc she was bored and her phone didnt have any battery, and going through your camera roll she found this video you took from her while she was watching her favorite movie because you loved how her eyes lighted up whenever her favorite scene was on the screen and how loud she screamed when something “surprising” happened even tho she watched it thousands of times

• she would do the same, because you’d have that kind of relationship

• she comments on every single one of your pics, really short comments like “i love you” “im in love” “mOM” “gorgeous” “mine”

• her mom loves you, and likes to cook for you bc she seems so nice and lovely

• when she is mad over something really silly, she starts speaking portuguese and you just stare at her while she’s screaming walking around the room until she let it all out

• “i was doing it again?” “yup” “im sorry”

• but theres times where you two are cuddling facing eachother and she is putting your hair behind your ear while smiling and shed say “eu tenho tanta sorte“ or “você é tão bonita”

• you wouldnt get anything of what she said (and she probably wouldnt tell you) but youd smile so big because you knew it was something nice and when she speaks in another language is the cutest thing ever

• PDA !!!!! lots of pda

• but not the annoying type like sucking eachother faces in public, but holding hands, long hugs, cheek kisses, forehead kisses !!!

• at least twice a week you go out to eat or have a cute coffee date, talking bout life sitting infront of eachother, holding hands over the table

• she never fails to make you laugh, she’s always doing goofy things or trying to imitate someone (and failing)  just to put a smile on your face

• its 2:34 AM, the lights are gone, the only source of light is coming from your computer screen and you two are dancing in the living room to some random spotify playlist

• you can go from steamy hot makeout session on the couch to sloppy slow kisses filled with love

• she sings to you whenever you ask her 

• she is probably singing 24/7 GOD BLESS HER ANGELIC VOICE

• but if you’re having a rough time or you’re feeling sad, she sings to you in a low tone kinda whispering, while smiling sweetly 

• i dont think she is the jealous type  ? but if anyone is looking at you in a way that they shouldn’t she’d wrap an arm around your waist, not like in a “she’s mine back off” type of way, but in a sweet “i love her dont steal her from me” type of way im crying 

• SHE. IS. A. TEASER. LIL. ****

• you tried cooking together, but you endend up getting too “distracted” and burning the whole thing

• “lets order pizza” “but i dont want pizza” “what do you want?” “you”

• she appreciates you and loves you so much bc if she is dating you she is 100% focused on you so she wouldnt be the annoying cheesy type, but definitely cheesy

• when she is away filming or busy with her work she sends you selfies doing funny faces, or videos at set with the cast, or a pouty selfie with a “cant wait to get home :(” that makes you melt inside who wouldnt

• PET NAMES !!! she probably calls you “love/babe/gorgeous”

• and she is your little nugget, of course

• play nights at your place with her friends (and yours) happen a little too often, because is everything you love and need: wine, charades, friends, and eachother


but it doesnt matter is you win or lose the game at the end of the night, bc she’d wrap her arms around you and say “i win, i have you”

i love her so so so so much okay?????? it ends right here before i start crying she is the most precius lil bean bye

tw: @softnessmalik
Tim drakes Anxiety

So I know I’ve talked about Tim before, with his depression and everything but let’s talk about his Anxiety. The Anxiety he has everytime Damian goes out on his own doing something dangerous. The endless pacing around the floor and wringing his hands together. The gut wrenching feeling he gets whenever Jason’s com turns off or Jason doesn’t answer. The foot tapping and checking surveillance cameras and traffic cameras around the city to see where Dick wandered off too.


Introductions - Dan Howell x Reader

Prompt: hey you said youd do youtuber imagines so could you do one with danisnotonfire where he intrduces you to his audience in a tag video? thanks

Originally posted by demonphannie

“Today’s the day” you thought. You were terrified, excited, but terrified.  Last week, Dan had told you that he thought it was time to introduce you to everyone who watched his videos. At first, you were against the idea but you loved him, so if this was what he wanted then you said you would be happy to do it.

“You ready babe?” Dan called from his bedroom.
“Yeah, just give me a minute!” You called back from the bathroom. “Okay Y/N, just breathe” you whispered to yourself. Taking a deep breath and looking up into the mirror, you fluffed your hair up a little and made your way into Dan’s room.

“Okay, so how do we do this?” you asked.
“Well erm, I guess I’ll do my intro and then you can just slide into the shot?” Dan replied.
“Yeah,” you agreed “sounds good to me” you weren’t very enthusiastic about it but you had to put on a good front for Dan.

Dan began his introduction you waited for his signal to move into the shot. “So I guess it’s time to introduce you guys to my girlfriend, Y/N!” Dan smiled. You rolled your chair into the shot and sat there smiling; you couldn’t help but feel awkward. Dan sensed this and tried to put you at ease before continuing to explain the day’s video to his camera.

“Okay let’s get started shall we?” Dan said, turning to you. You nodded in response. He turned to face the camera again. “Okay, so this is the boyfriend/girlfriend tag…” there was a slight pause, “what has my life become?” Dan questioned.
“That’s the first question is it?” you asked with a grin.
Dan began to laugh, “Oh no, it’s too early in the video to get that deep, I’ll save my existential crisis for later.” The two of you laughed before Dan said “right, Y/N, you and I will take turns asking and answering the questions, are you ready?”
“As I’ll ever be!” you answered.
“Okay, question number one, who said ‘I love you’ first? Wow, straight in at the deep end with the big questions!”
“Tell me about it, what happened to good old ‘how did you meet?!” you remarked before giving your answer. “You did, you said it first and I said it straight back…” you scrunched up your face and with a smile added, “Well almost anyway.”
“Correct! Wait, is there a points system?”
“No Dan, I don’t think there’s a points system considering we should both know all the answers” you teased.

“Right next question, hit me up” Dan remarked.
You shook your head. “Okay, the next question is,” you paused to look at your phone and find the next question, “where was our first date?”
“Our first date, okay so if we don’t include the day we met or time spent together before we were actually together…”
You could see the wheels turning in his head as he tried to remember. “I’m going to have to press you for an answer” you said in your best gameshow host voice.
“Okay okay, I THINK it was..” he paused again and put his hand to his face, “was it the Italian, the one near Central?”
You paused, letting him sweat and doubt his answer. “Correct!” you shouted, watching his face fill with relief.

The two of you answered a few more questions, neither of you giving an incorrect answer. As Dan wrapped up the video, you couldn’t help but smile. After a while you had forgotten the camera was there and all of your nerves had gone.

“See, that wasn’t too bad, was it!” Dan beamed as he turned the camera off.

“No, I guess it wasn’t” you replied with a smile. “I won’t be starting a YouTube channel of my own anytime soon though” you raised an eyebrow.

“I wouldn’t expect anything else from you” Dan smiled as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you in a warm embrace.

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Can we know more about mama margolin? 💙💙💙

Josephine Yael Margolin, Dallas and Hazel’s supermom. She met Dallas’ dad at college. I’ve already mentioned this,
This happened way before the baseball team were close friends, but, I imagine, Parker likes to collect baseball cards, and one time, Parker opened a pack of ice cream sandwiches, a card fell out. It was shiny and there was “Abraham Margolin” printed over it. Ben was always a huuuge Margolin fan, and he asked if he could have it. Dallas was all. “Hey!! It’s dad!!” And Ben rolled his eyes and he’s all “t'chyeah, right, and Madonna’s my mom.” And Dallas is all “no, really! He’s my dad.” And he pulls out some pics from his wallet and Ben Just Lost His Shit. Queue Tyler tearfully meeting Josie, because, back in the day, Josie was a popular supermodel who probably appeared in a couple of music videos.

When Dallas refuses to wake up, she’d blast Africa by Toto and Dallas would tearfully get up like MOTHER.. PLEASE.. STOP.. YOU SAID YOUD STOP..

The home Dallas and Hazel and her live in is her childhood home. Her parents are influential and Old Money.

She loves Jackson 5!

Her room still has posters of David Bowie, which is now Dallas’ room.

In her youth, she had a huge crush on Dallas Winston.

She’s supportive of her kids. You bet when Dallas came out and when Dallas was diagnosed with MI, she spent all night researching, getting him support dogs, trying to find the best and most comfortable binder for him. She Just Loves Her Kids A lot.

She can knit!!

Dallas doesn’t tell her everything because he’s afraid he’s abusing his mom’s kindness. She can see right through him though.

(I’m on mobile so cw: parent mention , cw: mom ment)

  • google: how to explain to a neurotypical entitled middle aged white woman that you Just Cant Do That. when she tries to make you go way above and beyond what youre capable of doing. when she just. doesnt believe you. she thinks youre lying to be lazy. but in actuality youre trying to protect yourself from an inevitable personal disaster if you keep pushing yourself like that. and if you say that, she blames you, because "if youd just go see a doctor Like I Said," as if money grows on trees and itll solve all the worlds problems.
  • google: how to explain to a neurotypical cishet middle aged white woman that you dont have to be on T to be a man. that this isnt possibly any "harder on her" than it is on you. that just because youre not walking around with a baritone voice and beard doesnt mean youre not "Living Your Truth" to make it "easier for her" to see you as a man. how to tell her that you dont Have to take special care of her so she doesnt have to deal firsthand with your transness. and dear fuckin god how to tell her you dont Owe your identity to anyone, and you dont Owe anyone a talk about who you are. even if theyre family.

a while ago my partner and i were discussing sexy underwear and i said that i would wear anything they wanted me to at least once if they buy it for me. I meant this in a sex way but unfortunately they have taken advantage of this proclamation and now anytime they see an article of clothing they know id hate they point at it and request that I wear it for them. examples: a minions shirt, children’s overalls with butterfly patches, various meme shirts

Joaquin DeSantos x Reader- Toughie

Thank you so much for the request anon! I hope you enjoyed this! The reader I did make mostly gender neutral, but there is one mention of a female pronoun so take that as you will. I feel like he might be a little ooc in this, so I simply hope you like it! Let me know what you think! I liked working with the idea of a Bi/Pan Joaquin


Warnings: None

Words: 966


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Punk!Percy Icons

Art: x

Credit artist if using!

Ludo Sentence Starters
  • “I’m in love with the girl in the other room.”
  • “She’s gotta marry someone and it might be me.”
  • “Okay I can’t say that.”
  • “You let me ramble on and on.”
  • “Every night I cuddle up with you.”
  • “You take my blues away.”
  • “I love you forever and ever and ever I do.”
  • “I love it when you’re dreaming deep.”
  • “You’re just what I’m dreaming of.”
  • “The zombies are marching.”
  • “Families are cold, look down at their souls.”
  • “Faith in their God, that’s all they’ve got.”
  • “The whole world is churning, bleeding and burning.”
  • “The moon is as blood.”
  • “Save our city.”
  • “Salvation he brings.”
  • “I’m just a man, my time has come.”
  • “Fought and fell for our great king.”
  • “We’ll eat our kin and smash them in.”
  • “There’s a time to pray and there’s a time to fight.”
  • “Anything can be a weapon if you’re holding it right.”
  • “Love me cancerously.”
  • “Kill me romantically.”
  • “Bitter and dumb, you’re my sugarplum.”
  • “You’re awful, I love you.”
  • “She knows just how to hold me.”
  • “I know she drains me slowly.”
  • “She wears me down to bones in bed.”
  • “Love me dead.”
  • “You’re an office park without any trees.”
  • “You suck so passionately.”
  • “You’re a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature.”
  • “How’s your new boy? Does he know about me?”
  • “You’ve got the mark of the beast.”
  • “Please save this for me.”
  • “I’ll come back for you, love, I promise to.”
  • “My love will burn and my heart will stay.”
  • “It’s gone cold now.”
  • “We’ll sleep somehow.”
  • “I’ll be gone by first light.”
  • “I lie awake and memorize your face.”
  • “But I will not fail.”
  • “I taste blood every time I think of summer.”
  • “If that’s true, I’m in for quite a treat.”
  • “No, you can’t keep a good man down.”
  • “You’ve been known to obsess over the future.”
  • “Do you think you’ll get away from the past?”
  • “You think you’ve got a good thing now.”
  • “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.”
  • “Rest your soul and feed your brain.”
  • “That’s where you will get to see everything that the water can be.”
  • “It was the kinda night that makes  you think the whole world’s goin’ to hell.”
  • “Why the hell would they leave the car?”
  • “There were no bodies, I’ve got none to hide.”
  • “I’m a killer, cold and wrathful.”
  • “I’ve been inside your bedroom.”
  • “I’ve murdered half the town.”
  • “I’ll fill the graveyards until I have you.”
  • “I smell your softness.”
  • “I want you stuffed into my mouth.”
  • “Love, I’d never hurt you.”
  • “I will eat you slowly…”
  • “I’m your servant, my immortal.”
  • “Break my skin and drain me.”
  • “You die like angels sing.”
  • “Have you been up late nights?”
  • “It’s okay, it'sjust been hard to sleep.”
  • “There’s something I can do..”
  • “Thanks for offering, but I’ll be fine.”
  • “Couldn’t swallow, couldn’t get to sleep.”
  • “I see it in your eyes.”
  • “Can you help her? Can you make the time?”
  • “Just don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”
  • “I’ll do all I can do.”
  • “When are you coming home?”
  • “There’s something bigger going on this time.”
  • “I’m not joking this time.”
  • “We’ll be just fine.”
  • “Just take my hand.”
  • “I’m coming.”
  • “We’ll come back one day.”
  • “We’ve come so far.”
  • “You don’t understand.”
  • “You cyborg of the state.”
  • “I think I’m entitled to your body.”
  • “I want it with whipped cream on it.”
  • “You can’t beat the heat that beats in my blood.”
  • “I think I just lost my mind.”
  • “Anything for you.”
  • “The best story that I could ever tell is the one where I am growing old with you.”
  • “My scar is from a polar bear.”
  • “My curse is from a witch.”
  • “I’ve gotten drunk and shot the breeze with kings of far off lands.”
  • “I’d do absolutely anything for you.”
  • “I wonder if you think of me.”
  • “I’ve been hypnotized by all you are.”
  • “All I want is to know your name.”
  • “You’re holding my hand to your cheek.”
  • “What secrets do you hide?”
  • “You’ve haunted me in colors I’ve never seen.”
  • “We’re sitting in the dark.”
  • “Slip your fingertips through the ground.”
  • “We’ll dance until the morninglight.”
  • “This town should be afraid.”
  • “I don’t need them at all.”
  • “I’ll never be lonely again.”
  • “I’ll get the safe while you start the car.”
  • “Gimme a  kiss and keep your foot on the gas, now.”
  • “I wanna take you home and start a family.”
  • “All the stars in Texas ain’t got nothing on your eyes.”
  • “Your Daddy was a crooked soul with his heavy hand and bourbon cold.”
  • “I shot him dead.”
  • “You were the prettiest thing I ever stole.”
  • “They’d all been dead for years.”
  • “And soon the square was burning to the ground.”
  • “I am sick of myself, I’m a bum.”
  • “What have I become?”
  • “And soon the crew was killing everyone.”
  • “The flames were as gold.”
  • “My bones were so cold.”
  • “I’m a snake in the grass.”
  • “Let me pass.”
  • “I can’t eat, I can’t change.”
  • “I am in love again.”
  • “I am consumed by it.”
  • “I’m bad, bred to suffer.”
  • “I’ll escape.”
  • “Get me out, make it soon.”
  • “I’m not a snake.”
  • “I’m just falling apart again.”
  • “Look at me, I’m sobbing like a child.”
  • “Oh, is there anything left to say?”
  • “You’re watching it slipp away.”
  • “You’ve been kicked around, they got you on your knees.”
  • “They said youd never win.”
  • “We are young, but we will never die.”
  • “We won’t give up.”
  • “This is our battle cry.”
  • “You better suck it up boy and get off the ground.”
  • “You forget they madeyou bleed.”
  • “They kicked you like a dog when you were down.”
  • “Now we will fight the fight.”

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you said before that youd make your children vegan. you should raise them eating meat and dairy and then let them decide when their older. dont force your views on your children

when we watch charlotte’s web, nobody wants wilbur the pig to be slaughtered and eaten. 

when we watch finding nemo, everyone wants marlin to rescue nemo from the fishtank. 

when we watch chicken run, everyone wants the chickens to escape from the farm.

why force children to be the villains they despise in movies?

Sam Drabble #33

Submitted By: @bohowitch for my 900 Follower Celebration

All Gif Drabbles for this celebration will be posted on my Gif Drabble Masterlist and labeled 900 FC next to them

Sam looked confused at first then realization hit him.

Holy fire works on you. You’re not human (Y/N).

You sighed, No im an angel like Cas.

He looked hurt, You never said anything.

I couldn’t Sam. Youd look at me diffrently like how you are now. I didn’t want that. Im still me.

He watches yo before dousing the fire and pulling you into his arms.

Youre right (Y/N). just because youre an angel doesn’t make me love you any less. I just wish youd told me sooner.

Im sorry Sam.

He kisses your head, Its ok baby.  Â

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4 failed dates.
12 silent months.
Daily isolation.
And suicidal thoughts.
Ive always felt this way.
Deep sadness in my chest.
No matter how hard i try
Im at my worst at best
I write you words
You will never read.
Remember when you said
I was all youd ever need?
I miss you too this day
I wish i could move on
But you’ll find me every night
singing the same old song

my mom for the last week: you said youd be out of my house a month ago just leave already you freeloader

my mom last night: whhhy aa ree yyo u mmo vingg oou t

your first time (;

A/N: hi anon you must be new here because that is not a weird request, brad smut is always requested, and i honestly don’t mind writing brad stuff because its the easiest for me to write bc brad is bae. so i probably took this waaaay too far but oh well (; p.s I’m super sorry this is really late. hope you like it xx

it was brads birthday, and you guys have been together over eight months. You guys never had well done “it” if you know what I mean. He was always really good about it, he knew you were still a virgin so he’s always said that he’ll wait until you’re completely ready. You knew you were ready tonight, and it would be the perfect night to do it. You were going out to dinner with him and the boys tonight and you decided to wear something that flattered all the right parts of your body. You wore a dress that was tight in the bust and loose towards the bottom. You wore your favorite pair of Underwear matches with a new push up bras you’d bought.

“Wow” brad breathed astonished. “Do I look okay?” “You look gorgeous baby” he said hugging you kissing you for a short period of time. You got through dinner easily due to the fact that you were basically best friends with all of them. If you said you weren’t nervous you’d be lying. You knew if you wanted to have sex tonight you’d have to make the first move. When the both of you got home you were cuddled in bed and you knew you had to make the move.

you leaned in to kiss him slowly making your way on his lip attempting to be sexy and you bit his lip. “Ow, babe what are you doing” he whined. “I- I don’t know. I shouldn’t of, just I ruined it” you sighed ready to get off him. “No, no baby. You didn’t ruin anything, next Time just don’t bite so hard” he said soothing you. “Like this” you said trying it again pulling away. “Mmhh, yes baby just like that” he said letting out a noise you’ve never been exposed to but you liked it. You tried to reach for his shirt and he pulled away again. “Seriously baby what’s going on?” He said worried. “Ugh I just, I’m ready. And I just feel like you don’t wanna have sex with me. I mean you don’t have to, I just thought since its your birthday” you trailed off. “Baby are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you owe this to me or anything.” He said caressing your face. I just wanna have sex with you for gods sake, you thought; or well you thought you only said it to yourself. “Well if you insist baby girl” he said flipping the two of you over, kissing you deeply.

“You want me to lead baby?” You nodded your head quickly making him smile. “I’m gonna make you feel so good tonight” he said trailing kisses down your neck making you whimper. He reached for your dress zipper and you stopped him “you first” you smirked. He rose an eyebrow at you before stripping himself of his shirt causing your hands to run down his stomach before his lips were on your neck again. The dress was slowly unzipped and peeled off of your body, leaving you in just your bra and underwear. “holy shit, youre beautiful” this made you blush, no one has ever saw you so bare, so exposed other than himself. he slowly slipped the straps of your bra off quickly landing on the floor. he cupped your breasts in his hands running his hands over the exposed skin causing you to let out a slight moan causing him to grin. he pressed his lips to the top of your chest down to each breast making you hum in pleasure. “brad that feels so good holy shit” you said your head tilted back. “shh baby just let it feel good”. soon he was trailing his lips down your stomach and around your thighs. “can i?” he said fiddling with the waist band of your underwear. you nodded in approval causing him to pull your underwear off in an instant. “holy shit” he gasped. “what, is there something wrong?” you said worried youd messed up or something causing him to chuckle. “youre just, um really fucking wet and thats so hot” he said looking directly in your eyes making you feel even more turned on. you had a thing about dirty talk, but you were to nervous to even begin to tell brad that. he started tracing his tongue over your clit and sucking and everything else you could imagine sending you to a point of ecstasy, pulling his head deeper into your core.  he started using his fingers getting you really close to your high. “fuck brad im so close” you moaned out with your hands practically embedded in his hair. once you finally came he licked up your clit cleaning you up before coming up to kiss your lips letting you taste yourself.

“that was so hot, you being so turned on that you pushed my face so deep in your pussy” he said kissing your neck. you had know idea brad could even say those words, especially to you. “brad” you squealed. “what” he said smirking at you, as your face grew a bright shade of red. “you cant say stuff like that bradley!” you said flustered. “what? pussy?” he said in a teasing tone. you covered your face with your hands. “i bet you like it when i say that, hmm? i just ate your delicious pussy and you came all over my face and now im gonna make you moan my name whilst i make love to your beautiful body” he said trying to be descriptive as possible. you let out a tiny moan trying to hold back. “see you like it when i talk dirty baby, and thats nothing to be ashamed of” he said sucking on your neck. he stood up and stripped himself of the rest of his clothes going back to making out with you.

“okay baby, this is gonna hurt you a little bit but I’m gonna go slow and if you feel like its too much for you we can stop, alright?” he said lining up with you. “I’m ready brad” you said confidently, pulling him in for a kiss. he eased himself into you, at first it was uncomfortable then you started to be okay. “alright brad, move, please” you said in desperation. he started thrusting into you causing you to wrap your legs around him and encourage him to go faster. “baby, uh your pussy is so tight around my cock. it feels amazing” he said hotly in your ear. “shit brad you’re killing me” you said barely able to talk. his tip grazed a spot that made you feel amazing. “shit brad do that again” you said more in a whine. he thrusted even deeper hitting that spot multiple times causing you to have that familiar feeling in your stomach. “brad i-im gonna,” you said close to orgasming for the second time. “sh just let it go I’m close too” he said rubbing circles in your clit making you both come at the same time.

you flipped over to lay on your side of the bed on your back taking in a deep breath. “holy shit” you breathed. “how was that for your first time?” he said cheekily kissing your cheek. “that was amazing brad” you said leaning so you were on his chest. “next time i want you to teach me how to ride you” you said in a quiet voice. “that good, eh?” he joked. “or i mean we can never do this again if you dont wanna” you sassed. “oh i dont think so princess” he chuckled digging his face into your shoulder. “i love you so much” he murmured. “i love you too bradley” you said kissing him on the shoulder. after that you both fell asleep cuddled up next to each other, too lazy to put any clothes on.