you said you wanted some rob edits

Do it for him - Wooflan

i like this yet hate it at the same time. this doesn’t really have a direction? it’s more like team woof propaganda, if anything? prepare for many reblogs of this. i actually wanted to do ‘do it for her’ first, but that’s for another day. i’ve also been listening to the songs too much, please send help

word count: 1525

song link: (x)

[Verse 1: Pearl]
Why do you have to look up to her?
Aside from in a literal sense


Rob stuttered, having being just cut off by Preston. He looked to the side in embarrassment.

“Look Lachlan, listen to me,” Preston began.

They had just won their competitive match of CS:GO and Lachlan was whining about how he was killed at the last minute because he wasn’t able to snipe someone with his AWP, prompting Rob to try give him advice.

Only, his advice was ignored before he could even say anything meaningful.

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