you said you liked being tagged in selfies so

Thank you for being amazing

I know a lot of people already said, but I wanted to say it too: It’s so good to see so much beautiful faces on the NS tag for that beautiful day, it’s as if we’re getting closer to each other, after all, we’re just like a big and lovely family. <3 I love how everyone is still there after what happened !! 

I’m happy to belong to this amazing fandom, so thank you ! <3 And Happy NS selfie day ! (hope we’ll get another NS day soon >w<) 

(colored by white-lyrical) 


I got tagged by @munchbot to do a year of selfies. I got to do a lot or really cool stuff this year, and I did not take photos of any of it. so enjoy 9 photos of me sitting around being a lazy sack of crap.

don’t like tagging people in these sorts of things, so if you wanna post pics of your face you should do it and said I told you to!