you said this song is perfect for destiel and it is

Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 4

*thinking to myself* Oh god, how do I respond? How does one respond when your mother asks what you’re reading. I’m reading smut, mom.
*Out loud* Oh, just an online story.

“She seems too nice. This won’t end well…”

“I can’t even focus on the words, it’s 2 am, the screen is swimming. I need to go to bed.”

“Oh! I know the perfect song to go with this chapter!”

“Did you make a fucking Frozen reference? Followed by a Mean Girls reference? No.”

“That’s inaccurate.”

“What is punctuation? This person doesn’t know.”

“This is just words. Where are the paragraphs?”

“This isn’t proper grammar or spelling. Stop it. Get some help.”

“Wow, what a sick burn!” *Ironically dabs*

“In the words of Daniel James Howell: back thE FUCK UP.”

“Don’t these characters know that death is bad for someone’s health?”

“Oh my god! Clean and sharpen your knife! If you keep using it without proper care, it won’t kill people as easily!” *Whispers* “I’m sane, I promise.”

“I swear if he does what I think he will, I’m throwing my phone.”

“I’m talking to myself, shit.”

Destiel and Cockles Fic List

Copper Park

(Words: 9843) - Audio Version Attached

(AU) The world isn’t fair– Dean has known that for a long time; but when he finds himself out on the streets, that’s when he realizes just how cruel the world can actually be, and, how beautiful.

In the Spine

(Words: 5467) - Audio Version Attached

Cas reads a letter from Dean.

The Perfect Gift

(Words: 2368)

Castiel has a big problem concerning Dean … thankfully, Sam is always around to help

Can’t Stop

(Words: 5863)

He needs to get out of his own head, so what better way to do that than to read? That’s how Dean end up reading “Twist and Shout”.

High Rise / Hard Fall

(Words: 17, 376)

(NSFW) Castiel Novak lives a simple life. He has his simple car, his simple apartment, his simple clothes and his amazing, astounding, wonderful pet cat, James. What more could he possibly need?

A Beast’s Perspective

(Words: 2508) - Audio Version Attached

Benny remembers purgatory– Benny remembers everything.

The Book

(Words: 1884) - Audio Version Attached

Dean finds something in Cas’s jacket pocket

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Fleeting Moments

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 900

Warnings: No warnings, just fluff!

Summary: Dean plans a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for the reader.

Author’s Note: Okay, this one was supposed to be an Imagine but I got carried away (as usual) and now it’s just a cute one shot for Valentine’s Day! I hope you guys like it :) Feedback is appreciated!

If you would like to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     Dean’s rough hands brushed your cheeks as you stumbled forward on your seldom used heels, your boyfriend’s strong presence behind you the only assurance you needed that you would stay upright with your most relied upon sense snuffed out.

     “Okay, almost there,” Dean said beside your ear. “Keep your eyes shut.”

     His hands fell away from your face and found their way to your waist, lifting you off your feet and setting you down at – you could only assume – the bottom of the kitchen’s tiny set of stairs.

     “And …” Dean guided you forward and into the room. “Now.”

     Your mouth fell open and your heart skipped a beat. You couldn’t believe what you were looking at.

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I Belong To You

Summary: Castiel is searching for a holy relic when he is drawn back to the bunker by the reader’s late night prayer.  He soothes her and, at her insistence, decides to stay the night as she sleeps.

Pairings/Characters: Castiel x Reader; Mentioned: Sam, Dean

Word Count: 848, including lyrics

Warnings: None that I can think of; the tiniest hint of angst but, really, it’s all fluff

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining’s Taylor’s Concert Challenge.  My song prompt was “I Belong To You” by Muse, which is one of my favorite songs by that band!  I ended up having two ideas and this was the fluffier of the two and the one that I knew I could finish within a close proximity of the deadline once I started busting through the block (thanks for the extension but YAY! I didn’t need it!).  The other idea is a short angsty series, which I’m considering writing as well.

The song lyrics are in bold and italics and one brief flashback scene is in italics.

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Because you Love Me
Is a video of Celine Dion-because you love me... I hope u enjoy it....

My newest find in the “perfect Destiel song is perfect” category.


For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I’ll be forever thankful baby
You’re the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You’re the one who saw me through through it all

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I’m grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don’t know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you


You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith ‘cause you believed
I’m everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You’ve been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

Tell me again how they are not written romantically…?

Originally posted by lexarakoon

Just another observation, but this time it’s about Dean and Cas(s).

Before the questions come rolling in as to why I write Castiel’s nickname “Cas(s)” this way, see here for information.

Okay that said let’s get on with this observation while we’re all still relatively young and not bored. ha ha.


This is going to be a long post and it may piss off the anti’s so be warned that this is about Dean and Cas(s).

I’m going to dissect the hell out of some parts of the episodes 9x06 and 9x09 and 12x01 and also have a little fun with the GIFS for a bit so if it’s not your thing, then just keep scrolling.

Starting with 9x09: Dean was crushed when he was told by Cas(s) that he became an Angel again. It’s obvious in Deans eyes, expressions and his tone that he was not happy about it.

Why does Castiel’s Angel status matter so much to Dean?  Well it matters a great deal when you love someone who was once at a distance, then you rein them in and you’re close only to be pushed out of reach again.

Dean doesn’t like nor trust other Angels. He thinks they’re all dicks. Cas(s) sometimes included but the humanity Cas(s) held mattered to Dean on some level. Whether it be romantic or otherwise, I’ll let you be the judge but this is how I see it.

I say, on a romantic level it mattered to Dean.

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Love at First Video Part 16: Muffins

Misha Collins x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“West, don’t you dare!” You heard Misha yell as you rounded the corner into the kitchen, your arms full of video recording items. You stopped at the scene in front of you. Misha was cowering in front of the bay window, his hands in front of his face, while West stood there laughing, a bag of flour in one hand, his other dipped inside. Maison was sitting at the counter, clapping her hands loudly as she cheered her brother on.

“West!” You exclaimed, surprising him so much that he dumped the opened bag of flour on the ground in front of him. You could only watch as a huge white cloud filled that side of the kitchen. When it finally settled down, you covered your mouth with your hand, trying not to laugh at the scene in front of you.

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Love and Love

“I love you,” he says forty-three miles outside of Saskatchewan, but he didn’t mean it that way. Cas had been deep into bite number two of the double bacon extra cheese burger that Dean had bought for him. He had lost enough of his grace now that such meals were more than molecules although not entirely necessary for existence.

Dean smiled at the declaration. Whether it was dedicated to the burger or to him for delivering it hardly mattered. It was Cas speaking from a place of happiness, and how often did he truly get to experience pleasure anymore.

“I love you,” he said when he tossed his body in a heap onto the memory foam mattress that Dean had set up for him in his room back at the bunker. The time on the road had been long this time, and although he did not strictly require sleep, sometimes he enjoyed the simple pleasures of just lying down in his own bed. Dean stood in the doorway and smiled at his back, trenchcoat fanning out around him like wings.

His face was pressed into the pillow, and Dean thought about how nice it was too finally have Cas here in a more permanent way. He had called the bunker home the other day, and something in Dean had warmed at the thought that at least one thing in the universe was finally right.

“I love you,” he said to the shower. Dean heard the declaration past the door as he wandered to his own room. The water pressure was a little slice of heaven. He couldn’t blame Cas for loving it. He paused in mid step, though when he heard the words. He replayed them and imagined them delivered in a different way.

He continued on his path to the bedroom, feeling happy and frustrated in equal measure. He tossed himself on his bed, pulled on his head phones, and drowned his thoughts in hard, fast songs.

“I love you,” he said again, this time to nothing in particular, and Dean had had just about enough of that. He did not know when it had become a problem. He told himself that it shouldn’t matter, but sometimes what one tells themselves in the too quiet night cannot live on in the light of day.

Dean stared at him in the big empty glade, sweat slicked from the heat and the demon kill that brought them there. The heat smelled like the warm pelts of animals. The breeze did nothing to chill them. It merely kicked up puffs of dust to add an extra layer to the skin.

“I love you,” he repeated, still standing there in the heat, angel blade gripped right in his hand. Dean took in the words again, and their surroundings. What was there to love out here? His weapon, for bringing down the demon, his coat for shielding him from the sun, the taste of dust… Dean’s mind swam through the possibilities, until Cas stepped up to him.

“I love you,” this time quiet and close enough to make the words a tangible thing between them. Dean swallowed down a joke that would fuck up the moment. He felt like the universe really really was finally right, like a good meal, a perfect mattress, excellent shower pressure, and Cas staying right here with him. Cas opened his mouth again as if he was going to repeat himself. This time, Dean did not let him.

From Con to Con (Part Nine)


Part Eight

A/N: So I wanted this to come out earlier in regards to Alan Rickman’s birthday but oh well. Lots of love for Snape so if you don’t like him in Harry Potter, sorry about that. (I know he’s a flawed character okay!)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: love for Severus Snape, language, drinking

Word Count: 5,476

Tags: @dont-hate-relate-pls, @nekodresden85, @baritonechick, @i-dont-understand-that-url,  @sympathyforluci, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @authoressskr@your-not-invisible-to-me, @cantchoosejustonefandom, @chelseypaigeake@crowleysminion, @laffytaffyhumor, @smoothdogsgirl, @destiel-addict-forever@multifandomlove2002, @agent-superwholockian, @b-northington@waywardswain, @prettyboy-spn@oriona75, @thatone67chevyimpala, @kazchester-fanfiction, @atc74, @derivedfromapho,  @shititskatelyn, @spnackleholicswainer, @bloodstained-porcelain-doll, @multi-fan-dom-madness,  @ebeers1673

Forever tags: @eileenlikesyou-maybe

It was good to be back in L.A.; you had missed being home. The past few weeks had been crazy with filming so when you finally had some days off, you decided to fly down to check out your apartment and for some warmer weather. You were hoping that the more time you spent in the new apartment that it would start to feel like a real home, and not just a storage unit for your items. You honestly felt more comfortable in Rob’s place than you did in the new apartment but you shouldn’t compare the places. This was your actual home, not Rob’s. Time was all you needed to make this place a home for you finally.

Currently, you were cleaning your apartment while singing and dancing to your music around the room to make sure everything was in order for Rob and Rich. They were coming over to go over some thoughts they had for Kings of Con. There wasn’t much time to go over in detail what they needed to during conventions so this small break you had was perfect for them pitching you their ideas. And the three of you could figure out the best time to film any of your scenes.  

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Same, Cas. Same.

Lizbob was laughing at me earlier because I’m in the middle of this seemingly long stretch of episodes that involve Major Fandom Disagreements. And this is one of them. Because of this ^^


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Love at First Video Part 22: Convention Time

Misha Collins x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The next morning you woke completely wrapped around a warm and awake Misha. You were cuddled up to his side, with his arm wrapped around you, and he was smiling down at you. You didn’t want to get out of bed, but you knew you needed to, that today was going to be an extremely busy day.

“Morning.” He whispered, gently brushing the hair away from your cheek. You got lost in the depths of his blue eyes, realizing for what was possibly the first time that you could actually picture yourself growing old with this man.

“Morning.” You finally answered back, your inner thoughts turning your cheeks a brilliant shade of red. Misha noticed, of course he did, with how close the two of you were laying.

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Life with a Trickster (Part 10)

Title: Angel Blade

 Summary: Every relationship has its moments of hilarity, of sadness, happiness and joy.  But when you are dating the Trickster/Archangel Gabriel…those moments are a daily occurrence.

 Warnings: Language. Mild Injury. Talk of blood.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Life with a Trickster Master Post

Chapter 10


You woke slowly the next morning, feeling the comfortable blankets and sheets around you, the plushness of the bed, the pillow cradling your cheek.  You smiled as you stretched out your body and let your eyes flutter open to see your new bedroom…in your new house with Gabriel.

You sat up, wrapping yourself in a blanket for warmth as you looked around.  It was hard to believe you now had your own house with Gabriel.  You didn’t think you would ever be able to put your life back together after what had happened, but here you were.  

Your stomach churned a little bit, thinking about the last few weeks, but you pushed it from your mind as you let your hand drift down to the small pendent at your breast. You fiddled with it, loving how it gave a soft glow and seemed to respond to your touch by glowing brighter there.  

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A slight departure from our normal proceedings to bring you propositions of what tracks made it onto DeaN’s Top 13 top ZePP TRA XX. Because HOLY FUCK, I’m just now starting to breathe.

Let’s be for real - the clearest way that Dean Winchester could tell someone he loves someone is through music - through others’ words. I still think I’ve died and gone to some sort of fangirl heaven that 12x19 happened.

Shamelessly stealing most of these from the brilliant mind of @herpinkminkness.

Part 3 of 13

You need coolin’ baby, I’m not foolin’
I’m going to send you back to schoolin’
Way down inside honey, you need it
I’m going to give you my love
I’m going to give you my love

Want a whole lotta love
Want a whole lotta love
Want a whole lotta love
Want a whole lotta love

You’ve been learning, baby, I’ve been yearning
All them good times, baby, baby, I’ve been learning
Way, way down inside honey, you need it
I’m gonna give you my love… I’m going to give you my love

Want a whole lotta love
Want a whole lotta love
Want a whole lotta love
Want a whole lotta love

You’ve been cooling, baby, I’ve been drooling
All the good times I’ve been misusing
Way, way down inside, I’m going to give you my love
I’m going to give you every inch of my love
Going to give you my love

Why this is the perfect choice for track #3: Okay, let’s be for real, we all love a good slow burn, sure, but it’s kind of excruciating waiting for the smut. And there has always been a smutty underside to Cas and Dean’s friendship (endverse orgy, anyone? Dean’s ongoing occupation with getting Cas laid?) So I think that while he probably hemmed and hawed a little bit about including such a viscerally sexual song on the mixtape (and featuring it so early), eventually he said fuck it and realized he was already making Cas a MIXTAPE, might as well go full force.

Say it with Flowers

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Suzy Lee (mentioned), Mary Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester (mentioned), Jess Winchester (mentioned), Leah Winchester (OFC - Sam’s kid - mentioned), Gabriel Novak (mentioned), Gabriel’s daughter (OFC - mentioned)

Pairing: Destiel

Wordcount: 2900ish

Warnings: Insecurities, cheating (not Cas or Dean), fluff mostly and falling in love.

A/N: This is an Au based on this prompt: Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says, “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” - it was originally posted by @demisexualmerrill and was requested by @1dstudyblr

This is the first time I wrote Destiel in AU so bare with me. Actually I think it is the first time I have ever written a one shot in AU. I hope you guys will like it cause it was fun to write.

Thanks to amazing, crazy, sassy, loveable @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this for me - Rach shame on you for living on the other side of the world!

Castiel Novak’s “Say it with Flowers” shop was across from the street to “Winchester Automotives.” For the past year ever since Castiel opened his flower shop he had, suffered a crush on the mechanic across the street, Dean Winchester.

Granted Castiel had never spoken more than two words to the man, mainly good morning or good night as they opened or closed up shop, but there was something about  him that drew Castiel towards him. He wished he had the courage to ask him out. He nearly had once, that was right up until a beautiful blond had walked up behind Dean and wrapped her arms around him. When he had turned around she had kissed him as she was trying to drown the poor guy, but unfortunately he hadn’t seemed to mind and Castiel had tugged tail and ran.

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More Like Her

A/N: Sorry this request took so long! It’s been pretty chaotic around here for a few days so I’ve been trying to focus on more of my original stuff. <3

Request: Can you do a fic to Miranda lambert should of been more like her song? With any pairing of Misha, Jared, or Jensen? Basically she was dating one of them and then she sings this song because they just announced their engagements?

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Warnings: angsty fluff

Word Count (after lyrics): 821

Originally posted by adaav

She’s beautiful in her simple little way

She don’t have too much to say when she gets mad

You’d been playing your guitar for the last thirty minutes or so, singing sad songs as you sat on a table in a room that was just off of the green room. You didn’t know what it was about Jared, why you still loved him so much after breaking up with him; an entire two years prior to him announcing his engagement today.

She understands, she don’t let go of anything

Even when the pain gets really bad

I guess I should’ve been more like that

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To the Four of Us (Part Twenty One)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
soundtrack song: You and Me - Lifehouse
full soundtrack: x
words: 2,825
warnings: swears 
a/n: i lov u all so here’s a nice happy fluffy christmas chapter :-)

all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey@anitheunicorn@newyorkyoucanbeanew@lafbagxette@justafangirlwithanavy@iamgrayfox@ordinaryornate@schuylerjoon@angelica-peggy-eliza@trashyperson101@crazydragon15@but-if-you-had-to-choose@geespilots@marvelous-hamilfan​ @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers​ @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships@schokoobananaa@allthegoodurlshavebeentaken​ @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships@aham-threw-his-shot-away@hesitantcat@nonstopspook@hamrevolution@writethewayout@passmethegoddamnball@allthegoodurlshavebeentaken@sun-tree@angelizaandpeggy@isis278​ @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars

dedication: @l0vedoesntdiscriminate for the soundtrack rec and also everyone who sent me a kind message when i posted my lil coming out thing earlier tonight, u all made me V happy!!!!! :-))

“ALEX! JOHN! Santa came last night!”

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I’ll Rust With You

Originally posted by dxrkncss

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count:  1487

Warnings: Extreme Fluff

Summary:  Inspired by the song “I’ll Rust With You” by Steam Powered Girraffe.  Sam surprised the reader with a nostalgic night in.

A/N:  I absolutely love this band and really wanted to write some Sam fluff. 

You tossed your bags at the foot of the bed, pulling off our shirt before it had even hit the floor. You felt gross, cover from head to foot in ectoplasm.  There hadn’t been any time to shower after the case, the cops hot on your tail after a messy grave desecration.  

All you wanted was a shower and some sleep, and maybe, if you were lucky, you wouldn’t bump into Sam in the bunker.

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Dean/Cas - Happy Father’s Day

Inspired by the fact that today is Father’s Day, here is a quick little destiel ficlet for you! Dean and Cas bring home their daughters for the very first time and adorable domestic fluff ensues <3 

990 words

When Dean and Castiel were told their baby’s due date was Father’s Day, numerous jokes were made about how it would be ‘the best Father’s Day ever.’ When they found out they were expecting twins the tagline turned into ‘oh my gosh, it is a Father’s Day miracle!’ 

They didn’t actually expect their surrogate to go into labor at 8pm the night before Father’s Day. Regardless, 12 hours later they were handed two healthy, screaming bundles of brand-spanking-new human life and their lives were forever changed.

Happy Father’s Day, indeed. 

The first few hours were deceptively easy. The twins - Mary and Nova - seemed to enjoy the car ride home, making a few cooing noises from the backseat. Castiel sat between their carefully constructed and installed carseats, holding their carriers steady in case of any bumps in the road (an unnecessary precaution since there was no way in hell Dean was driving above 20 miles per hour ever again and all the other drivers on the road could suck it, thank you very much).  

Once they got the twins inside, a whole bunch of ‘firsts’ ensued. The twins’ first time napping in their bassinets (“Dean, make sure Mary has her blanket. She is going to get cold, Dean.” “Yeah, Cas, I got it.”). The first time feeding the twins their special baby formula as instructed by the nurse (“Dean, the nurse said to hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle -” “I got this Cas.” “But Dean that is much closer to a 90 degree angle than a -” “I got this, Cas.”). The first diaper changes (“I don’t got this, Cas.”). As the day continued, things got progressively more chaotic as the new dads learned what it truly meant to have not just one but two newborn babies.  

All hell broke lose around 7pm when Nova truly discovered the power of her itty bitty (but oh so powerful) baby lungs and started wailing like a banshee. Mary subsequently joined in because even though she was only younger by five minutes she already wanted to follow in her big sister’s footsteps. 

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Sam x Reader - Masterlist

this is mostly put together by the amazingly wonderful @onceuponasaltcircle​ who you should go and shower lots and lots of love on<3

I Told You So- You get injured on a hunt and Sam doesn’t want you to go on another one.’

Cold Motels in Winter- You get cold so you steal your boyfriends warmth

Butt Touches- Someone doesn’t treat perverts very nicely

Fluffytime- Morning-after fluff.

What Team- When Sam is feeling down you cheer him up.

Guardian Angel Who isn’t Actually an Angel- Things can’t be bad when you have each other

Tell me a Story- You are seriously injured during a hunt and Sam is keeping you awake.

Sea Your Opportunity- You make the guys go to the beach.

Rejected- You are Sam’s girlfriend and Becky gets jealous.

Complimenting Sam- You love a lot of things about Sam.

Bored- The frickle-frackle and then cuddling

Start a Family With You- Sam wants to start a family.

Maple Syrup- The boys worry over their pregnant girlfriend.
Cramming for a Test- You tell Sam about your cancer diagnosis.

Say Something- Based on the song.

Not Even if You Tried- Sam takes an argument a little too far.

Smoking Hot- Sam is worried about you smoking habit.

Her Over Me?- You don’t trust Ruby at all.

Joking Around- Sam brightens your day.

Too Much Worry- Hunters can’t be in relationships.

Look Silly Together (Part 1)- You chop off your hair together.

You Don’t Look Silly (Part 2)- The mocking begins, together.

Nose Twitching- Getting sick gets you cuddles.

Smurf Attack- Dean puts blue die in Sam’s shampoo.

After All Your Dreams Came True- Gabriel puts you two into Disney movies.

Party Poopers and Sunshine- Sam knows the right things to sing.

Green-Eyed Monster- Sam gets jealous.

A Little Bit Deaf- You like singing, but aren’t good at it.

Lazy Morning- Morning fluff with Sam.

I Want To- After a demon attack you need some comfort.

Online- An online relationship.

A Dog, or A Guy- A Nurse stitches Sammy up.

Chewbacca and Thumblina- Size differences can be funny.

Beach Day- Sunburns are terrible.

Just Friends- A friend from college wants to be more.

Study Buddy- Sam helps you through school.

Finally- Sam makes a good pillow.

Love is Blind, or a Little Deaf- Sam goes partially deaf.

Perfect Fit- Who said girl’s muscles weren’t sexy.

Note to Self- Drunken Love Confessions

Back Your Corner- Too much of everything can cause the best to crack.

Plan 7A- Fluff, just fluff.

Fall- Sam catches an angel crying.

Hell Hath No Fury- You take out your anger on a Vamp nest.

Real or Not?- Things are fuzzy after Sam gets his soul back.

That’s What You Get- You break down after your family dies.

Firmly on the Hook- You and Sam help Destiel happen.

Out Like a Light- Sam is a pillow while recovering.

Home- Sam proposes.

Awkward- Cas tries to help with a little mind reading.

Wish You Were Here (Part One)- Sam’s dead. Based on the song by Avril Lavigne.

At Last (Part Two)- You finally get to be with him again.

Bad Day- Some cheery fluff.

Bleeding Out- Based on the song by Imagine Dragons.

Now I’m With You- Sleepy stressed out Sam.

Totally Perfect- Sam attempts to be funny.

Don’t Know Where We Are Going- Sam is awkward around girls.

Like a Princess- Sam drinks demon blood again.

Make a Move- Being hammered helps love confessions.

Popcorn War- Sam cheers up his boyfriend.

Good News- Sam’s a little excited that you are pregnant

Over Anything Else- Back to your icky hometown.

Freedom- Sam rehearses his vows.

Take A Picture- Their photos get Tumblr famous.

The Only Ten I See- The brothers find out you have a southern accent.

It’s My Job- Sam is insecure about his addiction to demon blood.

Asshole Relationship- You mock each other with love.

To Be Of Help- Sam teaches you how to research.

I Like the Sound of That- Cas’s Little sister finds her soulmate.

The Real Magic- Should Sam know you are a witch?

You for You- Trans acceptance.

Holding On- You never lost faith in your religion.

Harmless Prank- What was meant to me harmless, wasn’t.

Earlier Hours- You are not a morning person.

Made it - Based on 18 by One Direction.

Close Call- You hear his confession in a coma.

Question- Drunken Sam pops the question.

Laura Croft, Tomb Raider- You get a codename.

Not True- Dealing with past accusations.

See You Later- Asked out after a demon attack.

Mr. and Mrs.- You go undercover as newlyweds.

Cute Guy on the TV, or Not- Your actor crush makes Sam worried.

Scary Movie- The horror movie freaks you out a little.

You Morons- The Ghost Facers are trying to flirt with you?

Don’t I Always- Plus Sized Sam fluff.

Just What to Say- Sam knows how to make it better.

At Midnight- Sam’s daughter is a singer.

Rough Time- School is draining and hard.

Plot- Kidnapped by Abadon and her followers.

Only Human (Part One)- Another ability child.

One Hell of a Biology Lesson (Part Two)- You learn everything about monsters.

Defiant- Sam’s daughter sneaks out to hunt.

The Twins- In order to escape horrors you hear stories of the starts.

Falling Apart- You drift apart to save each other.

Not For Us- Father Daughter fic based on Breathe Me by Sia.

Nephilim- You find out you are part angel at an inopportune time.

Bad Days- You give each other hope.

Miracle- Sam gets very protective.

Dance With Me- Sam catches you having a dance party.

Turn Away- Sam falls out of love and cheats.

Adjusting is the Hardest Part- Adjusting to College life is hard.

Red Like Roses- Sam refuses to leave you after you come back from the dead.

Sand Bar- Swimming based panic attacks.

Never Knew- They find videos of you in a musical.

Shield Against Evil- Sam will protect you from all 8 legged monsters.

Swip Swap- You switch bodies with Sam and he has to deal with your monthly gift.

Only if its Eternal- Faces of concentration make Sam realize something.

Family Barbecue- A get together with the Harvelle family.

Fever- A bad cold and Sam is there.

A Sick Hunter is a Dead Hunter- Sick and sleepy Sam.

Can’t Sleep- It’s okay to be scared.

Can’t Say It- Everything Sam loves dies.

Gag Gift- Dean gives you stilts to help out the height difference.

The Keeper- Sam tries to keep you entertained in the hospital.

At Home- Cuddling in the Impala.

A Lot- The Winchester fight for your heart.

Figure from the Past- Cas recognizes you an an angel.

Better Off Without You- When your heart is broken you give away your soul.

My Hammy- Your daughter loves her “Uncle Hammy”.

Family- Your daughter calls Sam “Daddy”

Where Do I Start- Sam’s birthday present to you.

Any Other Way- You are worried how your ex will react to this relationship.

Where You’re Wanted- Spying on the Winchesters didn’t involve falling in love.

Perfect for Us- Best Friends fall in love.

Fight Club- Sam is teaching you how to fight.

Scheduled Meeting- Everyone wants your attention.

Tackle it Together- You are skipping meals and Sam notices.

Sleep Tight- You fall asleep in the library.

Water Buddy- Involving mermaids.

As You Wish- You know ever word to the Princess Bride.

To Fit In- As Sam’s daughter you just want to do normal things.

Undone- Based on the song by Haley Reinhart.

Eternity- Blue hair, don’t care.

Flight of Fancy- He broke up with you to date Jess.

Hurdles- Cute internet dating.

Before Anything Else- First things first, underwear.

On Purpose- The hemline is rising for a point.

The Happiest Place on Earth- You go to disney for your birthday.

Far From Perfect- Dean likes Sammy’s BAMF girlfriend.

All This Time- They were both hunters all along?

Day Waster- You just want out of this dumb hospital.

Links- Sam gets worried when his daughter goes missing.

Fact or Fiction- He wants you out of the bathroom.

Too Hot (Hot Damn)- You just need to go swimming.

Don’t Want to Wait- It doesn’t make sense that he would love you.

I Gave You All- Based on the song by Mumford and Sons.

Seeing Things - You’re cursed by a witch to see things that aren’t there - Sam understands what you’re going through.

You Think I Don’t Notice - Sam misunderstands your lingering glances.

Make It - You always manage to incite a reaction from your boyfriend.

Take It Off - You can’t decide whether you want the blanket or not.

My Attention - You haven’t been eating or sleeping enough.

Have Faith In Me - Sam isn’t willing to let the reader hunt vampires, unknowing of her personal vendetta against the bloodsuckers.

Wild and Free - Sam and the reader leave the job as teenagers, then flash forward to a few years later…

Someone Like You - You end up on the same hunt together, which leads to something more.

Rough Time - Sam does everything in his power to cheer up a depressed reader.

Epic Saga - Soulless!Sam does have a habit of spouting some pretty unforgivable crap.

Frozen - on a wintery hunt, you fall into a frozen lake.

fanficsquad’s DESTIEL fic recs:

My favourite DESTIEL fics can be found here. COCKLES, too, but mainly DESTIEL. List is in no particular order, most are found on AO3. ENJOY!

(PS: My own commentary will be like 99% be positive, since they’re my fave fics on here, but you can trust my judgement. I’ve read a lot of fic.)

  • Title: A Canticle for Dr. Sexy
    Author: tikistitch
    Words: 53,560 (6/6 chapters)
    Summary: The Croatoan virus has brought down civilization as we know it.  Dean Winchester, leader of a motley group of survivors, is searching for volume 25 the Video Safari limited edition box set of Dr. Sexy MD when he stumbles into Cas, an amnesiac grubbing for a can of beans at an abandoned Piggly Wiggly.  Together with his brother, Sam, who may be a prophet of the Lord, and some friends they meet along the way, they embark on a cross-country road trip to find a cure for the virus and save humanity.  But the journey takes our heroes straight into the middle of an angelic feud.
    Own Thoughts: I always love me some End!Verse. Very well written, I loved it! Amazing read!

  • Title: Does He Run On Batteries?
    Author: flibblesd
    Words: 14,353 (1/1)
    Summary: Mechanic Dean gets his hands on some expensive tech in the form of a full fledged android. He knows it’ll be perfect to tear down and sell so they can finally afford the hardware Sam desperately needs. However, when it’s splayed out on his worktable he can’t help but notice something odd.“Does it- does it look like its breathing?”AI software CAS occupies a human body and takes a liking to Sam. Dean is displeased with basically every turn of these events.
    Own Thoughts: I greatly enjoy AUs like this one, with androids etc. Loved it! I honestly need more from this ‘verse, it’s so good! Must read!

  • Title: A Song of Wind and Wings
    Author: triedunture
    Words: 10,734 (1/1)
    Summary: The Angelborn have not been seen in Westeros in hundreds of years. Lord Dean Winchester and his brother Ser Sam arrive in Lady Ellen’s Highroad Keep after receiving word that one has been taken captive.
    Own Thoughts: Fantasy AUs are my life. Must read this one, as well. It’s GoT inspired, by the way. God, I really love this fic, it’s so amazing. Couldn’t stop reading, I swear.

  • Title: The King’s Angel
    Author: brimac0518
    Words: 6,850 (1/1)
    Summary: Long has Castiel, the Angel of Azare, stood by his king’s side. Yet in the face of a possible arranged marriage, can Dean, the king of Azare, let his knight go?
    Own Thoughts: Fantasy/Medieval AU. My ultimate weakness. This one was way too short in my opinion. Still great, though, I love jealous!Dean. 

  • Title: The Academy of Absent Fathers (COCKLES!) (Jensen/Misha)
    Author: kriari, qthelights
    Words: 84,754 (14/14)
    Summary: As one of the premiere boarding schools on the east coast, Ellis Academy plays host to the preeminent financiers, businessmen, and politicians of tomorrow. The very dirt stinks of privilege and as a long-time foster child, Misha Collins has no idea how he ended up here. To make matters worse, he’s stuck rooming with the equivalent of Ellis royalty. Jensen Ackles is a lifer - captain of the lacrosse team, do-gooder and textbook overachiever. And they hate each other. Mostly. But as they move from hate to something more, secrets from their unknown yet inextricably linked pasts threaten to destroy everything they’ve built. And the worst part? They have no idea what’s coming…
    Own Thoughts: All in all a great read, I enjoyed it. Somewhat cliched, though, but it’s a High School AU, so that was to be expected, I guess. Still liked the characterisations and it’s very well written.

  • Title: Things Dean Winchester Loves
    Author: tuesday
    Words: 3,623 (1/1)
    Summary: Castiel makes a list, Sam gives good advice, and Dean takes a while to catch on.
    Own Thoughts: Extremely cute. Cas makes a list and it’s just so adorable.

  • Title: Between a Wall and a Hard Place (COCKLES!)
    Author: qthelights
    Words: 4,423 (1/1)
    Summary: Jensen lets Misha pick where they’re drinking. Misha picks a gay bar. It doesn’t go to plan.
    Own Thoughts: One of my fav Cockles fics, definitely worth your while!

  • Title: Ghost Dance
    Author: omphalos
    Words: 51,194 (9/9)
    Summary: In post-apocalyptic isolation, Castiel nurses Dean back to something like his former self, but will a time come when Dean’s recovered –and rediscovered– too much?
    Own Thoughts: Awesome. Amazing. Literally so dang good. Oh my good, you definitely have to read this one! It’s angsty but sooo worth it! SO WORTH IT!

  • Title: Your Dirty Secret
    Author: bellacatbee
    Words: 5,428 (1/1)
    Summary: “Your yard looks like crap. I’ll come round after school and sort it for you if you pay me ten bucks.” Those were the first words Dean ever said to Castiel. How was Castiel supposed to know then that he was going to fall in love with Dean? AU.
    Own Thoughts: Yes, there is a big Age Difference, but I still enjoyed it a lot. It’s good!

  • Title: Baggage
    Author: Mikey (mikes_grrl)
    Words: 19,413 (1/1)
    Summary: Dean is a lonely cab driver trying to straighten out his life since his brother left for college, and Castiel is the strange and otherworldly “escort” who snares his heart. Are daddy issues the only thing they have in common? Or is there something more to what is happening between them?
    Own Thoughts: A slightly different AU, very readable. I can recommend this one very much.

  • Title: Brother Lover
    Author: twentysomething
    Words: 4,234 (1/1)
    Summary: “However- and it doesn’t happen a lot- they have to invoke ‘I saw her first’.”
    Own Thoughts: Great fic with great humour. It’s great and Dean’s being a little jealous. A little bit. Go read!

  • Title: The One Thing You Can’t Lose
    Author: MajorEnglishEsquire
    Words: 4,955 (1/1)
    Summary: You know what I like a lot? The thought that Dean can just tug Cas anywhere at any time and Cas, who can lift tons without effort, who can demolish things with the light of his grace, who has battled and gone to war, has defended and broken, will just let Dean do it.
    Own Thoughts: The most cute. So cute. Adorable. Loved this one dearly, it’s amazing fluff.

  • Title: Through The Dark
    Author: endversed
    Words: 43,196 (18/18)
    Summary: Castiel Novak is a low level reporter for the New York Post, up until he gets his big break: ASL star Dean Winchester has broken a goal scoring record and Castiel has been assigned to his personal story, meaning two weeks of close proximities. Except, the thing is; they’ve kind of got history.
    Own Thoughts: Amazing, truly amazing! Great plot and it’s very interesting to follow! Awesome fic.

  • Title: Broadway Musical
    Author: Griftings
    Words: 12,453 (1/1)
    Summary:  This is the day that marked the Holy and Blessed Union of Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle.  The merging of prominent bloodlines is always a grand occurrence, but breeding pedigree hunter families like Winchester and Harvelle is something to be rejoiced. It is also something to be meticulously planned, which thankfully the Host is very good at.Or, the romantic comedy where Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle are destined to get married, Castiel is given the task of playing matchmaker and fails terribly, the entire Heavenly Host becomes a sitcom audience, God warns against male pregnancy, and Jimmy Novak is incredibly unimpressed with angels in general.
    Own Thoughts: This ist probably the funniest thing ever. So much humour, I couldn’t stop laughing. Obviously a must read!

  • Title: grip them tight and raise them from pernicion
    Author: Flux
    Words: 20,122 (1/1)
    Summary: Dean and Cas have been at each other’s throats for years, but Anna and Sam are determined to change that for the better.  With a well-placed love letter and some careful direction, they manage to get the two into a semi-antagonistic, fiercely competitive, and emotionally confusing game of relationship chicken.  Now they just need to get to prom.
    Own Thoughts: High School AU alert! Very amusing, I highly recommend it. I love when it starts out antagonistic but then they fall in deep, deep love.

  • Title: Professional Couple Only
    Author: saltyfeathers
    Words: 37,153 (1/1)
    Summary: There’s a haunted apartment building in Vermont, and the ad says “Professional couple only”. Dean and Cas rise to the occasion.
    Own Thoughts: Yes! Yes, love it! Fake/Pretend relationships… you know how it is. You know you love it. I know you do.

  • Title: Ain’t A One Of Us Perfect (And That’s Okay)
    Author: peppermint_wow
    Words: 14,285 (1/1)
    Summary: Fantasy AU.  Every kingdom demands order.  Michael’s kingdom demands perfection.  He finds such perfection in the creations cleverly crafted by a metalsmith named Castiel.  But will Castiel’s greatest invention live up to all of Michael’s high expectations?
    Own Thoughts: It’s wow. Wow. Just wow. It’s so great and so different and I’m in love???? I think I remember it kinda breaking my heart at some point, though? Must read.

  • DESTIEL fic rec… to be continued…