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Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT. 4

*thinking to myself* Oh god, how do I respond? How does one respond when your mother asks what you’re reading. I’m reading smut, mom.
*Out loud* Oh, just an online story.

“She seems too nice. This won’t end well…”

“I can’t even focus on the words, it’s 2 am, the screen is swimming. I need to go to bed.”

“Oh! I know the perfect song to go with this chapter!”

“Did you make a fucking Frozen reference? Followed by a Mean Girls reference? No.”

“That’s inaccurate.”

“What is punctuation? This person doesn’t know.”

“This is just words. Where are the paragraphs?”

“This isn’t proper grammar or spelling. Stop it. Get some help.”

“Wow, what a sick burn!” *Ironically dabs*

“In the words of Daniel James Howell: back thE FUCK UP.”

“Don’t these characters know that death is bad for someone’s health?”

“Oh my god! Clean and sharpen your knife! If you keep using it without proper care, it won’t kill people as easily!” *Whispers* “I’m sane, I promise.”

“I swear if he does what I think he will, I’m throwing my phone.”

“I’m talking to myself, shit.”

Who Do You Love

Many of us, like hounds with a scent, have honed in on that one part of the Qstiel line: “I know who you love…”

But there’s a problem with taking a single line out of context: it’s easy to mold it into whatever we want to believe. Non-shippers can make a convincing argument that that one line is about Cas’ platonic love for several people just as easily as a shipper can argue that line is about singular and romantic love. 

No matter who you are, what you believe, we HAVE to rewind and look at the FULL CONTEXT. And the full context is whittled down to romantic love. From what we know from canon and from the symbolism, we can easily surmise that Qstiel is referring to a singular and romantic love. 



Qstiel: “Oh save it.”
            Qstiel is calling bullshit. What has the narrative of the show been trying to define? Singular versus plural. Romantic versus platonic. And here’s Cas using the excuse that the brothers, as a unit, need him in order to get Qstiel to send him back home.

            Qstiel wants Cas to stop lying to himself. This isn’t about Sam. And Cas has no idea if he’s needed. Now Cas does want to be wanted, but only by one human (which we gather from the rest of what is said). It’s time for everyone to appropriately use we/I, us/me, them/him. 

Qstiel: “I have tiptoed through all your little tulips.”

            Let me save some time and space: read the lyrics to the song here. Flowers are a major symbolic tool in Supernatural. Out of all the things Qstiel could liken Cas’ thoughts to and it’s about TULIPS. Tulips represent true/perfect love with a mythology based on star-crossed lovers, one of which SAILS OFF A CLIFF… uhhh… Dabb? Is that a toss to: “So what, I’m Thelma and you’re Louise and we’re just gonna hold hands and sail off this cliff together?”.

            So basically, out of everything Qstiel could glean from Cas’ mind, he picks apart Cas’ ROMANTIC THOUGHTS. He doesn’t pick up on power-hungry Godstiel and use that against Cas. He doesn’t talk about Cas’ life before the Winchesters or even about being an angel. Nope, he brings up the tulips (true love) and in the next breath: memories and feelings.  

Qstiel: “…your memories, your little feelings, yes.“

            This is the second time he says ‘little’. Little tulips = little feelings. Of course, they’re not actually little, especially to an angel. Feelings are a big deal! Using the word ‘little’ is a mockery to Cas’ love. It’s another way to try and make Cas himself feel stupid for thinking his love could be returned (Qstiel mocks Cas’ intelligence several times). 

            Listen to Qstiel’s tone, too. He’s airing out Cas’ dirty little secret, in a mocking tone and with exaggerated facial expressions. There is no reason to taunt a platonic love. Qstiel is the bully dangling Cas’ deepest secret to use as a weapon against him. He’s mentally, emotionally and physically abusive to Cas in their scenes.

            And I don’t know about you, but when I had a secret love or crush, I kept it close to my heart. I would have been mortified had someone violated my mind and treated me like Cas is being treated here. Any other loves (familial, friendships) aren’t a secret and aren’t taboo. If just friends, just bros, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Qstiel: “I know what you hate. (whispering) I know who you love. What you fear.”

            Qstiel didn’t say, “I know you love them.” He didn’t say, “I know those you love.” Everything in these statements is singular and yet packed with complexity: Cas hates not being with Dean, whom he loves, and he fears his love is unrequited. What fear is there in love unless it is a love with great risk to one’s heart?           

Qstiel: “There is nothing for you back there, no.”

            How can Qstiel get Cas to shut up, lay down and go back to sleep? Why, show him all of the horrible things he has gone through in the name of that (singular) love, of course. Make him believe it is one-sided and not worth fighting to go back to, make him believe his worst fear is truth. Qstiel is lying to Cas here. 


After Cas mentions Sam and Dean, it isn’t, “Oh I know you love them but they don’t love you back.” No, it was, “You think you can fool me into thinking Sam and Dean need you? We both know the truth because I saw inside your head and I saw the ONE you love but it’s a shame he doesn’t love you back. Just go to sleep and forget about him.”

This entire scene was also another, “You have to choose: us or them,” moment for Cas, which of course is also in the singular. Cas can choose himself or he can choose to go back to Dean.  

Just as Cas faced Metatron, Naomi, Hannah and other angels, he also faced Qstiel, a cosmic entity masquerading in his God-given body/image and told him to FUCK OFF.

Despite the shit he’s gone through, despite the pain and sorrow, despite possible unrequited love… he still chooses Dean. His LOVE for Dean PIERCES THE VEIL OF DEATH so he can return to him.

It’s always been about one human.
Dean is Cas’ weakness.
It is all canon and it’s gorgeous.

I wholeheartedly believe this LOVE Qstiel is speaking of is singular, romantic and about Dean. 



     “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad …”

     The deep, soothing voice of your husband floated down the hall, drawing you towards your son’s room with eyes half closed and feet shuffling sluggishly.

     “Take a sad song, and make it better …”

     You didn’t care that it was the middle of the night, or that Dean had managed to wake you up in his attempt to let you keep sleeping, because the second you laid eyes on your baby boy, head resting on his father’s shoulder and eyes fluttering shut, your whole world narrowed to just this moment.

     “Remember, to let her under your skin, then you’ll begin to make it better …”

     A smile tugged at your lips as you leaned against the doorframe, just out of sight but close enough to watch the scene unfolding in front of you.

    The soft cooing from your son made your heart melt, and the way Dean held him, close to his chest like he was the most precious person in the world, made it almost impossible to keep your distance. But you wanted to watch, just a moment longer. Because quiet moments like this didn’t happen often for hunters.

     “Okay, if I put you down, you gonna be a man about it?” Dean said softly, placing a quick kiss on his son’s head and gently lowering him into the crib. He waited for a moment in silence, not daring to move lest he wake the baby, and then smiled. “That’s my boy,” he whispered. “I knew you were tough, just like your mom.”

     That was your cue, you thought, stepping into the room. “Wow, high praise.”

     Dean turned to you with a start, but silently held his hand out and pulled you against his chest, strong arms wrapping around your waist. “What are you doing up?” he whispered, breath ghosting across your ear.

     His chest rumbled against you back as he spoke and you leaned into it, savoring his warmth. “I heard you singing.”

      “Oh, sorry.” His arms tightened around your waist. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

     “You should sing more often,” you said, shaking your head in dismissal. You elbowed him playfully in the ribs. “You should sing for me.”

     Dean let out a soft chuckle. “Noted.”

     And there you stood, wrapped up in the man you loved and watching the subtle rise and fall of your son’s little chest as he slept. The was nowhere else you’d rather be.

     “He’s so perfect,” you whispered, voice barely loud enough to be heard.

     Dean pulled a piece of hair over your shoulder, giving him access to your neck and placing a soft kiss on your skin.

     “You both are.”

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images*


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YOUR TAGS. I feel you girl. It irritates me when people pretend Dean hasn't found his perfect match. Even in S4 when Dean barely knew him Cas was gentle and wanted to understand Dean "you don't think you deserved to be saved", the park date, etc. He sacrifices everything for Dean, makes Dean laugh (HE HADN'T HAD FUN LIKE THAT IN YEARS), always comes back to Dean. I can boldly say Castiel is the one person Dean is the happiest around. It does help that he thinks Cas is devastatingly handsome.

Some people must be watching the show like this:

Because really? Dean hasn’t found someone who loves him fully and unconditionally?

A person who would be literally everything Dean would look for in a romantic partner if he allowed it for himself? 

Someone who sees who Dean really is and loves him for it? Who would always choose Dean? Who would give up things for Dean? Who would rebel and fall for Dean? Who would always look out for Dean? Who would always care for Dean? Who would even keep away from Dean if it would protect him? Who would care for him when he’s wounded? Who would also care deeply for Sam because he loves him like a brother? 

Someone who is his equal, a BAMF, who knows the life, who brings out his soft side, who brings him up when he’s at his lowest, who challenges him, who sometimes even frustrates him because he cares so much. Someone with no preconceptions of who a person ‘should’ be, who therefore has no comprehension of why Dean would repress certain sides of himself thanks to low self esteem and cultural norms and therefore accepts and loves him for who he is as a whole, even the sides Dean might not even like himself, helping Dean to learn to embrace them. Someone who helps him be the best him that he can be, who would always choose him and would theoretically stay at his side for centuries if need be, who, when he doesn’t stay it’s because he is trying to protect him from afar and keep him safe, but someone who always comes back to Mr Dean Abandonment Issues Winchester.

Someone who would watch over him as his mother, up on her pedestal, always said Angels would, but you know, literal Angels don’t exist so he would have to settle for a metaphorical romantic partner for this, like in all the love songs and fairy tales…


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How Do I Love Thee?

One morning Cas found it taped to the bathroom mirror:

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints,–I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life!–and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

Later, at breakfast, he waved the paper at Dean. “Elizabeth Barrett Browning?” he asked.

“What?” protested Dean, ears pink. “I read. Not as much as you since you moved in here, but I read.”

“I like the poem,” Cas said. “And aside from the fact that you had no ‘childhood faith’, it fits, I think.”

“That’s not quite true,” Dean said quietly. “I didn’t believe in Chuck when I was a child, that’s true enough. But Mom taught me to believe in angels.” He looked up at Cas, grinning. “And yes, it fits. After all the crap we’ve done for him, Chuck had better give us a place together in heaven after we die!”

“I have hope,” said Cas.


A few days later, Cas found a sky blue scrap of paper on the passenger seat of the Impala:

He walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in his aspect and his eyes.

He smiled at Dean. “A bit liberal with the pronouns, but I like it.Tennyson.”

“I liked the part about the starry skies and the eyes. It made me think of you. And “all that’s best of dark and bright”? I couldn’t describe your wings better. So what if I changed it a bit…” Dean mumbled.

Cas leaned over to brush his lips against Dean’s cheek. “It’s perfect.”


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The Best of Fools

1.4k // ao3

‘The label is misleading’ is Cas’ initial reaction. There is no music on Dean’s top 13 Zepp traxx, at least not until the very end.

Cas gets in his truck to play it. It may be old, but there’s no cassette player in the bunker, and even if there was… Dean gave him this so he wants to be alone to properly receive it. The only other thing Dean has ever given him—the only thing Cas has ever been given before, other than heartache—is the trenchcoat Dean kept after the water swallowed him whole. He hadn’t deserved that gift. Cas doesn’t think he deserves this one, either, but Dean obviously does.

There’s a crackle pop at first, the telltale sign of old technology reading older technology, but the clearing of a throat chases it away.

Hey, Cas, Dean says, voice so hesitant Cas might have thought it was someone else if he didn’t know Dean through and through. Frail and small as the sound is, it is a proxy for Dean’s presence and commands Cas’ attention just like Dean would. It fills the car in its entirety.

It seeps into the leather, weaves itself between threads of the worn, reliable, stitching. It fogs up the glass in every way that matters, insulating this small space that is usually just Cas’, but is now shared between the two of them. It suddenly smells like Dean, too. The distinguishable scent of clean sweat, brisk air and fresh pie replaces the artificial fragrance of Caribbean Colada Cas purchased after the air freshener he’d found with the car stopped smelling like anything at all.

I told Sam you didn’t make it, Dean chokes out. Cas hears the words catch in the man’s throat and clog the airway for a moment. I hope it’s true, Cas. I couldn’t get you out of purgatory, I know, but I hope you died. A shaky breath. Those things… The leviathans, there were so many, I don’t see you survivin’ that unless they plan on- It’s briefly quiet and Cas imagines Dean shaking his head, sharking the thought loose. Even if you did a-and they didn’t. That’s forever alone, man. Forever of… nothing but trying to not die and- Dean cuts himself off and this time it’s a sob he chokes on. I did what I could, Cas.

Static usurps the recording away from Dean and for a terrifying moment Cas thinks he’s broken it, that whatever was coming next is lost to him, but Dean’s voice filters back. It’s different this time, resigned, tired, older.

I’m sorry. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to tell you. If this thing with Ezekiel—hell, even if I do see you again, Cas, it’s not like I can look you in the eye and fess up. Dean laughs, a twisted sound that Cas doesn’t appreciate at all. I’m some kind of a special coward.

“You’re not, De—” Cas forgets himself.

Must be. I really fucking must be. You’re human, Cas. You said me and Sam are the best people to teach you how to be that, you came to us for guidance,  and I kicked you out. You gotta understand, man. I care, I do, fuck, Cas, I do. But it’s Sam’s life. There’s a long pause.

Long enough that Cas wonders if it’s the end, if Dean has run out of things to say. Long enough that Cas has time to relive that moment half a dozen times. It was years ago. Cas had all but forgotten, but memories are funny like that. They are dormant until they are alive, and alive they are consuming. He can see Dean, or some phantom of him, in the passenger seat of this once safe space, looking like he had, leaning against the library table.

Cas feels something sink inside him, just like he felt then when Dean’s words finally made sense, when he understood what Dean was asking him—telling him. The realisation that the something was his human heart, feeling human things like he hadn’t before, dawns on him again like a novel thought. The ghost of those green eyes are just as unbearable as the real ones had been.

You looked like you belonged, you know. I think this place could have been your home, too.

There’s static again, but Cas knows there’s more to come this time.

Dean’s voice is rough, just shy of angry, and so unlike him. Cas can hear the Mark of Cain reverberate off of it.

I told you to leave again, but this time you said no. You said no and you said it’s because you’re my friend. You’re not that, Cas. We were never just that and I can’t–I’d have done it, you know. I’d have killed you and with your own blade too. I still might. I can feel it, this thing inside me, it’s so thirsty and I–Maybe it’s better if I do. I don’t want to wake up someday and the only thing I can recognise is you and have you not recognise me at all. Everyone will die and it’ll just be you and me and I don’t want you to see what I’ll have become by then.

Dean swallows audibly, grinds his teeth, and Cas hears it like Dean is in the car with him. And Dean sort of is.

You said the mark is changing me. You’re right. You said you’ll be the one to watch me murder the world. You might be right about that too. And then… Then you’d be next. ‘Cause I’d do it, Cas. I swear to God I would. I almost did.

Cas barely notices the static, too preoccupied with the echoes of old wounds along the surface of his skin and deeper still.

We saved the sun! The words startle Cas, or maybe it’s the jovial tone that does it. Well, to be fair that was mostly me. I doctor Phil-ed that shit, Cas, you should have seen me. You almost did. You offered to come with. A laugh, riotous and vital and happy. It’s so rare that Cas gets to hear one of those from Dean; he already know he’ll be listening to this part of the tape on a loop. Maybe I should have let you. Front row seat to me being awesome. Another laugh and a ‘whoo!’. I got you back, I got Sam back, I got Mom back. I got it made, man! The laughing tapers off. You offered to come, Cas. You offered to come. Why would you do that? We’d just have died together. I didn’t mind dying alone, but you offered to come.

Cas minded living alone. Without Dean.


You said I love you. Dean bounces off the metal walls and into Cas, ricochets off bones, a pinball game where Cas’ ribs are. The words themselves coil around Cas’ neck. They hadn’t spoken of it since. Cas didn’t think he’d ever speak again when he said them. I love you. You said—

There’s a chuckle, deep, rooted, Dean.

You know I sacrificed one of my favourite tapes to record this. Christ, I don’t even remember what I first said on here. Dean laughs nervously, and Cas hears the lie. Dean knows exactly what he is sharing. Knows which parts of himself he is exposing. I guess I owe you a song. Dean hums something Cas recognises as a tune he’s heard play in the Impala, though he wouldn’t be able to name it. Then Dean sings, scratchy, off-key and perfect, I’ve really, really been the best of fools, I did what I could. Cause I love you, baby. How I love you, darling, How I love you, baby.


Dean is furious with Cas when he returns from Heaven, and not for the first time, Cas feels adrift, unanchored. Unworthy. Returning the tape feels like the right thing to do. He keeps it tucked in his breast pocket, usually for comfort, but right now it reminds him of how he is undeserving. Of Dean. Of lov—

Dean obviously doesn’t agree. Teaches him gifts are things you keep. Reminds him this love is here to stay.

ao3 // thank you to @sobamushi for her wonderful help

Destiel and The Transformative Powers of Love

So you know that Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, right? Yeah, so then you know how it’s about this girl who yearns to break out of this place she’s stuck in, this conventional place where she’s unhappy as fuck, and what she wants is to have an adventure, and you know how she ends up having the biggest adventure of her life falling in love with this scary-ass monster dude who’s from a completely different world to her (dude has his own enchanted castle and everything) and how it turns out he’s had this curse put on him for being an all-out dick and he needs to find the non-dick within in order to win this girl’s heart, because having someone truly love him is the only way the monster can break the curse that has him just as stuck in his enchanted castle as the girl was ever stuck in her unsatisfying, conventional life. 

I know you know the story and I know you’ve seen the movie and I’m not talking the live action remake here, I’m talking the original. The Alan Menken scored, Oscar winning mother fucker of a brilliant piece of animated cinema.

So the other day (and most days lately) I was listening to the score of said piece of brilliance and guess what thought flew into my head. 

(you actually don’t have to guess) (I’m about to demonstrate it to you with gifs and everything)

The ending of Beauty and the Beast summarises my strongest want for Destiel in S13. How? I’m glad you asked because here come the gifs:

-> Destiel end of S12.

And then…

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I Belong To You

Summary: Castiel is searching for a holy relic when he is drawn back to the bunker by the reader’s late night prayer.  He soothes her and, at her insistence, decides to stay the night as she sleeps.

Pairings/Characters: Castiel x Reader; Mentioned: Sam, Dean

Word Count: 848, including lyrics

Warnings: None that I can think of; the tiniest hint of angst but, really, it’s all fluff

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining’s Taylor’s Concert Challenge.  My song prompt was “I Belong To You” by Muse, which is one of my favorite songs by that band!  I ended up having two ideas and this was the fluffier of the two and the one that I knew I could finish within a close proximity of the deadline once I started busting through the block (thanks for the extension but YAY! I didn’t need it!).  The other idea is a short angsty series, which I’m considering writing as well.

The song lyrics are in bold and italics and one brief flashback scene is in italics.

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Fleeting Moments

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 900

Warnings: No warnings, just fluff!

Summary: Dean plans a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for the reader.

Author’s Note: Okay, this one was supposed to be an Imagine but I got carried away (as usual) and now it’s just a cute one shot for Valentine’s Day! I hope you guys like it :) Feedback is appreciated!

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     Dean’s rough hands brushed your cheeks as you stumbled forward on your seldom used heels, your boyfriend’s strong presence behind you the only assurance you needed that you would stay upright with your most relied upon sense snuffed out.

     “Okay, almost there,” Dean said beside your ear. “Keep your eyes shut.”

     His hands fell away from your face and found their way to your waist, lifting you off your feet and setting you down at – you could only assume – the bottom of the kitchen’s tiny set of stairs.

     “And …” Dean guided you forward and into the room. “Now.”

     Your mouth fell open and your heart skipped a beat. You couldn’t believe what you were looking at.

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Love at First Video Part 14: Confession Time

Misha Collins x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary:  You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Really?” Was his answer to your statement, a simple sentence that could change your life, and his. But it was the expression in his eyes that was saying way more than his words ever could. His eyes were a mix of fear, and hopefulness, along with something else you weren’t sure you were ready to name quite yet.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to blurt it out.” You said, sliding off of the lounge, ready to run inside and hide your face. You weren’t ready to hear his answer, to hear how he would try to placate you with words instead of emotions. You had gotten around the chair, and was making your way to the door when he stood up and grasped your hand, stopping you.

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Because you Love Me
Is a video of Celine Dion-because you love me... I hope u enjoy it....

My newest find in the “perfect Destiel song is perfect” category.


For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I’ll be forever thankful baby
You’re the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You’re the one who saw me through through it all

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I’m grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don’t know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you


You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith ‘cause you believed
I’m everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You’ve been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

Tell me again how they are not written romantically…?

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Love and Love

“I love you,” he says forty-three miles outside of Saskatchewan, but he didn’t mean it that way. Cas had been deep into bite number two of the double bacon extra cheese burger that Dean had bought for him. He had lost enough of his grace now that such meals were more than molecules although not entirely necessary for existence.

Dean smiled at the declaration. Whether it was dedicated to the burger or to him for delivering it hardly mattered. It was Cas speaking from a place of happiness, and how often did he truly get to experience pleasure anymore.

“I love you,” he said when he tossed his body in a heap onto the memory foam mattress that Dean had set up for him in his room back at the bunker. The time on the road had been long this time, and although he did not strictly require sleep, sometimes he enjoyed the simple pleasures of just lying down in his own bed. Dean stood in the doorway and smiled at his back, trenchcoat fanning out around him like wings.

His face was pressed into the pillow, and Dean thought about how nice it was too finally have Cas here in a more permanent way. He had called the bunker home the other day, and something in Dean had warmed at the thought that at least one thing in the universe was finally right.

“I love you,” he said to the shower. Dean heard the declaration past the door as he wandered to his own room. The water pressure was a little slice of heaven. He couldn’t blame Cas for loving it. He paused in mid step, though when he heard the words. He replayed them and imagined them delivered in a different way.

He continued on his path to the bedroom, feeling happy and frustrated in equal measure. He tossed himself on his bed, pulled on his head phones, and drowned his thoughts in hard, fast songs.

“I love you,” he said again, this time to nothing in particular, and Dean had had just about enough of that. He did not know when it had become a problem. He told himself that it shouldn’t matter, but sometimes what one tells themselves in the too quiet night cannot live on in the light of day.

Dean stared at him in the big empty glade, sweat slicked from the heat and the demon kill that brought them there. The heat smelled like the warm pelts of animals. The breeze did nothing to chill them. It merely kicked up puffs of dust to add an extra layer to the skin.

“I love you,” he repeated, still standing there in the heat, angel blade gripped right in his hand. Dean took in the words again, and their surroundings. What was there to love out here? His weapon, for bringing down the demon, his coat for shielding him from the sun, the taste of dust… Dean’s mind swam through the possibilities, until Cas stepped up to him.

“I love you,” this time quiet and close enough to make the words a tangible thing between them. Dean swallowed down a joke that would fuck up the moment. He felt like the universe really really was finally right, like a good meal, a perfect mattress, excellent shower pressure, and Cas staying right here with him. Cas opened his mouth again as if he was going to repeat himself. This time, Dean did not let him.

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It is I, plot twisty. I was wondering if you could link me to some stuff you have written about Castiel's trench coat (bc I'm 99% sure you have) I'm just so excited because I love the new one so much. Also, I happen to be the person asking about the Winchesters and plaid shirts in season 12. I loved the way you analyzed the clothes of the characters and your attention to detail, because that stuff mostly remains unseen by my humble eyes. (Also I think you have a tag for the clothes stuff?!?)

Aaah hi! Were you why I wrote a 1000 mile long post with a screen cap of every shirt Mary wore in season 12? You are most welcome back in my inbox, that was a ton of fun :D 

I think my trenchcoat tag (the serious one not the “sam shoe saga” where all the fashion nonsense goes) has largely got other people’s meta in it because so much awesome stuff has been written before I ever got there so I mostly just summarise what everyone else has said when asked :P It’s like the Car Is Dean’s Soul thing: I’m 100% behind it but other people are way more into it so… :P I mean I will write the trenchcoat stuff and sob about it but @floatingaboveclouds​ really picked it up a while back (and sadly she’s been not around much lately) and at the moment @gneisscastiel​ is sobbing about it all the time. 

Aah my “trenchcoat meta” tag isn’t even on my tag list… See, there’s always something :P

This is what I always think of as the Definitive Trenchcoat Meta just because I read it first, ages ago, and it really got me into it :P

Some thoughts about VERY early Cas and coat stuff.

Me being sad about it in 7x17

A season 8/9x01 look at it (I mean… written at LEAST after season 10 if I remember but from the POV of 8x07 about the early Carver era trenchcoat stuff we usually skip before going right to the new trenchcoat and all the nonsense they use it for :P)

Oh and more on the original coat and Cas’s identity (circa 9x23 at least)

Some overview on Cas up to 9x09 and Jimmy in general

This is a like 1 line meta on the new coat in 9x10

Here’s a season 9 original - I think the first post really yelling about the discovery of the plaid under the collar! 

This is a great one from 9x18 when it aired that I stumbled on recently but remember reading at the time so it was one of my Formative Meta Experiences (I just didn’t reblog a whole lot until the season 9-10 hiatus really started so all this great stuff is kind of lost to time to me unless I’m blog snooping and stumble on it >.> Thankfully I blog snoop a lot.)

I’m so frustrated because I can’t find my reblog (if I ever did) of the deleted scene gifs of Cas sewing the trenchcoat with commentary about him doing Human Things™… >.> My blog from before like… late season 10/the hiatus after… is really badly tagged so the good stuff is all a mystery :P

(I found another!)

Here’s a season 9-10 hiatus post from me where I talk about how the combination of coat and song got me to ship Destiel textually because it was all so intrinsically linked and the whole deeper symbolism of what the coat means to Cas and how the lyrics in that song used it.

And the no need for words version… >.>

This one I wrote myself recently about Metatron in 9x22 trying on the coat and what I thought it meant in this context (as you can see I am still basically in a season 9 mindset about it :P)

Mel has all the gratuitous plaid shots…

This from 10x02 but the first doesn’t take into account that in the shot of Hannah putting the coat over Cas WE can see the plaid, I guess just from her perspective she misses it or doesn’t understand the symbolism (especially not that everyone leaped on the meta idea of “being draped in the flag of heaven” and what her actions were doing :P) - Floatingaboveclouds’s original Trenchcoat Meta is circa this episode and explains it best and it’s sort of the words in the back of my head about that scene all the time now.

Something from 10x14 which makes perfect sense because the new trenchcoat was from 9x10 but I just skim read the post and I’m not 100% sure they really got into it like I would have…

For 10x18 and Cas taking off his coat there :D

Some early season 11 meta!

Some thoughts about Cas in the start of season 11 and parallels to Casifer and how he was wearing Cas’s clothes…

11x15 and some more thoughts on Casifer

This is from earlier this hiatus giving an overview but I think I should add now with hindsight, talking about a full wardrobe upheaval, because there’s obviously different meaning in Cas going right back to something nearly identical to his original get up, and I’d rather muse on what that means when I know HOW he ends up with his new costume for season 13, so that’s a meta I’ll only write after 13x06. No leather jacket yet. >.> 

Here’s some interesting takes on it with a different perspective:

All of this is informing my thoughts right now on it and I know there’s a bunch of meta I missed… I mean just scrolling these posts I’m sure there’s gaps in trenchcoat-related events that I or others have talked about and uuugh even when I try and collect all the meta I’ve tagged badly in the past or was too shy when I was new to fandom and missed a whole bunch of the most important posts at the end of season 9 which drastically shaped how I read the show… I’m always happy to talk MORE about it :P

I guess adding this all up the one thing I can say about the new trenchcoat for season 13 is that is it a trenchcoat and that means it carries all this baggage, just as the 2nd one carried the baggage of the first, but it’s in a different form. If Cas picked it for himself, it will be like 9x10 and 8x07, where he chooses to go back to the original look. If it’s picked for him it will be a different story - more like 7x17 or 9x18 or 11x06 - times when he put the coat on hesitantly or was given a strong push to go for a choice that wasn’t particularly a choice, or because someone else was shaping his image for him. 

10x01-3 especially were LADEN with Cas identity stuff and included a lot of messing around with the trenchcoat, and it was also the first part of the show I enjoyed in fandom meta-ing with everyone else, so I have ideas about it very planted in my head :P I think I will always associate it with his angelic identity as the “flag of heaven” because of the 9x18/9x22/9x23 synergy about Cas, Metatron, and all the stuff going on between them. I think that whole chunk of the show with 9x14 as an outlier on one end and 10x18 on the other but mostly the end of season 9 and start of season 10 separated Cas out to tell a very specific story about who he was and what he wanted, and the trenchcoat played a huge part in that symbolism. And that starts with him picking a new one in 9x10 when re-asserting his angel identity (after joining in as a hunter in 9x09 in the same get up including the season 10-12 tie in an early appearance) and that act in itself was a sort of “be useful to the Winchesters or die human” scenario, and so I think like Dean on the phone in 9x09, I am very suspicious about Cas’s choice actually saying anything about what he WANTS when it comes to his identity, and the main block of episodes about this unpack it a lot more…

If Cas comes back in a new trenchcoat which is like the original flavour one, it might be like what it was used for in 8x07 - a “everything is okay” red flag that Cas put himself back together for appearances’ sake but of course he was being controlled by Naomi and it was the first scene Dean voices his immediate suspicions Cas did not come back naturally and there was something fishy about it - which of course he carries on worrying about until the Crypt Scene when it all becomes clear, and then Cas only stays in that outfit a handful more episodes until he becomes human and has to pick drinking water over maintaining the image and wearing his original battle armour.

There’s also the fact the trenchcoat IS the original battle armour to him and like in 9x18 or 11x06 the new one at very least feels like armour and we can see him using it as that emotionally… It’s not a bad thing for him to have a new old trenchcoat style to mimic how he used to be if it’s for his own strength and comfort… I just think that overall he’s headed in a different way than staying in the trenchcoat forever and a 3rd variation is going to be fascinating. I hope there’ll be a lot to comment on, like with the 2nd one when it was new there was like 2 seasons of heavy exploration of it as a meta subject before they sort of chilled out again and it became a more incidental feature. Or the times Cas had the original restored to him or like how it looked in Purgatory (see! even more incidents I couldn’t quickly find a post on :P)

And of course there’s the mystery about what Cas might wear while he’s dead, why he’s in a $2600 suit in the first scene of 13x06, and so on and so on. Season 13 has SO many more ways to fuck with us before we get to the new coat :P 

Just another observation, but this time it’s about Dean and Cas(s).

Before the questions come rolling in as to why I write Castiel’s nickname “Cas(s)” this way, see here for information.

Okay that said let’s get on with this observation while we’re all still relatively young and not bored. ha ha.


This is going to be a long post and it may piss off the anti’s so be warned that this is about Dean and Cas(s).

I’m going to dissect the hell out of some parts of the episodes 9x06 and 9x09 and 12x01 and also have a little fun with the GIFS for a bit so if it’s not your thing, then just keep scrolling.

Starting with 9x09: Dean was crushed when he was told by Cas(s) that he became an Angel again. It’s obvious in Deans eyes, expressions and his tone that he was not happy about it.

Why does Castiel’s Angel status matter so much to Dean?  Well it matters a great deal when you love someone. A someone who was once at a distance, then you rein them in and you’re close only to have them pushed out of reach again.

Dean doesn’t like nor trust other Angels. He thinks they’re all dicks. Dicks with wings as he calls it and you know what? He ‘s right. And sometimes Cas(s) is included with that insult. 

But the humanity Cas(s) held mattered to Dean on some level. Whether it be romantic or otherwise, I’ll let you be the judge but this is how I see it.

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From Con to Con (Part Nine)


Part Eight

A/N: So I wanted this to come out earlier in regards to Alan Rickman’s birthday but oh well. Lots of love for Snape so if you don’t like him in Harry Potter, sorry about that. (I know he’s a flawed character okay!)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: love for Severus Snape, language, drinking

Word Count: 5,476

Tags: @dont-hate-relate-pls, @nekodresden85, @baritonechick, @i-dont-understand-that-url,  @sympathyforluci, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @authoressskr@your-not-invisible-to-me, @cantchoosejustonefandom, @chelseypaigeake@crowleysminion, @laffytaffyhumor, @smoothdogsgirl, @destiel-addict-forever@multifandomlove2002, @agent-superwholockian, @b-northington@waywardswain, @prettyboy-spn@oriona75, @thatone67chevyimpala, @kazchester-fanfiction, @atc74, @derivedfromapho,  @shititskatelyn, @spnackleholicswainer, @bloodstained-porcelain-doll, @multi-fan-dom-madness,  @ebeers1673

Forever tags: @eileenlikesyou-maybe

It was good to be back in L.A.; you had missed being home. The past few weeks had been crazy with filming so when you finally had some days off, you decided to fly down to check out your apartment and for some warmer weather. You were hoping that the more time you spent in the new apartment that it would start to feel like a real home, and not just a storage unit for your items. You honestly felt more comfortable in Rob’s place than you did in the new apartment but you shouldn’t compare the places. This was your actual home, not Rob’s. Time was all you needed to make this place a home for you finally.

Currently, you were cleaning your apartment while singing and dancing to your music around the room to make sure everything was in order for Rob and Rich. They were coming over to go over some thoughts they had for Kings of Con. There wasn’t much time to go over in detail what they needed to during conventions so this small break you had was perfect for them pitching you their ideas. And the three of you could figure out the best time to film any of your scenes.  

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sactownbrowns3  asked:

Against All Odds by Phil Collins please😊❤️

“I think I’m losin’ it, Sammy.”  Though Dean’s words are quiet, they echo in the stillness of the library.  He’s staring at his hands, worrying them until they’re raw.

Sam shifts in his seat and pushes the book away from him.  Dean doesn’t have to look at him to know he now has his brother’s full attention.  “What do you mean?  What’s wrong?”

With a heavy sigh, Dean runs a hand over his face and leans back in the chair.  “Cas,” he says, shaking his head.  Every time he says that name, his heart aches.  Every time he sees someone in a blue tie or a tan trench coat, his stomach flips.  “I’m… I keep seeing him.  Everywhere.  Every time I close my eyes.  When I turn a corner.  Driving down the road.  I… I see him.”

“It’s normal,” Sam says, in that gentle way he always comforts witnesses.  “It’s a normal part of the grieving process.  You lost someone you love.  It–”

“What if it’s not.”  Dean leans forward, showing Sam he means business.  “What if…” he wipes a hand over his mouth.  “What if it’s like Purgatory?  When–when–when he got out, and he was trying to find me.”

“Dean.”  Sam tilts his head, resting his elbow on the table.  “Dean, we burned his body.  His wings–” He pauses to clear his throat.  “We saw the burn marks.”  Despite every effort to the contrary, Dean’s eyes fill with tears as he nods.  “I wish,” Sam continues, “that were the case.  I wish we could get him back, but you said it yourself, Dean.  He–”

“Yeah.  No.  I know.  You’re… you’re right.”  He slides a hand through his hair and sighs.  “I’m beat.  I’m callin’ it a night.”

Take a look at me now

‘Cause that’s just an empty space

But to wait for you is all I can do

And that’s what I’ve got to face

He’d always hoped that one day the empty side of his bed would be forever-occupied.  Not with some random hookup from a bar or even Lisa.  But with Cas.  He’d hoped one day he would get his shit together, and their lives would be calm.  Cas was his chance at normal.   His chance at love.

Now, he’s instead faced with an empty bed and a weight in his chest that won’t subside.  Logically, he knows Sam is right.  He knows Cas is gone – dead.  But seeing him like this, seeing him everywhere… it gives him hope, perhaps to his own detriment.  Is he now doomed to spend the rest of his life waiting for Cas?  Maybe that’s a fate he needs to face.


“Jack, what did you do?  What did you do?!” Sam’s eyes are wide, and Jack’s standing in the doorway looking like a chastized child.   Dean’s three steps behind him, looking around the library, books and tables and lamps strewn haphazardly like a hurricane’s blown through.

“Dean.  He was in pain.  Because of Castiel.  Because of what happened.  I wanted to help.  I wanted to fix it.”

“Fix it how?” Dean demands, pushing past Sam.

“I need your blood.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your blood, Dean.  I need your blood.  To complete the ritual.”

“What ritual?”

“To return Castiel to you.  It requires the blood of his beloved.  That’s you, isn’t it?”

Dean looks to Sam, and he feels like he can’t breathe.  He wants to rail against Jack, scream, break things, and drown at the bottom of a bottle of Maker’s Mark.  But there’s a part of him that feels a splinter of hope.  Against all odds, he and Cas have always found their way back to each other.  Through death, apocalypses, amnesia, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory… they’ve always found their way back.

He’s blinded now, by the hope Jack is offering him.  And despite the unknown consequences, Dean knows he has to take whatever chance he’s being handed. 

“Dean,” Sam says, shaking his head.  “Dean, no.  We don’t know what will happen.”

“I have to, Sammy.  It’s Cas.  I have to try.”

Take a good look at me now

‘Cause I’ll still be standing here

And you coming back to me is against all odds

It’s the chance I’ve got to take

Take a look at me now

The world falls away when his forehead presses against Cas’s, his fingers buried in that mess of dark hair.  “You came back to me,” he whispers, Cas’s hands gripping the back of Dean’s shirt.  There’s a mess to be cleaned up out in the library, and repercussions to face, but all of that can wait. “You came back.”

Cas pulls him closer, and Dean breathes in deep.  “I’ll always come back to you, Dean.  I’ll always come when you call, even if it takes a while.”

Dean smiles and kisses him soundly, letting himself melt into it.  Never in his life has a kiss felt so perfect, so pure, and so right.  Against all odds, Cas had came back to him, and never again would he let him walk away.  When they part, Dean tilts his head just enough to breath.  “Never do that again.”

“Okay,” Cas breathes.  “Okay.”

How can I just let you walk away

Just let you leave without a trace?

When I stand here taking every breath with you

You’re the only one who really knew me at all

Um, I was not okay reading those lyrics!  Damn, Phil Collins, break my heart!

Hope you like this! <3

The Little Things

Title: The Little Things

 Prompt: @thegreatficmaster Wolverine X reader fic. Male reader if u can. No real plot, just maybe fluffy him being sweet with me secretly.

 Summary: Mornings are always slow in the Xavier Mansion, but this morning seemed extra sweet.

 Warnings: Severe Amount of Fluff.  Mild Language.

 Mastrlist of Fanfiction


The sunlight slipped in between the curtains to give of gentle rays of light that teased over your skin, warming you and gently pulling you out of slumber and into the world of consciousness.  You gave a turn of your body and stretched as you sat up, smiling slightly as you yawned.

Thank God it’s Saturday.

You loved Saturday mornings, everyone slept in, it wasn’t as hectic, no classes you had to teach with twenty mutants at once.  Being a mutant yourself wasn’t so bad, but a lot of these kids just wouldn’t reign themselves in.  You don’t need to use your powers to study Math! Well…except for Claire, but she could visualize the problems for the other students so they could see a 3D representation…that one you let slide.

You groaned as you got to your bedroom door, looking down for a moment and silently debating.  Your black boxers stood out against your skin, and normally, you wouldn’t have any issues with just slipping down for a cup of coffee, but if Ororo (Storm) saw you like this…again…you may lose precious bits in a lightning strike.  

Which was more important…coffee quicker…or protecting your bits?

Bits won as you slipped on your robe and padded down the hallway to the elevator, clicking the button as you let it guide you to your destination.  Luckily, it was early enough that no one else was really up, except for a few of the other instructors and X-men who had morning training.

“Mornin’.” You grumbled as you stepped in, giving Kurt (Nightcrawler) a wave as you stepped up to the coffee pot.  

“You have already been served.”  Kurt spoke softly, gesturing to the table.  

Your sleep-filled brain took a moment to grasp what he was saying, only then turning to see a steaming cup of coffee already set for you, with your favorite creamer in it, as well as a small plate with two eggos on it.  Oh…  You smiled as you stepped up and put a finger down on the eggos to test the temperature.  Warm but not scalding.  Perfect!

“Do I have you to thank for this?”  

“Nope.” Kurt responded as he blue tail wrapped around his cup and lifted it to his mouth.  His hands were pre-occupied with the morning paper.  

“But I take it you know who did?”  


Seriously, getting information from this furry devil was like pulling teeth.  You sighed as you tore one of your precious eggos in half and waved it in front of his nose.  “I’ll share if you tell me.”  You said with a sing-song voice.  You had a feeling you already knew who left you this surprise, but you wanted conformation before you went to thank him.  

Cause you don’t just get cuddly with this man without reason…or you could end up a bit holey.

“Library,” Was all Kurt offered as the tip of his tail struck through the eggo, spearing it before gently bringing it to his mouth.

“You know, I hope you wash that tail of yours before you use it to eat.”  You grumbled at him as you left.  You munched on eggos as you gave a passing nod to a few other students who had woken by now.  What could he have planned for you in the library, you thought as you got close.  

The first thing that registered was some music, lightly playing.  It was some classical Bach, something that was great background music for reading…he wouldn’t…  He did! You step in and smile as you see a coaster sitting next to your favorite book, a blanket laying across the couch next to it.  

“Where are you?” You asked softly, knowing he could hear you from wherever he was.  “Not going to join me?”  You said as you wrapped yourself up in the blanket and got settled on the couch.  “Seems a shame to have to use this whole couch by myself.”  

“Then don’t.” A deep voice spoke next to you.  

You smiled as you turned and found your affectionate man taking a seat behind you. “Are those flowers?”

“For you.” He offered as he handed them over. You smiled as you looked at them…they seemed familiar, had you seen these before?  Huh…you put that question from your mind, however, when he hooked your chin with a thumb and gave you a gentle kiss.  

It stole your breath away, making your mind swim for a moment before settling.  You chuckled as you pressed your head against his.  “What did you break this time?”  You joked, knowing that Logan could be sweet all on his own, but this level indicated that there was some guilt behind it.  

“The blanket, it got…tangled…in my claws this morning.”  

You chuckled as you leaned against him, propping your feet up on the coffee table.  “I’ll get you a new one.”  

“I liked the old one.”

“Then don’t shred it.”  You offered light-heartedly, giving him another kiss.  Sure, it sounded like a big deal that he shredded a present you gave him, but you knew he still had nightmares, and he couldn’t always keep his claws retracted then…some blankets were bound to die.

“Thank you for everything, I loved it.”  You snuggled into his side as his arm wrapped around you, toying with your sleep-mused hair.

“Anytime.” He settled against you, relaxing and letting his eyes flutter shut.  It was perfect, a perfect start to a perfect morning.  You were wrapped up in your lover’s arms, your coffee and favorite breakfast, your favorite book and background music…


Perfection destroyed.

Logan shot upright as he let out a soft growl.  “Shit.”  

“What?”  You looked back at your flowers and it clicked. Your eyes went wide as you fixed Logan with a glare.  “You took out Ororo’s (Storm’s) flowers?!”  

Sure enough, later that day you went for a walk outside, getting away from the shouting match between Ororo and Logan after she finally found him inside, you saw the flower bed, all perfectly cut down, probably by sharp claws.  Little green bits lay around, but all the beautiful blooms were gone…they were safely tucked away in a vase in your room.

You chuckled as you saw Logan storm out of the house.  He spotted and you and walked up, capturing your lips in a searing kiss before speaking.  “I’m going for a ride.  Be back soon.”  

You nodded, knowing he needed to vent off some energy after being scolded like a child. This was your life, in the Xavier Mansion, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.  


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Love at First Video Part 22: Convention Time

Misha Collins x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The next morning you woke completely wrapped around a warm and awake Misha. You were cuddled up to his side, with his arm wrapped around you, and he was smiling down at you. You didn’t want to get out of bed, but you knew you needed to, that today was going to be an extremely busy day.

“Morning.” He whispered, gently brushing the hair away from your cheek. You got lost in the depths of his blue eyes, realizing for what was possibly the first time that you could actually picture yourself growing old with this man.

“Morning.” You finally answered back, your inner thoughts turning your cheeks a brilliant shade of red. Misha noticed, of course he did, with how close the two of you were laying.

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Same, Cas. Same.

Lizbob was laughing at me earlier because I’m in the middle of this seemingly long stretch of episodes that involve Major Fandom Disagreements. And this is one of them. Because of this ^^


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More Like Her

A/N: Sorry this request took so long! It’s been pretty chaotic around here for a few days so I’ve been trying to focus on more of my original stuff. <3

Request: Can you do a fic to Miranda lambert should of been more like her song? With any pairing of Misha, Jared, or Jensen? Basically she was dating one of them and then she sings this song because they just announced their engagements?

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Warnings: angsty fluff

Word Count (after lyrics): 821

Originally posted by adaav

She’s beautiful in her simple little way

She don’t have too much to say when she gets mad

You’d been playing your guitar for the last thirty minutes or so, singing sad songs as you sat on a table in a room that was just off of the green room. You didn’t know what it was about Jared, why you still loved him so much after breaking up with him; an entire two years prior to him announcing his engagement today.

She understands, she don’t let go of anything

Even when the pain gets really bad

I guess I should’ve been more like that

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