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I am a bit ticked off.

Hello, @garr9988 . You may or may not remember, but I was the first person to respond to your reblog of that Bering & Wells post, in which you called out @ellabellbee . In the Ask I sent to you, I said the following: “Hey man, just FYI, you don’t need to ‘explain’ things to anybody in the B&W fandom, and particularly not to @ellabellbee. We’ve been here a lot longer than you and know what went down just a tiny bit better. For real! Thanks.”

To which you responded publicly, saying that I sounded condescending but that I probably hadn’t meant to. (For the record: meant to, but only a little.) You also said that you “felt the need to correct people” when they held “incorrect beliefs” about things. I didn’t much like your response, I’ll admit, but okay. I said what I said, you said what you said, and you made those words public.

I bring this up only because you deleted my Ask and your answer: you erased me, and my voice, from the situation. And I don’t often express anger publicly, but erasure is one of the things I REALLY DON’T LIKE.

You say you’re a feminist, and you support that by citing the dictionary definition of feminism. I really, genuinely hope you won’t find it condescending if I point out that dictionary definitions tend not to cover lived experience in its fullness. I’m a feminist too. My lived experience of that—as a gay white woman, one who has spent most of her working life in fields dominated by men—probably gives me a different perspective than yours gives you. Anyway, my lived definition includes the importance of not erasing women’s voices. Maybe take that into consideration the next time you decide, first, to insert your voice into a conversation that is mostly (but of course not completely) among and about women, and second, to mostly disregard, and then delete, what was intended as a friendly warning from a woman who is fully informed about said conversation.

In conclusion:

They’re good captains, Bront.

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1/2 To that anon who said 'UwU Lance is jerk bc he said to Keith he is drop out and I am drop out' as fellow dropout myself who relates to Keith in so many levels(only I am not lightskinned) seems to ignore once again that Keith is full of shit too: saying The amount of information in your brain can be stored in paper plane and also Keith literally said "If we can drop unnecessary weight" relating to Lance. So yeah, I love Lance bc he is flawed and can be jerk too, but just like Keith.

2/2 But if you decided to ONLY dislike Lance for his flaws while ignoring other character flaws that is biased shit, like it’s easy to say you like Hunk he is fucking angel he barely done anything wrong, but if brown characters can’t be flawed from time to time to be liked, while flaws of lightskinned characters can be easily ignored and forgiven, that shit is racist.


yeah anon you put it very well

nothing pisses me off more than my mom making irrelevant comments about how anyone (especially females) dress or do their makeup/hair. let them do whatever the fuck they want its not your body and you’re in no position to judge them. you don’t have to like it but there is literally no need for you to be disrespectful.

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ok, so my friend agreed we can add a note to the bathbomb package. would you like to say anything to will? you made the headcanon, after all!

“Hey Will, I’d like to apologize for creating this joke, but I really hope you can find humor in it like I and other fans of the show do and I also hope you like bathbombs (though of course you yourself should not eat them). Love ya, Will!”

‘All The Things You Said’ Chapter 10 is up!

I took this a lot further than I originally planned but I really love how it turned out! Enjoy!

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#12, things you said when you thought I was asleep (from this list)

It had been a long night. The events of Sherrinford had taken a toll on Sherlock and everyone he knows. He had gone to Molly’s flat to explain but she didn’t want to talk about it right away. So, they didn’t talk at all. The two of them sat in uncomfortable silence for a bit and she assumed he would want to use her bedroom for his usual bolt hole. She had gotten up from where they sat on her bed to sleep on the sofa but Sherlock’s scarred hands reached out for her waist to stop her.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To sleep on the sofa,” Molly replied.

“Please stay,” Sherlock pleaded. So she turned off the lamp and curled herself under the duvet, facing away from the consulting detective. Her attempt at being cold did not deter him. If there was anything he learned from Molly’s love for him is that people who wrap a cold shell around themselves just need to be warmed up. So he inched closer, carefully, and wrapped his arms around her, burying his face against her neck. Molly stiffened but soon relaxed, her breath becoming even.

He listened for her breaths and knew immediately she was asleep. There were things he wanted—needed—to say to her; things he hoped she’d let him say. He nuzzled his nose against her neck affectionately. She didn’t stir a bit.

“Molly,” Sherlock whispered. “I am so sorry. I wish it never happened that way but it did. It is what it is. I’m no good at this, but I wish I knew how to make it all better. I don’t want to lose you. So, if you still refuse to talk to me after tonight, this may be my only chance to say it…” He took a shaky breath. “I love you, Molly Hooper, so very much.” He placed a soft kiss against her neck. “It seems it was just yesterday that you asked me out for coffee. Sorry for being so rude to you then. I should’ve taken you up on that offer but I was a bit of an emotionally repressed arse then. I still am a bit of an arse and I’ve no idea why you love me, but I want to thank you for loving me. Where would I be without you?”

He snuggled in closer, if it was even possible. He saw but did not observe. Molly blinked, her eyelashes wet with tears. She had been awake the whole time and did not want to alert him to her state. Molly knew he meant the ‘I love you’ now if the things he said while he thought she slept were any indication.

“Please stay,” Sherlock pleaded once more before attempting to sleep.

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I’ve been receiving a few asks about shipping and what my take on it is, so here:
I don’t ship anyone in Gorillaz. It kinda makes me happier to see them as a big ole dysfunctional family. If you ship nudoc, 2doc, 2nu or any other ships, then that’s you! I’m okay with it! You shipping them doesn’t have any impact on my life, so you do you. I don’t really like ship bashers tbh. I’m more of a “If it doesn’t concern you, don’t let it bother you” kinda girl.

So yeah! There’s my take on it. Have a nice day 💕