you said it hank

theitalianscribe said: Hank, “no”

You were smart. You were prepared. You thought six steps ahead. You had to be all that, if you were trying to sell coke and fairy dust in Portland.

(The street name for the combination was jank but that was just so… inelegant.)

But you were smart, you knew all the right ears to whisper into, all the right pockets to stuff, the best demons to summon for the really dirty work. Who to shmooze with, who to ignore, and who to bury.

And for the last ten years it had worked. You had worked, you had risen to the top, because you were smart, you were better than others in your business. You played it cool, you didn’t blow all your money on blow and cars.

You had a plan after this, one that involved leaving the rain and grey and setting up on a beach for the rest of your life.

But now? Now it felt like the city itself was after you.

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Hank McCoy - X-Men

Charles and Erik had recruited you for their team. You had joined gladly. Meeting another telepath was all it took for you to say yes really. For the first time ever you knew you weren’t alone. And they didn’t think you were weird.

As you walked into the lab you were greeted by a new thought. /Wow, they’re gorgeous./

You quickly realised it was a young brown haired man had been the person whose thought you heard. Unlike Charles you didn’t have much control over your ability yet, but they had promised you to help you learn how to control it.

“Y/N, this is Hank. Hank, this is Y/N. They’re a telepath like me.” Charles said proudly.

You saw Hank blush. “Hi.” /I hope they weren’t reading my mind./

You smiled politely. “Hi. Sorry about that.”

Never Been Better

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Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader

Request: “1,5, or 13 with Charles Xavier please (: 

 5: “Wait a minute, are you jealous?”  13: “Kiss me”

Warnings: None

A/N: I only did 5 and 13, hope thats okay! This is my first time writing Charles Xavier, sorry if it’s not in character 😁

You were laughing along with Hank McCoy, him just finishing up a funny story involving a couple of his students and boiled cabbage. You suddenly broke off when you head someone clearing their throat behind you. You turned around to see Charles Xavier sitting there, his lips pursed.

                        “Hey,” you said, standing up. “You need something?”

                        “I was wondering if I could talk to you,” he said, fiddling with his shirtsleeves. You glanced over at Hank before walking over to Charles.

                        “Sure.” You let him wheel out of the room first, you following uncertainly. As the two of you neared his study, you realized he looked almost nervous.

                        You stepped ahead of him to open his study door, allowing him in before the doors closing behind you with a sharp click. The lamp on his desk was on, illuminating the room with a soft orange glow. He went over to the whiskey on his desk, pouring himself a glass. When he offered you one, you shook your head. He took a sip, sighing.

                        “So, what did you want to talk to me about?” you asked nervously.

                        “I just wanted to know how your classes were going.” He spoke almost immediately, obviously skirting around something.

                        “They’re good. Students are behaving and all,” you told him. After a couple seconds of intense silence, you spoke up. “That’s not why you wanted to talk to me, is it?”

                        “No,” Charles sighed, knocking back the rest of his drink. He stared at the empty glass in his hand. The lamplight illuminated his face in just the right way.    

                        “So…” you prodded, the room filled with tension.

                        “I’ve just seen you with Hank a lot recently. I was just wondering…” Charles began. “If… I don’t know…”

                        “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” you broke in, grinning. Charles’s eyes widened.

                        “No! I mean I’ve always wanted to ask you out, but-“ he swallowed, seeming to realize what he just said.

                        “There’s nothing between me and Hank,” you said. “He’s just a really good friend. Nothing like you.”

                        Charles licked his lips nervously. “So, would you want to go out for a drink sometime?”

                        “Of course,” you said, grinning.

                        “I understand if you would rather be with Hank,” Charles started stammering. “It’s completely okay.”

                        “I just said I’d go with you, doofus,” you grinned, getting up to walk over to him.  “Besides, you’re a lot cuter than Hank.”

                        Charles didn’t seem to know what to say, watching you step closer to him.

                        “I guess if you’re not doing anything tomorrow night…” he started. You met his eyes with yours, everything seeming to suddenly stop.

                        “Like at 8:00?” he continued, still staring at you. You suddenly couldn’t take it anymore, reaching forward to grab his shirt.

                        “Just shut up and kiss me,” you said, slamming his lips into yours. Everything else seemed to fade away as you and Charles both relaxed into the kiss, his hand rising up to the side of your head. You broke away grinning.

                        “So, 8:00 tomorrow?” you asked. Charles nodded, his mouth slightly parted.

                        “I’ll see you then,” you said, turning away to hide your creeping blush as you walked out of the study. You could feel his gaze on your back the whole way, the impact of what just happened in the study hitting you suddenly in the hall to your room. Hank was going past with some papers, giving you a worried look.

                        “Y/N, are you okay?” he asked. You sighed, smiling. “Never been better.”


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You giggled as Alex winked at you from across the room. Alex could honestly be really cute sometimes especially when he was playfully flirting with you.

Hank who was sitting next to you on the sofa made some sort of growling sound.

You looked at him in surprise.
“What’s the matter?”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Hank said in a low voice.

“I think Hank’s jealous” Alex snickered from far away. Sean laughed along with him.

“I’m not” Hank said seriously getting to his feet “I’m just… Gonna do… I don’t know”.
With that he left.

“Oh yeah” Sean smirked “he’s super jealous”.

You felt yourself go red. You’ve liked Hank for a little bit but you didn’t think he felt the same way so you didn’t push it. Now the fact that he may be jealous of Alex flirting with you made your stomach fill with butterflies.


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“I can explain,” you said, putting your hands up in a surrendering position as Nick and his partner watched you closely. You had blood all around your mouth, a dead wesen at your feet. To be fair, said dead wesen has killed both wesen and non-wesen alike.

“Y/N?” Nick asked, still shocked at the sight.

“You know her?” Hank asked, seeming absolutely confused.

“We’re mates,” you explained.

“Care to define? Because that word can mean two very different things,” Hank said.

You and Nick ignored him for the moment, as explaining your relationship with Nick to him was not important right now. “I could use that explanation,” Nick prompted.

“Did you really think wesen are the only fairy tale monsters to exist?” you asked, trying to wipe some of the blood off on your arm. “My kind feed on wesen. Though, like you, I try to stick with the less-kind of them.”

Nick looked at the body, then you. Specifically the blood around your mouth, and the fangs that became visible as you talked.

“Wait, vampire?” Nick asked.

“Basically,” you stated with a nod.

“Okay, so vampires exist now? And I thought the world drew the line at werewolves,” Hank said.

You made a disgusted face. “I hate Blutbads. Though they taste the best once I get past the fur,” you said.

“So how are we explaining this one?” Hank asked Nick.

“Animal attack,” Nick replied, putting his gun away.

“Hey, I know you know her. Either close friends or intimately, and I’m not judging. But…” The rest was whispered so you couldn’t hear.

“I know,” Nick replied. “But I trust she’ll stick with the criminals. I have quite the wesen body count myself.”

“This is different,” Hank said. “She’s not a detective.”

“I know. But something tells me I can trust her,” He smiled at you, and you smiled back.


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*Hank’s Pov*
“You don’t seem afraid” Hank said as you examined him in his… Blue form.

“Why would I be?” You asked seeming generally confused. Hank couldn’t help but be a bit confused as well. He was grateful for your calm reaction but still… Confused.

“You don’t honestly think I’d be afraid of you do you?” You said as if finally understanding why Hank was so shocked.


“Hank don’t ever think of yourself as a monster” you said before he could even finish what he was about to say.
“Don’t you ever!”.


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For The Anonymous Who Wanted An Alex Summers x Reader. Sorry It Took A While

Pairing: Alex Summers x reader
Fandom: Marvel/X-Men
Warnings: [N/A]
Summary: The reader is sick and tired of Alex constantly teasing their brother Hank. Time to give him a piece of your mind.

You and Hank were sitting watching television when Alex walked into the room.

Alex snickered.
“Hank you mind getting your big feet off the table. What are you? An animal? Oh wait my bad”.

Hank frowned as you turned bright red with anger.
“I think I’m just going to go to my lab” Hank said getting to his feet.

“Oh come on Hank" you called but Hank had already left the room.

“Wonder what his problem is?” Alex said sitting down on the couch, acting as if he had done nothing wrong. You however were standing up glaring at him, rage flowing through your veins. You just couldn’t help yourself. You balled your fist tightly and punched Alex in the shoulder.

“What was that for?” Alex questioned furrowing his eyebrows.

“Why can’t you just leave him alone huh?” you demanded frustratedly “do you get some sort of pleasure out of making him feel miserable?”.

“Woah I was just joking” Alex said throwing his hands up in defence.

“Oh really” you scoffed rolling your eyes “well a lot of us would appirecate it if you kept your jokes to yourself”. With that you started to stomp out of the room but Alex quickly caught up to you and grabbed you by the arm.

“Hey look I’m sorry okay”.

“Don’t say sorry to me. Say it to Hank!”.

Alex sighed nodding. You had to admit you were a bit surprised when Alex actually walked off toward Hank’s lab, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. Maybe he wasn’t really a huge handsome jerk like you thought he was. Did you say handsome? Ah… forget that part.


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Hank McCoy x reader

Warnings: none?

“This is amazing (y/n), you are amazing”, Hank said as he looked up from his computer.

Hank had asked you earlier today if he could run some test on you. You, of course, said yes because you had a major crush on the scientist and you wanted to find out how powerful you are anyway. Your powers were the ability to stop and fast forward time or rewind time, which made you one of the most powerful people in the school next to Jean Grey.

“You really think so,” you said as you held up a picture of you with a dinosaur.

“Yes, I’ve never seen anything like it. You may be up to a class three or four mutant, close to the professor’s power level.” You smiled as you started to walk over toward Hank who wasn’t paying attention.

“Is there any more test you need to run,” you asked as you placed a hand onto Hanks’ shoulder which made his head turn.

You smiled at him and he smiled back and cleared his throat, “um no but..” he stuttered.

“But what,” you asked curiously as you pulled out a stool from under the desk he was at.

“It’s nothing (y/n),” he put his focus back on his computer. You frowned and wished he would have told you what he was going to say.

Rolling your eyes you grabbed Hank’s chair and spun him toward you, “Hey. do you want to go and get some lunch with me? I heard that the food today is good and I know a gorgeous spot to eat outside.”

“I….I would love to (y/n),” you offered him a hand and the two of you, hand in hand, ran toward the lunchroom. You grabbed some of the food and a coke and continued to pull Hank to your destination.

“You don’t need to pull me there you know, I can run,” he said as you were running out on the grass.

“Sorry Hank,” and you let go of his shirts sleeve and you led him toward a large willow tree  with great big branches with long leaves that created a curtain like a shield from the burning sun.

Hank stood there bewildered by the sight of the amazing tree and looked back at you shyly, “This Salix babylonica is amazing I wonder why I have not noticed it before.”


“Salix babylonica is the scientific name for the whomping willow (y/n). I went through a stage when I was young I was obsessed with plants and this was my favorite because it allowed me to get away from the bullies when I was young.” There was a long silence and you looked at the ground and you started to feel bad for hank and how he was bullied when he was young.

“Let’s eat.” trying to get your mind off of  the thought. You sat on the grassy ground as the both of you ate and made talk about your abilities and how he would want to meet many famous scientists who have passed away by now. You didn’t even know that it was already five in the afternoon, the both of you have been talking for three hours and that you needed to break from the conversation soon.

You leaned closer toward Hank and smiled at him, “(y/n) what are you doing”

“Something that I have been meaning to do since the day I met you,” you leaned in close enough so that your lips met in a soft kiss. Your hands wrapped around his shoulders and his arms wrapped around you. He broke from the kiss.

“I should have done that earlier (Y/n),” He said giving you a smirk. You smiled and kissed him one last time before retreating into the mansion.

  • Clint: you gotta watch your back with this guy, there's a chance he's gonna break it!
  • Tony: *feels guilty, looks down*
  • Scott: you know, Hank Pym always said not to trust a Stark!
  • Tony: *pauses* who are you??
  • Scott: man, come on!
  • Hank: Okay. So, I'm going to need your ID to put you in our system
  • Peter: Right, here you go
  • Hank: Wait, what is... P...pie...
  • Peter: Pietro
  • Hank: Oh, right of course. Is... is that your-
  • Peter: Name? Yup.
  • Hank: I thought you said your name was Peter-
  • Peter: I said you can -call me- Peter. Sorta emphasis on the -call me- part.
  • Hank: Okay, well, would you prefer Pi-
  • Peter: No.
  • Peter: Peter's fine.
  • Hank: ....
  • Hank: I'm pronouncing it wrong aren't I
  • Peter: Just a liiiiittle...entirely wrong. Yeah.
Imagine Scott Taking You To Meet Cassie

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“Hey, Peanut!” Scott embraced his daughter with a smile, and the little girl gave a wide-eyed look at you, who stood behind him in your own costume, accessorized with a grin of your own.

“Who’s that?” Cassie asked.

“This,” Scott gently put her down and stood up, taking your hand, “is Y/N. She’s one of Daddy’s friends.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Cassie,” you said.

“Can Miss Y/N stay for a tea party with me and Antony II?” Scott went to tell Cassie that the both of you were actually due for a meeting with Hank, but you said, “I’d be honored to join you.” Bouncing down the hall, the little girl went to retrieve her best plastic china while Scott gave you the happiest smile you’d ever seen him wear.

“You don’t have to do that for her,” Scott said, “I mean, it’s great and all, but I’m still not sure how comfortable you are that-”

“She’s adorable, Scott,” you insisted, “and she’s yours. That’s all that matters to me.”

I'm Coming Home

Character: Erik Lehnsherr

Rating: G 

Word Count: 646

Summary: After months of nightmares and sleepless nights, Erik comes back for a quick visit.

It started slowly as you began to lose your hours of sleep. At first it was only minutes and then it transpired into hours before you could fall asleep. Charles and Hank offered help, but you denied their requests saying you had it under control. Then came the dreams. They were awful, terrible dreams. You relived memories of Erik, from good to bad. One night the lights throughout the house brighten and broke from the pain you were feeling.

                “[Y/N],” Hank said that morning, “I can get you something to help you sleep.” 

                You looked at him. There were bags under your eyes and the once bright color you had was dull. Your coffee didn’t help at all, only making your sleeping habits worse. “I’m fine,” you said. “Trust me, last night was a little slip up. I have under control. Tell Charles that too, if he ever comes out of his damned room.”

                Hank let out a breath as you walked away to the library.

The book you were reading found itself thrown across the room and sliding to the floor with a loud thud. Tears were in your eyes as you glared at it. Jane Eyre. You loved the book once, but now it brought back memories you wanted to forget. You grabbed another blindly and lost yourself in its genetic world.

                Charles had been the one to find you asleep on the wooden chair with your face on the book. His hair had grown out considerably and he could hear you saying to get it cut. A frown graced his lips as he looked at you drunken state.

                You were drunk in a different way than he was. Charles was drunk off whiskey. You were drunk off painful, happy memories.

Erik looked upon the house he once called home. It was still stately but vines and bushes had grown up its walls and some windows were cracked. He opened the door and walked to the room he was looking for. Yours.

                Before reaching for the door handle, he heard a cry of his name. It wasn’t something he hadn’t heard before, but it had a new tone, a new emotion laced between the letters forming the name Erik. His hand gripped the handle and pushed the door open.

                His feet crushed broken glass on his first step into his old room. The floor was covered in old papers and letters and the pictures that were once on the walls and his desk, were face-down broken in the floor on the opposite side it should be from being thrown. Another cry of his name grabbed his attention to you.

                You were still in the same pajamas from the beginning of the week and your hair was still in the same braid as well. The duvet was on the floor in a pile so you had no warmth, only the sweats and tank top you were wearing. You shivered from the cold and let out a choked sob of the name that haunted your dreams and mind.

                He could feel himself moving, but did not remember doing so until he reached down and grabbed the duvet, placing it over your body as to get you some warmth. Erik placed his hand lightly on your cheek, barely touching.

                “Erik,” you murmured, grabbing onto his hand before turning onto your side. It was the calmest you’ve been when sleeping. “Come home… please… “

                Erik rubbed his hand over his face and looked down at you.

The next morning you were disappointed you were alone. As you always were. Your duvet lay on your lap as you sat up and stretched. Your hand felt heavier. On your hand, was a ring. It was simple and silver with an engraving. You looked closer and choked back a sob.

Ich komme nach Hause.

I’m coming home.