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‘Falling’ in Love

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Request: Hi hi. I’ve read your “x reader” stories and I love them 💖  I was wondering if you would do an Ethan x reader imagine where y/n is a fan of Ethan and meets him at a convention and its like a love at first sight kind of thing?

Summary: Fem!Reader is at a con for the first time and quite literally falls  in love :D ……..ok I’ll see myself out

You can find part two here

A/N: Hey y’all this is a cute fic full of nervous!Ethan so if that’s the kinda thing you’re into then you’re in luck. For real though, once I started writing this I couldnt stop, I don’t know why but I was bit by the inspiration bug and cranked this bad boi out. Also, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that either the reader or Ethan is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 853, goldilocks zone :D

Warning: I cursed a couple times? Maybe just once? Can’t remember. Also nervous!Ethan is adorable? Read at your own risk he too cute.

Requests are open! Send some in pls I have one left in my inbox so pls!
r e q u e s t s o m e t h i n g

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Angel Fallen for a Renegade

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3208

Warnings: cursing, smut, Dom!Dean x Sub!Reader, a little fluff, use of kinky sex toy (dont want to ruin the build up), orgasm denial, fingering, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, getting dirty in Baby, it’s just smut yall, pure, unadulterated SMUT!

A/N: This is the third part to my Vegas trilogy! I have no plans of continuing this series any further! A huge thanks as always goes to @avasmommy224 for being my beta and her amazing reactions after she read it (i was worried it was too much)

Inspiration for this fic came from this song, used some of the lyrics as well ;) no copyright infringement intended!!

Read What Happens In Vegas and The One After Vegas first! 

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The next morning you were surprised to find Dean’s arms still wrapped tight around your body. You gently lifted the arm draped across your waist, only causing him to tighten his hold. He shuffled around on his side of the bed before trailing soft kisses down the back of your neck. “Dean, I really need to get up.” you giggled when the stubble from his jaw grazed over a sensitive spot on your neck.

“I’m really surprised you’re still here. I thought you’d be gone like you were last time. What changed?” His kisses suddenly stopped and his grip loosened before moving away from you completely. You turned around and faced him, splaying your fingers over the muscles in his stomach.

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Across the Universe

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Ex-Boyfriend!Kang Daniel

Note: that time when i watched Junggigo’s Across the Universe mv too many times and ended up writing a scenario inspired by it of course i had to throw in my fav in there

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A Cutesy Day Off - Cole Fluff

Request: Lol could I request some fluffy imaginey type thing about sleeping/waking up next to cole?? It would END me

Warnings: None :)

Notes: None :)

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess @kindfloweroflove @katshrev @itsbee63 @lost-in-wonderland-x @princessal @love-darren-criss1234 


I groan as I feel myself beginning to wake up. My waist had something semi-heavy resting on it, and my legs and arms stretched out, but they accidentally kicked something next to me, causing my sleepy eyes to open and to look over at the bedside table, where my phone was. I reached over and checked the time, smiling as I remembered that Cole and I both had the day off of work. I rolled back over, to face Cole - who was still peacefully sleeping. His arm was still draped around my waist, and I did my best not to wake him.

“You can stop staring now,” he mumbles, his voice sounding groggy - but still very attractive. 

“But you’re pretty,” I giggle, poking his nose - which causes it to twitch. His eyes flutter open, and a smile to appear on his face. He leans in and places a gentle kiss on my lips. 

“Are we staying in or going out for breakfast,” he asks as he pulls away and props himself up on his elbows, resting his head on his hand, whilst his other hand played with my hair. 

“More like brunch, but I don’t mind. What do you feel like doing?”

“Let’s go out. We haven’t been out in a while”

“True,” I giggle. “Well, in that case, I’m going to go and have a shower,” I smile, turning my face in toward his palm and giving it a small kiss before getting up and going into the wardrobe to figure out what I wanted to wear. 


Cole and I walked hand-in-hand to a cute café a few blocks away from our apartment building. We talked aimlessly about random things that popped up in our heads, until we noticed that we had arrived. Cole, being the gentlemen he was, opened the door for me, to which I thanked him and walked in. The waiter took our order a few minutes after we sat down and we began chatting aimlessly again. 

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Once we finished brunch, we went in and out of the cute little shops that were around that area. There were furniture shops, cute thrift shops, a few dress shops and a few more cafés. Cole and I kept walking, exploring the area, when we found a park. Giving each other a look, we both decided to go there. 


“Well, today was nice,” Cole smiled over at me as I took my jewelry off, placing them on the dressing table. 

“it sure was. We need to go out more often”

“Hey, if it works out with our schedules, do you wanna make Saturday nights our date night?” Cole suggests. I turn around and flash him a big smiled and a nod.

“I would absolutely love too!”. I walked over and crawled into bed next to Cole, cuddling myself in his nice, warm body, draping my arm over his stomach. He kisses the top of my head, running one of his hands through my hair and the other arm hugging me back. 

A Shoulder to Cry On

Tags/warnings: PTSD, parental death, Animal attack, nightmares, hurt/comfort, angst, fluff, established relationship.


I shoot up from my sleep, gasping for air and trembling like a wet kitten in winter. A sob escapes my throat as I try anything to wipe the mental image of my mother’s lifeless face from my mind. Why was it always that, always her? Always mom and that single taunting sentence reoccurring in these horrifying dreams about her: THIS IS YOUR FAULT. I shake my head vigorously at the gruesome reminder of my unintentional guilt in her death, “No. No, I didn’t want this I never asked for her to get hurt…please, stop…” I plead to no one in particular between sobs. I wrap my arms tightly around myself and rock gently, as was habit for me when these nightmares happened. My only source of comfort when I was alone. I jump in shock as I feel arms gently and slowly wrap around me.

So I wasn’t alone after all. For a brief moment I wonder who it could be and where I am; then I remember, I had stayed the night with Larry. My stomach drops as I realize I’d woke him with my nightmares again. I turn into the embrace and wrap my arms around him, burying my face in his chest and sobbing quietly. He simply rocks me in his arms and rubs gentle circles into my back,”It’s okay Sally, you’re safe and I’m here.” He mutters quietly against my hair, voice raspy from sleep.

You wouldn’t expect him to be so motherly from his looks, but this was the response he had shown every time I had a nightmare staying with him. I suppose being raised with only a mother for most of one’s life might make one very motherly by nature. I felt terrible that I’d disturbed his sleep so many times, but I was so grateful for his presence and comfort. He holds me silently as I cry and let out my emotions, shaking and grasping at his shirt as if it were the last remains of my very sanity.

As my breathing slowly returns to normal and my sobs become hardly more than soft whimpers, he leans back just enough to look down at me and whispers, “Do you need to talk about it?” I sigh and shake my head, “It was the same one I usually have about mom…there’s nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. That’s the worse thing about recurring nightmares. I feel like I’ve already said everything I could to make myself feel better and I still feel like shit every time it happens.”

Larry frowns and squeezes me closer again. When words wouldn’t help this is what he would do, he’d physically comfort me in whatever ways he could. I sigh again and lean my head against his shoulder, “You don’t have to stay awake you know, I’ll be okay.” He shakes his head, “Nah, I’m already here and I would feel like I’m abandoning you to your emotions. I’m okay with staying awake for a bit. Sleep is for the weak anyway.” He jokes lightly, earning a quiet snicker from me. I roll my eyes at him even though he can’t see, “You’re a loser, and I say that as a term of endearment. We all know I’m the biggest loser around here.” I nudge his side gently with a small smile.

I lean away from him and wipe my eyes and nose with my sleeve, laughing weakly as I see I’ve covered his shirt in tears. He follows my gaze and snorts quietly as I speak, “Sorry about that.” He shakes his head, “Don’t worry about it.”

A comfortable silence settles over us and I decide to break the silence, “I’ve never told you what happened fully, have I?” He shakes his head, “No. I wasn’t gonna ask again after the first time you said you didn’t want to talk about it. I figured you’d bring it up if you wanted to.” I smile at him meekly, glancing at my prosthetic laying on the table next to the bed “Well, how about I tell you now? For context. I do know I can trust you. I wasn’t sure then, but you’ve already seen this side of me so you may as well know.” He nods at me, listening patiently.

“It’s a vague memory, aside from the worst parts. I was waiting with mom for dad to arrive, I think we were picnicking or something. I heard a dog and I was so excited and impatient to go see it, I’ve always loved animals.” He simply keeps listening, nodding encouragingly every so often, “She wanted to wait until dad came, but I convinced her to let me go find it. She came with me and…” I swallow the lump I feel rising in my throat, “-the dog attacked me. It was feral and scared of us. Mom jumped in to help and it turned on her. I had to play dead so it would leave, it ran off when it thought we were both done for. Dad found us and I came out alive, but disfigured, as you can see. Mom wasn’t so lucky. It had attacked her and punctured vitals, her Achilles’ tendon was torn open in one leg, and she lost too much blood. She died that night.” I feel tears stinging my eyes again and blink them back, “I had to lie there while my mom bled out in front of me.”

Larry slowly leans into my side and drapes his arm over my shoulder, squeezing gently to comfort me. I lean back into him, thankful for his company, “So now you know the story behind the face and the nightmares.” He looks down at me sympathetically and brushes my hair back from my eyes, “I’m glad you trust me enough to tell me, I know that couldn’t be easy to talk about.” I shake my head, “Honestly I think I needed to. Dad never wants to talk about it and I respect that but it’s hard to have no one to talk to.”

“Yeah I understand that feeling, not for the same reasons, but still. Mom never wanted to talk about dad’s disappearance either.” Quiet comes over us again and we just gaze at each other for a moment, truly understanding each other’s pain. I lean forward and kiss his cheek, laying my head against his neck and relaxing against him, “I’m glad to have you around, Larry.” I can’t see his face but he wraps his arms around me again, burying his nose in my hair, “Me too, Sal. You really are my best friend.”

I bite my lip and mumble against his neck, snaking my arms around his middle. “I love you…” he tenses for a split second, but quickly relaxes again, “I love you too.” We were often too afraid to say the words aloud. I can practically hear him smiling as he places a kiss to the top of my head, running a hand through my hair.

“How about we try to sleep again?” I suggest quietly, pressing a soft kiss to his neck. He lies back, pulling me with him, “Sounds like a plan, and I’ll still be right here if you need me.” I smile contently and nuzzle into his neck, enjoying the warmth and comfort of having him so close. We often slept together, but were often more timid about cuddling. We’d been together officially for only a few months so far, but they had been the best months of my life. Never had I felt so secure and never before did I have someone I could always turn to when I was aching from the reminders of my past. I lean up for a moment and press a soft, chaste kiss to his lips before laying my head on his chest. I close my eyes, prepared to sleep more peacefully than I had in a long time.


request:  Hi can I request a Tae x m reader with them just having a cuddle session talking about whatever comes to mind?? Also I rlly love your writing it’s so amazing to read!❤️❤️

pairing: taehyung x male! reader 

genre: fluff

warnings: none

word count: 1332

summary: Taehyung comes home from a long day, but he just wants to talk and cuddle instead of sleep.

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Fine And Dandy

Knowing the name of your soulmate was fine and dandy, unless you had a name like Joseph.

Do you know how many bloody Joseph’s there are in the world?!

A lot. I googled it one day. Because I was bored, and my friend and I had been discussing our soulmates. This all stemmed from her having gone on a date with her potential soulmate, all because the guy had the name Liam.

I had personally rolled my eyes when she told me, but she protested saying that it was worth a shot, and I should try it myself.

She shut up really fast when I reminded her how many people had the name of my soulmate. There was just too many people in the world, and so I never bothered.

I still went on a few dates with some other guys, despite knowing that they were not my soulmate, and I was most definitely not theirs, but it was fun. I was allowed to have fun until I was attached for the rest of my life.

My friend on the other hand? Wouldn’t even give a guy a second look if his name wasn’t Liam. It helped that her name was less common than mine.

“Are you ready yet?!” My friend yelled at me through the door, and I rolled my eyes, checking over my reflection again. The two of us were heading to a party that her newest Liam was hosting, and she insisted on me dressing ‘cute and flirty, because you never know, Y/N!’

Knowing it was easier to just go with her, rather than against her, I picked out a cute and flirty outfit, when all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and watch Netflix.

“Y/N!” A pounding on the door tore my gaze away from the mirror, “Let’s go!”

“I’m coming!” I shout back, pulling the door open, “Is this good?”

“Perfect.” She smiled at me, looping her arm with mine before leading me towards the front door. “You’re going to get all the boys attention!”

“I don’t want attention though,” I groaned.

“Yes you do. Shut up.”

“You’re a mean best friend.”

“I’m an amazing best friend. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this party.” I glanced over at her, seeing the secretive little smile on her face, but I simply shook my head, in no mood to try and figure out what she had planned.

Once we had arrived at the party, she was quick to disappear, dashing through the crowd to find her Liam, leaving me standing awkwardly against the wall, casually people watching.

My eyes fell on a group of guys, around my own age, laughing and joking with each other, sipping on their drinks. But it was one in particular that I felt drawn too.

His blue eyes were shining with mirth, and his lips tugged up in a small smile as he brushed the hair away from his face. As if he could feel my gaze, he looked my way, his smile growing slightly as he tipped his drink towards me.

I nodded back, feeling my cheeks turn warm before I dragged my eyes away from him, forcing myself to look instead for my friend.

When I did find her, I was surprised to see her marching up to the group of boys boldly, asking them something. The friends all pointed towards the blue eyed man, and he gave her a confused look before suddenly being lead over to me, surprise now mixing with his confusion.

My own eyes widened as I watched my friend bring this attractive man towards me, a pleased smile on her face.

“Babes, I would like you to meet my new friend,” She looked at me directly in the eyes, “Joe.”

“Uhm, hi?” He offered with a small wave, glancing back at his friends quickly, who were all trying to pretend like they were not watching.

“Have fun you two!” My friend wiggled her fingers before spinning around and dancing back across to Liam, chatting easily.

“I’m sorry,” I shot Joe an apologetic look, “She’s a bit crazy.”

“It’s fine,” He laughed, his fingers running through his hair again. “I was actually hoping to find a reason to come talk to you.”

“You were?”

“That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?” He laughed again, this time more nervously. “But yes, I was.”

“Then I’m glad she gave you a reason.”

“Me too.” He smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile back.

In the back of my head, I did wonder, what if this was my Joe? The one I had been searching for all of my life. But I quickly pushed that thought to the back of my mind, as I often did, because I refused to let the whole ‘knowing your soulmate’s name’ thing ruin a good conversation with a fit guy.

“Oh,” Joe suddenly said, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours…”

“Right,” I let out a small laugh, “She did seem to leave that part out, didn’t she?”

“Seems easier to not question what she does.”

“Probably,” I nodded, “And my name’s Y/N.”

Shock spread across Joe’s face like wildfire, and he stared over at me for a moment, “Y/N?”

“Uhm, yes?” Worried I had said something wrong. Most likely though, he was realizing that my name was not the name of his soulmate, and therefore was trying to think of a way out.

“Holy shit,” He breathed out, “I found you.”

“You found me?”

“You’re her.” He grinned, “I just know it.”

“Her?” I repeated again, but everything was clicking together in my mind. I was her, he said. Joe was my soulmates name. So that must mean… “Is my name the name of your soulmate?”


“And you think I’m your soulmate?”

“I know you are.”

“How?” I was scared, because what if we weren’t? Then our hopes would be destroyed, and we’d have to start all over again.

“Because you know your soulmate. Don’t tell me you can’t tell, Y/N.” The way Joe said my name, it felt familiar. Right. Like it belonged.

“I can,” I finally admitted, “You have to be him. I don’t think I can handle it if you’re not.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

“And lovely to meet you, Joe.”

Alright, so maybe knowing your soulmates name really was fine and dandy.

Things I want to do with Gray

(Will obvi be updated on the reg)

•touch his arms
•cuddle next to his arms
•trace the muscles on his arms
•make him wear shirts that show off his arms
•make him stay scruffy sometimes
•stare at him
•touch his back
•i would willingly massage his back
•make fun of his pasty thighs
•adopt a dog together
•rest my head over his shoulder while he’s too focused on editing trying to get him to stop and take a break to eat
•take a cheesy candid of him wherever we go so he has a good insta post
•wipe my lipstick off his lips after we kiss
•hug him a lot because then his arms are squeezing me and ultimately hopefully killing me so I can just die happy
•go hiking with him at Runyon
•go get food with Ethan as our 3rd wheel
•help him buy clothes and sit in the fitting room while he tries clothes on and hates them all
•watch him work out while I eat a bag of chips
•play with his hair while he sleeps in my lap
•run my fingers through his messy hair
•laugh at his bed head in the morning
•convince him to keep his hair a little longer
•make fun of his hat hair and try to sort it out
•make fun of his Ethan tattoo on his foot
•poke his side to make him laugh when he gets too serious
•make him wear sweatpants more often
•tell him to not wear socks and slides
•wow touch his side where the muscley part is and just realize how soft it is
•like have you noticed how soft his skin looks
•hold his lil baby hand
•I would really probably rather hold his arm really
•grab his arm whenever I want like when waiting in line at Starbucks
•watch him struggle to put on and take off a wet suit and not help
•make him sleep instead of edit bc he’s cranky and looks cute in his lil editing robe

Oh boi a mermaid AU


(Seriously tho, I came up with this on the fly so if it’s not great pls forgive ; v ; )

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Realistic Back To School Tips for The Disorganized Soul

I like reading back to school advice as well, but I’ve been at university for 2 years now, so I know that as much as I like to pretend I’m going to be extremely organized, maintain a planner, keep all my notes for different classes separate, and rock the semester, it all falls apart within a month. For anyone in similar situations, here are my techniques for keeping myself organized with minimum effort. 

1. Don’t worry about the planner.

Although every single advice post I’ve seen stresses the need for a planner/bullet journal to keep track of everything, I haven’t managed to use one properly since high school. If a planner works for you, that’s amazing! Good job! Just go ahead and skip this section. But often, I’ll either completely forget to use my planner, or I’ll rely too heavily on it and miss assignments that I didn’t write down. Instead of trying (and failing) to write everything down, I will run through all my classes in my head and list off assignments whenever I’m thinking about what I need to do. For me, this helps me get out of a linear mindset introduced by a planner, because I’ll have to justify my priorities, and actually think about what the due dates mean to me, rather than just going down a checklist that doesn’t prioritize the work I need to do. (PRO TIP FOR SOMEONE WITH A BAD MEMORY, E.G. ME: Write a whole lot of to-do lists, so you aren’t constantly rearranging priorities/questioning yourself/forgetting what you decided)

For example, if I have assignment x due on Wednesday, and assignment y due on Thursday, it might not be in my best interests to finish x first. This happened to me last semester. My assignment on Wednesday was difficult, and it was hard to judge how long it would take, especially because it was collaborative. It happened quite often that I would be working on assignment x on Wednesday night, leaving me little or no time to finish y. However, by using a less linear method of keeping track of assignments, I knew on Saturday that I should work on assignment y rather than x, and finish it first so I could focus entirely on assignment x. This method pushed me to do work earlier, analyze my priorities, and let me be lazy and not keep a journal. (It can be useful to write assignments in your notes if your professor mentions them, because then you can go back and check on the exact assignment. Only work with generalities in your mind, then look up the specifics when you start working.)

2. Make friends

I go to a large state school, with lectures often larger than 100 students, but it’s still remarkably easy for me to meet people who have a lot of the same classes as me. Making friends with people in your classes not only means you have resources for partners or for collaborative studying, it also means that they can act as a safety net for assignments or tests. It’s hard to forget about that midterm when your friend invites you to study, and hard to forget the assignment due this week when they ask how it’s going.

3. Keep a calendar

Okay, now I’m just contradicting myself! I said above that you don’t need to keep a planner, but here, I’m saying you should? What gives? 

A calendar and a planner are very different things to me. A calendar is more long term, a lot more about doctors appointments and networking events than individual assignments. If you use your planner regularly, it can double up as this, but I need to keep it separate, since I never look at my planner. I use Google calendar on my phone, which is great because it’s always accessible, it’s simple to use, and best of all, it will notify you when you have something coming up.

I would also recommend putting your classes in as recurring events, with the room number. I can’t tell you how often I was reminded about a class because my phone notified me, or the number of times I realized I was missing a notification and the class I was getting ready for happens an hour later. I have a really bad memory, so it really helps me to have the room numbers and get those notifications. Even at my most sleep deprived, it’s hard to miss a class if your phone tells you when and where it is every day. Eventually, you might stop needing this notifications, and you can turn them off, but they’re unobtrusive and helpful to me, so I leave them on all semester.

4. Designate a scratch work notebook

First semester freshman year, I was taking calculus 1, and as a result, calculus problems invaded my life. When I was doing homework and I needed to do a quick calculation, I would use whatever paper was lying around, resulting in calculus scratch notes in every single notebook and rendering large sections of my calculus notebook unreadable, cluttering my actual notes. This got worse when I took computer systems, because so often I would have to copy down numbers just to keep track of them, or in algorithms, when I would use pages brainstorming ideas. When I’m working out what to say in an essay, or doing basic program planning, my notes are messy and sprawling. None of my scratch work was useful to me when I had solved the problem, so I started using a notebook just for that, and my notes instantly became more usable. When I was looking back for review, I didn’t have to go through practice problems to try and find useful examples we had done in class, and I didn’t have to look at my ugly, nonsensical scribbles either. It’s really useful for me to write things down when I’m coding, writing, or doing anything because I have such a bad memory. Having a special place where I knew it wouldn’t clutter up the rest of my notes meant that I was less likely to re-do work as well.

These are just a few techniques I use for classes, and I hope that these are easy enough that anyone overwhelmed by the sheer amount of beautiful bullet journals and perfect notes could be reassured that you don’t need to be perfectly organized to be successful.

Sam Girl

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Dean finds out reader has been looking at fanfic and encourages her try something out with Sam…

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: For you Sammy lover’s out there…

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anonymous asked:

I ship a lot of non-het ships, and sometimes it messes with my head; I have dreams where I'm in a romantic/sexual relationship when I read too much fanfic, and I feel relived because I KNOW that I'm definitely in a dream. I won't ever want to put myself in such situations in real life.

You’re not alone- this happens to me too. It actually threw me through a loop for a while and made me think I needed romance in my life lmao

I think reading fanfic so often just kind of puts the thought of romance and happiness in your head and your brain just takes that and runs with it. No one knows for sure why we dream, but one of the theories is that it’s just a way for our brains to sort through the mess that is our everyday lives. That one makes most sense to me (you can have your own opinions on the theories though, you don’t have to agree with me) and going off of that, fanfiction is a part of your day/life. When you read more of it, it’s a slightly bigger part of your day/life, and it makes sense that your mind would put you in that situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean you secretly want romance or anything:) 

Sorry for getting all technical, I’m a bit of a psychology nerd. I hope this helped though!


anonymous asked:

can u do a soulmate au with chan or wonwoo from seventeen please?

I chose Wonwoo, hope that’s okay :) thank you for your request! 

Secret Story
Soulmate AU (Drabble)

Pairing: Wonwoo (Seventeen) x Reader
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 499

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Safe to say, you and Wonwoo hadn’t met like the typical couple would. It wasn’t standing in line to get coffee, or in one of your classes, or even on the Internet. Nope. You had met when one day you woke up with his thoughts inside your head. 

Like literally. His voice had poured into your head. A smile comes over your face as you think about the first thought that his words wafted into your mind. He had been waking up too, and his alarm was blaring. In your head, you could hear him groan and then grumble something about needing to ‘shut the damn thing off’. 

Of course, at the time you hadn’t been smiling. You had been freaking the flip out over the fact that you were hearing a deep male voice inside of your own head. At first you thought maybe your dad was on the phone outside your room, but then when the husky voice dropped an f-bomb, you decided it was highly unlikely that it was your dad speaking.

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Resurrection (part two)

pairing: robb stark x reader 

read part one here 

tagging list: @melionar @ladyofthewolfswood @uncreativesalad @buckysteetime@kilisfreundin
@avillecruz @mac-lovesfashion @helloscrumptiouswolfcollection@wsternhaikus @shayna-winchester @foxie-monster @shyspacecaptain (if you want to be added to tagging lists let me know)


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Request: Sick

Request: Hey! Could you write an imagine where reader is Sam and Deans little sister (like 14-15) and she is like sick but they are driving to a hunt and in like the middle of nowhere? Thanks!

Word Count: 599

Thank you, I hope you like it!:)

“Ughhhhhhhhh.” You groan, flopping across the seat. Your voice is distorted by the fact that your head is full to the brim with cotton, contributing to a headache, stuffed nose, raw throat, and rattling cough that shakes your entire body every time you’re overcome with a coughing fit, which is becoming more and more frequent. “I feel like a bus hit me.”

“I’m going to hit you in a minute.” Dean rolls his eyes, “You’re being dramatic.”

You toss a balled up sock at the back of his head. He groans, and you roll back over, lying across the seat.

“Can I have a drink?”

“Sure, there’s soda in there.”


“You’re fifteen.”

“You were drinking at fifteen.” You argue, nudging the back of Dean’s seat.

“Yeah, well. Look how I turned out.”

“Sam’s fine.” You turn your attention to your other brother, who rolls his eyes.

“Not my problem.” He excuses himself.

“PleeeeeaseEeee?” You drag out the vowels, and Dean groans.

“Just go to sleep.”

“Turn your music down, then.”

“Or don’t sleep.”

You roll your eyes, and let them fall shut. You manage to fall into a light sleep, but are violently woken when Dean stops the car suddenly, almost knocking you off of your seat.

“Uhn…wha-?” You mumble. Shaking the sleep from your head. It only manages to make you dizzy, however, and you hold your head.

“Sorry.” Sam says, “Are you okay?”

“Changed my mind, a truck hit me. Not a bus.” You cough, the explosion making your chest burn and your throat feels like someone’s dragging a cheese grater down it. “Maybe both.” You croak.

He chuckles, handing you a to-go cup of warm coffee.

“No spilling in my car.” Dean warns. You roll your eyes, taking a sip of the soothing liquid.

“You’re so unsympathetic.” You mumble. He only laughs. “I’ll infect you.”

“Don’t you dare.”

You close your eyes as you drive into a sunlit patch of road, the evening sun invading your eyes and sending jolts of pain through your head. Taking another sip of the coffee, you down a couple of painkillers. Sam reaches over and touches your forehead.

“I think you’re running a fever.” He says. “Don’t worry, just sleep it off a little.”

“Sleep doesn’t work.” You whine. “I hate this.”

“I know .” Sam always was the more sympathetic of your brothers, “You’ll be alright, Y/N.”

“I don’t feel alright.” You don’t get sick often and when you do, you tend to take it really quite personally.

“You will be.” He promises, “We’ve all been ill.”

“If I get my way, you’re both getting this too.” You mutter, lying back down. Sam merely rolls his eyes, and turns back to watching the road.

You get a couple of hours’ sleep after that, and wake up feeling worse than you did before as you reach the motel. Getting out of the car, your legs collapse beneath you. You would have fallen if it hadn’t been for Dean, holding you up.

“Woah, there, princess.” He chuckles. You don’t so much as have the energy to glare at him. “Can you walk?”

“Don’t think so.” You mumble. He slips an arm beneath your knees, and carries you into the room. Situating you in a bed, he hands you a coffee.

“I already had one.” You mumble. He raises an eyebrow.

“Not like this one you haven’t. Trust me, works wonders.”

You frown, but take a sip. He’s put whiskey in it. You smile and nod gratefully.

“Thanks, big brother.”

He puts an arm around you, laughing.

“Any time, little sis.”

The Five Times Dan Howell wasn't called Dan

To: bambamthepotumpkin
From: whenits9intheafternoon

Message: Hello! I was actually a bit nervous about writing this fic, as I honestly don’t post fics often enough to see how others respond to them, but I like to think that this one is pretty good! I hope you like it, and Happy Valentines Day!

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Niall Smut: Camping 101

Requested by: streetglam

The soft breeze flickering the fire and making it burn for longer than expected relaxed you. With smores, your friends and Niall every problem you faced during the week vanished.

The woods were dark and the air started getting chilly making your cardigan help very little.

 “Here,” Niall’s green plaid shirt was draped over your shoulders.

“Thanks Ni,” you smiled gratefully and pulled it closer to protect you from the increasingly cold weather. Most of your other friends returned to their tents as soon as the wind showed up and others were simply tired after kayaking for half the day but you and Niall were the only ones left and it felt nice.

Niall was shivering and doing his best to keep his teeth from chattering but you noticed and got the hint.

“Time to return to my tent. It was nice hanging out with you Niall- it’s not often we get to leave everything behind and just be there together. Thanks for staying.”

He waved his hand showing it was no problem and with one last goodbye you lowered your head trying to enter your tent.

“Umm Y/N?” you backed up and looked at his ruffled hair like he had run his hands through it one too many times.

“Oh the shirt! Sorry,” you walked over to him stepping on some twigs and noisy leaves giving him the shirt back but he grabbed your hand and held it in his.

“It’s not that- I just- wanna come in my tent for a bit?” he was out of breath but for the first time in a few hours you felt like the shine was rising early.

“Sure, the night is still young after all,” he chuckled and lead the way to his blue and much larger tent.

There were a few half drunk water bottles and beers here and there but mostly his tent was neat and well stocked. He even had a mini TV.

“Yeah I can’t miss a game. Got to be there for my boys,” he tucked his hands in his pockets and sat on his small but cozy portable mattress. After analyzing his other belongings you sat next to him and contemplated whether he just wanted a chat or make out plus more fun stuff.

“So why-” he reached a hand to your left cheek leading it to his face and kissed you briefly before looking at you checking if that’s what you wanted too.

You concentrated on the little feeling left of his lips on yours and definitely wanted more. The collar of his shirt was now in between your hands and his kisses were just where they needed to be.

His shirt preferably would have been on the ground by now but the weather did not allow that and warmth was a necessity.

“Not the best place or conditions to do this but…” Niall unbuckled his pants and you undid yours.

“We’ll make up for it when we get back,” you chuckled and eased yourself on his lap and kissed him firmly on the lips running your hand through his light hair.

“You’re fantastic, you know?” he breathed quite heavily and brought your bare hips directly above his to tease you more than he’d done all night long with gentleman-like gestures like the shirt, and switching burnt marshmallows with his so you got the best bargain.

He turned you over and whispered in your ear, “You up for something different?” you nodded and he rolled you on your side with him facing your back but pressing himself where you needed him.

He slid your panties down with only one finger and slid into you. It may not have been a thought he’d been thinking, but it was a better way to maintain the heat. It was sexual cuddling benefiting the both of you. Niall kissed along your jaw and smoothed out your hair along the pillow mumbling how good you felt and how he’d been waiting all day for this moment, unsure it would ever happen.

You definitely had never tried this way of making love but as much as it was different it was equally enjoyable and it allowed you to hold onto the hand of his resting on your hip to signal when to accelerate or stop.

Although your friends were camping right next to his tent, you counted on their sleep and stifled as many moans as you could but it was tough when Niall’s grunts were so deep and strong that they just incited you.

He came before you but he kept going making sure you did too which you did just a few minutes later.

The breeze that seemed so terrible an hour ago was actually perfect in the enclosed tent now full of heat, sweat, and smiles.

“It’s pretty scary outside, might as well sneak a bit of sleep with me.” he moved over leaving you enough room to hug him and sleep resting your cheek on his chest tracing up and down his small muscular lines as you fell asleep to the noise of whooshing wind, a shaky plastic tent and Niall’s delicate snores.

The next morning quick tapping against the tent woke the both of you up and your friend Samantha spoke, “Y/N I know you are in there! And we though the animals were out here, turns out they were with us all along!” you giggled against his chest.

“Better leave if you want to maintain your innocence Sam.” Niall’s morning voice resonated through the tent and for some yards outside but Sam just laughed and gave you two twenty more minutes before breakfast was ready.

Request: Side Effects

Request: Hi! Just wondering if you could do a Sam x reader, where the reader’s having bad headaches and he’s worried bc of his old visions but it turns out to be the effects of pregnancy?

Word Count: 1,057

It feels like aaages since I wrote something with Sam. Probably because it is (not counting the letter last week) Anyhow, thank you, and lots of love<3

He recognises the look on your face as soon as you walk in the door – not only because he’s seen it on you so often recently, but because he’s made that face more times than he cares to think about. He knows it well: the intense, lightning-like pain spreading its fingers through your brain and rendering you speechless.

Sam is by your side in a moment, his arms around your waist, holding you tight to him until the pain passes. In its wake it leaves a throbbing ache, which every so often threatens another crescendo – but never quite makes it that far.

It’s a pain he knows well not because he’s particularly susceptible to migraines, but because of the visions that plagued him so badly all those years ago. Even before the visions began, the pain started as a precursor, an omen, and he’s terrified that the same is happening to you.

“Y/N?” He only speaks when he feels your shoulders relax – in his worry, he hadn’t even noticed that you’d buried your head in his chest, “Are you alright?”

You nod minutely, but it takes another few seconds before you can rouse yourself enough to pull away from him. Your face is bloodless and you’re a little shaky, but that’s nothing new at the moment. In fact, it’s been a while since he’s seen you completely yourself.

He leads you over to the motel bed – the one that doesn’t creak the second someone so much as looks at it – and sits you down. After a few moments, there’s a glass of water pressed into your hand and you drink it down quickly, muffling your thanks by wiping droplets of water away from your mouth. He smiles briefly, then crouches down in front of you.

“Y/N, something isn’t right.” He says, as if it isn’t completely obvious, “This is happening too often. I’ve seen it before. I’ve been there before.”

“I know.”

His eyes widen slightly – he hadn’t wanted to bring it up with you. Dean knows about it, of course, and about his suspicions that there’s something out to mess with your head. But he hadn’t mentioned it to you yet.

“You… know?”

“I know there’s something not right,” You confirm, “But I don’t know what. Everything’s off, Sam, not just my head.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… not to be too TMI about it, but…” You pause, running your fingers through your hair anxiously, “I feel sick most of the time, I haven’t had a period in a couple of months, I’m bloated to hell, I cry at everything, and I either eat too much or not at all.” You list, and as you do, something clicks in your head. The same idea seems to hit Sam at the same time and he looks up at you with wide eyes.

“You don’t think-“

“I don’t know.” You say honestly, gingerly pressing a hand to your lower abdomen… it can’t be, right? Maybe there’d been once or twice where you’d been a little… hasty, perhaps even careless, but you thought you were in the clear.

You stand slowly, stepping away from him, “I think I need to go buy a test.”


“That’s it. Three minutes.” Sam says, tearing his eyes away from the watch on his wrist and up to you. The small piece of plastic is still gripped in your hand; you’re holding it so tightly that you’re not sure that you could let go if you wanted to.

“Sam,” You say, suddenly feeling small and helpless. A monster in your head would be easier to deal with than this – you know how to kill a monster; end its reign of terror, but this… this is so much bigger than that, “I can’t do it.”

He hesitates before reaching forward and pulling you into him, despite the very real threat that you’re going to vomit all over him, “Listen to me,” He says softly, punctuating his words by pressing a kiss to your forehead, “Whatever happens, whatever this says, you don’t have to panic. We have each other, and as long as we do, we’ll be fine. You hear me?”

You pause, but eventually nod, closing your eyes for a long moment before stepping back from him. You hold the test in between you and slowly, painstakingly, open up your fist.

Two thin pink lines. Thin, but dark and definitely, definitely, completely undeniably there.

You stare at the test for a long moment, trying to make sure that your mind isn’t tricking you, but when you look up at Sam his face is full of the shock and awe and worry that your stomach is full of.

“Sam?” Your voice is little more than a whisper, but his eyes remain on the test. You can feel your eyes filling with tears already and you look away, unable to look either him or the test and longer, “Can you just say something?”

There’s a long moment of silence and if it weren’t for his soft, shallow breaths whispering against your cheek you’d think that he’d left you completely – however, when he finally does get himself together long enough to actually say something, it’s not what you expected.

“I love you.”


“I love you. Look at this,” He says, picking up the test and thrusting it at your face, “Look. This is proof that we’ve managed to do something incredible – and you’re the evidence, Y/N.”

“Sam, I’m pretty sure we didn’t mean to do it.”

“Who cares?” He shakes his head, smiling broadly, “Don’t you see how incredible this is? I mean… I don’t expect it to be easy. But nothing ever is. And just this once, can’t we have something just for us? We don’t do something to save the world or to save each other, but to do something normal and amazing for ourselves.”

“We’re not normal.”

“I know,” He smiles, leaning down and kissing your forehead affectionately, “But that doesn’t mean that we can’t do normal things sometimes.”

You can’t help it. His excitement is infectious and before you know it, there’s a smile on your own face, too, and when he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you passionately, you don’t resist – in fact, quite the opposite. After all… it’s not like you can do any harm now, right?

A keeper

thank you to the anon who gave me no choice but to write this….

“What’cha doing?” Taylor asked Tom, leaning on the partition between their seats as she came back from changing into her leggings and tank top for the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.

“Just reading over some script notes.” He replied, smiling at her as he looked up from his notes.

“Oh…okay… Well I’ll be behind you.” She said, not wanting to disturb him.

The seats on the plane were ridiculously large and their seats were one behind the other, both facing towards the windows as they requested.

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