you ruin peoples lives!


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You know what makes me even more angry? Its the fact that fans turned something so pure and loving (Bambam calling Mark’s dad daddy) into something disgusting. Its kinda sad that fans nowadays don’t understand what boundaries are and they feel the need to make EVERYTHING into a sick joke. You know, when I was a kid, it was a NORMAL thing to call my father daddy. I don’t know the trends these days, but so many of you are sick. Keep your gross kinks or whatever in your own heads and let people live in peace. You probably ruined everything for the poor boy ( a 19 year old who grew up without a father), so fuck all of you and your gross minds. 

  • Atsushi: By day, I am a regular loser.
  • Atsushi: By night...
  • Atsushi: I am the same loser, only it’s nighttime.

when you suddenly remember that you are a huge bitch who has legitimately ruined parts of people’s lives and there’s nobody to blame but yourself and your mental illnesses but even then that’s not an acceptable excuse because you’re still a bitch who can’t control herself

Another letter to thin Leftists-

People will slap claim to be the world’s most radical anarchist leftists but when confronted with fat activism, start spouting off vague appeals to authority figures like they were in the Tea Party. I see you, thin Leftists.

If you hate capitalism but you’re participating in diet culture and resisting fat activism, your politics are broken.


It is selling a product that no one actually needs, to fix a problem that isn’t actually a problem. 

And the cure doesn’t even work but you’ve gotten the victims to blame themselves so you can sell them the same bullshit infinity times.

Because hey, if you’re willing to ruin people’s lives, or you don’t care if people die, you can make a BOATLOAD of cash under capitalism! We all know this.

But thin Leftists are soooo radical. *eye roll* Y'all are advocating neo-liberal government interventions on fat people. 

Because you think we’re icky.

Very moral. Excellent politics.

You Voted

You voted,

You are so proud,

You wanted to make America great again,

Was it great when there was nothing but oppression?

Was it great when we had slaves?

Was it great when people could go out and kill black people for no reason,

Was it great when women couldn’t even vote?

I hope you said yes,

If you voted for Trump then I hope you said yes,

You voted to take away the right to marriage for gay people,

The right to live peacefully for minorities,

You VOTED to ruin peoples lives,

If my right to marriage is taken away,

You’ll laugh,

If the girl I love gets killed,

You’ll laugh because she’s just some mixed girl to you,

A stain to you,

If you are pro choice and you voted for Trump,

You just voted to end abortions that save lives,

You just voted to end abortions on rape victims,

You just voted to ruin so many lives,

My mother says as women we can’t live under Trump,

If you have a daughter or sister or mother,

Then explain to them why you don’t care if they get raped,

After all you just put a rapist in the Oval Office,

If you voted,

If you voted for all of these things,

Shame on you,

You voted to end Freedom in America,

You VOTED to oppress others,

You VOTED for a liar and a con man,

A man who never once told the truth,

A man who is for and against everything,

A man who wants to kill people like me.

A man who wants to sleep with his daughter,

But you are so proud,

After all,

You voted for him.

I tagged on that Much Ado quote, where Beatrice says she’d rather hear her dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves her: #so does this mean that Beatrice HAS a dog? #or is it a hypothetical dog? #production of much ado where everything is the same except each character is accompanied by a dog #Beatrice’s is small and smart and climbs up to steal stuff off the table #Benedick’s is big and drooly and smarter than it acts and steals stuff off the table without climbing #Hero’s is fluffy and affectionate #Claudio’s is wrinkly and affectionate and starts howling whenever Claudio is being a dick #Don John’s spends the whole play looking into the camera like on The Office #like #can you believe this guy going to so much trouble to ruin people’s lives when he’s got money and power and an awesome dog

ALL Shakespeare plays like this. Everyone accompanied by a suitable dog. But I do want to specify that the dogs never die when the characters do, they just howl and/or mope. Horatio at the end of Hamlet surrounded by sad dogs he will have to take home and they can all heal together.

I feel like Hamlet’s dog would be a big howler in general. What are other characters’ dogs like?

The dogs don’t have to have romances with the human romances, they can just be doggy buddies and knock over the trash together.

WAIT. The fairies in Midsummer Night’s Dream. The fairies have CATS. Or maybe ferrets? No, cats. No, parrots. I don’t know.

I’m done, America, are you really that fucking sad that you want to ruin so many people’s lives with this monster that’s getting voted in, like really, are you serious…
LGBT, women, minorities, you could be ruining all there lives doing this, let’s just hope the house and Senate are smart enough to not let him do anything… If you think against me feel free to unfollow me, everyone who voted him could be ruining America, and I don’t want you to continue to follow me if you truly think Trump is worth a vote with zero experience for this…

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Okay but imagine Hayato realizing he's surrounded by stand users and that it's only a matter of time before shit pops off again and his mom is totally oblivious so he decides If You Fuckers Want To Ruin People's Lives With Magic Punch Ghosts And The Only Thing That Can Stop Magic Punch Ghosts Is Another Magic Punch Ghost Then You Can Meet Me In The Pit Assholes and then he tries to get a stand

And then when he finally gets one it’s like “Hey I’m your stand” and he’s just abort abort this was a mistake ABORT            



and now he has this ghost and hes Anxious

more old tg art i never uploaded

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You're very smart and interesting, can you like drag people who let reoccurring negative thoughts ruin themselves and lives until our face scrapes off. If you don't want to just ignore this xo

i really dont know what to say . i post my thoughts online and it helps me understand that they arent mine (even the positive ones) i also use substances primarily as a tool to get better at feeling nondual with my surroundings. everyone gets there in a different way and people shouldnt believe anything i say

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What did jared do to piss you off?? Not hating, just nosy as heck haha

i’m not sure if you follow him on twitter? well basically he tweeted a pic of a guy with a caption that he’s not gonna come back to some casino because of him

and this is not the first time he’s done something like this

jared looooves complaining about different companies, hotels, air lines etc. on his twitter. but recently he’s started adding people’s pics which is SERIOUSLY wrong
last time it happened, the woman got soooo much hate and fanpage of the hotel she worked in received so many 1 star reviews that they actually had to delete their fanpage

like, i have no idea what those people did, maybe their behaviour was bad, it’s very possible. but you should go to their boss or sth and not put their personal info AND PICS on the internet when so many people follow you

he’s basically ruining those people’s lives, this is cyberbulling (the tweet from last night is already gone because so many people got pissed off about this)

he’s 34 and sometimes he’s acting like a child

and he created always keep fighting and then he does something like this?
jared buddy grow up


Featuring Dork Link

I don’t remember what made me think this was a good idea but I did it anyway!!! My first fully finished comic in ages holy shit I’m proud even if this is as stupid as shit !!! \(^▽^@)ノ !!!

i really wish that josh’s recovery from being shot wasn’t glossed over so much. all i’m asking for is a scene where charlie comes to visit josh in the hospital and he’s feeling really guilty and josh comforts him even though he’s really weak. and cj coming to give josh his pyjamas and he’s really touched and he tells her he loves them and she’s stayed so strong through the whole thing but for some reason it just gets to her and as she turns to go you can see she’s welling up with tears

White people need to stop fooling themselves. No land in the Americas “once was native land” it was and always will be native land. The blood you’ve spilled and the lives you’ve ruined and the people’s you’ve displaced to take that land will never be erased, it was and still is and forever will be native land. You cannot change that.