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Speak Low If You Speak Love- Knots (Space Jam Sessions)

Alternative Press Music Awards

Ryan Sitkowski Imagine

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: fluff

You looked at yourself in the mirror as you did you makeup for tonight. Your boyfriend Ryan had invited you to come as his date to the Alternative Press Music Awards, so you wanted to look perfect. You were super nervous for tonight; there would be people everywhere with phones and cameras watching your every move. You always got anxious in front of large groups of people, but you were going to face your fears for Ryan tonight.

You wore a long black dress. The sleeves and the area covering your collarbones and cleavage was a soft, see-through material. It also had a patterned stitched onto it. You wore a pair of black stilettos and your nails had been done the day before. You felt like a million bucks! After you were finished getting dressed and doing your makeup, you went to go see where Ryan was.

“Ryan?” You call.

“I’m in the kitchen, babe.” Ryan answers you.

You walk out of the bathroom, into the hallway and towards the kitchen. You, the rest of Motionless in White and Balz’ girlfriend were staying at Chris’ friend’s house for the night. You slowly emerged from the hallway, seeing everyone else standing ready in the kitchen. They were all talking and laughing. You smoothed out your dress and looked into a mirror that was in the hallway one last time. You are still extremely nervous and anxious for the night ahead.

You walked into the kitchen, greeting everyone and taking a closer look at their outfits. Balz’ girlfriend Ryan-Ashley looked absolutely stunning in her dress! The rest of the guys looked very handsome as well. You looked over at Ryan and he turned to face you. He immediately stopped talking to whoever he was talking to and stared at you in awe. You could feel yourself blushing as he continued to stare at you.

“You look gorgeous Y/N! That dress looks amazing on you!” Ryan-Ashley compliments you.

“Thank you so much, you look gorgeous as well!” You reply with a big smile.

“Thanks!” Ryan-Ashley says.

Ryan walks over to you and you kiss him on the cheek. He smiled and put an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. Everyone resumed their conversations. The band talked about performing with Rob Zombie and who else was going to be attending the award show. Soon it was time for you all to leave. You all got into a big, black car and got driven to the APMA’s. The drive wasn’t too long and you made it to the red carpet just in time. After security checks and makeup touch-ups, you all lined up to go onto the red carpet.

It was just moments before it was time for you all to actually go onto the red carpet and you grew even more nervous. You messed with your dress and took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down. Ryan looked over at you and smiled reassuringly. He held your hand and you smiled back at him. You were still nervous, but knowing that Ryan would be right by your side made you feel a little bit better. You’re gonna be fine, just relax, you told yourself.

It was time. You all walked out into the sunlight and onto the beginning of the red carpet. You prayed that you wouldn’t trip over your dress or do anything stupid. Ryan gave your hand a squeeze and you looked up at him. He smiled at you again and you both continued walking with the group. Cameras were almost instantly flashing at all of you. It was an experience unlike any other.

It was just like the award shows on tv. There were photographers everywhere, shouting at you and trying to get you to look at their cameras. You smiled for the cameras, trying to act semi-normal. Ryan put his arm around your waist and more cameras flashed. The photographers must’ve liked that, you think, laughing quietly. Ryan pulled you closer to him and laughed with you.

You looked at the rest of the ban and Ryan-Ashley. Everyone looked so relaxed and confident, so why were you freaking out? You sighed in relief and felt yourself begin to relax. You still kept on guard, but you had gotten a sudden, random boost of confidence. You felt great walking on the red carpet! You guys all continued to pose for pictures, until you came up to an interviewer. Unsure of whether you were supposed to stay or go, you squeezed Ryan’s hand.

“Just stay with me. You’ll be alright.” Ryan whispers into your ear.

You smile at Ryan and his grip on your waist tightens. You kiss Ryan’s cheek and you instantly hear the clicks of several cameras. This is so weird, you thought. You felt yourself blush hard while Ryan just laughed a little, smiling at you. You all approached the interviewer, the guys immediately being asked questions. They all introduced themselves while you and Ryan-Ashley just stood and stayed quiet. You both glanced at each other, smiling and sharing the same feeling of awkwardness.

The interview lasted only a few minutes, then you moved onto the next interviewer. The guys were asked most of the same questions and it lasted just about as long as the last interview. Just when you thought that the interview was over, the interview asked you a question. You were completely taken aback.

“So, what’s your name and relation to the band?” The interviewer quickly asks you, practically shoving the microphone in your mouth.

“Uh, I’m Y/N…I um…” You stutter, obviously nervous.

Well this is just great Y/N, you’re making yourself sound totally stupid on worldwide television, you thought, mentally face palming yourself. You scolded yourself for not preparing more. Just as you were about to open your mouth, and probably stutter again, Ryan saves the day.

“Y/N is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for a little over a year now.” Ryan says.

You feel butterflies in your stomach as Ryan calls you his girlfriend. You still weren’t used to it and it always made you feel really special. The interviewer gasps dramatically and you had to hold in a laugh.

“Well Y/N, you must be a very special girl!” The interviewer says.

“Um, I guess so?” You say, sounding unsure.

“Y/N is very special. She makes me so happy. She’s always so understanding with the band and everything. I love her a lot.” Ryan says, before kissing your cheek on national television!

You were really blushing now. Ryan was making your head and your heart go crazy! He was so sweet and now he was showing you off to the world, literally! You were never that girl who craved the spotlight, but it was nice to have a special moment of your own.

“Aw! That is so sweet! Well you two are super cute together, all the best of luck to you both.” The interviewer says, smiling at you and Ryan.

Ryan nods and you just smile.

You and Ryan kept smiling at each other as the interviewer rambled on. Ryan-Ashley got her turn in the spotlight as well, having some super cute and cheesy moments with Balz. The interviewer also complimented everyone, saying that you all looked great.

“Well, that just about wraps up this interview. Thank you Motionless and White, and your beautiful girlfriends, for hanging out with us today!” The interviewer says, facing the camera.

Chris thanks the interviewer and you all continue your walk on the red carpet. About ten minutes later all of you were inside the venue of the award show. Motionless in White got their own table to sit at. The venue was huge and you guys were really close to the stage. You got excited, thinking of how close you’d be when Motionless performed! You loved watching Ryan do what he loved. Plus, he looked really hot doing it. You also just really enjoyed Motionless in White’s music and their concerts!

You and Ryan sat next to each other, obviously. You all made conversation while eating; you all had been served a complimentary dinner that was quite delicious! You all laughed when Alex Gaskarth made his joke about Motionless in White. Vinny seemed especially excited that Motionless in White was mentioned. The whole table laughed at his reaction. The night was full of smiles and laughs.

The entire night’s performances were amazing, especially Motionless in White’s solo performance and their performance with Rob Zombie. You and Ryan-Ashley rocked out during their performance, you two had so much fun. You both got to go backstage and see the guys after the performance too, which was awesome. You and Ryan kissed a few times and everyone teased you both. Ryan was always extremely sweaty after performing, but you had long ago gotten used to it.

After the guys got cleaned up, you all sat back at your table during the rest of the show. It was an amazing and unforgettable night. You were so happy that Ryan had asked you to come with him. Once the award show was over, you all drove back to Chris’ friend’s house. You had just stepped out of your dress when Ryan hugged you from behind. His arms wrapped around your waist as he softly kissed your neck. You smiled and just stood there with him.

“You’re so beautiful.” Ryan whispers into your ear.

“You’re so handsome.” You whisper back.

“You’re so smart.” Ryan says.

“You’re so talented.” You reply.

You both laugh, then you turn around to kiss Ryan on the lips. After a mini make-out session, you and Ryan continued to get ready for bed. Everyone said their goodnights, then you and Ryan were safe under the covers of the bed. Ryan pulled you close to him, a move that you had gotten very used to throughout the day and loved very much. You smiled and softly kissed his chest. Ryan kissed your forehead and you both were asleep in minutes. That night you had the best sleep of your life–with the love of your life.

baby you were my

i miss missing you now and then