you rock our shit sir

Happy birthday, good sir!  You were one hell of a swank Sherlock Holmes, and a very classy swashbuckling, Shakespearean-acting, crimefighting, sword-clashing gentleman.

13 June 1892 – 21 July 1967, born in South Africa, here’s to Philip St. John Basil Rathbone (yes, that’s really his name, he gives Ben a run for his money). 

Did you know Basil Rathbone was an army veteran who displayed a real talent for spying, espionage, and disguise during his commission as a lieutenant during World War One and was awarded the Military Cross for “conspicuous and daring resource on patrol” no less?  Well, it’s true.

Basil Rathbone was a total BAMF in the fucking Great War.  Learn it.

Did you know that Basil Rathbone was once arrested for doing a play in which his wife left him for another woman and was furious because he believed homosexuality should be brought into the open?

Basil Rathbone.  Bow down.

Did you know Basil Rathbone lost all interest in playing Sherlock Holmes ever again after his friend Nigel Bruce died?

Basil Rathbone.  Hail that shit.

Did you know that, as an encore for his one-man show in later life, he would recite Vincent Starrett’s poem “221B”?

Fangirl this man and feed him grapes.