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me @ people who are hostile to artists: do you really think you will gain something by that? lmao what you are probably goin to earn is being blocked by that person you are being mean at and that the artist stop doing art for what you want.

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okay i've talked about it before but. ronan straight up picking gansey up and carrying him places. like in a football hold or over the shoulder or princess hold really there are endless possibilities! anyway gansey is moping and ronan's like ok fuck this so he picks gansey up (gansey's like ronan noooo i'm Sulking leave me be) and takes him outside, where blue and noah and adam and henry are all waiting for them with stuff for a picnic. the end

ronan “no words, just right” lynch cheering gansey up by just. lugging him around is The Best Thing??? 

gansey: )^:
ronan: scoops
gansey: “ronan n lynch. put me down.”
ronan: holds
gansey:  |^:
ronan: holds
gansey: …….. c^:

and like. don’t get me started on a gROUP PICNIC….. gansey’s got the bad vibes but everyone comes over with snacks and pizza (with fucking. avocado on it just how he likes it, that loser) and they sit in the sun in the grass out front of monmouth and they do not leave until gansey is Fed and Hydrated and Vitamin D’d and Sufficiently Reminded that he is very loved….


these are all the LGBTA+ Christian patches currently for sale on my etsy, SapphicStitches! check out my shop and you’ll see lots of general LGBTA+ pride patches, autistic/neurodivergent pride patches, and some other cute stuff as well. 

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all of these patches are customizable. the one that reads “Brigid and Darlughdach, pray for sapphic love,” for example, can be customized to name any Saint / pair of Saints you want. see each patch’s listing for options and more details. 

it’s been nearly a hundred degrees for the past month. last night, i left my bedroom and was immediately hit with fresh air filling the living room; the smell of rain filling my senses. i immediately went outside and stood in the dark, inhaling it all. it sounds silly but it was so beautiful it nearly made me cry. i needed the rain almost as much as the earth did. these are moments i am thankful to be alive.


Four Stranger Things kiddos!! This time they are signed.

A friend pointed out to me that I had ought to use a watermark if I am going to sell art, and she is 100% correct, so I will!