you really only have one otp

A conversion with my ten year old cousin
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Be honest. If you had to pick between Chloe and Arcadia Bay, who you pick?<p/><b>Cousin:</b> Like, to save?<p/><b>Me:</b> Correct.<p/><b>Cousin:</b> I'd have to say Chloe.<p/><b>Me:</b> Why is that?<p/><b>Cousin:</b> 'Cause, Arcadia Bay is just a place. You can move away easily. But Chloe is a person. And you can only ever meet one person like Chloe in your lifetime.<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeah. Arcadia Bay was a really bad town anyway.<p/><b>Cousin:</b> True. And it's not like anyone in that town cares about you unless you use your powers other than Kate, Joyce and Warren. I won't give up someone I truly love for a town of people who for the most part don't know me or hate me.<p/></p><p/></p>

-I have constant nightmares and I’ve always had someone to cuddle with. Now, I realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep.

-You’re severely depressed these days and I’m too scared to leave you alone so yes this is the only solution please accept my hugs

-The heater broke and I’m freezing get over here

-Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out?

-The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

-We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

-You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies???


— you can love him, but you can’t keep him (x)

A Thought About The Raven Cycle

Okay guys so I am just gonna put this out there:

I love Pynch. I really, really do. They are one of my OTPS. Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are ground shakers, they are amazing, I love them so much.

BUT, when people act like the only reason reading The Raven Cycle is worthwhile is because of Pynch, that BREAKS MY HEART.

I mean, there is literally so much to love about the Raven Cycle. It is such an amazing series and no part of it is skip-worthy.

You have Blue and Gansey, who are well developed characters in an equally well developed ship. Like, they exist outside of their feelings for one another, they don’t lean on the typical YA hetero romance tropes where the guy is a brooding, dark asshole who exists to make out with the protagonist and win fans over with his silly angst and witty comebacks. Gansey and Blue’s relationship doesn’t rely on any sort of sexual factor at all. They fall in love without the help of frantic, passionate make-out scenes. And their love makes SENSE. You don’t wonder why the hell they are in love, and it isn’t that bullshit Insta-Love that is so popular with straight couples in YA. That is just… so fucking…. nice.

And the women of 300 Fox Way! Don’t even get me started on how amazing they are! I mean, here we have a whole cast of adult women in a YA novel who are complex and realistic and powerful and all of them are unique and fascinating. Each woman is a person, they exist outside of their usefulness to the protagonists. I love them dearly.

Noah Czerny is also such a unique fucking character. He always seems to fall between the cracks, but let me tell you, Noah is just as thought out and developed as the rest. The more you learn about him, the more heartbreaking his story becomes. You can’t NOT love him.

Henry Cheng, anyone? I hope you didn’t make it all the way to the 4th book and still believe that Pynch is the only good thing in the series, because even this last minute addition of Henry to the Gangsey is fantastic. Like, Henry is a snatcher of hearts??? I love that he is so different in TRK from how he is portrayed in Blue Lily Lily Blue. I guess it just goes to show that people become more complex, become more like REAL PEOPLE, once you actually take the time to get to know them? That’s so beautiful? Henry is so beautiful?

Hell, even Mr. Gray is a show-stopping character. Who would have ever thought that the hitman who rolled into town to fuck people over would actually become this surprisingly lovable character who doesn’t judge all the other characters for their weirdness and who forms a relationship with his girlfriend’s daughter when his girlfriend isn’t even around. Like he just genuinely gets along with her. No needless angst.

All of the characters, even the villains and side characters, are incredibly well developed and real feeling. The plot is so raw and genuine and every relationship, platonic or otherwise, is so well executed.

One of these well executed relationships is Pynch, yes. They are my favorite pairing in the book, and Ronan is my favorite character. I can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without Pynch.

But I ALSO can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without any of the characters and elements it currently has, either.

So yeah, every aspect of The Raven Cycle is phenomenal, please do not simplify it all to being one good ship with some surrounding events.

Okay, thank you, this has been a rant from yours truly.

Why I have sympathy for the Kataang fandom.

Now, I’m a Zutara shipper through and through, but I’m going to give you my reasons as to why I have sympathy for a Kataanger. My condolences to you — from an outsider.

Honestly, I feel for the Kataang fandom. I honestly, truly do. If I had my otp, my ship destroyed with horrible writing, I’d probably be wrathful as well. I’ve been trying to put myself in a Kataanger’s shoes lately — trying to put myself in their frame of mind.

I’m trying to imagine a world where my otp ended up together in the end. Although instead of them being happy and truly in love, their marriage was broken. On the outside, Aang and Katara could have appeared to be the perfect couple, but you know on the inside they were hurting. They had to have been.

Aang and Katara had 3 children. THREE. Yet only one was really focused on — Tenzin. And for the sole reason being he was born an air bender.

Now, it’s clear in The Legend of Korra that his other children — Kya and Bumi — were pretty ignored by their father. Their father, the Avatar, who should have been an amazing father to all of his children despite them not being air benders, were completely and utterly neglected.

Imagine a world where your literal favorite couple weren’t actually your favorite anymore because they were written so terribly within The Legend of Korra. A world where Aang was a legitimate terrible father and husband. Kya states at one point that he was never home. Either never home or off with Tenzin or their “Airbending journeys”. Bumi is also a bitter old man™ due to being ignored (especially since he was a non-bender until the writers fucking with the spiritual aspect of the show and magically made him an airbender) (remember when he was in front of Aang’s statue wishing he could have made him proud?) (yeah).

They literally turned Aang from ultimate fav to abandoning father. They literally wrote him out to basically not care about his other children and it makes my heart ache for everyone involved.

It makes my heart ache thinking that they wrote it in a way that Katara basically was just letting this all happen. Now, we all know Katara — were with her through everything. Knowing Katara, we would pretty much know that she would not allow someone, especially Aang, to treat her children like that. She has always been strong willed and passionate about those for whom she cares about. Do you really, honestly think she would let Aang, allow anybody, to treat their children like that? It makes me sick. They got everything wrong.

I’m so sorry they didn’t give Katara basically any character development from the time the show ended, to the time she was an old woman. I’m sorry she was made into a trophy wife of the Avatar. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see any of her in any flashback in The Legend of Korra for god only knows why.

I’m sorry that we didn’t get to see any of her accomplishments throughout the rest of her life since the war. They were…what, exactly? We don’t know because she was given no characterization within TLOK. She was given no depth and we got 0% backstory on her and her accomplishments. We were all left to assume that all she was left doing was taking care of Aang’s children of whom he didn’t even treat correctly unless they were an airbender. And there’s nothing wrong with her taking care of her children, but there is something wrong when that’s all she was left doing when we know she was capable of so much more.

Honestly, what was Bryke thinking when writing their story in The Legend of Korra? They literally gave Kataang the worst ending possible and I can’t stress my apologies enough. They truly ruined your ship.

And that’s why I feel for you all. You all honestly deserved better. You deserved a better characterization of both Aang and Katara. They all deserved better. You all deserved better and I’m so sorry that your ship was reduced to such a tragedy.

And as a Zutara shipper, it was important to me to stress the fact that I don’t hate the ship Kataang, I just hate what it was reduced to.

Don’t hate Kataang, hate Bryke.

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Deamuussssss "Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?"

137. “Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?”

“Okay, next round’s on me.”

“Nonsense. We’re celebrating your and Harry’s engagement. The bride-to-be does not pay for drinks.”

“Fine, then everyone give me their money. I’m at least still fetching them.”

There was shuffling around the booth as everyone reached into their pockets for money, and after collecting the coins and everyones drink orders, Ginny went up to the bar.

“She’s a good blade, our Ginny,” Seamus said, draining the last of his pint.

“Yeah, she’s the best,” Harry replied dreamily, resting his chin on his arms as he looked over to where Ginny was trying to get the attention of the bartender.

“Yeh know, it’s a real good thing yeh called dibs on her,” Seamus continued, his words slurring slightly. “Otherwise I might be tryin’ teh marry her.”

At this, Dean snorted. “Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?”

“What?” replied Seamus, turning to his boyfriend and looking offended.

“You realize Ginny is a girl right?” Dean said, his voice amused. “And you’re bent as–”

“–a nine bob note, yeah yeah,” Seamus finished. “Listen, love can overcome all sorts of obstacles.”

“Is that right?”

“Just because yeh missed yehr shot with Ginny doesn’t mean there’s no hope for me.”

“You better consider yourself lucky I missed my shot with Ginny. Otherwise I wouldn’t have settled for your arse.”

Seamus grinned. “Yeah, that’s true.” He leaned over and gave Dean a kiss on the lips.

“Are you two done talking about stealing away my girlfriend?” Harry interjected. Dean broke away from Seamus.

“She’s your fiancée, mate. You better get used to saying it.”

“Hey, he’s got time,” Ron chimed in. Then, raising his voice so he could be heard across the room. “Oi, Gin! You gonna come back with those drinks before we have beards like Dumbledore?”

Ginny weaved her way through the crowd, levitating the drinks in front of her with her wand. “Careful, Ronald. Or these are going on your head.”

Despite her threat, Ginny simply lowered the drinks down on the table and everyone grabbed their orders.

“Speaking of beards,” said Neville casually, taking a sip of his Firewhisky, “would you like to hear about how Seamus wants you to be his?”

Theater AUs
  • You’re in the musical, I’m on tech, but I really effing hate the show because if I have to hear whoever’s playing the princess sing one more time I will rip my ears off you are literally the only saving grace.
  • I’m playing the villain and you’re the hero but the director considered having me play your lover halfway through rehearsals because aPpAreNtlY I not convincing anyone that I hate you.
  • Alternatively, I’m playing the lover of the hero and the director wanted to switch me to the villain because I really effing hate them. 
  • I’m too afraid to try out because of my social anxiety, but you’ve offered to help me and I’ve decided you’re insane. Who can actually say “toy boat” as fast as they can without messing up? You, and I’m annoyed.
  • We’re singing a duet about love but I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m aromantic. You trying to explain isn’t really helping, although it is entertaining.
  • I just play a bush but I’m pretty sure the tree and the wizard are falling in love and it’s so cute I can’t even.

Haaaa well that got away from me and can no longer be reasonably called a “doodle.”

Eee, thank you!  I’m really glad to hear I’ve been an inspiration! :D

I have written some, but for various reasons I’ve only posted one fic.

As far as their reunion, I have a hard time committing to just one scenario, because there are so many different ways it could go, and I want to explore all the possibilities, you know?  But, well, after Monday’s super-sad headcanon, I wanted to draw something happy, so here’s a best-case scenario.

*AU where they defeated Ardyn without anyone dying*

Prompo: “We have finally defeated him!”

Ignis: “About time! He really was annoying!”

Gladio: “Yeah… Definitely a pain in the ass!”

Noctis: “There is only one thing left for me to do now”

Prompto: “What thing?”


Luna *appears out of nowhere*: “I FEEL THE SAME WAY NOCTIS!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!!”

Noctis *with dramatic voice*: “LUNA!!!”

Luna *also with dramatic voice*: “NOCTIS!!!”

*both run in slow motion and embrace each other, then they start to cry like babies*


(This totally happened! Okay!)

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Veronica Mars for the in depth thing (probably someone else already asked!)

Ooh, good one! 

  • Top 5 favourite characters: Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls, Wallace Fennel, Keith Mars, Mac Mackenzie.
  • Other characters you like: Alicia Fennel, Cliff McCormack, Weevil, Lilly Kane, Vinnie van Lowe, Dick Casablancas, Parker Lee, Jackie Cook, Vice Principal Clemmons
  • Otps: Logan/Veronica is my only OTP on this show, but I’m also really into the BROT3 of Veronica & Wallace & Mac
  • Notps: Veronica or Logan with anyone other than each other
  • Favourite friendship: Veronica & Wallace <3 <3 <3 (also Veronica & Weevil, Veronica & Mac, Mac & Wallace)
  • Favourite family: Veronica and Keith Mars
  • Favourite episode: I…don’t know if I have a favorite episode, honestly. Maybe the one where Logan and Veronica first kiss? Or the pilot? Or the movie, can I count the movie as an episode? :) Or maybe the one where Paul Rudd guest stars as an almost-has-been rock star, that one is good.
  • Favourite season/book/movie: Season 1 is very nearly a perfect season of television. (S2 and S3 are both really good, don’t get me wrong, but S1 is just SO GOOD.)
  • Favourite quote: This show is so quotable! “I hope we’re still friends after I taser you.” “Annoy, tiny blonde one. Annoy like the wind!” “I believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning.” “Underneath that angry young woman, there’s a slightly less angry young woman who’s just dying to bake me something.” “The hero is the one who stays. The villain is the one who splits.” “Nobody likes a blonde in a hamster ball.” “See this face? My over-the-moon face.”
  • Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: Probably Logan and Veronica’s first kiss, just because I TOTALLY didn’t see it coming. Also, the end of the first season when all the loose ends got tied up in a really cool and satisfying way.
  • When it really disappointed you: When Veronica and Duncan got back together in S2. Bleah, go away, Donut. And when it got cancelled after S3.
  • Saddest moment: Oh god, there are so many sad moments on this show. Maybe when Veronica realized her mom had stolen her money and taken off again? Or when Logan realized his mom had committed suicide. When Parker was raped. When Veronica thought Keith had died in the explosion. When Veronica imagined saying goodbye to Lilly. When Mac met her biological younger sister, and then had a moment with her bio mom while sitting in her car outside their house, but drove away without talking to her. When Dick broke down and admitted he hated himself and had so many regrets about the way he treated his brother.
  • Most well done character death: Almost all the deaths on this show that I can think of are really sad. Oh, how about Aaron Echolls’s death? That was actually kind of great, in a grim kind of way.
  • Favourite guest star: Amanda Seyfried as Lilly Kane, or Max Greenfield as Deputy Leo. 
  • Favourite cast member: Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni
  • Character you wish was still alive: Lilly Kane
  • One thing you hope really happens: a Veronica Mars Netflix miniseries! Or a sequel to the movie.
  • Most shocking twist: This show is made of shocking twists. 
  • When did you start watching/reading: I marathoned the show right after it had been cancelled. (I actually started watching it late one night while I was trying to finish a blanket I’d been crocheting, got through one and a half episodes, and stopped because I knew Troy would love the show too. So we started watching it together the next night, and we finished S1 right before Annalie and I went on a two-week trip out of town. We waited to start S2 till we were back home, so we were in suspense about who had showed up at Veronica’s door that whole time! I remember having dreams about it while we were out of town, haha.)
  • Trope you wish they would stop using: ?
  • One thing this show/book/film does better than others: Character development and continuity. Also, the dialogue is just fantastic and I wish I could be that smart and funny in real life. 
  • Funniest moments: I love it whenever Veronica talks about her dad getting her a pony with exaggerated excitement.
  • Couple you would like to see: Logan/Veronica, duh. I also liked Keith/Alicia.
  • Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: ?
  • Most boring plotline: Any of the plotlines that involved Veronica dating someone other than Logan, mostly because she picked such boring people to date. (Sorry Piz, you seem like a not-terrible guy but you’re not right for Veronica. Not sorry, Duncan, you’re an asshole who kidnapped your daughter and fled the country and left a mess for Veronica to explain and deal with. Yes, she did it willingly but I still think it was shitty that you let her do it.)
  • Best flashback/flashforward if any: All the flashbacks in S1 with before!Veronica and Lilly were sad and lovely.
  • Most layered character: Everyone on this show is written really well, but this is probably Veronica. We’re in her POV and her head, after all.
  • Scariest moment: Aaron almost killing Veronica in the S1 finale, maybe. Or when Veronica had been drugged by the Hearst College rapist and had part of her hair shaved, and was saved only by Logan coming onto the scene. 
  • Grossest moment: ?
  • Best looking male: Logan, Wallace
  • Best looking female: Veronica, Lilly
  • Who you’re crushing on (if any): nah
  • Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise): I love how this show is shot in a noir style. I especially always loved way the scenes in Veronica’s bedroom were shot when she was sitting at her desk, by the windows with the glass slats.
  • Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: I would really love to sit down with Rob Thomas and get the full story on what the original plan was for Duncan, and how things changed, and why, because of Jason and Kristen’s chemistry and maybe because of Teddy Dunn’s lack of—or different—chemistry with Kristen, or the way he chose to initially play the role of Duncan (which wasn’t very well-received by the audience even though it was a somewhat-accurate portrayal of a mentally ill person on the meds Duncan was supposed to be on). 
  • At what point did you fall in love with this show/book: If I hadn’t fallen in love by the time Wallace said, “I figure I’ve got a choice. I can either go hang out with the punks who laughed at me, took pictures of me while I was taped to that flagpole, or I can hang out with the chick who cut me down,” then that definitely did it for me.

Thanks, Lewix!

Send me a show/fandom and I’ll answer…


Friendship Circle

Characters: Tanaka Gundam, Sonia Nevermind

Childhood friends au

So I had 7/9 pages drawn out probably more than a year ago and only recently was able to summon the willpower to finish it. Can you tell which two pages are the new ones? Back then I wanted to add colour and make it all pretty but don’t really have the time for it now aha still this is an otp I do treasure and felt like I couldn’t just sit on it forever. 

rowena the pony

i actually have no clue why i did that, ya’ know? i just…

no explanation. no good answer. but do i really need any excuse for that? we’re in supernatural family so
drawing spn characters as ponies shouldn’t be weirder than killing demons or sleeping with salt under the pillow (am i the only one who do that??) or gun or whatever
you know what i mean, don’t you?

anyways. hope you all like it! ♥

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Dark prompts for your psychopathic OTP
  • “I’m on another killing spree, and you just saw me kill someone,wait your on one too?” au
  • “I found you done with killing someone, and I’m on a killing spree, want to join?” au
  • “I was going to kill you….but you’re really hot, be mine?” au
  • “You’re the only one in class who loves gore as much as I do.” au
  • “You and I are enemies who want to kill each other but in a middle of a fight we start making out and end up having rough sex instead.” au
  • “I really like making shitty puns before killing someone, and when I said, “Knife to meet you!” you started laughing.” au
  • “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU BUY THE KNIFE I SAVED MONEY FOR I WILL END YO-oops you actually were buying it for me….sorry?” au
  • “You have a passion for burning people to death, and I love leaving people to die at a stake ,let’s work together.” au
  • “Our first date was so romantic; a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant. But the best part was the our killing spree.” au
  • “I’m the one who poisoned everyone at the party,and for some reason you didn’t die. I’ll have to kill you with my bare hands— oh you’re wondering what poison I used, and you want me to show you?” au
  • “You get mad at me when I murder people, but not the fact I murder them, the fact I always drag their dead bodies over the carpet and it leaves stains.” au

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As promised, me and mod nidaime made these little gift for those that made all 7 prompts during the rarepair week! They are exclusive bookmarkers, have the print size and normal size as well their chibis attached to them. They will be distributed personally for each participant. ( ゚▽゚)/  As a way of thanks for their beautiful piece of work and for helping us making this event a real success!

  • Those are really cute, can I still get one with my rare otp :)?

Sure! All you need to do is draw TakaokaXNidaime and tag it with #iwantabookmarkertoo and we will work to make they qui–…Joking! We’re sorry, but the only way to get it is joining in our next event and doing all the prompts! (maybe the prizes will be different! there’s only one way to know!)   

Once more we’re really glad for everyone for making it true! and stay here for the next events that will happen in the future!

Getting to know SHINee World

Tagged by @minsam2 Thank you so much dear ^^ 

- Long post.( took me 4 hours coz 1st post get deleted TT due to sudden power off )

01: How did you get into SHINee?

Hmmm I always like to try different things so back in 2008 while changing channels on TV I found KBS world & got addicted to K drama & K pop. So while watching BOF I heard “ Stand by me” I really liked it so much, so I searched original singers & found SHINee. ( But Shinee’s “Romantic” Song attracted to me most to became their fan…specially Minho’s rap part in it) 

02: Your favorite member in SHINee is?
Of course One & Only  MINHO

03: Bias wrecker anyone?
Not really ….Minho is ruling my heart till now 

04: Your favorite SHINee OTP (if you have one)
hmmm my otp is OnHo but i also adore 2min so much …as well as I also like jongho & minkey ( i like all minho ships)

05: Is there a SHINee ship you don’t like?
not really ….

06: The SHINee member you think is most easily shipped
Minho…coz everyone adores him.

07: Your favorite Korean song by SHINee

how can i choose ? it’s really tough …hmmm but here are some songs I really like to hear again & again

LLO, Replay, Juliette, Like a fire, Love pain, Ready or not, view, obsession, evil, hitchhiking, MTTM, feel good,stand by me, romantic, symptoms, A-Yo,orgel

08: Your favorite Japanese song by SHINee

tbh i really like Shinee’s Japanese songs specially ballads  than Korean in compare …but i like all of shinee’s songs 

 Keeping love again, I’m with you, Password, Moon river waltz, 1000 years always by your side, stranger, Run with Me, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Picasso,  Kimi no sei de, 

09: Favorite album
All of them….each of them are unique with diff genre 

10: Your favorite live performance
there are so many …i cant choose just randomly putting from my mobiles video gallery 

1: Shinee evil, 2 like a fire 3. girls girls girls  4. RDD rock ver, 5.stranger

5. keeping love again 6. i’m with you 7. password 8. run with me 9. DYNAMITE

all shinee dance practice vid 1, 2 , 3 , 4

11: First SHINee MV you saw

12: Your first impression of SHINee
wow…these boys are cute …their dance is so perfect & smooth

13: Is there a SHINee member that recently impressed you?
All of them.. coz everyone is doing great in their own activities.

14: The SHINee member you think has changed the most over the years
I think Minho. I’m watching him since 2008-09 …from awkward camera shy boy to total dork & lively person…the boy who was always avoid to talk in front of  camera to cute talkative boy. He also gained so much confidence, he worked really hard & improved his singing & acting (i’m Really proud of my boyTT). I’m glad he is more open person now, happy & doing funny & embarrassing things (lol) without any hesitation. I like to see this true Minho side than any artificial concept thing.  

15: The SHINee member you think has changed the least
In my opinion it’s onew …he is same funny,talented,  responsible  great leader.

16: Your favorite SHINee MV
hmmmm Replay, LLO, Sherlock, Dream girl, Juliette, MTTM, Your number ( Dance ver)

17: Your favorite SHINee lyrics 

Keeping love again 

More of you, till I can’t pull myself back later
More, till I’ve had more than enough of it.
There’s no meaning to it
Just like living itself
just like how my heart is, oh i love you. 
now, Keeping Love Again, one more time  
I get it Keeping Love Again, nothing but that   
There’s no meaning to it
Just like living itself
just like how my heart is, oh i love you. 

I want to see you so much that I’m gonna cry (wanna see you) 
Drenched in tears, in the space between dreams.

I’m with you

Can you hear me? baby can you see?

Oh please my girl oh I’m with you

Baby don’t cry I’m by your side
I’m sending you my voice, baby my love love love
So you can try Dry your tears
Your not alone any longer
You’re not alone alone alone

Baby don’t cry I’m by your side
I’m sending you my voice, baby my love love love
So you can try Dry your tears
Your not alone any longer
You’re not alone alone alone

18: The SHINee member you think has the best face
Minho … :)

19: The SHINee member you think has the best body
Minho… :) 

20: The SHINee member you think has the best personality
i like SHINee’s personality instead of single member …coz each member has some plus & minus in their personality but together they filled that small gaps & become  best.

21: A SHINee picture that makes you smile

22: A SHINee picture that makes you nostalgic

23: Your favorite quote by someone in SHINee

“Fight something as if it is your last fight.. as if there would be no more chance to do that later.” – Minho

“If you don’t give up your hopes and dreams, then there will always be a god ending.” - Choi Minho

24: A picture of your bias with someone else you like in another group

25: Have you seen SHINee live?
No…but i’m determined to watch them soon 

26: Do you have a favorite variety show moment?

SHINee hello baby moments 1.  SHINee Wake up Song Game 2.  Yoogeun wakes up SHINee Appa!  

Key’s insta update when jjong fall & minho’s laugh while doing ottogi noodle add

Minkey shows 1 , 2 

27: How would you describe SHINee in three words?
talented, perfection , unique 

28: Which SHINee video would you show to someone who has never heard of them before?

SHINee : Evil , Your number ( who likes dance)

or simply I will show them all Tokyo dome performance 

29. Is there a memory in connection to SHINee that you will always treasure?

Every moment with Shinee while watching their songs, doing live streaming, cherring for them…getting emotonal in their sad & happy moments, getting happy to see them grow with love & happiness all are  treasure for me always  …just want to say that SHINee & Minho really helped me lot to come out me from my depression period,  always give me to reason for smile :)

30: If you could tell SHINee anything you wanted…what would that be?
Hmmm I want to say Thank you for everything , be happy & healthy & be together always as my Shinning boys. 

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Yeah maybe Darvey wasn't the original idea of the show, maybe when they wrote the pilot that wasn't the idea, but does it really matter at this point?

I hate when I read people saying Darvey is fanservice.
I’ve watched Suits since 2013. Donna and Harvey were loved even then, when we only had s1-s2, but we weren’t a lot. We weren’t one of those BIG fandoms that make things happens (there are a lot of fandoms like this), the fandom is bigger and bigger now. And you know why? Because the show wanted to. I get if you don’t like Darvey, I do, it’s impossible to have all people agree on one single thing, but the fandom is like this because of the show. Not the other way around. The show decided to go there. They saw this amazing chemistry and this potential and they’ve worked on that. 
I’ve been there since s3 started.
I’ve waited for Donna and Harvey every single hiatus, I’ve watched Donna and Harvey every single week, and I hate when people say that it’s something out of nowhere. Fanservice?
The show added depth to this story. The first time they met. All the history. All the hints. Everything is there since season 1.
If you look at the show now, you see that everything makes sense.
“Because you can never go back.”
“Feelings just go away.. Eventually.”
“Do you love Harvey Specter?”
“About that time…”
“Is this about you?”
Oh… This is all until s2. I could go all day, honestly.
So, i get if you’re disappointed, if you don’t like them, if you don’t want it to happen, but they’ve always been there. And Darvey fans have waited since forever. With all the patience in the world.
Just let us enjoy our moment. We deserve it.  

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“Why do these characters, why are they so connected to one another? You know this film explores that connection. “ - Scarlett Johansson


There are people who care so deeply about you, if you would just let them.” — Lily Van der Woodsen 

So about fanfiction,

I’ve been reading a lot of angsty fics recently and I’ve seen some things that have really been bothering me… 

1. I don’t care how well they can handle their alcohol, no one can have 47 drinks and only be drunk enough to have their words slurred. Look it up, they should be dead. (Really it depends on the amount of alcohol in the drink and how much was consumed in a short period of time, but around 50 is just ridiculous)

2. Subtext is everything before you make a ship cannon. It’s always better to have the people in your otp show signs of their feelings for each instead of just whoever is narrating at that moment think, “And that’s when i knew… I was in love” because that’s pretty cliche. Also, it sounds better to have them show physical reactions instead of plainly stating it, because aren’t meaningful glances and unconscious flirting what we non-cannon shippers live off anyway?

3. Check your work for spelling mistakes, I know it’s really fucking boring but a fic that has correct basic grammer is much more enjoyable to read than a fic were they didn’t use the right form of “there” 


{sorry for that rant but i keep seeing it getting passed off as angst and it really bothers me}

I feel like I’m the only one who debates on whether they want to read one more one-shot/story/fanfic or go to sleep. Like its a really hard decision to make.

On one hand you could read an amazing fanfic about one of your several otps and have the possibility of being sleepy or you could have a refreshing night of sleep and then finally read the fic.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this decision is difficult but it is.