you really need to sort out your priorities

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Hi Emma, I'm currently in year 11 and I'm just really behind in my classwork any advice on how to catch up with work? thank you.

Hi! How I’d go about catching up would be:

  • prepare yourself in the morning - have breakfast, brush your teeth, wash your face/shower, drink some water, stretch, get dressed! Getting yourself ready and not staying in your pj’s will really help! I always will do a little morning routine before I study/revise/read/etc.
  • organise - make sure everything you need to sorted, all your notes are in order and any incomplete worksheets are flagged.
  • figure out what priority everything needs to be done in - depending on how you like to organise you can either plan it out in subject order or use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix which decides the urgency and importance of each task. If you need an example, here is one! It can just give you a bit more structure on what needs to be done first.
  • plan it out - make a schedule for everything and be realistic. Make time to spend on each subject, task, assignment. It is better to give yourself extra time on a task than end up ‘behind’ and then stressing out more. You might find my study schedule printable useful. Check this page to download it.
  • avoid procrastinating - yes, that is extremely difficult but is the best way to make up the time you’ve missed. Take breaks and time to relax but if the more you can avoid stalling, the faster you’ll be caught up. It may take time to fully catch up but it will be worth the work! Some more tips are here.
  • make your environment promote studying - make sure it’s bright, tidy and functional. Have everything you need close by. Maybe put up a few motivational things like pictures or quotes. This also means avoiding using your bed for studying. Use your desk, the kitchen bench top or a dining table.
  • take breaks and refuel - break up your study time with casual breaks and time for lunch! These small breaks can help you refocus and be more productive.

Hope this helps xx

Prince!Youngjae AU (Part 1)

A/N - Here’s the first part to my new Youngjae series! Writing this is going to be so fun and I really hope you all like reading it as much as I have liked planning it for you~ As I said in the preview I posted yesterday, updates should be fairly regular. Anyway, here it is!

Preview | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

(Y/N) brought her sword down, one hand wiping away the sweat on her brow. She had been training all morning before her duties as new bodyguard to the prince started. She wasn’t overly fond of the man but wanted to make the most of her new position since it might help her reach her goals of becoming captain of the royal guard. Walking through the halls of the palace, she wondered how the prince would treat her. She knew he was nice enough but didn’t know too much about what he was like behind closed doors. Curiosity filled her mind as she reached his room and knocked on the large wooden door. 
“It’s (Y/N), your highness. I’m your new bodyguard.” There was no reply but footsteps could be heard reaching closer to the door. Youngjae pulled it open, a loud squeaking noise coming from the hinges. 
“Hello, (Y/N). Do come in. I plan to walk around the grounds later but for now I’m just doing some things in here.”

She walked into the intricately decorated room and looked around, taking in even the small details. Youngjae sat on a chair, returning to some form of paperwork on his desk. Glancing over his shoulder, you saw it was some business the king had assigned for him, most likely to help prepare Youngjae for when he would be king. 
“Your father got you doing his work for him?”
“Yes, he thinks it’s time I took a more active role in his court,” Youngjae chuckled. 
“And you don’t?”
“Well, it’s not exactly exciting is it. I’m sure you’ve sat through some of his briefings before. I want to avoid that for as long as I can.”
“It might not be exciting but I’m afraid you have no choice, your highness. Since your sisters have married other princes, you’re the only one left who can become king. Well, there are others but you’re the only direct heir to the throne.”
“Yes, I know. You’re beginning to sound like my mother there. And please, just call me Youngjae not ‘your highness’.”
“Alright then, Youngjae.”

Later on, the two walked through the grounds of the palace, taking in the scenery. It was very picturesque and often (Y/N) would have to pinch herself to remind her that the beauty of the grounds was real and not actually a dream. 
“Youngjae, I know you find royalty and the paperwork boring, but do you really have no interest in your country and the troubles it is facing?”
“I do care about the country, I just don’t wish to rule it. Being king isn’t something I feel I’d be good at. I’d much prefer to just be a regular person and not some authoritative figure.”
“But think of the power you would have! You can help this country and guide it to becoming more peaceful with the world.”
“More peaceful?”
“Yes, do you not know we’re at risk of war? Tensions have been high for some time and recently, leaders of other countries seem to be in a state of dislike with us. More and more rebel groups have been rising too. Did you really not know anything about that?”
“No. I told you, I find my father’s briefings boring and even when I do go, I tend to fall asleep from boredom.”
“I can’t believe that. A prince who doesn’t know anything about what’s happening outside of his palace walls! Youngjae, you really need to sort out your priorities a bit. You should at least know some of this stuff.”
“Why do you care so much? It’s my life and I will do with it what I like.”
“Yes, it is your choice,” she shrugged. “You can continue with your sheltered life, or you can become someone who matters. Who actually does things.”
“Are you saying I don’t matter?”
“Well, as a person you do. But your soul? Not really. In the end, the ones who do good and use their power and ability to better the world are the ones who truly matter. And I strongly suggest you become one of them. Now, I have to leave to speak with your father. He requested I talk to him about my new role as your bodyguard. I shall see you later, Youngjae.” She bowed gracefully and left Youngjae standing there, completely speechless. 

Her words rang in his head, ‘you can become someone who matters.’ He had never been spoken to like that. Anyone who mentioned his neglect for his position in the court would just drop the subject as soon as he said he didn’t care. No one had ever dared to imply that his life was worthless or not fulfilled. No one but her. And while he hated her for it, he also felt something else. Something besides contempt. He wasn’t quite sure what it was but it was having one hell of an effect on him. Youngjae wanted to take on her words and do something more than just admire the flowers in the gardens. He wanted to work harder. And maybe it was so he could impress her…

Unspoken rule

A little late to the party but here I am!

A million thanks to @bathtimefunduck for beta reading this.

You don’t mess with Lex Luthor’s group. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows that.

Everyone knows that they rule the school. They are powerful, smart, and liked by the teachers. Since most of them were in seventh year and had to study for their NEWTs, that meant a lot of students kept away from the library in fear of getting on their bad side. But that fear of Lex’s reputation didn’t seem to extend to his own family.

“Hey Lex, isn’t that your little sister?” Max asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey yeah, what is she doing with those freaks?” frowned Rick

Lex turned to look at the table they were pointing at and saw Lena sitting with five other kids of all houses.

That in itself wasn’t so unusual. The Luthor family believed in extending their reach as far as they could, and that was reflected in Lex’s own group of followers. After all, Max was in Ravenclaw, Rick in Hufflepuff, Leslie Willis and Siobhan Smythe were both on Gryffindor, and finally, Lex himself was in Slytherin, just like every Luthor had ever been, Lena included.

What was weird about Lena’s apparent group was that the kids seemed to be from different years, not just different houses, and the range seemed wide. Lex’s only follower who wasn’t in seventh year was Rick, who was in sixth, so Lena’s companions tickled his curiosity.

“Any idea who they are ladies?” he asked.

He knew that Gryffindor’s top bitches, and more importantly, ruthless gossips, Leslie and Siobhan would probably be able to tell him something about them. He wasn’t wrong; the two girls quickly started trying to one-up each other to see who could give him more information.

“That Ravenclaw boy is Winn Schott, he’s a pureblood but his father is in Azkaban for being a blood purist and attacking mudbloods. He’s also the only other second year there other than Lena,” Leslie said.

“The two older girls are in fourth year. The Hufflepuff is Maggie Sawyer, she’s a mudblood, and she’s dating the other Slytherin girl. Alex Danvers is a pureblood, her father was an Unspeakable for the Ministry, and her mother is a famous Potions Master. Alex herself is the most promising Slytherin since you, and she has the best marks in her year, although she’s closely followed by Sawyer,” added Siobhan.

“The two Gryffindors are firsties. Kara Danvers is a mudblood that was adopted by the Danvers recently. No one knows where she came from. I don’t know who the other kid is.”

“That kid is Adrian Rodriguez, mudblood too, and he knew Sawyer before Hogwarts. Something happened at the beginning of the year when he tried to follow Danvers Jr. up to the girls’ dorm rooms and the tower wouldn’t let him up, but I don’t really know the details. I do know he looks up to Sawyer and she considers him sort of a brother,” finished Leslie.

“Okay, anything else ladies? No? …what is it Rick?”

Rick suddenly looked excited, and he gave the two Gryffindors a smug look. “I know something you don’t!”

The girls glared at him, but Lex urged him to continue.

“Okay so, I used to live in the same town as the Danvers, and I was there when the little one showed up. And rumor has it, she’s related to Clark! You remember him right Lex? That older Gryffindor who was always getting in your way for everything till he graduated two years ago?”

“Yes, I remember him,” Lex said angrily, thinking back to his old rival. He turned back to his sister’s table and saw that the two fourth year girls seemed to be leaving in a rush. He turned his attention back to the little blonde girl. “So you’re saying she’s related to Kent? How so?”

“She’s his cousin, apparently.”

“Really now? How do you guys feel about going over there and introducing ourselves to my sister’s friends huh?”

They shared knowing looks and headed for the table with the four remaining kids.

Alex and Maggie hadn’t meant to be gone for long. In fact, they hadn’t even been gone for more than 20 minutes. They had seen Professor J’onzz leave the library and ran out to ask him to let them pair up for next week’s DADA teamwork exercise (“we don’t do well with partners, but I think we make a pretty good team”). On their way back to the library they had gotten a little sidetracked staring at each other, and that had led to some making out in an empty classroom. Eventually though, they started heading back to help their little siblings and their new friends with a transfiguration exercise that Kara and Adrian were having trouble with, and a charms essay that was baffling the second years.

Maggie opened the door to the library and nearly ran into Rick Malvern.

He shoved her aside and laughed “watch where you’re going mudblood! Hey there, Alex, if you’re ever in the mood for some better company than these freaks, you know where to find me.”

“Move Rick,” said Leslie.

Alex and Maggie shuffled to the side and watched Lex’s whole group leave the library.

“Bye ladies,” Max said, giving them a wink as he left.

Lex and the girls did not bother to look at them.

Once they were gone, Alex and Maggie let out the breaths they had been holding and were turning back towards the library when Maggie suddenly stopped short.

“Wait. Why did Rick say ‘freaks’ as in plural?”

The girls exchanged wide-eyed glances and turned as one to run inside. They went straight for their siblings’ table, but they stopped in their tracks when they saw that every single one of the kids was crying. Even Lena, who was trying to hide her tears to comfort Kara while Winn and Adrian hugged each other next to them. Maggie and Alex both started talking at the same time.

“Are you guys okay?”

“What happened?!”

“Was it Lex?”

“Are you hurt?”


A loud sniff cut them off, and they noticed that Winn was shrinking away from their loud voices. They exchanged another look and sat down.

Maggie hugged both Adrian and Winn and asked softly, “Are any of you hurt?”

They waited until all four of them shook their heads before Alex spoke from where she was wrapped around Kara and Lena. “Can you tell us what happened?”

The younger kids exchanged nervous looks, before Lena took a shaky breath and started explaining. “Lex and his friends, they, they came over and started asking questions. They said they just wanted to get to know my friends better but then they got really rude. They made fun of Winn, and they called Adrian names, and then Lex, he… he…”

“He what?” asked Maggie, trying to hold back her fury and indignation.

This time it was Kara’s small voice that answered, “He told me that I better stay out of his way if I know what’s good for me. And then he started insulting Clark, and then…”

“Kara, Kara calm down,” Alex said, stopping her sister before she could work herself and the others into even more of a panic.

Maggie nodded and said, “We get the picture. Come on, get up. We’re all going to the kitchens for a snack and then you can rest in my common room. You’ll be safe there, the rest of the ‘Puffs won’t let Rick near you, and none of the others ever goes there anyways. That all right with you?”

She received nods from Kara, Adrian and Winn, but Lena looked hesitant.

Alex, sitting right next to her, noticed and asked, “what is it Lena?”

Lena looked up at her with wide, scared eyes and whispered, “But it was my fault…”

Kara practically jumped up at that and said, “No it wasn’t! Lex came for me! If anything it’s my fault for bringing attention to the rest of you guys!”

“This was no one’s fault but Lex’s,” Alex interrupted firmly. “It was Lex and Max and Leslie and all of them, they are the problem.”

Maggie quickly nodded her agreement, but instead of commenting further, she got up and helped the boys stand.

“Come on, you’ll feel better after some hot chocolate. All of you will,” she said, looking warmly at Lena.

The group went to the kitchens, where the house elves loaded them with a mountain of snacks and a silver tray with never ending cups and hot chocolate. After that they headed for the Hufflepuff common room, where they went straight for the warmest, coziest corner, and settled on the couches. A few other ‘Puffs gave them curious looks, but a firm glare from Alex kept them away.

All of them except for James Olsen, a fifth year who was good friends with Maggie, and who approached the fourth years looking concerned. “What happened?”

“Lex and his gang happened,” answered Maggie.

“What did those idiots do this time?” asked a new voice behind James.

The three of them turned around and saw Lucy Lane, James’ sixth year Gryffindor girlfriend.

“Are they seriously picking on first and second years now? How low can they get?”

“Way too low apparently” Alex said darkly. She looked up and locked eyes with Maggie. She subtly pointed at James and Lucy with her head, and Maggie nodded slightly. Then she turned towards the older couple and asked “Hey guys, do you mind staying with the kids for a bit? We need to go back to the library for a minute. With everything that happened, Maggie and I didn’t have time to check out a book we need for our potions essay and we don’t want to leave them alone.”

“A book? Really?” asked James with an arched brow.

“Yup, a book. We really need it or Slughorn is gonna fail us,” Maggie jumped in to say.

“Seriously Sawyer? Danvers here is the kid of a potions master,” said Lucy, unconvinced.

“Ugh, don’t remind me. That only means that the teachers have higher expectations of me than they have of the rest of the class. If we do anything other than perfect he’s gonna fail us, or worse, my mom will find out!”

“You need to sort out your priorities.”

“You clearly don’t know my mom.”

“OKAY, let’s get back on track. Guys, we’re really just getting a book. Can you watch the kids or not?”

“Yeah, sure. Go. We won’t let anything else happen to them. You are really just getting a book right?” asked James, still unconvinced.


“Of course.”

“Fine. Don’t take too long!”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Thanks guys.”

Alex and Maggie left. Upon exiting the room, they turned to share a look.

“We are not going to get a book are we?”

“Of course not.”

“I just want to point out that they’re five seventh years and we’re just two fourth years.”

“Technically, Rick is a sixth year”

“You know what I mean”

“You don’t have to come with me you know?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re ride or die, Danvers.”

Finding Lex’s gang hadn’t been hard. Back when she was a first year, muggleborn Maggie had been captivated by everything at Hogwarts. She had always been polite and nice to the portraits, the ghosts, the suits of armor, the owls, and anything else that seemed even remotely sentient. (“They may seem different from us, but who am I to say that they’re too different? Is there even such a thing as too different?”) Because of that, she had a lot of unusual friends in the castle. Alex privately thought that the castle itself liked her (and how could it not? She was smart, tough, and so, so beautiful). It only took a few minutes of asking around to find out that Lex and his friends were in an empty classroom in the third floor. Luckily there was a portrait in the room that agreed to tell the girls where every older student was, and what they were doing. With that, the two girls made a plan and got ready to bust in and take as many of them out as they could.

“Last chance to back down Danvers. Are you sure?”

“Let’s do this. I’m okay if you are”

“Nobody touches my family”

“My thoughts exactly”

“On three?”

“One, two…”

At that exact moment, Mr. Filch was walking down another corridor in the same floor. When he heard a loud explosion, he brandished his broom like a weapon and ran towards the noise that was steadily growing louder. He saw smoke coming from a door at the end of the corridor, and in anticipation to catch a few students red-handed, he charged right in. what he saw in there was pure chaos. Spells and debris were flying everywhere, two girls were crouched down behind an upturned desk, shooting spells and hexes at two older boys and a girl that had taken cover on the other side of the room. Two more older students were sprawled on the floor not moving. As he watched, one of the young girls, a Hufflepuff based on her tie, started trading spells with the two other boys and turned her back on the older girl. The Gryffindor immediately sent a spell at her back.

However, just as Filch was starting to shake his broom and yell for them to “STOP THIS NONSENSE IMMEDIATELY…” the other young girl deflected the spell coming at her friend’s back and unintentionally redirected it at Filch.

The last thing he saw was a flash of red light before everything went black.

It didn’t take long for the story to make its way around Hogwarts rumor mill. By the next day, poor Kara was absolutely frantic, and she ran to find James hoping to get some answers.

“Madam Pomfrey won’t let me see Alex!”

“Kara, what are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you heard? Two fourth years attacked four seventh years and a sixth year, and all seven students plus Mr. Filch ended up on the hospital wing. Nearly-headless Nick says a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were the most injured, and they’re still in the hospital!”

“Okay Kara, calm down…”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! I need to see my sister!”


“She was such a dummy! Why would she do something like that!”


“And Maggie too, they could have gotten seriously hurt! They probably did get seriously hurt! and…”

“Geez little Danvers, nice to know you have such faith in our abilities”

“Not now Maggie. What if they had to be sent to St. Mungo’s and… hold on, MAGGIE?!”

Kara turned around to see both Alex and Maggie walk up to her. Covered in bandages and limping a little, but with huge smiles in their faces.

“What… how… but Nick said…”

“That a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were still in the hospital wing? Yeah, we may or may not have gone a little hard on Rick and Lex.”

“But… they’re seventh years…”

“Yeah kid, but they messed with our family,” Maggie said.

The story spread like a fire. The fight was something everyone was talking about for days. The rumors kept getting crazier and crazier with every retelling. But one thing was clear:

You don’t mess with Alex and Maggie’s family. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows it.

Boruto episode 11 thoughts

Today’s was a better episode than the last week’s.

The animation needs a lot of improvement and the direction can do the pacing a bit better. Really the story is fine but anime needs work.

Sumire and co got rescued by Naruto(’s clone). I get that she was the most injured out of the three but the amount of focus on her is starting to grate on my nerves. Somehow I don’t like her and this is not the Borusara shipper in me speaking because I also fangirl over Borumitsu (mostly brotp but borderline ho-yay). Something is not right about that girl. Either the insane focus is because she has an intentional (perhaps - the poor orphan girl who just wants her parents and the villain took advantage of this to manipulate her - kind of) part in the attacks or this is just for ship war. The former makes sense somewhat because unlike Denki and Iwabe, she didn’t receive a solo episode. The latter not so much because even Borusara (the almost canon ship) itself is in friendship mode right (I mean they are barely 8 right now). That said I have no doubt if it’s the former, she will be redeemed and will be teaming up with Denki and Iwabe in future. If it’s the latter then….meh. In all honesty, I want to see her as a well rounded character and we got a glimpse of that today when she was watching Wasabi and Namida with their families.

Boruto is such a good person. He is really like a mix of Naruto and Sasuke, so protective of their loved ones. Lol at his shadow clones having an attitude. He actually apologises to Sumire despite it being not his fault. He is becoming my favourite character day by day. That said, looking at his “can do” attitude right now, something drastic must have happened between the six months time period between academy graduation and chunin exams to make him become so demotivated that he didn’t even want to participate in chunin exams and later even cheat in it. Because he was just fine until academy graduation where he “couldn’t wait” to become a ninja. Do I smell another arc in making where Boruto goes on an adventure where he gets screwed up badly and loses his motivation?

Borusara moment was all platonic deep friendship. Sarada noticed Boruto is distressed and dragged him out to lessen it. So cute​ and shows how observant she is of him. That’s some deep childhood friendship right out there guys.

Naruto, Sai and Shino being reasonable authority figures. Just them being grownups makes me feel so sad yet proud. Sai being hard on himself because he wants to help fellow Root shinobi while Shino being the proud and involved teacher. Naruto… really need to sort out your priorities. Your son needs you more than your friend. And don’t pull your son’s ear. He is being a good boy, you will see. Also we see Sakura.

It’s so cool that everyone joins in the BoruShikaMitsu investigation. So badass of the academy students as well as the mailmen. They even come up with a plan and ambush the masked guy. And teams splitting up was so cool. Even Chocho joins in and gets tired easily. And the fight scene was so cool.

Except Sarada. Where is she? This is not definitely because she thinks this is childish game by Boruto, because she knows about the shadow. She possibly went to a reasonable authority figure. Maybe her sensei? Whoever that is.

Mitsuki definitely knows what’s going on. I think his role is just opposite of Sumire’s. He knows dark secrets but I think ultimately he means no harm. And look at that smirk. And god he is walking on water. Such a talented boy.

Borushika brotp is so sweet. He is definitely Boruto’s elder brother figure just like Shikamaru is to Naruto. Jumping in to protect his lil bro from harm.

Denki finally got to do some ninja stuff while Boruto is using his Hyuga style Gentle fist. Denki and Shikadai high fiving. And Boruto sending in a live kunai at the shadow. Just so good. Iwabe and Boruto joint attack was so good.

Metal Lee and Inojin are quickly becoming another brotp of mine. Look at all that bromance. Inojin’s smirk while drawing his sword and Metal’s sass while calling Boruto and co noisy and then getting knocked out just takes the cake.

Tayori-san and the postal bureau chief were cool while we finally get to see the villain or at least his pawn or agent with a mask. Definitely inspired by Miraculous Ladybug.

This villain is definitely going to affect Boruto’s future. I think the series will become darker from here on. Slice-of-life things will be here and there but I genuinely think Boruto is going to be darker than Naruto.

Preview….Mitsuki has to tell Boruto something. Definitely he wants to confess something about this ghost thing or is going to tell Boruto about the sun-moon thing. Either this or Borumitsu is going to sail.

Late Night

Part 2 of the Across the Hall series! Prologue and Part 1

Summary: Tom comes home late one night and things change. 

It was currently 2 a.m., you were in bed, staring at the ceiling. You had a rough day, all of your classes were starting to rapidly pick up, and you needed to really sort out your priorities. So, while in bed, you had started brainstorming various ideas on how to best maintain strong grades, but also keeping in mind your physical and mental health. 

Buzz, buzz. A text from your roommate lit up your phone, saying that she’ll be home soon from a late night study session, and would like you to stay up for some advice. 

You mindlessly scrolled through your social medias, trying to fill up the time until she returned. 

A harsh knock on your door startled you; puzzled, you looked through the peephole expecting to see your roommate sans keys. Though, it wasn’t her. It was Tom; his knuckles rapped on your door once again. 

Whipping open the door, you fiercely whispered: “Tom! What are you doing?” 

“I just came back from a party,” he stated at a normal level, slightly slurring his words. 

“Shh,” you scolded him. “It’s past 2. You gotta stay quiet.” 

His eyes widened, his fingers touched his lips: “Whoops. Were you asleep? I mean, you’re in your pajamas.. You still look so good.” 

“Um.. Thanks. Are you okay? Do you have your key?’

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just… wanted to see you,” he leaned in and stumbled. 

“Tom, here. I’ll get you some water. Then, you should go to bed.”  

“But, then I can’t see you anymore.”

“I’m right across the hall, Tom. You’ll be fine,” you comfort him. “Stay here, I’ll get the water.” Turning into your room, Tom uneasily leaned into the door frame. 

“Is–is it okay… if I.. sit down?” he sighed. 

“Oh right! Sorry, sure,” you apologized. Tom sauntered into your room, flopping down into your chair. 

“I missed you tonight. Why didn’t you go out?” he whined, hiccuping. 

“I didn’t really feel like getting drunk tonight,” you laughed, handing him a bottle. 

He protested: “I’m not that drunk. I still know who you are and where I am and who I am. I know you’re absolutely gorgeous, smart, kind, funny..” he trailed off. 

You looked at him; the soft moonlight lit up his features. His brown eyes looked at the floor, his wavy hair slightly quiffed, several hiccups racked his body, he rubbed his eyes sleepily. Tom sighed loudly, breaking your reverie. He slowly got up: “I should… go…” 

“No, Tom, wait,” he touched his shoulder, his eyes darted to your hand and then to your eyes. Shocked by your impulsiveness, you were at a loss of words. After a few seconds of tension, he whispered: “Can I kiss you?” 

“Yes,” you pressed your lips into his. 

The doorknob turned, as your roommate walked in: “Ugh, Y/N.. You’ll never–” 

You and Tom quickly broke apart, as your roommate’s eyes found you and Tom now inches apart, breathing heavily. 

“Umm,” she started. “Um.. I’m sorry. I can go?” 

“No,” you protested. “Tom was just leaving. I just got him some water.” 

Tom looked at you with his sad eyes, licked his lips, and sighed: “Yeah. I’m sorry, it’s late. I’ll see you two tomorrow.” He walked out of the room and softly closed the door behind him. 

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Is it bad if I cried because I find Ravenclaw stereotypes annoying?

well I mean yea it’s bad I don’t want you to be sad !! honestly I promise it’s not that big a deal there are much much more important things to be sad about than the stereotypes of a fictional school house. yeah people can be arseholes but srsly nobody actually judges you based on your hogwarts house (if they do w o w in the words of ron weasley they need to sort out their priorities) and it’s really not worth being sad about like at all

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hi emma :) I've been really sick the past week so I've missed a lot of days, any tips on catching up?

Hi! How I’d go about catching up would be:

  • prepare yourself in the morning - have breakfast, brush your teeth, wash your face/shower, drink some water, stretch, get dressed! Getting yourself ready and not staying in your pj’s will really help! I always will do a little morning routine before I study/revise/read/etc.
  • organise - make sure everything you need to sorted, all your notes are in order and any incomplete worksheets are flagged.
  • figure out what priority everything needs to be done in - depending on how you like to organise you can either plan it out in subject order or use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix which decides the urgency and importance of each task. If you need an example, here is one! It can just give you a bit more structure on what needs to be done first.
  • plan it out - make a schedule for everything and be realistic. Make time to spend on each subject, task, assignment. It is better to give yourself extra time on a task than end up ‘behind’ and then stressing out more. You might find my study schedule printable useful. Check this page to download it.
  • avoid procrastinating - yes, that is extremely difficult but is the best way to make up the time you’ve missed. Take breaks and time to relax but if the more you can avoid stalling, the faster you’ll be caught up. It may take time to fully catch up but it will be worth the work! Some more tips are here.
  • make your environment promote studying - make sure it’s bright, tidy and functional. Have everything you need close by. Maybe put up a few motivational things like pictures or quotes. This also means avoiding using your bed for studying. Use your desk, the kitchen bench top or a dining table.
  • take breaks and refuel - break up your study time with casual breaks and time for lunch! These small breaks can help you refocus and be more productive.

Hope you’re feeling better now x

My reaction when I’ve been asked to write smut just because Dean and Cas “are too hot” together.

Dear followers, or whomever read this:

My ship is not a kink/fetiche/turn on/erotical hobby.
Destiel is the celebration of a relationship builded over the years by two beautiful souls that Incidentally share the same sex.
So, if you ship them because they play with your kinky side of “how wrong” or “how hot” they look together.

You really need to sort out your priorities.

I only wrote three one-draft headCanons with a slight reference of sex between them, because the main issue/reward/end game for me to imagine them together is knowing how happy this two heroes deserve to be.
And even now I’m struggling to share a Coda of 6k that I wrote as a personal need for understanding and clarification of what happened on “The Future”, that has smut on it and was difficult to write, but now I wonder how much this sexual reference is needed to explain this things that are more emotional about this two.

Of course I read smut and enjoy +18/NSFW Fanart and Fanfiction, but that is a feature that I, as an adult can enjoy as a celebration of their relationship. But again, let me be clear, that this isn’t the main and only reason I sail my ship.
And of course they look hot together. I enjoy with you their hotness separately because Misha and Jensen are two gifts from heaven that need much appreciation like Cas and Dean Winchester.
But for me their relationship is a precious and a Epic Love Story, that again, was builded over the years of friendship and companion of two heroes that gave everything to others, and think they don’t deserve anything for themselves.
But, if Imagining them together naked, is the only priority for you, let’s agree to disagree and clarify that here you will find as much need fluff and NSFW because both are an inherent part of a relationship between two lovers.

I found this need to defend my Ship against fetishism, because I would like to help those lost and horny souls to understand, at least My personal Reasons, by hoping they see past the kink and they can apretiate the Epic Love Story that personally dream for myself, and I hope every one who reads this can find in their lifes.

Please read this: A Destiel Manifesto of @deanandcasinlove, that may help you even more to understand my point if my rambling is too fuzzy.
Good day Sir/Madame.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've been looking for posts about how to catch up in school after missed classes and I can't find any. Do you have any suggestions to other posts or have you made a post about it? Thank you for your time!

Hi! Have you checked out @studyblrmasterposts ? It’s my other blog dedicated to informative posts! If you scroll to the bottom and search ‘sick’, a few posts should come up! But anyway, what I’d do what be:

  • prepare yourself in the morning - have breakfast, brush your teeth, wash your face/shower, drink some water, stretch, get dressed! Getting yourself ready and not staying in your pj’s will really help! I always will do a little morning routine before I study/revise/read/etc.
  • organise - make sure everything you need to sorted, all your notes are in order and any incomplete worksheets are flagged.
  • figure out what priority everything needs to be done in - depending on how you like to organise you can either plan it out in subject order or use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix which decides the urgency and importance of each task. If you need an example, here is one! It can just give you a bit more structure on what needs to be done first.
  • plan it out - make a schedule for everything and be realistic. Make time to spend on each subject, task, assignment. It is better to give yourself extra time on a task than end up ‘behind’ and then stressing out more. You might find my study schedule printable useful. Check this page to download it.
  • avoid procrastinating - yes, that is extremely difficult but is the best way to make up the time you’ve missed. Take breaks and time to relax but if the more you can avoid stalling, the faster you’ll be caught up. It may take time to fully catch up but it will be worth the work!
  • make your environment promote studying - make sure it’s bright, tidy and functional. Have everything you need close by. Maybe put up a few motivational things like pictures or quotes. This also means avoiding using your bed for studying. Use your desk, the kitchen bench top or a dining table.
  • take breaks and refuel - break up your study time with casual breaks and time for lunch! These small breaks can help you refocus and be more productive.

Hope this helps xx

-ˏˋ bigbang reaction: their s/o loves rimming ˎˊ-

gif credit: x

| t.o.p |

seunghyun would be openly against this proposition—he likes to have as much control over you as possible—but maybe once or twice he’ll allow this to happen, as a treat for being such a good sub for him. he’s still not the biggest fan of rimming no matter who’s giving and who’s receiving, so it wouldn’t really be a regular occurance, regardless of his need for power.

| taeyang |

as long as you ask, youngbae’s down for just about anything. even though he much prefers more tame, romantic type sex, your pleasure will always be his number one priority. because of this, he’s willing to step out of his comfort zone a little bit to please you. every so often, this would take place, despite that he really isn’t a big fan of rimming. anything for you, honestly.

| g-dragon |

if he’s in a more sub-ish sort of mood, i can’t really see jiyong desiring this for some odd reason. however, in a contrasting mood, he would love this. he’d jokingly tease you a bit about wanting to do something so dirty, but really, he’d be all over it himself. going forward (now that he knows you’re into it), he’ll seductively propose this from time to time on his own, whenever he’s in a mood for it.

| daesung |

daesung would be a little iffy, but he’ll agree nonetheless. though he’s more of a sub than anything, he’s still on the vanilla side. he’d actually take quite the liking to this; he’ll become the biggest mess under your skilled tongue. as he found himself loving it so much, it would come into play much more often than the both of you had intended originally.

| seungri |

seunghyun would be most against this, and by a lot, at that. it wouldn’t happen at all, not even once, simply because—similar to t.o.p, although much stronger—he wants to be in complete and utter control. he’ll be very taunting in turning you down, a smirk tugging at his lips as he says, “i don’t think you can handle having such power over me. do i need to remind you of your place, baby?”


Am I Interrupting something? 

Gifs do not belong to me, credit goes to their creators :)

You meet with Jason on the rooftop adjacent to GCPD, just like he requested. It’s not often you get to see him so you will take any chance you can get. You told Bruce that you had a personal mission to get on with and he excused you from your other duties. He can’t find out about this little rendezvous, he’d scowl at you disapprovingly for days and say; “This is the sort of thing you do in your own free time, your number one priority is Gotham.” Which of course he is right, it is, but if Gotham needs you then you will be ready when duty calls.  

“Glad you could make it.” Jason sounds happy to see you. 

“It’s good to see you, Jason.” You smile widely. “So, do you really need my help or is this just an excuse to see me?” 

Jason blushes under his mask but you could never tell, he’s glad you can’t see his rosy cheeks. “Which would you prefer?” He says rather flirtatiously. 

“The latter.” You answer honestly and that makes him so happy to hear. 

Jason comes forward and is so close his body almost touches yours. Being this close to him makes your heart flutter rapidly, no one else has that effect on you. There’s something between the two of you, all it would take is for one of you to make a move. Jason feels like you are the only one who truly understands him and what he has been through, you have never judged him, not even once. Just because you have different ways of doing things that doesn’t mean it should get in the way. 

“There’s something I need to tell you… Something I’ve been meaning to say for a while. I-” Before he can finish he is distracted by an unexpected guest. 

“Am I interrupting something?” Dick’s voice catches your attention, you turn to face him as he walks towards you both. “Hey, man.” Dick gives Jason a nod. 

“Hey.” Jason gives an abrupt reply, he is rather displeased to see Dick, not because he dislikes him but because of his timing. 

“No, we were just…” You get all flustered, not knowing what to say. 

“Could I talk to you alone for a minute?” He urges and you nod in agreement hoping that Jason doesn’t mind.

As Dick pulls you aside Jason stands there waiting with his arms folded. Trust this sort of thing to happen right before he tries to tell you how he really feels. He is forced to watch as Dick puts his hand on your shoulder and the way he looks at you is similar to the way Jason does too. Dick has feelings for you as well, great. How is he supposed to compete with that? Dick just has that charm that makes all the girls swoon and he just has better everything. It makes Jason feel so insignificant. 

The two of you approach Jason once you have finished your discussion. “Afraid I’m going to have to steal her from you, Red. I need y/n’s help with something, you don’t mind do you?” Dick asks and Jason’s body tenses. 

“I don’t mind.” He lies and you can tell that it does, in fact, bother him, you want to know what he was going to say.

“You can come with us if you’d like? We can talk afterwards?” Your eyes beg him to come with, you’d hate to leave him like this. It was supposed to be your time together. 

“No thanks, I’ve got somewhere I need to be.” Jason declines with yet another lie. Something is wrong with him and you know it. He turns around and starts to walk away, feeling slightly hurt that you would just go with Dick like that. 

“Jason…” He doesn’t turn around and grapples away, your heart feels like it is in your mouth. 

“Jeez, what got into him” Dick seems rather confused about Jason’s sudden change of mood. “Come on pretty bird, time to fly.” He then prompts you to jump off the building with him. 

The two of you grapple through the city together, side by side, while Jason still watches from a distance. He really wanted to tell you tonight because he doesn’t want to keep these feelings inside him anymore, the longer he waits the stronger they become. Never in his life has he felt jealous like this before, it’s not a nice feeling. 

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Very loosely tied-in gifs today. Mainly because Sam isn’t even in this story. Oh well. I wanted to upload this one because I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’m slowly working through requests, but I haven’t gone back and edited any of them - that’s what taking so long. Apologies to @eversonaive for taking so long. 

Hii how are you? You are an amazing writer! if it wouldn’t be too much trouble vould you do an angst/imagine for Bucky where he is kidnapped and wiped by hydra and is made to forget his pregnant wife. Thank you!

“Father for Always”

“He’s on his way.” Steve explained. “Tony’s bringing him in after his psych eval.”
“Okay. Okay.” You whispered frantically. Your arms were folded across your chest and you moved a hand to your mouth to bite your thumb.

Bucky had gone missing during a mission far too long ago and it was through Steve’s persistence and courage that he’d been found at all. It also helped that you had kicked up a storm within Avengers Tower, giving everyone else a reason to want him home too.

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renicatrena22  asked:

Ehehe. hi harold! sorry about yandere anon! She is my friends rp character and it seems you are her current target! My friend shayda can get really out of hand with her roleplay but i will try and get her to stop for you. But yanderes have quite the determination ... ok bye -reni

Your friend really needs to get their priorities sorted, if they’re going to try to go about making someone like me this damn uncomfortable.

((Mun here with a casual reminder that Harold is, CANONICALLY, Aro/Ace. Same with the blog mun.))

joey-wingster  asked:

yuri on ice, if you're going to rate a show

Thank you so much! Yay!

Who I will protect at all costs: Katsuki Yuuri
Who deserves better: Phichit Chulanont
Who was killed off too early: Vicchan!!!!!! 
Who I used to hate but now I love: -
Who I used to love but now I hate: -
Who needs to be killed off asap: no one, they’re all pure
Who is unfairly hated: JJ Leroy, but he deserves some of it 
Who is unfairly loved: maybe not unfairly but Yuri Plisetsky
Who needs to sort out their priorities: Mappa, I mean where is my hq Stammi Vicino clip (I didn’t mean it really, I’m sorry mappa, take your time mappa, I’ll wait however long it takes, just make it good)
Who needs a hug: Yuuri, all the hugs for my son
Who needs to get out of their current relationship: Yuuri out of his relationship with anxiety
Who the writers love: Yuri Plisetsky
Who needs a better storyline: more like more backstory - Victor
Who has an amazing redemption arc: idk
Who is hot af: everyone, I mean, damn
Who belongs in jail: Yuuri for his unfair Eros skills
Who needs to be revived from the dead: Vicchan

send me a show please?

I’m not saying that I need Stucky to be canon. But I’m really sick of all this ‘no homo’ in big screen movies. They went out of their way to make sure there was very little intimacy between Steve and Bucky and it ruined part of the story. You’re telling me they’d die for each other, start wars for each other, but they won’t fucking hug? Okay. Fuck you.
Gay people exist, (platonic intimacy between friends exists like damn give my Stucky shipper heart something to work with you asshats) and if you’re worried about pissing off a bunch of Christians than you need to sort out your priorities because 1. They don’t run the fucking country and 2. LBGT need good, positive attention and with a name as big as Marvel promoting a same sex relationship would be really amazing, I don’t care who it is. Rant done.

(Steve and Bucky would be fucking nice though.)

said i was done with the drama but im a liar. if the argument you believe is ‘they lied & turned on me for no reason’ and that is LITERALLY the entire “ “ “ side ” ” ” of their story, you need to maybe sort out your priorities a little bit.

Dear Onceler Fandom,


What the heck is up with all this drama and bashing and hating and treating each other like crap? Why are we all STILL acting like children and chasing characters away or picking on mods or harassing people who want their OCs and personas to interact with the oncelers? where’s the guidelines that say this is right to do? where are the rules that say your oncelers cannot interact with mods or self inserts or ocs?

why the hell does it matter?






I am not going to continue to include my ocs and art in this fandom if people don’t learn to grow up and treat each other with respect. I’m not going to subject MY babies to this torment and I will not sit idily by and watch the rest of you tear down friends and fellow oncelings/-lers, because you feel you’re in the right to do so. you’re not. none of you are. I’m not either.

If we are going to continue being a community and enjoy the fun benefits of great art, great writing, great story telling and interactive, fun characters, then we SERIOUSLY need to sort out our goddamn priorities before we flush everything we worked to build back up down the crapper again.

Please reconsider your actions from this point on, folks. I’ve pretty much had it. I love you all, really, but goddamn….


(long, heavy sigh) here we go again

okay, champs. time for a lesson in problematic behavior. i’ve literally had to copy and paste the same lecture so many times that i feel like i should get it tattooed on my stomach/chest so next time someone needs some education i can just flash them my titties and hit them hard with knowledge because i’m so fucking sick of having to go through every single page of this blog to collect all the same information that all of y'all should know already because the shows/fandoms aren’t in any way subtle about their problematic behavior

  • hijacking posts that have nothing to do with them and adding gif after gif from their shows even after the original poster asks them to stop
  • very problematic, romanticizes mental illness, often calling themselves “sociopaths” so they can be more like Sherlock, which, to people with associative disorders/who are on the Autism Spectrum find really offensive, because they’re making mental illness look like a trendy accessory
  • also says “we belong in an insane asylum” which is also really shitty because they’re comparing themselves to sufferers of mental illness because they watched a show
  • fetishizing homosexuality: only supporting gay marriage so Destiel and Johnlock can become canon; harassing actors about gay ships; hating female characters just because they get in the way of gay ships; harassing the writers (sending death threats to Mark Gatiss for example), harsh stereotyping (thinking that Moffat can’t possibly be homophobic when he’s clearly made homophobic statements because he has one gay friend) 
  • said that their fandoms were “more important than trans rights”
  • sends death threats to individuals who don’t like the shows/don’t agree with their opinions 
  • the shows themselves are very sexist/racist/heteronormative, and then the fans try to justify it/excuse it by saying “but captain jack was GAY! so it’s a LIBERATOR for GAY (men’s) RIGHTS!”when Jack Harkness was actually bisexual (oh look, bi erasure) and his sexuality was made into a fucking punchline 
  • defends the problematic things that the actors say/do (ex: Martin Freeman making rape jokes & calling Lucy Liu an ugly dog, Benedict Cumberbatch misgendering Chelsea Manning and calling her a man (even though she’s a trans woman and goes by she/her pronouns and is THEREFORE A WOMAN) because he disagreed with her opinions about leaking government secrets, and doing something like that on purpose is disgusting and extremely disrespectful, making classist comments about the UK’s education system and saying that students protesting said oppressive education system were “bloody idiots”. Before admitting that he grew up privileged and has no idea what he’s talking about.
  • racism, racism, racism! let’s talk about the shitty representation of people of color in these shows and how the fanbases treat them! SHERLOCK: One singular PoC, Sally Donovan: hated with a passion because she turned Sherlock in for being a shit and doing her actual job as a member of law enforcement, also slut shamed—Sherlock said that her knees were bruised, so she must’ve been “scrubbing Anderson’s floor” (aka having sex with him doggy style) and everyone thought it was very sassy and clever when it was actually extremely sexist. DOCTOR WHO: Martha Jones: generally hated for “trying to be the new Rose” and for “being clingy” when she’s the only companion who loved the Doctor but didn’t rely on him for character development. In the end, she realized that it was time for her to strike out on her own and leave the toxic situation she’d found herself in and left the Doctor in order to become her own woman, and a rather good agent/scientist also. Mickey: forgotten about. Nobody cares about Mickey. And then they make jokes about the fact that they forget him by calling him “the tin dog” (based on a comment someone made ONCE in ONE episode) and ignoring his entire arc of character development (which is a nice arc tbh, rather well written) in favor of poking fun out of the fact that they’re ignoring him. Other Random Side-Characters: there’s been a couple of PoC guest characters from oneshot episodes (ie: Lizzie (from the episode about the Star Whale), Martha’s parents (characterized as assholes and backstabbers), an Egyptian Queen by the name of Nefrititi, perhaps you’ve heard of her because she’s a real historical figure who got completely whitewashed for the episode and was generally useless, the kids Clara babysits (generally useless)). Not to mention that River Song ended up being Cleopatra, as if the whitewashing in this show wasn’t gross enough already. Apparently the new companion is black,which will be nice but let’s remember that he’s only the third PoC companion ever and the show’s been around for 50 fucking years. SUPERNATURAL: Tamara and her husband: dead. Kevin Tran: dead. Raphael: dead. Uriel: dead. Kevin’s girlfriend: dead. Alpha Vampire: dead. Kevin’s mom: not a lot of screen time, and for a while they thought she was, guess what? Dead. Joshua: dead. Remember Bobby’s black Hunting Buddy?: dead. Edgar (leviathan, Latino): dead. Shojo (Japanese monster): dead. The CIA officer who arrested the boys in “Jus in Bello”: dead. Jake Talley: dead. Gordon: dead. Okami (Japanese monster): played by a white woman (oh look whitewashing again! my favorite!) and also dead. 
  • in Sherlock, he makes it clear that he’s asexual, and the fandom often ignores it just so they can write fanfiction about Watson fucking him in the ass (ace erasure)

if you “honestly can’t understand what’s wrong” with sexism, racism, ableism, and classism then you really need to sort out your priorities. 

so yeah. we’re an angry hate blog. why, you ask? because we hate problematic behavior and it makes us angry. and all y'all little nerds need a few minutes in the corner and maybe a cold bucket of water to bring you back to reality 


“Is that the alarm? Is someone really stealing books right now? That would be fantastic…”

My friend Donna and I entered the Barnes & Noble in Princeton at noon in order to be first in line for a Q&A and signing with Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief, who was on a book tour to celebrate and promote the tenth anniversary edition of the modern classic. We followed the first and best rule of both signings and bookshops in general: make friends with the people who work there. They were the reason we got our front row seats - since they knew how long we’d been there, and since we had shared a conversation or two over the course of the day, they came to us when the chairs were set up before opening them to everyone else.

[Warning: There are spoilers in this review. Zusak spoke spoilers into the microphone several times during the Q&A.]

Markus Zusak is friendly and engaging. He stood in front of us rather than sit behind the signing table, making wide hand gestures as he told us stories in his rich Aussie accent. When he answered questions, he would face the person who had asked it - I was in the front row, and as he answered my question, he spoke into the mic but looked me in the eye. He cares about his readers. He cares that we love his book. He also cares that we have recommended our book - as he said, “I really appreciate anyone who recommends this book because the person always asks you what it’s about, and you say, well, it’s set in Nazi Germany, it’s narrated by Death, almost everyone dies, and it’s 580 pages so you should read it, it’s great.” He made sure to answer questions from all sides of the room, and went thirty minutes over attempting to answer every question, asking at one point if we could please stop putting our hands up because he wanted to but couldn’t answer every question.

Zusak talked a lot about his family. The stories and characters originated in the tales of his parents, German and Austrian immigrants - Rosa was real, though even tougher in real life; his grandfather was sent away because he refused to send Zusak’s father to Hitler Youth. He said the novel was originally meant to be a novella of non-fiction, but that then all of a sudden a classroom exercise with colors and Death came to him, and then the idea he had for a novel about a girl in modern-day Sydney who stole books, and then they all began to come together and morph and change. His favorite line in the book is a description of a redhead with “full stop freckles” that later “lengthen into commas” (UK/Aussie version). His favorite character is Rudy, but he wasn’t upset by Rudy’s death - he knew it was what had to happen. As for the people out there who wish Max and Liesel had gotten married, Zusak was firmly against it. For many reasons, but most of all because he believed that if Rudy could not have Liesel, certainly no other character in the book could. 

Many people asked him about Death. He said that the voice of Death is mostly his own. He said that when he began, Death was too morbid, and kind of perverse. He told us about messing with Liesel’s point of view as well- it didn’t work because she sounded too Australian. Then he had a breakthrough with Death as the narrator and went back to the beginning. “What if he was afraid of humans, and worried for us, and was writing to prove to himself that humans were worth it? I think Death is the voice in our own heads telling us that we’re going to die and that’s what makes living worth it.” To another question, he moved on to discuss what he got out of the novel - telling his parents he loved them - and what he hopes we get out of it - many things, many possibilities: a novel about a girl growing up in Nazi Germany with a Jew sheltered in her basement; a novel about Hitler and propaganda and the way a girl steals back those words; but most of all, that “we’re all made up of stories.”

There were many questions about the writing process. I had read in the extra material of the tenth anniversary that Zusak planned out the chapter headings beforehand; that he wanted there to be precisely 88 chapters: 4 each in prologue and epilogue, 10 in each of the 8 parts. I asked him about why he chooses to write this way, and whether it was difficult to maintain. He showed us his current notebook - his charts, his lists, his outlines - full of content for the novel he’s been writing for the last 8 years, of which he would later read us the first page. He said his writing was mathematical; he needs the structure, and although it can be difficult to stick to, it also keeps him from getting lost. He would also describe how for each novel, he fiddles with page settings until he has them perfectly: The Book Thief was written in Bold Courier New, size 10, 1.3 spacing (never double spacing), and meticulously considered margin sizes. Finally, he gave this writing advice:

“People think as a writer you need to have an imagination, but really you just need a lot of problems.”

“If you’re writing it has to be your top priority. Number one or number two. Family can come first. Not friends. I only sort of had friends. While they went out drinking I was home writing. And now I’m here. And they’re still out drinking. So they’re happy, sure. But I’m also happy.“