you really missed the question where all you had to do was tell the date of rome's founding

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

You pressed the buzzer on the door juggling takeout food in your arms along with a bag of your things. You smiled when you heard Lori barking on the other side of the door. You chuckled when you heard crashing sounds follow the barking.

“Coming!” Christian yelled from his apartment.

A few moments later he opened the door and sported his usual grin. It must have been hot in his apartment because he was wearing shorts with no shirt on.

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Backseat: Part 2

Requested by: @magnoliastan-barnes, @bexboo616, and @irene-rogue-adler

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.5K
Warnings: Fluff, angst?

A/N: Not gonna lie, I forgot about the requests for a part 2 for a while, sorry!

Part 1

You can’t help but smile as you gaze down at your hand, held in Bucky’s metal one; his metal thumb running over your knuckles softly. The two of you were only three quarters the way across Route 66, but you wouldn’t have cared if he turned the car around and drove back to the compound. You’d never been this happy in your life, but you hadn’t forgotten about Secretary Ross’ inevitable arrival the moment you parked the car in the Avenger’s garage.

“What’cha thinking about?” Bucky asks softly. Your eyes meet his briefly, before he looks back at the road,

“Just… How happy I am,” you say with a smile. Bucky glances at you once more, a sweet smile gracing his perfect lips,

“I’m sorry it took so long,” he says with a playful chuckle.

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Escape Avoidance

The clacking of your heels was the only sound present in the empty hallway as you made your way to a lecture. The sound was drowned out by the sudden interruption of your ringtone which you quickly silenced. It was minutes to 9AM and you did not want to be late for class. You waited for the caller’s face to fade to black before you shoved your phone into your coat pocket.

Your lecture ended at 11AM but you remained inside the lecture hall for any follow up questions some of the students might have. You were accommodating one of the students who frequently hit on you when your phone rang again. Seeing Christian’s face as the caller, you flipped the phone and went back to answering whatever obvious question the student was throwing at you.

When he finally left the lecture hall, you sat back and closed your eyes, rubbing your temples.

“Professor? Do you have time? I’ve got to ask you about something.” A male student’s voice echoed from near the door.

“Yeah, sure. Come in. What is it about?” you say as cheerfully as you can, sitting up.

“Are you free for lunch, Professor?” Christian says grinning as he approaches you.

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For willowaus
Proving Who’s the Alpha Male (of Her Heart)

For Jess (willowaus), I enjoyed being your cupid and I hope you enjoy this smutty bit of Valentine’s Klaroline ;)

It all started when Klaus found her old photo albums. She had thought nothing of it at first, excitedly flipping the pages while he looked over her shoulder, smiling indulgently at her as she rambled on about the stories behind the pictures. But she had forgotten exactly how much of her life she had documented via photograph and placed in albums for safe keeping.

In hindsight, she should have seen this coming. After all, she was Caroline Forbes, nothing if not thorough. And he was Klaus Mikaelson, Alpha Male Original Hybrid, and he wanted everyone to know it.

So she should have expected nothing less when she turned to a picture of her and Matt on Valentine’s Day. Her mom had gone a bit camera-crazy and snapped a ton of pictures when he had arrived to pick her up for their date. A dozen red roses, heart shaped box of chocolates, headed off to a romantic dinner; the works. Instead of asking her about the photo like he had with all the others, the hybrid was silent.

Caroline snuck a glance at Klaus out of the corner of her eye as the silence dragged on. She was about to turn the page, hoping for something he would find less ‘challenging’ on the other side, when he finally spoke.

“And what’s all that for, sweetheart? Was it your birthday?” he asked quietly. She could feel his grip tighten on the back of the sofa where he was leaning behind her.

“No,” she answered hesitantly, wondering how she could avoid the display of testosterone she could feel coming. “It was Valentine’s Day. You’ve heard of that right? You were probably there when it originated,” she tried to joke.

Klaus was not dissuaded by her attempt at humor, however. “Mmm,” he mumbled noncommittally as he continued to glare at the photos. “And how did you and The Quarterback spend this holiday?”

Caroline rolled her eyes. It was quite obvious that he was sizing up her old boyfriend’s attempts at romance so that he could assure her, or perhaps himself, that he was the better choice by overdoing him. Caroline was hardly in the mood to entertain his alpha male ego, so she tried to steer him away from the topic. “We didn’t do anything worth mentioning,” she tried, moving to turn the page.

Klaus’ hand was suddenly on top of her own, stopping her. She sighed as she turned her head to look at him, frowning at the determined look on his face.

“We just went to The Grill for dinner,” she said soothingly, trying to placate him, and his ego. “Then we walked around the town square for a bit and he took me home. That’s it,” Caroline assured him.

When he made no further comment, his expression unchanged, she tried to lift his hand off of her own so she could once again attempt to change the page, and the topic. Caroline found him still immovable, however, gaining him another frustrated sigh from the blonde.

“Seriously?” she said exasperatedly. “What now?”

Klaus stared at her silently for a few moments, his face oddly grim. “And what about him? What did he do for you for Valentine’s Day?” he asked brusquely, sounding as if he didn’t actually want to know the answer.

Caroline looked at him puzzled. “Who, Matt? I just told you, and we weren’t together long enough to spend two Valentine’s toge-“

“No,” he interrupted, voice firm yet strained. “Tyler.”

Oh. Caroline swallowed thickly. That explained all the looks and probing questions. Klaus might act a big game, but she knew that underneath all his bravado he was just as insecure in love as she was. Especially when it came to Tyler.

“Look, it doesn’t matter, why don’t we just-“

“Tell me.” he said gruffly, voice containing no small amount of demand.

Sighing, Caroline resigned herself to answering him. “We weren’t exactly in the same state, let alone town at that point, as you may recall,” she said, glaring at him slightly, still miffed about his interference in her past relationship. When he began to smirk she continued, “Although he did manage to have flowers delivered to me. They were quite nice,” she added, pleased to see the grin fall from his face.

“I see,” Klaus said stonily, his face blank. Caroline wondered if she had pushed him a bit far, but before she could say anything else he continued. “I’ll just have to make sure your first Valentine’s Day with me makes you forget all about your previous ones. They will pale in comparison to what I have in store,” he said, giving her a look that sent chills down her spine.

“Klaus, that’s really not necessary,” she tried to insist. She had never expected the Original Hybrid to celebrate something as human and normal as Valentine’s Day, and the idea of it bordered on ridiculous if she thought about it. Besides, they had only been together about eight months at this point and he had already swept her off to Rome for a month, it’s not like she needed anymore grand gestures from him to prove his love for her. The fact that he had taken her into his arms the second he found her on his doorstep after she had graduated college and come to grips with what she wanted out of life was more than enough proof.

“Nonsense, love. It will be a holiday you will never forget,” he smirked at her, running his hand salaciously up her arm, a clear promise of things to come.

And so Caroline found herself in Paris on February 14th, wearing a gorgeous, outrageously expensive red evening gown, draped in diamonds, and entering a private opera box in the Palais Garnier opera house to watch the Paris Opera Ballet Company perform. They had just come from one of the best meals Caroline had ever eaten at what must have been one of the fanciest restaurants in Paris, considering the amount of compulsion necessary to get through the door, and the fact that she had never seen so many forks at one place setting, not even during her Miss Mystic Falls training.

Apparently the alpha male wolf inside Klaus felt a need to plan an over the top holiday in order to prove himself. And to think he once said he didn’t need to prove he was the alpha, she thought with a snort.

Caroline took her seat next to Klaus and waited eagerly for Swan Lake to begin. She had never been to the ballet before, or Paris, so despite her best efforts to meet Klaus’ over-the-top displays of romantic dominance with indifference, she couldn’t help but be excited. He may be an irritating, egotistical hybrid, but he knew her so well.

Klaus watched Caroline’s face light up as the lights dimmed and the curtain rose. He spent most of the performance watching her face rather than the dancers below. He had seen Swan Lake performed countless times over the course of his immortal life, but he had never before seen anything that made him as happy as the excited baby vampire next to him.

As he watched her enjoy the ballet, his eyes left her smiling face and began to roam over her body. He was quite familiar with it by now, of course, but it still caused his undead heart to beat faster whenever he thought of it. And looking at her in the strapless, flowing red gown that hugged her torso like a glove triggered such a reaction in him, as well as beginning a stirring lower down in his body.

Klaus surreptitiously placed his hand on Caroline’s thigh, thankful that their chairs were close together in the opera box. The blonde barely spared him a glance and a smile before she turned back to the dance. A wicked gleam appeared in Klaus’ eye as a plan formed in his mind. Oh, he would definitely make this a memorable experience for Caroline alright.

With a sly smirk that had no place in a posh opera environment, Klaus slid his hand down her leg until he reached her knee. Caroline only gave him a brief questioning look before she was once again distracted by the ballet dancers, or undistracted from him might be more correct.

Klaus slowly began drawing up the fabric of her dress with his one hand, inching it up her smooth legs. When she felt her knee bare to the air she turned to him with a raised eyebrow. “What are you doing?” she whispered, eyes darting around them.

He remained quiet as he slid his hand under her dress and up her leg, holding her gaze as he moved closer and closer to the apex of her thighs. Caroline gasped as he reached the lace edging of her panties, tracing the path of the fabric along her inner thigh.

“Klaus!” she hissed, hands swiftly moving down to clutch at his and stop his movements. “Are you insane?! What if someone sees?” she insisted, giving him a look that clearly conveyed her thoughts on the answer to her question regarding his sanity.

Klaus chuckled as he leaned in, amused at the flush on her cheeks. “No one can see us, Caroline. And even if they might, doesn’t that make it all the more… exciting?” he breathed against her ear.

Caroline shivered from a combination of his words and the feel of his stubble grazing across her cheek. What exactly was he suggesting? One look into his eyes and at the smirk on his face gave her the answer to that question. She licked her lips nervously, offhandedly enjoying the way his eyes tracked the movement of her tongue. They had never done anything… like that in a public place before. Sure, they had done it in secret, with his siblings in the next room, but this, this was different. Yet the thought sent a wave of heat between her legs and she knew what her answer would be.

Klaus watched as she worried her bottom lip between her teeth for a moment, hoping she wouldn’t push him away, before she nodded. His mouth widened into a genuine smile as he felt her remove her hands from his and place them back on the armrests, gripping the chair tightly in anticipation. He moved in for a deep, passionate kiss, claiming her mouth until she moaned into his. He broke the kiss, smirking at her whimper of disappointment before he drew a gasp from her lips as he began drawing circles on her inner thigh with his fingers. “Shhh, love, watch the performance,” he whispered huskily, moving in to kiss her neck.

Caroline felt a rush of excitement as she turned her eyes back to the dancers, the thought of doing this with him while watching a live performance turning her on immeasurably. She knew he could tell when his fingers slipped inside her panties and he moaned quietly into her neck as he found her wet already.

He slid his fingers along her folds, spreading her wetness as he went. Caroline bit her lip to stifle a gasp as his thumb found her clit. She closed her eyes at the sensation, feeling the familiar tightening begin in the pit of her stomach as his skilled fingers caressed her.

“Open your eyes, sweetheart,” she felt him breath against her neck between kisses. “Wouldn’t want you to miss anything.”

Caroline forced her eyes to focus on the intricate dance below, the naughtiness of the situation causing a fresh wave of warmth to flow through her. Klaus continued to circle her clit with his thumb as he moved his fingers down between her lips. He slowly pushed a finger inside her, humming his pleasure at the state of her arousal against her shoulder as he kissed his way down to her chest. Klaus maneuvered his hand so he could thrust a second finger inside her, enjoying her pleased sigh as he pressed his palm against her clit to continue the stimulation. He continued to pump his fingers in and out of her tightness as his mouth traced along the top of her breasts, tongue darting out to taste her skin.

She pulled her eyes from the performance when she felt him reach up with his other hand and pull the top of her dress down slightly, revealing her right breast. She had no chance to chastise him or worry about someone seeing before he took her already erect nipple into his mouth, lathing it with his tongue. Caroline could no longer maintain the guise of nonchalant ballet goer at the feel of his mouth on her breast and her hands flew to his head, grasping at his curls and holding him in place.

Klaus grinned into her skin as he continued to assail her nipple with his tongue, swirling it around the hardened bud. He could tell she was getting close, her hips had started to move against his hand and he could feel the telltale tightening of her inner walls against his fingers.

“Come for me Caroline,” he husked against her breast, giving it a gentle nip with his teeth. “Come for me while you watch them dance,” he whispered as he increased the pace of his thrusts, grinding the heel of his palm against her clit.

Caroline tried to focus on the dancers as her breath caught in her throat. Her vision seemed to blur, however, as she felt herself fall over the edge, clasping a hand to her mouth to stifle her choked cry while her orgasm washed over her.

He continued to move his hand as she came down from her high, shuddering against him. He grinned at the sated look on her face as she relaxed back into her chair, dropping her hands to her lap. Klaus pulled her in for a searing kiss as he removed his fingers from her, stifling her pout with his mouth.

Caroline watched heavy-lidded as he pulled back from the kiss and slowly brought his fingers to his mouth, cleaning her wetness from them with his tongue. The sight sent a fresh warmth spreading through her body, reminding her that he had not been satisfied like she had, the bulge in his pants confirming this.

Klaus watched as she smirked seductively at him, reaching her hand down to palm him through his dress pants. He couldn’t help the groan that escaped his lips at her bold move. Apparently she had gotten over her fear of discovery rather quickly.

“Now what can we do to fix this?” she wondered, her smirk growing as she continued to squeeze and caress his erection.

He let out a growl as he suddenly reached over and pulled her into his lap, eliciting a squeal of surprise from the blonde. Caroline found herself seated on his thighs, her back to him. “This way you can still watch,” he whispered against her neck, and she could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

She gasped again as he hitched up her dress, lifting her up slightly so he could pull it above her hips. A shiver went down her spine as her supernatural hearing picked up the sound of his belt being unbuckled and zipper being pulled down. “Hold yourself up for a moment, sweetheart,” he coaxed, moving her hands to the armrests so she could raise her hips up.

Klaus made a sound of approval when she complied, holding her dress out of the way as he pulled her panties to the side. He would have ripped them off, but he remembered the look on her face when she had told him she had picked out something special for the holiday, and since he had bought her the dress… he thought it would be in his best interest to see the whole view later back in the hotel room, if the black and red lace he saw so far was any indication.

Barriers aside, Klaus grabbed ahold of his cock, running it along the length of her slick slit, teasing her, before he thrust up, sheathing himself inside of her. Caroline groaned as she let herself down onto him, loving the feeling of him filling her. She forced herself to open her eyes and watched the ballet dancers below, the thrill no less exhilarating than before.

Klaus moved his hands to her hips to help move her as he began thrusting into her, starting with long, hard thrusts that left her whimpering above him. Caroline eventually began to move herself along his length, riding him and drawing groans from the hybrid himself. She gasped when she felt a hand grasp her still uncovered breast, the realization that she had been flashing the entire theatre bringing a fresh flush to her cheeks. He kneaded her flesh expertly, rolling her nipple between his fingers, causing her to chew on her lip to prevent the moans that threatened to burst forth from escaping.

Caroline nearly lost it when his other hand snaked around her hip and under her dress, finding her clit and squeezing in a very pleasant way. Her movements on him began to pick up speed and she began grinding herself down hard onto him on every downward move. Klaus’ hold on her breast tightened as he sought purchase, thrusting up into her with increased fervor, his breathing becoming ragged.

She felt the pressure on her clit increase as his thrusts became more demanding, knowing he was silently telling her to come with him. Caroline concentrated on the feelings her was causing, his fingers on her clit and breast, his mouth on her neck, even as she watched the graceful movements below. With one last twist to her clit, she came around him, a cry escaping her lips before she could stop herself.

Fortunately for her, a split-second before her sound of passion escaped and gave her away, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause. Caroline vaguely understood that the ballet must have finished, right when she did, and raised her hands to clap, shuddering as she felt his final hard thrusts before Klaus reached his climax. She felt his grin against her neck as he pulled her dress back up to cover her breast, removing his hand from her clit to pull the skirt back down over her legs, at least the front of the dress anyway.

Klaus waited until the applause had died down before he helped her stand up, groaning at the loss of her heat. Caroline quickly straightened her skirt as he placed himself back inside his pants and refastened them, grinning wickedly at her as the lights came up.

She gave him a timid smile as she turned to face him, clasping her hands in front of her. “Well, that was… certainly memorable,” she remarked, blushing as he chuckled at her. Maybe she should indulge him in his displays of alpha maleness more often.

“Perhaps one could even say it has been the most memorable Valentine’s ever,” he goaded, standing up from his chair. “So far, at least,” he added, pursing his lips in thought. “The night is still young, after all.”

“What do you mean?” Caroline asked suspiciously. “The ballet is over, and while it was truly lovely, what I saw of it at least, I’m not sure how you could plan on topping that… performance.”

Klaus gave a small laugh at her words, catching onto her double meaning, before he looked her in the eye.

“Oh no, love,” he said, eyes gleaming with promises, making heat pool between her legs once more. “It’s only intermission.”