you really have to try to make something this bad


I’m a terrible rp partner: I see your things, I am planning on replying to it, but I have ADHD. No, despite what everyone seems to think, it doesn’t mean I have a very tunnel vision one track mind that jumps too quickly; it’s more like having 17 tabs open all playing music and trying to listen to just one of them. I like having lots to do on here- it keeps my muse up- but please please don’t ever feel bad or ignored if I don’t get to you very fast. But!! Don’t let this deter you from sending me things either! I really do like having a lot on my plate- it makes it much easier for me to get going when I find something that suits my brain at that moment. 

Thank you!

sydark  asked:

Not really an ask, but you have my support, I'm a nobody, but still. I've knonwn Russia to be a good place and to be filled with good people, but when i try to say something good about Russia then older folk always look at me like I'm crazy and judge Russia based off of some stupid laws and some bad politicians. I wish i could to more than give verbal support.

Young people are more open-minded, and it gives me hope the governments couldn’t make us enemies! At least we have internet to search for more information to make our own opinion… and not to feel alone. So although I don’t know you personally, I’m really grateful for your support! 


yoo! here’s the djwifi piece i did for @a-little-light-zine ~ if you would like to see all the pieces in this zine, feel free to donate and pick one up while it’s still available~ 

also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.

Orders  –  Participants  –  Previews  –  Info

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.



whoa hey hi it’s me, that annoying asshole u probably don’t remember following. I’m taking commissions!

I’m not in dire need at the moment, I’ll be honest. I am trying to save up though, and since this is the only way I can really make money… If you wanna help me out or just.. really want something in particular drawn, feel free to check out my info page to see what I’m willing to do, and/or hmu with a direct message so we can discuss stuff.

Also, please note that I am understanding of the fact that many of you can’t, you don’t need to apologize to me for that, but reblogging this post n stuff to let other people know would be super helpful <3

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: A frustratingly large ammount of things are felt by choice.

Taurus: The stars gave me a bowl of cereal. I spent half an hour trying to figure out what it meant but I couldn’t come up with anything.

Gemini: In a world that can be such a deluge of information, know that there lies mystery abounds just outside your door.

Cancer: Curiosity is a precious thing, but I implore you not to find the person making all the human figures out of sticks and setting them up on benches around town.

Leo: Bad gas can often be relieved by having someone punch you in the gut really hard.

Virgo: When something is said to be impractical, you must ask for what. I.e. sporks, sweaters with boob windows, q-tips.

Libra: If you destroy everything you touch, find someone who deserves it.

Scorpio: Sometimes god will close every door. Take a nap in the nice dark room untill something opens up. You need some rest from running through doors all the time.

Sagittarius: Life is full of wonderful and disastrous combinations. Just keep throwing stuff in a pot and hope you don’t die.

Ophiuchus: Don’t fuck with bees they give us weird tasty sugar goop.

Capricorn: Enlightenment is a question of how many water slides you’ve been on.

Aquarius: Brownies take a while to bake. One must anticipate their brownie based desires ahead of time.

Pisces: Look, if hiding in the clothes racks and making chirping noises at the shoppers is what makes you feel better, go for it.

Close your eyes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by:

“Can I have 39. Close your eyes now baby. Where the reader was taken hostage by someone bad guys trying to get Jason. When Jason find the reader tied to a chair and beat up he tells her to close her eyes why’ll he fights the bad guys. […]
Just something really sad and fluffy!! […]”

Warnings: violence, angst


You thought it was possible to separate your and Jason’s relationship from him being some sort of anti hero at night.
It seemed possible. No one knew who he was under the helmet, right? Wrong.

Another fist hit your face, making the chair you were tied to fall over.
Your (Y/H/C) hair was sticking to your cheeks, because of the tears that fell from your eyes and the blood running down from the wound over your eyebrow.
The chair and you were picked up once again and Black Mask grabbed your chin tightly, pulling the tape off your mouth.

“You think she will like it?” Jason looked at Roy as they left the travel agency with flight tickets to London. “She has never left Gotham.”

“Don’t worry, Jaybird. You’re gonna be boyfriend of the year,” Roy patted his friend’s shoulder. “And friend of the year if you bring me one of those waving Queens.”

“Sure,” Jason rolled his eyes and gave Roy the envelope, because his phone rang. “It’s her,” he smiled. Roy had never seen Jason smile as often as he did since he met you before. “Hey, baby,” he answered the call.

You were looking up at Black Mask who was holding the phone which was on speaker.
He told you to say hello before he dialled Jason’s number, but there was nothing leaving your lips.

Black Mask growled and slapped you, “‘baby’ doesn’t want to talk.”

Jason’s muscles tensed. His heart beat faster as ever.

“Before my men beat her up she was such a pretty thing.
I might just keep her after I killed you.”

Jason could hear you sobbing in the background and it broke his heart like nothing ever did. “I swear to God, Black Mask, if–”

“Nah, nah, nah! I think you’re not in the position to threaten.
And now find us so I can put a bullet between your eyes. And the longer you need, the more fun I will have with (Y/N),” he demanded before he hang up and left the room.

“Jason, what happened?” Roy frowned. “Hey, breath!” He laid his hands on both of Jason’s shoulder as he seemed to forget how breathing worked. “Don’t panic!”

“Black Mask has (Y/N),” the former Robin whispered. He felt sick, like throwing up.
This was his fault, only his fault.

“Shit,” Roy’s eyes widened. They started to run back to their house. Roy located your phone while Jason armed up.
His hands were shaking the whole time.
This was his fault.

“A warehouse near the harbour. I think we should ask Dick or Tim or even Batman for help, man.”

“I got this,” Jason hissed. “My fault. I need to save her,” he jumped onto his motorcycle and drove to the locations Roy gave him.
Jason should have thought about a better plan, an actual plan, but right now he was ruled by irrational emotions.
He got into the building, trying to stay unnoticed as he searched for you.
His mind was facing.
What did they do to you? Were you still conscious? Would you hate him because of this?
Was he strong enough to see what they did to you?

He opened the door to a room and there you sat tied to a chair, your head hang low.
There were no guards. It was a trap, but Jason’s shaking legs were already carrying him forward.

You flinched as you heard footsteps coming towards you, but as soon as the familiar sound of his helmet falling to the ground hit your ears you relaxed.
He kneeled down in front of you, cupping your cheeks, stroking your hair out of your face.
Tears shot into your eyes as you looked at his.

“I’m… I… I’m here now, baby,” he whispered, stroking over your cheeks with his thumbs.
The pain he was feeling by just looking at you all beaten up was unbearable. He pulled the tape carefully from your lips.

“Jason,” your voice was empty, barely there. You sobbed.

“Shh,” he laid his forehead against yours, trying to stop you from losing it complete. “I’m here now, (Y/N).”

A gun clicked. “This is so heart warming. Get up!” Black Mask ordered.

Jason’s hands rested on your cheeks, his thumbs tenderly rubbing your temples, “close your eyes now, baby. I don’t want you to see this.”

You were staring at him for a moment then did as he said, trusting him like nobody else. Your nails dug into the wood of your chair, your heart raced and your eyes were squeezed shut.

You winced as guns were fired and the sound of fighting filled the room. Screams, groans, running.
You were too scared to open your eyes. What if Jason laid right at your feet in a pile of blood? That would be the worst possible thing to happen.
You jumped as the sound of a blade being pulled rang in your ear, but as soon as you felt strong hands pick you up you relaxed and opened your eyes.

Jason kissed the top of your head as he carried you outside, stepping over lifeless bodys, “this is my fault.”

You shook your head.

“I… I will never let something like this happen to you again. I… I love you, (Y/N), so much… l.. I’m so sorry.”

As you looked up at him you saw tears running down his cheeks.

Types of people I know (by INTP)

I’m not so social to know all 16 types. Still some of the types I know don’t entirely match the stereotypes, so I wanted to show that, too.

- nerdy jokes
- writes actually cool poems and posts them everywhere
- sends you selfies with geeky t-shirts
- doesn’t mind listening to you babbling about your problems
- wants to help
- gives you awesome presents you didn’t ask for, somehow knows what you’ll like.

- honestly, I don’t like them much, so it’s not 100% even-handed description
- they have their cool moments and jokes,
- can listen to you but after 2 mins they are bored and check their phones
- selfie queens and kings
- always dating someone/breaking up
- great cooks, really great.
- Mood Changing Championship winners
- they can’t handle criticism and try to explain why is something bad/wrong instead of making it better.

- queen of nerds and memes and jokes
- will watch their favourite show for the 7th time just to watch it with you
- conspiracy theories 24/7, aliens and shit.
- can’t into emotions
- faux pas
- builds complicated stuff based on the internet blueprints. It works.
- easily stressed, can run away from responsibilities

- precious buns, must be protected
- overuse stickers on fb messenger (not that I mind)
- stubborn as hell
- remember about you after a long time
- try to help, they actually care about you

(not sure if I typed him well)
- witty jokes or dirty ones
- center of attention
- breaks rules on daily basis
- made a birthday gift map like in Indiana Jones
- sensitive, has many insecurities
- fast mood changes

- depression is his second name
- sensitive as hell, takes everything seriously
- talented artist
- knowledge is power
- many hobbies, practice makes perfect.

- actually has a plan for the whole week
- like, seriously, planned dinners and work during specific hours
- sticking to this plan is a different thing, but usually works more or less
- dirty daddy jokes 24/7
- woMAN in womans clothes (lol jk clothes are also manly)
- secretly a nerd, loves airsoft and swords and epic battles, you’d never tell

- happy cinnamon rolls
- creative and talented perfectionists
- always happy, unless they have a really good reason not to be happy
- walking chaos but somehow manage to make a living (yea right…)
- 10000 ideas a day, some of them actually come to life, most are just impractical/unrealistic tho
- spontaneous social activities
- make friends in 10 seconds (seriously how??)

- born leader, but doesn’t throw orders everywhere
- try their best. Always. Sad when something goes wrong, even when it’s not their fault.
- awesome music taste, they explore different genres
- does everything with 100% accuracy, talented.
- 4chan king

- try to help you using logical arguments,
- understand their feelings and handle them quite well, easily triggered tho
- constructive criticism
- joke usually by using funny analogies. Or throw puns at you.
- the “start talking about feathered lizards, end with tusken raiders sex” squad
- medically explains how to make a giant cyclop with one surgery and hormones

 (I didn’t check if it’s 100% his type but it suits him best)
- says stuff which is basically translated into “I’m brilliant!”
- Actually is clever, but kinda throws it at you
- does research on professors for the sake of it, finds really cool stuff
- finds memes and ridiculously funny youtube videos, sends them to you
- whispers to your ear their conspiracy theories right in the wolf’s den

- perfect perfectionist perfection
- creative descendant of a female dog, (I’m jealous 24/7)
- talks in binary, can’t into feelings
- helps everyone with hard school stuff
- actually cute and shy, hides it well
- asks me for relationship advice, poor thing

- “It depends”
- remembers tiny lil’ facts from books, doesn’t remember to eat
- can’t into feelings (and actually tries to date INTJ)
- memes, puns and chaos
- “Lol poke it with a stick and see what happens” squad
- has awesome ideas, giving them life is another thing
- Can spend 5 days in a room and go out just because humans have to eat

I hate the whole SM inside slogan of “Talent can be taught”. No it can’t. Talent is something that you naturally possess and cultivate. You can teach techniques and practice to improve, but you can’t make an untalented person talented. It’s basically just them trying to avoid admitting that really all they care about are visuals with talent being less of a priority. Not saying SM groups are bad, they have a lot of naturally talented artists. But they also have some idols there just for visuals.

I really believe in completely being naive and having high hopes when meeting someone new. I can kind of re-do my stupidity or my naivete. It pisses me off to think that we’re conditioned to push away bad feelings and to think that anything that’s uncomfortable is something to be avoided. When things are really bad nowadays, I recognize the value in it because it’s me filling my quota— it’s going to make my joy more intense later. The worst pain in the world is shame. I spend a lot of time trying to not do anything bad to anyone, but you can’t live your life and not hurt people. Pretty recently, I did something that I’m really not proud of, and it shocked me. I thought, “I’m a really fucking bad person.” But I realized that something good came out of it because now I have to be a lot less judgmental of others. Everything can make you a more compassionate person if you use it that way.
—  Fiona Apple
reminders! 🌎🌍🌏

-it is 100% FINE to take notes on a laptop/ipad/etc, especially if u have a lot to get down or the teacher is talking fast!! write it down later if you really want to, dont sacrifice getting it all for memory tricks the first time!!

-you don’t need to be on a study break to get water/use the restroom/etc!! that stuff is your health and its important af, dont feel bad abt going to do that even if u aren’t on break yet

-try to do more if possible!! if you have 5 more minutes, try to go over that shiz just one more time, it does make a difference!!

-be proud of yourself!! no matter who you are, where you are, or how far you are on your path, you have accomplished something. that’s what matters.

Hey guys! I feel freaking terrible for not uploading anything with these two lovelies lately but times been…. well you have your ups and downs i guess heh, and i haven’t felt like drawing them as much:( or when ive tried i didn’t get pleased at all, but i did this today and felt i had to post something for u guys c’:! Oh i also sort of made a redbubble account to make shirts and stupid stuffs like that…. eh… -embarrassed- But i have bad economy and im trying at least heh always fun if peoples likes what ur doing^^’! heh so this one is available there as well-

well guess thats all heh im trying to get back here but dang its difficult sometimes… motivation is a thing i lack XD heh well i really hope all of u are alright and thanks for sticking around! much love to ya all!

to all the Young People on the tumblrs: don’t feel bad if you have believed misinformation. it doesn’t mean you are gullible, you are just young, and that’s ok. there is a lesson to be learned in making mistakes, which is fact checking, but when an adult tries to deceive children into believing something, who is really the one at fault?

Won't beg.

It’s hard actually when you try to avoid someone that you used to talk everyday,tell you stupid story,laugh for nothing and so on. When you have to pretend like you don’t care at him anymore but at the same time,you really wanna ask him a simple question like “dah makan?” “Sihat harini?” Just to make sure that he is okay.

It’s hard,people. I’m crying because this is not me who avoiding people,make people feel like they are doing something wrong to me so that i treat him bad.

It’s hard,but i still doing it and i won’t stop.

Because i don’t want to beg for someone to stay in life eventhough i didn’t say “Stay,please.” But i know,the longer our relationship,the deeper my feeling get and yes,i’ll be hurt one day. Actually,we shouldn’t meet from the start. I’m tired of fighting to my own feeling,lying to myself,pretend like i don’t fall in love.

I do this,because i love myself more. I won’t beg for people to love me or stay. I won’t beg. But yes,i’ll be leaving and you don’t need to worry.

Now,I’m trying to love myself,appreciating myself,be success in my study,get my grades back,be beautiful for my own. I won’t ask people to love me because i could love myself more way better. Family is enough. Ummi and abah are enough for me to love me. My girl-friends are enough to stay when i need them the most. Goku? For sure.

So yes it’s hard but i hope it’s worth it somehow. And saving my heart and feeling at the first place is a must.

Because no one will do that as at the end of the story,people will only save their life.

Like what i’m doing now.

abuse isnt just “if your bf says this, he’s being abusive!!”. it’s not that black and white. lemme give an example or two here

let’s say your partner does something wrong. you point it out, but they start crying and you feel sorry for them. that could mean

a) theyre trying to scare you into not criticizing them. an abuse tactic
b) they have a mental illness that makes it difficult to accept criticism, and that combined with other symptoms like black and white thinking makes them genuinely believe theyre horrible

the difference there is person A is crying purposely, theyre not really upset, theyre trying to silence you. person B cant help it. they probably genuinely think they’re a bad person, and of course it was good of you to criticize them, but theyre not being abusive by crying. intent matters

another one:

youre really tired. you just wanna sleep, it’s a long day tomorrow. your partner has a meltdown because they dont want you to leave. that could be either

a) theyre trying to manipulate you and hurt you by depriving you of sleep
b) theyre having a really tough time and you help them a lot and they really need your support. maybe they have dpd or bpd, and youre their depended/fp. theyre not keeping you up because they dont want you to sleep, theyre keeping you up because they need you

honestly im tired of you guys copy + pasting a list of cluster b personality disorder symptoms and painting them as 100% abusive no matter what. of course they can be abusive and many times they are but youre harming mentally ill people by acting like it’s all black and white

intent and context really matters here. of course, if the above things make you feel hurt, even if it’s person B, please get out of the relationship. it might definitely be unhealthy/toxic, but thats not necessarily synonymous with abusive

When Their S/O Has Bad Stress/Anxiety {Reaction}

Note: I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted, but since this is my first request(!!!) I did try really hard to make this good. Also one of these talks of a panic attack and as I have no first hand experience I am sorry if it is inaccurate. Anyhow I hope you enjoy my first request!~Rin

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a GOT7 reaction to their s/o having really bad anxiety and they stress and worry about everything? Sorry if you’ve done something like this.

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by kareverie

Jinyoung knew that you had a job interview for your dream job. Jinyoung also knew how high your level of anxiety could get. Having this knowledge of you he stopped by your favorite cafe before coming over for breakfast the day of. He arrived to find you hyperventilating as you went over the possible interview questions again and again. Your appearance told him that maybe giving you coffee wouldn’t be the best thing right now.

Jinyoung:”Did you sleep last night?”

Y/N: “How could I have slept at a time like this? I had to go over those questions and I still need to.”

Jinyoung: “Jagiya I am taking these away and we are going to take a nap until it’s time for you to go. You don’t need to worry about anything, because I know that you are amazing and you will do amazing.”

Im Jaebum

Originally posted by defsoulfeels

Public speaking was not your strong suit. Even if you were 100% prepared and knew everything about your topic you couldn’t help, but stress out about everything. Did you remember to alphabetically sort your works cited? Was the slide theme appropriate for the subject matter? Had you chosen to wear a good outfit that wouldn’t distract from you presentation? All these worries and more ran through your head and eventually out of your mouth as you sat with Jaebum. He just chuckled slightly and squeezed your hand in his own as you ran your mouth a mile a minute.

Y/N: “Do you think I should have used smaller index cards? Is a ponytail really okay for this or should I put my hair down? Oh my god did I forge-”

Jaebum: “Y/N you have spent the past week polishing this thing past perfection. You will do just fine.”

Y/N: “But-”

Jaebum: “You may be cute when you worry like this, but there is no need. I believe in you.”

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by narniajagkommernu

Jackson stalwartly believed that four in the morning was a perfect time to be asleep. No one need to be up at a time like that no matter the reason. That’s why he was slightly miffed to find himself waking up at 4:12 in the morning, because you were out of bed doing things. It took him only a second to realize why and once this occurred all annoyance faded away. The only thing in his mind was making you forget your worries at least long enough to fall back to sleep.

Without any warning he pulled you back onto the bed and began to tickle you. Even when you screamed for him to stop he continued. He continued until you ran out of breathe and settled back into the plush comforter wrapped up in his arms and eyes drooping closed.

Jackson: “Better?”


Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by jongdabae

Your shirt was pulled up your back slightly as you slid down the mirror. The cool slide of the glass was lost in the back of your mind. Instead you felt overwhelming fear and anxiety wash over you in waves throwing you against the rock that was your own mind. Breaths escaped you as your heart pounded unrelentingly against your chest.

Oblivious to your panic attack Yugyeom bounded into the room excitedly rambling about this and that. Plopping down next to you he draped his arm over your shoulders only to have you not cling to him like usual. Looking at you he realized what was happening, but had no idea how to help you. Unbeknownst to him his helplessness was the best thing for you at the moment.

Yugyeom: “Oh my god Y/N are you okay? What do I do? What can I do? I am such a shit boyfriend I can’t even help you out.”

Y/N: “Gyeomie… Gyeomie. It’s okay, i’m okay. Don’t… Don’t you start freaking out on me.”

Yugyeom: “Jagiya thank god” *Instantly embraces you*

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by demfluffycheeks

It had been a year since you last talked to anyone in your family. You hadn’t left on such great terms, but recently your mother reached out to you. Now your parents were coming to visit you and even though they were family you couldn’t help how much your hands shook at the thought.

Standing in the kitchen you dried dishes while Youngjae cleaned the countertops. It was when he had his back to you that you dropped the cup in your hands and in shattered in the sink. In an instant Youngjae was checking you over making sure you weren’t hurt. He only grew concerned when he noticed how hard your hands shook as he held them in his own.

Youngjae: “Wait here I know the perfect thing.”

Y/N: “I’m fine Jae! It’s just a little cold in thi-”

Youngjae: “But Coco really wants to see you.” *Holds Coco up to your face*

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jypnior

No matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t get Korean down. You had really hoped that you would’ve been fluent enough by now to at least hold a simple conversation. After learning a word,though, it slipped right out of your grasp the second you went to use it. Sitting at your desk pouring over textbooks you clenched your hands ready to just throw the thing to the side.

    At this moment Maek opened your door a plate of your favorite snack held in one hand and a soft blanket held in the other. Sneaking up behind you he draped the blanket over your shoulders and hugged you with one arm. He set the snacks down on top you desk covering the books that caused you so much stress.

Mark: “Take a break. It doesn’t matter to me if you speak Korean. I am from L.A. after all.”

Y/N: “I just feel bad that you have to translate for me when the boys are around.”

Mark: “If doing that means you are around then I am okay with that. I love you so I don’t mind being a translator.”


Originally posted by gag-queen

You felt heat run through you body and without realizing it the pencil in your hand snapped in half. Without realizing it you had been clenching your hands, not in anger but in stress. As you realized how much stress you had building up on you tears started to fall down your face.

Hearing you crying BamBam rushed in to find you face down sobbing into your books. He knew finals were coming up for you, but he hadn’t realized how much of a toll studying was taking on you. Unsure of what to do BamBam did what he knew best.

BamBam: “Look at me. I promise you will feel a lot better.”

Y/N: *Lifts head and looks at him*

BamBam: *Dabs*

Y/N: “I hate you so much”

BamBam: “But you’re not crying so I will take that as a compliment.”

anonymous asked:

could i get something of Zarya, McCree, and Hanzo comforting their s/o who's having really bad self-image issues and thinks they're just a burden on them? (im having some issues of my own rn)


  • When she sees you getting down she lifts you up
    • Resting you on her shoulder
    • she makes you feel her bicep.
    • “You are not a burden, I am strong enough for both of us.”
    • She flexes and you squeal
      • Trying not to fall off
  • She’s going to cuddle you after
    • Her body wrapping around you and holding you close
    • pressing kisses on the back of you neck


  • This cowman’s heart aches at the thought of you feeling like burden
    • He pulls you into his lap and kisses your face
    • “Darlin’, you ain’t a burden. You help me so much, I would be lost without you.”
    • He won’t stop complimenting you until you smile again
    • Kissing you the whole time
  • He will repeat this as often as is necessary
    • Until it works


  • He blames himself when he finally realised
    • If he had been more affectionate or loving you wouldn’t feel like this
    • It isn’t true of course
    • He’s got his own insecurities
  • He asks Genji for help
  • He makes a special dinner for you
    • A mixture of your favourite foods and his from Japan
    • Which he’ll feed to you
    • With each, he’ll compliment you
    • Telling you how you made his life better

So I was playing Mass Effect and I was accidentally too “flirty” with Liara and I had to turn her down and say like “I’m really sorry Liara I don’t feel the same way” and shes like “omigosh I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable it won’t happen again” and I just wish I could say “nooooo liara its alright don’t worry!” and then like I just thought about how my femshep is and I was thinking she would definitely like buy Liara a cake that says “I’m sorry I don’t have the same feelings but like we can be best friends or whatever :)” or something like that and Liara would just be really embarrassed and she would blush and it would just be really cute and Shepard would just try really hard to show Liara its alright because she feels bad for rejecting her and Shepard just doesn’t seem to get it would just be better if she just dropped it gosh that would be really cute 

Act of painting

If you’re starting to draw, please don’t be discouraged by drawings that looks terrible. Don’t try to be perfect, otherwise you are going to get really frustrated. Just enjoy the gestures you make when you draw. Put on some music, be alone and think about your goals.  Every brush stroke is a new discovery. A good one. If the painting looks bad, I make sure I have learned something from it. Art shouldn’t be mechanized. Digital or traditional, fanart or original, studies or finished illustrations, it’s the brain and the heart. Ok, we make a bunch of horrible paintings, but if we don’t love what we are doing (I mean the ACT of painting), what’s the point? Let your feelings take over the paper/canvas. This is what art is all about.

I’ve made at least 50 portraits since August, 2016, and the most important thing I’ve learned wasn’t how to paint a face. It was how to enjoy what I’m doing. :)


Hello everyone! So I always wanted to make a story about a sim on my tumblr but I’m really not confident in my english and I’m really bad at making stories but I decided to try anyway! I’m not doing a legacy juste a little story to see how it goes :) My computer is really laggy on the sims and It’s not really making me want to play!

So here is Laura! A young girl from the country side who gave up on her old life to have a go at the city life! She wants to be a musician (she loves violin) and that’s not really something you can achieve in a small town! She used to be a waitress in a small restaurant from her hometown. She saved some money and now she can finally afford to take an appartment in san myshuno! Her dream beside music is to find the love of her life! She is a really funny girl and always want to have fun! She has a good heart and always try to help everyone wich can sometimes cause her some harm as people may take advantage of her…