you really confuse me tumblr

I can’t decide which is worse
you telling me that you don’t love me anymore
you letting me continue to pathetically follow you around and hang on to every sliver of hope

“Would you be able to write something about a guy leading you on? Someone you have a past with, and he’s come back and you don’t know if he wants you back or he’s just come back because you’re something familiar”-(t.i.f.)

You know, tumblr really confuses me sometimes… We want men to respect women and think of them as more than sexual objects. We want people to take teenage girls seriously and respect their opinions.

Yet the minute someone actually does all of this, he’s accused of being a pedophile (yes I’m talking about John Green). Hypocritical much?

My problem is I want to listen to music, but I also want to watch Netflix, but I also want to study, but I also want to have a snack, but I also want to be on Tumblr, but I also want to watch the tv, but I also want to check my phone. And then when I start trying to do that, I just get really really confused.

And that in a nutshell is my problem.