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i dont hold a grudge against my parents for the things they said about gay people when i was younger because they’ve both changed a lot and supported me immediately after i came out, but…… i really cant stress enough how deeply harmful it is for a gay child to grow up with parents who just assume their child is straight

it’s so so easy to see heterosexuality as the default and unwittingly disparage your children to their faces. it’s never YOUR kid that’s gay, it’s always your neighbor’s kid or your boss’ kid– when you’re ignorant and straight it’s easy to think that way. and i swear to god, my upbringing and my struggle to come to terms with being a lesbian could have been so much easier, soooo fucking different, if my parents had just every once in a while been aware enough to realize they might be talking to a gay child when they told me that: pretty gay women are a waste of beauty, gay relationships are something children shouldn’t be “exposed” to, gay people are “freaks,” and finally………… they’re glad their child isn’t gay because they wouldn’t want a loved one to have that burden.

and the thing is, overall, day-to-day, week-to-week my family was not overtly homophobic. those comments were spaced years apart, and usually gayness didn’t even come up in our household. but i fucking remember everything they said, every remark they made, because it made me panic and it made me deeply, deeply sad. i can forgive and move on from those moments, those pivotal moments when i was impressionable and vulnerable, but i can’t unhear anything that was said. and they can’t take any of it back. i have a great relationship with my parents now but that pain is still there, because that little 8 year old, 12 year old, 15 year old kid heard those things and absorbed them.

parents should always remember their kid is listening, and– SHOCK!– their kid isn’t necessarily straight!!!

Marauders React to Harry's Choice Of Names
  • James: cant wait to see what my boy named his new son.
  • Lily: yeah
  • *marauders + lily watching from god knows where*
  • Harry: *names his kid Albus Severus*
  • James: wtf-
  • lily: .....
  • Remus: Snivellus!? really harry? Thought you knew better.
  • Severus: *face stays neutral but deep inside he's glowing*

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You should write more in detail about the whole "otabek cant cum without eye contact" 👌👌👌

fuck yeah, it’s my favorite hc!!

some background: i’m really softcore kinky. if you want intense, ask for intense.

yuri has the biggest praise kink you could ever imagine and beka is so ready to please. whether they’re fucking after a competition or having sleepy morning sex, yuri always wants praise. he fucking *craves* it. when beka praises him, he finds it so hard not to blush and turn his head away. that’s one of beka’s favorite parts of fucking face to face. he gets to see his baby turn away from him with tears in his eyes. he gets to grab his cheek to make him look back at him and see those pretty tears fall. eyes always so full of love. tears from overwhelming emotion and sensation and adoration. it’s beka’s favorite sight.

and the way he looks when he’s gasping beka’s name. the way he grips the sheets until his knuckles go white. the way he looks up at beka with this expression of worship. yuri submits entirely. he knows beka will take care of him and love him exactly the way he needs.

TOP O’ DA MORNIN TO YA, HAPPY ST. PADDYS DAY!!! It is yet another day to celebrate our favorite screaming Irish man!!! Thanks for always being so energetic and for being the HIGHLIGHT (see what I did there) of my day!!! Also uh… I cant exactly draw faces so instead I just photoshopped Jack’s face on to the body. I really hope you see this! @therealjacksepticeye

im really tired of seeing faces a lot 

it’s just a face in the center of a page and the background is color or two dimensional or not given effort into. I know it;s someones art but i keep seeing it too much. good, you know how to draw a human face. im not trying to be mean or anything but it gets null if i see it  often. i know, my art is the same in appearance if you saw my pieces together as well. but dont you get bored or circling when you fall into the same patterns and start to mold into mud?

(im talking about my art class btw)

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Hello boss!!!!! You're the best and I hope you have the greatest birthday ever because you're amazing and a sweetheart and you deserve to have so many nice things and hugs (if you like them) and "I love you"s and everything!! And please don't overwork yourself!! You might make yourself sick and that would be bad :0 Besides, if you're not around to guard the trash can then who will?? You gotta take care of your health, boss!!

!!!!! of course !!

(i am the trash guardian! guardian of the trash !!!!)

(and yes i love hugs !! vv good)

thank you so much ‘non ! you’re such a lovely bean !! i hope today was kind to you!!! <3

i fimd it hard to accept the romanceable fAllout 4 characters as good lgbt rep when theyre in actuality not supposed to be gay or bi or pan.

like im. i swear to god everything about romancing them is like a “gay romance Cassandra/Cullen/whoever” mod but its part of the base game.. the whole entire point of the “playersexual” thing is to Appease The Gays while not pissing off homophobes

like through the whole fucking game theres 900,000,000 straight subplots and backstories and whatever the fuck rubbed in my face, while like the closest thing a straight person would ever have to gay content if they didnt want it would be knowing the Romance option is there when you see it while youre interacting with romanceable companions

that’s another thing about new Vegas thats better imo, the way you cant really completely play the game without acknowledging there’s lgbt characters. and the same goes for dragon age (or inquisition at the very least cause that’s the only one i have a lot of exposure to. also bioware in general sucks major ass in general, its not super related they just kinda suck as a company, you feel me. I still like inq though)

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The Moon, Silk Sheets, and Polaroid :)

aaayyyy thanks case! cant wait to actually see you in person tomorrow!!

The Moon: What’s your favorite thing to do at night? 

Make tea and read a book/watch a movie. But tea is a necessity. 

Silk Sheets: Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?

I’m really responsible about money until I am set loose in a bookstore without adult supervision because then I have a tendency to panic and buy as many books as I can carry… 

Polaroid: Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself. 

*** please ignore the weird face I’m making but check out my Jane Austen hair! I’m getting really good at it :)

Come talk to me<3

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This is for the ship thing! So my main fav teams are the leafs and stars. Description: very short, really athletic (mostly hockey and cheerleading) i like to travel write and sleep 😂 and i think my selfie tag is just "selfie tag" or "face tag" something like that

I ship you with Mitch Marner. Although he’s small, you’re still smaller than him and he loves that. He loves seeing you in the stands wearing his jersey, and it just pushes him harder to play his best for you since you cant watch all the time. The team, especially Auston, are always making fun of him for how whipped he is, but he doesn’t even care.

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Send me a description of yourself and I’ll ship you with someone!


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He cheats part 2


“Y/N you have to come to my party! It wouldn’t be the same without you” Sophia pleaded as we browsed the racks at Nordstrom’s.

“Sophia, you know I would kill to be there to ring in the new year with all of you, but I can’t. Im not ready to face him yet, I know its been 6 weeks but I cant even hear his name without picturing the two of them together!”

“I know its still raw and painful, but I really need my best friend tonight. We can hangout by the bar you won’t even see him” she pleaded.

I thought about it for a minute, Sophia has been really patient and understanding about me constantly ditching on our plans in fear that Harry would be there. “Alright. But if I see him I’m leaving” I said honestly.

“Fantastic Y/N! Now lets find you a hot dress because even though you won’t see him we will notice you”

“He’ll be way to focused on Nadine to notice me” I said quietly.

Sophia stopped and looked at me, “Y/N I know what he did to you was awful and I get that you can never forgive him, but he’s been absolutely heartbroken since you left. Not that it makes it any better, but he really is sorry and he really did and does love you”

“If he loved me he wouldn’t have done that to me.” I said as I looked blankly at the floor. “Lets just keep shopping”

Sophia and I spent the next few hours searching the racks until we both found the perfect dresses for the Modest Management’s annual new years eve party.

“So you’ll come over at like eight so we can drive to the venue together?” Sophia asked confirming our plans.

“Absolutely. Im actually starting to get excited! Its been ages since I last got dressed up and had a night out”

“Good. I’m glad you decided to come!’ she said as she hopped into her cab and took off towards her and Liams apartment.

I walked from the mall towards my apartment buzzing with the excitement of the upcoming party, I haven’t seen the boys in ages and I truly did miss them. When I got home I took a long relaxing shower and began primping for the evening. I stood in front of my mirror at 6:30 admiring my dress and feeling pretty confident about the potential encounter with Harry.

"You looks great y/n” Liam said as he opened the door to his and Sophia’s apartment.

“Thanks Li, I’ve missed you” I said as I gave him a quick kiss on the check.

“Ready?” Sophia asked as she turned the corner still putting on her earrings.

“Yeah we should probably get going… the boys and I are preforming at eleven” Liam said quietly.

‘Fantastic" I mumbled under my breath as I shot Sophia a glare.

The driver pulled up to the entrance which was littered with fans covering each side of the carpet, “Do you think you could drop me off around back?” I asked.

“Y/N just walk with us!” Sophia pleaded.

“No. I really don’t want to cause a scene”

“Fine. But meet me at the bar as soon as you get in” she said before stepping out of the limo with Liam.

The driver drove around the corner to the ally, where I stepped out. I walked over the the back door expecting a security guard to be there, but instead came face to face with Harry and a stunningly beautiful girl sharing a cigaret.

“Y/N?” Harry said with after an uncomfortable pause. “What are you doing here?”

“Sophia invited me… but I was just leaving” I said as I started turning around.

“Y/N don’t be ridiculous. Go inside and have a good time” he said while opening the door.

“When did you start smoking?” I asked quietly as I walked through the door.

“I don’t think he needs to explain himself to you anymore” the girl he was talking with said as she put her arm around his waist and kissed him.

“Yeah, I guess not” I said quietly under my breath.

I rushed into the bar trying to wipe the tears from my face without wiping off my make up.

“Are you okay?” Louis asked as he saw me heading towards the bar.

“Excluding the fact that I just witnessed Harry and some hussy snogging in the alley I would say I’m doing okay” I said with tears streaming down my face.

Louis didn’t say anything he just pulled me into a hug.

“Im going to go say goodbye to Sophia and than head out. It was nice seeing you again, tell the rest of the boys I miss them”

“Im going to head out” I said to sophia as I quickly swallowed the shot she ordered me.

“Seriously Y/N! You’ve been here all of five minutes” she said in an annoyed voice.

“I ran into Harry in the alley with some girl and he didn’t seem to care”

“What do you expect! You broke up with him and that was months ago!” she half shouted.

“I love him Sophia, I love him so much. I thought he was my person and seeing him with other women physical hurts me” I yelled back as my tears started to flow again.

I must have been louder than I thought because everyone within 6ft of me turned to see the commotion one of whom was Harry. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the venue and unto the street.

“Y/N” I heard a man shout from behind me as the crowd of fans screamed.

I turned around to face Harry, but said nothing.

“I love you, God I love you so much. I know I fucked up, trust me I know that. But I can’t get you out of my head”

“Than who was that girl? And more importantly why did you sleep with Nadine?” I shouted at him.

“That girl is no one! I meet her 10 minutes before I saw you in the alley. I was scared and thats why I slept with Nadine and wrecked our relationship. It was all happing so fast and I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready, but I am now. I’ve realized how much I need you Y/N”

“And how could I ever trust you again!” I shouted at him.

“Because this” he said while he kneeled onto the red carpet causing another burst of shouts from the fans.

“Harry what the Hell do you think your doing. You can’t just propose and think everything will be forgiven” I said with tears streaming down my face.

“What else can I do! I love you. I can’t loose you!” He pleaded as tears started streaming down his face.

“Maybe there is nothing we can do, goodbye Harry” I said as a walked away.


I’ve been back in the States for 8 weeks and was finally starting to get my life back together. I found a great job and a great apartment a town over from my parents. I was finally starting to grow up and be independent.

“Y/N look at how cute these shoes are!” My new friend Gigi from work shouted.

“Those would look great with that dress you just got!” I said as I walked over towards her.

“I think I’m going to go for it” she said as she found her size.

We were standing in check out when a girl with a one direction shirt turned around to grab a magazine.

“I never got the big fuss surrounding that silly boy band” Gigi said as she pulled out her wallet.

“Me either” I said quietly as I looked at my phone hoping the fan didn’t recognize me.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up to see the girl with the one direction shirt staring right at me.

“You’re y/n, right?” She said loudly.

“That’s me” I said after a long pause.

“What happened with you and Niall?” she asked in a serious tone.

“We just grew apart” I said while I glanced over at a confused Gigi.

“That’s not what I heard. I heard he cheated”

“Well you can’t believe everything you hear” I said as I felt my heart breaking again.

“Oh. Well can we get a photo anyways?” She asked.

“Absolutely sweetie” I said as we took a quick selfie.

After the girl walked around Gigi turned to face me, “Care to explain?”

“Not really, not here” I said as I motioned to the crowded store.

“Okay… But I’m going to need an explanation” she said as she turned around to pay.

Of course she wanted an explanation I was delusional thinking I could just move and forget all about my past. Niall and I were together and I couldn’t just pretend it never happened.

“So explain” Gigi said as we got into her car.

“I dated Niall for about a year and I had planned a huge surprise party and had all of his friends and family over at our place and when he walked in he had his lips attached to a barista from down the street” I said as I tried to hold back my tears.

“And what did you do?” She asked.

“I left, I left our apartment and moved back home”

“Sweetie you need to talk to him! You can’t just run away from your problems” she said trying to be sympathetic.

“I’m not running away from my problems. I’m creating a new life. A life that’s centered around me where I am my own person not just the girlfriend of some musician”

“I think you need to talk to him”

“Well he hasn’t made any effort to contact me.”

“Does he know where you are? Did you keep your number?”

“I don’t know if he even cares, if he had pushed for any information Sophia would have given it to him.” I said in my defense.

Gigi dropped the subject and drove me back to my apartment, “Just think about it” she shouted through the window as I entered my building.

I knew I wasn’t going to. I was to hurt and embarrassed to speak to him yet, especially since I would be the one reaching out to him. I scrolled through Twitter and saw the picture of me and the girl from the mall. Everywhere I went I was confronted with my past. I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up to the sound of pebbles hitting my window. I immediately thought I was being robbed. I grabbed my phone and peered out the window, but rather than a robber I saw Niall.

“Y/N” he slurred as soon as he saw me.

Of course he was drunk. I meant so little to him he hadn’t even bothered to stay sober. I buzzed him in anyways, he might not have cared about me but I would always care for him. I folded my arms over my chest as I opened the door.

“Babe I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it. She meant nothing to me!” He yelled.

“You’re going to wake my neighbors” was all I could come up with.

“Y/N I love you so much and I want to make it work” he said as he grabbed my waist.

“Don’t touch me!” I shouted. “You don’t care if you cared you wouldn’t have done that to me! And even if you did you wouldn’t have waited so long to come find me”

“I tried! I called you ten times a day and it always went to voicemail! I Tried to DM you but you had already unfollowed me! You didn’t give me a choice and Sophia wouldn’t give me your new number or address!”

I sighed, “You can sleep the alcohol off on the couch, but when I wake up you better be gone”

I walked back to my room and immediately burst into tears. I knew Niall could hear me but I couldn’t control it all of the feelings and emotions I have been suppressing have escaped.


I was still storming with rage when me and Y/BF/N got back to Louis’s and my apartment.

“I hate him” I shouted as I throw a framed photo of us on at beach onto the hardwood floors. “He’s such a fucking asshole, how could he do that! Everyone knew! I must look like a damn fool! I’ve been drooling over him and trying to be the perfect girlfriend while he’s been sleeping around with his assistant” I said as I sank to the floor.

“Babe I hate him too. It’s going to be okay! You’ll fly back home with me and we will figure something out” she said supportively.

“No, I can’t leave London is my home just because Lou and I are done it doesn’t mean I can just go return to my old life and the old me” I said as I continued crying.

I sat on the ground and cried my eyes out for hours until I heard the familiar click of the lock. Louis and the boys came in clearly shocked to see me crying on the floor.

“Y/N you’re still here, I’m so glad. I’m so sorry. We can work this out. We’ll make it through this” Louis said as his eyes streamed tears.

“I’m not here because I was waiting around for you to finish doing your assistant. We’re not making this work because there is nothing to fix, our relationship clearly meant nothing to you” I shouted at him.

“Y/N hear him out” Harry said quietly.

“I don’t need to hear anything from you. All of you knew and nobody told me! Everyone must think I’m the biggest moron. I sat here blindly while you slept with your assistant” I shouted again. “I’m leaving this is it this is the end. We’re done” I said quietly as I grabbed my bag and left the apartment with Y/BF/N on my heels.

“I need to be alone” I mumbled to Y/BF/N as I pulled up next to hotel.

“Are you sure? I’m really worried about you” she said with concern in her eyes.

“Yeah I’m positive” I said while wiping more tears.

“I’m going to push back my flight, please call me tonight I need to be sure your okay” she said as she pulled me into a hug.

“I will, I promise” I said with a fake smile as I drove away.

I drove around London aimlessly until I got unto the highway and suddenly realized where I needed to go. I drove three hours North to the most picturesque beach Louis and I discovered on our third date. The sun was starting to set by the time I got to beach and I saw a familiar outside sitting on the sand. I knew it was Louis and I got out of my car making a clear point to sit a 100 meters away. The second he saw me he got up and started waking my way.

“I’m not going to try and get you to forgive me. I just want to be close to you. I know I don’t deserve anything from you but please just let have this one last moment” he pleaded, his eyes still red from crying.

I just nodded with tears in my eyes.


“How our you doing today?” My boss asked as I walked into work early on a sunny Monday morning.

“Great, I went home to visit my family over the weekend” I said happily as I took as seat in make up.

“Excellent” she said nervously, “I have some good news and some bad news…”

My heart quickened its pace, “Whats going on Sheri?”

“Well Alyson’s plane was delayed so she won’t be here for the interview, which means you’ll be the head reporter today” she said happily, “But that also means you will need to interview Liam and Sophia… about their engagement”

I couldn’t breath this was my worst nightmare. I was destroyed when I found out about their affair and did everything I could do to distance myself from them. I left my job at BBC and moved to California to take a job at E! Of course being in the entertainment industry I wasn’t able to get away completely, but my co-workers and boss have been so understanding about my refusal to do any one direction related stories.

“I know this is awful Y/N, but there is nothing I can do” My boss continued.

“I can do it, I’ll be fine” I said even though we both know it was a lie.

I turned to the hair and make up team, “You guys better make me look amazing today” I said with a fake laugh.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I walked onto the studio floor. Everyone was giving me a sympathetic smile or a reassuring pat on the back. You’re going to do great I said to myself as I stood in front of the camera.

“Good evening and welcome to E! News, I’m here to report on the biggest engagement of the year! Liam Payne and Sophia Smith” I read off the monitor as they walked in hand in hand. Sherri had obviously failed to notifying them about the change of interviewers because Liam looked like he was going to throw up the second he saw me and Sophia looked absolutely furious. I hadn’t seen or heard from him since I walked out of our apartment a eight months ago and I was hoping to keep it that way.

“Congratulations to the both of you” I said through a fake smile. “Can I just say this news comes to no shock to anyone here at E! We’ve had you on engagement watch for the past few months”

Liam stuttered and Sophia jumped right in, “I was started to get worried near the end! It felt so long overdue! I mean we’re soulmates so I didn’t get what was taking so long” she said as she leaned into kiss him.

I cringed. I was certainly not ready for this interview and I was clearly not as over Liam and I thought I was.

“Sophia I’m going to need to take a look at that ring!” I said with a churning pain in my stomach.

I felt my eyes sting as I looked down at the stunning ring on her finger, it wasn’t just any ring it was a ring Liam had pointed out to me at Tiffany’s on one of our trips to New York.

“Well that is simply gorgeous…wow” I said as I heard my voice crack.

I looked over at Greg the camera man pleading with my eyes to turn to commercial. He gave me a quick nod.

“After this commercial break we’re going to ask this couple the tough stuff!” I said into the camera.

I just about ran off stage. I couldn’t do this I was seconds from tears and we had hardly started the interview.

“Did you know she was going to be here?!” I heard Sophia yell at Liam.

“Of course I didn’t know! I never would have agreed” I heard him say softly.

“Whatever. We’ll talk about this back at the hotel” she said as she turned to glare at me.

“We’re back on in five” Greg yelled.

I calmed myself and did a few sets of deep breathing before I walked back onto the set. I lead the couple to our interview couch and watched Sophia nuzzle up to Liam.

I did my standard introduction and recap before I started asking the mind numbing and heart breaking questions Alyson had prepared for the interview. We talked about everything from the proposal, to the dress and the guest list.

“So Liam, how did you know that Sophia was the one?” I asked as my final question.

He paused causing Sophia to nudge his side with her elbow. He finally responded saying, “She’s not”.

I heard a coffee mug shatter from behind Greg and turned to see everyone in the studio frozen with their mouths agape.

“Excuse me?” I said my voice was scratchy and I was clearly flustered.

“I said she’s not. I’m not in love with her. I don’t know if I ever really was. All I know is that I ruined the most amazing relationship of my life, by getting back together with her” he said as he dropped her hand and reached to grab mine.

I pulled it away. “You have absolutely no right. You can’t cheat on for the course of our entire relationship and than decide a year later that you love me. This is bull shit Liam. You are not allowed to ruin my happiness anymore. Good luck in the future” I shouted as I dropped my mic onto the floor and ran off stage.

I heard Liam calling after me and Sophia yelling, but I didn’t stop I ran off the set and out of the studio. I didn’t stop running tell I reached the safety of my car where I started crying.

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can i just say u are one of the prettiest girls ive ever seen.. every time i see ur face like if u post a selfie or something im just like wow!!! u are really so gorgeous. i just wanted to say this to u even tho i dont have the confidence 2 say it off anon :) have a good day adalyn



It’s me, Christina!

I don’t know if you remember the greatest day of my life but here’s a refresher! 10/15/14

Sometimes I do arty things and post funny quips that you’ve liked





1) Im sorry if your fave didnt get enough lines or screen time in ‘Do Better’ but this is literally an advertisement for a phone plan. My guess is that the phone company chose Jooheon and Exy as the faces of the ad. (and you really cant blame the company for picking them considering theyre the most well known from their respective groups).

2) All the Monbebes pissing on Cosmic Girls for no reason need to stfu and sit their petty asses down. Once again this is an ad geared towards teens and young adults. If they just had MX then it would attract a female audience and if it was WJSN then it would attract a male audience and by putting them together the attract both audiences. But I mean why are you even pissing on them in the first place? Theyre from the same company and all they did was sing and dance a song together in the same MV. Chill.

Instead of focusing on the negative, pay attention to how its a good song written (and co-composed?) by Jooheon, I.M, and Exy with cool choreo.

Hate is contagious so dont spread it

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calum the kind of guy to constantly nuzzle up to your side whenever you guys lie down and whenever you tell him to “stop because that tickles”, he’d do it more just to hear that cute laugh of yours, and next thing you know you have a smiley, crinkled eye calum with his face nuzzled into your side

my first reaction after seeing this new visual:
CAN YOU NOT @OkajimaTaiga-kun

just from the visual and im already this giddy. look at ChiHaya they already look like an official couple *squeals* and kayanooooo!! look at how she sits here: beautiful ♥ and everyone in this class <3 <3 <3 i’m impressed at the illustration tbh i feel like in this one photo all the personalities are captured perfectly. cant really wait for S2 *sobs happily*

no karmagisa but it already paints a smile on my face just seeing them in one picture. one of my wishes this christmas and new year is to see more ship moments (additional anime originals, please) in S2 so everyone will be up and partying! and hoping for no more ship wars

just a few more crawls and i’ll be able to go back to the manga updates i miss ankyou so much dammit 

did korosensei grew some fats he’s rounder imsosorry

when i woke up and heard the news that one of my personal heroes passed away i was pretty upset - i mean i knew it was a possibility and kind of prepared myself after hearing about her severe diagnosis last summer

but seeing so many people share posts about her and spreading her achievements and life story to so many new fans really warms my heart

it just makes me happy to think that so many people remember, celebrate, and honor her and that she was able to have such an impact on the sport and the world

she reminded us that even in the face of adversity it is important to stand up for those who cant - no matter how difficult and no matter the odds

i really wish she could see how many fans - nearly half a century later - she has and how many new fans are learning of her greatness

vera caslavska you will be missed but you will never be forgotten - thank you for everything :’)