you really can't see will sigh

Do you ever wonder why there’s always this push for everyone working with the boys becoming instant best friends with them? I mean, we know they’re lovely boys (that’s why we’re here) but… you don’t have to be somebody’s closest friend just because you have to work with them. Also remember that this fandom is so quick to “adopt” anyone that says any flowery words about the boys and we know that often doesn’t end up well. Keep in mind that we’re a huge and engaged fanbase of the biggest boy band on the planet. Everybody wants to tap on that spring ($$$). And y’all make it far too easy.

Benedict’s eyes

oh my god i can’t take it anymore i’m in love with ben’s eyes

and not JUST his iris, there’s already loads of appreciation post on his wonderful otherworldly cosmic-coloured irises, this time i wanna talk about the rest of his eye features

i love his eyelid!!! I do i love it so much especially when his eyes are half-open at rest and relaxed because then they make such a distinct and clean line above his eyes


and then there’s the cute lil slanted pea-shape i mean look!!! it’s so anime-y, as someone who draws lots of ben/sherlock fanart, let me just tell you that drawing the shape of his eye is one of the most satisfying things in the world

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and then there’s his eyelashes! it’s not particularly thick or particularly long, but it’s just the perfect amount of length and sparseness and curl to perfectly decorate his eye and make his iris seem to sparkle more

and also just how expressive all those features combined can be, his eyes are SO expressive!! just look at how soft and radiant it is when he smiles

look at how sad and sombre it is when he cries

how vulnerable it looks when he’s weak

how scary it can look when he’s angry


please talk to me about ben’s eyes, every time i see his eyes i amd more and more in love with him and i’m not even the type to romanticize things, i’m the opposite of that but his eyes!! like i’m genuinely in awe with his eyes because of its pure mathematical beauty, the curvature of its shape, the flick of its eyelash, the distinctiveness of the eyelid, the depth of its expressiveness!


  • <p> <b>Viktor:</b> Yurio! I think Yuuri is cheating on me again *sobs*<p/><b>Yurio:</b> *sigh* Why now?<p/><b>Viktor:</b> I saw him staring at his phone yesterday and whispering "you sweet temptress, I can't wait to have you again." HE HAS TO BE SEEING SOMEONE ELSE!<p/><b>Yurio:</b> Or he's staring at the picture of cheesecake he keeps as his lock screen.<p/><b>Viktor:</b> Really?<p/><b>Yurio:</b> I've seen him tear up while looking at donuts, I'm 99% sure he's talking about food.<p/></p>

anyway can we just appreciate the fact that bellamy got to spend six whole years away from the racist & abusive white girls in his life. six whole years. like no matter what happens from here on out at least he got That. what a gift. what a blessing. i hope he’s happy and healing and healthy

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I can't stop thinking about the moment when Lucretia meets the boys for the first time during Moonlighting and sees them up close for the first time in ten years and realizes just how much she has really changed them and just how badly she has damaged Taako in particular

sigh. SIGH. god. why do you anons keep coming into my askbox with the exact situations i am obsessed with thanks for enabling me, darlings.

yeah! like! jesus. i dont think lucretia was able to keep track of the boys consistently - and she probably didn’t realize just how badly she had fucked ‘em up and how much the interval of time and what had happened to them….also fucked them up.

let’s fuckin talk about lucretia, who stares across her office at three of her very best friends in existence (here is merle, who patched her up a thousand times on a hundred worlds; here is magnus, who taught her hand-to-hand; here is taako, who teased her about her lack of cooking ability and taught her to make an omelette). And they look the same and they look different, they’re beat-up and wearing faerunian clothing instead of red jackets and they look at her like she’s a stranger, they stand like they’re wary, like they don’t quite trust each other or her, there’s no easy familiarity. she wants to wrap them in a hug, she wants to tell them she missed them.

but instead she speaks to them with the dramatic professionalism that people expect out of Madame Director (and she slips up, of course she slips up, how can she not? this is her family), and they speak back, and the dissonance increases. They’re different. There’s something wrong.  

Taako tells her that he’s an idiot and she’s startled enough to contradict him and he dismisses her with an easy humor, and that’s wrong, taako was always fiercely proud of his skills, him and lup, they were fuckin prodigies, they were two of the smartest people lucretia has ever known.

Her friends keep telling her that they’re incompetent. She doesn’t know what has happened to them. She wonders whether this is her fault. they’re all surface-level jokes and banter, but there’s no heart. they talk about destruction like it’s commonplace, like it doesnt matter (and by the end of the century, it was normal, but the first few worlds had wrecked all of them)

She offers them the test. Which of you is the smartest? Which of you is the strongest? And the bravest? The answer seems obvious to her — but they pick differently. and she knows they are not the same people she recalls in her memory.

…okay so pseudo-fic over, but i still have Thoughts so this answer is just gonna keep going the text train does! not! stop!

like. ive talked about this maybe a thousand times but christ, imagine lucretia realizing how much she royally fucked taako over. because magnus and merle get most of their childhoods intact, right? everything up until the journey. merle’s like a whole goddamn adult when the story begins, and so is magnus. but taako? taako gets lup erased. and i think it’s sufficiently established by the canon that lup and taako were, for a long time, both the biggest influences on each other and the only constant things in each other’s lives, and to take that away, like christ, no wonder taako’s furious at lucretia in the finale. here’s ripping out half his mental architecture, here’s getting rid of one of the lenses through which he perceives the world.

because well, the relationships you have as a kid and the way you learn to interact and socialize with others when you’re young define the way you end up interacting with people for the rest of your life, to some extent. so. of course erasing lup erases a lot of who taako is.

i think lucretia probably realizes this pretty quickly after the boys join the bureau – magnus and merle are a little off, but they’re a relatively straightforward extrapolation of the men she met on the starblaster, just arced in a different way. but taako? taako isn’t even like how she remembers him at the beginning. taako thinks he’s stupid, taako is mean, taako is careless and thoughtlessly cruel and refuses to care, taako is still immensely likable. but. there’s something absent there. and its not like he was a saint before, there’s superficial similarities between the man he was before and the man he is now, but once lucretia starts poking at the whole construct she realizes that he’s working from a completely different mindset than she remembers. i think she feels really bad about this. i think once taako remembers he’s not sure how to feel about the person he is without lup.

im probably overdramatizing. but. jesus. you know?

Memory Lane | 02 ft. Yoongi

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→ grumpy husband yoongi au aka lots of fluff and a little smut
1.9k words
part 1 | part 2 | part 3BTS in 10 years!AU

A/N: Still on a hiatus but wanted to upload this as a thank you for the overwhelming support and love for Memory Lane part 1! I love this au and stay tuned for other members’ in this au! <3 

You’re laying in his arms, wrapped in the fluffiest bath robe you’ve ever worn, sitting on the balcony and staring out over the water. It’s been three days since you two got here to Bora Bora and it’s been a dream come true for you, since you’d always wanted to come here for your honeymoon as a child.

Today was an incredibly jam packed day, the schedule consisting of snorkeling and watching and experiencing the traditional culture. You patted his arm that’s wrapped around your waist. “Thank you Yoongi.”

He shifts behind you, low voice murmuring in your ear a little too delayed. “Mmm, for what?”

You giggle, and turn around to look at him, and like you expected, he was too close to dozing off. Laughing and turning in his arms so you can snuggle against his chest, he wraps his arm around your shoulders instead and props his chin on the crown of your head.

“I know you hate stuff like this, but thank you for bringing me here.”

He snorts, grabbing his wine glass and sipping at it while looking up at the stars. “You’re right I don’t, this shit sucks. I just wanna sleep.”

“I know Yoongi.” You hold him a bit tighter against you, molding yourself against him. “That’s why I’m so happy you agreed to all of this.”

He chuckles, the arm on your shoulder dropping to stroke your upper arm with slow and firm movements. “You’re lucky I kind of love you because I don’t even do this kind of stuff for the maknae.”

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The Children Are Fighting
  • Me: heads over to Youtube, bout to watch me some pancake scene for the 90th time (today) and-
  • Lift Kiss™: but you haven't watched me in a bit
  • Ice Wall Snuggles™: do you even remember what I look like
  • One Time Thing™: I know you watched me a lot last week, but I still crave ur love and affection
  • Pirate vs. Toddler™: Mirror mirror on the wall I'm still the cutest of them all
  • Storytime™: you used to watch me on the reg. What hath I done to forsake you
  • It's You™: I was literally The Most Important in your life for so long. I don't blame you for what you've done, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt :(
  • Proposal 1.0™: HEY BITCH. REMEMBER ME.
  • Proposal 2.0™: stfu, 1.0™. First is the worst, second is the best.
  • Proposal 1.0™: Me stfu? I don't see your viewcount rising too quick anymore either, buddy.
  • Proposal 2.0™: .....</3
  • Maybe Just This Once™: c'mon, I deserve a watch. It's been a while, and I'm so good at making you cry.
  • You Traded Your Ship for Me™: I have to side with The Elevator™ here. #1 Saddest Scene™ goes to The Elevator™. #1 Happiest Scene™ on the other hand goes to yours trul-
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: Noooooooo no no no no no. It is I who provoketh the must numerous tears of joy. My viewcount proves this. Don't even try to fight. That award belongs to me.
  • Everyone: Omg, so true. So true. Deadass Truth. 25 Cheek Kisses™, you are truly the best. Or you were, at least, until Pancakes™ came along.
  • Shellphone™: guys, GUYS. Focus here. This isn't memory lane. We're trying to get her to watch us, remember?
  • You're Impossible™: I miss being watched :(
  • Boat Safety™: I'm seriously so cute, how could you forget about me already? :(
  • Red Leather Jacket Kink Reveal™: I used to be so loved :(
  • I'm Not Proposing™: Guys I'm not even relevant anymore :(
  • Wanna Come in and Have Coffee™: I thought you loved all your children equally?
  • Know More About Your Beginnings™: We just want a *tiny* bit of attention. Like just for an hour? Spend an hour with us?
  • I Can't Lose You Too™: Your old friends?
  • Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation™: to quote myself, COME BACK TO ME!
  • Melty Popcorn™: I feel like I was never even truly appreciated for who I am
  • I Would've Done The Exact Same Thing™: Ditto, Melty Pop.
  • Middlemist Horsey Ride™: Guys, we've lost her.
  • Music to This Pirate's Ears™: We haven't just lost her. We've lost them all, the whole fandom :(
  • Sexy Barwench™: They're never coming back to see us :(
  • Move in With Me™: I guess our viewcounts have reached their max :(
  • Pancakes™: ....guys :(
  • Pancakes™: I'm really sorry like I'm actually so sorry :(
  • Pancakes™: I didn't mean for this to happen to you guys :(
  • Pancakes™: and for what it's worth, I wouldn't be where I am today without each and every one of you. Especially you, Move in With Me™.
  • Move in With Me™: Fuck you, Pancakes™.
  • Everyone: Yeah, fuck you.
  • One Time Thing™: Shove your rising viewcount up your (undeniably adorable) asshole.
  • 25 Cheek Kisses™: and YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US.
  • Me: *sighs* Please don't fight, children...
  • also Me: *unpauses the pancake scene*

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Okay y'all just reaching now, how is that even a jikook moment especially hand holding part? You guys blinded by mindless shipping or what, did you not see everybody holding hands to bow or what, i swear you guys are just pathetic now

Oh love, you do realize is really not about the hand holding right? It’s about the comforting, Jungkook’s need to be by his side, to be a constant presence when Jimin was in a very emotional state, just to be someone he can lean on if he ever finds that it’s too much to handle. I’m sad you can only see the superficial and come bash people’s inbox for an assumption that we’re here for a simple hand in hand contact and not the feeling behind it.

And I can honestly say jikook and BTS in general was never about that to me, what makes me love them and always share their beautiful moments is the trust and companionship I see in them, not the “free shipping and fan service” you so wrongly see, feel the need to point out and even bother others about it, grow up…

Leaked scene from Spider-Man 4: The College Years.
  • Peter (standing in front of villain's hideout): Okay, I'm at the location. Now...TEAM SPIDER ROLL CALL!
  • Ned (on comms): Ned here, aka Guy in Chair aka Captain Philippines here.
  • MJ (by Peter's side): Michelle here, I really have to say it, Leeds?
  • Ned: Come on, MJ, it'll be great! You can't be a superhero without a superhero name!
  • MJ: *sighs* MJ here, aka...the Social Justice Warrior *pulls out Stark tech-level taser*
  • Cindy (on comms at the other side of the hideout): Cindy Moon here, aka Silk, ready to strike! Also, thanks for inviting me again, Peter-I MEAN Spider-Man. Wink wink.
  • Peter: Why did you say 'wink wink'?
  • Cindy: Because you can't see me wink from where you are, dummy.
  • Peter: Anyways...
  • Liz (flying around the air in the Vulture suit): LIZ ALLAN HERE AKA THE VULTURESS! CAN YOU HEAR ME, PETE?
  • Peter: I hear you just fine, Liz, you don't have to shout through the comms-
  • Peter: ...anyways, where are you, Flash?
  • *Venom swings in and lands by Peter*
  • Flash (with his Venom voice): What's up, Penis Parker?
  • MJ: ...why did we invite this dumbass to join the team again?
  • Flash: Oh yeah, check me out! Also, Penis Parker, I was thinking of changing my name. How about, instead of 'Venom', I can be...'#Venom'.
  • Peter: You just added a hashtag in front of your name, I don't understand.
Preference: You Can't Sleep

Ashton: Hearing footsteps softly coming towards the kitchen, you sigh. You hadn’t meant to wake him up, really. A very sleepy looking Ashton leans against the kitchen doorframe, frowning when he sees you. “Can’t sleep again?” He asks, yawning a little. “Go back to bed, I’ll be okay.” He shakes his head. “Baby, you need to see a doctor or something. This is like, the fourth night you’ve had trouble sleeping.” He pauses, then his eyes widen. “Is it… is it me?” He asks. “What? No, Ash, it’s not you. I just can’t fall asleep.” You assure him, walking over. He pulls you into a light hug, resting his forehead against your own. “Then what? Tell me, so I can help.” You sigh. “There’s honestly nothing wrong.” You say. Ashton walks over and starts to make coffee. “What are you doing?” You ask. “If you can’t sleep, I’ll stay awake with you until you can.” You smile a little. “Ashton, go back to bed. You’re tired.” Ashton frowns again. “Yeah, but I can’t sleep if you’re not there. The bed gets cold.” He says. You walk over and wrap your arms around him. “How about we just go cuddle?” He thinks about this for a moment, then shakes his head. “How about we go watch movies and cuddle until you fall asleep?” You sigh, feeling blessed to have such a man in your life. “I’m sorry, I know this is getting annoying.” Ashton takes his face in your hands. “Baby, no! It’s not annoying. It’s just more time I get to spend with you.” He murmurs, kissing your nose. “Yeah, but less time you get to sleep.” Ashton shrugs, pulling you into the living room while asking, “who needs sleep, anyway?”

Calum: You roll over for what seems like the millionth time. Calum sighs, sitting up. “Babe, what’s wrong?” He asks. You sit up and turn on the bedside lamp. “I don’t know. I just can’t sleep.” He frowns, moving some hair away from your face. “Want me to sing to you?” He asks. You nod, curling into his side as he sings a soft tune. “Anything?” He asks when the song is over. You groan and shake your head. “You should go back to sleep. You need it.” You tell him, biting your lip. “I’m not going to sleep when my girl isn’t.” He says stubbornly, but a yawn slips out. You smirk and he chuckles. “Okay, I’m tired. So what?” You roll your eyes. “So, I’m not going to be like Michael and force you to stay awake. Sleep, babe.” You say, reaching over to turn out the light. “Is there anything that’s bothering you? Maybe you just need to talk about it.” Calum says, pulling you into a spooning position. “No, not that I can think of. You’re home, the boys are home. Everything is perfect.” Calum runs his fingertips over your stomach lightly, making you shiver. “What about the hate? Have you been reading it lately?” You shake your head. “Not since the last time you told me not to.” Calum frowns, not being able to figure out what’s wrong with the love of his life. Then it hits him. “Babe?” He asks. “Yes, Cal?” You reply. “When is the last time we… you know?” He asks, chuckling. You roll over onto your back. “It’s been awhile, I guess. Why?” You ask, watching as he gets up and walks to the end of the bed. He grabs your ankles and pulls you until your cute plaid pajama shorts meet his eyes up close. “Calum, what are you doing? The boys are downstairs sleeping. They could hear us.” You protest, but he yanks off your shorts and underwear. “I don’t give a fuck who hears. I’m taking the edge off so my baby girl can sleep. I’m going to fuck you so good until you’re too tired to fuck anymore.”

Luke: Staying in multiple hotel rooms had its benefits, but it also had its problems. Problem number one being that eventually, they all just began to feel like home. So when you and Luke actually did come home from tour, sleeping in your own bed was very difficult for you. Even with Luke by your side every night, the bed just didn’t feel like home anymore. And this night was no different. You get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, hoping you won’t wake Luke up. You splash water on your face, and when you look up, Luke is standing behind you. “Did I wake you? I’m sorry.” You mumble, turning to face him. “You know, splashing water on your face is just going to make falling asleep harder.” Luke tells you. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This bed used to be my everything, second to you. And now I can’t even sleep on it.” You complain, crossing the short distance between the two of you and hugging him. “Princess, nothing’s wrong with you. You’ve just been staying in so many hotels that you forgot what your own bed feels like. C'mon, I’ll help you.” Luke pulls you back into bed and pulls you into his side, holding you close. “You know what I really want right now?” You ask. “What’s that, princess?” You look up at him. “That bed on that hotel room we stayed at in Italy. The one that had the purple pillows? Oh, I loved that bed.” You say softly. “That bed had some pretty nice things happen on it.” Luke mutters, smirking as he remembers the night involving whipped cream and strawberries. You giggle. He rubs your back lightly until you fall asleep, but that doesn’t happen for another few hours. The next day, when you come back from visiting friends, the bed from the hotel room in Italy is in your bedroom.

Michael: While Michael has been known to have some insomnia, you did not. You could sleep all day, every day. Or at least, you used to be able to sleep all day, every day. For some reason, that all changed one night. You just couldn’t fall asleep. You tried sleeping in bed and on the living room couch, but nothing helped. And unfortunately, Michael had cured his insomnia when the band went on a break. Well, that’s not unfortunate. That’s a great thing. But for you, it was unfortunate because that meant while he was asleep, you were wide awake. The roles had been reversed. You look over at your sleeping boyfriend, hearing his light snores fill the silence of your bedroom. You bite your lip and tap his cheek lightly. “Mike, wake up.” After repeating this a few times, the bleached blonde’s eyes flutter open. “What? What’s the matter, kitten?” He asks urgently. “Nothing. I just… I can’t fall asleep.” He props himself up with his hand. “Wanna talk about anything that bothered you today?” He asks. “See, that’s the thing. It isn’t just tonight. I haven’t been sleeping for weeks.” You confess. “Kitten, why didn’t you tell me?” He reaches over and strokes your cheek gently. “You were sleeping great. I didn’t want to ruin that.” Michael frowns. “You wouldn’t have ruined it. But you should have told me, I could’ve helped sooner.” He says. You nod. He sings to you softly for a few hours until your asleep. The next morning, Michael goes to the store and buys everything that’s related to helping a person sleep better just for you.

Response to That "Decepticons Helping Humans in Rescue Bots" AU thing
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream... what do you have in your hands?
  • [Starscream shows what's behind his back]
  • Human: WAUAUUGHH!!!
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Where did you-- put him down! Down!!!
  • [Starscream starts to open his claws so the human drops to the floor]
  • Nurse Darby: Gently...!
  • Starscream: But he's squirming..!
  • Nurse Darby: You heard me!
  • Human: HUAAUUUGH!
  • Starscream: [cringe] I can hear HIM too.
  • [Starscream gently places human on ground, who scrambles away behind June]
  • Human: That... that HUGE freaky robot TRASHED my lawnmower!
  • Starscream: Yehk. Is that what you call it? Looked more like an abomination to me. Doesn't matter, it's scrap now.
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Why on Earth did you abduct this man and destroy his lawnmower?
  • Starscream: While I was making my rounds, I saw this human and his machine on a patch of grass. But upon my second pass, he was driving down the road! He couldn't have been going more than 5 miles per hour, however LOCAL speed signs that were CLEARLY posted indicated 25 miles per hour. He was obstructing the flow of traffic, and placing himself and OTHER humans in a potentially hazardous situation! It was so incredibly foolish I just KNEW I had to intervene.
  • Nurse Darby: ... Were you really driving a lawnmower on the road?
  • Human: W-well my next job was only like a mile away!
  • Nurse Darby: That's still a decent amount of time to clog up the road, sir. Normally, if a cop saw you, they would probably give you a ticket. Though I really wouldn't know. Here, let me see that scratch...
  • [Knock Out comes in]
  • Knock Out: Oh. It's YOU. The human in that slow-moving contraption.
  • Nurse Darby: So is this a typical thing for you, or what? I swear. Don't you have a truck you can put that thing in?
  • Human: Well its not like I'd need to any more, cuz HE totalled my mower!
  • Knock Out: Did you really?
  • [Starscream shows what's in his OTHER hand]
  • Knock Out: [whistles] Yeah, I can't fix that.
  • Nurse Darby: [sighs] Starscream, did you REALLY have to destroy it?
  • Starscream: [scoff] When HE didn't heed my warnings to get off the road, I knew I would have to use force--
  • Human: --I always wear ear protection when I mow!
  • Starscream: -- but then, THIS hunk of scrap exploded! Disgusting, green, organic mush rained down upon me, staining my paint, streaking my windows, squishing between even the tiniest of gears...
  • Knock Out: [scandalized gasp]
  • Starscream: It even smeared all over my landing gear... Oh, it'll take a WEEK to get the stuff out of my vents!
  • Knock Out: He's right you know. I'll pencil you in right before tomorrow's 2nd shift.
  • Human: What about my mower?!
  • Nurse Darby: I don't get paid enough for this...
  • *At the Christmas Party at the Potters*
  • Albus: How come your Dad is such a skilled wizard, I mean, he was always second after my aunt, he mastered Occlumency and he has no problem with non-verbal spells at all, so how come he can't cast a Patronus?
  • Scorpius: (surprised) Who said he can't?
  • Hermoine: (joining the conversation) So he can? What's his Patronus?
  • Scorpius: Ah, actually it's quite astonishing. When I was younger, he let me ride it sometimes. It's ...
  • (Draco rushes over and places his palm over Scorpius' mouth)
  • Draco: Scorpius! I explicitly told you not to tell anyone! Remember the fuss your mother used to make, whenever she saw it?
  • (Hermione whispers in Scorpius' ear, who nods, his father's hand still on his mouth, Draco sighs and releases him)
  • Hermione: No way! I want to see it!
  • Ginny: What is it? (Hermione whispers in Ginny's ear) Really?? I have to see it! Please Draco, please!
  • Draco: (to Scorpius) See son, the damage is already done!
  • Ron: Oh come on Malfoy! Don't be a git, show us your bloody Patronus.
  • Harry: I doubt anyone will be scared by your dragon or whatsoever.
  • (Draco swings his wand lightly and out of its tip bursts an almost blinding, dazzling silver unicorn)
  • Hermione, Ginny, Rose, and Lily: (synchronously) It's so beautiful!

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Did you see the posts about h/dekan/e shippers sending death threats to ishida? I can't believe so many people would do that.


I did, Anon. And I really wish that everyone posting about it/reblogging it would actually take the time to read and assess the information in the now infamous receipt images and posts addressing the matter.

In the images provided with the “receipts”, not a single post/tweet screencapped and pasted over the image of Touka is a death threat. Not. A. One. It’s all just reactions/salt, from people’s personal accounts after chapter 125.

There may have been death threats sent to Ishida, and there’s no doubt in my mind that some numbskulls did send some, but the posts circulating do not actually provide any substantial proof to this claim. I honestly wish that people would stop spreading the posts, who’s images allegedly originated on Reddit to cause a stir, so that no one on those lists gets harassed for just being vocal about their salt, especially since they were all posts made to personal accounts.

As for the any mentions of actual articles describing the threats, the first ones that used the images to back their claims were most likely clickbait, unless I am really misunderstanding something. I am absolutely 100% against sending Ishida threats of any sort, so no, I am not just trying to excuse the actions of certain Tokyo Ghoul fans. I would never do that. Spreading incorrect information, though, helps no one.

tl;dr Ishida may have received death threats, but the posts going around do not provide proof of such threats, as they consist of screenshots of salt, not threats. Please check sources and look into extremely serious things like this before spreading what could be false information, dangerously presented as solid fact.

Don’t tell me that I only care about myself.
Because you have no idea how little I really do.
You don’t understand how hard I’m trying
to be as perfect as you want me to be.
You don’t see how painful it is to feel like everything I do is disappointing you.
—  r.j
Love yourself, baby.
  • Namjoon: Wait, are you going dressed like that ? It's really hot outside, baby !
  • Y/N: I know right but I'm fine, thank you.
  • Namjoon: What, I'm worried- Are you sick ? We can just order instead, you know. I'll just offer our reservation to one of-
  • Y/N: It's already, Joonie. I'm all good, see ? Perfectly fine.
  • He's obviously still not convinced. In fact, he now looks really suspicious. You know right away he won't give up, being too thoughtful for it. Even though you know it's all good intents, you can't help but feel frustrated.
  • You two are going on your third date but the weather won't co-operate with the outfit you planned to wear tonight. But you won't change for nothing; screw the summer heat !
  • Namjoon: Then please change your outfit, love. I don't want you to pass out from the heat, okay ?
  • You sigh. You know how stubborn Namjoon can be. You have known each other for months now and even though you liked him from the first time you met, you weren't ready to date. He didn't mind it at all; he completely understood it and told you he'll just wait for you. Per say, he's someone really patient and understanding.
  • Y/N: Jeez, Joonie, I'm fine with this. Just-
  • But of course, he's not only that, Namjoon is also far from oblivious; in fact, he's the exact contrary. He is smart but stubborn.
  • Namjoon: Then what it is, baby ? Is there something you don't wanna tell me ?
  • Another sigh leaves your month. You didn't plan on telling him about it so soon but it's not an easy task; anyways, if you two are going to date, you know you have to trust him with your insecurities.
  • Y/N: I don't know if you noticed it... I don't- It's about my stretch marks. I don't like them; I don't wear summer clothes because of them. They're ugly and disgusting and all over my skin- I, yeah.
  • His eyes widden and by the next few seconds, his arms are wrapped all around your waist and he's kissing your cheeks.
  • You don't really know why but you voice comes out into a whisper and it's shaking. Your words suddenly sound stupid now that you said them out loud.
  • The awkwardness only grows into an uneasy silence when a few unbearable seconds passes by and Namjoon shows no reaction. His arms are still wrapped around you but he's still quiet and you grow impatient. You're not even sure anymore if he heard your words. You push him away and scratch your nose out of nervousness.
  • Y/N: Hum, you're right, Joonie. I don't feel okay- I think, I think I caught a flue- We should hm just cancel the da-
  • It's obvious your trying to break the tense atmosphere by the way you're stuttering, your voice is shaking even more now and you feel hot tears of uneasiness filling your eyes.
  • But you go limp when you feel his hand pulling up your chin. The next thing you know is that his lips are pressed into yours.
  • Of course you're taken aback; it's the first kiss for both of you. And it feel totally different from what you have ever imaginated. His lips taste like candies and something else that reminds you of the fresh sea. It's quick but sweet and gentle at the same time, leaving you completely overhelmed.
  • Namjoon: Y/N.
  • Y/N: Duh ?
  • He chuckles at your widden eyes and your elate state. You feel really embarrassed right now and he's not helping at all.
  • But just as you're about to whine for him to stop his foolishness, he stops laughing. He's now very serious. He helds your hands into his and lightly kiss your knuckles.
  • Namjoon: Y/N, I want you to repeat after me. My stretch marks are not a flaw; they are art painted on my skin; they are an amazing gravure printed on my beautiful body.
  • You don't really process his words but you do what he said anyway, still a little carried away by the feeling of his lips remained on yours.
  • Namjoon: I love my stretch marks. I am sublime with or without them. They are nothing but a masterpiece. Say it.
  • Y/N: I love my stretch marks. I am su-sublime with or without them. They are a masterpiece.
  • Namjoon: And I will show them to the perfect Namjoon tonight.
  • Y/N: And I will show them to the perfect Nam- Hey !
  • He cracks up at your flushed cheeks. You give him an unimpressed look, but even then you can't help but chuckle lightly.
  • Namjoon: Okay, now wipe off these dried tears and put on your prettiest dress. Show me your sexy legs, baby.
  • Y/N: Kim Namjoon !
  • Teruteru: "Nanami-san, you and Kamukura-kun cohabit together, right?"
  • Chiaki: *nods* "That's right."
  • Teruteru: *nudges her* "I bet you two get all snug underneath the covers."
  • Chiaki: "Sometimes."
  • Teruteru: "Does it get all steamy under there?"
  • Chiaki: "Not really." "Kamukura-kun has this unique system built in his room that regulates the temperature so it doesn't become uncomfortable."
  • Teruteru: *not the answer he wanted* "I see..." "Which position do you prefer?"
  • Chiaki: "Position?"
  • Teruteru: "Do you like to be on top or bottom?"
  • Chiaki: "We don't have bunk beds..."
  • Teruteru: *frustrated* "You two can't be living under the same roof and not be doing the afternoon delight!"
  • Chiaki: "?"
  • Teruteru: "Baking the potato?"
  • Chiaki: "...."
  • Teruteru: "The bouncy-bouncy?"
  • Chiaki: "...."
  • Teruteru: "...Doing the dirty deed?"
  • Chiaki: "Hanamura-kun, I don't really understand what you're trying to say..."
  • Teruteru: *sighs in defeat*
  • Chiaki: *notices Izuru* "Kamukura-kun!"
  • Teruteru: *slowly looks behind him*
  • Izuru: *looms over Teruteru* "...."
  • Teruteru: *gives nervous smile* "Oh hey Kamukura-kun! Long time no see!"
  • Izuru: "...."
  • Teruteru: "Nanami-san and I were just talking about cooking!"
  • Chiaki: "I've never heard of the dirty deed when it comes to cooking..."
  • Teruteru: *laughs nervously* "That's just a joke for us fellow chefs!"
  • Izuru: "I've never heard of that phrase being used in cooking either." *narrows eyes at him* "But I have heard it elsewhere."
  • Teruteru: *nervously sweats* "O-Oh??"
  • Izuru: "...."
  • Chiaki: "Kamukura-kun, are we still up for that rematch?"
  • Izuru: *looks to her and nods* "I came by to see if you wanted to walk together."
  • Chiaki: *nods and waves goodbye to Teruteru* "See you tomorrow, Hanamura-kun." *leaves with Izuru*
  • Teruteru: *sighs of relief* "I was almost caught under the fryer there for a second." "If Kamukura-kun found out I was talking about these things with Nanami-san, I'd surely be deep battered and fried!"
  • Izuru: *looks to Chiaki* "Nanami, do you want to be on top or bottom this time?"
  • Teruteru: *puts hand up to ear* "Could this finally be it??"
  • Chiaki: "It doesn't matter to me. I'm usually on the top screen in versus mode, but I don't mind switching."
  • Teruteru: "...." *blows away like a tumbleweed*

I was trying to think of what to be for halloween, and remembered that these things happened

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I seriously don't get how the actor won bin is considered to be one of the most handsome men in korea. Like he is just so weird looking to me... I really have tried so hard to look at him from different angles or in a movie or something and I just can't see anything handsome about him. Same with lee soo hyuk. Netizens called him one of the best looking men in korea. HOW???? I'll take jhope over them any day.

Oh, my sweet Anon!  You have no idea, because I’ve never shared this, but I LOVE LEE SOO HYUK!

He is the most beautiful bird faced man I have ever seen!  

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He’s unusual looking, I’ll grant you that, BUT LOOK AT HIM!!!!!

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I respect that everyone has different tastes, but 


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I like you too, Soo Hyuk.  I like you too.


As a sort of goodbye to my fanfic writing (I am, for various reasons, “retiring” from writing fics, I’m afraid), I thought I’d post one of my favorite and first fics I’ve ever written. Thank you for spending time with me. I’ll still be running this blog, reblogging Eruri, and such. It’s not goodbye! Just goodbye to a small but significant part of me. Goodbye, fic writing side! (Ao3)

“Fight it. Fight it.”

Erwin’s sleeptalk comes always in whispers. For weeks Levi laid next to him, mistaking the soft words for susurrus of breath. Until the cold night he laid his head on Erwin’s chest. Until he got close.

“Fight! Fight back… Fight back and survive.”

For over a year now, in the small bedroom of their small flat, it’s been the same. It’s been about fighting. And survival.

Levi tries, at the start, to intercept these dreams. Tells Erwin he’s here, and Erwin always tells Levi to go back.

“Go back where?” he sighs, though he knows the answer by now.

“Walls,” Erwin whispers.

So Levi quits talking back. ‘Til one night Erwin’s whispers seem louder. His volume more like murmurs, his words akin to pleas.

“But I don’t want to.”


“Anymore. I can’t fight so long.” Tossing and turning. If Levi doesn’t stop this somehow, he’ll be up all night.

He props himself up on his elbow and looks down at his sleeping boyfriend. “Fighting’s overrated, isn’t it?”


“… Who’s Levi?” It’s only a whim, a shot in the dark to fool no one.

“A subordinate. It wouldn’t work…” Erwin mumbles. Captain and commander again. Some fantasy Erwin keeps secret.

“Oh? And what’s this subordinate like?” Wide awake now.


“At fighting?”

“Yes,” Erwin groans. “Far stronger…”

“He’s fighting.” Levi says. “And you’re fighting.”

“I am! I’m fighting it, but I’m not winning. I thought I was. But I’m not strong,” Erwin says sadly.

“You fight the same thing.”

“Yes! We fight it. Or each other.”

Levi smirks. They do fight sometimes. Little things. About where to eat, or whether or not to buy a new dishwasher. Usually it ends peacefully. “And when you’re not fighting one another, what is it you’re both fighting against?”

Erwin’s words are so small that Levi almost misses them. “Love… can’t afford that. Not now.” The word makes Levi’s heart stutter. They’ve avoided the word in all the years they’ve known each other.

“Afford? Well I always figured love was free.”

“Prices. Too much risk… Loss.”

“Nah. I mean it’s not like you could buy it, right? Giving, trading, taking maybe.” Levi swallows, but pushes forward. “So. You love him?”

“He doesn’t feel the same. Can't… He wouldn't…”

“Well, I don’t think that’s true.”

“You don’t?” Erwin asks. It’s true Levi can be cold sometimes. But he never wanted Erwin to get the wrong idea about the way he feels.

“No. I really don’t,” Levi sighs.


“So tell him then.”

“No, no.” Panic fills his voice. “No, see I’m always steps ahead. How it will end. How it won’t. I can see. Always steps ahead. Alone.”

“How’ll it end?” Levi asks, laying back down on his side.

“They’ll come get me,” Erwin says. Like it’s obvious.

“Who? Who’s gonna get you?”

Erwin seems to shrink in on himself. “They’ll get me…”

“Idiot.” Levi pushes against Erwin’s forehead with his own.


He closes his eyes. “Erwin, you know I love you.”

“Go back.”

“That an order, Commander?”


“Where would I go without you?”

“… Walls”