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When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

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Nate and Sophie were out on a date, so Eliot, Hardison, and Parker were just hanging out around the restaurant. Hardison was working making the coms better; Parker was scaling the ceiling – again. Eliot was fixing dinner.

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happy monthiversary ♥♥

Before I finish up that 707 mini fic, I just wanted to say


I can’t believe it’s already been a month of me writing, obsessing over MM, & making friends !!!! I’m so happy I started this because it’s given me so much joy to fuel the flames of everyone’s mysme needs ♥

I just wanted to tell all 7,758 of you holy shit that’s a lot of followers that I love you guys!!!! And I reallyyyy really mean that, because I wouldn’t be anywhere without all of you. I care about you guys so much!! I basically view us as one big happy family ☺

So really, thank you.

♥ your friend, zens-ponytail ♥

also I need ideas for doing something special since I’ve been at this for a month… If I could draw I would do that but idk what to dooooo HELP

anonymous asked:

what are some good tv shows you can recommend?:)

i dredged up my age old excel file documenting all the shows i’ve watched for this (tv.xlsx: time to shine). i should really make some imdb lists instead some time 

comedy/family: speechless; this is us; call the midwife; broad city; crashing; fleabag; galavant; fresh off the boat; high maintenance; rick and morty (animation); silicon valley; you’re the worst; search party; brooklyn nine nine; jane the virgin

crime/thriller/sci-fi: and then there were none; black mirror; luther; happy valley; orphan black; supernatural (i recommend watching the first 5-6 seasons); the missing; the night of; true detective; westworld; stranger things; the bletchley circle; being human (uk version) 

drama: black sails; elementary; daredevil; outlander; game of thrones (stopped watching beyond s4 tho); house md;  humans; in the flesh; looking; jessica jones; luke cage; mad men; marco polo; merlin; misfits; orange is the new black; peaky blinders; sense8; shameless (us version, stopped watching around s5); skam; sons of anarchy (stopped watching around s6); the girlfriend experience; the knick (haven’t watched s2 yet); unreal; the affair; preacher; taboo; lost

period and pretty: the borgias; the crimson field; the musketeers (stopped watching around s3/4 ish); downton abbey (stopped watching around s5 idk); birdsong 

political/procedural: borgen (danish); house of cards; the newsroom; the crown; the hour; 

documentaries: planet earth I&II

and of course there are a lot of overlaps in the categories i listed above

and i’m probably forgetting 15 shows 


p.s. feel free to rec shows to me, as always 

me on a date: so, do you watch Rupauls drag race? 
them: tbh why do they dress like women? are they transgender?? i hate it when they pretend to sing and they really don’t, you know? im not homophobic!! i just don’t like their style - i mean drag queens are too open with dresses and heels and shit, it’s like shoving gay agenda down my throat. and have you seen their make up it’s terrible. i don’t hate hate them it’s just my opinion!!
me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry but i have to go home right now immediatly


How to Pronounce les Amis’s names (and Co)

I thought I’d make this quick video in case you guys were still wondering “how the hell am I supposed to pronounce all these weird names?!”. I’ve let Marius’s name out because it’s really well pronounced in the movie so you’re covered ;)

If you’re wondering “who the f is Rebecca?”, she’s the lovely runner of permets-tu-not-permettez-vous and also part time les Mis wine mom and I highly recommend to go and follow her

Hope that cleared some things up and maybe I’ll make more if you want me to, I don’t know you tell me. Have a lovely day!

Oh my god I was talking to my mum about my doctor’s appointment on Monday and she was like “is there anything else you wanna talk to her about I know you’ve been really tired lately” and I was like “nah I’m in peak physical health” and as I was talking my nose started spontaneously bleeding


1.11 || 2.11

[He finally comes to her door]

[We can also note the differences re: Carrie’s physical presence. Manic on the left, depressive on the right. Season one Carrie is “heightened” and manic, season two Carrie is over-medicated and suppressed. The two poles of one mind.]

Mulder, it’s me. Are you ready?
I’m ready, G woman.

This may not be as collected as I’d like but I just woke up and I’m upset. Upset at what’s been sent to me and upset at the posts I’m seeing on my dash.

Honestly this whole [popular] “they’re both abusers and both survivors ☺” dialogue is so fucking ugly. I’ve got like 5 Jasper apology messages that read so so eerily similar to Sansa rape apology and it’s just like, do you really think that was supposed to be our fucking takeaway of “just say yes”? Do you really think we were meant to place all blame for Malachite on Lapis because “she didn’t *have* to do that!!”

Plus apparently Rebecca Sugar explained that Lapis fused *for revenge* and people aren’t taken four seconds to consider what that revenge is for? Why it is she might want that?

Like…Lapis sought revenge on Jasper in the way that whole “get revenge on your abuser” is often presented as the one path survivors can take. She lashed out because it’s how she felt she could reclaim power, but as a result, it hurt her. Because that’s kinda what perpetuating violence does. It hurt her and it haunted her and she decidedly rejected to engage in that dynamic again because she understood it was wrong and not what she needed to heal. What’s amazing is that the narrative didn’t pull any punches about how damaging Malachite was to both Lapis and Jasper, and the inherent emptiness of catharsis through violence.

Jasper otoh suffered, sure. No one’s claiming that how Lapis acted was somehow “justice” or any stupid revenge-worship concept like that. But it’s so damn telling that Jasper’s still viewing the fusion in the terms she is, about her and how powerful it made her feel. For a show that is not subtly teaching about consent we once a-fucking-gain get Jasper intimidating and doing everything she can to put Lapis in a situation she doesn’t want (“she said no! Leave her alone!”).

It’s not like “oh we shouldn’t have empathy for Jasper” because yeah, she’s in an unhealthy mindset, and it’s tragic how she experiences fusion in this way and her takeaway is still so violent. But this whole “they both did bad” dialogue is really just a way of excusing her and trying to be like “lapis is just as bad” or “we should feel just as sorry for Jasper” and no, sorry. That’s not something I can get behind. Not when Jasper has yet to show compassion for a single person.

It’s a false equivalency that absolutely tramples over the healing message for Lapis rejecting violence and revenge that has been situated in this painfully realistic dynamic of abuse victims lashing out against their abusers, and it’s all because of a gross desire to keep Jasper in leather pants. I’m not for it.

I’m not saying as a viewer, I don’t want to see Jasper heal either. But we need to stop fucking expecting Lapis to play along and really need to stop dragging Lapis through the mud to make a point. I get it…the situation is nuanced. “They both fucked up” isn’t; it’s apology.

Weirdest day of my life

So I decided to skip my 2 o'clock class for the very first time today to go grocery shopping in the pouring rain. While walking to Trader Joe’s, a really cute redheaded guy stops me and asks if he’d be able to take my picture. Normally when guys ask that, I just walk away because duh. But this guy had a killer film camera and seemed like a professional, so I said yes. After taking a few pictures, he kept walking with me all the way to the grocery store.

We ended up having so much to talk about, that he walked with me through the store as I shopped. After that, I went home and put my groceries away, and we went and walked the highline in the middle of a torrential downpour. We ended up kissing on the highline *cough cough, dream date*, and then going out to dinner. After dinner, we walked through Washington Square. But OF COURSE this guy goes to school and works for the UN in Italy, and is only here until Saturday… Okay, so when did my life become a movie?