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I'm taking a break...

Yep, I’m taking a break from Tumblr for who knows how long. My parents don’t know I have this blog and the guilt is kinda starting to get to me (it may not seem like a big deal to most people but it is to me) and I’m afraid I’m starting to get careless with it and I’m way too dependent on it so I’m gonna end up getting caught.

I really don’t want to delete my blog, it’s done so much for me and I’ve met so many amazing people and it’s helped me through rough times with my anxiety lately, so I don’t want to completely get rid of that. So, I decided to delete the app off my phone for a few days and try to transition back to Instagram (my queue is long enough to last me a while), until I decide what to do about this, I may be back after a few days and I may come back just to delete it, I really don’t know

To my amazing internet friends ( @sweetpotatoirish1-7 , @islysmiley , @imsherlockedtotv5xq , @ale-le-me , @mediocre-anime-fangirl) I love you guys so much and this is just in case I decide to delete (it may be for nothing because I may end up deciding in a few days), thank you for being such great friends, you really are the best ❤️

I’ll probably delete the app off my phone tonight or early tomorrow, so if you want to talk to me before I go you can send in an ask and I’ll make sure to answer it before then :)

This goodbye post may end up being for nothing because I may decide in a few days to come back, but I really don’t know at the moment so just in case, thank you all for following me, this blog and this fandom have done so many good things for me, I just need time to distance myself from this site and decide what to do from here, but I love all of you so much ❤️


@ all the artists in the nitw fandom: YOU GUYS ARE SUCH GOOD ARTISTS! OMG YOU’RE ALL SO GOOD. Thank you for sharing these beautiful things! All the love! ♥♥♥

  • he’s kinda awkward
  • he’s kinda a nerd
  • but he’s your awkward talented nerd
  • sometimes you wonder how you ended up with him
  • then you remember exactly how it happened
  • he thought you were really pretty so when he went to ask you on a date he ended up tripping over his own two feet and stumbling over his words a little bit
  • “Y-Y/N do you w-wanna go on d-date with m-me?”
  • it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen that day
  • the first date was awkward
  • because let’s face it people Jungkook is just an awkward bean that doesn’t know what to do when it comes to people sometimes
  • no matter how many times he calls himself an “international playboy”
  • you know the truth
  • then we have the time he took you to go see a scary movie
  • and he didn’t know what to do with himself because you practically jumped in his lap
  • part of him wanted to scream
  • part of him wanted to protect you
  • part of him was smirking
  • he was very ambivalent
  • so very ambivalent
  • for the second date it was an arcade and karaoke
  • it was like letting a kid loose in a candy store
  • he spent almost all of his money on tokens at the arcade
  • and when karaoke came around he was just screaming for the most part and being silly
  • he wasn’t as awkward anymore either
  • for the one year anniversary he took you to the beach and y’all got that really cheesy picture with the sunset while y’all were kissing or hugging
  • it was super cheesy
  • and Jungkook was cringing after the picture was taken
  • all the pick up lines
  • “Y/N did you sit in sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet ass”
  • “JEON JUNGKOOK WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS….. also I know I’m thick thanks for noticing”
  • “Y/N no just stop. Besides we know my butt is better”
  • “I have a proposition for you. How about we be thick together?”
  • “Okay I’m fine with that”
  • probably sends you memes
  • “Jungkook what are you doing its 3 AM???”
  • “I just wanted to share my dank memes with you”

anonymous asked:

i gotta say, you really look like your art style, i mean your art style looks So Soft and you look like someone who would draw Super Soft things (you're also really pretty!!)

wasnt there a post floating around somewhere showin how artists look like their art styles? but hhghs thank you;;

Dating tidbits

Some bullshit hapoened at work & I spent a few weeks just working and sleeping w no me-time at all. I tried to keep this blog active cuz I don’t wanna lose my followers, but uuuugh it was fucking rough.

In any case, I ended up single due to that whole kerfuffle. I talked w one of you recently about realizing your own 50% is someone else’s 90% (or visa versa) and that not being fair to either person.

Find the puzzle piece that fits you, not the one you think is pretty & charming and reeeeaaaallly really wish would fit.

Anyway, the universe seemed eager to heal my bruised ego.

I told an NFL player he was “built like Iron Bull from Dragon Age” and he gave me his phone number. Hooray for me having no fucking shame around hot people? We’re not super compatible but having a hot millionaire friend is not something I’d shun. He’s already invited me to a bunch if cool stuff & hopefully work will chill out in time for me to take up an offer before he stops giving them.

I met a girl from… I think she said Slovakia? Slovenia? Are there other Sloooos I could be getting mixed up? Anyway, she was archetypal Hollywood Hot brunette w a perfect body ;o; …and my dumb ass did not realize her ‘let’s get coffee when you get off work’ meant 'let’s go on a date’

So, I hung out with her for two hours. We laughed about video games the whole time and then she asked me to her hotel room. Which… was… a shock. And I declined because I wasn’t at all prepared for it. I used to be a spur if the moment kind if girl, but not anymore.

I ended up helping her find a Tinder hookup & she messaged me “Didn’t get axe-murdered ❤❤❤ Better luck next time!” (we were cracking morbid jokes when she met me at work) the next morning. She’s back home & I will never stop kicking myself. She even flirts relentlessly, now. Why weren’t u that flirty in person!? I would have figured shit out sooner!!!

Last but not least

I had my afro in pigtails the other day. A high school boy scooted up to me because he had the same stupid hairstyle and we started talking about haircare.


And I flirted shamelessly with his like 40 year old dad before the kid told me I was too young for his dad. I told the kid I was in my 30s and he was still really conflicted because 'he saw me first.’

It was a good laugh & I got his dad’s number.

I haven’t called yet because I -do- feel too young to be any kind of mom to a high schooler tbh.

But ugh that man looked like heaven and he had a little silver streak in his hair. *sigh*

I don’t often feel particularly pretty. Not saying I think I’m ugly, but I just don’t care about my looks as much as I used to. So, having so many people hit on me is such a welcome surprise. It was pretty common when I worked at a bar and a university campus, but having just random encounters while out and about is so new.

siralannatrebond replied to your photo “NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY INBOX HAS NOT BEEN EMPTY IN TWELVE YEARS….”

That’s possible????? –me, with 11,000 unread e-mails

IT’S POSSIBLE.  ♥  I had like 6,000 e-mails to sort, but with a handful of filters it took out the majority and organized/archived everything for me from TWELVE YEARS OF CONVERSATIONS + LIVEJOURNAL.

And, okay, I still have just under 10,000 e-mail notifications in my Social tab, but that should be pretty easy.

If your e-mails are coming from a handful of sources (like Tumblr notifications or someone you e-mail A LOT), it’s really pretty easy to pare it down fast. ♥

faint-sims  asked:

I just want to say that you're really nice and pretty and and your humor is really nice? If that makes sense. I just look forward to your posts.

thank you so much!!! :~D i’m really glad you find my humor nice, i try to make it as friendly as possible :p i hope you’ll continue looking forward to my posts in the future as well! <3 ly and ty again, love!

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Hello! Thanks so much for always providing clarifications on/insights into translations! I really appreciate the time you take to provide thorough answers. This is pretty minor, but I was wondering if there's something something lost in translation in the BTS 팔로워 400만 돌파 기념 vlive video. According to the subs, at 11:55, J-Hope greets Jimin with, "Well, you're alive." It seems like it's funny given the other members' responses, but I don't understand why. If you have time, thanks for answering!

살아 있네 literally means “alive/you’re alive”, but it’s funny because hoseok was saying it using jeollado’s dialect (his hometown) so it goes like 살↗아↘있↗네↘

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DuDe i frickin love your art wth. It gives me so much life, even the shitposting drawings (Especially the shitposting drawings). Also, i love the way you draw hands, maybe one day you could post a mini tutorial of that's possible? Unless you already have, then that's perfectly fine uvu. But don't feel the need to, you have every right not to do it, and that goes for requests. You're a busy ray and we understand. Just remember we're rooting for you !! <3

asdfk Wow thank you! I AM Extremely insecure about my hands and honestly I probably wouldn’t make one becuase I don’t think I’m good enough at it yet to be doing anything with it? Although I am pretty sure you can find some really good reference around tumblr ;_; Thank you so much for this ask you are super encouraging and I’m honestly so happy rn

walk--twomoons  asked:

Last week my college emailed me letting me know I did earn my associate's degree in mathematics (i applied for it back in fall), which means I now have two associate dregrees total. Also earlier this week I was offered a supervisor position for my depatment at work, and I think I am going to take it.




seriously, people being hella awesome in math is just awe inspiring to me, because I consider math to be satan’s greatest creation, so congratulations!!!!!

You’re hella awesome, I’m so so proud of you!

P.S. You’re really pretty! <3

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This probably sounds like a silly ask... But lately (past couple months) I've felt really uncomfortable with my appearance. I've tried everything, new makeup styles/hairstyles, changing up my wardrobe. But nothing has worked :/ is there anything you do to make your self feel really pretty or feminine? I'm in such a rut :(

Anon! Hugs. Not silly at all, I completely get you. What about your appearance have you been unhappy with? Can message me on private if you want. For me it’s usually amping up my workout routine that helps, just because fitness serves as a clearly defined goal (personally) and makes me feel better about myself overall. Plus makeup! And hair. Legit dyed the tips navy blue (can kinda see it in my profile picture) a little while ago just because a change felt necessary. And then I recently (a couple weeks ago) got that chopped off so now have a lob (long bob). Helps keep things feeling fresh lol. It might help to ask yourself what you admire in others, and then apply that to yourself in whatever way is unique to you. Not sure if you’re into skin care but getting a little kit (Kiehl’s sells great ones) and treating yourself to a nightly routine could feel nice as well. Sometimes it’s internal stuff that can make us feel better on the outside, so try some self-care and treat yourself gently. Even if you don’t feel it you *are* pretty in your personal way, which is the very best, and femininity is what you make of it. 

“You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.” <3

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Levy (for the character thing)

Thank you for the ask!

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno

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I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to taz. I'm not very far yet but it's a lot of fun and kind of saved my week. Also, you're really pretty and I love your voice :)

Aaaaaaaahahhhhhhh!!!!Ahhhhh thank you!!!


I only have a short window before my body changes…

…Yeah I’ll say.

My version of Older!Yurio dump.



The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.