you really are my life

Do you think frogs croak in different accents according to their decent? It’s thoughts like these that keep me up at night. That, and what does it mean when someone asks you to “pop some molly”? A guy asked me to do that with him today. It sounded really dangerous.

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also, as someone who has dealt with anxiety most of my life, it can make you really frustrated and angry because it takes so much out of you and limits so much. so not only is stiles dealing with limitations of being human, he has all this anxiety that has been wearing him down and putting pressure on him for years. i could totally see how that would make him want to lash out.


I was tagged by @actsofswiftness and given these questions:

1. What is your favorite holiday?
Honestly I don’t have a favorite holiday because when I approach every holiday I think it’s my favorite. I’m that indecisive.
2. What animated movie could you watch over and over?
Tangled is and forever will be my favorite Disney movie.
3. Do you have a dream job?
I really want to own an ice cream store or bakery or something but I’m also lazy so it’s not gonna happen.
4. If you had to move to a new country/city/province right now, where would you want to go?
I’ve always wanted to go to some remote Caribbean island and relax in a hammock for the rest of my life.
5. Who would you really like to see Taylor do a collaboration with?
Oh no this is really hard but I’m a tayvin shipper and if her and Calvin wrote a song together I’d die.
6. What made you smile today?
Calvin posting a picture of Taylor cooking food 😱💕

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your questions are:

1. If you could go back in time to an era in the past, which era would you choose?
2. What was the first song of Taylor’s that you heard?
3. What is your best friend’s favorite ice cream flavor?
4. Have you ever fallen in love with someone?
5. If you get to meet Taylor, what is your dream situation and what would you tell her?
6. What made you sad today?

Wish I could say that I’m glad to be back in London; but I’m drenched, locked out and have a splitting headache. Plus, I keep running into people I know and I’m just… really awkward about it. ‘Where’ve you been, Emily?’ ‘Fucking up my life one mistake at a time, yourself?’. Ten life points to the first person that gets me drunk. 

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It's your wife georgie and I really want you to ruin my life with a michael blurb

Here you go babe.-Shelby.

You were awoken by a voice from the first floor of your house. As you climbed out of bed slowly and opened your bedroom door you could see the faint glow of the TV from the bottom of the stairs. You rubbed your eyes and made your way down. Michael was sitting in the couch in a pair of sweats and his hair sticking out in all the wrong places. He let out a quiet “fuck” as he shot the opponents playing against him. “What are you doing up?” You asked as you stood on the side of the couch. “I couldn’t sleep” he mumbled pausing the game. As he sat the controller on the coffee table he smiled at you faintly. He held his hand out for you, and you took it. And he pulled your towards him. You sat down on the couch next to him legs tucked under your bum. He placed his arm around your waist and kissed your forehead. “And these are the moments that want to last forever.” He chuckled pulling you closer. “I know I don’t have a ring but I promise to get you one if you say yes.” He smiled. “What do ya say? Wanna be my partner in crime?” He laughed kissing your lips.


The Most Beautiful Yamazaki Sousuke in his birthday outfit  (▰˘◡˘▰) .

Free! birthday outfits (3/?)


Original 3D Render by Mumble_Koala aka CodaKarasu

I saw this on my dash and immediately thought: “I WANT TO MAKE A 2D VERSION OUT OF THIS…” So, here it is! Hope you like it! :)

Nothing throws me for a loop quite like people referring to 15 hand horses as ‘tiny’. It’s no tiny, its rationally sized, ain’t no need for a two ended death trap that I can’t get on without a step ladder, son

oh my god, this

I know 600 followers isn’t a lot to some people, but it is for me and I just want to say thank you!!

So italics will be either my friends or mutuals that I respect. 

So here goes my very unorganized, first ever, follow forever.

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Hii TAYYYY, ❤️

I’m Francesca, from Italy and I just figured out the 1989 tour dates are done and probably there will be no more dates and I’m really crying because I really want to see you. You’re so important in my life,you help me every day,I need to see you, I love the tour and I don’t want to miss it but my parents don’t allow me to fly in London(or other countries) for a concert. I know, probably it not depends on you, you don’t manage these things but maybe you can do something for to add a date in Italy and I will be literally the happiest girl in the world. when I understood that the red tour didn’t come in italy I was so sad, disappointed, I cried all the time. I really loved the RED era but I missed it and I don’t want it to happens again with 1989.
I hope you can talk with the menager or someone else about to add a date over there, I’m not the only one, there are ALOT italian swiftie who needs to see you. I love you, sososososososoooo much. ❤️🐱 taylorswift
Ps. This should be The outfits for The 1989 tour plus The cat hears and the sing. I look so weird in The photo But i had so much fun do it with my bro.😂
(sorry for my bad English) :’)

SWIFTIE Please help me to get noticed by her!! tag her pleasee. 🙏🙏😭

it started out as aimless sketching in photoshop and ended up as a Mads/Hannibal doodle with zero reference. Blame any inaccuracy on my visual memory or lack thereof


I’m a little speechless.

  • I don't know when but I know that one day I'll be the one who ends my life.