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HI HELLO EVERYBODY to those of you defending my name to the blog that called me out, first of all thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and i really REALLY appreciate it! but could we please not do that anymore? i understand the intention and the kindness absolutely warms my heart, but it’s VERY clear that the hateful mods of that blog aren’t changing their minds ANYTIME soon, so it’s best to just not even bother. more than anything, it’s just bringing more unwanted attention ;w; sorry and thanks again!<3

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Life has been really crappy. My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and I'm just really stressed. But then they released the set photos from The Defenders (I grew up on Daredevil and Heroes for Hire) and I literally started crying they were so cute. I just wanna see Jessica and Matt hugging all the time. Do you or anyone you know be willing to make me a little doodle of them hugging? If not I totally understand. Mostly just wanted to share my little happy moment. G'night!

I know basically 0 about daredevil but unfortunately I had some experience with cancer, and it hasn’t been a good one. I really wish the best for you and your mom, anon ;_; I hope everything will turn out okay,,, in the meanwhile, here’s a little something to cheer you up!!

i’m laughing what have i done

so today is @sweatae aka felicia’s aka my boo’s birthday and i wanted to make something special for her and.. this is what i did
it was late when i made this so please just appreciate my efforts ok


it hasn’t been even that long since i’ve known you but it literally feels like ages?? like, we’ve watched the princess diaries together, we’re basically neighbours, we’ve died talking about tae numerous times, you’ve introduced me to my first kdrama which is why i’ve developed an unhealthy obsession over minho curse you and you’re just a fun person to be around, so thank you for entering my life. i really do hope we’re gonna be friends for a long time or at least you’re not getting rid of me that easily

i’ll end this before i get too sappy because who wants that, but yeah happy birthday you giant dork <3

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Imagine request!!: Joji letting you put his hair in a manbun!! I really need that in my life!

omg I love this okay!

“Joji cmon, your hair is a mess let me style it for you!!” you gave your boyfriend a grin batting your eyes at him.

“no, you’ll make it look gay” he said walking over to you taking a puff from his cigarette.

“no I wonnn’t” you whined, “c’mon just let me try something and if you dont like it you can fix it back to how it is!” he sighs in defeat, nodding as he sits down infront of the couch. You grab a hair brush and some hair ties, sitting behind him going to work.

after about 5 minutes you leaned over and kissed his cheek, “done!!” Joji pulls open the camera on his phone and switches it to the front camera.

“y/n..did you give me a fucking man?” he laughed as you leaned down putting your face in frame and grinning replying with a cheeky “yes”. he snapped a picture and posted it to his instagram. He captioned it, “#Hipstergod” before taking his hair down and turning it back into the emo mess it was before.

(sorry this such trash)

I want you all to know that even though I’m bad at tagging friends in relevant things and forget to talk to people, if we are mutuals on this garbage website it is extremely highly likely I have positively talked about you multiple times. IE “my friend had a relevant experience and they said x about y!” and showing my other friends and family some of the popular posts and content you have made and been like “yeah my friend made this!! they’re so funny!!” Like I do this. A lot. I love you all and you greatly enrich my life even though I don’t really say much and am very awkward about it


Original 3D Render by Mumble_Koala aka CodaKarasu

I saw this on my dash and immediately thought: “I WANT TO MAKE A 2D VERSION OUT OF THIS…” So, here it is! Hope you like it! :)


When the bae is sick but u dont care n kiss her anyway and now ur sick af

also sapphire didnt eveen got sick at all lmao 
In honor to all the people who wished me health soon and gave me cutest drawings about it.THANKYOUGUYS