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  • Now, for some  reason, I want Andrew to be a good cook. But, like, an obscenely good cook. 
  • Of course, a la Exy, he almost never puts any effort in his cooking, which means he ends up making eggs and bacon, or mac and cheese when he absolutely has to “cook”. 
  • Nicky is actually a decent cook, and he finds the things Andrew decide to make abominations, so he usually takes up makng breakfast. 
  • Fast forward to Neil and Andrew spending the summer alone in Columbia (and Neil has a smartphone because I need him to because Alison shoved it in his hands the last day before summer break and threatened bodily harm if he didn’t snapchat them pictures of his summer). 
  • So one day Neil wakes up alone in the bed and goes downstair to find everything known to man cooked and arranged at the platters in perfection (because come on, Andrew either sits in the middle of goal doing nothing, or he doesn’t let a single ball hit his goal)
  • Andrew is finishing up one thing or another, and just stares momentarily at Neil, whose face is just full of surprise and awe, before continuing what he was doing
  • Neil takes ALL the pictures, and adds it to his snaptchat story
  • The first is of Andrew over a pan, and then there’s a video of him perfectly flipping a pancake, followed of too many pictures of the table and all the dishes individually
  • Snaps come back of people saying ‘cool breakfast’ and the like but then
  • Then Nicky sees Neil’s story
  • Within five minutes Nicky has callled Neil and is loudly complaining “He always makes the crappy mac and cheese Neil, I can’t belive he hasn’t made us breakfast, this is so unfair!” “Nicky, do you reallly think the bill for this call is worth it, you’re in Germany, I’m sure there’s something else Erik wanted you to be doing…” “No, Neil, this is important! You should’ve seen the things he made, for the first year he refused to do anything but microwave things Neil. Microwave them!
  • Looking from the table to Andrew’s maybe amused expression, Neil just tells Nicky to go back to Erik and let him eat and hangs up
  • “I didn’t know you could cook” Neil says with a pointed look at all the food infront of them. “You never asked” Andrew replies unimpressed, sits on the other side of Neil and starts piling food on both of their plates
  • They eat in silence, but Andrew steals glances at the content faces Neil makes, and starts cooking more often

                      Original Artwork: 落書きまとめV5 by エイゴおる

                                            Edited by me.

This is honestly the first time I make something like this. Entirely. Making a roleplay blog, playing a canon character… I have always admired those rp blogs that I follow stalk from afar but now I’m even talking with them. Correction: I mean, talking with you guys (and stalking lots more). I really appreciate all of you being here with me. 

By day or night, 
We’d still have taken flight,
A quest to seek the heaven, we’re here for,
Together in the sky, we soar.

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Doing 100 days of happiness does not cure your depression. Writing a quote about depression under your instagram pic that you copied off of tumblr does not cure your depression. Stop acting like it does. Dont fake having a mental illness to get sympathy. Even if you reallly do have it, do you really need to share it with the whole world? I understand that you may be reaching out for help or trying to bring awareness to the issue. But why gain the sympathy of strangers. Confide in your close friends and family. Dont draw attention to it. It might make it harder for you. And think about your actions first, it can offend others who are also struggling. Dont give false information. And dont forget you cant always tell who is depressed. So stop feeding the stigma. Sorry for ranting I’m just really pissed off right now.

not sure where this came from besides the obvious overwhelming dose of jones family feels surging through my body :\ WHOOPS

The sound of shattering glass is what wakes Gold from his slumber.

He stumbles, bleary eyed, into the pawn shop, waving his walking stick, expecting another knight of Camelot or beast from the underworld or what have you, here to wreak havoc once again.

What he finds, instead, is a man dressed in black, smashing the glass cases and flinging the relics off the shelves, roaring in fury.

It’s not a man he’s met before–which is rare indeed.  As the Dark One, he met a lot of people.  But something in the eyes, something in the gait, a desperate man who has lost everyone he loves…

It registers just as Gold is pinned against the wall with a cutlass to his neck.

“Mr. Jones, I presume,” he manages weakly, hardly daring to breathe. “Back from the dead, are we?  Had a chat with your wee lad yet?”

The voice is low, quiet.  Yet it feels familiar.  “Aye.  That I have.  And he’ll have nothing to do with me.  That’s my doing, and mine alone, and I’ll atone as I’m able.  But this… this is between fathers.”

The hand gripping Gold’s shoulder releases, reaching for something reserved on the last intact countertop.  Suddenly, Gold recognizes the fury well–it’s the fury he felt standing before Zelena in the jail cell an age ago.  It’s the fury he felt as he watched her skin turn to porcelain.

The fury of a father whose son has come to harm.

The man in black brandishes a hand, floating lifelessly in a jar.  His voice is barely a hiss, tinged with the fires of the underworld.

“What did you do to my boy?”

When people theorize it’s Michonne that got Lucille’d

(Do you REALLLY think they’ll kill a woman character that brutally right off the bat season 7 ……Also first and foremost Michonne gave Negan such a glare you know she means business. She wants him gone for making her husband shake in fear like a leaf,threatening her son…and most of all TOUCHING HER HAIR!)

When some Richonner’s actually fear this may be true

COME ON GUYS! She’s as safe as Rick and Carl in the line up! she’s safer than Daryl.