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Another reveal, only this time the roles are reversed, and Marinette is the one who messes up!

Heh ya know

I have seen a few fics about either Lance or Keith having a diary and it always makes me giggle because ‘psh as if the other one is finding that shit, there’s is only one person in the entire team who is able to find that kind of stuff.’


Just, picture it, because I think it’s adorable. Let’s pretend both Lance and Keith have diaries (jorunals thx v much) and they gush about the other there, because it helps.

Can you imagine the conversations tho? 

Keith: ugh, Lance is dumb to think anyone would fall for that pick up line.

Hunk: That’s not what you said in –

Keith: huNK!!


Lance: ugh, Keith is so insufferable, when is that mullet going to dissapear anyways –? 

Hunk: July 21th at 23:45 pm, you wrote about it being, and I quote ‘a black mane with stars stuck on it.’

Lance: I hate you, how dare you, I put a password on it

Hunk: bondingmoment is not a strong password

Pidge: told you

Keith poping his head from the door: I heard bonding moment. 


Lance: Hunk, buddy, you gotta stop reading pivate stuff, man, it’s not ethic and fair and –

Hunk: Keith wrote that your eyes are pretty

Lance: carry on


*Keith and Hunk meeting in a dark corner of the castle*

Keith: do you got the stuff?

Hunk: he wrote that his dream date is next to the beach

Keith: your service is appreciated


Lance: Is it too much to ask to just have that one person who is smitten with you and so in love and that would do anything just to make you smile? I just want someone to loooooOOOOOOOooooooove me, ugh.


Keith: *tackles hunk*


Shiro: Hunk, you need to stop readin your team’s diaries –

Hunk: Keith stole your eyeliner to write Lance a poem in the training room’s wall

Shiro: keITH! 

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hi i love your writing so much and was wondering if you had any fic recs to hold me over until your next update 😭


I’m just gonna throw out whatever comes to mind ok and its probably mostly all smut cuz I’m a perv sorry (wow this ended up being way longer than i intended IM SORRY)

@jiminniemouse is the queen of threesomes so take a look into her profile but some of my favorites is:

Crave (Yoongi smut), Taste (Hobi smut), Making Him Jealous (ima call it a jikook threesome let me live), and her ongoing series Purple Jewels!


@jungblue ok anything from this girl is gold G O L D i love all of her fics but if I have to choose then

Future Hearts (Jimin/Jungkook love triangle), I Hate You I Love You (Jungkook smut/angst), and Control (Jimin smut omg i am still having chest pains thinking about this one)


@seokvie This girl has got a whole fucking load of fics it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow smutland wonderland your vag will cry in joy and pain

Costume (Hobi smut MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FIC I L O V E IT), View From 4-B (Hobi smut), basically all her Hobi smuts, Show Off (Wonho smut), Paradise (JB smut), JUST BINGE READ ALL OF THEM (i am also excited to read her new fic with jimin and assplay and lets just say my ass is ready but I DONT HAVE A KINK FOR ASSPLAY OK LET ME LIVE)


@jungkxook yes yes yes everything all of it just do it

Pour Up (taekook threesome), Hiraeth (zombie apocolypse au)


@war-of-hormoan‘s For You (Tae angst) killed me about 40 times


@kimvtae‘s Fall For You (Jungkook smut) series and Couples Costumes (Hobi smut)


@minsvga‘s Philophobia (Jungkook/Jimin smut/angst) series, Taking Risks 101  (Jimin smut), Children of the Night (Jungkook/Tae smut) series


@yoonminnings‘s Lace Casualties (Jimin sugar daddy)


@trapmonster‘s He Didn’t (Yoongi smut/angst), Bite me (Jungkook smut), Silent Treatment (Jungkook), Nerd (Tae), Toxic (maknae line)


@btssmutgalore oh my god all of her fics ALL OF HER DAMN FICS LETS JUST SAY SHE SERIOUSLY OWES ME A NEW PELVIS OK FUCK but my favorites so far are

Nude (Tae), Lightweight (Jungkook), Business (A FUCKING TWO PART TAEKOOK THREESOME GOD), Lollipop (Jungkook), Forbidden (Hobi)


@ellieljade‘s Apologies (Tae smut/angst) is one of my favorites and honestly just read all of her masterlist as well i cry (out of everywhere)


@kookingtae‘s Experimental Error (Tae smut I fucking died), The Switch (OT7 Smut holy hell this was one of the first bts smuts ive read and wow now you see why I really love them), Falling Into You (Jungkook smut GOD I LOVED THIS SO HARD) + the rest of her masterlist


@floralseokjin oh my goodness ok i cant believe i havent discovered you sooner I fucking love your writing pls

Buzz trilogy (Yoongi smut & O       M       G), Playing with Fire (Jungkook smut) i havent read anything else yet BUT I JS SAW SHE POSTED A NEW FIC YOU KNOW WHAT IM READIN TONIGHT


@onlylovekpop basically all her Wonho smuts and drabbles killed me k i l l e d me but my fav is Bad Behavior


Other people you should def look into is @kittae (cat fics yes) @seoulscapes (an amazing demon wonho au) @helloblamebts @seokline @kstopping @imaginethisbts @kainks @jeonins @baeseoul (p r o t e  g e)

Im so sorry I’m still sick and I’m getting tired and lazy so I just had to bunch up the rest HAHAHA but I hope this helps anon! And you will def not be disappointed in any of these ok they are amazing and beautiful and amazing and everytime I read their stories literally

Day Off

Summary: Bucky really wants to take a nap with the reader, but she just wants to read.


Bucky is a giant dog that needs a lot of attention.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader 

Word Count: 2,169

A/N: Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you guys! Also, if you’re interested, I’m willing to take requests (if you can’t tell I like to write fluff). I can’t promise I’ll do them as I reserve the right to say no, but the offer is out there. <3 

“Please,” he whines, standing in the doorway to the living room. Y/N doesn’t look up from her book, curled in on herself on the couch. “Please, doll?”

She heaves a deep sigh and looks up, no longer able to focus after ten minutes of Bucky’s begging. “I want to read, Buck. This is my day off too.” He lets out a whine and shifts from foot to foot. “Just go nap by yourself. I don’t know why you need me there.” She lifts her book again and does her best to ignore Bucky’s hurt expression.

It’s quiet for a few minutes and Y/N thinks Bucky might’ve finally left her alone when he flops down onto the couch next to her and buries his face into her hip, arms pushing around her waist to tug her a little closer. “Please?” comes his muffled plea into the soft material of her sweatpants. “I don’t sleep well without you, sweetheart. And all I wanna do is cuddle with my girl.”

One of her hands comes down to tangle in his hair, fingernails gently scraping against his scalp. He practically purrs with pleasure. “You are the softest man I have ever met,” she says affectionately as she sets her book down on the armrest of the couch. He turns his head to look up at her with round, tired eyes.

“All I want is to spend my day with you,” he says sweetly before nuzzling back into her hip.

Y/N groans and lets her hand travel down to the nape of his neck to massage gently, “How am I supposed to say no with you being so cuddly and adorable?”

“Don’t,” he murmurs, kissing her clothed hip before pulling himself closer to kiss her stomach and rest his head there on the soft covered flesh, arms still tightly around her middle. “Please, sugar, you can keep readin’ just come to bed so I can lay with you.”

“Why don’t you just lie here?” She asks tugging on his dark locks before dragging her hand down to rub at the stubble on his jaw. “Just stay right here with me.”

He whines against her belly before heaving himself up, curling his legs up, the whole top half of his body in her lap now, “It’s not as comfortable here and the lights are too bright and Sam’ll come in here and start talkin’ to ya to annoy me and then I’ll have to punch him.” Bucky reaches up and cups his hand around her neck, thumb stroking along her jaw. “What’s wrong with me wantin’ to nap with my girl there?”

Y/N smiles and leans down to press a quick kiss to his pouty lips, “There’s nothing wrong with that. I just really wanna finish this book and I know you’ll want the lights off.”

Bucky’s quiet for a moment and so she pulls back, picking her book up to start reading again when he says, “What about a compromise?”

“Hmm?” she hums, not looking away from her book, not really hearing him anyways. He sighs and starts to pull away from her. Really, he just wants attention, particularly her attention. They’d been so busy the past few weeks that he’s barely seen her and now that they both had a day off and at the same time, all she wanted to do was read? It’s hard for him not to feel a little self-conscious and rejected. It is possible after all that she just doesn’t want to be around him.

When he pulls away entirely and starts to stand her fingers circle his wrist. He glances over to find Y/N staring at him in confusion, “Where are you going?”

“I’m just gonna leave you to your book.”

She frowns at him, “Okay…” His heart drops but he still gives her a shaky smile before trying to stand again. “But baby,” her voice stops Bucky, “I thought we were gonna compromise?”

Bucky is instantly back on the couch, all doubt gone suddenly, head in her lap, “Yeah. And?”

She scoffs at his ridiculousness, “Stay here and let me read for half an hour more and then I’ll go nap with you for as long as you want.”

That is something he can live with so he cuddles back into her as best as he can and closes his eyes. Y/N chuckles and throws a blanket over his body before going back to her book, keeping one hand twined with his flesh one. Really she doesn’t mind his clinginess, she thinks as she gazes down at his peaceful figure.


Half an hour later she’s poking him awake, “Buck?” He only groans in response and attempts to pull her back down onto the couch, grumbling when she moves out of his reach. “C’mon baby, don’t you wanna come snuggle with me?”

“Snuggle with me here,” he grouses without opening his eyes, his brow creasing adorably as he burrows further into the couch, noting that it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable now that Y/N had stood up.

Y/N hums, “Guess I’ll go by myself. Only thing is that bed is so big and cold…maybe I’ll have to ask somebody else to come cuddle with me-,”

He sits up in a flash, dark hair wild and messy around his head. “You wouldn’t dare,” Bucky growls, pulling her down onto his lap. She only leans forward and kisses him sweetly, first on the lips before peppering kisses to the corners of his mouth teasingly.

“Ready now?” In response he just buries his face in her neck and groans. “Aw poor thing, what can I do to make this an easier transition for you?”

“Kiss me again?” He asks against her, scruff tickling her throat.

Y/N runs her hand up his back and over his shoulders, soothing him gently before she reaches the hair at his neck and tangles her fingers there so she can tug his head back carefully. “Hey Blue,” she murmurs, gazing into his vibrant azure eyes. “I’ll always give you a kiss.”

“Then what are you waiting on sugar?”

She throws her head back and laughs before crashing her lips against his, fingers traveling to either side of his face, kissing him harder when she feels him smile. “Aren’t you supposed to be sleepy?” she asks when his hands start to drift up the back of her shirt, tracing her soft skin.

Bucky’s hands go to her hips and squeeze gently before sliding up her back again. When he reaches the clasp on her bra he quickly unhooks it and moves his hands around to cradle her ribs and brush his thumbs against the bottom curve of her breasts. He keeps his face pressed into her shoulder the entire time. “I am,” he comments tiredly. “I just like to touch you.”

“I know baby,” she pats his hair gently. “I know.” Y/N shifts so her knees are on either sides of his hips, pressing their chests together. Carefully she strokes her fingers down his spine as her chin rests on his shoulder and his arms go back around her, gripping tightly but not too tightly to be uncomfortable, the pressure carefully calculated.

Ever since they’ve been together Bucky has been like this, in need of near constant skin to skin contact. Most of the time there wasn’t a sexual expectation behind it. He just really liked to touch her, to feel her soft skin against his, to feel how warm and pliant she is, a physical representation of her trust. She trusts him enough to touch her tenderly, to see every part of her, to not hurt her, in fact to keep her safe.

Bucky runs his hands down her thighs before gripping them and standing from the couch. Y/N automatically wraps her legs around his hips as he begins walking toward their room before asking, “You know why I like you so much, Barnes?”

“Why’s that babydoll?”

“’Cause I know if I decided I never wanted to walk anywhere ever again that you would carry me anywhere I wanted to go. And I could trust you not to drop me.”

He chuckles as he reaches their bedroom, kicking the door shut behind them once inside, “A good reason…and a true one. I’d do pretty much anything you asked me to.”

She leans back a little in his arms to look into his eyes. Her fingers keep dancing through the hair at the nape of his neck, “Good thing you trust me not to ask you to do anything.”

A smile creases his face, nose scrunching up adorably, “And that’s why I like you so much.” He walks over to their bed and deposits her there before turning away to strip out of his sweatpants and shirt. Y/N reaches under her shirt to discard her already half-off bra thanks to Bucky, to then shuck off her sweatpants and pull back the duvet.

The sleepy super-soldier collapses onto the bed, seemingly already half asleep again. Y/N tells Friday to put down their blinds and turn off their lights before she asks Bucky, “Little spoon or big spoon, Bucky?”

“Neither,” he mutters, reaching for her in the dark to pull her on top of his chest. “Just like this, Y/N.”

She laughs quietly settling her legs on the outside of his and laying her head on his chest, gently brushing her fingers through his hair. For a little while it’s quiet as Bucky settles his arms around her waist and huffs out a sigh of contentment, finally having gotten what he’d been begging for for the better part of a day. Happiness floods him and he can’t help but smile into the darkness.

Y/N is nearly asleep when Bucky starts murmuring to her in the dark, chest vibrating with every word. It’s mostly nonsense as he lets his guard down in the warm safety of their room. “…so important to me. And I hope that you keep lookin’ at me the way you do for a long, long time. Don’t know what I’d do without you really. Maybe we can order pizza later? No, we always fight about toppings and I made you cry the last time. I’m still really sorry about that, and anyways Sam and Tony’ll show up and want some and then everything’ll be ruined. Maybe Chinese instead…or get somethin’ from the Indian place you showed me. That was really good.”

She runs her fingers along the scars on his left shoulder as he talks, tracing and caressing. The fact that he doesn’t pause or flinch as she does so shows his level of trust and belief in her. The whole time he talks Bucky never stops stroking his hands, metal and flesh alike, over her back and shoulders and hips.

“…and so he said that I couldn’t keep the cat. It’s true I wouldn’t be here enough to take proper care of it. So, me and Steve took it to the shelter and they called yesterday to let me know she got adopted, sent a picture of the owner with the cat too. Apparently that’s not allowed usually but they told the woman and she was more than happy…Are you asleep?”

She smiles into his chest, “No, I’m listening. Keep going, I like your voice.”

“Makin’ me blush doll,” he says proudly before continuing on, happy to just have his girl all to himself for once. He tugs on her shirt after a few more minutes of rambling, “Can we take this off? I wanna feel you.” They often slept naked and so Y/N sits up and takes her shirt off, his hands coming up to cup her breasts softly and run his thumbs against her nipples gently before pulling her back down to his chest. She buries her face into his neck. “God, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

“Hush,” she says.

“And so soft and lovely,” he says, tilting her head up to meet his eyes. “And I am so lucky.”

Y/N kisses his chin, “I think we’re both pretty lucky.”

He hums in agreement as she presses her nose into his throat, inhaling deeply. “Let’s sleep now babydoll,” he says as he pulls the duvet over their heads, voice worn-out and drowsy.

“You’re the one that’s been talking. Telling me about going to the grocery store with Sam. You should have known that would be a disaster. You two better send them some money and an apology letter,” Y/N complains jokingly against his skin.

He shushes her and kisses her lips softly before dropping off into sleep, his whole body relaxed and peaceful. She chuckles and winds her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek before pressing her forehead to his temple. “I love you, you stupid puppy man,” she mumbles before falling asleep. His arms tighten slightly around her waist as he smiles.

Bucky loves her too.

I drew @commanderholly in a cute/witchy outfit. I was planning on drawing her in one of her Looks™ but that just…didn’t happen?

Things have been blowing up recently with YouTube and it’s genuinely upsetting. But Commander Holly is honestly such a role model. She marches, she uses her platform to speak on real issues, and she’s just an all around incredible woman. So I highly recommend watching her content, because she’s a genuinely good person with a lotta’ heart.

other tips for new cat owners / people who may get cats soon:

no, getting a grown cat won’t be boring / less cute! they’ll become just as attached to you as a kitten. get a cat that speaks to you (literally or figuratively, maybe you want a cat that’s chatty). older cats will be so appreciative to have a home. 
people get rid of their cats for all kinds of unfair reasons. just the ones i’ve seen on the craigslist listings in the last 5 minutes: “i am just more of a dog person (7mo old kitten)”, “we hoped she would get over her kittenish behavior, she has not (2yr old cat)”, “i need to get rid of my cat before my baby is born (3yr old cat)”.
you can totally pick up a beautiful, loving, grown up kitty who will be needing some comfort after getting dumped. just look at this girl.

(taken off craigslist) she would be more than happy to live her cat life with you. is she not cute? she is. she is cute. so, ultimately, adopt whatever cat you like, but don’t rule out older cats!

nextly: no no, do NOT declaw your cat. DON’T DO IT. I’M TELLIN YA.
it’s a deeply painful procedure, actually removing the entire first knuckle, not JUST the nail. it causes long-term and potentially permanent pain in the cat, and can lead to nasty infections, behavioral problems, and helplessness if they ever find themselves outside and in need of protection or climbing abilities.
“but i don’t want my cat to scratch me / my kid / my furniture!” okay, i feel you, but there are other, cheaper, less inhumane options. my favorite of which are claw caps.

you gently press on your cat’s foot (to unsheath their claws), and place the soft cap onto their claw using the glue that’s included in any soft paw kit you get. it might take some getting used to on the cat’s part, but it should under no circumstances be painful, and when the kitty’s claws grow, the cap just kinda falls off, and you’ll put another one on.
you can also file or clip their nails down! if you’re too nervous or clumsy to do it, your vet will usually do it for a small fee, or a groomer can take care of it. Personally, I just let my cats’ claws hang out and accept the pokes when they knead on me, since i don’t have any little babies or expensive upholstery in my home. 

No, cats ain’t “low maintenance”. This is a living, social creature, not a chiapet. Especially if you’re raising them from kittenhood, they need a lot of attention and resources. cuddles, playtime, training, health care, feeding, cleaning up their facilities. you get a pet to interact with, not to buy and leave it be! a cat that you don’t socialize is going to be very moody and sad. get a pet if you plan to invest the time and energy they need- if not, maybe we can come back to that cactus idea? 

Cats need meat. I repeat, cats cannot survive without meat. Dogs need meat too- but cats are incapable of creating taurine in their own, and where do you find taurine? meat! hallelujah!! 
Feeding cats a vegan or vegetarian diet is a slow form of starvation and animal abuse. If you’re not comfortable feeding an animal meat, please do not adopt a carnivore. There are plenty of vegetarian mammals that you would be much better suited owning, but do not abuse your cats just because of your own feelings about protein. 
Without enough taurine in a cat’s diet, severe health problems will follow, like blindness, weak and decaying teeth, weak heart, and digestive issues. This is terrible. This objectively sucks. So pretty please give your cat a proper diet!

It’s way way safer to have an indoor cat. I don’t need you to tell me that you want your cat to be with you for many years, ‘cause I already know you do. Outdoor cats are exposed to wild animals, animal abusers, poisonous substances, cars, harsh weather, kidnapping, and diseases. Cats like rolling around in grass and grabbing birds from trees, and that’s great, but having an outdoor cat makes for a steep decrease in their estimated lifespan. The average lifespan of an indoor cat is 16.8 years, whereas outdoor cats average out to a hard-hitting 5.6. Ouch. 
So it’s definitely safer to keep a cat indoors! If you’re adopting a young kitten, it won’t be hard, since they won’t be expecting outdoor time already. If you’re still really into that whole grass idea, you should totally grow some indoor grass for your cat to chill in. 


that’s everything i can think of for the moment, but please don’t be afraid to do your own research on animal care. there are tons of resources out there, and if you have a good vet, they’ll answer any questions you have! 

thank you for readin’ about cat care. as a reward, i’m adding a picture of toby as a baby. enjoy.

WIP: Quick sketch of Alanna of Trebond, aka one of my all time favorite heroines growing up and the reason I have spent my whole life wishing I was a redhead

Just Relax

Characters: Frank Castle x Reader

A/N: here it is! the highly anticipated blowjob! honestly, it’s just a bad crack fic so…don’t get too excited. 

anyways! this, like all good and wonderful things, was inspired by @bigbadfrank you’re wonderful and i hope you like it…..

Summary: Frank is v stressed, so you give him a nice, rough blowjob to help relive some stress.

Warnings: NSFW, language, (rough) oral sex (m receiving), face fucking, umm i think that’s it?

Words: 2232

Tags: @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @daybreak96 @doct0rstrange @anotherotter @samwinjarpad @hecates-garden @vintagevalentinexx @jonedwardbernthal @ravengirl94 @blessedbebucky @brandnewberettaa

(just so you know, this was all inspired by these fucking pics right here)

It was supposed to be a quiet night.  A nice, relaxing, quiet night in, just you and your book, maybe a cup of hot chocolate later, but for now just peace, quiet, and this incredibly steamy romance novel.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it) it was hotter than you were anticipating.  Much, much hotter.  Usually these harlequin paperbacks were all the same; annoying damsels in distress, cliché sexual set up, and an annoying amount of synonyms for the word “penis.” I mean, it was truly obscene the way these authors referred to a dick.

But this one. Shit. Your body was slowly heating up, and you could feel your underwear starting to get a little damp.  And with Frank out until at least early morning, you were definitely beginning to regret picking this book up in the first place. Every lovemaking scene had you remembering something you and Frank had just done, or something new for you to try out, and it was making you so incredibly frustrated and on edge, but you were also wholly consumed by this book.  You were hanging on every word, every movement, every syllable uttered.

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Fragments - Part 4

Word Count: 3122

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, panic attack-ish 

A/N: Feedback and constructive criticism always appreciated. Unedited. Mistakes are all mine. *Made some adjustments to the timeline from part 3 cuz I changed some backstory. Had to edit to fix it. Changed their ages from getting together at age 26 to age 22.* 

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Fragments Masterlist

“Dean I can’t find Y/N. She’s not in her room and I’ve looked every – Oh.” Sam’s panic faded to a smile when he opened the door to Dean’s room and found the two of you together. Dean stirred and half opened his eyes, looking toward Sam in the open doorway. “Sorry, I just…I thought she might’ve bailed.”

“It’s ok.” Dean spoke softly, trying not to wake you. “We were talking. She fell asleep so I let her crash here. Didn’t see the point in waking her up to go next door.”

“Yeah.” Sam smirked knowingly. “More like you missed her and didn’t wanna let her go.” Dean shot Sam a glare and Sam held his hands up in surrender. “I’m not judging you, man. I’m just saying don’t push her too hard or too fast. There’s breakfast in the kitchen whenever you guys are ready.” Dean gave a small nod and Sam backed out of the room, closing the door gently.  

Dean absently ran his fingers through your hair, closing his eyes again and letting out a content sigh.

You woke up slowly, slightly confused. You didn’t remember falling asleep and you were up against something solid and warm. The last thing you remembered was Dean filling you in about your life and that was when you realized you must’ve fallen asleep on Dean and shot up like you’d been electrocuted. “I’m sorry. I didn’t – I – I’ll go.” You moved quickly, maneuvering out of Dean’s grip and out of the bed when he grabbed you and stopped you from going any further.

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I heard you like AUs in your AUs???? 

Live Drunk Watch of Sherlock s01e03 "The Great Game"

From the studio that drunk-watched TSoT, TRF, and TSoT again, we bring you: “The Great Game that Made Sherlock Realize He Loved John, like Love Loved Him. Also There’s a Moriarty”

This round, the rules are as follows: Drink every time you want to smack their heads together, lips first.

Here we go!

- I really dont get the point of this Belarus scene except to point out that Sherlock hates bad grammar. He flew all the way for this? Drove? Where’s Belarus?

- God, has his voice always been this deep? I’ve been reading fic all wrong.

- Drink every time a scene opens with making you think sherlock is getting a blowjob

- Oh my god John is all shy when he asks if he liked his first case blog entry.

- disclaimer i have read a thousand fics amd watched zero episodes in months, so actually seeing them on screen is a bit of a trip and i should not have mixed this with alcohol i am not prepared send help send

- Newsflash john aint mad cuz you insulted his blog, hes mad cuz you said nothing else matters but the work. NEW MIRROR: JOHN = SOLAR SYSTEM. THATS WHY LATER SHERLICK,CALLS THE STARS BEAUTIFUL. JOHN THOUGHT SHERLOCK WOULD DELETE HIM BUT HE DIDNT. IM DYING.

- oh my god instead of greeting mrs h he just spreads out on the couch like a cat, oh my god

- ok plot hole, john was literally thirty yards from the flat when it exploded. There’s no way he didnt hear it. By the timing of the scene, he coulda been in the blast. Everything from the flat exploding on is in Johns mind bungalow. Explosion Mind Palace.

- What the hell is a lilow, why wont anyone tell me. is it the same as a “lino”?

- There are 0.000009 reasons why John didnt sleep in Sarah’s bed and all of them are named Just Had a Domestic with my Boyfriend.

- Say hi to Travis, hes the one guy in Production that has to light John’s eyelashes at all time. He gets paid more than Sue.

- I want the inner monologue of johns self fladjulating tube ride


- Did he say Battersea station for the smashed in head guy? Is that important?

- I want to marry Johns hair in this episode. Sherlocks hair can officiate.

- Theres so much exposition. This is episode 3.

- My favorite thing about the Speedys sign is that it implies the three meals of the day are Breakfast, Lunch, and Pasta.

- I love how John does his shoulder walk as soon as sherlock says to get his phone out of his pocket. He’s not tense cuz he’s annoyed, he’s tense because he’s summoning the memory of Afghanistan to avoid a boner. Shameful

- Oh gawd it’s trainer deducing time. I need another drink.

- This whole show is Sgerlock making john do things he doeznt wanna do. Like confront his sexuality.

- Carl powers, child with big feet, is sherlock. Stay with me here. Big feet equals libido. Carl came from Sussex (sussex is where shelrock’s crime brain retires and his heartslashdick takes over). Suffered from exzema = discomfort with skin (outer visibility, opinions of the masses). Carl is also a symbol of sherlock before trauma, wbere he began supressing his humanity. Drowned in the pool (emotion). Only moriarty remembers (he knows where sherlocks heart is). The shoes are john because they reopen the case. Also they are an old soul/sole but well loved. Nibody noticed they were missing except Sherlock. And he found them in Baker st. Is this a meta? Or am i drunk?

- Why does their kitchen door slide.

- “I’m not ignoring it. Putting my BEST MAN onto it right now.”
“Good. Who’s that?”
Ummm hiii TSoT, how are you. Leave please.

- Did john wear a suit and tie just to see mycroft??? Cuuuute season 1 babyyyy

- I love how they call businessmen City Boys. Why is everything British so much cuter/pornier.

- Sally shouts “Fishing. Try fishing,” at John and then he immediately grabs Sherlock’s card and follows him. Honey i think John is the fish.

- I misremembered the Height of his Cheekbones

- Connie Prince is Culverton Smith, pass it on. This started out drunk and fun but now its all wild hair and peanuts.

- Around the world is Czech Republic, Cornwall, and Yorkshire.

- John doesn’t like pussy.

- I have drank too much

- Mrs. H said “I should never wear cerise. It drains me.” LOOK UP THE COLOR CERISE. Is that not the exact color the pink lady was wearing? Is mrs H the pink lady cuz she brought them together?


- Travis had to work hard during the Prince house scene.

- House boy???? Seriously britain???

- When sherlock sends the blog posts it sounds like a man breathing in. Like irenes texts are a woman breathing out. Somethin there. Lazy.

- Old lady got shot for saying moriarty sounded “so soft.” Ha. Nothing there to analyze, i imagine. Carrybon.

- My favorite thing in tjis epsiode are lazy news graphics and lestrades dad tummy


- Sherlock is passive aggressive and john falls for it. Every. Time.

- John is Peak Bangs here. Peak Bangs.
(Fringe, sorry lie lows)

- You can see the Golem’s shadow for a second while Sherlock is explaining him to Lestrade. And these people “accidentally” let John’s hair grow 12 inches in an hour in s4.

- Lestrade saying “and happy new year” after sherlock says “meritricious” is the new “God bless you” after a sneeze. Pass it on.

- The painting is a fake. The old art is a lie. You can tell because the stars are new. HINT HINT.

- “Strawberry jam on the line” is sherlock in TRF, ya welcome.

- Memory stick seems important but turns out to be meaningless to the villain. HMMM SEEMS INSIGNIFICANT AND NONE OF SEASON 4 IS IN SHERLICKS HEAD

- “What would you like me to make him say next?” HOW ABOUT ITS NOT ALL FINE I WANT YOU

- God, you guys, just kiss

- Seirously, all it would take is a little pencil on top of Moriarty’s arches and then brush a brow gel upward. He has a good shape and density already, he just needs the thickness.

- - I loce.johns little nod at sherlock befor ehe pointed the gun at the jacket. One inch of chin movement = go ahead, kill us all. Like an old marrie dcouple, these two.

Kitchen Talk (one-shot)

Mabel is feelin’ mischievous, Stan makes pancakes, and Dipper had a rough night. Just a quick lil’ fluff fic.

Mabel ran around the kitchen, gleefully gathering ingredients for her Grunkle. Flour was found in one cabinet, and sugar in the next. She piled the various bags and containers on the counter next to Stan’s mixing bowl.

“I found the eggs!” she said in a sing song voice, gently tossing them at him. Stan moved quick to catch them, managing to recover two in one hand.

“Whoa there, careful sweetie! This ain’t the supermarket aisle.”

Mabel rocked back and forth on her feet, grinning sweetly with an almost concerning glint of mischief in her eye. “Just checking your reflexes. Don’t worry, you’re doing great for a person of your age!”

“A person of my… hey!” Stan barked in mock indignation, shaking his spatula at her. “Are you calling me old, you lil’ gremlin? Huh? You callin’ your Grunkle Stan old?”

Mabel let out a joyous giggle as he caught her in his arms and gave the top of her head a noogie. Her legs dangled above the ground, kicking at air and coming dangerously close to Stan’s ankles.

“Hey kid, hey, hey, careful where you’re kickin’! I may be an ancient bag of bones, but I still need those joints. And how ‘bout you do me a favor and wake up Ford for breakfast, huh?”

Mabel shot her hand to her head in a mock salute. “Aye, aye, captain!”

He set Mabel down and watched her skip out of the kitchen, down the hall to the room where Ford slept. He couldn’t help but let a smile stretch over his lips, watching his great niece. She was a real sweet kid- crazy, but sweet. Humming in content, he returned to the stove top and began mixing batter for some of his world famous Stancakes. He threw a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon into the mix, one of his little secrets. As he was beginning to pour the first bit of batter into the frying pan, he heard soft little footsteps slowly enter the doorway behind him.

“Mornin’ Dipper,” he said without turning his head. He knew far too well there was only one twin in this shack who woke up with such a low drive of energy to match the sheer crawl of those footfalls he heard.

The kid only yawned in response, and promptly collapsed half asleep into a chair. Stan watched with amusement as he dropped his head against the table, producing a solid clunk. Dipper’s hair was a matted rat nest, and he simply looked exhausted. Poor kid.

“No sleep last night, huh?” he asked, glancing between the boy and the pancake slowly browning on the griddle. “You up late readin’ again? I know you like your books kid, but you need ta stop makin’ that a habit. I mean, one insomniac in the house is bad enough,” he said with a slight chuckle. 

He glanced towards Dipper. For a moment there was no response. The kid just kept laying there. Motionless. Sweet Moses, was he okay? Worry creased his brow.

“Dipper? Hey. You alive there, kid?”

“I wasn’t reading,” he mumbled in response, not lifting his head from his arms.

“Then what-”

Dipper shifted uncomfortably, lifting his head up enough for Stan to see the dark rings around his eyes.

“Nightmare,” he said matter-of-factly.

Oh. Oh. Of course.

“M'sorry, kid. D'ya wanna talk about it?” He flipped the pancake over, salivating a little when it sizzled.

“Mm, not really.”

“Does Mabel know?”

“Didn’t wanna upset her.”

Stan leaned back against the counter, watching his great nephew for a second. The kid absentmindedly picked at his shirt, his eyes unfocused. His motor movements were sluggish. Running on next to nothing. Stan recognized the look on his face- it was on he’d seen reflected in the mirror numerous times over the past thirty years after waking up from terrors, visions of his brother alone in some god forsaken wilderness. Visions of Ford starving, strafed by wounds, at death’s door. Even though he may not know exactly what haunted Dipper, he could make a pretty good guess. He could tell this kid needed some time to rest today, some time spent away from town and any reminders of what had happened.

He took the first fully cooked Stancake off the stove, and poured some new batter into the pan.

“Hey, how 'bout we stay in today instead of going to the lake?” he offered, hoping Dipper would give him some positive response. “Watch some movies? You and Ford could play that nerd game of yours, whatever you want.”

“I’d like that,” the kid muttered, a corner of his lip curling into a half smile.

Stan continued to cook for the next few minutes in comfortable silence, letting the boy rest. The plate of Stancakes multiplied quickly, and soon a stack of twelve sat as the centerpiece of the kitchen table, surrounded by plates and utensils and a questionable carton of orange juice that was probably a few days past the sell-by date. The scent of pancakes carried the other two twins through the doorway, Mabel riding gleefully on Ford’s back.

The four took their places at the table, beginning another morning together as a family. An odd family unit they were, but Stan supposed that only made more sense, living in such an odd place as Gravity Falls.

Balance on the Head of a Pin*

Chapter Fourteen

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5941
Warnings: Smut (just a little), swearing, a little angst

Lauren sighed, happy to be away from the house, resting against Loki’s thigh beneath the sheer canopy of the incredible tent he’d created. It hadn’t taken long to finish his cake, put together a decent picnic from Sue Ann’s leftovers, and slip away to the barn before they saw anyone else.

Teddy hadn’t even batted an eye when Loki had walked in, collected Dragon and walked back out. It was quite clear who the stallion now answered to. Teddy had fetched her a less spirited gelding, her sweet white mare, Belle - short for Silver Bells - long since passed on from her younger years.

The new mount was one being vetted as a hunter jumper rather than a racehorse, and much to Lauren’s liking. He had fire and heart, and though he wasn’t as fast as Dragon when they’d let the horses run, he’d kept up by will alone she was sure of it.

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