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Their first kiss takes place at the bottom of the stairs, where their first laugh was. And, that’s where it starts, the ‘double-tap’, Sherlock calls it.

As John slowly separates their lips, he tugs Sherlock’s forehead down to his own and brings their temples gently together twice. Though Sherlock notices it happening, he has no urge at all to question it. Not when his mind is already spiraling after the first touch of John’s lips against his own. Foreheads be damned. 

But, Sherlock notices the double-tap again. This time at night, in their bed. John’s holding Sherlock from behind, arms secured around the detective’s waist. Sherlock is drifting off into the milky feeling of sleep, when he feels a small ‘bump-bump’ against the bare skin along his spine – followed by a small puff of warm air as John sighs contently.

What was it? Why does John do that?

Sherlock applies some rather embarrassing internet searches to the topic of forehead-bumping your partners…but comes up with nothing but juvenile sites for teens venturing off into the ‘Exciting World of Relationships’, as well as sites that gives tips on executing a successful headbutt that will knock out an attacker in one go.

Neither of those help. So, Sherlock assumes it’s just a John-thing. Which is fine, because that means it’s going to be easier to figure out. Sherlock just needs to focus on it better.

Two and a half weeks into the Bump Study, and Sherlock’s not really gotten anywhere.

What originally Sherlock thought was an action done after kissing, turns out to be an action done before falling asleep, after saying hello, before saying goodbye, after an argument, after tea, in the middle of watching a film, etc.

What does it mean??

One day, Sherlock gets fed up with not knowing. He hates not knowing.

“What is that?” Sherlock asks, and in confusion, John looks down at the only thing he has currently.

John waves a hand toward his plate. “Toast with peach jam…?”

“Damn the jam, John.” Sherlock rubs the heels of his palms against his eyes. “The head thing, what is it?”

“Your skull…?”

“Oh, John. I envy you.”

John rolls his eyes. “Yes, yes. I know.” He says. “Lucky John gets to be an idiot, while I, the Sherlock have to lug the weight of my big brain around.”

Sherlock peeks up from between his fingers. “You take that back.”

“You probably only have curls to hide the massiveness of your head that your brain causes.”

“I just. Want to know. Why you bump me with your forehead.” Sherlock can’t believe the conversation they’re having.

“Oh,” John’s frozen for a moment, then he’s shifting about. “It’s just…”

Sherlock is quite literally on the edge of his seat. “Yes??”

John is blushing. “I do it for a lot of reasons.”

Sherlock’s mouth falls open, then snaps shut. “Goodness, John. Your ability to specify leaves our country forever indebted.”

“Prick,” John dry-laughs. “Anyway, it’s words, Sherlock.”


“Each tap is usually a word, and sometimes it’s a single word with two syllables.”

“Tell me. Which words?”

"Okay,” John says. “Warning though, this is very sappy.”

“So be it. Sap on.”

“The words are: ‘thank you’,” John gets out of his chair. “’Need you’, ‘want you’, ‘love you’, ‘hate you’…” He stops in front of Sherlock, leans down until he’s close enough to softly bring their foreheads together twice. “’Sher-Lock’.”

John breaks the name into its two separate sounds to show how it fits into the double-tap.

Sherlock doesn’t know why he feels so near tears.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Characters- Min Yoongi x reader

Type- Smut (did you read the title? lol) major daddy kink here folks :)

Word Count- 1060

Request- Can I have something based of Marilyn Monroe’s “My heart belongs to daddy” ;) Something smutty with Yoongi cuz you know he’s my suga daddy and my heart belongs to daddy U 3 O - @whitefoxgirl

A/n- @whitefoxgirl‘s heart really does belong to daddy. I’m going to hell for this hehe

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Sitting at the dinner table, you may have been flirting with an old friend who sat across from you. Next to you, Yoongi-your boyfriend- was getting annoyed, which you didn’t notice. Yoongi was good, almost too good, at hiding his annoyance. So when you arrived at his apartment, you were confused by his pissy mood.

“Dinner was fun. We should get together with them more often.” you flopped down in chair at the bar.

“Yeah sure.” he sat across from you, scowl on his face.

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Ah to my Facebook readers...

I realize you are out there and using material you read here to call folks “crazy” and “delusional” 

Lay off. 

I do NOT have to LOVE the dates. I DO NOT. I will not ship them. You are welcome to do so… You and I are required to treat them respectfully as public figures… but that in no way means I need to be their fan. Get that VERY clear. They are public figures now just like baseball players are or screenwriters. They should never be bullied, should never be threatened, but I do not have to think they are gorgeous. I do not have to think they are amazing, I do not have to think they are the best thing since sliced bread.  Not “fanning” SC’s significant others, or dates, or whatever they are does not make me a bad fan. It means I don’t care about them. I am not their fans just because I am a fan of Sam and Cait. Kinda the same way I am not a fan of MPC just because it’s Sam’s thing. 


Talia Al Ghul - The First Lady Supervillain on Arrow

Last night I asked @slowcookedvig about her opinion of Talia Al Ghul about her thoughts on Oliver and Talia; specifically about a speculation she made earlier about how Oliver might sleep with Talia in the early shirtless scene (5.11/12) she had made prior to 5.11.  This was her reply:

Talia seemed dangerous, mysteriously knowledgeable, and… powerful? I’m having trouble putting the description into words. But she didn’t seemed sexualized, in the way that powerful women often are portrayed. She seemed dangerous like a male Bond villain can be. So although I think she could plausibly have a secret son with Robert Queen (or actually be Shado’s mother), she seems like her motives are more than sex or procreation. What her motives are… I don’t know. I think she’s left the League, maybe long long ago; she doesn’t give the feel of loyalty like Nyssa did when we first met her.

She goes on to explain in her post about TV and the sexualisation of women; which is very insightful and a recommended read.

10 hours later I decide to follow that trail of brilliant thought.  What if Talia is Shado’s mother? What does that mean for Oliver Queen?  How was Talia possibly effected by the sinking of the Gambit and the presence of Oliver Queen on Lian Yu.

Season One:  We know Yao Fai was her student; so why not extend that thought and take it further that she could be Shado’s mother. In season one Fryers captures Oliver and company; Yao Fei slips Oliver a knife but Oliver was only able to free himself, Shado and Slade; leaving Yao Fei shot in the head by Fryers after recording a video confession.

Talia loss: 1 her student and possible father of her daughters

Season Two: Flashbacks: Shado is shot in the head by Ivo but we know that Slade has always blamed Oliver for choosing Sara.  End of Season two, we know Sara is left on the island by with Anatoly and others.  We also know that some time during season 3 Nyssa travels to Lian Yu and rescues a dying Sara from there.  Sara tells Nyssa her story of Shado and Ivo.  Nyssa realises that this was her niece and her father and sends message to Talia.

Talia Loss: 2 Yao Fei, Shado

Season Three: Flashbacks: Oliver meets Mei, Shado’s twin in Hong Kong while on the run from Argus.  She helps him and we never see her again.  Oliver  later in a fight drops the vial containing the Alpha-Omega virus and many people die expect for him; Tatsu, Maseo and Sherive and his men because they were inoculate with a vaccine that didn’t work on Akio and he died.  Lets extend that thought; Akios babysitter died in her apartment by virus that day.  What if Mei died too?  Option one: Talia comes to claim her daughters body to find Maseo taking care of the remains of his son Akio; and he tells her the story of his loss.  Later Talia suggests he join the LOA. Option two: Maseo finds the LOA on his own and tells Ras the story of why he is here when he brings him the Alpha-Omega vile; and Talia finds out:  In real time, Oliver is declared heir to the demon; so for a while he becomes untouchable, later he marries Nyssa and kills Ras Al Ghoul; Talia’s father and hands the ring to MM

Talia Loss: 4 Yao Fei, Shado, Mei, Ra’s. Her LOA Legacy

Season Four: In real time Oliver hands leadership of LOA back to Nyssa; who disbands the LOA

Talia Loss: The entire LOA legacy.

Talia Al Ghul is the woman behind the puppet that is Prometheus.  If it was not physically unmatchable and the height difference I would say Talia is Prometheus.  They may yet reveal her to be.

Season Five: Flashbacks, Talia searches for Oliver because she wants her revenge; through Sara and Maseo she knows everything about Oliver. As soon as he appears on her radar in Russia, she comes in to set her game in play. She didn’t do her homework; she had very specific intel. She had a plan to train Oliver; to help him embrace his monster; to set him up on a journey of blood and tears.  She doesn’t want simple revenge.  She want him to experience deep loss like she did.

Team Talia:

Now how does this relate to Claybourn’s son?  You know my theory: Adrian Chase is Claybourn’s son.  Doris Chase is his mother.  Claybourn had denied his son his legacy; Oliver had killed Claybourn.  Adrian seeks revenge.  His mother or wife introduces him to her friend Talia because he is seeking to be trained. Or Talia seeks Adrian out because he is a man with a vendetta against Oliver Queen and trains him to later become Prometheus.  Yet in this case Prometheus is only a pawn in the chess game Talia is playing.

Team Evil has two players so far: Talia and Adrian

@oliverfel4 had speculated early on that Oliver maybe facing several enemies this year. I think she is right. 

Sledgehammer: the Felicity fan girl who knew about her Ghost Fox Goddess hack name; presenting her with Pandoras files; might have some relation to Cooper; OR could just be Evil Tech support.  But I do think she knows so much; that she is Felicity’s nemesis or the sister of Brie Larvan; who was sent to prison by Felicity twice (once in season 3 of Arrow/season 1 of Flash and  a second time in season 4 on Arrow).  Last we knew Brie wanted the chip that Felicity had in her back because she was dying of spinal cancer.  So Sledgehammer has a grudge to grind with Felicity and Oliver especially if Brie died.

Team Evil has three members now: Talia, Adrian; Brie’s sister.

Team Evil might grow; there could be an old enemy of John Diggle in there; we don’t know; still 12 episodes to go. 

But that is my theory.  You read  it here folks.  You are welcome to use it; quote it refer to it.  But please do honor and credit the thought. Plagiarism is not just word for word.  One does not have to be a professional member of a society to recognise originality of thought and credit people for their ideas. I am not naming names or shouting accusations.  You know who you are. 

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Justification of murder and why there are only 13 victims

Ok, guys. So I didnt know it would get to it, but I notice it more and more and I want to address this problem. What problem, you might ask (or not, if you can read headlines).

Justifying murder.

Yep, here we are folks. This is the issue that needs to be addressed, which is so ridiculous in itself that its kinda sad. But thats what it is. This is a dangerously spreading trend especially in the mass shooter community. And dont get me wrong, if youre interested in Columbine and perhaps youre attracted to Eric or Dylan, or any other case/killer for that matter, thats fine. I have no ill will against you. Where my problem with you starts is when you get lost in a fantasy or try to tell me that there is any justification (besides self defence) to murdering someone. And it happens more than you could think at first glance!

15 victims and why teenagers have it better

So if youve been on tumblr’s true crime community for more than a day youve probably noticed that most of the “Columbiners” preach how there are 15 victims of the massacre, while maintaining that they have utmost respect for the inmocent people shot by Dylan and Klebold. From my point of view this statements contradict themselves. How can you claim to have any respect for people who walked to their school to learn and got shot dead, when youre ready to equal their brutal, unprovoked murders to a suicide of the perpetrators?

Now Im not saying they deserved to die, but their deaths arent caused by the Columbine Massacre. They got to choose to die and by chosing death they managed to go out without facing any consequences of their actions. Just imagine how much criticism would someone get if they said Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer was a victim of their own crimes. It would be brutal. While many people just accepted Dylan and Eric as some poster boys for bullying. Which wouldnt be a case if they were just a little bit older. Because teenagers can get away with murder, just as they get away with a lot of things, just because people make them into kids, unable to control themselves, nothing is ever their fault. And when someone opens fire on school kids, you shouldnt to get away with calling them victims of the same massacre. Because everyone is a victim, in one way on another. But you dont see all of the bullied, or mentally ill people taking their problems out on innocent teenagers.

Lets compare them to the Orlando Nightclub shooter. Wasnt he just a sad repressed man who decided to commit suicide by cop? Why isnt he a victim? Cause he took 50 people with him. Sorry, but that makes you lose your victim card when it comes to that massacre.

The blame game

What I also stumbled upon in my adventures in the dark side of Tumblr were people who will blame: the parents, the school, antidepressants and everything they can think of rather then putting a blame on the only people that should be blamed. The perpetrators. They talk about how sad Eric would be if he heard his father thought he was involved in the shooting. Even though its a rare example of parents actually knowing their kid enough to see something was wrong with them.

As for bullying, they didnt even kill any. They aimed for anyone. Because they didnt care. It wasnt as much a quest for revange, but an ultimate act of teenage rebellion- chaotic, reckless and short lived.

And in the end it doesnt matter how much they were victimized before the shooting. It was their decision take up a gun. Bullying didnt pull the trigger.

Hybristophilia blues

Now, you can treat it as a separate rant, or not. But these things Im about to point out are inherently linked.

There are a lot of people out there that are attracted to serial killers and mass shooters. And there’s nothing wrong with this. You can control who you find visually pleasing and hybristophilia is a real thing. But the problem starts when you actually have fallen in love with them. Or rather your romanticized version of them. The anti-hero, the misunderstood martyr. A dream partner for many people. They will say how they love them and would “change” them if they were just given a chance. Which is encouraged by the “15 victims” mentality.

Some of the TCC folk, as a call for attention or genuine (misplaced) feelings will claim they are “friends” with killers, or even that they communicate with them.

Lastly, I wanted to say how disturbed I am by adults in the Columbine community, being sometimes just as much deluded as the young people, when they should be the voice of reason. I saw many young people who were way more mature about their hobbies. So why are adult people encouraging these bahaviours? Columbine can be interesting but with a community full of people like this constantly linked to it, people are turned away from being associated with it.

Just understand that you can be interested with a person, you can be attracted to them and you can feel sympathy for anyone you wish, without having to justify their evil deeds.

Here he is, I’m doing another one in color

When is a monster, 
A jagged, broken thing, 
Not a monster?

A taunt.
You could break the beast.

She sinks into his sheets,
The bed smells like a long day’s work.

Wavering in the doorway,
He knows iron and marble,
Hears no breath but the bellows,
His voice a lantern, searching in a mine.

She’s never seen anything like him.
Her thunderous heart rolls under whitest dress.
When is a monster
Not a monster?

Soot smudges cheeks,
calloused fingers cradle sea-soft swells,
Her skin flushes molten gold.
He trembles,
A bent-winged sparrow.

Her darling mountain man,  
Deep doe eyes,  
Taut muscle beneath burnished skin.
When is a monster
Not a monster?

She hasn’t left his bed since.

She is no toy trophy
Abandoned on a pedestal.
A new language of anvil and steel,
Her hair sheared short,
Pliant arms now hard and lean.
Her laughter rings like wedding bells,
The sweetest echo.

Stay. Simple. Stay here.
Maybe she doesn’t want heaven.
No one will miss her.
No one remembers his name.
When is a monster
Not a monster?

But together they weld,
Palm to palm, breast to breast,
Rooted and solid and whole.


Embers (l.e.a.p)

In the same series as Love, Persephone and Homecoming. Inspired by a line from Caitlyn Siehl’s (@alonesomespoem and this song by Hozier. 

soooo I finished reading Be More Chill yesterday (the ending was incredibly anticlimactic and a bit of a letdown tbh. I’d recommend that you stop reading when the play starts then start listening to The Play). Chapter 40 in particular I really liked for some reason, so I decided to read it into a microphone!
and if you can’t tell from the picture, this is the chapter where rich sets a fire and burns the house down WHOAOHaoh

Made with SoundCloud

can’t believe nobody made a playlist for this ship yet smh…lmao uh there’s two cause i felt some music didnt fit with the A side. Big shout out to @sam-sepiol, a lot of their content/headcanons inspired this playlist actually. Enjoy!!.“


Star Trek Master List!

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You read the title right folks! Here all of my works (so far) for Star Trek! 

Jim Kirk: 

‘Never Too Late’

‘Made For Each Other’

‘Feel Your Pain.’

‘Startling Revelation’

‘It Was Always You.’

‘Young And In Love’

‘Rescue Me’

 ‘Shooting Stars’

‘What A Baby Can Do’

Leonard “Bones” Mccoy: 

‘Friend To A Friend’

‘I Can See It In Your Eyes’

‘Through Better And Worse.’

‘Make Me Wanna’

‘The Great Outdoors’

‘Making The Last Shot Count’


‘Cue Conflict’

‘The Eve Of A New Year’

Forever pretending this bit was not cut from 2x07.

just the space between the stars

Twenty-seven seconds past midnight on Alex’s birthday, Kara knocks at the door, cake in hand and smile in place. Alex rolls her eyes and accepts her fate. 

Found on Ao3

Or: Even more Danvers sisters fluff as I take a break from studying for finals.

Tag Game

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If you could find me anywhere right now, where would you be: Probably a comic book store, I live inside those things

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The malefic stuff. I've had some exposure to curanderismo but we don't talk to that side of the family anymore and the internet isn't helping and the malefic stuff has interested me since I was a child.

 Brujeria and Witchcraft in Mexico

Alrighty! I only know a bit though, my closest regional knowledge is of southern US, and then a spray of Mexican folk beliefs on witches.
Of course when studying malefic witchcraft of any culture we have to go more on the lore based on defeated/warding them, rare semi-credible confessions of that genre, personal experiences, and look at the basics of the folk-magical culture of that area. It’s rare to find any sort of instructional resources for what we consider malefic witchcraft from after the middle ages, in some places more than in others.
In New Mexico, where a lot of the witch-lore comes from the Spanish immigrants (so we see strong European roots) witches are said to be able to take the form of an owl, though they can take other forms such as cats and pigs (nagualism). They are said to be noted flying across the sky as balls of flame. They are said to have the power to curse and to heal. There’s a lot more on New Mexican witch beliefs in this article. In other parts of south America there are many other diverse forms of witch-lore, but few of my sources are related to brujeria in that area.
Here you can read a couple Mexican folk tales about witches (brujas, lechuzas, and diableros).
We see some features of witchcraft being worked around wells, just as in Europe, including in Witch Huasteca where the witch sprinkles alcohol into the mouth of the well, smokes the place with copal, where she begins to pray and dance, lighting a fire which was jumped over, and then smearing herself on the knees with wet ash to transform her shape.
In this shape she flew about sucking the blood out of newborns. She had to hurry for if she was surprised by sunlight she could never return to her natural form. The husband found her out and eventually burned the hut down where all her limbs were while she was out flying, so she could not recover her human form, and faded away.
In these last two we see something very common in European witch-lore: the various sets of conditions set upon a witch in order to fly from her body and return safely to it. Namely in some form or other they include returning by sunrise and the body/form that is left behind remaining undisturbed. The method used by the witch to fly in this uses a magical ointment (“wet ash” from a special jar) rubbed on the body, something also seen in witches’ flying ointments all over the world.
Also similarly to in Europe they have helping and protective spirits that work for them, referred to by Christian folk as devils.
In Mexico witches are said to be able to turn into owls, coyotes, crows, and turkeys. Once upon a time this included jaguars
It’s important to note though that this sort of witch-lore above is a combination of that held by the indigenous peoples of Mexico, the European settlers who landed there before these stories were written down as we have them, and that of the slaves they brought with them. What I’ve written about here is mostly from the settlers, I would say, with details mixed between all three. The main themes as I’ve pointed out fall in line with the European forms of malefic witchcraft. With them you see the Devil as the witch’s figure, with the slaves you might see the Devil or perhaps Elegua, with the indigenous (historically) you might have found Tezcatlipoca, K’awil, jaguars, or something I have never read about. Now of course even relatively indigenous cultures like that of the Tzeltal people in Chiapas, are mixed with Catholic synchronicity so you’re going to be looking for the Devil with themes and symbols relating to pre-Christian magical practices, but they won’t likely call them that.
If you want to read more about witchcraft and sorcery in Mayan society here’s an article.
If you want to read about nahuālli or Aztec ‘witches’ and shape shifters (from which most of the Mexican witch-lore on shape-shifting comes from), you can look at this, or read the Wikipedia article which seems pretty well compiled.
I hope that from all these sources and the sources they will hopefully lead you to, you can pick out fragments of praxis enough to actually get going yourself, or find a teacher. In malefic witchcraft, where there are no manuals and little written outside of folk tales, trials, and some lucky exceptions, this is really the process one has to go through.

*Just needs to be said: of course the stuff I have listed here is very different from curanderos or Mexican folk-healing/magic. It’s the whole difference between witches and witch-doctors. This article talks more about both Mexican brujeria and curanderos. Though I haven’t read it yet, I found this book on the subject, though I believe it leans more toward curanderos, I’m sure you would find useful information in it.

And AGAIN this isn’t my country of expertise at all, so if anyone has more information or is like hey that thing you wrote, not true here’s something that proves that I want you to do that thing. Hope this helped a bit love, try not to let the tree-huggers get you down! There’s so much actual stuff out there, just swat them sillies away!

Yuki moved his eyes along the classroom, sweating profusely.
Ah! Natsuki!
His eyes halted when they found a mass of wild black hair. Natsuki Usami, the boy with the thin, black-rimmed glasses with rectangular frames. He was the one teaching Yuki and Haru how to fish.
Natsuki, please! Say something!
He begged inside his head, eyes desperately locked on him.
But Natsuki’s, which had been watching the scene play with little interest, sharpened in response to Yuki’s gaze as he shook his head.
Don’t drag me into this, Yuki could hear him say.
But he persisted. Natsuki was the only one he could turn to.
Natsuki!! Tell him I have nothing to do with this. I’m begging you!
Don’t look this way! You do something about it!
Help me! I can’t do this…!
Not my business. And how about you stop turning your face into that every time?
Their conversation went on through their eyes alone.
‘How much longer do you plan to just sit there?’

These two dummies share flowing conversation with their eyes alone goodbye.